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    Jill Walkthrough by Skultera

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    Resident Evil Jill Advanced Walkthru                  S K U L T E R A
                            RESIDENT EVIL:DIRECTORS CUT
                                   JILL WALKTHRU
                               by:skultera@aol.com Version2
                                   (formerly fauk)
         This is a Walkthrough for Jill in the Advanced game.I suggest you play the normal game 
    Before trying the advanced.It will make this FAQ more understandable.I'll take any questions
    you have about RESIDENT EVIL 1 or 2 at skultera@aol.com.Resident Evil is my most favorite game of
    all time.So don't E-mail me saying I don't no Jack about Resident Evil.Because I went for a 
    whole year absessed with it.Well the advanced game is only a little bit harder.Capcom Remade 
    some of the rooms so they look totally different.For more pics and FAQ visit my website at
    http://members.aol.com/skultera   The site is brand new!Its only about RE
    4)The beginning
    5)Chapter 1 :the mansion
    6)Chapter 2:the guard house
    7)Chapter 3:the mansion again!
    8)Chapter 4:the underground
    9)The Final Chapter
    10)Cool Stuff
      Well I must have got a million emails on this FAQ which is to say quite unexpected.
    Half those million questions asked where the helmet key was.?!?!?Did they not read this FAQ.
    Its in this FAQ so read this time.I also got a ton of emails about me saying the game is called
    advanced and there's is called Arrange.?!?My copy says advanced so I stick by that!Yes arrange 
    and advance are the same game.I also received a few emails on the picture puzzle.Thanx for 
    telling me guys,I fixed the prob.Oh wait there was no prob.If you don't follow this walkthru
    directly expect the game to be a little different.If I feel your questions are answered in
    the FAq I WILL NOT RPLY TO YOUR MESSAGE!So if your having trouble check out my web page.
      One of the greatest strategies is to know the enemy.
    **the zombie**The slowest and easiest of all enemies in the game.These enemies are easier to
    dodge rather than fight.
    **dogs**Fast and deadly they should be taken out quick before they take out you.
    **hunters**even more deadly then the dogs.The hunters is an enemy I hate to encounter.I usually
    just dodge them.But its best to kill them using the colt python or acid rounds.
    **chimeras**They hang out in the power room deep in the lab.They walk on the ceiling and swoop
    down at an enemy.Just fire a shot up to knock them down.Then aim down and kill em.
    NOTE:there are many more enemies.These are the most frequently seen
      Every enemy has a weak spot.Even the bully down the street.
    **The Beretta**You start with this.Its best at taking out dogs and zombies earlier in the game.
    if you like to save ammo use this alot.
    **The Shotgun**The best for killing zombies.Wait until the zombies are in close range and blow 
    there heads off.
    **The Combat Knife**The weakest weapon in the entire game.I don't even bother to use it.Its only
    good when you have no ammo.
    **The bazooka**Only Jill will get this.It has 3 different kinds of ammo.Acid,Explosive,and Flame
    each good for taking out certain enemies.
    **The Colt Python**The strongest weapon in the game(except for the rocket launcher)Its specialty
    is killin Hunters in 1 or 2 shots.
    **The Rocket Launcher**It claims to kill any enemy in one shot.I'll tell you now that thats a
    total lie.It takes plenty of shots to kill the snake with it.And plenty of shots to kill all
    the other bosses.Except for Tyrant this is the only boss it kills in one shot.But don't get
    me wrong its still the strongest weapon.
        I hope you  enjoyed the really cool intro.It scared me half to death.I hope you were
     scared too!Ok maybe it was really cheap but thats what all B movies are like.And I love B
     movies.Well you'll arrive at the mansion.Jill and Barry are worried about Chris.Wesker has
     a sense of duty and refuses to let you go out.Just when you think all hope is lost a gun shut
     is heard.It came from the Dinning Room.Jill and Barry depart to go and investigate.
     (no items here at this point of the game)
     Make you way down the dinning room.Barry will spot a huge blood stain on floor.Is it Chris's
    blood?He tells you to go on ahead.So travel thru the door on the right.You will arrive in an
    L-shaped room.Look around until you find a zombie.He'll get up and chase you.Run all the way
    to the end of the hall.Leer to 1 side and run around the zombie back to the dead body.Search it
    and you'll find out it was Kenneth.Search it 2 more times to pic up the 2 clips on the body.Now 
    leave the room.(you can kill the zombie if you like but there is no point in doing so).
