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Reviewed: 11/01/99 | Updated: 11/01/99

Another masterpiece from Capcom...

Following the success of the first two in the series, Capcom has come up with a third title of Biohazard. The survival horror continues...

Biohazard 3 Last Escape is known as Resident Evil 3: Nemesis in the western side of the world. As for previous games, Biohazard 3 is a survival horror action adventure title. The aim is to survive and escape from the horror, and you accomplish this by fighting mutant monsters and solving puzzles. The third Biohazard is not a direct sequel to the second game, but the event in this game happens 24 hours before and 24 hours after the horror during the second game. The story in the third game describes the last escape of a familiar character, Jill Valentine, one of the five survivors in the incidence described in first game. The game begins with Jill telling the background of the event in the first game and her decision to leave her home after the monster has overtaken the city of Racoon.

I think many will probably agree with me that Biohazard 3 is the best in the continuing series. However, if you have not played the first 2, you should play them before going into this third game, or else you may not appreciate the story fully.

[Story: 8/10 provided that you know the plot featured in the previous games.]

This game features one of the best graphics engines for the PlayStation. The pre-rendered backgrounds look at least as impressive as before and they only require minimum loading time. Capcom has mastered the art of camera angle to create the best atmosphere for the game. Together with the background music, you will feel tense and vulnerable in every second while you are playing Biohazard 3. The polygonal characters and enemies are very much better animated. Jill is drawn completely smoothly, which is a surprise for PlayStation graphics (often being associated with blocky characters). The implementation of the short CG movies is also a very nice feature in this game.

[Graphics: 10/10 for pushing the ability of the hardware to its limit.][Music: 8/10 based on personal taste.]

Unlike some other adventure games, Capcom has remained creative throughout the series. While the first two games featured double-character settings, this game is replaced by a single-character setting with multiple paths. You will be prompted for different choices at various moments of the game, and later events may differ depending on your choice. In terms of items, Capcom has introduced a new gunpowder mixing system in this game, and now you will be able to create your own ammunitions. So, if you run out of bullets later in the game, you can only blame yourself for not getting the most out of the system!

Having the title as a "survival horror", Capcom has also introduced two new moves in the game so that Jill has a better chance to survive. Jill can now perform 180 degree turn as well as being able to dodge enemies' attacks. Otherwise, the game has a similar fighting system as the prequels.

To many, this game is probably the most difficult in the series. However, I'd rather use "most challenging" to describe the game. The game is not really that difficult once you master the control. Since many of the items and enemies are placed at random locations, the game is definitely more dynamic than before. Of course, the mixing system mentioned above allows the game an extra dimension of playability while making the game more strategic. In addition to the fighting system, the puzzles in this game are very much better designed as well, and so your brain cannot go to rest when you are playing them.

[Gameplay: 10/10 for Capcom's continuous creativity.]

If it is important to you, the number of secrets, paths and mini-games in Biohazard 3 will provide the game with a long life span.

Overall, I think the Biohazard 3 deserves a 9/10. It is definitely another masterpiece from Capcom.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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