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Reviewed: 09/26/01 | Updated: 09/26/01

It'll make you want to just lock yourself up in your bedroom until everything is back to normal.

The police couldn't stop the zombies, the army couldn't stop the zombies, now it all rests on the shoulders of a tube-top and-boots-wearing girl named Jill. Oh dear God, we're doomed, DOOMED I tell ya!
I didn't give this game much credit when I heard of it, I thought two games of a title could hold their own ground, and remain good, but a third would bring my respect for Resident Evil to the ground (hey, it happened with Tomb Raider!), but Resident Evil 3 is one game I owe a big apology to, MAN, it's good!
Even in the opening FMV of RE-2, I didn't really get that feeling of hopelessness, as I saw Leon and Claire be surrounded by zombies. But in the opening FMV of RE-3, for the first time I thought to myself ''Oh, dear God, there are SO MANY!!!'', and that is probably an understatement, I swear, you felt sorry for the people in Raccoon City, how could the ones who were not infected escape from the HUNDREDS and HUNDREDS of zombies that were there?, how would I be able to escape?, I felt powerless just thinking of the challenge that was shown before my eyes. OK, now onto the rating.

STORY (10):
The previous Resident Evil games have given you a very good story that drives you deep into the heart of the T-virus and G-virus infections, both greatly done to keep a very coherent story. You always even got little ''extras'', like finding the diary of a man who was infected by the T-virus (RE-1), and didn't know about it, and reading as his words unknowingly describe his slow transformation into a mindless, undead monster; or in RE-2, as you read notes from a policeman describing how the zombies have invaded the police station and how his men start dying in big numbers until there's a few of them just waiting to die at the hands of the flesh-eating zombies, it always keeps you interested. Resident Evil 3 is no exception, I won't give it away, but wait until you read the first memo you find, it puts you right into the mind of the man who wrote it, making you imagine the horrors he went through, it makes the hair on your neck stand up. As for the story in Resident Evil 3, it's very well done, half the game takes place before the events in RE-2, and the other half is just after that. I recommend playing RE-2 and IMMEDIATELY AFTER playing RE-3, that way you'll notice the UNBELIEVABLE attention to story detail and coherence that was placed in this game, even unimportant and small details that just make you smile. I won't give away ANYTHING of the story, it's too good to hear from someone else, live it yourself.

Just lets you know why Capcom is still one of the biggest game companies around, if not the biggest. The improvement over the last installment of Resident Evil is great, even more if you compare it to the original. There's a wide variety of zombies, unlike the 3 zombies in RE, and the 8 zombies in RE-2, plus they're incredibly well drawn, very realistic, and SCARY. Still no one heard my logic, if EVERYBODY in a town has become a zombie, how come there aren't any child-zombies, I mean, there must've been children somewhere (not that I'd like shooting kids, but I'm just saying it's logical), plus Raccoon City has mostly a male population, 'cause the female zombies are very few, so either, only women were able to escape Raccoon, leaving the poor men to die, or Raccoon is a gay men vacationing spot (which would explain the lack of children), don't mean to offend, I'm just saying!; anyway, it's still WAY more varied than the last two games, at least we don't have the same male zombie with the black shirt and jeans, or the female zombie with the top and shorts that appear over and over again. Plus the backgrounds, really show there was love in the graphics department during the making of this game, just excellent, detailed, perfect, and at some points familiar, oh yeah, you heard me, familiar.