    Barry will use his magnum to scatter some zombie brains all over.Now go back to the main hall.
     lock pic(from barry)
     ink ribbon
     You'll enter the main hall and find that Wesker,like Chris,has disappeared.Run behind the 
    stairs and run right back out.Barry will go on about stuff and will eventually give you the
    lock pic since Jill is the master of unlocking.When you regain control search the type writer
    to receice ink ribbons.Now go thru the blue doors on the right.
     ink ribbon
     1st floor map
      This is the first room you'll see that has been changed since the original.Move the step stool
    against the statue to pic up the 1st floor map.Then go move the table away from the doorway.
    Go on thru but kill the 2 zombies on the floor.Then search the shelves to pick up ink ribbons.
    Exit this little room.And go thru the other door using the lockpick.
     When you enter this room walk backwards.NO QUESTIONS JUST DO IT!Suddenly a dog will jump
    thru the window.Kill it quick.Continue walking until another dog will want you for dinner.
    After it dies move the table on the right to uncover a clip.Then continue thru the door.
     1 lousy herb
     When you enter walk to the right and pic up the herb.Continue past the first door and enter
    the second door.Its a bathroom.Pic up the clip on the counter and kill the zombie.Leave the
    bathroom.Head down the hall.When you reach the end enter the small door.Pass thru the small 
    room and enter a room with 3 zombies.Kill them and go pick up the shot gun off the wall.Exit 
    the room.In the small room the ceiling will start to FALL!!!!Both doors are locked.Are you going
    to die?After a few seconds of this,Jill will talk to herself.Then Barry will bust the door down.
    You engage in a small conversation.But why is Barry on this side of the mansion?Proceed thru the
    double doors.3 zombies will be waiting for you in this room.Kill them and pass the first 2 doors
    Enter the 3rd door on the left.
     wind crest
     You'll arrive in a room with pictures all over.Click the pictures in this order.
    1.a newborn baby
    2.an infant
    3.a lively boy
    4.middle aged man
    5.a bold looking old man
    6.And lastly "the end of life"
     Now the picture will fall and you can grab the Wind crest.Exit the room.And go thru the door
    that you must unlock.Kill the 2 zombies and enter the door on the right.Its a save room.Drop
    everything except:Beretta,Clip,and some ink ribbons.Now SAVE the game.
    Where's Barry?
       Put the ink ribbons back in the box.Now leave this room.Head up the stairs,kill the zombies.
    Head down and go down to the last door.You'll now be in a red room surrounded by 2 zombies.Shoot
    has fast as you can.Then head up and pass thru that door.This room is filled with books.Search 
    the book on the table.Its the Botany Book.Now exit back into the red hall.Go down to the last 
    door in the hall.You'll now be back in the main hall.The upper main hall.Travel left to the 
    door.Go thru the next room until you reach the balcony.Search Forest's body.HE'LL COME to life 
    and attack you.Fight him like you would a zombie.Then go back and pick up the Armor Key and the
    bazooka.Go bacl to the upper main hall and meet with Barry.He'll give you acid rounds.You both 
    agree to find a back door to get out of here.Only if it was so easy!
    The Search for the Crests
      The only way to unlock the backdoor is to find the 4 crests.You already have one.Head straight
    across the hall to the Upper Dining Room.Kill the 3 zombies.Now push the statue over the edge.
    Go thru the door all the way at the end of the room.Watch out there's a zombie right when you
    walk in.Kill it!But watch out there's 2 more.Travel down the stairs.Dogs will jump thru the 
    windows.So kill them all before entering any rooms.Once there all dead enter the room that needs
    the armor key to enter it.First search the desk.Get the shells after picking the lock.Then go
    pick up the clip and the Colt Python.Leave the room and go to the room under the stairs.(its
    not really under the stairs just near there.)Its a save room.Drop off everything but the Beretta
    a clip,and an armor key.Now go to the end of the hall and enter the door.
    The blue Hall
      2 zombies are standing right there when you enter.Kill them quick.Turn left and walk on.Go 
    straight to the first door.Jill will use the lock pick.Take the clip off the bed and go search 
    the desk.A zombie will jump out of the closet.Kill it and pick up the shell there.Then pick up
    the file off the desk and get back to the lower dining room.Take the star crest off the reckage
    of the statue.Travel to the main hall.Go to the room left of the Blue doors.
