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    Chris Advanced Guide by Skultera

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    Resident Evil Chris Advanced                 S K U L T E R A
                          Resident Evil Director's Cut
                              (formerly FAUK)
      Finally,I've gotten around to writing this FAQ.Lets get down to buiseness,Chris
     can only carry 6 items,so I leave it up to you to decide when to visit a stor.room.
     Chris can take more hits than Jill,so its better to take a beating and heal yourself
     than to lose ammo.You'll notice some of this FAQ is cut and paste from my Jill FAQ,such
     as the enemy and weapon section.But Chris's game varies from Jill's more than you think
     so don't think this is all cut and paste when it is 80 percent new.This FAQ is made
     so that you can beat it in under 3 hours.So I may leave out something I deam unimportant.
     I'll take any questions you may have at skultera@aol.com...
    VERSION 1.5=I've updated alot of the information in this FAQ.
    VERSION 2=I've fixed up some stuff added a new section and updated my email address.
     I had to change my screen name for certain reasons.So I came back to fix up this FAQ.
    2)The Enemies
    3)The Weapons
    4)The beginning
    5)Chapter 1 The Mansion
    6)Chapter 2 The Courtyard and The Guard House
    7)Chapter 3 The Mansion Infested
    8)Chapter 4 The Underground Pass
    9)The Final Chapter The Laboratory
    10)Extras codes,tricks,etc.
      Well I must have got a million emails on this FAQ which is to say quite unexpected.
    Half those million questions asked where the helmet key was.?!?!?Did they not read this FAQ.
    Its in this FAQ so read this time.I also got a ton of emails about me saying the game is called
    advanced and there's is called Arrange.?!?My copy says advanced so I stick by that!Yes arrange 
    and advance are the same game.I also received a few emails on the picture puzzle.Thanx for 
    telling me guys,I fixed the prob.Oh wait there was no prob.If you don't follow this walkthru
    directly expect the game to be a little different.If I feel your questions are answered in
    the FAq I WILL NOT RPLY TO YOUR MESSAGE!So if your having trouble check out my web page.
      One of the greatest strategies is to know the enemy.
    **the zombie**The slowest and easiest of all enemies in the game.These enemies are easier to
    dodge rather than fight.
    **dogs**Fast and deadly they should be taken out quick before they take out you.
    **hunters**even more deadly then the dogs.The hunters is an enemy I hate to encounter.I usually
    just dodge them.But its best to kill them using the colt python or acid rounds.
    **chimeras**They hang out in the power room deep in the lab.They walk on the ceiling and swoop
    down at an enemy.Just fire a shot up to knock them down.Then aim down and kill em.
    **crows**Do not bother to kill them,just run.You'll save plenty of ammo.
    **snakes**Don't bother to kill them either.
    **bees**same here just run.
    **Super zombies**They are only found in the lab,their super strong and super naked.It only
    takes about 3 attacks for them to kill you so beware.
      Every enemy has a weak spot.Even the bully down the street.
    **The Beretta**You start with this.Its best at taking out dogs and zombies earlier in the game.
    if you like to save ammo use this alot.
    **The Shotgun**The best for killing zombies.Wait until the zombies are in close range and blow 
    there heads off.
    **The Combat Knife**The weakest weapon in the entire game.I don't even bother to use it.Its only
    good when you have no ammo.
    **The bazooka**Only Jill will get this.It has 3 different kinds of ammo.Acid,Explosive,and Flame
    each good for taking out certain enemies.
    **The Colt Python**The strongest weapon in the game(except for the rocket launcher)Its specialty
    is killin Hunters in 1 or 2 shots.
    **The Rocket Launcher**It claims to kill any enemy in one shot.I'll tell you now that thats a
    total lie.It takes plenty of shots to kill the snake with it.And plenty of shots to kill all
    the other bosses.Except for Tyrant this is the only boss it kills in one shot.But don't get
    me wrong its still the strongest weapon.
    **Flame Thrower**Only Chris can get the flame thrower.Its not a good weapon because you can only
    use it underground and there is no refill.
     Pick Chris and watch the cool beginning.Well it ain't all that cool,its filmed like
    a B movie.The STARS team is sent to Raccoon Forest to search for the missing Bravo team.
    They see there plane and land.While investigating the area and while beast attacks them.Joseph
    Frost is quickly killed and the others are forced to run.The remaining STARS members take 
    shelter in an abandon mansion which appears to be safe.Yet....
     The team will arrive at the mansion and relize that Barry is missing.Chris will go on his
    own to the Dining Room.Equip the knife and head to the next room.Its an L-shaped hall.
