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"Capcom Rules!!!"

The number 3 in the latest Bio Hazard (Resident Evil) series doesn't completely take place after the Bio Hazard 2 storyline. Half of the game actually takes place 24 hours before the start of the second game, just after Bio Hazard 1.

You start the game with Jill trying to leave the city as the residents have been turned into zombies courtesy of the G-Virus. You will also find out the reason why there are so many police cars in the start of the second game. Nuff Said.

The gameplay is almost the same as Dino Crisis. You will get to play a few characters along the way. Bio Hazard 3 gives you what Dino Crisis lacks. The unstopable heart pounding horror action that all of you have been waiting for. The controls is exactly almost the same as Regina. You will be able to turn 180 degrees at those dire moments. A new auto-target system has been added that will track your gun to the next closest enemy.

Unlike Dino Crisis you will have a better set of weapons to choose from. A whole new bunch of monsters have been created for Bio Hazard 3. The worst and most difficult would be Nemesis. He's 8-foot, trench coat tyrant and always knows where to be to make your life a living hell. Nuff said.

The detail is just so amazing. It is by far the best effort Capcom has come up with. You get a feel of suspense and terror everywhere you go. The whole point of a sequel if to be better than the last but still have a touch of the old game. Capcom came out with one of those at the same time sequence that just makes you wonder how they come up with the storyline. Unlike Bio Hazard 2 you will get to see more FMV's as most monsters will have it's own intro to the game.

The storyline would be confusing for those of you who did not play any of the Bio Hazard games. That may be a slight downfall for the overall game. If someone just bought this game just because of the hype, he or she will feel lost and unsure of what's happening.

Jill is a little bit "over-dressed" for Bio Hazard 3. As you may already know, more and more female characters have been used instead of your everyday Tom, Dick and Harry. As Bio Hazard has already achieved cult status all around the world, I'm not complaning and I won't even ask where she bought her outfit.

Now I have just played it once and it is still in the console. Without giving out much of the storyline and ending, I would say that Bio Hazard 3 has a very good "Replay" value if you know what I mean. Lots of secrets, blood and your good-ol-Rancoon City Residents to meet. Nuff Said

Ratings =======

Storyline - 8

Graphics - 10

Replay Value - 2 months minimum

Gameplay - 10

Controls - 10

Difficulty - Hardest Bio Hazard game so far

Overall Rating - 10

Buy/Rent - Buy it.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 11/01/99, Updated 11/01/99

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