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""Fear for the Third Day""

Back in 1996, Capcom introduced both Japanese and Americans gamers a brand-new world of videogaming. Palpable hype has maintained to proliferate in Capcom's upcoming Resident Evil games. Despite the rather awkward name of ''Resident Evil'', which is just plain out laughable, the title has become a household name. This movie-like, horror series can be written down as a new genre of gaming. A genre that shares same qualities like Horror Movies. Resident Evil sequels beared itching anticipation, or at least the second in the series did. Yeah, very few games caused gamers to devastatingly sob (Aeries' funeral in Final Fantasy VII), some games built mystery or suspense (Gray Fox's desperate attack and impressive speech in Metal Gear Solid), but Resident Evil led the player to leap in fright or frantically jitter. ''Holy Moly,'' players surely screamed, losing hold of their PlayStation controller.
Capcom inserted blood-thirsty zombies as the adversary, and the player's fear as the biggest opposition. In a sense, it is a movie, only the player chooses the hero's or heroin's action.
Useless to say, Resident Evil was among the titanic series that landed on the outlived PlayStation. The original game presented an amazing surface. However it suffered from terrible voice acting and a somewhat dull story. Capcom extremely went hard at work for their sequel. Powerful hype erupted when Resident Evil 2 was announced. Anxious gamers couldn't wait to get their grubby paws on a copy. Resident Evil 2 altered the gaming industry. Other home console companies decided to cash in while the genre was sizzling hot. Konami cashed in with Silent Hill. Survival/Adventure games went mainstream. After RE2 respectfully lived, a third installment was introduced, this time hype was scarce. It came out too quickly and sources claimed the interface was going to be identical as the other two. Fearing the worst, the third installment seemed to be a horrible move for Capcom. And is.

GAMEPLAY (7/10):
As a heroine, the player takes the joy to control a beautifully rendered woman, Jill Valentine. Early player's will know the rules are the same as previous Resident Evil games. RE3 keeps the same engine, item storage, and equipping system. There are various zombies, some fast, some females (a first), and more hideous creatures. Common basics mainly are searching for keys and unlocking countless doors. Puzzles come with a breezing ease, the challenge an awful low. Supposedly the main factor in RE games is conserving ammo, although there is an abundant source. RE3 holds the same basics, at the same time presenting a problem, repetitious gameplay.
A fresh challenge to the third installment is a ferocious, mean, bazooka-equipped devil. Tentacles connected to its deformed face, a long trench coat veiling him, the monster goes by the name of Nemesis. A STAR members hunter, who has a shady past. The problem with Nemesis is his colorless purpose, incessantly driven to prey on STARS members without a real reason. He chases Jill relentlessly, almost hopelessly. Briefly the player will identify Nemesis has an immortal, he cannot be defeated until the end.
Besides the monster who gives chase, zombies have stronger AL. Females, fat blobs, and the original designs are back and hungrier. They have ''evolved'' into more deadlier opponents. An RPG element has been added too. Two choices, written in text, will let the player have the opportunity to choose an action what to do when Nemesis or other intense situations occur. Whichever the player selects, the outcome will change the game's course.
A 180 degree turn, a great move, aids the player dramatically against flesh eating canines. A new technique helps the player avoid attacks from enemies, dodging. Other strategies is sparking gasoline barrels to disperse huge hordes of zombies into bloody pieces. Capcom also included a create-your-ammo system.
From the experience of the two Resident Evil games, the player may expect the surprising moments. While playing on a big screen t.v., with surround sound, the volume almost reverberating the room, and Nemesis or a pack of grunting zombies crashing out a window, I only felt my fingers rock, not me, the player. Green gamers will have a chill ride their spine, but original fans will expect the shocks. Though few changes have been added, RE3 fails to take a leap over the original Resident Evil 2. In other words just imagine playing Resident Evil 2 but with more rooms and more puzzle solving.

GRAPHICS (9/10):
Fabulous, outright fabulous. SWAT teams dispatching, Racoon Police ready to gun down relentless numbers of zombies. Umbrella agents join the fight. Wildly, they toss grenades trying to cease the onslaught the T-Virus spawned. Different Umbrella Agents bravely aim their firearms. The breathing virus is too strong. SWAT, the Racoon Police, and Umbrella Agents fall lifeless. Stunning FMV for an Intro.
RE3 is a grimy pre-rendered, 3D world. Jill Valentine looks awe-inspiring. Backgrounds are amazing, the city is a demolished wreck. Detailed environments are nicely crammed in, the programmers probably had the anguish of stiff necks after improving the graphics. The detail is astounding, cars curled on impact, the messy rubble, raging fires, and shards of glass. The rooms are booming with realism and life. Zombies are grotesque. Slowdown is unbelievably rare. All three series keep the gaunt atmosphere, it's pure darkness baby! Imagine zombies, with blood-stained shirts chasing Jill, as rabid doggies are on the verge to chomp on Jill's booty. Behind the fight is the magnificence, awesome graphics! Beautiful ain't it, in a grimy way.