    Turn to Chris's right and turn at the corner.Slash the zombie once,run,turn and slash again,
    repeat this 3 times til the zombie falls.Run to Kenneth's body search it and search it 2 more
    times to pick up the 2 clips.Go back to the main hall.
      You find that Jill and Wesker have disappeared.Take Jill's Beretta off the floor.Go up
    to the second floor.Turn to Chris's right an head to the farthest door from you.Search the
    painting for a small key and keep going to the next room.Its a balcony.Search Forest's body,
    he'll come to life and attack you.Kill him and take the ARMOR KEY.Exit back to the upper
    Main Hall.Take the single door you skipped before.You should now be in a red hall.Using the
    armor key enter the first door there.Keep going until you see Richard and Rebecca.You'll need
    to go get the serum for Richard's snake bite.
      Go to the upper Main Hall and run through the double doors into the upper dining room.
    Kill the zombies and push the statue over the ledge.Go through the door at the end of the hall.
    You'll be in a yellow hall with 3 zombies.Kill them and run down the stairs.Enter the door
    behind the stairs.Drop some items so you only have the beretta,clip,and armor key.Search the
    bookcase and grab the serum.Run back to Richard.Its to late to save him.He'll give you the
    radio before he passes.Go back to the red hall.Run down the hall and enter the green double
    doors.Push the red statues over the grates and push the red button in the middle,take the emblem
    it will reveal.Go back to the red hall and go to the last door of the hall.Take the Book and go
    through the door.Kill the zombies and take the stairs down.
     Kill the 2 zombies and take the herb and enter the storage room.Put all items in the box except
    the beretta,clip,and armor key.Go back up stairs and enter the door using the armor key,kill
    the zombie,and enter the first door you saw here.Push the button in the bug display.Push the
    tank out of the way.Then push the cabinet where the tank was.Take the half MOON CREST.If you
    want ink ribbons search the lab coat.Exit and go to the room you skipped before.Make sure
    you pick up the lighter off the cabinet.I suggest you also take the red herb.Go back to 
    the storage room.Take the lighter,beretta,clip,and armor key.Go back to the room where you
    saw Richard.This time keep going to the next room.Kill the zombies and turn at the corner.
    Enter the room.Use the lighter on the candle and search the cabinet for a clip.Push the other
    closet away to reveal a doorway.Run in a pick up the SWORD KEY.Go back to the Main Hall.The 
    lower Main Hall.
     Enter the Blue double doors.Push the stair if you want the first floor map.If you want ink
    ribbons go through to the red hall.Use the sword key on the door and enter it.Walk slow in this
    room because dogs jump through the window,kill the first one and keep on going.Another dog will
    jump out another window.Kill it and push the table out of the way and pick up the clip.
    Enter the door at the end of the hall.Enter the first door you see with the armor key.Kill the
    dogs and take the chemical and leave.Travel to the end of the hall and enter the double doors.
    Unlock the first door there after killing the zombies.Enter the door.Go to the stor.room.Take
    the broken shotgun.Exit the stor room and go back to the room where you just killed 3 zombies.
    Take the first door you can enter.It a room full of paintings.Press the button under the 
    paintings in this order:
     1)New born baby
     3)Lively Boy
     4)Young man
     5)middle aged man
     6)Old man
     7)The end of life
          *(if that doesn't work.just go in the order of life)
     It will reveal the WIND CREST.Exit the room and go thru the double doors.You'll be back
    in the hall you were just in.Go straight ahead and enter the door.Keep going past the next room.
    You'll see 3 zombies.Knock them to the ground,and run to grab the shot gun.Put the broken 
    shotgun in its place and exit back to the long hall.Run down the hall and enter the first door
    at the 2nd corner.It the bathroom.Kill the zombie before you try to pick up the clip.Then take
    the small key from the tub and clip from the countertop.Go back to the main hall.Enter the 
    single door next to the blue double doors.Kill the zombies and take the clip.Use the small key
    on the desk for some shells.Go back to the main hall and take the stairs upstairs.
     Enter the upper dining room and enter the door at the end of the hall.In the next room go down
    stairs.Enter the stor.room.Take the armor key,small key,sword key,and chemical.
    .Travel to the end of the hall
    go through the door that needs the armor key.Pick up the clip,magnum,and shells from the desk.
