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"Talking about scary moments nemensis will choke you with those moments to death!"

Resident Evil 3:Nemensis the 3rd in the line of PS Capcom survival horror games is a great game on it's own right and not just a sequel that was churned up in order to satisfy the appetite of gamers.

The story takes place 24 hours before RE2 and 24 hours after and you take control of Jill Valentine although you get to meet other character like Carlos Oliveiira,Brad and Mikhail just to name a few.

From the intro you get to see as zombies are taking over the city and the S.W.A.T and U.B.C.S forces are trying to stop them with little success as they are everywhere.

The graphics are great and look crisp and better looking than those in RE2 with more interaction going on with the background as you can blow up drums to kill hordes of zombies.

The control method is similar to the previous offerings but with the addition of a 180 degree turn, dodge attack and escape from attack features now. Talking about replay value this game builds on those of Dino crises by:

1) offering alternate paths and decisions which affect the cutscences and ending you get.
2)There is a mixing facility which allows you to form different types of bullets.
3)Finishing the game gives you alternate clothes for Regina and also opens up the mercernary game were you get the chance to buy weapons such as the Rocket launcher or Gatling gun and also infinite ammo.
4)You get to play as Carlos when you finish the game
5)each time you finish the game you get an epilogue for a character.

Talking about scary moments nemensis will choke you with those moments to death. He even has a rocket launcher to shoot you with. There is a kind of analogy between nemensis and Tyrant in the second scenarios of each character in RE2. Another creature you will hate is the gravedigger, till you find out how to outwit them

Altogether this is worth every dim you will spend if you purchase it . I personally have all of capcom's survival genre and waiting to see what is in store for PS2.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 11/01/99, Updated 11/01/99

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