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"The last good game in the survival horror genre"

Hmmm, I remember when I got Resident Evil 3: Nemesis like it was a few months ago. In fact it was a few months ago. I just went to the store, bought the game and went home. But, it was Sunday evening and I had school the next day, so that meant that I couldn’t play until 2 AM to finish the game. But, I was faced with an even tougher problem… I also had a geometry test the next day and my chances of getting a B for that marking period were depending on it. So, I had to ask myself yet another question, do I play RE3 and have a fun time blasting zombies away and spilling guts all over the streets of Raccoon City, or do I sit down at the table and study very hard for the upcoming test? …I studied, and I failed.

Feeling quite confident that I passed the test the next day after school, I rode the bus home and quickly got to that game. I had a big smile on my face, because I knew I studied extra hard and I was going to get a B, although I shouldn’t have studied while playing the game the night before. Oh well, Resident Evil 3 was too great of a game to pass up so I had to play it while I studied, I hope you understand Ms. Wolf. Well anyways, here’s the breakdown.

The storyline for RE3 is quite odd for my tastes. It takes place hours before RE2 began and a few hours after RE2 ended. Strange. You play as Jill Valentine, the heroine from the first game and all around hottie. She has to fight her way through the mean, and zombie infested streets of Raccoon City. One problem, just a little after Jill’s journey began, she winds up being pursued by Nemesis. Umbrella’s newest biological weapon that was sent to eliminate all S.T.A.R.S. (Special Tactics and Rescue Service) members so they wont have anyone that may tell the truth of Umbrella’s evil experiments. About halfway through the game Jill gets infected by the T-Virus and that’s where you take control of Carlos Oliveira to find a cure for the zombifying virus. Once that ordeal is over, control is switched back to Jill and then they kick some more zombie butt. Zombie butt kicking and running away…I mean “strategically avoiding” Nemesis are mainly what you do in this title.

Gameplay for RE3 isn’t bad at all it has a lot of things to deliver and really caught me off guard on all of the things it had to offer. There are tons of new zombies, almost every zombie you see is different, and you rarely see zombies that look the same in one room like how you saw quintuplets of zombies in RE2. Details like that really put a smile on my face. They have added a randomizing system that randomly places key items in different places, which adds to replay value. There is also some new weapons added to your arsenal, namely the assault rifle and the mine thrower. Running low on ammo? Make some! One of the coolest additions to RE3 is the fact that you can make your own ammo when you find some gunpowder lying around. I don’t have a chart with me at this moment, but there are several different mixing combinations. Another addition to the RE3 arsenal is the fact that you can now dodge enemy attacks if you press a certain button right before you are attacked. This game is action packed and wont leave you disappointed if you are a fan. Another addition is how there are so many different scenarios that you can make. At certain times in the game Jill will be faced with a split second decision and she will have to make up her mind quick. Depending on what you choose alters the way the story goes and adds tons of extra playing time for replay value. There are still a few scenes that I haven’t even seen myself! RE3’s gameplay is tight. No real problems here, if I had fun, you WILL have fun playing this one.

You’d have to think I was stupid to rat out on Resident Evil 3’s sound. Heh, everything is top notch here, from the games score to Carlos’ fake Puerto Rican accent. The voices are clear; you know what everyone is saying and its not cheesy like the first. The soundtrack is cool; all of the chilling tunes fit perfectly while you play. One of my friends actually turns the volume down when he plays because the musical scores for RE2 and RE3 were too creepy. And when suspense builds the perfect suspenseful themes play. I love the music for this game. I am actually listening to one of the themes as I write this (Don’t worry one bit, I know I had taken the downloads section down but it will be back up and all that I have you have. Thanks to my buddy Cain and myself). The sound is great, definitely one of the high points of the game. Buy the soundtrack if you can!

Uh oh! Control. Let me explain something about it. It is based on the original control scheme of the previous games and getting used to it was a breeze. Another plus is the fact that it supports Dualshock. One problem. Capcom added that new dodge skill to the characters and in order to dodge you must press the same buttons it takes to fire your weapon to do it. You will dodge an enemy attack only if you press the buttons if they are about to attack; I’m talking inches away from gnawing on your neck. I remember near the end of the game when I was in a small area with three hunter betas. Since these guys are quick and low lying guys I couldn’t pick them off from afar and could only get them when they were close. They ganged up on me and I aimed my gun to shoot them away. They all slashed at my legs and when I shot at them I wasn’t shooting. I WAS DODGING THEM!! I was doing this for at least ten seconds before one of them leaped up and cut my head off. Finally. I learned two valuable lessons at that time, one was that dodging sucks and shouldn’t be implied to RE, and the other was that hunter betas also suck. So I played that part over and wasted them with a grenade launcher… The control for RE3 is just as good as it used to be, and those incidents rarely occur. But that little anomaly is still there and it affected the score.

Graphically RE3 is the best in the series. The backgrounds are more detailed than ever, very rich in quality. The character animations are tight. The new animations include shooting the newer weapons and most notably…dodging. I still think it is kinda cool when Carlos does his little ninja roll though. It almost feels as if you are in Raccoon City, little signs are all over the place, postings all over the place, and a whole lot of graffiti. Looks to me as if the residents of the city had a little fun before they all became zombies. If there is one thing RE3 can deliver graphically it has to be its FMVs they are the best I have ever seen (Rivaling those in FFVIII…at least RE3 has talking in the FMVs!). Fire! Yup that’s it, there is a lot of fire in RE3. Every explosion is performed perfectly on screen as gas stations explode, trains crash, and when the city is wiped out by a nuke! (::knows he spoiled it for someone::) Did I mention that Nemesis carries a rocket launcher? I just don’t know what to say. The graphics are good. I didn’t even notice any pixelation or break ups as I played.

Afraid that RE3 will get boring after a while? Think again. The replay value of this title is extremely hard. There is the branching story line plots and the two different endings in this game. Also, depending if you play the game on normal or easy that changes the way things are also played. There are secret outfits to wear in the game and an addictive mini-game where you keep playing to earn enough money to buy secret weapons, and even earn a case for infinite ammo for every weapon in the game. That will take you some time to earn but it did pay off (I hoping to get my Dexdrive hooked back up to put some gamesaves in the downloads section). So, you get all you money’s worth when your purchase RE3.

Score Card
Gameplay = 9
Sound = 9
Control = 7.5
Graphics = 9.5
Replay Value = 9

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 10/22/03

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