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    FAQ/Jill Walkthrough by chrism3784

    Version: Final,20.0 | Updated: 07/02/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    ___   ___   ___  ___  ___   ___  _    _  _____      ___  _        _  ___  _
    |  \  |    /      |   |  \  |    |\   |    |        |     \      /    |   |
    |__/  |__  \___   |   |   \ |__  | \  |    |        |__    \    /     |   |
    |  |  |        \  |   |   / |    |  \ |    |        |       \  /      |   |
    |  |  |__   ___/ _|_  |__/  |__  |   \|    |        |__      \/      _|_  |__
    __   ___  ____   ___    __ _____   __    ____   / ___       __   _   _  _____
    | \   |   |   \  |     /     |    /  \   |   \ / /         /     |   |    |
    |  \  |   |___/  |__  /      |   /    \  |___/   \___     /      |   |    |
    |  /  |   |   |  |    \      |   \    /  |   |       \    \      |   |    |
    |_/  _|_  |   |  |__   \__   |    \__/   |   |    ___/     \__   \___/    |
    _     _   _        _           ____    _   _   ___      ___        ___  _  _
    | \   |   |   /\   |          /        |   |  /   \    /      |  /  |   |\/|
    |  \  |   |  /__\  |          \____    |___| /     \  /       |_/   |   |  |
    |  /  |   |  |  |  |               \   |   | \     /  \       | \
    |_/   \___/  |  |  |___        ____/   |   |  \___/    \___   |  \
      __    _   _    _ ___   ___ _  _ ___  _  __   _    _   _   ___  ___  _  _  _
     /     / \  |\  /| |      |  |\ | |   / \ | \  |\  /|  / \   |    |  / \ |\ |
    | __  /___\ | \/ | |__    |  | \| |__ | | |_/  | \/ | /___\  |    |  | | | \|
    |   \ |   | |    | |      |  |  | |   | | | \  |    | |   |  |    |  | | |  |
     \__/ |   | |    | |__   _|_ |  | |   \_/ |  \ |    | |   |  |   _|_ \_/ |  |
    _    _    _   _        _   _____    _____       _____    _    _   ____    _
    |\  /|   / \   \      /      |      |             |      |\   |   |      / \
    | \/ |   | |    \    /       |      |____         |      | \  |   |___   | |
    |    |   | |     \  /        |      |             |      |  \ |   |      | |
    |    |   \_/      \/       __|__    |____       __|__    |   \|   |      \_/
      _  ___  _    _   _        _   _   _   ___  _    _  _____ ___  _    _  ____
      |   |   |    |    \      /   / \  |   |    |\   |    |    |   |\   |  |
      |   |   |    |     \    /   /___\ |   |__  | \  |    |    |   | \  |  |___
      |   |   |    |      \  /    |   | |   |    |  \ |    |    |   |  \ |  |
    __/  _|_  |__  |__     \/     |   | |__ |__  |   \|    |   _|_  |   \|  |___
    _       _       _   _   _     _  _  ___  _   _  ___    _   _    _   __  _   _
     \     / \     /   / \  |     | /    |   |   |  |  \  / \  |    |  /    |   |
      \   /   \   /   /___\ |     |/     |   |___|  |__/  | |  |    | |  _  |___|
       \ /     \ /    |   | |     |\     |   |   |  |  \  | |  |    | |   | |   |
        \       /     |   | |___  | \    |   |   |  |   \ \_/   \__/   \_/  |   |
                                    Version 20.0 (Final Version)
                   Written By Christopher Muscarella (chrism3784@hotmail.com)
    1.0 Table of Contents________________________________________________________
    Here is a table of contents of using the number system in the Faqs. My number
    system makes it easier to locate things. Use it to your advantage
    with this Table of Contents. (Added in v14.1)
         1.0 Table of Contents
         2.0 Game Information
              2.1 Version Information
              2.2 Revision History
              2.3 Credits
              2.4 Legal Issues
           ***2.5 A Little About Myself***
              2.6 How To Contact Me
              2.7 Copyright Information
              2.8 About This Faqs
              2.9 Lectures
              2.10 Soundtrack Information
              2.11 Resident Evil Director's Cut, Dual Shock Story
              2.12 Files
              2.13 Trever's Letter
           ***2.14 Resident Evil Archives: Umbrella Virus Uncovered***
         3.0 Main Characters and Enemies
              3.1 Main Characters
              3.2 Enemies
         4.0 Weapons, Items, and Health Items
              4.1 Weapons
              4.2 Items
              4.3 Health Items
         5.0 Walkthrough
              5.1 The Mansion
              5.2 The Courtyard and Guardhouse
              5.3 Back In The Mansion
              5.4 The Underground
              5.5 The Laboratory
              5.6 Leaving the Laboratory
         6.0 The Endings
              6.1 Jill's Endings
              6.2 Chris's Endings
              6.3 The Truth
         7.0 Resident Evil Sequels
              7.1 Resident Evil 2
              7.2 Resident Evil 3 Nemesis
              7.3 Resident Evil Code Veronica
              7.4 Resident Evil 0
      ***8.0 Resident Evil Movies***
              8.1 Resident Evil
              8.2 Resident Evil: Apocalypse
         9.0 Goodbye
              9.1 Thanks To
              9.2 The Final Goodbyes
    2.0 Game Information________________________________________________________
    This Faq's was made for people who bought the game and have no idea what to
    do. Also it is very useful if you want to learn more information about
    Resident Evil or its sequals. I myself like this game and I would recommend it
    to anyone else. This game is awesome. I like its 3-D effects and all. This
    entire FAQ'S are on Jill Valentine's quest in the Beginners Mode. She is my
    favorite character. Dual Shock Version is the same game as the other Resident
    Evil 1's, but I have used Resident Evil Directors Cut-Dual Shock(TM) Version
    to write my Faqs so I will call it Dual Shock Version. Now they have a
    Resident Evil Remake, which is a remake to this game. Very good game. But for
    all of you who do not have that game, can stick with this older version of
    Resident Evil 1. This game is a true classic and will never be forgotten. I
    am not going to bring anything up from that game onto this faqs. This is a
    classic Resident Evil only Faqs.
    2.1 Version v20.0
    This is my Twentieeth (and last) version of this Faq's. No need to update,
    unless its very important, like email change, which should not happen anytime
    soon. Any new material found in the game that I havn't found in 20 updates and
    7 years can just be untold.
    2.2 Revision History
    2.2.1 v1.1 (around Apr. 1999)
    This was my first version made. It had a few spelling Mistakes.
    2.2.2 v1.2 (the next day Apr. 1999)
    This is my second version; updated the next day the first Faqs was posted. A
    few spelling mistakes were corrected.
    2.2.3 v1.3 (a few more days later Apr. 1999)
    This is my third version, took out endings so they don't spoil your fun. Added
    a few more things.
    2.2.4 v1.4 (Apr.-May.?? 1999)
    This is my forth version of this Faqs. I got Word 97 and did a major Grammar
    and Spelling check. I edited it so you save space if you print it, by taking
    out unnecessary spaces.
    2.2.5 v1.5 (Sep. 1999, and big leap)
    In my fifth version, I hardly did anything but changed my E-Mail Address. I
    lost my Internet account due to computer error, now I got a new E-mail
    2.2.6 v1.6 (Jan. 2000)
    This is my sixth version; I did a little bit of updates like my even new
    address and the things that are in the Guardhouse. I got 346 E-Mails saying
    what they are.
    2.2.7 v1.7 (Jan. 2000)
    This is my seventh version; this is my best update yet. I played the whole
    game using my Faqs and took notes along the way. I went back in and edited
    them in. I also added some stuff on my own. I removed garbage, unnecessary
    details. I even changed many mistakes and corrected a few spelling mistakes. I
    made sure just about every object or enemy in the Faqs is Capitalized (I still
    may have missed a few. I will get them if v1.8 ever comes out.) I put in a new
    thing called lectures, to better make understanding. The Underground was very
    easy to understand before, now I made it extremely easy by adding more
    details, and changing a few things. Let me just say I did a total makeover. I
    even added some things from Resident Evil 3.
    2.2.8 v1.8 (Jan.-Feb?? 2000)
    This is my eighth version; here I corrected the some of the problems with the
    number system. I even added and changed a few things around. I really added a
    lot of new stuff to numbers 6.0 and 7.0 where it talks about the Sequels.
    2.2.9 v1.9 (Mar. 2000)
    This is my ninth version; here, I just changed my E-Mail address because I had
    my account terminated and got a new cheaper account. So cheap, it doesn't have
    its own E-Mail, so I have to use this.
    2.2.10 v2.1 (Apr May. Jun. July??? 2000 I can't remember)
    This is my tenth version; here I just changed my E-Mail address again and
    corrected a few more mistakes and spelling errors.
    2.2.11 v2.2 (Dec. 2000 a big leap)
    This is my eleventh version; I added a lot of information about the soundtrack
    to RE DC DS. See 1.9 for details. Added more Characters (see 2.0). Added more
    about the Resident Evil Intro movie.
    2.2.12 v12.1 (Jan. 2001)
    This is my twelvth version; My version numbers were laggin behind, so I made a
    big jump to 12.1 instead of something like 2.3 or whatever. In this one I made
    a change to my Napster name. It is now chrism3784. Come and find me. I fixed a
    few things also.
    2.2.13 v13.1 (Feb. 2001)
    This is my thirteenth version; I changed my word art on the top of the page. I
    also fixed a little bit more stuff, and added a new section, the endings.(see
    2.2.14 v14.1 (Feb. 2001)
    This is my fourteenth version; Another major update. I added dates on each of
    my versions above, I estimated from around which I believe I made the version
    around. I added a Table of Contents. Added Flamethrower to Weapons section,
    (see 4.1.6) Also added about my MSN Messenger account I got from my E-Mail
    service. I spaced the information on how to make V-Jolt. I even added a lot
    more and change a lot of stuff in my walkthrough. Also added new sections,
    Items and Heath Items (see 4.2 and 4.3). I also went through the whole entire
    walkthrough and added, deleted, and changed a few things to make it better.
    Last but not Least, I added another section, called Trever's Letter. I give
    full credit to Dan McNeill(http://members.fortunecity.com/danm602/).
    (see 2.11)
    2.2.15 v15.1 (Dec. 2001)
    This is my fifteenth version; due to very popular request, I decided to put
    the Files on. I got them from my partner website, The Horror Is Alive
    (www.planetps2.com/thehorror). Look at (2.11) for them. Also I added a
    Resident Evil Code Veronica Section. Look at number (9.0) for that.
    2.2.16 v16.1 (Mar. 2002)
    This is my sixthteenth version; I added a very nice section about the new
    movie that game out, Resident Evil. It is found on number 2.13.
    2.2.17 v17.1 (Oct. 2002)
    This is my seventeenth version; I added more to the Resident Evil movie
    section. Also, I took out that myth that the mansion was part of RE1, and
    the Lab was part of RE2. I later found out that was not true.
    2.2.18 v18.1 (Feb. 2004)
    This is my eighteenth version; after over a year, i finally got around to
    do an update. I am in the army now, so video games aren't my thing now,
    even though I still love to play them. I updated various things, like the
    soundtracks (2.9), I said before I would send anyone a copy of any tracks
    from the games, I don't even have them on my computer anymore, my
    harddrive crashed and I lost everything. I updated my copyright
    information (2.6) I added to 2.0 Game Information about Resident Evil
    Remake. I fixed a flaw with my number system when it gets down the info
    about sequels by making them all part of (7.0) I Even added info about
    Resident Evil 0 (7.4). I added to number 5.5.11 that a fan told me on a
    bookshelf there are Security Documents stating Wesker being a part of the
    R&D team.
    2.2.19 v19.1 (May 2005)
    This is my nineteenth version; I changed the website to the site I should be
    working on again. Added a new number 2.5 A Little About Myself which talked a
    little about myself. I updated my How To Contact Me (2.6). Updated About This
    Faqs(2.8). Updated The Truth (6.3). Added Resident Evil Apocalypse Movie Info
           v19.2 (May 2005)
    Still nineteenth version. I just changed my email address and updated it on
    this. Its now chrism3784@hotmail.com
    2.2.20 v20.0 (July 2006)
    This is my twentieeth version; my last update to this Faqs.  Its been a long
    7 years since I first posted this Faqs. But its time to call it closed. No
    longer need to update an 8 or 9 year old game. I think I researched every
    possible aspect to this game, and cannot find anything else. The new Resident
    Evil 1 Remake pretty much takes this game over in the series. Changing the
    story quite a bit. But this game will always be in my heart as the first
    Resident Evil game I ever played and my favorite one since I first played it
    in 1999. I did a little facelift to the entire Faqs. Looks a little neater. I
    got that huge Resident Evil: Archive books which has lots of info of Resident
    Evil, but the Resident Evil 1 section only has the Remake info. I put a
    a little section for that, 2.14.
    2.3 Credits
    2.3.1 Just about all the Faqs
              Christopher Muscarella (chrism3784@hotmail.com)
    2.3.2 Resident Evil Director's Cut Story
              Capcom's Resident Homepage (www.capcom.com)
              They use to have a good section about Resident Evil a long time ago,
              they have pretty much nothing now.
    2.3.3 Trever's Letter
              Dan McNeill (http://members.fortunecity.com/danm602/)
    2.3.4 Security Document in the Projector Room (5.5.11)
              Andrew Ryan (kylearyn@nbnet.nb.ca)
    2.3.5 Resident Evil Archive Information
              Capcom Co. and BradyGAMES
    2.4 Legal Issues
    Capcom Co. LTD. 1997 1998 Capcom USA Inc. 1997 1998 all rights reserved
    Resident Evil Directors Cut is a trademark of Capcom Co. LTD. Capcom is a
    registered trademark of Capcom Co.
    Playstation are registered of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.
    Dual Shock is a trademark of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.
    2.5 A Little About Myself
    You probably don't see this in many Faqs, author talking about himself, so
    I'll tell you a little about me. I was born March 1984. I made this
    walkthrough when I was 15, back in Apr 1999. A long time ago practically. A lot
    has happened to me since then. I updated this 20 times, just lately I
    havn't. I used to work at a grocery store starting March 1999, and worked there
    throughout my high school life. I bought my first car, a Dark Blue 1990 Ford
    Taurus Station Wagon. I loved that car, even though it always gave me problems.
    I learned a lot on fixing cars because of that car. I graduated in 2002, and
    still worked at my supermarket. Then in 2003 I joined the Army. I came in as a
    light wheel mechanic. I made it through basic training and AIT. I was stationed
    in Germany. I don't care for Europe that much. From there, I began my dedication
    to the Ford Taurus. As of May 05, I am stationed in Germany with the
    Army, and a huge Ford Taurus freak. I currently own a 1988 Taurus Wagon LX with
    full options. Now, Apr. 2006, I am deployed to the worse place on Earth,
    Iraq. I hate it here with absolute passion and can't wait till my time is up so
    I can go back home. I still to this day play Resident Evil, and have a pretty
    big passion for Silent Hill series also, even though Resident Evil series will
    always be my favorite. After Iraq is over for me Sept 2006, I go back to Germany
    and serve till Aug 2007 from which I get out of the Army. I plan on moving back
    home, to Florida from there.
    2.6 How To Contact Me
    If you need answers to any questions, I am the expert at the game. As time does
    go by, my knowledge for the game will deminish, but you can still give me a try.
    I can just about answer any questions. Even for questions dealing with other
    Resident Evil games. Just E-Mail me at (chrism3784@hotmail.com) and I'll E-Mail
    as soon as I can. Sometimes I check my mail everyday, othertimes I don't. You
    can E-Mail me anything you want (comments, suggestions, and exc.) If you have
    critisisms about me and/or my Faqs, I wanna to hear it, if you have anything
    bad to say, then say it. If it so happens you've been waiting days to get a hold
    of me, then I am probably on vacation or some were where I can't check my
    e-mail. I can check my e-mail from anywhere I want now. I also have MSN
    Messenger from my Hotmail Account, same name, chrism3784@hotmail.com. So just
    wait for a while and I'll get a hold of you as soon as possible. Thanks. Or you
    can contact me through ICQ, my number is 93389231. Another way is AOL Instant
    Messanger, chrism3784.
    2.7 Copyright Information
    This Faqs is protected under copyright laws, but I no longer care. This is a
    PEOPLE KNOW WHO MADE THIS. Use it pretty much however you want, but if you
    somehow manage to make a lot of money from this 1999 game faqs, let me in on
    it please.
    If anyone finds this faqs out there in any name but my own and whoever I give
    credit out there, let me know. I worked way to hard and had this faqs way to
    long for anyone to use it and get the credit for it. You can print it for your
    personal use, you can print it for a friend. If you think I stole some
    information on your website, or anything else, and didn't give you credit,
    your full of crap, you have your head up your forth point of contact. I
    researched this all by myself, and anything I used from someone else, I gave
    them full credit. I did not steal anything from anyone's site or any otherplace.
    If these Faqs matches some stuff from your Faqs, then we must have research the
    same thing. I am not a thief; I would not steal any work from anyone. If my
    walkthrough matches the way your walkthrough leads, than it was a coincidence, I
    did make sure to have the best path possible in the game. I played the game over
    and over and found that this is the easiest way, for me, to beat the game and
    get everything and see everything.
    Thanks For Reading This :O)
    2.8 About this Faqs (updated v19.1)
    This Walkthrough is more in depth and easy to understand. It goes into more
    details and explains the character's movements more. It is very hard to get
    lost in the game with this Faqs. *When I say which way to go, like her left
    or her right, I mean going to her side right. When I say go to her left, if the
    character on the screen is facing you then the right side of the screen is where
    you go, if the character's back is facing you, then go to her right. This way
    you don't have to get the directions confused.* I recorded her whole quest and
    played it while I typed this Faqs. This has good detail in places you really
    need them like the Underground where I you can easily get lost and confused 
    because of the green walls, floors, and ceiling making it harder to know
    direction. This Faqs is also organized in numbers for yours and my convenience;
    one reason is so I can tell what number to go to when I need to. In the
    Walkthrough, next to the number is the Room, Hall, or Place you are in. Next to
    the number is what can be found in that Room, Hall, or Place making this Faqs
    much easier to use. I hope you enjoy using this Faqs :0)
    2.9 Lectures
    This Faqs contains little detailed segment called Lectures. They give you some
    necessary hints about the game. It would be to your benefit to read them.
    These can be very helpful. They are all numbered. You can find them easily;
    they can be found throughout the Faqs and you should not miss them. The word
    Lecture is in Caps and look like this, LECTURE #(whatever). (Please tell me
    what you think of these, I put this in v1.7 of my Faqs, Thank You.)
    2.10 Soundtrack Information
    The Resident Evil Director's Cut, Dual Shock Edition has a totally different,
    and I think better, Background Music than any other version of Resident Evil 1.
