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"This is a great game, although maybe not fulfilling to the hardcore Resident Evil fan..."

As I sit here writing this review for Gamefaqs, I'm thinking about what Capcom could possibly do to raise the Resident Evil series to a new high. It'll be pretty hard after playing this game, in my opinion. This game has it all. It has one of the better storylines of the series, not to mention great music, graphics, gameplay, and lots of zombies and ghoulies to blow up!

Graphics:This one right here has the best graphics out of any Resident Evil Game. The rich and beautiful, and not to mention sometimes disturbing, envioronments make this pure eye candy. It's so sweet that it could rot out a few teeth! (Sorry, had to do that...) Most of the zombies look totally different from each other. They wear different clothes, have different faces, and even have different expressions on their faces. Some of them look as though they've been infected longer than others, too. The FMVs are also a HUGE treat. They're beautifully mastered and show great detail.

Storyline:You take on the role of former STARS member Jill Valentine, from the first Resident Evil, and play briefly as an Umbrella mercenary named Carlos Oliviera. Now, as stated from the title and off the cover of the CD case, there's this huge big ugly dude named the Nemesis chasing you throughout Raccoon City during the whole game. As a matter of fact, I counted at least eleven times in which you meet up with him, and I'm sure there's more that I didn't catch. Moving on, Jill just wants to get out of the city, but Raccoon City's been overun by creatures infected by the T and G Virus. So, it won't be easy. She's trying to find Chris Redfield (also from the first game), but is having a little trouble due to the infectees, you may call them. Of course, as many of you already know, Jill becomes infected with the virus, forcing you to play as Carlos. Will Jill and Carlos make it out alive? Or will they end up victims to the Nemesis or some other darker creature lurking within Raccoon City?

Sound:The sound in this game is astounding. The music is as creepy as you'll get, featuring some of the best eerie tunes in the series. And of course, some of the better sounds are the sounds of the zombies getting a cap popped in them and then moaning bloody murder. And there's no possible way that you won't become a little nervous when the Nemesis utters STARS in his raspy voice...

Gameplay:The single most important part about a game in my opinion. This game has just about everything that you could want in a Survival Horror game. Jill has new moves, such as auto aim (which can cause a minor problem sometimes), the 180 degree turn, and one of the more useful moves, the ability to dodge. You will use that ALOT during the coarse of the game, especially in your battles with the Nemesis. The control is real tight and responsive. Sometimes I must admit that I got that repetitive feeling, but that will soon be forgotten after you become emmersed in the game.

The Bad Stuff:Of course, a review wouldn't be a review unless we gave you a list of the "bad stuff", now would it. There's not that much, and I might be being picky, but I'm a huge fan of the Resident Evil series adn expect much from it. First off, as mentioned above, was the auto-aim feature. Many times, such as when a whole bunch of zombies or badies are nearing you, when you're trying to shoot the now famous red barrel to blow them to smithereens, the auto-aim will point your gun to the nearest enemy. I must say that I did get a little frustrated at this, but as I said it's a minor problem. Also, I must say that the ending to the game was a let-down as many people think. I agree with them. They should have explained things more in my opinion. The only other thing I can currently think of was that I just couldn'e shake the feeling that I'd been here before. I felt like I'd done everything before. I just couldn't shake it! ARGH!

In conclusion, Resident Evil 3 is one of the best games out there right now. Although it may be lacking to the hardcore Resident Evil fan, as I am, it's still a must have for any gameplayer.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 11/27/99, Updated 11/27/99

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