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Reviewed: 12/15/99 | Updated: 12/15/99

The most scariest Resident Evil to date.

Wow. Do you think an ever-aging series like Resident Evil could go on for this long? I've never seen such an amazing improvement for this kinda genre which is horror/suspense. Resident Evil 3 is the third installment and it tops the last two by far! This game has to be the most scary, but it did fall short on plot, however the gameplay saves this game! So if you are a big fan of the Resident Evil series, don't miss this one in your collection!

Graphics 10/10

Beautiful, realistic graphics. Jill looks amazingly real and the zombies look a lot more detailed and scarier. The backgrounds are once again amazing. Like in the last two, the backgrounds were mouth-dropping, wait to you see these!

Plot 7/10

Ah, ok. You are Jill Valentine who has just retired from S.T.A.R.S and have to escape Raccoon City. Not quite a hooking plot, but the action in between will keep you hooked. Ever Heard of a monster called, Nemesis? He's the scariest guy you'll ever run into..and believe me when you see him, you will pee in your pants trying to run away from him. Good luck!

Sound/Music 10/10

Perfect! The music, especially really sets the mood. The sound is great too, the sound of the gunshots and the groan of the zombies are all very realistic.

Control 9/10

The control might take some time getting used to if you are new to Resident Evil, but older fans will reconigze it easily!

Replay Value 10/10

Oh wow, yes! There is tons of secrets, like Jill can change into new clothes and more! Plus there is an impressive mercenary mode where you can battle it out with mercenaries who have awesome weapons! You will also continue to play it until you beat it, which could take a long did for me!

Overall 10/10

Resident Evil 3 is completely flawless. I mean it falls short in plot, but it finishes strong with action and great gameplay. There is no way a Resident Evil fan should be without it. Get it today and blast up some monsters!

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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