    They put this Background Music they got from an album called Biohazard
    Symphony Op. 91- Crime and Punishment. I have downloaded that Soundtrack and
    it really does contains all the Background Music found in the game. I will
    share with you the track names and where the music can be found from the
    Biohazard Symphony. Some of the tracks have 2 sets of BGM music, so I put them
    as (1st) then (2nd). The ones with <unknown by me> are tracks that I have no
    idea in the game where they are located, if you know, E-Mail me and tell me,
    I would appreciate it.
    Biohazard Symphony Op.91 - Crime and Punishment
    01.) Misa to the End of Mankind- a track that is not found in the game
    02.) TEMPEST- the music played during the credits when game is complete
    03.) Misterioso- the music played when you watch the scary intro movie
    04.) Mosso- music played when you introduced to the characters in into movie
    05.) Quietemente- (1st Fav.) the first floor mansion when music is played
    06.) Con Anima- (1st) suddenly attacked by an enemy (2nd)when ceiling drops
    07.) Soave- when recued Rebecca, and when Barry saves Jill from Snake Bit
    08.) Flebile- when you come to Forest's area
    09.) Allegro Impetuoso- your battle with the large Snake
    10.) Grave- (3rd Fav.) (1st) Guardhouse Entrance (2nd) Guardhouse Basement
    11.) Prestissimo- played during the Zombie coming down the stairs movie
    12.) Pietoso- when you complete the picture puzzle and the picture falls
    13.) Placido- Storage Room music
    14.) Quieto- 1st Floor Mansion after returning from the Guardhouse
    15.) Feroce- music played when the zombie eats Kenneth
    16.) Con Passione- (1st) 1st Encounter with Richard (2nd) Second with Richard
    17.) Incalzando- <unknown by me>
    18.) Affannato- <unknown by me>
    19.) Andante Con Tennerezza- <unknown by me>
    20.) Andante Lamentoso- (2nd fav.) played in several spot like the Guardhouse
    Dorms, Mansion Library, Mansion room after beating 2nd Snake, and more
    21.) Pesante- played when viewing the slides in the Laboratory
    22.) Impetuoso Sempre Accelerando- played during the Hunter Movie
    23.) Feroce II- when fighting the large Spider in the Underground
    24.) Con Amabilita- when you save Chris, or Jill from in the Lab
    25.) Stentando- when you first enter the Lab, and Lab B2
    26.) Furioso- Plant 42 music
    27.) Allegro- your talk with Wesker in lab B4
    28.) Risoluto- <unknown by me>
    29.) Adagio Lacrimoso- I think when Barry dies <not sure>
    30.) Stentando II- (1st)when you first see Tyrant (2nd) Tyrant Movie
    31.) Pesante ~Allegro Ardente- When Tyrant Breaks out of Glass Tube
    32.) Rapidemente- Triggering System, with talking and buzzers and music
    33.) Pesanto -Acceso- when Tyrant attacks you on the helipad
    34.) Gentile- when the helicopter leaves the helipad
    35.) Gentile -Grandioso- another music when helicopter leaves helipad
    36.) PIANO SONATA BIO HAZARD- not part of the game, but good piano music
    37.) Pesante (Tyrrant I & II External Sound Source Version)- Tyrant Attack
    38.) Tempest Thunder Storm- not really part of the game, but TEMPEST(track 2)
    with like a storm background to the track
    Well thats all there is to the Soundtrack. I know, and lot of tracks are
    missing from the game, like the track played when you first find Wesker Missing,
    the 2nd Floor of Mansion, the Mansion Basement, the music played in the
    Underground, and the Third Floor of the Lab, and probably more. UPDATE. My
    harddrive crashed and I lost everything. I believe some of my friends still
    have all the soundtracks to the games, One of these days I will build me a new
    computer, and get all my stuff Again. So to get access to any of these tracks
    browse the internet, they are out there. UPDATE Three new computers later, I
    have all the soundtracks to almost all Resident Evil games but don't go bugging
    me about it till at least 2007 when I get out of Iraq and situated.
    2.11 Resident Evil Director's Cut Story
    (I have gotten this story from Capcom's Resident Evil Homepage at
    www.capcom.com) <The nice Resident Evil Section doesn't exist anymore, they
    changed it to something else. But it did years ago>
    For years a secluded mansion and its grounds have been the site of top-secret
    biotechnic experiments. The research staff has been funded by a respected (if
    slightly unethical) corporation. The weekly laboratory reports have been
    increasingly vague and now they have stopped completely. Recent gory attacks
    near the mansion have lead to rumors of unnatural canines on the prowl.
    Something has gone terribly wrong.
    Two S.T.A.R.S. teams (Special Tactics and Rescue Squad) are sent to
    investigate these strange and gruesome developments. Bravo Team mobilizes
    first and disappears almost immediately. Alpha Team follows, urgently driven
    towards the mansion. As either Chris Redfield or Jill Valentine, two valuable
    parts of the Alpha team, you work your way inside. Everything is quiet... too
    2.12 The Files
                         (Full Credit for this goes to The Horror is Alive)
    2.12.1                         BOTANY BOOK
                             ~About Medicinal Herbs~
    As you may know, there are many plants that have medicinal effects.
    Since ancient times, humans have been healing wounds and diseases using
    various plants.
    In this book, we're going to sample three herbs that grow around the
    Raccoon Mountains and give their outlines as examples of those plants
    with medicinal properties.
    Each herb has different colors and different effects as medical plants:
    the green one recovers physical strength, the blue one neutralizes
    natural toxins, while the red herb does not have any affect by itself.
    The red herb is only effective when it is mixed with other herbs.
    For example, if you mix this herb with the herb that recovers physical
    strength, the recovery effect will be tripled. By adjusting the amount
    and experimenting with these three herbs, you can create various kinds
    of medicines. But I'll leave the details in your hands, because that is
    the best way to acquire true knowledge.
    2.12.2                        KEEPER'S DIARY
                                   May 9, 1998
    At night, we played Poker with Scott the guard, Alias and Steve the
    Steve was really lucky, but I think he was cheating. What a scumbag.
                                   May 10, 1998
    Today, a high ranking researcher asked me to take care of a new monster.
    It looks like a gorilla without any skin. They told me to feed them live
    food. When I threw in a pig, they were playing with it... tearing off
    the pig's legs and pulling out the guts before they actually ate it.
                                   May 11, 1998
    Around 5 o'clock this morning, Scott came in and woke me up suddenly. He
    was wearing a protection suit that looks like a space suit. He told me
    to put one on as well.
    I heard there was an accident in the basement lab.
    It's no wonder, those researchers never rest, even at night.
                                   May 12, 1998
    I've been wearing this annoying space suit since yesterday. My skin
    grows musty and feels very itchy.
    By way of revenge, I didn't feed those dogs today.
    Now I feel better.
                                   May 13, 1998
    I went to the medical room because my back is all swollen and feels
    itchy. They put a big bandage on my back and the doctor told me I did
    not need to wear the space suit any more.
    I guess I can sleep well tonight.
                                   May 14, 1998
    When I woke up this morning, I found another blister on my foot. It was
    annoying and I ended up dragging my foot as I went to the dogs pen. They
    have been quiet since morning, which is very unusual. I found that some
    of them escaped.
    I'll be in real trouble if some of the higher-ups find out.
                                   May 15, 1998
    Even though I didn't feel well, I decided to go see Nancy. It's my first
    day off in a long time. But I was stopped by the guard on the way out.
    They say the company has ordered that no one leave the grounds. I can't
    even make a phone call. What kind of joke is this?!
                                   May 16, 1998
    I heard a researcher who tried to escape from this mansion was shot last
    My entire body feels burning and itchy at night.
    When I was scratching the swelling on my arm, a lump of rotten flesh
    dropped off.
    What the hell is happening to me?
                                   May 19, 1998
    Fever gone but itchy.
    Hungry and eat doggy food.
    Itchy itchy Scott came.
    Ugly face so killed him.
    2.12.3                      RESEARCHER'S WILL
    My dear Alma,
    The fact that you have received this letter is both a joy and a sadness
    for me.
    I could not even talk to you because of that guy in the sunglasses.
    Alma, be calm and read this.
    I think I've told you that I moved to a pharmaceutical company's lab.
    They headhunted me.
    Last month, there was an accident in the lab and the virus we were
    studying escaped.
    All my colleagues who were infected by the virus are dead. To be
    accurate, they've become the living dead.
    They still wander around. Some of them are knocking on my room door
    desperately right now. But there's no sign of intelligence in their
    That cursed virus takes away all humanity from the human brain. Love,
    joy, sorrow, fear, humor... eternally.
    And Alma, even the memories of the days I spent with you...
    Yes, I'm infected.
    I did everything I could, but I could only delay the progress by a
    few days.
    The most frightening thing is, that I forget more about you by the
    day. So I chose a peaceful death, rather than become the living dead.
    Within an hour, I will have entered my eternal sleep. I do hope you'll
    understand my decision...
    Goodbye and Forever Yours,
                                    Martin Crackhorn
    2.12.4                      PLANT 42 REPORT
    4 days have passed since the accident and the plant at point 42 is
    growing amazingly fast.
    It has been effected by the T-Virus differently than other plants have
    been and shows unique shape in addition to its size. Looking at the way
    it behaves, it is now difficult to determine what kind of plant it was
    There are two ways in which Plant 42 gathers nutrition. The first is
    through its root that reaches into the basement. Immediately after the
    accident, a scientist went mad and broke the water tank in the basement.
    Now the basement is filled with water. It is easily imaginable that some
    chemical elements were blended in the water and promotes the incredibly
    fast growth of Plant 42.
    Another part of Plant 42 from the basement grows through the duct and
    hangs down like so many bulbs from the ceiling of the first floor. Many
    vines come out of those bulbs and they are the second resource for its
    Once sensing movement, Plant 42 shoots its vines around the prey and
    holds it. Then it starts sucking up blood, using the suckers located at
    the back of its vine.
    It also has some intelligence. It blocks the door by twining its vines
    around it especially when it captures prey or is sleeping. Several staff
    members have already fallen victim to this.
                                    May 21, 1998
                                    Henry Sarton
    2.12.5                      "V-JOLT" REPORT
    As I stated in the last report, there are some common features found in
    the cells of the plant infected by the Tyrant virus. We also have found
    another interesting fact through some experiments.
    We found an element that destroys these plant cells rapidly in "UMB No.
    16", one of the series of UMB chemicals that we used for that
    experiment. We named this "UMB No. 16" as "V-JOLT".
    In our calculation it will take less than 5 seconds to destroy Plant 42
    if we put the "V-JOLT" directly on the root.
    You need to mix some of the UMB series chemicals in a specific order to
    create a "V-JOLT". But the UMB series chemicals may generate a poisonous
    gas which is harmful to the human body. Extreme caution should be taken
    when handling these chemicals.
    Following are the types of UMB series chemicals and their brief
         UMB No.2 Red        NP-003 Purple
         UMB No.4 Green      Yellow-6 Yellow
         UMB No.7 White
         UMB No.13 Blue (stimulating smell)
         V-JOLT (UMB No.16) Brown
    2.12.6                        PASS NUMBER
    2.12.7                          ORDERS
    TOP SECRET July 22, 1998 2:13
    To the Head of the Security Department
    "X-Day" is approaching. Complete the following orders within the week.
    1. Lure members of S.T.A.R.S. into the lab and have them fight with the
       B.O.W. in order to obtain data of actual battles.
    2. Collect two embryos per B.O.W. type making sure to include all
       species except for Tyrant.
    3. Destroy the Arklay lab including all researchers and lab animals in a
       manner which will seem accidental.
                                    White Umbrella
    2.12.8                         SCRAPBOOK
                             RACCOON TIMES MAY 27, 1998
    May 20. At around 10pm a 20-year old young woman's body was found by a
    passer-by on the left bank of Marble River in the Older District of
    Raccoon City.
    Raccoon police assume it to be a grizzly or other animal's doing because
    there are teeth marks along her mutilated arms and left foot that show
    considerable power. Since she was wearing a hiking boot on her remaining
    foot, it has been determined that she was attacked in the Arklay
    Mountains and fell into the river. They are hurrying to identify this
                           RACCOON WEEKLY JUNE 16, 1998
    Some people claim they've seen monsters in the Arklay Mountains. The
    monsters are supposedly about the same size as large dogs and usually
    run in a pack as wolves do.
    This may sound like a group of ordinary wild dogs, but these monsters
    are surprisingly fierce and hard to hurt.
    They say these dogs won't bother you unless you wake them, so you smart
    readers should stay out of the Arklay Mountains for the time being.
    But if you're looking for adventure, check it out! You wanna try?
                                  RACOON TIMES
    Due to excessive disasters in the Arklay Mountains, the city authorities
    have decided to block the road leading to the foothills.
    At the same time, Raccoon police intend to begin the search for lost
    people with the help of S.T.A.R.S. team members. They expect great
    difficulty because of the vast size of the Arklay Mountains and the
    primeval forest that covers most of the area. Also people are still
    reporting sightings of grotesque monsters in the mountains.
    2.12.9                    RESEARCHER'S LETTER
    June 8, 1998
    Dear Ada,
    Ada, by the time you read this, I'll be something... different. Today's
    test turned out to be positive, just as I expected. I feel like going
    crazy when I think about becoming one of them.
    Ada, you're not infected and I hope you never will be. In case you're
    the last one left, take the material in the Visual Data Room and go to
    the Power Room to operate the Triggering System before you escape.
    And make all this public through the media.
    If everything is in order, all the locks can be opened by the security
    system. You can access the system if you log in with my name from the
    terminal in the small lab and enter the password. The password is your
    name. To unlock the door at B2 where the Visual Data Room is located,
    you'll need to access with our names first and then enter another
    I've written the code below. I'm sure you'll understand it easily.
    And this is my last hope - if you find me completely changed, please
    kill me yourself.
              |\/|  /\  |\  |\/|
              |/\|  \/  |   |  |
              |  |  /\  |   |  |
                                         Yours, John
    2.12.10                           FAX
    To: General Manager of Sanitation Division
    From: Special Committee on Disasters Raccoon Special Research Dept.
    This memorandum is strictly confidential and must be destroyed as soon
    as it is understood.
    Regarding the "T-Virus" outbreak which occurred recently, this Committee
    conducted a field survey. According to the results, estimates on the
    amount of damage caused by the accident are considerably greater than
    reported earlier.
    First, although it is very difficult to obtain accurate data in terms
    of actual numbers, it is thought that more than half of the researchers
    died after exposure to the "T-Virus". The body count will almost likely
    increase since nearly all of the survivors show symptoms peculiar to
    the "T-Virus". Second, our security system is still in operation.
    However, our special security guard squad has been nearly destroyed.
    Because of that, research information considered by our company to be
    top secret has been made available to outsiders. Counter-measures
    should be taken as soon as possible.
    Finally, many of the "subjects" from the experiments have escaped and
    are out of control. We believe that some of the researchers were killed
    by these "subjects" and their bodies were mutilated.
    By a curious coincidence, these events are proof of the success of our
    research. However, there is also a very high risk that this news may be
    leaked to the press if we don't act immediately.
    The condition is very serious. Our operation to cover-up the situation
    is difficult to attain, however we hope the problem will be solved
    We are especially concerned that the State Police and S.T.A.R.S. are
    intervening too quickly.
    We need to act on this situation as well.
    2.12.12                      PASS CODE No.1
    "I swear by myself", declares the Lord, "that because you have done
    this and have not withheld your son, your only son,
    (Genesis 22:16)
    2.12.13                      PASS CODE No.2
    I will surely bless you and make your descendants as numerous as the
    stars in the sky, and as the sand on the seashore.
    Your descendants will take possession of the cities of their enemies,
    (Genesis 22:17)
    2.12.14                      PASS CODE No.3
    and through your offspring all nations on earth will be blessed,
    because you have obeyed me."
    (Genesis 22:18)
    2.12.15                  SECURITY SYSTEM MANUAL
                                 BASEMENT LEVEL 1
    Executives and Government Officials only on helicopter port.
    This restriction may not apply in case of an accident.
    No one is allowed to enter unless they are attended by a Research
    Consultant or Security Director.
    All others will be shot on sight.
    The elevator stops during all emergencies.
                                 BASEMENT LEVEL 2
    Visual Data Room is within the control of Special Research Division.
    Keith ArVing, the Room Manager, is designated to have jurisdiction
    over room usage.
                                 BASEMENT LEVEL 3
    Sanitation Division controls the usage of the prison. Consultant
    Researchers (E. Smith, S. Ross, A. Wesker) must be present if virus
    is used.
    No one is allowed to enter unless he presents all pass code documents.
    Pass code documents must be created on the specialized output machine
    by the Chief Researcher of each block.
    Only Headquarters Supervisors may enter. This restriction may not apply
    in the Consultant Researcher has received special instructions.
    No one is allowed to use the pass code output machine but the Chief
                                 BASEMENT LEVEL 4
    Regarding the progress of "Tyrant" after the use of t-virus...
    (Remaining document is unreadable)
    2.12.16                          SLIDES
    1. "Umbrealla Bio-Organic Weapon Official Report"
    2. "MA-39 Cereberus"
    3. "Fi-3 Neptune"
    4. "MA-121 Hunter"
    5. "T-002 Tyrant"
    6. (missing slide)
    7. "Bio-Weapon Research Institute. R and D Staff"
    2.12.17                      BARRY'S PICTURE
    Something is written on the back of the picture.
    "My dearest Moira and Poly.
    I hope you will grow up to be a strong and beautiful woman and help
    to cheer up mother.
    Your father will watching you all from heaven.
    All files have been transcribed exactly as they appear in RESIDENT
    EVIL: DIRECTOR'S CUT, including spelling and grammatical errors.
    2.13 Trever's Letter
                         (Full Credit for this goes to Dan Mcneil)
    One of the most mysterious items never found in Resident Evil. Trevor's letters
    were real at one time, but later taken out of the game because it revealed too
    much of the mysterious past of the mansion, thus taking away from the creepy and
    mysterious atmosphere of the mansion.
    The Arklay mansion, located at the foothills of the Arklay Mountains near
    Raccoon City. Owned by the mysterious character Trevor Spencer, Trevor was a
    prominent businessman who had this magnificent house built on a piece of
    property in the mountains.
    Being too stressed from his job Trevor quit and became affiliated with Umbrella
    Pharmaceuticals in some way, and was one of the men responsible for Umbrella
    coming to Raccoon City in the first place to set up a pharmaceutical plant.
