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Reviewed: 11/22/99 | Updated: 11/22/99


Well the synopsis is basically how the mood of the game is usually like, quiet. But being quiet often makes the game better than watching a horror movie. Never mind about that, on to the review!

Graphics: 10/10
The graphics are the best graphics yet to appear on the PSX, better than Final Fantasy VIII's and better than Gran Turismo 2. The only graphics that are better are from the Alpha series (mainly SFA2G and SFA3). The backgrounds are pre-rendered, which I don't mind but seeing--Dino Crisis' backgrounds being polygonal, it made--me just a TINY bit--disappointed, but the jaw--dropping graphics just blew me away. The environment is SUPER-DETAILED and look a lotbetter than the previous Resident Evil games. The characters are improved fromthe last game, although not a lot, it is significant to tell. The zombies assome people would like to call it(actually their infected citizens) are now inall sorts of variety. There are fat zombies, female zombies, poparazzi zombiesand all the other sorts instead of just the usual 6 different zombies in--theprevious game. The special effects are all--basically the same from--the lastgame. Basically these are probablythe best 3-D graphics that you will ever seeon the Playstation.

Sound/Music: 10/10
The music in this game is very good, while there is more sound than music attimes, the music sometimes gets you pretty nervous, especially the Racoon CityPolice Station music or the restaurant music. In this game you must play withthe sound, well not must but the game relies a lot on sound. Sound can oftenhelp you prepare for the dangers ahead or let you escape from the townspeoplewho are infected(zombies). The game is SUPER-DETAILED with sound just like inthe last game, when you step on glass you can hear it crack more beneath yourfeet and even stepping on sewer tops makes that metal clank sound, the exactsame sound you would hear in real life, it's that good. There are some partsin the game that becomes quiet and then the windows crash with zombies or themstupid ravens that is guarantee to catch you often by surprise, scaring thejimminies out of you.

Replay Value: 8/10
The replay value in this game is pretty good, its almost the same as the lastgame except without the 4th Survivor. You can switch to Regina's costume backin the boutique shop after you've beaten the game and such. I do not want tospoil anything, but if you've played Resident Evil 2, you can pretty much getat least a sense of what is in this game.

Gameplay: 9/10
The gameplay is the same as last time so players from the previous horror gamewill get adapted rather quickly. The new moves includes the 180 degree turn aswell as the dodge manuver. The game is divided into an Easy Mode and Hard Modein which the last game Easy Mode only offered you more bullets. However in thegame at hand, Easy Mode offers you not only A LOT more bullets but also moredifferent weapons(like a loaded Magnum, extra Assault Rifles, and more), whilethe entire story remained the same. In Easy Mode you get double the amount ofammunition from your gunpowder, like Gun Powder A would give you 15 Hand Gunbullets, but in easy mode you would recieve 30. Also Carlos gives you doublethe amount as well. The game is filled with Live Selection, a easy to adapt toprocess in which you select one of two choices, which both will have a uniqueoutcome, and sometimes it will affect you later in the game, mainly when theNemesis will attack you and such. Speaking about Nemesis, this guy is probablythe most scariest fiend to ever grace your television screen. Aliens, and allof those other movie monsters aren't nearly as scary as this guy right here.He is not like other zombies, he is intelligent, fast, strong, and he has onebad a@@ weapon, and no its not one of those Barney toys. Its a giant misslelauncher with rockets that is more than willing to say hello to your face. Theoverall plot the Nemesis has in the game is what keeps the game interesting,as he will follow you at times and if you have a Dual Shock controller you canfeel his presence as it rumbles. Heck every time you face you must run awayfrom this guy because he's just so darn scary and powerful. I've hit this guywith 10 Magnum Bullets one time and he still comes after me. You are welcomedto defeat him in the game but it will take a lot of ammo, but he is only downfor a while and then gets back up or he will chase you, the only rooms he willnot chase you in is your save room. Apparently the Nemesis isn't too big withvocaulary, he constantly says "S.T.A.R.S!"its like he's a Pokémon or somethingand he could be the next Pokémon(hope not!) because he talks Poké language buthe doesn't repeat "Nemesis" he just repeats one word over and over. As for theactual game, its pretty long and longer than I expected it to be, but it mustbe longer considering the past RE games. The overall environments are New Yorklike and are pretty big but remains mostly small at times, but its intentionalsince Capcom wanted it like that to keep the mood to suspenseful. Overall thegameplay is very sweet, only if the controls were easier to adapt to and if there was a new control scheme, but after a while the controls become secondnature.

Overall: 9/10
Get this game, quit reading this review and get this game! Sure the FMVs arenot nearly as long as the last game and neither is the length of the game, butyou must get this game if you are a fan of horror games. Capcom does horrorgames the best and even new--comers should get a definite blast out of this game. Heck every step you take in the game you think the Nemesis will be rightthere in front of you!

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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