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Reviewed: 02/20/00 | Updated: 01/09/04

More frightening than the previous two games, though disappointingly short

Resident Evil 3: Nemesis is the third and final game in the Resident Evil trilogy on the PlayStation, and is also one of the most frightening games on the console. The graphics in this game seem too good to be true! There are some really beautifully drawn backgrounds that contain tiny details that you really have to search for to find. For example, near the beginning of the game, in the warehouse, there is a small object with a kind of valve on it. If you look carefully at the beautifully drawn, but tiny valve, you can see that it even has a shadow! Wow, it's things like this that really make you wonder how Capcom manages to squeeze such amounts of detail into the Resident Evil series.

The backgrounds are still, in that the character moves but the scenery doesn't, and only the camera angles change position. But does this detract from the game? Not at all ! And besides, you'll hardly have time to look at the beautifully drawn backgrounds, because most of the time you'll be running away from the creepy monsters that inhabit this game. From the sounds of the monsters, to the music when (gulp) the Nemesis is close by; the sound definitely helps this game in many ways. Without sound, this game wouldn't be half as scary. Very similar in sound to Resident Evil 2, sometimes the music will stop playing and a sound like a door shutting will occur. Has something entered the room, or is it just part of the music? Other examples are when you hear a window smashing, or the footsteps of a monster chasing after you. All of these effects definitely help the atmosphere of this game.

The game play is amazing in this game. It really pulls you along, so you want to know what happens next. And the game is SO scary! The zombies have been totally redrawn in this game, and there are many different kinds of zombies as well. Around 10 types! It's hard to believe it, but the graphics have also been improved over the other Resident Evils, which also adds to the gameplay. But Resident Evil wouldn't be a good game unless it was scary, and in order to be better than the other two, it also has to be scarier than the other two... which it is. The reason that it is so scary, apart from all the monsters, the backgrounds, and the sounds... is Nemesis. Nemesis is a particularly nasty monster, sent by umbrella, to destroy all STARS members, which means that Nemesis is running after Jill a lot of the time. At some times, it can be a bit annoying. For example, when he picks you up and throws you halfway across the room, you just about stand up and then he picks you up again! But anyway, this game is meant to be a lot more challenging, but a lot more fun than the first two, and it definitely succeeds in accomplishing both of these tasks!

This game will last you ages because there is so much to do. There are so many different paths too choose. A new feature is the live-selection, where you actually get to choose which path to take. (Example: run away from the nemesis, or fight the nemesis). This means that you can take a different path each time you play the game! Also, apart from being a great game, there is also a great sub-game, called 'mercenaries'. For those of you who have played RE2, you probably know that there is a secret sub-game (4th survivor). Well, mercenaries is a lot like that, only better! You have to find your way from one part of the city to the other, disposing of all the monsters you meet along the way to get money. You can choose to play as 3 characters, who all have their strengths and weaknesses, and attempt to get a good ranking at the end. I could go on for ages about all the secrets and fun things this game has to offer, but this is a review, so I'll keep it short. Basically, Resident Evil 3 is the best, most long-lasting game of the Resident Evil trilogy, and will last you ages! The story could have done with a bit more work, as it's a bit confusing for those who haven't played Resident Evil 1 or 2. Other than that, a brilliant effort by Capcom.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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