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Reviewed: 11/04/03


Resident Evil is a 3D puzzle, horror, and action game. This is sometimes referred to as a survival horror and is one of the most revolutionary games out there to today. This is Resident Evil 3, the sequel of Resident Evil 2. It doesn’t connect to it in too many ways, other than the fact that you can enter some areas from it. It more relates to the original since you are Jill, one of the people you can play as in that game. I would recommend playing all the previous Resident Evils before hand.

Game Play:
This was never Resident Evil’s strongest point... But most of the think in most survival horror games came from the Resident Evil series… but Resident Evil 3 has the best game play, with out a doubt.

Movement: Well, first off this game is 3D. Any ways, you press up to move forward and left and right to turn. Down moves backwards. This was also the first game series (I think) that used this type of method. It was unique at the time. Well you can run in this game. You just hold in square, which you will most likely have you finger on for the whole game. You can also push boxes for completing a tons of puzzles and hop on top of little objects. This movement system is accurate but is not always fast in the heat of battle. This game also added the quick turn. This will let you do a 180 degree turn, which means you can actually run away from things without getting raped. The movement aspect of this game might also get you caught on a couple objects like a table sticking out of the wall... Least it is SO much easier to juke zombies... One more thing they have in this Resident Evil over any other is the way you move up stairs. No longer are you either up or down on the stairs, now you can freely move up or down them. This is great but now enemies can walk up freely...

Combat: The combat system also started in this series. First off, you have to find a weapon, then equip it. Then you have to hold down your “ready” button. Then while your gun is drawn you can turn, look up or down, and most importantly, shoot. You get a well rounded array of weapons two. You get things from a knife, a pistol, a shot gun, a rocket launcher, a flame-thrower, an assault rifle and more! Most enemies have a weapon that works well against them too. From the original, the combat as gotten a lot easier. Why? Because of the auto aim. This makes you turn instantly toward an enemy. Thus aiming is cake as all hell. Other than those, every thing is the same. There is ONE VERY big change in this part. There is actually a dodging method in this game. What you do is, once an enemy attacks, you hit a button. If it is a zombie, you push them, if it is a hunter or a doggie, you roll, if it is the Nemesis you will side step in a way. You may think this makes the game easy, but it isn’t, because it takes skill to dodge and the Nemesis is VERY FAST to make up for this, you almost need if you plan on killing him all the time. You can now also blow up explosive barrels and such.

Enemies: Here is an awesome part of the game. Resident Evil’s main enemy type has always been the zombies. Zombies are every where. They walk, bite your neck, make funny and gross noises, and splatter! There are also a few types of dressed up zombies too. The zombies got even dumber, slower, weaker, and easier to run around. The only thing they went up in is health I think... This makes them a nuisance rather than actual enemies any more... hell you can throw zombies off after one bite and even dodge them... Any ways, there are also zombie dogs to play with. Once you find these, your combat will change, since they are fast. There are also a bunch of other cool monsters in this game, such as the Poisining Giant Spiders and the hunter (Two new types) have returned, only this time their head cutting skills are balanced. One another great part I love about the enemies, besides them actually chucking all over the place, is that once you totally kill an enemy, they leave a blood pool where you killed them.

Bosses: There is two bosses in this game, one I will not mention (because it is pointless in my opinion). Let me just say, you have a Nemesis! This is the name of the game, after all. He is well designed, relentless, SMART, and actually talks! First off, he cannot be killed just by standing still (unless you are a god in dodging) because he WILL just run at you, he is even smart enough to go around things. What makes him one of the BEST bosses I have seen so for? He follows you ever where! He you can leave the room and he will follow you through doors, walls, and even jump at you! Top that of that he can come into just about any room and break doors RIGHT in front of door! Oh dam, I didn’t even describe him yet... He’s a huge Bio weapon in a trench coat. Some times he de-robes and even totes a bazooka sometimes! God does he make the game fun. Also (when on the harder difficulty) he actually drops items for your efforts, includes guns, healing, and even unlimited bullets. Yes, did I mention he actually says “Stars!?”

Puzzles: This is the biggest part of the game, I would say. There are about three types of puzzles in this game. The first is carrying items and using them is certain places. This is the most common and sometime tenuous. Sometimes you have to carry up to four items for one puzzle, then if you miss something you have to go back and forth to item boxes. This includes holding keys with different pictures on them (which open different doors) and things like cranks to revolve certain things. The second are single puzzles that take place in one room. These are the most fun to complete and are well thought out. These include things like pushing boxes in various ways to either open something or get buy and things like pressing switches in a correct order. The last type are annoying puzzles that require you to read through files. I hate these, thank god they aren’t that common. This usually includes you having to find a password for a computer or something like that.

Layout: This game just one big level. No stages and no breaks, just start from finish. You can save your game, by using ink ribbon on a type writer. This is a good idea, but you do not get and unlimited amount of ink ribbon... but there is plenty. The one thing that is very different from the previous ones, is that you can not choose who you would like to be. You are Jill, and only Jill from the first game. This isn’t bad because your character actually develops more instead of your character doing the same thing has the partner and create that “So who actually made it out” bull crap. Other than that, every time you beat the game you get a new story unlocked with an epilog mode...

The game play in this game is WAY ahead of any Resident Evil to date.

This Resident Evil is the ONLY Resident Evil that is always at an above average difficulty. The puzzles are random most of the time and enemies are placed differently sometimes. The big part of the challenge is from just fighting the Nemesis. The second part of the challenge would be how hard a puzzle is. Without any help from a FAQ or a guide, it can take you quiet some time to figure out where to go and what to do.