    Some ones room
      2 zombies are standing there wauting to eat you.Hopefully you can blow at least one zombies
    head off.Take the clip off the table and go get the shells from the desk.Kill the last zombie.
    Then go thru the other door.Its a room with a huge mirror.But 1 zombies to like his reflection
    too.Kill it because you hate his reflection.Take the 2 herbs.And if you want the ink ribbons 
    hidden in a small closet.If you want to change your clothes go thru the other door.Go back to
    the main hall and travel up stairs.Go to the red hall and unlock the Big Green Doors.
    The gas room
      Push the statues over the grates on the floor and then push the red button in the middle.If 
    you haven't covered them completely get ready for a gassy death.NOT FART GAS.But I guess zombies
    would have pretty nasty farts.If you done it right you can go get the emblem.Go back to the 
    Dining Room.Then to the L-shaped room and up the hall to red door.Go thru it.You'll now be in a
    bar with a piano.Move the bookcase to reveal the music notes.Use them on the piano to reveal 
    a hidden room.Take the gold emblem.Replace it with the wood emblem.Go back to the lower dining
    room.Place the gold emblem above the fire place.The father clock will move.Take the blue jewel.
    And get back to the Blue hall.Turn at the first corner and enter the door.Place the blue jewel
    in the tigers eye.Now you'll get the sword key.
    Richard and Demon
     Go to the red hall.Enter the first door there.Richard will be lying on the floor.He was bitten
    by some demon.And he needs serum.Now you must go to the second save room and pick up the 
    medicine.And go back to Richard.In the save room drop all the items you don't need.But carry the
    beretta a clip and the armor key.Richard will die.(theres nothing you can do,he dies in every 
    game so don't get all upset like you messed up or something.Exit the room.In the rad hall turn 
    the first corner.Past the green doors and turn another corner and enter the first door there.In 
    this room turn the corner and enter the door using the armor key.It doesn't matter which you 
    enter first.When you get to the room with a desk and a bug collection on the wall search the bug
    wall and press the switch.Now move the fish tank out of the way and then push the closet out 
    of the way to reveal a hidden item.Half of the moon crest.Dirty Capcom they just couldn't bare
    to give it to us whole!But don't worry they hid it some where in the mansion.Now go to the 
    save room.SAVE THE GAME. and take these with you:bazooka, acid rounds,and the sword key,and 
    maybe an herb.
    The First Boss
     When your ready go back to the room where Richard died.Pass his body to go into the next door.
    Kill the 2 zombies that are waiting for you.Then turn the corner and travel thru the door.When
    your here use the lighter to light the candles on the table.Move the cabinet to the right out
    of the way to reveal a secret door.Enter and pic up the acid rounds.If you want take the clip 
    out of the cupboard.Now leave the room and go up the small stair case.Enter the door and drop
    the sword key.When you a giant snake will pop out and attack you.
     suggested weapon:Bazooka w/acid rounds 10-12 shots
     suggested healing:3 green herbs combined
      When the Yawn charges at you fire up a few shots.He'll attempt to circle you.Don't even move 
    at all.Just stand there and fire.If he nails you twice its time to heal.(because jill is so 
    weak).The Yawn isn't that hard.Chances are you are poisoned.Don't worry about that.Chase the 
    snake back to its hole and take the half moon crests.But before you leave take the shells.
    Once out side the room Jill will colapse.Some one walks in.But who?The scene fades.
    Back in the medicine room(save room 2)
      In the chest take the Beretta and the clip and the armor key.Go to the main hall and go to the
    blue double doors.Pass thru the doggy room.In the next hall use the armor key to go thru the 
    first door.Kill the dogs and take the EARTH CHEMICAL.Also take the herbs.Now back to save room 
    2.Take the following items with you.Beretta,clip,and the chemical.Go to the Blue hall.Head 
    dead ahead and kill the zombie whose standing there.Go thru the door.Dump the chemical in the 
    pump.The plant will die.Run behind it and take the Sun Crest.Take the 6 herbs too.Combine some
    to make more room in the inventory.Find your way to save room 1 a.k.a.store room1F.Take all
    the crest a beretta and a clip.Exit the room and turn the corner and exit thru the door.Turn
    right and walk straight turn the corner and thru the door.You are now in a narrow hall with 
    a dog waiting.Kill it and run ahead.Place the crest in the plate.The door will unlock.