    Knowing Umbrella's secret intentions to create bio-organic weapons through viral
    means, Trevor became increasingly paranoid of Umbrella's moves. Trevor made a
    motion to stop Umbrella, and now, overwhelmed by fear and suspicion, Spencer had
    traps set up in his mansion to prevent any intruders from finding and
    eliminating him. The fear was too great for him, and after recording his
    relations with Umbrella in a series of letters to the police and hidden away in
    a part of the mansion. Trevor killed himself. The mansion lay silent for weeks,
    until Umbrella came up with false papers saying that Spencer had sold them the
    estate. Umbrella then proceeded to move into the house and began construction of
    the laboratory in the back since the under workings of the mansion were too
    unstable to take apart. Special agents with umbrella scoured the mansion to
    disarm the majority of the traps, however some were remained hidden. They came
    upon Trevor's rotting corpse in a bedroom, the agents were told to get rid of
    the body, but not to let it be found by authorities. So they laid Trevor Spencer
    to rest in an unmarked grave under the newly refurbished piano lesson room
    floor, never to be recovered. Soon after, as a plan of escape, the employees
    created a false tomb which concealed a secret exit to the mansion basement.
    The gravestone was put into place to commemorate Spencer, so no one would
    disturb the grave much less suspect a secret exit lie beneath it -- should
    anyone find it in the first place.
    2.14 Resident Evil Archives: Umbrella Virus Uncovered
    (Full credit goes to Capcom Co. and BradyGAMES)
    This is the newest section to the Faqs. Having the games been out for many years
    now, and so many sequals, its time they make what I call the Resident Evil
    Bible. This is a book published from BradyGAMES and tells the complete story
    from Resident Evil 0 to Resident Evil Code Veronica. It tells all the character
    Interrelationships, complete storylines, detailed info on each character and
    enemies, and others. It contains a complete timeline, a map of Raccoon City,
    original concept art from each games, and others. Anything mentioned about
    Resident Evil 1, only came from that remake of RE1, which I try to keep out of
    this, but some of the info in there can relate to this games, and that is what
    I will mention.
    2.14.1 Mansion Incident
    The Mansion Incident started it all. The Mansions official name was the Arklay
    Research Facility. Umbrella was expirementing biological warfare there, along
    with developing the T-Virus. The researchers used the heliport on the roof for
    access. Some stayed in the Dormitory (Guardhouse). The incident started with
    leak of the T-Virus, and everyone in the Research Facility got infected. No one
    was aloud to leave. All human beings turned into lifeless zombies, only out for
    the basic human instinct, to feed. There were sightings of cerberus in the
    Arklay Mountains, some attacked tourists and there body were found, apparently
    eaten. the Raccoon Police Department sealed off all roads and due to strong
    public demand, STARS were deployed to the area, to begin investigation. STARS
    Bravo Team was sent first, soon after, they were declared missing in Raccoon
    2.14.2 Chris Redfield's Reports
    The Resident Evil sections starts off with Chris Redfield's Reports, then it
    goes to Jill Valentine's Reports. Then back to Chris's and so forth. STARS Alpha
    Team was deployed after Bravo Team and they came across Bravo's Helicopter. They
    landed and searched the helicopter. They were attacked by dogs. Joseph Frost was
    the first to get attacked, he was no match for the dogs then encountered. The
    rest ran and escaped into the Mansion. No one, except one, knew this was
    location of the Mansion Incident. Chris begins exploring, and later finds a
    Bravo Team member, Rebecca Chambers to assist.
    2.14.3 Jill Valentine's Reports
    Jill escaped into the Mansion also after running from the dogs. She begins
    investigating. Somehow she always ends up in a trap, being saved by Barry
    Burton, who also helps her along. After a while, she notices Barry becoming more
    and more strange. Once he heres him talking to someone about distroying STARS.
    He claims he was only talking to himself. Later Jill and Chris meet up towards
    the end, (silly how it doesn't mention them ever running into each other), and
    escape the Mansion after Brad Vickers drops the Rocket Launcher to blow up the
    3.0 Main Characters and Enemies______________________________________________
    3.1 Main Characters
    These are the six main characters of the game that you will see.
    (I have gotten all of these from Resident Evil Instruction Manual but 1)
    In Faqs v13.1, I put at the end of each character, where you would find them
    in the game.
    3.1.1 Barry Burton
    He is Chris Redfield friend and partner. He has very good experience, over 16
    years. He is one of characters you interact with when you first enter the
    mansion with Jill.
    3.1.2 Chris Redfield
    He was sent out of the airforce. He was a drifter until he became a friend
    with Barry Burton. Barry recruited him for the S.T.A.R.S. He has been
    reassigned to a smaller unit at Raccoon City headquarters. He is a main
    characater that you can play, when it asks for characters, pick Chris if
    you want to play him, you can even use the Faqs for him, but it should be
    a little different.
    3.1.3 Jill Valentine
    She is the intelligent soldier. She is good at working mechanical devices like
    the Lockpick. She has rescued many S.T.A.R.S. members. She is the main charater,
    and also my favorite. She is the one I based my walthrough section on. Pick her
    instead of Chris, and you have a great walkthrough here all about her mission.
    3.1.4 Rebecca Chambers
    She is newest and youngest member of the S.T.A.R.S. Group. She has good
    knowledge of medicines and First Aid. She is sort of nervous around other
    members.she is the character Chris comes to meet in the Left Mansion Storage
    Room. She will help you, if you play Chris, all throughout the game.
    3.1.5 Albert Wesker
    He is the leader of the Alpha team. He is viewed as a cool guy. He has sharp
    insight He was the founder of the S.T.A.R.S. You will find out his little
    secret in the end. You will always find this weird guy around the game. He seems
    to be up to something. You get him whether you play Jill or Chris.
    3.1.6 Brad Vickers
    He is a computer Expert and is an excellent source of entertainment. His fear
    of dying and lack of enthusiasm for danger has earned him his nickname. It is
    Chickenheart. He is the one flying the helicopter while you are exploring the
    Mansion. He is the helicopter pilot that landed the helicopter, dropped you off,
    then took off. Chris says the famous line, "NO!!!, Don't go," when Brad takes
    off in the helicopter. During the game, he is floating around outside, will you
    ever see him again?
    3.1.7 Joseph Frost
    Previous member of S.T.A.R.S. Bravo Team, and already stationed in Raccoon City,
    Joseph was recently promoted to server as vehicle specialist for Alpha Team.
    Joseph Frost is the character that got attacked by the dog in the intro movie.
    Poor guy, that must have hurt. The American Version intro movie sucks, because
    it doesn't show much of Joseph's attack. The PC game of Resident Evil shows the
    whole thing.
    3.1.8 Richard Aiken
    A very important memeber of S.T.A.R.S. serving as Bravo's
    communications expert. The only link back to headquarters for teams out in the
    field, Richard actually has to pull double duty as radioman for both units
    since Alpha Team has no dedicated communications expert. You see this guy on the
    ground hurt from a snake bite. How did he get bit by a snake? Where is it?
    3.1.9 Enrico Marini
    Bravo Team's leader, and Wesker's second in command for the S.T.A.R.S. unit.
    Enrico feels threatened by the arrival of the Alpha Team, thinking that Chris
    Barry may end up replacing him as #1 to Wesker. You find him in the Undergroud.
    You talk with him for a little bit, then you hear a gunshot from behind, and
    Enrico is shot to death. Who was it? Where did that person go?
    3.1.10 Forest Speyer
    Forest is a great sniper in addition to his duties as a Bravo's vehicle
    specialist. He is consummate professional, and his work earns him great
    respect from the other members. You find him dead and pecked to death by
    crows. He is found on the balcony on the 2nd floor in the Mansion.
    3.1.11 Kenneth J. Sullivan
    A quiet but very talented field scouting officer, Kenneth formerly worked as
    a chemist. He wonders why his chemicl experience is nessary in Raccoon City
    but quickly discounts this since Wesker himself enlisted him is S.T.A.R.S.
    Kenneth is the one you first find in the hallway next to the Ding Room. You
    watc the zombie eat him, then the zombie turns his head and comes after you.
    Int he American Version, the movie is cut, the Uncut movie actually shows
    Kenneth's head coming off and plopping tot he ground. I also have that movie,
    if you want it, contact me and I will send it.
    3.1.12 Edward Dewey
    He was the helicopter pilot in for the Bravo Team. The book doesn't give
    information about him, but I heard he exists. You dont' see him anywhere
    int he game, I just heard that he was the pilot the Bravo Team helicopter.
    3.2 Enemies
    These are a list of the enemies you may encounter in the game.
    3.2.1 The Zombies
    These are very easy. Kill them with the Berreta in the beginning and with the
    shotgun later when you get it. If caught, they will start biting your neck; if
    they are on the ground, bite your legs, and take good damage; or they may
    spite acid on you, not taking that much damage from you. There are two kinds
    of Zombies, the white pale faced one, which are more deadlier, and the darker
    colored one with the dragging foot. These shouldn't give you to many problems
    in the game.
    3.2.2 The Crows
    These are not good enemies I like to encounter. They are annoying. One shot
    with the pistol will kill it. The best thing to do is run past them, except
    when you really need to kill them like in the picture room. These can be
    deadly if there are a lot of them and they all are swarming you at once.
    3.2.3 Cerberus (The Dogs)
    These are not that hard to kill. One shot with the Beretta will send it flying
    back. Shot it when it gets back up. It will take a while with the Beretta to
    kill it. If they are ganging up on you like in the Courtyard or outside, then
    one shot with the shotgun ought to do it. These aren't much of a problem in
    the game.
    3.2.4 The Hunters
    These I would say are the worst enemies to encounter (Except for the bosses).
    Especially when there is more than one ganging up on you. They are annoying,
    and jump around, making them tough to aim and shoot down. One hit will knock
    it to the ground, and then you can keep shooting it till it is screaming in
    pain. These will be a problem because they are tough and annoying, they are
    the worst when you have good health and cut your head off in one slash, or
    when there are 2 or 3 and keep slashing you and you can't get out and aim the
    gun and shoot them off you.
    3.2.5 The Bees
    You will find these stinging creatures in the Big Room in the Guardhouse. You
    can kill it, but it would be a waste of ammo because they'll just come back.
    Hopefully if you go by my walkthrough; you can only come in contact with these
    only once. They are not good if you have all of them swarming around you.
    These will not give you a problem as long as you run out of the Big Room FAST.
    3.2.6 Neptune (The Shark)
    This is the enemy in the water on the bottom floor of the Guardhouse. You can
    run from them till you get into the Door and let the water drain. Then you can
    shot and kill it just for fun. These will only give you problems before you
    drain the water because they are fast and deadly, you can not shot them in the
    water, so don't waste ammo or health trying to kill them.
    3.2.7 Lab Monsters
    These are those naked looking creatures in the laboratory. They are not that
    hard to kill, but they are deadly to get attacked by one. Just kill them with
    the shotgun, a few shots should do it. These aren't going to give you to much
    trouble in the game as long as you shot them and they don't bite you.
    3.2.8 Chimera's (Power Room Creatures)
    I don't like to encounter these guys. They (hang out) in the Power Room in the
    Laboratory. When they walk to you, point up and shoot with the shotgun. They
    will fall and then when they get up blast them to death. They are not good
    when there are more than one ganging up on you. Just shot them and you will be
    fine. These are going to give you problems in the Power Room because they will
    jump and slash you.
    3.2.9 The Spiders
    These you can find in the room behind the red Doors in the Guardhouse, in the
    L-hallway behind the Blue Doors on the first floor of the mansion (which if
    you follow these Faqs, you shouldn't encounter these in this spot), and as a
    boss in the Underground. Shot them with the Bazooka, run away fast to the
    nearest Door, and run back in before their little babies cause trouble. (RUN
    FAST). When you encounter these, they can be deadly because they jump on the
    ceiling and jump on you, get bitten by one of these and you are poisoned. They
    can even spit poison on you giving you damage.
    3.2.10 The Bosses
    There are a few bosses in the game. Look in the walkthrough for more info.
    There is the Snake (Mansion both times), Plant 42 (Guardhouse), The Spider
    (Underground), and the Tyrant (Laboratory.) They may cause you some problems.
    Just use a big gun like the Bazooka or the Colt Python and you will be fine.
    Make sure you also take plenty of Healings when you come to them. My Faqs will
    tell you everything you need to do to get prepared for them.
    4.0 Weapons, Items, and Health Items_________________________________________
    4.1 Weapons
    4.1.1 The Combat Knife
    This is not a good weapon. I don't even use it. This is only good if you
    don't have any Ammo. I just put it in the item box and keep it there. It may
    come in use sometime. (HINT, HINT)
    4.1.2 The Beretta
    This weapon is all right in the beginning of the game. I usually put it in
    the Item Box when I get the Shotgun and have plenty of Ammo. This is perfect
    for killing Zombies, Crows, and Dogs, that is just about it. It comes with
    you when you begin the game with Jill.
    4.1.3 The Shotgun
    This is a very useful weapon. When I get it, it stays with me throughout the
    game. This gun uses the Shotgun Shells. There are plenty of opportunities to
    get ammo for this weapon. It kills Zombies and dogs in 1 shot. It kills
    Hunters in about 3 shots.
    4.1.4 The Bazooka
    This weapon is good for bosses. It comes with three rounds. The Explosive
    Rounds explodes when they hit an enemy. The Flame Rounds shots into flames
    when hitting an enemy. The Acid Rounds shot acid, acid is not good for life,
    so it will kill your enemies fast. The Explosive Rounds blow up when it hits
    an enemy, but this is the weakest Round for the gun. This gun is useful when
    you have no ammo for the Colt Python.
    4.1.5 The Colt Python
    This is the strongest gun, (except for the Rocket launcher). This gun is good
    for Hunters, if you have a lot of ammo for it; you can use it on bosses. It
    takes plenty of damage off anything that gets hit by it.
    4.1.6 The Flamethrower
    Chris only gets this Weapon. It is not a very good Weapon to use. It is hard
    to use, sometimes the fire may miss the Hunters. You only get this in The
    Underground. You have to choice but to pick up this Weapon off the Wall, then
    you will use it later on another wall to unlock the Door. It shoots out a fire
    that would be useful on zombies, but since you only get it in The Underground,
    and drop it off in The Underground, there are only Hunters there, and this
    weapon is very useless against them. Like I said, only Chris comes in contact
    with this Weapon, so I will never mention this in Jill's Walkthrough.
    4.1.7 The Rocket Launcher
    This is the strongest weapon in the game. You get it at the end of the game.
    If you beat the game in less than 3 hours, then you start over with the weapon
    with infinity ammo. It does not kill all enemies in one shot, It takes a few
    shots for the snake, but this is the best weapon. If you beat the game in less
    than 3 hours and get it, you might as well take another gun because the Rocket
    Launcher cannot aim up or down, making it useless to having it as your only
    weapon to carry around.
    4.2 Items
    Here is the list, in alphabetical order, of all the other items in the game,
    other than weapons, keys, and health. A short explaination of all the items in
    the game (added v14.1)
    4.2.1 Battery- You find this in the Second Floor Mansion after you come back
    from the Guardhouse. It is used in the Elevator in the Courtyard where the
    Battery was pulled out of it.
    4.2.2 Broken Shotgun- This can be found in the room in the Dark Hall near the
    Left Mansion Storage Room. You use this in replace of the good Shotgun if you
    try to get it and Barry isn't there to break down the Door.
    4.2.3 Cranks- (Hexagonal, and Square) Find the Square Crank in the Toolshed on
    the top shelf, it turns Square Holes, the Hexagonal Crank is in the Underground,
    use it on Hexagonal Holes.
    4.2.4 Crests- (Moon, Star, Sun, Wind)- These are the things you are looking for
    all throughout the Mansion. They are Copper and not Wood, like it appears to
    look like. Use these in the Crest Holder to open the Toolshed into the
    4.2.5 Doom Books- (1 and 2)- You can find book 1 in the Helmet Key Room that you
    first see after coming from the Guardhouse, and book 2 in the Underground. You
    are suppose to check these, and find a way to open them.
    4.2.6 Emblem- (Gold and Silver)- Find the silver one in the Dining Room, and use
    it in the Secret Room in the Piano to get the gold one, then use that where you
    found the silver one n the Dining Room to get the Shield Key.
    4.2.7 Empty Bottle- You use these in the Chemical Room in the Guardhouse to hold
    the Chemicals you will mix to make a ultimate one called V-Jolt.
    4.2.8 Flare- Find this on the crate on the Helipad, and use it to signal the
    Helicopter to land.
    4.2.9 Ink Ribbons- You may find these anywhere in the game. The walkthrough
    tells where each one can be founds. In Beginners Mode, pick up on, and you get
    4 Ink Ribbons. Take then to a typewriter and you can save your game.
    4.2.10 Jewels (Blue and Red)- The Blue Jewel is found in the Dining room after
    you knock down the Statue fromt he Dining Room 2nd Floor, The Red Jewel is found
    in the Helmet Locked Room with the animal heads, in the deers eye socket, what
    you do with these is take them to the Tiger Head room and put them as the
    Tiger's Eyes and the Tiger will turn around and there will be something in it,
    something useful.
    4.2.11 Lighter- Use this to light flammable objects, like the wood in a
    fireplace. Not very many uses.
    4.2.12 Medals (Eagle and Wolf)- These can be found in the Doom Books. You will
    use these in the Fountain when you get past the Underground. Something will
    happen to the Foundtain allowing you to enter the Laboratory.
    4.2.13 MO Disk- You find one in the Mansion, and 2 in the Laboratory. These
    become an important part of getting a good ending. You use these in the
    Laboratory in a Passcode Machine and you get a Passcode Slip. You get 3 total
    and use them to open a secret Door in the Laboratory. The secret Door leads to
    something real cool.
    4.2.14 Music Notes- To get this, push the Bookshelf in the Piano Room, when you
    do it will move and you will see a yellow looking paper. Pick it up and use it
    on the Piano and Jill will start playing "Moonlight Sonata", then something will
    4.2.15 Plant Chemical- Find this in the Right Mansion Storage Room. You will
    take it to the other side of the Mansion into the Plant Room. Use it in the pump
    in the Plant Room. Then you can go by the Plant and get something.
    4.2.16 Red Book- This si found in Dormintory 001 in the Guardhouse. You put this
    book on the bookshelf in Dormitory 003. It will then trigger something and
    another bookshelf will slide over exposing a new door in the room.
    4.2.17 Serum- The is in the Left Mansion Storage Room. You can only get it off
    the self when you see Richard in the other side of the Mansion. You will use it
    on Richard to try to heal him from his wound. If your to late, he will end up
    dying, then you can use it on yourself when it comes in handy.
    4.2.18 Slides- This is found in the Laboratory room that has the computer in it.
    Take it to the 2nd Floor Laboratory that you will unlock using the computer. You
    will see a Slide Projector in the room. Use it with the Slide Projector. You
    will watch a little slide show of some of the creepy happenings that has been
    4.2.19 UMB Chemicals- These chemicals can be found in the Chemical Room in the
    Guardhouse in the Big Room. I do have instractions in the Faqs on how to mix
    the chemicals to make the ultimate one, V-Jolt. V-Jolt has a very helpful use.
    4.2.20 Water- This is found in the Chemical Room also. This I consider UMB#1.
    Since it counts as 1. You will use it to help you make V-Jolt.
