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Reviewed: 11/01/99 | Updated: 11/01/99

Just trying to get out of town in one piece, then I'll save the world later.

Biohazard 3: Last Escape, (better known as Resident Evil 3: Nemesis). This new installment to the Resident Evil series offeres a new twist to the word sequel. I have to say that RE3: Nemesis is the game for you, if you're looking for thrills around every corner. Although much spookier then it's last 2 masterpieces of terror, RE3 provides us with the real sense of a survival horror flick. With the graphics, it's prerendered background so superbly done, and sound effects that adds nothing short to perfection in creating the mood for an intense evening of a rocking good time, with chills and thrill that'll get you jumping out of your seats. The environment is all RE, from the streets of downtown to the Raccoon Police Department. I'd have to say that Capcom did a great job in capturing the feel of a real sequel. Although there was only one problem with it all, it ended all too quickly, and the ending only left me wanting more. Basically other then the hard puzzle solving, (which is known throughout every RE game), no need to tell you, this is a definite thumbs up, and a must have on the list of games to get.

Storyline - 8: The storyline’s pretty simple. “ Try to get out of this town in one piece, and save the world later. “ Although, the ending of this game kind of throws you off from the other Resident Evil games, but for all the true RE fans out there. Basically, there’s so many ways you could fit this storyline into the 24 hours before and afters of Resident Evil 2. On the other hand, for all who are making this their 1st RE game. The story will just leave with the feeling as if something’s missing (For example where did the zombies come from and who is Umbrella Corp.) Other then that, this is an excellent choice for all the gamebuyers out there.

Gameplay – 9: The gameplay is truly in the original form of Resident Evil, with new features such as mixing gunpowder to create varies types of ammo, to the ability to dodge attacks. RE is definity a series that gets better and better with every new chapter. It offers a heart skipping, suspenseful surprise at almost every corner. The puzzles, which are known throughout the life of the series. In this installment, your brains will really be tested, as well as your brawn. Of course with this game you have to expect the unexpected. If you’re the kind of person who likes games that’ll keep you jumping out of your seat, this game is for you. But, caution, this game is not for those who have weak hearts. So play at your own risk, and have a blast kicking some zombie, you know whats.

Graphics, Music & Sound – 10: The combination of the beautifully prerendered backgrounds, and sound effects with the original Resident Evil 2 music redone with a little spooky twist adds to a very nice touch in pulling you into the environment of Raccoon City. With a home theater system you can literally fly out of your seat when the zombies attack. Although, in my opinion Jill’s outfit would look a lot better without that shirt tied around her waste. “Who dress’s these characters anyway?” Other then that I thought everything else was a step up from the previous RE titles.

Replay Value – 10: With all the secrets, and extras this game has, it offers a very good replay value. Whether you’re just playing it the second time for new secrets or just to scare a little audience you might have sitting beside you with a blanket clinched over their head.

Buy/Rent: This is a must have on you list of games, and for all you Resident Evil fans, there’s no need to say it. This is a definite Buy!

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Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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