STORY (4/10):
Jill Valentine rides her red, speeding motorcycle. Getting closer to her hometown, she finds her nightmare has invaded. The inevitable and deadly T-Virus outbreaks, now the entire Racoon City invested. The word survivor has no meaning here. Jill, striving against her dreadful nightmare, must escape her own Hell. Along her travel she encounters a STARS hunter, Nemesis. She is compelled to turn and run from the impenetrable foe. She gains friends with Umbrella agents. There is betrayal and a weakly designed friendship, thus the player doesn't gain any compassion or emotion towards Jill or ones who die. In a sense RE3's plot reaches the potential of a dull movie. The story has the same concept, and needs to be reshaped seriously. The dialogue is cheesy, the writing rarely takes time to let the player care for the characters. Cutscenes reveal the story, sometimes a vexing problem, due to the fact that the story is utter crap.

CONTROLS (8/10):
The saying, ''if it ain't broke don't fix it,'' suits the game. RE3 has the same controls as its processors. Giving experienced gamers a head start. Amateurs will work the controls with bliss. The basics is drawing the weapon by the touch of the R1 or R2 and press X to fire or strike a weapon. A new move is the ability to dodge attacks, a very significant move. Another useful maneuver is the 180 degree quick turn. When Nemesis comes face-to-face, an instant push of the down and Square buttons will let Jill go the opposite direction in no time. Controls are simple and sharply executed.

The music completely describes the mood and environment. Usually silence engulfs a specific room when a scary surprise is ready to burst. Jill's ghastly screams are good, even the zombies groaning. The music has its moments. Like the original two, the third shares almost identical music. There are certain spots that have the same music like saving rooms. Usually after Jill opens a door, the music comes first before the room is loaded, it makes the player aware what to expect. If the music is horrifying, could Nemesis be nearby? An eerie harmony, Resident Evil 3 triumphs to bring music that gains a good sense of the game, terror.
Without a thought, the voice acting has enriched. Voices are cleaner. Though the dialogue can't be saved, being boring. Dialogue must play a part to understand the character. By reveling the character's flaws and past, the player will gain affection towards the characters. In RE3, players won't care if anyone dies. Metal Gear is a prime example of great writing and acting. Compared to Metal Gear's writing and acting, a score of 10, Resident EVIL 3 gets a score of 2! Nemesis has no line other than to growl, ''STARS.'' Zombies always groan, ''ugh.'' Each creature carry their own original sounds. Giant spiders squirt boiling acid, the acid melting is audible. Footsteps have a diverse sound for each floor like wood, tiles, and glass. Both music and sounds are exceptionally above average.

REPLAY (6/10):
Resident Evil always have mini-games to keep the gamer busy for a while. The average gamer should prevail over this moderately easy game before 5 hours. Sadly RE3 has the same concepts of conserve ammo, run, and unlock the passages to conquer the main antagonist. The plot has no reason to replay it. Being a short-lived game, Capcom made a smart move to supply minigames. One involves the mercenaries who have to save helpless civilians as zombies roam the streets. Time is the enemy, with each zombie killed or hostage rescued time will replenish. After saving hostages the player should head to the checkpoint, where the player will be awarded prize money. The amount depends on the player's grade. New guns can be purchased with the money. After the game, the player receives a boutique key for Jill to wear different outfits. Multiple endings are included as well.

OVERALL (6/10):
RE2 is the strongest and most remembered in the series. Flourishing anticipation caught it. When catching a glimpse of RE3, excitement was absent. RE3 seems it brought the entire series in shame. The story must take a new direction! Like taking a role of an umbrella agent, or the T-Virus spreading somewhere else. Nemesis proves to be a pathetic antagonist, nor does he have a huge impact. The minigames bring little life to the game. This isn't a solid purchase, worth a rent. Resident Evil: Code Veronica should have taken RE3's place, this game suddenly diminishes the great title in disrespect. Oh, where's the Resident Evil Movie? Just a bunch of false hype like RE3? The slogan, ''if the Suspense doesn't kill you, then something else will,'' lives truly in the second game.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 04/21/00, Updated 02/16/04

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