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"Resident Evil 3 makes its way to Sony PlayStation..."

Resident Evil started out as a graphical update of Alone in the Dark, but brings the horror aspect to a whole new level. The first Resident Evil made its way to Sony PlayStation in 1996. Two years later, a sequel(Resident Evil 2) was released, and then in late 1999, Resident Evil 3 was unleashed from Capcom. Resident Evil is known as BioHazard in Japan.


Resident Evil 3 doesn't really tie into the main storyline, but acts as a side story involving one of the characters from the first game. You control a former S.T.A.R.S.(Special Tactics and Rescue Service) member named Jill Valentine(one of the main heroines from the first Resident Evil). After the events that happened in the first game, Chris Redfield sets off to Umbrella's European Headquarters to search for clues. Jill hopes to catch up with Chris, but finds out that Raccoon City is overrun by zombies...

Then the nightmare starts for Jill Valentine....


Resident Evil 3 comes equipped with only one CD, and if you were wondering how many characters you control in the game, it's only one. However, there is a 2nd playable character(Carlos Oliveira who is a Umbrella mercenary) only for a short time and doesn't have his/her own story unlike Resident Evil and Resident Evil 2. That means you'll be controlling Jill for the majority of the game solving puzzles, picking up items, finding a way out, etc...

With the limited inventory space, you are given magical items boxes(when you put an item in one, it magically transfers to another one you find) to store your items for later use. The herbs are also back from the other RE games and there are no new ones to be discovered. You mix herbs to create more powerful healing items and to save inventory space. Also, you are required to have at least one Ink Ribbon to save your progress on old typewriters. There is however a new thing introduced to Resident Evil 3 about combining items. You will still pick up ammunition, but this time the game also forces you to create your own ammunition using GunPowder and a Reloading Tool(which Jill starts out at the beginning of the game). This makes the game a little more challenging, as the game can force you to juggle items between item boxes, which means you'll be doing some backtracking quite often.

Each character has their own signature weaponry, and speed varies. Jill runs faster than Carlos, but her strength is lower than Carlos. There are some items where Jill cannot push, but only Carlos can.. There is also a new Nemesis(along with other monsters), and his name is Nemesis. From time to time, he'll be chasing you throughout the game. One thing to note is that Nemesis doesn't go down so easily, and if it's your first time into the Resident Evil games, you'll be better off avoiding him rather than to risk battling him(unless you've got the guts).


As of 1999, the graphics are not bad at all. If you thought the graphics in Resident Evil 2 were sharp, you'll be amazed that this game does provide even sharper visuals. It's on par with Final Fantasy IX, and whenever you enter a room, you'll notice that when the camera changes, a pause occurs. This is where Capcom is taking the graphics to the near maximum, as the environments are detailed as best as they could be. They are also taking the system to the maximum capabilities, as the LOAD TIMES are faster than previous games. Some scenes are done in real time, and others are CG videos, both looking great. Also, not to mention the body parts flying apart and seeing the zombies walking with no head or half their body missing. Yes, there are some disturbing scenes in the game. The sound and music are another thing. Capcom composes great music, and most of the time it shows the mood where there is a sad event going on. Some of the zombies sound funny when they go "Uhhhhhh.. Uhhhhh.."

Jill, the zombies, Carlos, and the rest of the models are detailed well along with the pre-rendered environments. Capcom has done the best possible for a Sony PlayStation game.


The first time I played a RE game, I didn't like the controls, but after practicing a few more times, I got use to it. Be sure that the weapon must be readied before it can be fired. The controls are pretty basic as in Silent Hill. There is nothing to complain about the controls unless you're playing a game like Alien Resurrection where the controls are complicated.

Replay Value

If you play the game on higher difficulties, you'll earn more unlockables once you've complete the game. There is an extra mini-game you can go through once you've complete the game that lets you play as one of the three mercenaries, and you'll be able to buy weapons with unlimited ammo for use with the main game. There are also a few endings to get, multiple costumes, and several epilogues to earn, giving the game two months maximum replayability.

I'd say Resident Evil 3 is the second best game overall(with RE2 beating this one) for the PlayStation console system. It has high replay value, some impressive visuals, great music score, great gameplay, and a good control set-up. You'll probably find this game at a local electronic store for less than 15 bucks these days. Grab yourself a copy and enjoy the horror, if you got the guts.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 07/17/04

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