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"What's more fun than killing zombies? Killing more...."

You want more, you got more. Capcom has made yet another Resident Evil game, and this time it's Nemesis time. The popularity of Capcom has shot through the roof when they released the first Resident Evil. It not only scared the brains out of people, it brought along a new genre: SURVIVAL HORROR.

The story takes place AGAIN in Raccoon City, but now, Jill Valentine has returned, and she's ready for more. Zombies AGAIN have invaded the city, but there are new creatures to play with, along with the scccarrryyyyy Nemesis: a tyrant-type monster reaching it's goal to crack everyone's head apart. But don't worry, there are plenty new ways you can kill those undead freaks of freaks. You can electrocute, barrel-bomb, burn, and yeah, still blow their heads up. Also, mixing gunpowder results in ammo! YAY!!!

The graphics are now more realistic, and the character and creature designs are smoother. The sound is Resident Evil-quality, and the music is as frightening as ever. The lighting and background details are at it's fullest. While these element are excellent, the gameplay is the same, sadly, and the puzzles are a bit too easy. The answers can be in front of the screen, in the same room, or it might be shining in the background. Come on, you know we need something more than this. And I kinda liked the two-disc thing from Resident Evil 2.

I must say, this game is better than the first two. But we've all done this and that, right?

MUSIC/SOUND: 9/10 8/10

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 11/27/99, Updated 11/27/99

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