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"The most intense Resident Evil out there."

I've been a RE fan since RE1 DC came out a while back.
And so far the series has been great and this game is a stand-out to the series. I've jumped many times playing this game, even more than any other RE games. Now on to the review.

Story 8/10

Lets start out with the story. Umbrella of Europe was creating a virus called Nemesis. Nemesis would fuse with T-Virus cells creating a whole different creature. Nemesis would invade the brain causing the growth of another brain to block senses to his body like for example the creature wouldn't be able to feel pain. It will also cause the creature to make decisions on it's own to get more in depth the normal brain would make simple decisions and the Nemesis brain would make more complicated decisions. The first prototype of Nemesis escaped because of the human like mind. The research team decided to give them the t-0003 virus and then they limited the creatures intelligence by doing surgery. After the Surgery the decided to name it Nemesis-t02 because of the surgery effecting the t-0003.
Nemesis-t02 is the Nemesis you will encounter in the game.
Raccoon city is deserted and your by your self, you play Jill Valentine. The game takes one day before RE2 and one day after RE2. Through out the game you solve puzzles and run from Nemesis which is freaky considering he has intelligence and it makes him chase you through the city. You will meet Carlos who is a mercenary for umbrella, he was hired to rescue civilians. The story is unique and isn't really a sequel to RE2 more like another side story.

Sound 9/10

I like the sound and the way that you can hear zombies and dogs and other creatures in the background adding even more suspense. Also when Nemesis is about to attack the music changes to this freaky music. I cant go much into the music but its fit for the game.

Graphics 8/10

Great improvement on the graphics. I like all the detail of the cities and the clearness of the game. The FMV scenes are great. Thumbs up on the graphics.

Gameplay 10/10

Its 3rd person view like the other resident evil's and that is the way it should stay. I like this setup of finding files in the game. Instead of the two or three file books where you would record the documents you found, In this setup there are two pages and you can view your documents by clicking on the picture. You also find photos in this game. One of the great things I like about this game is there are so many places to go, for example there is ''uptown, downtown, clock tower, hospital, graveyard, and the facility''. The puzzles are mediocre like some are difficult and some are simple. There are plenty of monsters to kill through out the game.

Other 9/10

Fun factor is great. And it does have a replay value. If you are interested in this game I recommend you buy it, they also release it on other consoles.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 03/09/02, Updated 03/09/02

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