    4.3 Health Items
    Here are all the Health Items you will find in the game. Health Items are very
    necessary in beating the game. If you get bitten, hit, poisoned, you hurt in
    any way, Health is what you use to become all better. The good thing about
    using Health, you flip to your Item Screen and even if an Enemy is right there,
    or even a Boss, you can mix a use health to cure and the Enemy will not mess
    with you as long as you remain in the Item Screen. You can use this Health
    Guide in all the Resident Evils, because they all use the same Healing Proccess.
    4.3.1 First Aid Spray- Use this to fully refresh your Health. It will work even
    if your poisoned, but it will not stop the poison. You start off with one of
    these when you first start the game. No matter what state of Health your in
    this will completely give you the best Health you can have. You can find these
    all throughout the Mansion. Always take these when you see one.
    4.3.2 Green Herbs- These are very common in the game to find. When you use 1 of
    these, it gives you only a little Health. In beginners mode, it helps you a lot
    more than if you were in a harder mode. You can combine 1 of these with another
    Green Herb and it will have even more power. In beginners mode, all you need to
    have is 2 mixed Green Herb, and will will just about fully refresh your Health
    like a First Aid Spray. You can even mix 3, but that is not recommended. You can
    mix these with Red and Blue Herbs, read on to see what will happen.
    4.3.3 Red Herbs- You can not use these Herbs alone at all. You will have you mix
    it with a Green Herb for it to have any use. When you mix a Green Herb and a Red
    Herb, you get 3 times the power, which means, no matter what state of condition
    your in, this will completely refresh your Health. Making it very useful.
    4.3.4 Blue Herbs- You won't see these till you get out of the Mansion and you
    should hardly ever use them. Whenever you get attacked by a poisonus creature
    and you become poisoned, these are what to use. You can use them alone, only
    if your Health says poison. If you don't cure your poison, it is like a life
    drainer, it sucks your Health till it is gone. If you don't have one in the
    vicinity, then after a while, look at the Health Screen and you can still see
    your life going down, use a Green Herb or Health Spray and it will temporary
    increase your Health, till the poison lowers it again. Once you use the Blue
    Herb, your poison will be gone, and you will be left in the state of Health
    you are in, but no poison. Then you can heal, and stay healed, with the Green
    Herb. You can also mix a Blue Herb with a Green Herb. This will give you
    something that will cure your poison and heal you at the same time.
    4.3.5 Serum- I put this also in the Items Section, because it is necessary
    to get past Richard in the Mansion. I did include the fact that if you wait
    for a while, then go to help Richard, he may die before you even see him.
    That is when this has a Health use. it can be used to cure poison that you
    get from coming in contact with a venomous creature.
    5.0 Walkthrough______________________________________________________________
    This is the walkthrough for Jill's quest in the Beginners Mode, like I say
    this FAQ'S is very good for people who are new to the game and need help
    beating it. Or for people out for an easy ride. In the walkthrough, you will
    find hints about the game. It will pull away from the game to give you a brief
    statement about the game. These hints are called Lectures. These may be very
    helpful, so read it. UPDATE, who cares about all that, and just play the game,
    if you get lost, then you can look here for help.
    5.1 The Mansion
    This is the first place you start off. When you start the game, click on New
    Game, and then click on Beginner. After that, click on Jill Valentine. You
    will start off with a scary movie. Watch and learn. The Scary Movie is Cut.
    If you want the Uncut version, you can get it at my website,
    5.1.1 The Movie
    At first you will watch the beginning (Cut) intro movie. You watch and learn
    about bizarre murder cases in a place called Raccoon City. A Police
    Department force called STARS will fly helicopters into the forest to check
    it out. They come upon a mansion and go to land near it. There they are
    attacked and the doglike monster kills Joseph Frost. Brad Vickers, the
    helicopter pilot takes off without the other STARS members, Jill Valentine
    (who is your player), Barry Burton, Chris Redfield, and Albert Wesker.After
    that you will run away from an attacking dog and right into a Mansion looking
    house in the distant. All of you make it there, but Chris is left behind.
    Where did he go?? Where are you anyways??
    5.1.2 The Front Hall
    This is the first place you will be in after the movie. You will listen to
    them talking. Then a gunshot will happen. Could be Chris who is missing
    after the run to the Mansion? So you and Barry decide to check it out by
    going into the first Door you see. You will enter the Dining Room.
    5.1.3 The Dining Room (The Silver Plated Emblem)
    As soon as you get in the Dining Room, hit your start button this is your
    item screen. This I'll leave for you to figure out how to use it. Equip
    the handgun. After that, walk towards Barry. He will then talk about the
    blood that is on the ground. When he stops, go into that door right near the
    fireplace. When you get in that Hall, turn left and keep walking. You will
    then see a cool movie of Kenneth being eaten by a zombie. Then suddenly the
    zombie turns his head towards you and comes up. Don't bother with the zombie
    just run back towards the Dining Room where Barry is. When you get in this
    room, the Zombie will come in and Barry will shot it and it will die. When
    Barry kills it run back to the Front Hall.
    5.1.4 Back to the Front Hall (Lockpick, Ink Ribbons)
    Wesker will be gone. Run behind the Stairs and come back out. You and Barry
    will engage in a conversation. Get the Lockpick from him. Run to the
    Typewriter near the Stairs and pick up the 4 Ink Ribbons there. Open the Front
    Door to see the dog-like creature, That lets you know you can't escape outside.
    Now go to the Big Blue Doors on the other side of the Hall from the Dining
    Room Door.
    5.1.5 Room behind Blue Doors (1st Floor Map, Ink Ribbons)
    Go into the room and walk up to the stool and stand near it. LECTURE #1-When
    you start walking towards it, you will see her start to push it. That is how
    to push objects. After you learned about pushing things, push the stool behind
    the statue. Press X in front of it and you will walk up it. Get the map on top
    of it. Walk around the room and click on the pictures. Some of them may be
    interesting to see and hear about. Some won't let you see clearly because of
    the camera angle. Move the table out of the way and go through that Door. Walk
    slowly around it. Walk slowly around the corners. LECTURE #2-You will come up
    to a Zombie that appears dead on the floor. He is not, this is a trick, don't
    you ever fall for it. There is going to be plenty more of tricks later in the
    game. Arm the Beretta and point down and fire a few shots till it is dead, or
    you can just save ammo and walk around it, but be careful, when you get by, pick
    up the Ink Ribbons behind it and leave the closet. LECTURE #3-Go into the Door
    next to the closet and hit X on it. It is locked. Use the Lockpick that should
    automatically come up and unlock it. Click again to go in.
    5.1.6 The L-shaped Hall (A Clip)
    As soon as you get in here, start to walk backward. A dog will jump out the
    window. Quickly arm the gun and shoot at it once. It will come up, when it
    does, shoot it again. Keep doing this till it is dead. Run around the corner,
    when the other dog jumps out, do the same thing and shoot it dead. Push the
    third shelf by the Door you didn't come in from and get the Clip. LECTURE #4-
    Click on Start and go to your Item Screen. Click on the Berreta and combine
    it with the Clip. This will load your gun to its maximum 15-bullet capacity.
    Load your gun to 15 bullets. Go into the Door at the end of the Hall.
    5.1.7 A Long Hall (1 Green Herb)
    When you walk into the Door, grab the Green Herb to her left. Run down the
    Hall. You can run in the first Door you see, it is a bathroom, there is no use
    in it, the only use is in Chris's mode, there is something in the bathtub. It
    will mark that room off on your map. LECTURE #5-Your map is located in your Item
    Screen, check it out. This Walkthrough will have you go into every room
    possible, so you get to see the entire game. Go out of that bathroom and run
    further down the Hall to the end of it. Go into the single Door on her left,
    NOT double-doored.
    5.1.8 The Room with the Shotgun (The Shotgun)
    When you enter this Door go into the other Door. In the other Door, run to the
    back of it and pick up the Shotgun. Run out of that Door and you will be locked
    in that room. No need to panic, Barry will save you in the right time. You will
    go back into the Long Hall. Listen to Barry. Go into the double-doored Doors
    across the Shotgun Room.
    5.1.9 The Back Room
    As soon as you get in this room, kill the 2 Zombies in it. LECTURE #6- Here is
    another trick. The second Zombie seemed like you killed it. You know, the
    Zombie that was behind the Zombie you first saw when you entered this room. It
    appeared to have fallen and died. Anything in this game will spill a mess of
    blood around it when it is dead. There probably isn't any blood around him. If
    you walk up to him, or even near him, he will grab your leg and start doing
    damage to you. What you do is walk kinda close to him, be careful, and point
    down and shot him till you see blood spur around him. When he is dead, run to
    the Gray Door on her right side. You will unlock it when you first click on it.
    All you do here is click on it again and this time you will enter.
    5.1.10 The Room with the Staircase (1 Green Herb)
    When you get in here, kill the Zombie. Listen to the cool background music
    that is playing. On the Symphony Soundtrack, it is track 5, Quitemente. That
    is one feature why I love this game, the background music and sounds are
    awesome. In this room, pick up the Green Herb if you have room; if you do or
    don't still go into the Door near where you see, or saw, the Herb. It is a
    Storage Room.
    5.1.11 The Right Mansion Storage Room (Plant Chemical, 2 Clips in the Box)
    Yes, you are now in a Storage Room. Lecture #7-Any time you are playing,
    hearing the sound of a storage room, which is track 13, Placido, on the
    Symphony Soundtrack, is a sound of relief. Don't take these rooms for granted
    these rooms become an important part of you winning this game. In these
    Storage Rooms, there are no enemies. That is a rule about Resident Evil Games,
    no enemies allowed in the Storage Room. Go to the Item Box, by clicking on it.
    Put away the Emblem, if I were you I would save my progress. Go back to the
    Item Box. Put away the Combat Knife (if you don't think you will need it I
    recommend you put it away). Also, put away the Ink Ribbons. Get the two Clips
    out and leave the Item Box and combine the Clips. Pick up the Chemical near
    the garden tools. Put the Plant Chemical in the Item Box. Leave the room with:
    the Beretta w/ Clips, First Aid Spray, Green Herb, and the Shotgun. Go back
    into the room with the Staircase. Pick up the Green Herb and combine it with
    the other Herb. Go back to the Gray Door into the Back Room. In the Back Room,
    take a right and go into the Door in the end.
    5.1.12 The Picture Room (Star Crest)
    You do not have to kill the Crows. Just continue and click these picture's
    switches in order: Newborn Baby, Infant, Lively Boy, Young Man, Tired Middle-
    Aged Man, and Bold Looking Old Man. When you press the switch for those in
    order, then click the switch for the picture in the end of the room, "The End
    of Life." Get the Star Crest behind it a run out of that room. Run into the
    Gray Doors and run up the steps.
    5.1.13 The Hall up the Right Mansion Step
    Kill the Zombie, fast. Run to her right from the steps. Wait till the Zombie
    comes out from around the corner and kill it. Go into that Door that doesn't
    have the broken doorknob.
    5.1.14 The Red Hall
    Kill the Zombie as soon as you get in here. Take her right and go to the Door
    on her right.
    5.1.15 The Library (The Botany Book)
    As soon as you walk in, get the Green Book on the table. You will see it on
    the bottom of the screen. Read it to understand the Herbs and what they do.
    That is all that's in this room. You can explore it to check it out, but there
    is nothing else but the Botany Book in this room. Go to the other Door and
    unlock it. Don't go in. Go back to the way you got in and back to the Red
    5.1.16 The Red Hall Again
    Go to her left straight down the Hall. This time take the first corner, then
    the second corner and kill the Zombie. Run into the Door at the end of the
    Red Hall.
    5.1.17 Back in The Front Hall (Acid Rounds)
    You should run into Barry again. Chat with him and get the Acid Rounds from
    him; they are for the Bazooka. Run to the other Door on the same wall above
    were the Double-Blue Doors are downstairs.
    5.1.18 The Outside Room (The Bazooka)
    When you enter this room you will here spooky music, track 8, Flebile. Go to
    the Door on the other side of that small Hall. Run across the Balcony and get
    the Bazooka near Forest. Don't go near Forest or the Crows will come out and
    try to peck you to death. Run back to the Front Hall. Run across the Front
    Hall to the double Doors on the other wall.
    5.1.19 The Dining Room 2nd floor
    Kill the two Zombies in the room. Turn to her left and run down the Catwalk,
    Push the Statue towards the broken part of the banister and then over the
    ledge. Run to the Door on the other side of the Dinning Room; still the 2nd
    floor. Go into that Door.
    5.1.20 The Hall up the Left Mansion steps
    Kill the two Zombies around the corner. Run around the banister and check out
    the windows by clicking on it. What she says tells you that there are wild
    animals out there and it is not safe to go out. Run to the steps and go down
    5.1.21 The Dark Hall on the Bottom of the Steps
    When you get to this Hall stay in front of the steps and kill the 2 Zombies.
    Then kill the Zombie under the steps. Go to that Door almost beneath the
    5.1.22 The Left Mansion Storage Room (Serum (you'll need in the future))
    Yes, you are now in another Storage Room. Don't get the Ink Ribbon on the bed.
    In here, put the Bazooka, and Acid Rounds, away for now. Then you will get the
    Plant Chemical and Ink Ribbons out of the Item Box. You might want to save it,
    but not with the Ink Ribbons on the bed, save those for later. Use the Ink
    Ribbons you already should have gotten out of the Item Box. Leave with the
    Berreta with Clips, Plant Chemical, and some healing treatments. Run to the
    right and go down that Dark Hall killing the remaining Zombies, run into that
    Door at the end of the Hall.
    5.1.23 The Blue Wallpapered Hall
    Kill the Zombie when you first get in here. Kill the one to her right. And go
    straight down the Hall directly in front of where the Door you came in is, its
    a long Hall and curves to her right. Go in that Gray Door into the Plant Room.
    5.1.24 The Plant Room (Armor Key, Lots of Herbs)
    In here go to the pump and use the Plant Chemical, the plant will shrivel and
    die. Run around the plant and get the Armor Key and you can take the Herbs.
    Use one if you have to. LECTURE #8-Did you know you can read the notes or such
    things that you picked up. Here is how you do it, go to your Item Screen and
    go up to File. Click on it and it will take you to your files. You should have
    a tab there, the Botany Book. Click on it and read it about Green and Red
    Herbs and how to mix them the right way. I recommend you go back and forth
    with the Herbs from the Storage Room back till the Herbs are gone. When you
    are done, leave the Storage Room or Plant Room and meet in the Dark Hall on
    the Bottom of the Steps. Go into the room that is in the Hall that you have
    not been into. You will use the Armor key to get in.
    5.1.25 A Weapon Storage Room (Box of Shells, Clip)
    In this room, open the Desk and get the Shells, then get the Clip on the
    shelf. Thats it, if you don't have enough space to hold those things, make
    room in the Storage Room around the corner. Run back out and run to the
    Storage Room down the Hall.
    5.1.26 The Left Mansion Storage Room Again(Ink Ribbon)
    If you think you don't need the Beretta, then put it away because you need
    room for other stuff like Keys, so go ahead, put it away. Take the Shotgun
    instead, it will kill Zombies in one shot if you point straight up when they
    get a little close to you. Take Healings too, just in case. In the Item Box
    take the Emblem, it looks like a Shield with silver plating on it. Pick up
    the Ink Ribbon on the bed and save your progress. You will get tons, so go
    ahead, save it. After that put the Ink Ribbons away and leave the room. Go
    to the Blue Wallpapered Hall. Turn right and go past the small Hall on her
    left, keep going till you come up to a Door on HER RIGHT. Click on it and
    unlock it, she will using the Lockpick. Now go in it
    5.1.27 The Keepers Room. (Box of Shells, Clip (if needed), Keeper's Diary)
    In this room, take the Clip off the bed if you really need it, probably not.
    Go to the Desk and check it, A distraction will now occur, get rid of it and
    take the Shells in the closet. Now check the Desk and get the Keeper's Diary,
    read it to understand the game. It is interesting so read it. Leave the room.
    Turn right and go to that Door on at the end of the Hall, unlock it. It is the
    Hall where the first Zombie came out of in the Dining Room. The Zombie ate
    Kenneth here; you can check him out if you want to. Turn left from the Door
    you came in from and run to the Door on at the end of the Hall you will come
    up on her left.
    5.1.28 The Piano Room (Gold Emblem)
    In this room, run around the piano and push the bookcase and get the Music
    Notes. Go to the front of the piano and use the Music Notes. Jill will Play
    "The Moonlight Sonata" and a Door will open. Go in it and take the Gold Emblem.
    The Door will shut, put the Silver Emblem in it, the Door will reopen. Leave
    the Piano Room. Go back down the Hall and open the Door to the Dining Room on
    the left of the Hall going from the Piano Room.
    5.1.29 Back in the Dining Room (Shield Key, Blue Jewel)
    In here you put the Gold Emblem above the fireplace and the clock will stop
    ticking. Take the Shield Key from the hole where the clock moved from. Go
    around the table and get the shining Blue Jewel from the Statue you pushed off
    the Second Floor. LECTURE #9-You noticed before you got it that it was shining.
    In rooms where there are objects that will be almost unnoticeable, the object
    while shine to catch your eye. This lets you know that there is something here
    and pick it up. That goes into effect in all the Resident Evil games. Now run
    back into Kenneth's Hall then into the Blue Wallpapered Hall. Run down the Hall
    and go in the Door that you will come up to on the right, it is a small Hall.
    5.1.30 The Tiger Room (Wind Crest)
    In here go up to the Tiger and use the Blue Jewel from the Dining Room. When
    it spins pick up the Wind Crest. Leave the room (for now, you will return when
    you get back from the Guardhouse to put the Red Jewel in the get the special
    thing that is in it :O) Look at your map. You should be getting familiar with
    the First Floor as you are looking at the map. Do you see that Hall looking
    thing in the back of the Mansion, you will be in it in some time, I promise
    you. Go to the Storage Room (assuming you know were it is).
    5.1.31 The Left Mansion Storage Room
    In here, put away the Wind Crest. By now you should have the Wind and Star
    Crest, if you are getting tired (or scared) then save it and take a break. Get
    rid of the Beretta if have not because you need the space, take the Shotgun.
    You should have Shotgun w/ Shells, some Healing, and the Armor and Shield Key
    with you, that would leave you with two or more empty spaces, so no Beretta.
    If you beat the game before and ggot the Closet Key, then take that with you
    also. Leave. Go down the Hall, into the Blue Wallpapered Hall, into Kenneth's
    Hall, into the Dining Room, into the Front Hall, and then go to the Door to the
    left of the big blue Doors. You will use the Armor Key to unlock it, go in it.
    5.1.32 The Room with the Statue with a Ball (Shells, Clip)
    In this room, look on that dresser on the opposite wall from the door. You will
    see Clips on it, if you are still using the Beretta because of shortage of Ammo
    for the Shogun, then take it. Go around the counter and kill the Zombie. Run to
    the desk, unlock it, and get the Shells in it. Now run into to the Door on the
    opposite side of the Hall where the Desk is.