    The courtyard
      When you enter this small room push the step stool against the wall and then climb it to
    pick up the square crank.Pass thru the next door.You are now in the courtyard.Pick up the herbs
    but don't run.Walk carefully passed the dogs.You'll probally need to run when the dogs charge at
    you.In the next area use the crank in the hole to let all the water run down the pass.Run down 
    the other side.And down the elevator.Run passed all the dogs and thru the gate.Pick up the herbs
    in the area.Run passed all the dogs.Find the door and enter.
    The Guard House
      When you enter grab the three blue herbs and push the statue foward.Then down the hall.Then 
    push it over the hole.There's a few holes so pick one.Plant arms will grab you.Go in the first
    door you see.Its a save room.Drop everything in thr box.A pick up all the items in the room.Exit
    and go straight across the hall.Kill the zombies and grab the shells from the desk.Now exit the
    room.Go thru the double red doors.Blast the spiders and smash there little itty bitty babies.
    Grab the red book.Exit the room.And visit the room you haven't all ready.Its a hall.Run to the
    the first door you see.
    The Bee Room
     When you find the bees nest run behind it and grab the 002 key off the the table.Leave the room
    and run to 002.Use the key and enter.Enter the bathroom and kill the zombies then grab the key
    from the sink.Out side of the bath room you can take the shells from the desk.Make sure to 
    take the Plant 42 report.Head back to the save room.Take the bazooka and the acid rounds.If
    you want to be careful take an herb or two.But I think the plant is pretty easy.Go back to 003.
    Search the book case its a file.Place the red book in its place.A secret door.Enter and prepare
     suggested weapon:Bazooka w/acid rounds
     suggested healing:don't need it
       When you enter start running right away.Stop and fire 2 shots aiming up.It will die quicker
    if you aim up.Continue the stratgy.If you stand in one spot too long a piece of the ceiling
    will fall down on you.After about 5 shots or so the Plant will shrival up.Then expand and
    grab you.It begins to kill you.Barry will walk in and kill it with the flame thrower.Take the
    control room key from the fire place.And head to 002.
    In 002
     Push the 2 book cases out of the way to reveal a ladder.Go down it.You need to push all the 
    in the water to make a bridge.You can figure this one out in your own.When your finished run 
    down the newly made bridge and thru the doors.Run thru the water.But beware of the shark and
    her 2 little babies.When you find the 2 doors next to each other.Go thru the right one.Push
    the lever to drain the water.Then push the blinking button.Go to the room next door.Pick up the
    2 clips,2 shells,and the helmet key.Get back upstairs.Exit 002.You'll meet up with Wesker.Blah,
    Blah,blah.When all thats thru with save your game and take the shot gun and some shells and back
    to the mansion.
    CHAPTER THREE:The Mansion Again
      Once your inside you'll be attacked by a hunter.3 shells should make it fall in pain.Use the 
    helmet key to enter the first door there.Turn on the light on the desk and grab the magnum 
    rounds off the desk.There is a Mo disk in the cabinet.Then exit the room and go to the one 
    directly next to it.You'll notice a change in music and 2 hunters waiting to tear you to shreads
    Kill them and go to the save room.Take with you the bazooka and the acid rounds.Take a healing
    herb with a blue herb combined in it.Exit the room and head up the stairs.Shoot the hunter dead.
    and travel stright up.Turn at the corner.Enter the door.Theres a fire place and an herb sitting 
    in here.Use your helmet key to open the door......
     suggested weapon:bazooka w/acid rounds
     suggested heal:mixed herbs/blue/red/green
     Walk around the room a while when your ready to fight search the piano.The snake will come
    from the fire place.It'll come close and try to nab you.Thus it misses making a hole in the 
    floor.Aiming up fire about 5 or 6 shots.Heal when neccesary.When the music stops thats your mark
    to stop firing.The snake will fall to the ground and melt away.Search the hole.Barry will walk
    in.He throws down a rope,Jill will go down it.But then the rope will drop.Wait for Barry to come
    back.He'll give a passcode.