    Exit the room and enter the door at the end of the hall.You are in a blue hall.Kill the 
    zombies and turn to Chris's right,enter the door at the end of the hall.Make sure to use the 
    sword key on the door before the door you enter.But don't enter yet.You'll be in the room
    where you first met a zombie.Run to the end of the hall and enter the red door.Push the book
    case out of the way and take the music notes.Use them on the piano.Rebecca will walk in.Let 
    her practice at the song for a while.Go back to the blue hall and enter the door you unlocked
    before.Take the clip off the bed and search the desk.A zombie will come out of the closet.Kill
    him and take the shells.Exit and run up the hall and turn at the corner,run down and enter at 
    the end of the hall.You should be in a room with a fountain and a giant plant.Pour the chemical
    into the water pump.Run past it to pick up the SUN CREST.Pick up a few herbs too.But make sure
    to leave one spot left in the inventory.
     Go back to the storage room and pick up the emblem.Go back to Rebecca,if she isn't done yet,
    go pick up any item you missed.Come back and she should be ready.She'll play the song and a 
    doorway will open.Enter and take the gold emblem.Place the emblem in its place.Go back to the
    Dining Room.Place the gold emblem above the fire place.Take the blue jewel from the clock.
    Make sure to grab the STAR CREST from the statue reckage.Go to the blue hall and enter the only
    door you haven't visited.Place the jewel in the tiger's eye.Take the shield key.Go to the stor
     room and save it,also take the shotgun,shell,and a healing item.Go to where you met Richard,
    go past that room and use the shield key on the door in the next room.
    BOSS FIGHT:The Snake
    Suggested Item:Shotgun about 7 shells
      The snake will come out from his cave.Shoot has fast as you can at the snakes head.Heal
    when necesary.The snake will retreat when its defeated,take the shells off the barrels.Follow
    the snake to its hole and take the half MOON CREST.Exit the room,if you are poisoned,Chris will
    collapse.Rebecca will walk in.When you gain control of her go to the serum room and get the 
    serum for Chris.When you are Chris again head to the nearest save room and save it.Place all the
    crests and beretta in your inventory,SAVE IT!Exit the room and turn at the corner and go thru
    the door.Keep going and hang a right at the corner.Exit through the door.Kill the 2 dogs and 
    place the crests where they belong.
      Enter the door you just unlocked.Push the step ladder and grab the crank.Go thru the door.
    Beware of the dogs,its your chose on weather to kill them or not.Be sure to pick up as many 
    herbs as you can.Continue on.In the next area use the crank at the hole to drain the water.
    Run across the runway you just revealed.Dodge the snakes and go down the elevator.Dodge the dogs
    and go through the gate.Pick up as many herbs as you can,and dodge the dogs until you reach the 
    guard house.Once inside push the statue over any hole you wish.Then go thru the red double
    doors.Give the spiders the run around until you can grab the red book from the table then exit.
    Take the first door on the left,it should be a save room.Its a good time to save the game.
    Deposit all items except the red book,clip,beretta,and 
    something to heal yourself.Exit and go to the room straight ahead.
    Kill the zombies and take the small key from the cup,then use it on the desk to pick up shells.
    Exit the room and go thru the door you haven't visited yet.Keep going and enter the first door
    after the corner.On the door with the electronic lock type in 215 in that order.Don't enter 
    yet.Just go until you see a bees nest.Grab the 002 on the table behind it.
      Exit the room and go to 002 down the hall.The 003 key is located in this room.Once you find it
    go back to the bee room and enter 003.Take the white book off the shelf and read about V-JOLT.
    Place the red book in its place.The book case will move.Enter the door,PLANT 42 will grab you 
    begin what I call the death hold.Rebecca will walk in at the knick of time.It up to her to make 
    V-JOLT to save Chris.Go to the room that was electronically locked.Here's the file to help
    you make V-JOLT.
    "V-Jolt Report"
       As I stated in the last report,there are some common features found in the
     cells of the plant infected by the Tyrant virus.We also have found another
     interesting fact through some experiments.
       We found an element that destroys these plant cells rapidly in "UMB no.16"
     one of the series of UMB chemicals that we used for that experiment.We named
     the "UMB no.16" as "V-JOLT".
       In our calculation,it will take less then 5 seconds to destroy Plant42 if
     we put the "V-Jolt" directly on the root.You need to mix some of the UMB series
     chemicals in a specific order to create "V-Jolt".But the UMB series chemical
     may generate a poisonous gas which is harmful to the human body.Extreme caution
     should be taken when handling the chemicals.
       Following are the types of UMB series chemicals and their brief characteristics.
     UMB NO.2 RED       NP-003 PURPLE
     UMB NO.7 WHITE  
     UMB NO.13 BLUE(stimulating smell)
     Ok,OK I'll guide you threw it.First take the 4 containers,fill 1 with water and the other with
    UMB NO.2.Fill another with UMB NO.4.Mix them in this order:water,no.2,no.4.Fill one container
    with UMB NO.2 and one with UMB NO.4.Mix them.Then mix the UMB 6 and 7 to make 13.Get water and
    UMB NO.2,mix them to get 3.The mix 3 and 13 to make V-JOLT.Once you have go to 002 and go to the
    basement.Push the crates around to make a bridge over the water.Go through the door.Turn to 
    Rebecca's right immediately.Go through the door and pour V-JOLT on the roots.Exit the room.