    5.1.33 A Bedroom (Green Herbs, Ink Ribbons)
    In here, kill the Zombie on the floor by pointing down and shooting it. Get
    the Herbs if you need it (recommended) mix them. Pick up the Ink Ribbon in the
    Stage, or whatever that thing is. If you beat the game before the right way,
    then you should have the Closet Key I told you to get in the Storage Room, use
    it on that door you see and get the secret in there. Your Inventory should be
    full, run to the Front Hall. Go into the Blue Doors, then into L-hallway, then
    the Long Hallway, Then go to the Door on the right; it is a metal Door leading
    outside. You will use the Armor Key to go inside. I should say go outside.
    5.1.34 Outside (Green Herbs)
    You are mainly going here to kill the dogs. Run around the corner a dog will
    jump, quickly kill it. You will not need the boiler at all for anything (not
    that I know of anyway) If you are bitten, use the Green Herb, and pick up more
    Herbs, fill your Inventory, if you have space, if you don't walk back towards
    the Door and kill the dog that jumps the fence, no more dogs, anymore. If you
    are bitten, get more Herbs. Leave the Outside, go down the Hall into the
    double Doors into the back room, and then go into the gray Door that you see,
    then into the Right Mansion Storage Room.
    5.1.35 The Right Mansion Storage Room
    When you get in this room, go straight to the Typewriter and save it; you
    should have Ink Ribbons, so do it. Go to the Item Box and leave with at least
    two Inventory spaces, you don't need anything special, Run up the Stairs turn
    left, and go into the 1st Door you see on the right. You will be using the
    Armor Key to get in.
    5.1.36 A Hall with Two Doors (Red Herb, Lighter, Ink Ribbons, Explos. Rounds)
    In here, go to the Door on her left, it is an office. Run up to the Bug
    Collection and press the switch. The tank will drain, pick up the Researcher's
    Will on the Desk and read it real quick. After that, move the tank towards the
    Desk and then move the shelf towards where the tank used to be. Get the
    Explosive Rounds for the Bazooka in the cabinet in the wall. Get the Ink
    Ribbons on the hanging shirt, if that is what it is, near the Door. Run back
    to the Storage Room if you have run out of space. Put away the Explosive
    Rounds and combine the Ink Ribbons with the others and put them away. You
    should have three spaces left when you are done, no need to save, run back to
    the room, but this time go to the room on the right, it is a Bedroom Get the
    Lighter on the dresser. Get the Red Herb on the Door's side of the bed. Leave
    to the Hall and go right, away from the Stairs, and go down the Hall, turn the
    corner, and into that Door at the end of the Hall.
    5.1.37 The Fireplace Room (Green Herb, 2nd Floor Map)
    Get the Green Herb and mix it with the Red Herb. Use the Lighter in the
    Fireplace and get the 2nd Floor Map. (What is the other Door for, you will
    find out when you come back from the Guardhouse.) Go out the Door and back to
    the Storage Room. Save it if you would like. Leave with the Room with the
    Keys, Shotgun with Shells and Healings of your choice. Now run up the Stairs
    and then go right and into the Door into the Red Hall. Turn left and go around
    the corner; go into the Big Green Doors around the corner.
    You will use the Armor key to get in.
    5.1.38 The Gas Chamber (Sun Crest)
    In here, move those Statues over the vents in the ground so the gas doesn't
    get to you when you push the switch. After that push the switch on the ground
    in-between the vents. Get the Sun Crest in the thing that flipped up. Leave
    the Gas Chamber. When you get out of the Gas Chamber go down the Red Hall
    toward the Front Hall, go in the Door in the left side near the Front Hall
    Door. You will use the Armor Key to get in. Discard it when it askes you to.
    5.1.39 Richard's Hall
    It will lead you into an L-Shaped Hall. Don't pick up the two Green Herbs that
    you see on the floor. Then go to Richard farther down the Hall. What happened
    to him, he seemed to have been attacked. You have to get the Serum for him. It
    is located in the Left Mansion Storage Room. So run out the Door, into the Front
    Hall into the Dining Room into the Hall up the Left Mansion Steps. Go around the
    banister and down the Stairs. Go into the Door on the bottom of the Stairs.
    5.1.40 The Left Mansion Storage Room (Serum)
    Get the Serum inside it; it will be on the Shelf next to the Storage Box. Go
    into the box and save it (that is an order). You are going to fight a boss.
    You will have the Serum. Get the Bazooka ready with one type of Rounds, GET
    THE LIGHTER, take the Shield Key to get in the attic with the Snake, and get
    plenty of Healings because you will need them, leave with at least one space
    in your Inventory. You don't need the Shotgun, so don't bring it. Leave
    prepared for a fight. Backtrack all the way back to Richard's Hall.
    5.1.41 Back in Richard's Hall (2 Green Herbs)
    Go straight to him. He will die (there is nothing you could have possibly done
    to save him, so don't feel bad when he dies) he will give you the Com. Radio
    before he actually does die. Now go and get the 2 Green Herbs and mix them, (if
    you listened to me, you would have one space in your Inventory, you used the
    Serum giving you 2 spaces left) Go into the Door past Richard with one space
    left in your Inventory.
    5.1.42 The Hall Past Richard
    When you get in this Door, kill the Zombie with the Bazooka. Run up the stairs
    and unlock the Door, using the Shield key, discard the Key. Don't go into the
    Door. Discarding the key will give you space. If you listened to me, you will
    have the Lighter. Now run down the steps and go down the Hall on your her
    right. Go into that Door at the end of the Hall.
    5.1.43 The Dark Room (Acid Rounds, Ink Ribbons)
    When you get in here, run to the candle you see on the table. Light it with
    the Lighter. Push the bookcase against the wall. Go into that opened Door. Run
    to that thing and get the Acid rounds. Hopefully you already brought the Acid
    Rounds to use against the Snake. If you didn't, go get them in a Storage Room.
    When you get them, they should combine with the other ones, (the ones Barry
    gave you earlier.) Run out the little room and check around the table in the
    bigger room. You should find Ink Ribbons. Get them. If you have 2 or less
    spaces left in your Inventory, make sure to use at least one Healing when you
    battle the snake. Run out of the room. Run down the Hall and go up the Stairs.
    Go into that Door that you should have unlocked earlier getting rid of the
    Shield Key to make space.
    5.1.44 The Attic (Moon Crest, Shells)
    This is the Snake Room. Get the Bazooka ready and loaded. Walk towards the end
    of the room and the Snake will come out its hole. (READ 5.1.45 BEFORE YOU
    5.1.45 Boss 1 "The Snake"
    To kill the Snake use the Bazooka till it runs out, then combine it with the
    Acid Rounds. Just aim at it and keep shooting it. After about 3 bites, heal
    yourself; reload every once in a while. After it stops attacking you, it will
    head back to its hole (don't keep shooting it because you will waste ammo).
    5.1.46 Victory
    After the Snakes runs back into its hole. Follow him and Run to the hole, don't
    be scared it is over, pick up the Moon Crest. Find the barrel in the room that
    has Shells on it and pick them up if you have space to. Run out the Door and
    run down the Stairs and let's say that you have been bitten, you will drop from
    poison and someone will save you. You will be carried to the Left Mansion
    Storage Room and cured from your toxins. If you are a very good player like me
    and have avoided from being bitten, then just go straight to the Right Mansion
    Storage Room and pretend it is the Left Mansion Storage Room and go to 5.1.47
    5.1.47 The Left Mansion Storage Room
    The person who saved you dragged you into here and completely cured you. Who
    was that kind person? In here, first save it, then take all Four Crests. Equip
    the Shotgun and leave with: the Crests, Shotgun w/ Shells. Feel free to fill
    your inventory. You are finished with the Mansion (for now), hooray, Run
    out the Door. Go down the Dark Hall and into the Blue Wallpapered Hall, go down
    it and into Kenneth's Death Hall, run into the Dining Room, then the Front Hall,
    then into the Blue Doors, then down the L-Hall, then in the Long Hall, then to
    the Back Room, then go down to the end of the back room and turn right, go down
    the Small Hall and into the Steal Door and welcome to Stage 2 (finally).
    5.2 The Courtyard and Guardhouse
    After you get through the Steal door, you begin the Courtyard. Check your map,
    and you will see it. You start off in the Tool Shed.
    5.2.1 The Hall to the Courtyard
    When you enter this Hall, kill the Dog you will see. That is it. Run to the
    end of that Hall. Put the Crests in the Crest holder. The Door will unlock. Go
    into the Door.
    5.2.2 The Tool Shed (Square Crank)
    No enemies yet. See that Stool. Push it in front of the shelf where you see
    those tools. Pick up the Crank on top of the shelf. Check it, so that it says
    Square Crank. Now go into the big double Doors.
    5.2.3 The First Courtyard Area (A Variety of Herbs, Garden Map)
    You will come to a lot of dogs. Kill them with the Shotgun. When they are all
    dead, your Com. Radio will beep. LECTURE #10- Your Com. Radio is used to
    communicate between all of the STARS members. Right now, it is only going to
    be used to hear Brad Vickers try to talk with any STARS members. That radio
    you have seems to be broke, possibly by the snake biting Richard. All you can
    do is click on it in the item screen when you hear it beep. Back to the
    walkthrough. Pick up two Red Herbs near the Door, then get the Green Herbs,
    make sure you leave 1 space and make sure you have a single (uncombined) Green
    Herb when you finished combining 2 Green Herbs with 2 Red Herbs. You should
    have that single Green Herb when your finished combining and 1 space left in
    your Inventory. After that, get a Blue Herb along the Tool Shed, and mix it
    with the Green Herb I told you to get earlier. You need them for an upcoming
    surprise. Leave at least one space in your Inventory. Now run ALONG the Tool
    Shed, not towards the gate, but along the wall next to the Tool Shed. Get the
    Garden Map (Courtyard Map). Look at it. Do you see that area under the
    Courtyard, you will be there much later. Right Now your focused on getting to
    the other end of the Courtyard as safe as possible. Now run back and go the
    other way into the gate.
    5.2.4 The Waterway
    No enemies, when you get in here, run along the waterway and use the Square
    Crank in its proper place; watch as the water passes through. Run down the
    Ladder over the water and then run up the Ladder. Take off running as fast as
    you can, snakes will fall from the trees and bit you. Run to the elevator and
    click the button in the back of it. It will go down.
    5.2.5 The Center of the Courtyard
    Kill the Dogs when you get down. Run to where the water is falling and click
    it, she will say that there is something behind it, what is it, you will find
    out later, way later. Run to the other elevator, where is the Battery. I will
    tell you it is one of your main goals when you go back into the Mansion from
    the Guardhouse. Don't worry about it now. Now run into the gate opposite of
    the elevator.
    5.2.6 The Passage to the Guardhouse (2 Green & 2 Blue Herbs)
    Kill the dogs. When they are dead, pick up the Herbs by the gate, if you have
    space. Combine them, and fill the rest of you Inventory. Run down the passage
    and run into the Door to the Guardhouse.
    5.2.7 The Guardhouse Entrance
    When you get in this Hall, push that Birdy Statue, by the Door, down the Hall
    and turn it right at the right corner and position it over the hole so the
    plant stem doesn't reach out of it and grab you. Go to the Door in front of
    the Door with numbers above it, it will be on her left coming from the plant
    hole. It is a Storage Room.
    5.2.8 The Guardhouse Storage Room (First Aid Spray, Explosive Rounds)
    When you get in here, go to the box and put away some Herbs, and the Square
    Crank. Pick up the First Aid Spray and the Explosive Rounds on the shelf. Put
    it away in the box. Do not save it now, even if you want to stop, you will be
    back in about 1 minute. Leave with the Shotgun with Shells and some Healings.
    When you get out the Doors, run across to the Door opposite the Storage Room
    that has 001 on the top of the Door.
    5.2.9 Dormitory 001 (Control Room Key, Red Book)
    This is the First Dormitory. When you get in here, kill the 2 Zombies in the
    room. Then run into that little Door near the Door you came in. That is a
    Bathroom. Run to the tub and check it, pull the plug and get the Control Room
    Key in it. Run back out and go into the Dormitory. Pick up the Shells in the
    desk. Run back into the room and get the Red Book on the bed. That is it for
    that Dormitory, so run back out the Door and into the Storage Room, put away
    the book, but not the Control Room Key. Save it, and get the Bazooka ready
    with Rounds, there is not a boss but something else. Run out the Door. Run to
    those big red Doors at the end of the Hall.
    5.2.10 The Clubroom
    When you get in here, run around and shoot the two big spiders with the
    Bazooka. When they are dead, run out the Door before their babies kill you,
    run real quick to the Storage Room and use the Blue Herb mixed with the Green
    Herb to cure your poisons (if you were bitten.) LECTURE #11- If you ever see
    poison in your health screen, that means you were poisoned in some way. All
    you have to do is use a Blue Herb, and you will be fine. If you don't, your
    health will slowly decrease and it might come to the point were you would die.
    If there are no Blue Herbs to be found, hopefully you were smart and listened
    to me by keeping some in your Storage Box, just run to the nearest one. Keep
    checking your health and when the helth screnn is has a red color, use a Green
    Herb or a First Aid Spray to temporarily revive your health. Until you use the
    Blue Herb to cure your poison, your health will always decrease. After you
    healed yourself, put away the Bazooka and Rounds. Run back out the Door, and
    back into the Red Doubled Doors. Walk around and search. Forget the Clip on
    the barrel, you don't need them anymore if you have good ammo for the Shotgun.
    Go to the Pol Tble a read it, it will say 345. Remember that number even though
    it is this Faqs when you mostly need it. Run out the Door and go left around the
    corner, down the Hall and go left at the corner where you put the Birdy Statue
    on and stopped the plant from grabbing you. Go into that Door.
    5.2.11 The Guardhouse Hall (Green Herbs)
    No enemies. This is a Hall, run to the end of the Hall. Push the Birdy Statue
    to the end of that little spot. Pick up all the Green Herbs and fill your
    Inventory, mixing when needed. Run back to the end of the Hall and out the
    Door, around the left corner and into the Storage Room, put the Herbs away,
    and make sure you have some and put away the Bazooka, if you haven't all
    ready, (for now). Leave with the Control Room Key, Shotgun with Shells, and some
    Healings. Run back into the Guardhouse Hall and run down it to you see a Door
    on the right, go in it.
    5.2.12 A Big Room (Dormitory 002 Key, Green Herbs (Back in Guardhouse Hall))
    When you get here, run to the back of the room and get the 002 key, pass the
    bee's nest and get the 002 key on the little table. Now, quickly run back out
    the Door before one of the bees sting you. In the Guardhouse Hall, run to her
    right to the end of the Hall. You will see a statue. Push it and get the Green
    Herbs. Fill your Inventory and go to the Storage Room and save some of the
    Green Herbs. Go back down the Guardhouse Hall and go to Dormitory 002, use and
    discard the Key.
    5.2.13 Dormitory 002 (Shells, Dormitory Map, Plant 42 Report)
    When you get in here, there is no use running to the Bathroom, it is just a
    Clip and a very unfriendly Zombie who is waiting for you to come in and eat
    you. If you fell like blowing its head off with the Shotgun, go into the Door
    and as soon as you get in, aim the Shotgun, point it up and wait till it comes
    a little close. Then shoot, the head should blow up and disappear, leaving a
    headless Zombie. Run into the room, get the Shells in the Desk and get the
    Dormitory Map on the wall (it is actually the whole Guardhouse and Basement).
    Get the Plant 42 Report on the bed. Now, see those two bookcases; push the
    left one forward, and the right one to the left where the left one was. That
    should reveal a Ladder. If you messed it up, go out the Door and back in a
    try again. Now go down the Ladder.
    5.2.14 The Basement
    Here is what you do to get across the water, first, go to the water and push
    those two Crates you see, it is simple. Now here is the hard part, go up to
    the other Crate and push it away from the way to the water, not all the way to
    the wall, just enough space so you can go around it. Now go around it and push
    it away from where the Ladder is. Push it against the wall. Now push it all
    the way down the Hall into the next wall. Then push it into the water making a
    bridge. Now your finished, run across the water. Get the Green Herb if you
    have space. Make sure you leave at least 2 spaces. Go in the Door in the
    5.2.15 The Water Room
    When you get in here, run before Neptune, the shark, hurts you, run to you see
    two Doors side by side, not the single Gray Door. Run to the Door on the left.
    Toss the Control Room Key.
    5.2.16 The Control Room
    In here, you are safe from Neptune. Find the levers on the wall. Pull them.
    The water will drain. Go to the flashing yellow light near the Door. Push the
    button. Go out the Door and go into the next Door.
    5.2.17 Some Storage Room (Dormitory 003 Key, Shells)
    When you get in this room, go pick up that Shining Key. It is 003 Key. Pick up
    the 2 boxes of Shells in the back of the room. They will be on the top shelf.
    Run out the room, and go to the double Doors you came in, if you want you can
    kill Neptune, but it is a waste of Ammo, it is now harmless. Go back to the
    Ladder and go up it, go out 002 and go in the next Door on the left running
    down the Hall. You should be in the Big Room. Run to that Door near the bee's
    nest. You can throw away the Dormitory 003 Key.
    5.2.18 Dormitory 003 (Flame Rounds, Ink Ribbons, V-Jolt Report)
    Go into the Bathroom. Kill the Zombie in it and get the Flame Rounds. Go out
    the Door. Get the Ink Ribbons in the desk in the room. Goto the bookcase and
    get the V-Jolt Report. Run back out the Door and go out the Big Room. Turn to
    her left and go down the Hall and go in the Door, go around the corner and
    into the Storage Room. Put away everything except the Shotgun w/ Shells, and a
    few Healings. Leave at least 3 spaces. Run out of the room; go around the
    corner, into the first Door on the right and into the Big Room. This time, go
    to the Door across the room from 003. Use the Punch Number Machines to the
    right of the Door. Put in 345, and go in.
    5.2.19 The Chemical Room (The Umb Chemicals, V-Jolt)
    When you get in here start mixing the Chemicals. Lecture #12-Here is what you
    do. First, get the 3 bottles; they should be shining, so you can't miss them.
    Don't get the forth one. To mix them, all you got to do is combine the bottles
    that contain the chemical I mention. Water is found in the sink, water is
    UMB#1. The UMB#2 is found on the shelf opposite of the sink. UMB # 4 is found
    on the shelf in the back of the room.
    Mix water w/ Umb #2. That will make NP-003.
    Then mix the newly NP-003 w/ Umb #4.
    That will make UMB#7. Then Umb #2 w/ Umb #4.
    That will make Yellow-6.
    Then newly Yellow-6 w/ newly Umb #7.
    That will get you UMB #13.
    Then get water and UMB#2 again and mix them to get NP-003 again.
    Then newly NP-003 w/ newly Umb #13.
    That is it. You should have V-Jolt. If you don't, try again. Go out the room and
    out the Big Room, run down the Hall to 002. Go Down the Ladder, and run down the
    basement into the Water Room. This time, go to the Gray Door that you skipped.
