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"As you would expect from this particular serious....capcom delivers again."

First and foremost, RE3 is my absolute favorite of the series. This is because my favorite aspect of the series, the shock value, has been greatly magnified this time around. Nemesis is stronger, faster and much mroe terrifying than the Tyrant from RE2 and is constantly on your ass throughout the game. It just works on your adrenaline like no previous effort.

The visuals are practically the same in quality to that of RE2, however the atmospheres are something to praise capcom for all over again. I found myself primarily cappin zombies in the location i'd prefer to be, in the city streets. No more big buildings with keys in rediculous places, sending you around in circles. Again, the shock value. I got to do and see all kinds of new things and experience a few suprizes here and there.

Most of Resident Evils signatures are still in tact, such as the magical inventory box and typewriter bit, as well as herb mixing and things of that nature. I was alittle dislodged with the subtraction of a normal difficulty. In this game, there are only 2, simply Hard and Easy. While the Easy is a cake-walk, the Hard is unreasonably difficult and you gain no advantage in the extras over beating it in Easy. This will dissappoint those who are hardcore enough to get through it. If your like me, you'd have more fun trying to make PB&J with your feet than accomplishing this, and have other games to play.

Difficulty, my only minor gripe aside, Resident evil has my strong reccomendation.

The good: - Improved resources, guns and enemies.
- Atmospheres, city streets!
- Neat extra adds to replay value.
- New Choose your own adventure element, a slight "what would YOU do" rush
The bad: - Dissappointing length, shorter than both previous games.
- One playable charactor, besides Carlos whom you control for a total of 5 minutes.
- That frickin knife is STILL useless! Damn it!

Bottomline: Fan of the series? Get it today! Not a fan of the series?? Give it another go!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 12/01/99, Updated 12/01/99

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