    Suggested Weapon:Beretta w/2-3clips
     You'll gain control of Chris right away.Unload about 5 shots into the plant and run,stop,and
    fire again.Repeat until the plant shrivels again.Take the C.ROOM KEY from the fire place.
    Exit the room.You'll meet Rebecca again.Exit the room.
      Go to 002.And down into the basement.Continue and go through the door.Find the control room
    and open it.Drain the water and unlock the room next door.Go to the room next door.Take the 
    2 clips and 2 shells.Make sure to take the HELMET KEY.Go back to the save room.On the way
    you'll meet up with Wesker.Continue to the save room.Take the Shotgun,Shells and Helmet key
    with you and go back to the mansion.
     Once you reach the mansion again a visiter will come to see you.Too bad he wants to eat your
    flesh.When the Hunter opens the door run and use the helmet key on the first door.Inside grab
    the MO DISK and Magnum Rounds.Exit the room and enter the room next door.Kill the 2 hunters
    and enter the save room.Save the game and get ready for a boss. 
     Take the Shotgun,shells,helmet key,and herbs that will cure fully.Exit the save room and go 
    upstairs.Run as fast as you can to the left all the way to the end of the hall.In the next 
    room turn right and use the Helmet key on the door.Once inside Search the piano in on the far 
    side of the room.A familier character will suddenly appears out of the fireplace.He'll snap at 
    you a miss leaving a hole in the floor.Stand in one place and fire like a maniac.When the snake
    falls use your herbs and jump down the hole.
      Search the grave and push the button.Then climb down the ladder.Run pass the Hunters and
    if you want shells turn at the corner grab them and run to the door.In the next hall Run 
    straight foward,kill the zombies and continue on.In the kitchen run to the door.A zombie will
    come out,kill it and grab the small key off the table.Run to the right until you see a zombie 
    lying on the floor.Shoot it and proceed to the elevator.Immediately turn right,dodging the 
    hunters,and go through the blue double doors.You should be in a library.Use the small key on the
    desk in the corner,take the magnum rounds from it.Turn left,push the bookcase and go through
    the door you just revealed.Pick up the battery and exit the room.Proceed to the other door in 
    the library,push the statue forward.Search the bust of the statue in the wall to turn on the 
    light.Push the statue to that light.Pick up the doom book.Go back to the kitchen.Go through
    the door the zombie did and travel to the end of the hall.You'll be in the familiar l-shaped
    hall where you met the first zombie.
      Go to the nearest stor room.The only items you need are a weapon,ammo,and helmet key.
    Exit the room and go upstairs.Turn left and enter the door using the key.Once inside pick up
    the shell and magnum rounds.Push the step ladder near the deer's head.Then turn out the lights.
    Run to the step ladder and grab the red jewel from the eye.Run back to the Blue hall and then
    into the lion head room.Put the red jewel in place and take the 3 magnum rounds.
      Now go to the main hall then upstairs to the red hall.Continue this way to the storage room
    by there.Its a good idea to save the game.Take the battery,crank,and magnum.Go back to the
    courtyard.Run through the courtyard until you reach the 3rd area(there should be an elevator
    with no battery).Put the battery in place.Go up the elevator.Run back to where you used the 
    crank.Use the crank to stop the water.Then run back to the new elevator and travel down.Where
    the water once flowed should be a ladder.Go down it.
      Take the first door you see.In the next room,don't pick up the flamethrower its a waste.Pick
    a door you want to go in,they both lead to the same room.Anyway,continue til you find the 
    door and go through it.Run down until you meet Enrico.He tries to kill you but is shot before
    he can.Search his body and take the hex.crank.Go back to the first underground room,run down
    til the hole in the ground,use the crank to rotate the floor and continue on.In this next room
    run to the boulder and run back,it will roll at you,run around the corner.Run to where the 
    boulder was and grab the magnum rounds.Kill the hunters and grab the flamethrower.
      Run to the hole in the wall the boulder made and go through the door.The Spider is real easy
    if you brought the Colt.3 simple shots will knock it dead.Use the flame thrower on the 
    webbing on the door and go through it.Turn right and place the flamethrower in its spots.Turn
    around and run to the end of the hall and enter the door.Its a save room.Heal up.Be sure to 
    take the hex.crank and the eagle medal.Exit the room and go to the door at the end of the hall.
