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"Jill is making her last escape in a tube top and mini skirt!"

Resident Evil 3, in many respects, is the best game in the PSX series. However, it fails to top RE2 in several key points. Gamers will no doubt have mixed feelings about the third chapter in Capcom's blockbuster series.

GRAPHICS -10/10-

The prerendered backgrounds look freakily awesome and detailed. As you walk down the battered streets of Raccoon City you see overturned cars, trash everywhere, buildings; it's great.

Character models are very smooth, much to my surprise. Only about once or twice did textures get blocky. RE3 also has the best animation in the series, which I though was a bit lacking in RE2. (The mutating senses.)

No complaints here.


RE3 also plays the smoothest out of the PSX games. With the addition on to quick turn (Which first appeared in Dino Crisis) and the ever so useful dodge feature, it's much easier to play. Although the Asteroids movements are still there, it feels much better.

You visit a wide verity of locations in Nemesis. A return to the RPD, a church, clocktower, hospital, powerplant, a ''Dead Factory'' among others. The only problem is that you visit these places, solve a puzzle or two, and then leave. I liked in RE 1 and 2, you had a entire building to explore.

NEMESIS. He's one bad Bio-weapon that wants STARS members dead, and your on the top of the list as Jill Valentine. He stalks you though out the entire game, and the best strategy is to run. Whenever you encounter Nemesis, as well as other situations, the screen will invert and two choices will appear on screen. (Such as Fight the monster or Run away, Use light or Use cord) What you choose will effect you later in the game. For example, if you fight Nemesis instead of run away, he won't hassle you for awhile. But, Nemesis is though as a rock, so you might want to run away and avoid him.

Hooray! The Hunters are back! RE3 has a random monster generator, so you never know what enemies are waiting in a room. In easy mode, you get infante Ink Ribbons. Much better that way.

SOUND -10/10-

The tradition of cheesy voice acting does not return for RE3. Jill has a decent voice, but all the other main characters have very good acting. Of course there are cheesy moments here and there....

Music, like always, is moody and creepy. There are more background effects in this game, like frogs, hounds, rain, zombie's creepy.

STORY -7/10-

About a month after the events at the Spencer Mansion, before the events of RE2, Jill Valentine quits STARS and plans to make her ''Last Escape'' from Raccoon.

Along the way, she meets a band of mercenaries hired by Umbrella to rescue survivors. (The whole thing is fishy, if you ask me. You find out why later.) You meet a young man named Carlos, you is part of the group. (who has a cool Latino accent, and might be a love interest for Jill in the future. If thats true, then whos that guy in the photo on Jill's desk!?!)

And thats it. Aside from the meetings with Nemesis, who could have been a very cool plot item for the games, the entire game is Jill escaping Raccoon. Umbrella antics are at a minimum, cut scenes tell no background information, and it adds little to the plot of the series.

Beat the game on Hard and you'll be treated to a file that tells what happened to the characters in other games.


With multible endings and story paths, a cool bonus game, special weapons, varoius outfits for hottie Jill to wear, and the the over powering coolness of the Nemesis, you might want to play though it a few times.


Why on Earth is Jill making her last escape in a tube top and mini skirt?!?! (not complaining or anythinng)

I beat the game is 6 hours in easy mode. What the....6 hours into Zelda I just beat Dodongo’s Cavern!

Personal gripe, I only encountered the Froggy Hunters once in the game. Maybe it's because I beat it on easy, or it the random creature thing, but I wanted to see more of them. The overall lack of a real plot might turn off gamers looking for answers. (in fact, it just makes new ones)

OVERALL -9/10-

If I was a hard-core RE fanboy, then Nemesis would be a disappointment, just because it doesn’t advance the plot much. But it is necessary for the series, because it tells the fate of Raccoon City, tells of Jill's escape, and other things. I just wished Nemesis was a greater plot item, not just a cool Bio-weapon....ah well.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 06/25/01, Updated 11/09/02

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