    5.2.20 The Root Room
    Those roots that you see hanging are Plant 42 Roots. They won't hurt you. Run
    to them and use V-Jolt, it will shrivel up. Run out the Door, through the
    basement, up the Ladder, out 002's Door, down the Hall (all the way down),
    into the Door, turn the corner of the Guardhouse Entrance, and enter the
    Storage Room. Save it. Get the Bazooka with any Rounds ready, get the Red
    Book. Get lots of Healings. What I am telling you is get ready for a fight.
    Run out the Door and take the corner into the Hall. Run to the Door on the
    right, in The Big Room, run to 003. Put the Red Book in the case and go
    through the Door that was revealed.
    5.2.21 Plant 42 Room (Helmet Key)
    When you get here, get ready to battle Plant 42.
    5.2.22 Boss 2 "Plant 42"
    This should be fairly easy if you used V-Jolt. Just point up and shoot. Keep
    moving around so the ceiling doesn't kill you. Keep checking your item
    screen so you can heal when you need to. Keep doing that till it is dead.
    5.2.23 Victory
    When it is dead, run to the Fireplace and click on it. You will get the Helmet
    Key. Run out the Double Doors and into the Guardhouse Hall. You will see
    Wesker. He will talk. After that, squish those bees on the floor. Run down the
    Hall and into the Guardhouse Entrance; go around the corner and into the Storage
    Room. Save it, if you'd like. Leave with Bazooka with all of your Rounds, good
    Healings, and the Helmet Key. Make sure you leave 2 spaces left.
    5.2.24 Back to the Mansion We Go
    Go out the Door, take her left, go of out the Guardhouse; Check the Com. Radio
    when it beeps. Go out the entranceway (Get any Herbs, but leave at least 2
    spaces in you Inventory), out the Center of Courtyard up the elevator. Run
    down the way and across the waterway, and then go in the gate, into the Tool
    Shed. Go out the Shed in the other way and into the Mansion and welcome to
    Stage 3.
    5.3 Back in the Mansion
    When you finally make it here, you will be back in the Mansion. There is a
    very good purpose why you are here. It is to get the cool new gun, and the
    Battery that will power that Elevator in the Courtyard. You will also meet a
    new enemy, the Hunter. Read up to 3.4 to know about them. Beware of them.
    5.3.1 The Backroom
    Welcome back to the Mansion. As soon as you get in, watch the video on the
    Hunter. Kill it when it gets in the room with the Bazooka. When it is
    screaming in pain, go into that Door that you have not been in, right next
    to the Gray one. You will use the Helmet Key.
    5.3.2 An Office (Magnum Rounds, Doom Book 1)
    No enemies, it is just dark. Go to the desk and find a light, hit the switch.
    Get the Magnum Rounds on the Desk and get the Doom Book 1 on the thing next to
    the Desk. Leave the room. Go to her left and into Gray Door towards the
    Storage Room.
    5.3.3 Room Under the Stairs
    When you get in here, kill the Hunter before it kills you. There is only 1
    Hunter in this room. Run towards the Storage Room and read that note on the
    wall near the Door. Go into the Door.
    5.3.4 Right Mansion Storage Room (Shells, Acid Rounds, First Aid Spray)
    When you get in here, go to the box and get the stuff on the floor. Now get
    ready for another boss fight. Even though you just battled a boss, Plant 42,
    you have to kill another one now. Get the Bazooka ready, Healings, and I would
    really recommend saving it. Leave the Storage Room. Go up the Stairs.
    5.3.5 Hall up the Right Mansion Steps
    When you get up here, kill the Hunter to her left, if you miss it, it is
    liable to jump at you taking some valuable Health off you. Run to the left
    where the Hunter was standing and go to the end of the Hall. Go into that Blue
    5.3.6 A Fireplace Room (Green Herbs (If you haven't already gotten it))
    When you get in here, get the Green Herb if you haven't already gotten it. Go
    into that Red Door you need the Helmet Key for. Ready for battle!!!
    5.3.7 Another Fireplace Room
    When you get in here, run to the Piano and check it, the Snake will come out
    and make a hole in the ground. Get ready, and battle it.
    5.3.8 Boss #3 "The Snake Again"
    Here is a familiar creature, The Snake. The way I kill it is just stand there
    and fire like hell. Heal when you need to and use the Bazooka with Rounds to
    kill it. It will die, not run away this time. It is going to take longer than
    the first time you met it to kill it. When it is dead...
    5.3.9 Victory (Passcode from Barry)
    Run to the hole and check it. Barry will come in from the Door that you came
    in from. You will talk and go down it. Barry will drop the rope by accident.
    Walk around the hole for a while. Click the Tomb. Push the switch. Walk around
    some more (about 15 seconds), after 15 seconds of walking around check the
    hole that was formed from the moving tomb, then Barry should come back, (if he
    doesn't, then you didn't follow this Faqs. This Faqs depends on him. Expect it
    to be different that when this Faqs tells you to open the Door, you won't have
    the Passcode and you will have to go around a harder way to get out. Don't
    come to me if it doesn't go your way.) After Barry talks you, go back down the
    hole and go down the Ladder.
    5.3.10 A Hall in the Basement (A Box of Shells)
    When you get in here, kill the Zombie you first see and the Zombie behind
    that. Go her right coming from the Ladder, kill the Zombie and grab the
    Shells. Go back out from the smaller Hall where the Shells are and go further
    down the Hall opposite of the Ladder. Go in that Door.
    5.3.11 Another Basement Hall (Green Herb)
    When you get in here you will hear eating, there are 2 Zombies. If you need
    Green Herbs, kill the Zombies. If you don't, then leave them alone. They will
    not bother you unless you come up to them. Go further down the Hall and go
    into that Door.
    5.3.12 A Kitchen
    When you get in here, go to your right and WALK down the way and go straight
    till you see a Zombie that looks dead (but isn't) on the floor. Kill it
    pointing down with the Bazooka. Don't go into the elevator, go back the way
    towards the Door and go around the corner till you come up to another Door.
    You will see a Zombie that wants to eat you coming down the Stairs. Kill it
    when it opens the Door. Go into that Door.
    5.3.13 The Elevator Room Where You Can't Go in the Elevator
    When you get in here, go up the Stairs and through that Hall. Check the
    elevator if you want, but it doesn't stop on that floor. Continue till you
    come to a double Door. STOP before you go in, read 5.3.14 before you go in.
    Go in when you are finished reading it. Read Twice if you have to.
    5.3.14 Back to Kenneth's Hall
    You should recognize this Hall. It is where the First Zombie in the game ate
    Kenneth. Instead, now you will see 2 Hunters that wants to eat you. Kill them
    died. When they drop dead, go down the Hall and take the second Door to her
    right to the Blue Wallpapered Hall.
    5.3.15 The Blue Wallpapered Hall AGAIN
    In here, WALK down the Hall ready to kill, a Hunter will pop out and scare you
    when you get to that corner where the Lion Head is. Kill it, No more Hunters
    in this Hall. Don't you hate those annoying Hunters? Go down the Hall and go
    in that Door on her left to the Dark Hall.
    5.3.16 The Dark Hall on the bottom of the Steps
    When you get in here, WALK down the Hall and kill the Hunter around the first
    corner. Walk further down the steps and kill the Hunter under the steps. Go to
    that Door near the Stairs. It is the Storage Room.
    5.3.17 The Left Mansion Storage Room
    In here, put away the Bazooka because you will need the space for a much
    better weapon. Save it. Leave with the Shotgun w/ Shells, Helmet Key, and some
    Healings. Make sure to have at least 2 spaces left in Inventory. Go up the
    Stairs to the Hall up the Left Mansion Steps.
    5.3.18 The Hall up the Left Mansion Steps
    When you get in here, kill the Hunter running to you, with about 2 or 3 Shots
    from the Hall that you will go to. Go down that Hall and enter the first Door
    on her left, throw away the Helmet Key and make space for something special.
    5.3.19 The Taxidermy Room (Magnum Rounds, Box of Shells, Red Jewel, Orders)
    There is a lot of stuff in this room. Don't worry, there is nothing that is
    going to kill you in this room. Go to that Little Table in the middle and pick
    up Orders and read it. Go to the dresser and get the Magnum Rounds and Shells.
    See that Stool; push it towards that Fireplace where it is directly under that
    Deer Head. Go to the Door and flip that switch and go back to the Stool.
    Careful you don't accidentally push it in the dark and go up it, click on the
    Deer and get the Red Jewel from its eye socket. Go out the Door and down the
    steps. Go down the Hall and into the Blue Wallpapered Room. Go right then left
    around the corner and go into the Door to the Lion's Head.
    5.3.20 The Lion Head Room (Colt Python)
    When you get here, go to the Lion and use the Red Jewel and get the Colt
    Python. Read up to number 4.1.5 in this Faqs to know what this powerful weapon
    can be used for. Go out the Door and go right around the corner, go to the
    Door on her left to the Dark Hall. Go down the Hall and into the Storage Room.
    You will need plenty of space. Take with you Shotgun w/ Shells, 1 Healing and
    that's it. Save it. Leave and make sure you have at least 5 spaces in you
    Inventory when you get out. Go up the Stairs. Go down the Hall when you get to
    the top of the Stairs. Go to the Door at the end of the Hall. Go in. You will
    use the Passcode to get in.
    5.3.21 A Marbled Walled Room
    When you get in here, run down it and kill the Zombie that you see eating and
    the Zombie that is eating you if you are not careful. Go down further till you
    see another Zombie at the end. Kill it of course. If you have been hurt
    recently, use the Herb to heal if you need it, make sure you have at least 5
    spaces. Go in the Door.
    5.3.22 A Hall
    In here, kill the Zombie you will come up to. Go around the corner and kill
    the Zombie near the Elevator. Go into the Door around the corner you past just
    a while ago.
    5.3.23 A Closet (Explosive Rounds, Elevator Battery)
    When you get in here, go into it and get the two Explosive Rounds and combine
    them. Get the Battery; it is to the elevator outside that has no Battery. Go
    out the Door with at least 3 spaces left. Go further down the Hall and kill
    the Zombie down near the Big Blue Doors. Go in them.
    5.3.24 The 1st Library (Magnum Rounds)
    When you get here, kill the Zombie about to eat you, then go right and go to
    that desk you see. Open it and get the Magnum Rounds. You should have at least
    2 spaces left now. Go along the wall till you see a Bookcase. Push it out of
    the way. Go into the Door that you just revealed.
    5.3.25 Study Room (Ink Ribbons)
    When you get in here, get the Ink Ribbons on the podium looking thing. Go to
    the window and see what you see. It is the Helicopter Pad that you will go
    much later into the game. You made it pretty far; you still have quite a
    while. I would say you are quite a bit further that halfway done. Go out the
    Study Room.
    5.3.26 Back in the 1st Library (Scrapbook)
    When you get out, go down that aisle directly out the Study Room and kill that
    Zombie when the view changes. Get the Scrapbook on the thing. Go further down
    the aisle, turn right, go into that Door.
    5.3.27 The 2nd Library and Back to the Right Mansion Storage Room (MO Disk)
    When you get in here, run till you see a Face on the wall with a button
    sticking out of him, push it. See the light. Now go to her left and find the
    Statue. Go in front of the state and push the button, you should be smart by
    now, so push it so the light you turns on. A room will open. Go in it and get
    the MO Disk. What is third, you will need it to save Chris, you can put it away.
    Now, go around the books and out the Door; go into the Big Blue Doors. Go down
    the Hall till you see the Elevator. Go down it. You will be back in the kitchen.
    Go into it, you should have killed the Zombie earlier, if you didn't you better
    find it before it finds you and grabs your foot and starts to chew it. Go out
    the Door into the Basement halls. You should be able to go through it with ease
    and up the Ladder, and up the Rope. Go out the room where you killed the Snake,
    and out the Fireplace Room. Go down the Hall and not to the end because you will
    meet a hunter, go down the Stairs on her right coming from the Fireplace Room.
    Go to that Door you see to the Right Mansion Storage Room.
    5.3.28 Back in the Right Mansion Storage Room
    In here, go to the Typewriter and save the game with the Ink Ribbons you got
    in the Library, put away the MO Disk and Explosive Rounds. Mix the Ink Ribbons
    and put them away. Leave with the Colt Python with Magnum Rounds, at least 3
    healing for safety, but you only need at least 2, Battery, and Square Crank.
    Go down the Hall and into the Gray Door to the Back Room. Go to her right and
    take a right down the narrow Hall and into the Door to the Courtyard Entrance,
    say goodbye to the Mansion forever in this adventure. Kill the Hunter that you
    hear walking to you, with the Colt Python. Go up the Hall and into the Door to
    the Tool Shed. Go into the Courtyard.
    5.3.29 The Courtyard
    I hope you are pretty familiar with the Courtyard by now, it is not all that
    big. When you get in here, run down the way and go in the gate. Go down the
    Waterpass and across it. Go to the Elevator and down it. Run to the Elevator
    with no Battery and put the Battery in its right place in the hole near the
    elevator. Go up it. Go down the way and back into the gate you be in just
    before. Go use the Square Crank to the Waterway and stop the water. Go back to
    the gate and go in it. Go down the way and back to the Elevator; go down it.
    See what was behind to running water, it is a Ladder to the Underground. Don't
    go down it now. Go to the gate to her left facing the Ladder to the
    Underground. Go in the gate. Run down the Passage to the Guardhouse and go in
    the Guardhouse. Go around the corner and into the Storage Room on her right.
    5.3.30 Back in the Guardhouse Storage Room
    Save it and put away the Crank. Take the Colt Python with all of the Magnum
    Rounds that come with it, and no more than 1 Healings and leave. Equip with
    the Bazooka and go to her left out the Guardhouse. Go down the passage and
    into the gate. Go back to where the Underground Ladder is and go down it and
    welcome to Stage 4.
    5.4 The Underground
    This is a very good walkthrough for the Underground. This walkthrough should
    be much easier to use and get through the Underground without getting confused
    and lost.
    5.4.1 Front Entry
    There are no enemies or anything in here so don't worry. As soon as you get in
    here, run all the way down to the end of the Hall and check out what you have
    to do. See the hole click on it, it says it is a Hexagonal Hole. You need the
    Hexagonal Crank to get through. Go back to the Ladder and go into the Door near
    the Ladder.
    5.4.2 T-Shaped Hall
    In here, you will see Barry as soon as you walk in. You 2 will talk for a
    while, when he asks you questions, say yes to them all (or the game will be
    different then the Faqs, so say yes to all of his questions). He will then
    run. You will then gain control. Take a few steps and you will here a gunshot.
    Run quickly down the Hall to her left. You will come to a Door, go in it.
    5.4.3 A Square-Shaped Room (Explosive Rounds, First-Aid Spray)
    In here, a hunter will jump up and attack. Barry will kill the Hunter. After
    the Hunter is dead, you and Barry will start talking. When you all are finished
    talking, look down the screen; do you see that thing all the way down it, go to
    it. It is a Power Generator. Get the Explosive Rounds and the First-Aid Spray
    near the Power Generator. Walk out of the Little Room and go directly to her
    left, it is a Hall. Go down it and go in the first Door you see on her left in
    the corner.
    5.4.4 Enrico's Hall (Hexagonal Crank)
    When you get in here, run all the way to the end of the Hall. You will see
    Enrico. Then you will start to talk to him. You will then here gunfire. Enrico
    was shot. Then you will here a noise while Barry is checking him, what is it.
    Barry won't be with you anymore so run towards to the Door you came in and
    when you almost get there, you will see a shining thing, pick it up, it is the
    Hexagonal Crank. You should have at least one space in your Inventory. After
    you pick up the Hexagonal Crank. Run out the Door.
    5.4.5 Back to the Hall of the Square Room
    When you get in here, kill the first Hunter that you see. Then another hunter
    will start to walk towards you, you can hear it. Run further down the Hall and
    till you come up to the Door at the end of it. Go into it.
    5.4.6 Back in the T-Shaped Hall
    As soon as you get in here, walk to the corner and kill the Hunter. Make sure
    you have at least 1 space in Inventory, go into the Door around the corner.
    5.4.7 Back in Front Entrance
    When you get in here, run to her right and go to the end of the Hall. Find the
    Hexagonal Hole on her left and use the Hexagonal Crank. Go into the newly
    opened passage and go into that Door you see.
    5.4.8 The First Boulder Room
    When you get in here, you will try to make the Boulder fall. Lecture #13- This
    is how you make the Boulder fall without killing yourself. First, run to the
    Boulder. Turn around and quickly run back to the Door. Make sure to run as
    fast as possible. If you don't you may get smashed and die. If you do get
    smashed, you will have to go back to 5.4.1 and start all over. If you made it,
    read on.
    5.4.9 The Room after the Boulder Come through (Flame Rounds)
    Run back up to where the Boulder was and when you get to the top, a Hunter
    will walk in. Kill it before it kills you. Get the Flame Rounds in the hole in
    the cement on top of the hill. Then run all the way where the Boulder smashed
    a hole in the wall and keep going till you see a double Door. Now here is what
    do should do, go into the Door.
    5.4.10 Spider Room
    When you get in here, you will become an unwelcomed guest to a big spider.
    Pause the game if want to and read 5.4.11.
    5.4.11 Boss #4 The Big Spider
    This boss should be pretty simple. Just follow what I am going to tell you and
    you should be allright in killing this disturbance. Here is what you do. First
    you simply get The Colt Python fully loaded and then you keep firing at it till
    it is dead, simple enough. It should take only 3 shots to kill it.
    5.4.12 Victory (Combat Knife)
    When the spider dies, quickly run out the Door and back in before its babies
    kill you. When you get back in, you should see a shining thing, get it. It is
    another Combat Knife. This is the only use you should have from the Combat
    Knife. Go to the Door that you see that is webbed (so you can't get in.) Equip
    with the Combat Knife and slice the webs till it is unwebbed. Equip back with
    the Colt Python. Go into the Door.
    5.4.13 Three Doored Hall
    When you get in this Hall, turn to her left. Go into the Door at the end of
    the Hall.
    5.4.14 Underground Storage Room (Ink Ribbons, First Aid Spray, Blue Herb)
    Don't you like that music; it is a Storage Room. If you were poisoned, go
    around the table and get the Blue Herb and heal. Go to the box; put away the
    Bazooka Rounds and the Combat Knife. Get the Ink Ribbons near the Typewriter
    and save it. Get the First Aid Spray on the table near the Typewriter. Leave
    with the Hexagonal Crank, Colt Python or Bazooka (depending on with one has
    good ammo) with its proper Ammo, and at the most 3 Healings. Leave with at
    least 2 spaces in Inventory. In the Hall, go to the other side real quick
    before the little Snakes give you damage. Go into that Door.