    Run to the boulder,it will roll again,so dodge it.Run to where it was and take the doom book.
    Open the book and get the Wolf medal.Go to the hexagonal hole in the wall and use the crank 
    twice.Go to the secret room you just revealed.Using the crank push the statue over the panel
    and pick up the lab key.Exit and go to the elevator and go up.Pick up the herbs,and put the
    medals in their place.The water will drain and enter the lab.
      Proceed on until you reach the storage box.Drop all items but the lab key and a weapon.Go 
    through the door.Kill the zombies and go down the stairs into the main hall.Run to the end of
    the hall and use the key on the door,but don't enter.Turn to the left and run to the door and 
    enter it.Pick up the Mo disk in the back of the room.Then log onto the computer.Login using
    the name john and password ada.To unlock B2 type in the password mole.Go back to the main hall
    and back up stairs.Go to the Visual Data room.Search the grate on the wall and push the button,
    grab the mo disk it unvales.Exit and go back downstairs.Enter the first door you see.Then run
    straight down and enter that door.Kill all the zombies and use the mo disk on the password input
    machine,exit to the main hall.Then run to the door you unlocked with the key.Once inside run to
    the door straight ahead.Then save your game.
      Take all the mo disks you have.Exit the room and go straight ahead and enter the first door
    you see.In the sergical room push the boxes over the grates and push the step ladder over the 
    button and go through the chute.In the autopsy room kill the zombies and use the mo disk to get
    the passcode.Exit,turn right and enter the double doors.Run ahead and turn right at the corner.
    Run and enter the double doors at the end of the hall.In the power room find the monitor and 
    turn on the power.Then find the other door and enter it.In the next power room,run straight 
    ahead and use the mo disk to get the passcode.Then run to the other door and enter the 
    generator room.Run around til you find the power circiut monitor and reroute the power.Then 
    continue around and pick up the battery.Exit back to the storage room.Once there save it and
    take the colt,battery,and a few healing items.Exit and turn right and run to the elevator.Once 
    you press the switch Rebecca will go with you.
      You and Rebecca will walk down the hall.You'll see Wesker and hear his plans.He'll shoot 
    Rebecca and take you to meet Tyrant.Tyrant will bust open the cyro tank and stab Wesker.Then he 
    aims he site on you.Immediately run turn and shoot.After about 3 or 4 shots Tyrant is dead.
    Easy enough right?
      Exit the room,you'll see Rebecca is ok because of her vest.Go up the elevator.Rebecca will go
    and activate the triggary system,while you exit the room to the main hall.She successfully
    activates the bomb.Run to the stairs,but before you go up enter the door there.Run to the end
    of the hall,and enter the passcodes in the moniter.Enter the door and run to enter the door to
    the jail cell.You'll see Jill.You talk briefly.Now go back to the main hall and go up stairs.
    Kill the zombies and proceed to the next room.Go past the box and up the ladder.Enter the double
    doors you see right away.Run down the hall and place the battery where it belongs.Rebecca will
    catch up with you,Rebecca and Jill decide to let you go first.Go up the elevator.
      Once on the helipad pick up the flare from the box.Run to the center of the pad and use the 
    flare.Before the helicopter can land Tyrant bust through the roof.He wants to even the score.
    Run and dodge his blade.Quickly turn and fire.Repeat this patter until Brad drops the rocket 
    launcher.Run and grab it.Equip it and fire it at Tyrant.He'll burst into pieces.The Helicopter
    will land and the you all escape safely.
       There are a few endings to Resident Evil.To get the good end you must rescue 2 people.
    Depending on who you save will determine your ending.As Chris you will have to save Rebecca and
    Jill.Saving Rebecca isn't hard.Just choose to go with her when she asks.Saving Jill a harder.
    You will need to find 3 Mo Disks.You can find there locations in the FAQ above.Once you have the 
    Mo Disks find the 3 input machines and scan the disks to get the passcode.Then go to the jail 
    cell.If you recue Jill and Rebecca you'll get the good ending.To get the medium ending only 
    rescue 1 person.You'll get the bad ending if you sace nobody.
        To get double ammo in the advanced game just go to start new game.Move down to advanced and
    hold right until the letters turn green.If you've done it correctly start the game and whenever
    you pick up ammo it will be doubled.
        To get the Colt Python with infinite ammo isn't a hard task.Just finish the game in under 3 
        My webpage is dedicated to Resident Evil.You can find anything you want on RE there.
    _______________________This FAQ is a copyright of Skultera 1999__________________________________
    _______________Use of this FAQ without proper permission is prohibited___________________________

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