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Reviewed: 12/22/99 | Updated: 12/22/99

Best in the Resident Evil - Survival Horror Series!!

Alone in a city full of flesh eating zombies...the police? Decimated. The dead? They control the city now, dinner is served, and your the main course. Your role, as the S.T.A.R.S. cutie, Jill VAlentine, is to make it out of Raccoon City, a.k.a. City of the Dead, alive and in one piece.

-Story 10/10-

The story follows the further adventures of Raccoon City residents in the fight against a terrorizing evil set down by the evil corporation, Umbrella Inc. This time, the story has changed slightly, twisting the time frame around Resident Evil 2, taking place the night before, the night during and the night after the events of Resident Evil 2. From start to finish, it's a combination of not knowning what will happen around the next corner, to trying to outrun the monsterous evil known as Nemesis everytime you turn around.

-Gameplay 9/10-

Don't get me wrong, the gameplay is great. Things pop out unexpectedly, even when you play it once, something in the game changes, weither it be the placement of weapons and items, to the position of zombies and monsters. This time around, the zombies don't stop at the bottom of the stairs, they climb or decend after you...they don't stumble and shamble for you, they bolt for yout throat. The appearence of Nemesis when you least expect it is enough to scare you, with or without the lights on. Remember the dogs crashing through the window of Resident Evil? Same thing. Interactions with "real-time" situations and environments give the extra flare as each decision you make, sets an ending in motion, each one different with each decision.

-Graphics 10/10-

What can I say? Nothing like unloading a full clip of bullets into group of oncoming zombies, or looping a grenade into a gas can to have it explode and char the background. The flames, the dripping water, right down to the FMV of "special-events" makes that alone worth buying. In some parts of the game, you'll take a double look at some of the backgrounds and what goes on. Some of the best graphics in the RE series are found here.

-Audio 10/10-

Okay, you have the lights off, playing the game late at night, listening to the music of the game, and all of a sudden, through that music, you hear the echoing moan of the zombies in the distance...the soft howl of the dogs that patrol the streets seeking a fresh, living victim. The dragging feet to the squishing thud of zombie feet. Each bullet fired, cracking across the air, to the bullet casing striking the ground, shows what "stereo/surround" sound means. If you listen closely enough, the crystal clear scream of a man or woman being eaten can also be heard. Again, some of the best efforts in the RE series.

-Control 9/10-

The control could use a little work, it's awkward with the double aiming feature. You may be trying to aim for the zombie/monster, but end up aiming for the "interactive" background instead, or vice versa. Running is still smooth though, and the newest feature...a dodge button! That's right, a zombie comes running at you, it's a quick dodge with a firing of the gun. However, it's not an exact science, you have to get the hang of it. Aiming some of the heavier weaponary later on in the game can be a pain, but once you have it on target, it's a breeze.

-Replay 10/10-

There is plenty to do after it's been beaten once. There are several secrets to be found in the world of Resident Evil 3, and once found, the replay on the game could go for another 6 months or so before it becomes a collection item for the trilogy. Secrets open up new opportunities, much like the hidden game in RE2: Director's Cut/Duel Shock Version. Keep that in mind when you play.

-Overall 10/10-

Great gameplay, great graphics, hellified storyline, and the crystal clear sounds of survival horror at it's best on top of replay value? You've got a keeper of a game, even if you're just a weekend renter, you can get through this in one weekend, but to fully unlock all of the secrets that RE3 has to hold? You'll definately want to pick this one up.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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