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"Disappointing, not as good as Res1"

This is the first review I have written for game FAQs (even though I visit the site everyday)and i hoped that it would be to compliment a great game. Unfortunetly, Res3 is not so great.
I can understand why people newly converted to the Res series would love this game, i mean what's not to love? Great graphics, nice characters, plenty of stuff to do. But for someone like me, who played the first and second Res for hours on end after their release, this game lacked the typical Res Evil atmosphere.

Firstly, where is the second character? Sure you get to control Carlos midway through the game, but only for about 5mins. You got to control rebbecca in Res1 for longer than that. Res2 even needed a seperate disk for each character, yet Res3 only allows you to choose Jill. This means
that the game itself lacks length and variety.
My next complaint falls upon the subject of the storyline. it didn't really relate to the other Res games, and lacked the depth needed to keep me hooked. There is nothing there to drive you to finnish the game. There are no mysteries or puzzles in the storyline to wonder about and eventually
Just like silent hill, this just didn't feel like a ResEvil. For me, Res 1 is still the best one of the series available.

Graphics - 9
Very impressive. The FMV was nice (although I do prefer Res 2's) and the backgrounds where much improved(some of the backgrounds in RE1 looked like they were done with coloured pencils :-)).
The characters also look better, and the zombies are more varied. One of the best improvements Capcom made.

Story - 5
Nothing special here. None of the other Res characters appear apart from Jill *spoiler* and Brad Vickers for 2 scenes... oh mustn't forget Barry's chin in one of the endings :-) *end of spoiler*
Maybe the Res series storyline is begining to lose originality...

Sound - 6
Same old ResEvil sounds.. nothing new or scary. Speech is greatly improved... although you can't beat the classic cheesy speech in RE1 (''Stop it! Don't open that door!'' ... brilliance)

Lastability - 7
Plenty of things to do (Mercenaries, lots of endings), but it's whether you can be bothered doing them all. I could only manage to play the game 2 times all of the way through, and I didn't play the mercenaries sub-game more than once.

Overall - 6
I was greatly disappointed with this game, and my loyalty still lies with the original. I can understand some gamers liking this (particullary people new to the res series) but fans of the trilogy will probably not enjoy this as much as the others. It may still look good in your collection, and I may even grow to like it (unlikely).

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Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 03/28/00, Updated 03/28/00

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