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"The best of the series. Only bad thing is it's much too short."

I bought my copy of Capcom's lastest installment in the incredibly successfull Resident Evil series a few days ago, and have successfully completed the game in 3 sittings. The game was quite short when compared to Resident Evil 2, partly due to the fact that the game is only 1 disc long and that it only has 1 scenario and 1 extra mission. In contrast R.E 2 had 4 different scenarios and 2 extra missions. But still, I think R.E 3 shines in the gameplay and horror department. I'll explain why below.

You play as Jill, the surviving member of the S.T.A.R.R.S team which was almost annihilated from the mansion operation in R.E 1. Your mission in this game is to simply stay alive and make your last escape from the doomed Racoon city. Of course, you'll encounter loads of zombies and other cretures which will try to bite your head off in your quest for survival. And as always, help would be on the way. In this game, you will meet up with several Umbrealla mercenaries, and one of them named Carlos will be your company for part of the game.

The graphics, although similar to R.E 2, seems to be quite a bit improved. The door opening scenes have been completely redone to add a touch of scaling and zooming for more reality. The flames and fountains in the game are also very well done, not to mention the quality of the pre-rendered backgrounds. This time round, you can interact with background objects found in the game. Objects such as barrels and explosives lay either on the streets or mounted to walls and you can aim at them to cause an explosion which will instantly kill any zombies or creatures beside the object. Cool.

A new innovative feature in R.E 3 is the mixing of gunpowder found scattered around the city. You can create new ammo from the various gunpowders together using a reloading tool. This way you can never run out of ammo in the game, and whenever you are low on a certain ammo you can gather the different gunpowders you collected and create the ammo you need. At the end of the game I had so much ammo I went around looking for more stuff to kill!

As I stated above the scare factor of this game is still very high, and I would say higher that R.E 2. A lot of the the time zombies would come bursting out of no where aiming for you neck. Some of the times the events seem to be triggered when you backtrack to a certain path. But that's only the tip of the ice berg. The real thing which you should worry about is the Nemesis. This guy really freaks me out when he says "S.T.A.R.R.S...!" with his low and husky voice and runs towards you. For god's sake he carrys a bazooka with him and even open doors! I remember this time when I was in the evidence room in the police station when he suddenly poped out of no where. I ran out of the room, and was relieved that I escaped in time. I was on the verge of calming down when the door behind me suddenly opened and there he was right behind me! I paniced and run straight out of the police station. : ) This is only a short encounter with the Nemesis. You will meet up with him regularly though out the entire game. Good luck~

Well enough of spoilers. If you have enjoyed R.E 1and R.E 2 run out and buy this game now. If you haven't tried the game yet now is a good time as any, though you may be somewhat confused by the story. Overall grade: Excellent game!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 11/24/99, Updated 11/24/99

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