    5.4.15 2nd Boulder Room and Elevator Room
    When you walk in here, you won't see the Boulder yet. As soon as you get in
    turn to HER left and run down the Hall. Go and check out the Elevator (do
    don't go up, yet) This is the Elevator out of the Underground. Cool, you still
    have some stuff to do, so run back towards the Door and go down the other Hall
    you will see (On the right side of the Door). When you come up to the Boulder,
    slowly walk to it till you see a Hexagonal Hole on her left. You are going to
    use the Hexagonal Crank in the hole 3 times. When it is turned for the third
    time, run to the Boulder and then run to that newly formed hole real quick
    before the Boulder smashes you. If it does, then start over and go back to
    5.4.14 if you saved it, if you didn't save it in 5.4.14, then you "screwed up
    big time." Always save when I tell you to. OK, continue. When the Boulder is
    done rolling read on.
    5.4.16 The 2nd Room after the Boulder Came through (MO Disk, Underground Map)
    Go up the hill to where the Boulder was and get the MO disk where the little
    hole is. Then get that piece of paper that you see that was directly behind
    the Boulder. It is the map of the Underground (little too late, now you have
    been in all the rooms except one. Look at your map for a while, you will
    notice another room where the hole was where you hid from the tumbling
    Boulder). Go in that Door where you hid in the hole from the rolling Boulder.
    5.4.17 A Small Room (Doom Book 2)
    You have to get the Statue to the light up tile on the floor. Here is what you
    have to do. First, push the Statue towards the Door, and line it up with the
    light up tile and the wall. Go to the Hexagonal Hole on the wall (you should
    be able to find it with no problem. Use the Hexagonal Crank in the Hexagonal
    Hole 2 times moving the Statue. Now get behind the statue facing the light up
    tile and push that Statue to the light up tile. The hole in the wall will open
    up. Get the Doom Book 2 in it. Go out the Door, down the Boulder room and into
    the Door, go down the Hall real quick and down the Hall before the Snakes bite
    5.4.18 Back in the Underground Storage Room
    You are back in the Storage Room. When you get in here, put away the MO Disk
    only. Save it, you should have plenty of Ink Ribbons. Make space by putting
    away all Healings. Get the 2 Doom Books out of the Storage Box. Go to you item
    screen. Check the Doom Books (you know how to do that, click on the books and
    click CHECK) Move the book so that where the pages of the Doom Book are facing
    you, not the spine or the covers, face the pages to you. Now click on it and
    it will open. You will get a medal. Do that to both books and get the Wolf and
    Eagle Medal. You will use them to get in the Lab. Leave the Storage Room with
    the 2 Medals, Colt Python or Bazooka (whatever has good ammo) with proper
    Ammo, 2 and only 2 Healings. You should leave with at least 2 spaces. Go down
    the way with the Boulder and down that little Hall. Go down to where I showed
    you the Elevator earlier. Go up the Elevator.
    5.4.19 The Fountain Area (Green Herbs (This is all you need in here))
    When you get in here check out that Door that first draws your attention, that
    Door will never be used by you, so don't bother to try to open it. Go towards
    the pool and get those Green (and Green only) Herbs. Forget the Blue Herbs,
    you don't need them. Go towards the pool and check the walls of the pool that
    is sticking up, it is where you put the Eagle and Wolf Metals. Put them in the
    right area and watch as it opens. Go into the newly opened Door and down the
    Ladder to the Elevator. Go down the Elevator, and welcome to Stage 5.
    5.5 The Laboratory
    Welcome to the Laboratory. This is where most of those experiments are taking
    place. It is a main place in the game. It is the LABORATORY. Just follow my
    directions and you will be fine and dandy. This is also the scariest part.
    5.5.1 B1, The Laboratory Entrance
    When you get to the bottom of the Elevator, walk around the orange thing that
    says XD-R B1. Go around till you see double Doors, check it out. You will need
    these Doors at the end of the game. She says there's a plate on the right, go
    to it and read. "WILL NOT OPEN UNLESS 1ST CLASS EMERGENCY." What does that
    mean? You will find out later, when there is a First Class Emergency, if you
    don't already know what it is. Run away from the Emergency Exit and find the
    Ladder near the orange thing. Go down it.
    5.5.2 A Storage Room with no Music or Typewriter
    Welcome to the Storage Room with no Music or Typewriter. Go into the Storage
    Box and make sure you have the Shotgun with Ammo, and no more than 3 Healings.
    Leave with at least 2 spaces in Inventory. Run into the Door opposite of the
    5.5.3 B2 Hall (MO Disk)
    As soon as you walk in, kill the Zombie that you see walking to eat you alive.
    Run down the Hall, walk around the corner and kill the other Zombie walking to
    you. Don't get those Herbs you see yet. Run down the Hall and go left around
    the corner. Go to the end of that Hall and get the MO Disk on the Desk. Go to
    the Door and check it out, you can't go in yet so you go back and go down the
    Stairs you past earlier.
    5.5.4 The Main Laboratory Hall
    As soon as you get in here, don't bother with the Lab Monsters, the more you
    kill them the more they come back when you get back in this Hall again. Go
    into that double Door near the bottom of the Stairs.
    5.5.5 A Hall
    When you get in here, go to the end of the Hall, this is where you need to get
    the Passcodes to enter to save Chris later. Run back to the Door that you got
    in here with and go to that Door right by it.
    5.5.6 A Dark Room (Green Herb, Researcher's Letter)
    When you get in here, go near the Door and flip the switch, go to the back of
    the room and get the Herb, read the Picture. Go back to the front of the room,
    see the Desk, and get the Researcher's Letter, read it. When you are done,
    find the Bookshelf and push it out of the way. Flip the Blue Switch and the
    room will turn to a Blue Shade, go back to the {Picture, then read it, by
    doing this you can compare the Secret Code on the Researchers Letter and the
    Picture Translation from the Blue Switch. I won't tell you yet, so can you
    figure it out? If you can then you are a smart player. If you can't, then you
    are not too bright, I guess. If you don't care, then ignore this and move on.
    Now to move on, go out the Door that you came in with. Turn to her right on go
    back out the Door that you came in with.
    5.5.7 The Main Laboratory Hall
    When you get in here, you should just kill those Lab Monsters when they get in
    your way. When you get in this Hall, go straight down the Hall, go straight
    until you see a Double Door on her left before you turn the corner. Go into it
    before those Lab Monsters begin to make you their next meal.
    5.5.8 The Computer Room (Slides)
    When you get in here, go to the computer and log on. Here is what you do-
    When it says "Login:" Type "JOHN"
    When it says "Password:" Type "ADA"
    When it says "Select Floor" Click on B2
    When it says "Password:" Type the word from the Researcher's Letter, "MOLE"
    When it says "Select Floor" Click on B3
    After that, click on "Cancel"
    When it says "Quit?" Click on Yes
    Doing all of this would have opened that electronically locked Door upstairs
    and the Door that you would have passed on your right going towards that
    Passcode Machine. When you are logged off, go more into the room. You will run
    into something on the floor, pick it up. It is the Slides. Go out the room.
    You will not have any business in this room anymore.
    5.5.9 The Main Laboratory Hall (Ink Ribbons (If you have space to hold them))
    If you have at least 1 space in nventory, then continue, if not, then ignore
    getting the Ink Ribbons. If you ahve space, then when you get back into this
    Hall, go straight in front of you and go down the Hall, kill the Lab Monsters
    that you will pass, go passed the room with the Power Symbol in front of it.
    Keep going, killing more Lab Monsters, till you come up to a hole in the wall,
    go to the hole and check it. You will get the Ink Ribbons. If you can't get it,
    ignore it and get it when you got space. If you got bitten by a Lab Monster,
    use the one Green Herb you got from The Dark Room in 5.5.6 and get the Ink
    Ribbon, you are now going to use the MO Disk, so go down the Hall till you see
    that Double Door near the Stairs, go in it again and go down the Hall go into
    the Door that you opened with the Computer, you will see it on her right side.
    5.5.10 A Book Room (Fax (A File), Passcode #1, Ink Ribbons))
    When you get in here, kill all of those Lab Monsters. If you so happen as to
    run out of Ammo, run out the Door, turn left down the Hall, into the Door,
    turn left up the Stairs, turn left and go along where the Stairs are and into
    that Door at the end, go into the Storage Box and get some Ammo, or another
    Gun if you have to. Backtrack and go back into A Book Room. Kill those
    Monsters till they are gone. When they are gone, get the Fax that is in the
    hole in the wall, that you can't miss. Read it, it is interesting and is what
    all Resident Evil is about, the T-Virus. When you are finished reading it, go
    around the Bookcase and check out the Desk, when it asks you to, use the MO
    Disk in the Passcode Machine and get the Passcode #1. Find the Girl Bikini
    Poster that is hanging above some Crates. It should say "Excite, 1998" on the
    Poster. If you click her, you will get Ink Ribbons (you aren't actually
    clicking the Poster, just the Ink Ribbons on the Crates below the Poster). Go
    back out the Door. Turn right and go to the Passcode Puncher and she will
    punch in the Passcode. Run back down the Hall and go into the double Door you
    came in. Turn left and go up the Stairs. When you are up the steps, go down
    the Hall, not towards the Storage Box but towards the Door that you unlocked
    with the Computer. Go in it.
    5.5.11 The Projector Room (Lab Key, ?Security Documents?)
    When you get in here, go to the Projector on the table and use the Slides that
    picked up in the Computer Room. Look at the Slides. These are where I got the
    names for certain animals. Did you know Cerberus was a dog owned by a Greek
    God, you learn something new. Look at the Shark, you remember it from the
    Basement in the Guardhouse, You remember those annoying Hunters, You notice
    one creature called, the Tyrant, this is your Final Boss. Look at the Slides
    with the people, doesn't that face all the way to the right look familiar. I
    think its Wesker, but prove me wrong. When you are finished, look at the left
    side of your screen, see that box looking thing, go to it. Push the Button and
    go to that wall that was pushed and get the Lab Key. Thanks to a fan of mine,
    I heard that there is a security document on a bookshelf in the room the
    states Wesker is on the R&D team as well as some other procedures. No matter
    where I look,I did not see it. After that, Go out the Door. Go down the Stairs.
    5.5.12 The Main Laboratory Hall (Ink Ribbons (If not already gotten it.))
    When you get back in here, Go around the Hall again and you should come up to
    a Door with a Power Symbol on it. Use the Lab Key and throw it away. Go into
    the Door if you have already gotten the Ink Ribbons. If you have not, go
    around the Hall till you come up to the hole in the wall, look down in it and
    get the Ink Ribbons. Go back to that Door with the Power Symbol and go into
    5.5.13 A T-Shaped Hall
    When you walk in here, kill that Zombie you will come up to. Go dead ahead and
    into that Door straight from the Hall you came from.
    5.5.14 The Laboratory Storage Room (Flame Rounds, a Green Herb)
    When you get in here, go to the shelf and get the Flame Rounds. If you will
    look next to the Bed, you will see a Green Herb, get it. Go into the box. Get
    the Ink Ribbons out and save it. Go back into the box and get the MO Disk out.
    Leave the room with at least 3 spaces. Go back down the Hall where you first
    came in. Don't go into the Door you came in, but go into the Double Door on
    her right.
    5.5.15 The Operating Room (Red Herb, Shells)
    When you get in here, get the Red Herb in the sink. Go to the Operating Table
    and get the Shells off it. Your goal is to move the Stool to the Body
    Disposing Vent without it pushing the Button and letting the Gas out and harm
    you. Here is what you do; first, you go around the Operating Table and push
    that Crate farthest away from the Door over the Vent. Then see the Stool; push
    it away from the Door towards the wall, but enough space to push it back
    towards the Door. Push the Stool so that it is against the Crate that is
    already over the Vent. See the Crate that is left; push it away from the Door.
    When it is a little past the Operating Table, go around the Operating Table
    and push that Crate against the Stool. Then go around the Crate and push it
    towards the Monitor or what ever that thing is, stop when it is close, but not
    touching the thing. Then push the Crate over the other Vent. Go to the Stool
    on the far end of the Door. Push it towards the other Door and line it up with
    the space in-between the Crates, then push it towards the Button, if it
    doesn't fit, or Gas comes out from a Vent, or you messed up, go out the Door,
    and try again. Go up Stool and into the Vent.
    5.5.16 A Dead Body Disposal Room (Magnum Rounds, Passcode #2)
    When you get in here, go into that Shelf behind her, and get the Magnum
    Rounds. Go to the back of the room and use the MO Disk in the Passcode Machine
    and get Passcode #2. Leave the room, go out the Door to her right from the
    Vent you came in with, and unlocking the Door. Turn left and go into that Door
    with the Power Symbol. Go straight ahead and go into the Laboratory Storage
    5.5.17 The Laboratory Storage Room
    When you get back in here, go to the box and get the Ink Ribbons, I recommend
    you saving it. Mix your Magnum Rounds and take them, putting the Bazooka away.
    Leave with Colt, w/ Rounds, at the most, 4 Healings (because you might need
    them for the Power Room Creatures, (see 3.8)), and the last MO Disk, if you
    don't have anymore MO Disks, you messed up the game. There are 3 (1 in the
    Secret Room in the Library see (5.3.27) in the Second Floor of the Mansion, 1
    in behind the Second Boulder in the Underground see (5.4.14), and one in B2
    Hall of the Laboratory see 5.5.3). If you haven't got them all, and want to
    save Chris, go back to the right place and get them, if you can care less,
    then expect this Faqs to be a little different than you expect. When you get
    out the Door, turn to her left going towards the Power Room. (Make sure you
    have the MO Disk if you are going to use it.) Go into that Door.
    5.5.18 The First Generator Room
    When you get in here, kill the Power Room Creature that is running to you on
    the ceiling, aim your gun up. They are annoying, heal when necessary. I will
    tell you when you are coming up to a Power Room Creature. Turn right from the
    Door you came in. Turn the next left corner and kill the Power Room Creature
    running to you. Keep going till you see a Power Panel, use it to turn on
    blacked out areas. Go back towards the Door and pass it a little bit and turn
    to her right and go down that Hall just across the Door you came in. Keep
    going till you find another, single, Door and go in it.
    5.5.19 The Second Generator Room (Passcode #3)
    When you get in here kill that Power Room Creature that you see on the ceiling
    running to you. Go dead ahead from the Door down the Hall. You will come up to
    a Passcode Machine, use the last MO Disk and get Passcode #3. You should now
    have all three Passcodes, if you don't look up the Faqs and get them if you
    want. Go back towards the Door and go down that Hall to her left. Kill that
    Power Room Creature as soon as you make the turn. Go down it all the way. Turn
    the corner and turn the other corner, kill the Power Room Creature when the
    screen changes, you will come up to a Door. Go in it.
    5.5.20 The Main Generator Room
    You are lucky your in Beginner Mode (if you are) because there are is no Power
    Room Creatures. In Arrange, this room is loaded with them. Run around the
    Square Hall till you find the Machine with the Power to the Elevator. Turn it
    on. That is all you need from the Power Room so backtrack and find your way
    out. If you missed a Power Room Creature, which you shouldn't have, forget it
    a keep running till you are out. Go down the Hall and turn to her left, away
    from the Storage Room, go into the Main Laboratory Hall.
    5.5.21 The Main Laboratory Hall Again
    When you get in here, go around the Hall till you find the Double Doors near
    the Stairs, go into them. Kill the Lab Monsters on the way. Go down the Hall
    to the end and use the Passcodes in the Machine and the Door will unlock. Go
    into it.
    5.5.22 Chris's Dungeon
    This is where Chris is. Go down the Hall and click on his Cell Door. You will
    talk and find out that his Door is locked. You can't get in till the
    Triggering System is activated, you are not going to be the one to do it, so
    forget the Triggering System till you beat the Tyrant and the Triggering
    System will be activated by someone. Go out the Door, down the Hall, back into
    the Door with the Power Symbol, down the Hall to the Laboratory Storage Room.
    5.5.23 Lecture #14- Umbrella
    Do you have any idea what this Resident Evil Series is about. This will
    explain. A Company named Umbrella did it all. It is a company that specializes
    in Pharmacy products. They were doing projects and experiments on biological
    weapons, monsters. This is one of their places they did there experiments at,
    The Mansion. The Mansion is also called Spencer Estate. They are Headquartered
    in Europe. They have another major Laboratory in Raccoon City. You will find
    more of this out in Resident Evil 2 and 3.
    5.5.24 The Laboratory Storage Room
    When you get in here, go to the Box and get the Ink Ribbons, save it if you
    have more than 2, if you only have 1 or none, than you better be a good player
    by now. Go back into the Box, put away the Ink Ribbons, and get the Colt
    Python (if have more than 5 bullets, give or take) or get the Bazooka if it
    has good bullets. Fill the rest of your Inventory with Healings. You don't
    need any space in your Inventory yet so fill it up with Ammo and Healings. If
    you want take both guns. Go out the Door and go to her right. Kill the Zombie
    you will come up to. Go till you see an Elevator. Turn on the Button near the
    Elevator. It will turn on and Barry will come through the Door. You 2 will
    talk and decide to go down the Elevator.
    5.5.25 B4 Hall
    When you get in here, you won't have any control of Jill till you get into the
    other Room. So watch what will happen. Then you and Barry will go into the
    other Door. If Barry does not hurt Wesker and Wesker escorts you into Tyrant's
    Lab, then you did not follow this Faqs very well, you are going to get a
    different Ending. Barry should be the one going into Tyrant's Lab with you,
    not Wesker.
    5.5.26 Tyrant's Lab
    When you 2 get in here, you 2 will see that massive Tyrant. Barry will play
    with its Controls and it will come to life. Barry will be hurt and its up to
    you to hurt it. Here is what you do.
    5.5.27 Boss #5 The Tyrant
    When it starts to come to you, this is how you hurt it, run around the room
    and turn and shoot. When it gets close to you, run away before it attacks you.
    Keep doing this till it falls. Heal when necessary. When it falls, go to Barry
    and help him, you 2 will then go up out the Door and the Triggering System
    will be activated. And welcome to Stage 6
    5.6 Leaving the Laboratory
    This Stage will tell you what to do on your way out and where to go.
    5.6.1 B4 Hall
    When the Triggering System has been activated, you must leave the Whole Place
    before you are blown to smithereens. Go up the Elevator.
    5.6.2 The T-Shaped Hall
    When you get in here, Barry will nod his head and leave. Go down the Hall and
    take a left into the Storage Room.
    5.6.3 The Laboratory Storage Room
    When you get in here, go to the Storage Box, get the Ink Ribbons and
    definitely save it, this is the Last time you will get the chance to save it.
    Take with you, the Colt Python or Bazooka, and lots of Healings. Leave with at
    least 1 space in Inventory. Go out the Storage Room, and go straight ahead and
    go into that Door to the Main Laboratory Hall.
    5.6.4 The Main Laboratory Hall
    When you get in here, ignore those Power Room Monsters, unless they are in
    your way. Go around till you find the Double Door near the steps. Go in it.