They did, however, keep the difficulty changing option. This actually makes the game TOO EASY on the easy setting. You start the game with a maxed out assault rifle, I’m sure... Infinite ink ribbon, and tons of guns in the chest! Nemesis goes down with cake and you can take a lot of punishment. On the harder game, Nemesis is much much harder but he does drop silver brief cases with goodies inside. Another sad part is that you cannot unlock the “epilog” on easy.

This is has the hardest average of any Resident Evil game, but its bosses and regular enemies are no where in the lead, if you get my point. All the regular enemies are easier than the ones in the original, hell the Hunters are NOTHING like they were in the original. Now you have to wait for the danger... All the zombies are still pretty easy and are not that tough. Another thing that makes this game easier is the option of the auto aim. True you don’t have to turn it on, but you probably will once you find out it exists. This allows you to turn instantly to an enemy and devoids all skill put into aiming. Also, you cannot die instantly any more. Remember how in the first one a Hunter could just slice and behead you? Well now you have to be in the “Orange” Caution or Danger condition to be killed like this. They did change the health system around. Now you actually run slower for how damaged you are. At (Green/Yellow) fine you run all right, at (Yellow/Orange) Caution you hold one arm and run a tad slower, but at (Red) Danger you have a mad gimp. The limping aspect of this game is even more effective on you, since you can not dodge as well or not at all.

The ONLY real hard part to this game is getting a good Rank at the end of the game. This is mainly hard because a perfect rank cannot be gotten by use of a typewriter/memory card...

The control is at the best in this Resident Evil game. First off, there is not combos or any difficult combinations that have to be put in. Well this is more of a puzzle game after all... Any ways, there are a couple of flaws here and there. The way you walk and run in this game is good because it is accurate, but you will run into walls at times and corner things badly. Also the shooting is also at the best, only because you can dodge and not take free hits.. And unless you shoot right in the middle of looking up and down, you can only aim strait and about 45 degrees up or down (This makes hitting low enemies not right in front of you hard as balls). The quick turn is a major up grade too.

The control is almost exactly the same as the first Resident Evil.

This is with out a doubt the strongest point of this game and is why most people fell in love this the Resident Evil Series. It starts off like this...

(Events of Resident Evil 1 and some of Resident 2)

The game starts out as you, Jill, the heroin of the original Resident Evil. You awake and are determined to make your last escape. You also awake with a lot of poetry. You find out to whole entire city is covered in zombies. This game takes place in the city, parts of the Police station, and even a clock tower! Any ways, Umbrella unleashes a biological weapon to try and whipe you out. Remember Brad Vickers? He is after him first. As Jill, you must survive this city and make your escape. You also get help from a few mercenaries along the way...

Of course there are plot twists and all and the story actually goes pretty in depth. The one part they made crappy was that there is no alternate paths to the story with in the same game. The part that makes this great, is that Leon and Clare actually are in the same place and have two different stories (With in the A/B games). So in game you hear Clare talking to you over the intercom, and she says she sees you while playing as Leon, then on Clare’s game you are actually in the security room, pretty cool.

The graphics in this game are fantastic! Every thing looks great. Even better than before! All the characters are 3D and have detail in them. All the back rounds are 2D, which is a pretty cool combo. The items stick out enough, since they are 3D. They also all shine and blink so you can see them this time around. They still kept the full motion videos. The outside levels and especially the park is wonderfully done. Every room has new pictures or statues or something of that nature. All the outside areas are filled with fire and mayhem. The only flaws I can see are that your mouths do not move when you talk, still (They make the character move there hands and arms a hell of a lot to make up for this, STILL from the original...). The game, especially combined with the chunking feature with an explosive weapon is insane!

The music in this game regular atmosphere is not that well done, but it fits the mood and makes the game feel eerie. Most of all the themes aren’t that creepy at all... When you encounter new enemies, the music is chilling and will make you jump. The Nemesis, however, not only has a great theme, but right before he strikes (or is in the area) this chilling music plays, which is freaking awesome. The save room, option screen, and opening scene is the best in this Resident Evil.

The effects are decent. Sometimes a zombie beating a corpse in the background sounds a little cheesy sometimes... But things like jump and panting dogs and screeching hunters ready to leap are nicely done and will freak the hell out of you. These effects are generally the same as in the original. The game will still freak you out when you enter a run and all you hear is walking... The hunter still has its screech, which kicks ass.

They really fixed the voice acting in this game. But the outbursts have returned... “CARLOS!” that line buy Jill... will stick in your head for a while...

Re playability:
This is also the most re playable Resident Evil game to date. First off, (the only bad part) is that this game can be completed really quickly. Other than that, every run though the game is mostly different, since items and monsters are random. Also, there are ten different points in the game where you can make a choice to go some place. There iare eight different epilog stories, which unlock each time you beat the game. Then there is a Mercenary game to play. Which lets you pick one of three guys (one is equipped with only a knife...) Any ways, this mini game has a little story (get the bomb out of you) and it just isn’t random rooms (Like Code Veronica...). Not only that, you when prizes for doing well.

More story, since the game is around one person
More guns
Alternative paths, enemies, and items
Dodging makes the game take skill
Hunters are back

Hunters are weaker

Rent or Buy:
I would buy this if you are into Resident Evil. If you ever played Resident Evil 1 and liked it, this is a must buy game for you. You don’t really need to place Resident Evil 2 to understand a lot from here.

Final Rating:
I give this game ten out of ten, because it was the best Resident Evil in my opinion and only lacks out in graphics to Resident Evil: Code Veronica.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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