    The basement
     Jump down the hole and search the tomb stone.Press the switch and head down the ladder.Kill the
    3 hunters right away.Turn the first corner and pick up the shells.Then go to the door at the far
    end of the hall.Pick up he herbs in this room if necesary.Then kill the 2 zombies feeding on the
    dead one.And go to the door and enter the kitchen.Find the elevator and use it.Be careful tho 
    the whole place is imfested with hunters.Once your in control head down and enter the blue doors
    Its a library.Take the magnum rounds from the desk.Run up and push the bookcase out of the way.
    Enter the newly revealed door.In this room just pick up the battery unless yer lookin for a 
    fight wit the crows,exit the room.In the library run across to the other side and go thru the 
    door.Figure out the puzzle to make the Doom book appear.Go back down to the kitchen.Try to exit
    thru the you haven't visited yet.A zombie will open the door kill it!Go thru.The next area is 
    pretty easy to follow just go till you reach double doors.Enter.Its the L-shaped room next to
    the dining room.Run passed the spider and go thru the door that leads to the blue hall.Kill the 
    hunters if you have ammo.If you don't run has fast as you can.Get to the nearest save room and
    save it.Take the helmet key and shotgun and head up the stairs.Run Straight up and use the 
    helmet key on the door...
    The next room
     Pick up the magnum and shells on the book case.Push the step stool forward a few steps.Then go
    turn off the lights.Run up the step stool and take out the rams eye.Its the red jewel.Now go
    to the room where you put the blue jewel in the tigers eye.Place the red jewel in it to.You'll
    get 3 magnum rounds.Now go to the L-shaped room and go back to the basement.When you reach the
    room where you faught the snake exit and go to the save room by there.Save It.Take the shotgun,
    shells, the battery,and the square crank.
    CHAPTER FOUR:The Underground
     Run out to the court yard.Run thru the gates.Down the ladder and to the elevator.Runstraight up
    and place the battery where it belongs.Go up the newly repaired elevator.Runthru the gates again
    Use the crank to close the gate and stop the water from going passed.Then go back to the new 
    elevator.When your in the lower area go to where the water used to drain.There's a ladder.Go 
    down it.
    The Underground
     Go thru the right next to the ladder.You'll meet Barry.Choose yes to all of his questions.When
    you here the gunshot run to go save Barry.This is the geberator room.You'll walk in and see 
    Barry takin down a hunter.Run to the generator and take the shells and the first aid spray.
    Run to the right and enter the first door.Keep on running until you see Enriquo.He'll die 
    search his body to get the  hex crank.Head back to the enrance of the underground.Turn 2 corners
    and use the hex crank.Go thru the door.Run to the boulder.When you turn around and walk away
    the boulder will start to move.Run as fast has you can and turn the corner dogding the rock.
    Run back to where to where the boulder was.Take the flame rounds.Kill the 2 hunters that walk in
    Run straight to the area the rock smash thru.Enter the door.
    BOSS STRATEGY:The giant spider
     suggested weapon:bazooka w/flame rounds
     suggested heal:combined herbs with a blue one in it
     My strategy was to stand there and fire has fast as I could.But that strategy is very 
    dangerous so you'll want a fast easy kill.The other tactic is to run circles stop and fire.This
    strategy is easier but less fast.When the fight is over run out of the room and re enter.This
    will get rid of those little spiders.Run to the corner and grab the combat knife.Slach the door
    with all the webs on it.Once the web is gone enter it.
    More of the underground
     Run straight up and enter the save room.SAVE IT and take the doom book the hex crank,and some
    fire power.When your ready continue thru the door at the head of the hall in the other room.
    In this room os another boulder do the same thing to get it to move.Run and turn the corner.
    Forget the elevator for now.Run to where the rock was and get the doom book2.Run back to the
    hex hole and use the crank 3 times.Go to the hidden room and figure out the puzzle.You'll get
    the lab key.Head back out and go up the elevater.Take the herbs if you need them.To get the
    eagle and wolf medals search the doom books.Place the medals where the belong.Travel down the 
    THE FINAL CHAPTER:The Laboratory
     This area is straight forward.So keep going until you reach the box.Make sure you have the lab
    key.Take your favorite weapon.Keep going in the next room there is 3 zombies and some herbs
    and slides.Get them and go down the stairs to the main hall of the lab.Here you'll meet the 
    super strong, super fast, and super naked zombies.Enter the first door.Once in this small hall
    enter the first door again.Kill the zombie.Turn on the light and search the desk.Read the file
    Don't worry about the pass word just go to the main hall.Go straight  down and turn at every 
    corner passed the door with the power symbol.Enter the door into the computer room.Go on the
    computer and login has JOHN and the password is ADA.Once in unlock B2 when it asks for your 
    pass word type MOLE.Then unlock B3.Run to the end of the room and grab the mo disk.
