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"The game isn't getting any better, so why should we like it?"

I love survival horror games as much as I love myself(or something along those lines) and I just hate to see when a company loses it's touch for making a series. Now Resident Evil 3 wasn't that bad, I still went out and bought first day, and it does bring some new things to the table. The only down side is that we've done most of this stuff before, puzzles have dropped in actual thinking process (like simply lighting a rope soaked in gasoline,hmmmm, a little too convenient...). But we do have Nemesis now, a thing that chases you around and you can't shake unless you keep going through different screens and he complains alot about STARS, like all the time, like never shuts up. I mean, if you're seeing stars that much, maybe you should go to the doctor. Now, review time.

basically if you've played any other RE game you'll know what to expect from Nemesis. You run and shoot zombies, solve meaningless puzzles, run away from big enemies and end up in some top secret lab where you kill the B.O.W. Nemesis stays true to this by offering very little color or innovation. I did like the ammo creation thing, it added a little twist instead of just running around grabbing boxes of ammo. Also when they say easy at the beginning, they really mean EXTREMELY easy since i ended the game with a butt load of ammunition left and HARD doesn't really offer that much more of a challenge.

Jill is in Racoon City and is going to make her final escape or last escape (she makes several references to this in the game, like we didn't get it the first time), so she heads out to take out Umbrella or find Chris one or the other and finds that Racoon city is (you guessed it) infested with zombies and now she must fight her way out of the city. Now, I'm not quite sure, but I think this game takes place like 24 hours before RE 2 and 24 hours after it or something to that nature it's messed up. Anyway, you meet some new people, like Carlos, a member of Umbrella's Bio hazard rescue squad, who thinks he's mister commando, also you meet Nicolai, head honcho of the UBHRS, who is kinda snotty and inconsiderate. Of course you meet Nemesis, the new twisted creation of Umbrella who hunts down and says S.T.A.R.S like ever 3 seconds, but he can use a rocket launcher (must be smarter then your average, no-brain, zombie) and can for the first time chase you through different screens.

The graphics were rather good considering what the Playstation could give. Characters were a little crisper and not so blocky like in RE 2. Fire and explosion looked more realistic and the undead were much more rotting and decaying and you could definitely tell from the screen shots, instead of looking like they just attacked a raspberry bismark. CG's are outstanding this time around and Nemesis certainly looks menacing in them with his perpetual smile.

Hearing zombies scoot around making their little gooshing noises, hearing people getting eaten in the background and screaming bloody murder, and of course ''S.T.A.R.S!!'' which signaled impending doom for you. The sound in this game was remarkable, so crisp and well rounded, I had to look over my shoulder a couple times to make sure some horror wasn't sneaking up on me.

After you make it through this rather short trip around Racoon City, there really isn't much to do. You can unlock a mini game called ''Mad Jackal'' or something, where you have to save people otherwise you explode from the bomb implanted in you (don't ask how it got there, it just is) and if you a get good time you can unlock stuff and buy things.

Like I said before, I love survival horror, it's like my favorite genre, it's just that RE 3 left me wanting more after I had eagerly anticipated it's arrival. Everything you did in the game was the same from every other RE game, the point and goal was the same: ''Get out of Racoon city alive and take down Umbrella'' yet after all these games....we are still no closer to doing that then in the first RE.
If you must have this game to live and sustain you everyday existence, buy it. If you just want know what's going on now in the Resident Evil world, just go for a rent, it's cheaper on the wallet.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 06/29/03, Updated 06/29/03

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