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Reviewed: 07/26/01 | Updated: 02/04/03

A thrilling episode !

I'm a fan of Resident Evil. Of course I can't pass this game : Resident Evil 3 Nemesis. This game is not greater than the previous Resident Evil 2 but it still fascinates a lot of players to play it. I'm one of them. I also have my own opinions about it.

Gameplay 9/10
Great ! The story is not spare and long as some other story games. The episodes in the game are good enough to attract me to solve the puzzles. Oh yeah, the puzzles are stranger and newer than the others. Jill wanders in the city to the sewer with a lot of interesting puzzles. But the battle is not simple as a stupid riot which contains many thrilling episodes. Good !

Storyline 7/10
Jill Valentine-a member of STARS tries to escape from the cruel plan of Umbrella which is killing all the STARS by creating an intelligence bio-weapon named Nemesis because they know too much. Capcom chose this part to make a game named Resident Evil 3 Nemesis. I think it's still so simple because the game is clearly short, letting the rest for Mercenary Mode which is only a mini-game. Why didn't Capcom lengthen the story mode more to see more interesting things ?

Graphic 9/10
Of course, Resident Evil 3 Nemesis's graphic cannot be compared with Resident Evil Code Veronica which has the most beautiful graphic in series. But it's the best in Playstation games. The colours are clearly and light. But the dark atmosphere still keeps the horror situations for the game. Capcom made a great combination in this point.

Sound 10/10
The sound is complete and lively. I can hear the wind of the dead city, the horror atmosphere by the sounds of creatures. The cry of Nemesis is terrible and threatening which makes the game more exciting and real. I like his voice !

Characters 8/10
Very cool but one thing...I wonder why Capcom designed a valiant police like Jill to wear the original costume like that. But it's still all right when they made her some others better. Nemesis is cool, too. He is a killing machine. He chases Jill wherever she comes, shouting ''...STARS...'' as his only memory. Its name ''Nemesis'' is good enough for us to see what that Umbrella wanted : wipe all the evidence and get revenge.

Battle System 9/10
The battle system is not changed so much from the previous versions. But the newest and greatest is the dodging skill and 180 degrees. This helps us players to save the characters from the dangerous situation. They also make the game more various and exciting.

Replayability 9/10
This is a short game that you can replay whenever you want which doesn't take so much of your time. The Mercenary game is not very long but you will realize a lot of interests in it.

My overall score : 9/10

Rent or buy !
If you want to play for a few funs, just rent.
If you are a true fan who want to drill the game to the most hidden episodes, just buy.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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