    Exit and go to the room with the big power symbol in front
    of it.Run straight ahead until you reach a door and enter.
    A save room
      SAVE IT!Take the any mo disk you have.Head to the generator room down the hall.Run up and turn
    at the corner.Search the computer thingy and switch the power.Head to the next generator room.
    Go straight and use the mo disk on the input machine.Follow the path to the next room.This is 
    the main power room.Watch out for the Chimeras.Turn on the power to the elevator.Exit the
    generator area.Go straight and turn the corner by the save room.Enter the door.Its some kind of
    surgery room.Push the boxes over the holes in the floor.Push the step stool over the button.
    Crawl thru the vent.You are now in morge.Shoot the zombies on the floor.Use the mo disk on the
    input machine.
    Back in the main hall
      Once your back in the main hall go back up the stairs and into the audio visual room.If you
    have the slides you can see them.Search vent on the wall and push the switch behind it.Go grab
    the mo disk you just revealed.Search the cabinet to get a file.Exit the room and go back down 
    stairs.Enter in the first door.Pass John's room and go to the second door.Kill the zombies.
    There's 6 of them.Once agian get the pass code from the input machine.Exit the room and go to 
    the last room in the hall.Use all the pass codes on the machine.Enter!You'll see Chris in a cell
    there's nothing you can do for now.Go back to the save room.Take 2 full healing items,The magnum
    and the battery.Go to the elevator at the upper end of the hall.
    "It can't control what it does"
       You'll meet up with Barry.Then you go down the elevator.Wesker will be waiting for you.You
    find that Umbrella orchestrated the whole thing.And that Wesker is using Barry by Blackmailing
    him.But at the last moment Barry will knock wesker to the ground.Get ready for the last boss.
    BOSS STRATEGY:The Tyrant
     suggested weapon:colt python
     suggested heal:2 fully healing items
      Tyrant is actually very easy.Just run away turn and fire.Tyrant will fall to the ground.WOW!
    It don't get no easier than that!Wake up Barry and exit the room.The triggering system has been
    activated.WESKER!He got away!
      You have no time its time to leave this dump.But before you head upstairs go and rescue your 
    friend Chris.Now head upstairs.Keep going to the exit.Pass the room with the box and go up
    the ladder.Once there go thru the giant double doors.Run down the narrow hallway.Place the 
    battery in place.Jill will go up the elevator alone to signal Brad.Grab the flare from the box
    right next you.Run to the center of the helipad.And use the flare.Its all over.Isn't it.JUST
      No weapons are needed here.Tyrant will charge at you.Just keep dodging him for a minute or so
    Then Brad will throw down the Rocket launcher.Pick it up and run turn and fire.Tyrant will blow
    up into tiny little pieces.The game is over sit back and watch the ending.By the way if you
    followed this FAQ you will get the best ending.You'll also receive an infinite ammo colt python
    and if you managed to beat it under 3 hours you'll get the rocket launcher.
       There are a few differrent endings in Resident Evil.It depends on who you save.As Jill you 
     have the choice to save Barry and Chris.You do not have to save them,but if you want the good
     ending you will need to save them.To save Barry just follow this FAQ.To save Chris you need to
     find the 3 Mo Disks.There locations are in the FAQ above.Once you have the disks go to the lab
     and find the input machines.Use the mo disks to get the passcode and go to the jail.
      To get double ammo in advanced mode just go to start a new game.Go down to advanced and hold 
    right until the letters turn green.When they do start a new game and whenever you pick up
    ammo it will be double.
    **My Resident Evil Web Site*
     My new website is dedicated to disecting the game completely.In a few weeks my site will
    be filled with evrything on Resident Evil 1 and 2.Its still growing tho.So be patient and check
    it out often.IT include the files walkthru's and other junk!
    ________________________This FAQ is a copyright of skultera 1999_________________________________
    ____________________Use of this FAQ without permission is prohibited_____________________________

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