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Reviewed: 01/03/05

Mr. Nemesis goes to Raccoon City

Ok, perhaps I was a little harsh in my Resident Evil 2 review, but this is the game that RE2 wishes it was. This had absolutely everything I was looking for in an RE game. From a creature that stalks you through the city, to a less confined environment. This game is also longer than RE2 (remember I don’t consider the entire second scenario too be new). This game takes place slightly before the beginning of RE2, and then later on in the game it takes place slightly after RE2 somewhat of a prequel sequel. Not only do we see how the city is trying to fix the problem we see an actual conclusion this game.

Graphics 8/10

For the PSOne these graphics are great, but the fact is they did little too actually improve upon RE2. The environments have a slightly more detailed appearance in this game, but movable objects still stick out like a soar thumb. The explosion effects are much more eye pleasing, but it looks like they re-used a good amount of the monster sprites. All in all in the closing days of the PSOne these were still great graphics to be had. They weren’t going to win any awards for this, but they made sure it wouldn’t take away from the rest of the game.

Sound 9/10

Once again I cannot give this a perfect because they simply did not improve enough over its predecessor. The background noises through out the streets of Raccoon City are a nice touch, but monster sounds (especially zombie groans) were directly ported from the previous game. The background music however is well improved, and I can think of nothing that gives you more of a shock then hearing the nemesis theme knowing what your about to get yourself into. The sound is fine, and although it was almost a situation of “if its not broke don’t try and fix it” I still feel that it should have had some slight improvements.

Control 8/10

One of the biggest problems with the Resident Evil series is its controls. The fact is if you haven’t got used to the way the game plays by the third chapter you’re not going to get it. For the people that are fine with the controls they couldn’t be better. With a major new feature added giving you the ability to do a 180 degree turn instantly they simply helped you out more so. They also added a new ability to have your character dodge enemy attacks, and although this will take some practice to master it works out quite well in the end. So why if I think that the controls work perfectly and have been improved did I not give it a perfect ten, simply because of my first point and I can sorta see why they will never get used to the controls.

Gameplay 10/10

I can’t tell you just how happy I was with this game after the happenings of RE2. First of all they got rid of the zapping system (thank god). Next, you now have the ability to choose between easy and normal. The most important that I thought put this game over the top of the previous installments, and the thing that I thought was missing most in RE2 was the fact that you are roaming the streets of a zombie infested city. Sure the beginning of RE2 had this, but after reach the police station about seven to eight screens over that was it, say goodbye to the fresh outside air for the rest of the game. Sure the city isn’t wide open, but some of the barriers actually do make sense. For instance the fact of over turned cars or buses that are on fire, I can actually see that something like this could happen in a panic. Some more new features consist of the ability to make bullets for your weapons from finding gun powder and combining it with a special tool. You also run across a group of mercenaries quite a few times though out the game, which later helps forward the story. You’ll sometimes see them fighting of zombies as you would suspect, and not just appearing in rooms that are “safe houses”. Now we bring in Nemesis which many people think of as a Mr. X rip-off. Ok, it’s easy to see why they say this, but when a rip-off is this much cooler how can you complain. I felt that Mr. X should have played a much larger role in RE2, and the fact that you almost completely forget about him in between his appearances would prove this point. Nemesis however will make his presence felt. He will chase you across more than a few rooms in some cases, which gives a greater sense of realism (honestly would a rampaging monster stop because you shut the door on him?). Although rather odd this monster can also wield a rocket launcher, yes that’s right the most devastating weapon in the RE series. One rocket won’t kill you, but I can tell you that you also won’t be running at top speed after a hit which brings me to my next point. When you take your fair share of damage you will start limping, and it gets to the point that you will only move at a snail’s pace which makes escape quite the task. Some of the new weapons that are featured in the game include a mine thrower that would allow you to setup traps for your enemies and ice rounds for your bazooka. These ice rounds will not only freeze your attack leaving him completely open for attack, but they also do some substantial damage. Also taking down the nemesis will net some new weapons for you, of which is a laser sighted pistol that can blow off zombie heads easier. A western style shotgun with a super fast firing rate but a diminished damage ratio can also be assembled from the rewards of the downed behemoth. When it’s all said and done this game just takes everything that was wrong with RE2 and improves it beyond what I expected. Not only that, but the game is no longer left in a cliffhanger like in RE2 this time you know how it ends. Although I won’t tell you the ending I must say it is one of the best I’ve seen in gaming.


RE3 is simply the best RE game on the PSOne and in many cases the entire series. It has a creature that will follow you to the ends of the earth and back again even after taking substantial damage making it one of the coolest bad guys to grace video games. The game presents more realism, and a better sense of the wide open areas of Raccoon City. The only thing I can really think wrong of this game is they could have made a few more improvements (especially in the graphics department). Other than that if you’re a Resident Evil fan than you shouldn’t even think twice about buying this. Not only is it a great game, but it ties the rest of the series together with the conclusion. One survival/horror to rule them all is what RE3 was and still is in many situations.

Final Score 9/10 (Not on an average)

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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