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"A good game, but a bit disappointing as a sequel."

I loved Resident Evil 2 and really liked Dino Crisis, so I could hardly waitto play Resident Evil 3. I found Resident Evil 3 to be very well-crafted, but was somewhat disappointed after finishing the game.

From a technical standpoint, RE3 is a stellar game. The hand-drawnbackgrounds are full of details and portray perfectly the dark, moody atmospherethat makes playing the Resident Evil games so engrossing. The backgroundshave been spruced up a bit from the previous games, with the addition of non-static elements, e.g. a gushing fire hydrant. The character animation is thesame as it was in the previous games -- excellent. The characters and monstersmove in a realistic manner. The sound effects are of the same high qualityas in the previous games, and the music perfectly accents the atmosphere created by the backgrounds.

The game designers also added a few new moves to the control scheme. In the previous games, running backwards required having to slowly rotate yourcharacter until he/she was turned around, and then running. This made it alittle difficult to act quickly in hairy situations. In Resident Evil 3,a new quick turn feature has been added, which I was grateful for. Capcomalso added a dodge maneuver. However, this move is not easy to use, especiallysince one way of doing it is the same button combination as shooting yourweapon. So, sometimes when you are close to your enemy and you want to shoot,you will dodge instead. This seems poorly thought out, but it hardly affectedmy enjoyment of the game.

The gameplay is almost the same as the previous games. You collect items,solve puzzles, and battle zombies and other mutant creatures while trying to get out of town alive. There are some new weapons, and a new way of making ammo as well. One new gameplay feature is the ability to shoot itemsin the background to make them hurt your enemies in some way. The bonusmini-game is a lot like the mini-games from Resident Evil 2, except that byplaying it, you earn the ability to buy special weapons with infinite ammoto use when replaying the game.

But, all these little changes, while certainly welcome, didn't add that much to the game. After I finished the game, I felt like I hadn't really done anything I didn't do already in the previous two games. Maybe because I hadplayed the first two games so much, this new one just seemed less exciting. It seemed as if there were still a lot of recycled ideas in this game. Itis still a very good game, but not fresh enough for me to think it was great. If you're new to the Resident Evil series, then this game is excellent.

One last note: some people have criticized the Resident Evil games for notbeing scary. While I don't think the Resident Evil games are scary, I stilllove them and think they are wonderful games -- some of the best games for PSX.I don't enjoy them because they scare me, but because they excite me. I havea lot of fun blowing zombies and other monsters away in the fantasy world ofResident Evil. That's why I love these games, not because they're scary. Afterall, they're just video games.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 11/27/99, Updated 11/27/99

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