SOUND (10):
Sound has always been a MAJOR mood setter in Resident Evil, the creepy music, that isn't too melodic, except at very strong moments in the game; just in the background, mixed with groans and moans from zombies, or something approaching, even SILENCE at certain points is a big accomplishment because it just makes your heart stop, and you just KNOW something's gonna happen.
My best example of the good work the sound does is this, during the first, say, 30-40 minutes of gameplay I finally got to this door, I was kinda distracted because my mother was calling me for dinner, so I got to the door, I pressed the button to enter without even looking at the place I was entering, just as the scene of the door opening appeared my mom called again, I answered, so I looked away from the TV for a couple seconds, then I heard this music, very mysterious, very chilling... and I just knew I had heard that before, my blood went COLD, and I looked at the TV and I was at the Police Station from the previous RE, I remembered that place scared the crap out me in RE-2, and not only did they reproduce the Police Station to the last detail, they kept the same music, which was probably the creepiest and scariest of RE-2, listen to it, you'll know what I mean, I just froze looking at the screen for about 3 minutes before I could actually get myself to move Jill. So the music and sound FX are amazing, period.

Many people complain about the controls in RE, I don't, I like it, the only ONE thing I hated was waiting for the character to spend about 2 hours turning around, and they fixed that with a quick turn around maneuver, also there's a way you can dodge enemy attacks, and you can even push zombies out of the way, it's great, because I hated being surrounded by zombies and knowing I would have to wait for one of them to bite me before I could push him into the horde to make an exit through them, or knowing if an enemy had me cornered I wouldn't be able to dodge it's attacks. Now it's fixed, I'm happy.

Same RE gameplay you've come to love, the game sure has gotten harder, and has gotten ways to actually make you think before you spend a bullet, not because ammo is scarce, but because you make different ammo with different gun powder, so you'll have to think, do I make some handgun bullets?, or should I save the gun powder for later and mix it up with another kind of gun powder and make better ammo?, plus, while in RE and RE-2 they felt sort of shy about putting HORDES of zombies in your way, that consideration to your health is not made here, in previous games you got 5 zombies the most, in a place in which you could manage to dodge some of them, or pick them out one by one... NOW, you can be in a very tight alley and suddenly there's about eight zombies coming your way, sometimes you can just blast them to oblivion by shooting fuel tanks and stuff, but then again sometimes you can't, you better taste bad to scare them away, 'cause they WILL bite you, plus they're faster than in RE-2 (probably because these are recently made zombies, and in RE-2 they've rotted for a while). The game is more agile, more enjoyable, and actions or decisions you make can alter your journey through Raccoon city. The game's just made to be enjoyed.

Yeah, it has different endings, different decisions you can make, etc, etc, etc, but after you've played it through 4 or 5 times you will put it away until you get that ''oh, I haven't played that in a while'' mood. But that happens with most games like this one. Still a very fun game.

I don't care if people yell out ''more of the same'', this game is very good and deserves the many fans it has acquired through it 5 installments (though I haven't played Survivor or Code Veronica yet), if you want to have a really good scare or spend many sleepless nights waiting for your door to burst open as 40+ zombies enter for a midnight snack; THIS IS THE GAME FOR YOU, it can even be considered masochistic to play through this game and enjoy it, but what can I say?, you end up loving it even if it's too much for your mind to handle.

This should've been in ''sound''; but it's such an improvement that it deserves it's own separate mention. Jill took acting lessons during the few days between what happens in RE and what happens in RE-3, she can act!, so can the other people!, she doesn't sound like she's reading from cue cards anymore, wow, finally they cast people who can sound like people, not like a member of the voice cast from the Superfriends (Oh God, the horrible childhood memories).

*NEMESIS (10+):
What can I say?, he should get his own movie... I'd watch it , well... I'd probably HAVE to watch it, since he never gives up he'd probably pursue me for days until he forces me to watch it. No, really, he won't give up, he'll chase you until you just want to stop playing and never touch your playstation again until you've got him out of your system for a while. He's like an obsessed girlfriend, whom you've broken up with like a million times and keeps calling, especially when you less want her to.

Well, that's it, BUY this game, it's 2 years old, so you'll find it cheap!, play it, and never sleep well again.

FINAL NOTE (OR DOUBT): Just an observation, if zombies can't even operate doorknobs to open doors, how can they operate the elevator they come out of in the opening FMV; just something to make you think...

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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