    5.6.5 Hall to Chris
    When you get in here, go to the end and go into that Door near the Passcode
    5.6.6 Chris's Dungeon
    When you get in here, go to Chris's cell and open it. You two will talk and
    leave, go out the Dungeon and down the Hall; Chris will run ahead and out the
    Door. Go to the Stairs and go up them.
    5.6.7 B2 Hall
    When you get up the Stairs, you will see two Zombies, kill them. Run down the
    Hall along the Stairs and turn the corner. Kill the Zombie around the corner.
    Go into the Door.
    5.6.8 The Storage Room with no Music or Typewriter
    When you get in here, you will come up to Chris. Go to the Box and make sure
    you have at least one space left in Inventory. Go to the Ladder and up it.
    5.6.9 B1, The Laboratory Entrance
    When you get in here, you will catch up with Barry. Go into the Door that had
    that Emergency Plate on it. It will now open.
    5.6.10 The Hall to the Helicopter Landing (Another Elevator Battery)
    When you get in here, go all the way down the Hall. Brad will call on the Com.
    Radio, you can't answer back, so continue on, and you will run into an
    Elevator Battery. Keep going and put the Battery into the Hole. You all will
    then here a noise. Chris will then say, "Ladies First". You will then go up
    the Elevator.
    5.6.11 The Helicopter Landing
    This is the last place you will be in. When you get out the Elevator Door go
    to that Crate near the Door and check it. Get the Flare. It doesn't matter
    where you use it, but just use it. The Helicopter will then try to land. When
    you get your hopes up, then SURPRISE. The Tyrant will break through the
    5.6.12 Boss #6 The Tyrant AGAIN (Rocket Launcher)
    This is your Final Boss. This is going to be tough. You can't shot it. All you
    have to do is run from it. When your Time Clock reaches about 30 seconds, Brad
    will then throw the Rocket Launcher down. Pick it up, and then equip it. Then
    shoot it towards the Tyrant, then KABOOM, it will blow up and you are
    finished. Put down your controller and watch the Ending.
    6.0 The Endings______________________________________________________________
    Resident Evil has 7 different endings. If you beat the game like I told you,
    you should get the best ending for Jill, which is 3 of you leaving in the
    helicopter. I will explain the rest of the ending and tell you how to achive
    6.1 Jill's Endings
    6.1.1 Best Ending
         This is the ending in which you save Chris by getting the 3 Mo Disks and
    rescuing him from the jail cell in the Laboratory. Also to get this ending,
    you have to make sure you wait for Barry to come back after dropping the
    rope in the 2nd visit to teh Mansion, right after the snake battle.
         In this ending, Jill, Chris, and Barry take off in the helicopter.
    6.1.2 Alright Ending
         This one is if you save Chris from the jail cell using the Mo Disks.
    Also, Barry must die to achieve this ending.
         In this ending, Jill and Chris take off in the helicopter and Barry gets
    blown to pieces by the explosion of the Mansion.
    6.1.3 Not So Alright Ending
         This one is when you have Chris die. Don't get the Mo Disks,
    but wait for Barry after he drops the rope.
    	In this ending, Jill and Barry take off in the helicopter and Chris gets
    blown to pieces by the explosion of the Mansion. Jill and Barry talks to each
    other more than any other movie.
    6.1.4 Bad Ending
         This one is when both Barry and Chris Die. Don't get the MO Disks, and
    don't wait for Barry after he drops the rope.
         In this ending, Jill flies alone in the helicopter. Chris and Barry gets
    blown to pieces by the Mansion Explosion. Jill looks puzzled, I mean, if you
    had a mission like what she went through, wouldn't you be a little puzzled.
    6.2 Chris's Endings
    6.2.1 Good Ending
         This is the Ending in which you let Rebecca live, and you get the Mo Disks
    and save Jill from the jail cell.
         In this ending, Chris, Jill, and Rebecca all fly away in the helicopter.
    they probably are talking about the mission.
    6.2.2 Alright Ending
         This is the Ending in which you get all the MO Disks and save Jill from
    the jail cell, but you end up having Rebecca die.
    	In this ending, Chris and Jill fly away and Jill is on Chris's shoulder.
    Barry gets blown to pieces by the Mansion Explosion. This is the same movie
    played in the Alright Ending from Jill's Game.
    6.2.3 Not So Alright Ending
    	This is the Ending in which you dont' get the MO Disk and never save
    Jill, and you have Rebecca live.
    	In this ending, Chris and Rebecca flies away in the helicopter and Jill
    gets blown to pieces by the Mansion Explosion.
    6.2.4 Bad Ending
         This is the Ending in which you don't get the MO Disks and not save Jill,
    and you have Rebecca die.
         In this ending, Chris gets away in the helicopter by himself and Jill
    and Rebecca gets blown to pieces by the Mansion Explosion.
    6.3 The Truth
    The truth is that all of these ending are wrong. The true ending, which you can
    figure out by playing the sequels to the Games is (updated v19.1)
    6.3.1 The Super Ending
         Jill, Chris, Barry, and Rebecca escapes in the helicopter. They may be a
    little tired, but they want their investigations on this matter to continue.
    Wesker still somehow manages to live, this can be found in the Resident Evil
    Code Veronica 2nd Edition. This has Wesker as a character. He injects himself
    with the T-Virus before going out on this mission. So when he was killed, the
    T-Virus inside of him brought him back to life. Resident Evil Director's Cut,
    Dual Shock Edition is a little old, so I can use the sequels to still help
    figure out this game.
    Also about the endings, if you beat the game within 3 hours, then you get the
    Infinite Rocket Launcher. But that is nearly impossible with this Faqs, I take
    you into every single room, except the Closet Room in the Mansion, which you
    have to beat and have saved Chris inside the Laboratory.
    7.0 Resident Evil Sequels____________________________________________________
    7.1 Resident Evil 2
    Here is a little thing of Resident Evil 2. I got that game for my computer and
    Playstation. It is awesome, but I still like Resident Evil Director's Cut. It is
    a good sequel to Resident Evil.
    7.1.1 The Characters
    Leon Kennedy (New Raccoon PD Recruit)
    Ada Wong (someone Leon meets)
    Claire Redfield (Chris's Sister)
    Sherry Birkin (William Birkin's daughter, roams around the RPD)
    Annette Birkin (Sherry's Mom)
    William Birkin (Annette's Husband, infects himself with the G-Virus, becomes
    Chief Iron's (Cheif of Police RPD)
    Mr. X (Big Guy Wearing Grey Suit, very Powerful)
    7.1.2 A Really Quick Walkthrough
    You first start off outside, you make your way to the Police Department, find
    all the Stones and go Underground, beat a boss where is eyeball is in his arm
    en you will find your way into the Large Umbrella Lab. You will then beat have
    to find an antidote to Sherry because she catches the newly formed socket.
    Make your way through the Underground Sewers, flooded with water. Then you go
    into the Labs and blow it up. It is where the G-Virus is. You have to beat a
    powerful boss, a then the game is over, pretty neat.
    7.1.3 More about the Sequel to Resident Evil 1
    This game is an all right Sequel to Resident Evil 1. I have the Platinum
    Version, which can be only found on the PC. In this game, you play new
    characters, Claire and Leon. Claire is Chris Redfield's sister. She came to
    Raccoon City looking for her brother. Leon is a Rookie Cop at the Raccoon Police
    Department and he is on his first day at the job. Leon and Claire bump into each
    other at a restaurant. Leon saves Claire from an attacking Zombie. They escape
    into a Police Car and drive away. They drive down one street to the end and stop
    at an intersection. The whole town is infested with the T-Virus. They see behind
    them a speeding Truck out of control and run out their doors. The Truck slams
    into the Police Car and it blows up. Then the Game begins.
    7.2 Resident Evil 3 Nemesis
    Here is another little thing on Resident Evil 3
    7.2.1 The Characters
    Jill Valentine (Main Character)
    Carlos Oliveira (A new guy who is an Umbrella Mercenary)
    Nicholai (Another Mercenary)
    Mikhial (Another Mercenary)
    Nemesis (Big Big Bad Guy)
    7.2.2 A Really Quick Walkthrough
    You first start off being blown from a window. Then you are chased into a door
    into a warehouse. You run through it and run through the city till you make
    your way to the Raccoon Police Department, the same as in Resident Evil 2.
    Then you get what you need and run out. You meet a man named Carlos and you
    escape the city in a Trolley. You crash and make your way into The Clock
    Tower. You make your way out and is infected with the T-Virus. Carlos takes
    over and gets the Vaccine in the Hospital and saves you. You make your way out
    and into the Park into the Graveyard. You get a Key and leave the Park and
    make your way into an Old Factory, which is actually another (small)
    Laboratory. The Laboratory in Resident Evil is the largest. You kill a big
    Monster there and escape the City. I am not going to tell you what happens
    from there on, you will have to find out yourself. By the way, a big Monster
    named Nemesis follows you the whole way and pops out of nowhere and fights
    you. He is after STARS Members and wants you all dead. He is like a boss and
    comes out about 10 times, maybe more, maybe lees. There are other bosses like
    the huge Worm. Well that's all about this game.
    7.2.3 More about the Sequel to Resident Evil 2
    All this time, a little after Resident Evil 2 happened, Jill was hiding out in
    Raccoon City. There is an explosion and she comes flying out a window. Zombies
    are chasing her. So runs into a Warehouse and hangs out there for a while with
    a person named Dario. She decides to leave and the game begins. Meanwhile,
    Umbrella dispatches Mercenaries to help and save serviving victims. On
    Mercenary named Carlos is the one you will bump into in the game.
    7.3 Resident Evil Code Veronica
    Here is another little thing on Resident Evil Code Veronica.
    7.3.1 The Characters
    Claire Redfield (Chris's sister)
    Chris Redfield (You play him later)
    Steve Burnside (Young Umbrella prisioner, that sorta teams up with you)
    Alfred Ashford (Bad News)
    Alexia Ashford (Real bad news)
    7.3.2 A Really Quick Walkthrough
    You first start off on Rockford Island in a prison. The guy who captures you
    releases you and you wonder off in to the island. You make your way out of the
    prison and into The Palace. Their you meet Alfred Ashford, owner of Umbrella,
    and a very naughty guy who wants you to die. When you find nothing else to do
    in The Palace, you make your way out, and into the Military Facility. While
    their, you get a key component, and you go back to the Palace into a secret
    room which leads you to the Private Resident. You finish that getting a key
    component and You go to the airport, board a plane, and leave the island, only
    to find out it isn't as easy as you think. When your plane is being taken over,
    it crashes in another Umbrella Facility in Antarctica. While their you discover
    new stuff, and try to leave the Lab their. You beat another boss, and you take
    off in a snowmobile only to get caught again and taken back to the Lab. Then
    Chris's adventure starts, he rows a boat into Rockford Island. He searches only
    the Military Facility and makes his way on board a huge jet. He finds out where
    Claire is a flys the jet all the way to Antarctica. He searches al throughout
    he Lab, and then finds Claire. He releases her, and they both find out a new
    beast, Alexia. Both of you end up fighting her, and hope to win. When you beat
    her, then you run and find a jet, and leave the Lab before it blows up. The End.
    7.3.3 More About the Sequal to Resident Evil 3
    This game starts out showing Claire what she did in the Paris Lab of Umbrella.
    She destroys the place, and all the Umbrella workers go after her. Then one guy
    catches her, and sends her off to Rockford Island, where she stays as a
    prisoner. Rockford Island is then attacked, and the guy who captures her, lets
    her go. Alfred Ashford thinks Claire wanted to be caught on purpose, to lead her
    people to attack the island. Claire denies it, but Alfred don't believe her, and
    he makes her visit torturous. In the special version, the complete version, you
    actually meet Wesker, he is a mutant human, and very dangerous. He is after the
    T-Veronica Virus, which is only found in Alexia. He confronts Claire and gets
    ready to kill her. He is then disturbed, and so he decides to leave her alone,
    for now!
    7.4 Resident Evil 0
    Here is a little thing on Resident Evil 0
    7.4.1 The Characters
    Rebbecca Chambers (from Resident Evil 1)
    Billy Coen (Umbrella Co. prisoner)
    Dr. James Marcus (Leech Man)
    William Birkin (you find more out about this guy)
    Albert Wesker (same here)
    7.4.2 A Really Quick Walkthrough
    You first start off in a helicopter. It blows up and crashes and you are
    stranded All you team members get lost and you find this guy, Billy. You both
    take off in this train which then moves and speeds away. I work your way out of
    the train and it crashes into this building close to the Lab In Resident Evil 2.
    You even go into it. You make your way through all these weird halls and places,
    then you end up in the basement. You go through the torture rooms. You go back
    to the Lab. You make your way to the observatory and to a church. You see places
    like a library and a surgery room. After that, you go back to a Lab. Then you
    beat a final boss, its over.
    7.4.3 More About the Prequel to Resident Evil 1
    Its starts off when Bravo Team takes off in their helicopter responded to the
    misteries in Raccoon Forest. You meet Billy Coen. Rebecca and Billy you can
    switch to any one of them you want to play. There are a lot of puzzles you need
    them both to do. Especially ones you need to have one person in one place and
    another at the other place. Another thing, there are no item boxes in this game.
    You can leave anything anywhere and it will stay there till one of you come pick
    it up. These making the game a lot more realistic. In true life, you do you not
    have an item box you can leave stuff in and pick it up some other time in the
    game. Also you meet that wierd leech guy. He later becomes a boss, but he is
    definitely a pain in the ass throughout the game. You uncover a lot of secrets
    of Umbrella Company, and also find more out about Albert Wesker and William
    8.0 Resident Evil Movies____________________________________________________
    I decided to do a little section on the Resident Evil Movies since they are
    based on the games. All of this is from my very own research from viewing the
    movie and I did not get anything off any website or anything.
    8.1 Resident Evil
    8.1.1 Resident Evil vs. The Movie
    The movie is based on the game, but the main difference is that they do not use
    any characters or anything from the games. They have whole new characters with
    whole new objectives. The movie is set before all the games, since it says, the
    events leading.
    8.1.2 The Beginning Of The Movie
    The movie starts off in a huge Umbrella Lab called the hive. It is a huge,
    running network of researching. One of the workers, throws a glass vile of the
    T-Virus, the virus responible for creating all of those creatures, and when
    inhaled by humans, they turn into the living dead, ZOMBIES. The virus gets out
    and spreads everywhere. The main computer, Red Queen, scences it and activated
    the emergency shut-down system which all the door are locked down. Most everyone
    in the Lab is infected. A team is sent out to investigate. The entrance to the
    Lab is through the Mansion. I found out that the Mansion is not the same one you
    see in RE1. In the bottom of the Mansion is the train, which leads to the Lab.
    They enter it and make their way through the hell, to the Main Red Queen
    chamber. They have a little challenge getting to her. The make their way through
    all the corridores, which surprizingly nothing in their way. Where has everyone,
    everything gone?
    8.1.3 Further On
    They tamper with the Queens computer and she shuts down, and all the doors in
    the Lab are reopened. Which releases all of the creatures, and zombies. That is
    when the fun begins. They have to go all the way back through the Lab and out to
    safety, want to know what happens, watch the movie.
    8.1.4 Sidenotes (quick explaination to many things in the movie)
    In the movie, before I mentioned, the entrance to the Hive, Lab, is through a
    Mansion. It isn't the Mansion in RE1, In my last update, I said it was, but I
    was wrong. In the game, you will not hear of this Lab or anything, because it
    was kept super secret, and when they made RE1 in 1996, they did not have this in
    any plans, so it is not there in the game. Also, in the movie, they describe the
    Lab as this huge underground building. It even shows a nice 3D computer model of
    it. Now, if I am not mistaken, in RE2, if you played it, the Lab in that game,
    is a huge underground building that is accessable by a large elevator in an
    abandoned warehouse. So if you play RE2, and when you reach the Lab, you may
    think that is the Hive. But in the movie the Hive seems much larger. So it
    cannot be the Lab from RE2. One last thing, the train they used to enter the
    Hive is the same exact train you escape the Lab with in RE2, the Alexie-5000.
    Because if you watch the ending video to RE2, when Leon or Claire jumps onto the
    train, their is a quick scene which shows the train going forward and way behind
    the train, you can see a tunnel that it is coming from, the tunnel that probably
    leads somewhere else. It may lead to the Hive, or to another Lab in Raccoon
    City. Never under estimate the size of Raccoon City. It is huge. Lots of
    buildings and such. so there can be tons of spaces between the Lab. Also the
    Mansion in RE1 is way out there in the woods, all by itself. Also, when you meet
    Alice, she was knocked out cold in a shower in the Mansion. She gets up and
    doesn't remember anything. But throughout the movie, she has flashbacks as she
    slowly gains her memory. If you paid close attention to the movie, you will have
    noticed the Red Queen, artificial intelligence computer that uses its
    intelligence to defend the Lab. Well, the movie gives it away immediately what
    triggered her to shut down the Hive, when that dude throw the T-Virus and it
    spreaded through the air vents. What was that guy after who did that anyways???
    That and more you will find out later in the movie. So the soilders detected
    that the Hive was closed and was sent to investigate why, so they don't know
    about the incident. They pick up Alice from the Mansion, who by the way worked
    for Umbrella. She lived at the Mansion, to give it a residence so people
    wouldn't wonder what that big building was for. She was also posted their to
    protect that secret entrace into the Hive. They go in and make it to the Red
    Queen. But, they shut her down before she can even have the chance to explain
    what happened, also, shutting her down was a big mistake. It unlocked all of
    the Hive. I highly advise you to watch the movie if you already havn't.
    8.1.5 Conclusion (*********MAJOR*SPOILER*ALERT*********)
    To conclude to the movie section. At the end, most of the soldiers die. The
    only one left is Alice. She was put to sleep trying to save one of her friends
    who was being dragged in a Lab. She wakes up in the hospital, probably months
    later. She breaks out and walks outside to see the whole town changed. You
    watch a way cool video of it zooming out looking down the streets of Raccoon
    City (which by the way, it is actually Toronto, in Canada) This is when it ends,
    and the new movie, Apocalypse should kick in. But going earlier. Before they
    escape the Lab, they come face to face with this huge creature, we seen in RE2
    as the Licker. But in the movie, the Licker is much larger, and tougher. You see
    it break out earlier in the movie when they were shooting everywhere in the
    basement when the zombies were attacking. You see in throughout the movie here
    and there. But it makes its first attack on Spence when he is trying to
    antivirus himself as he tries leaving the Hive. He is killed instantly, very
    grusome. When the others try leaving, they make it to the Train, and take off.
    But they aren't going to get away that easily. the Licker makes its appearence.
    Also, Rain turns into a zombie, making it tougher for the other 3 remaining.
    They stop Rain, and kill the Licker into what I call a cool special effect.
    8.2 Resident Evil: Apocalypse
    8.2.1 Resident Evil 3: Nemesis vs. The Movie
    This movie you can easily tell was based mostly off Resident Evil 3: Nemesis.
    But the movie goes in a different direction then the game.
    8.2.2 The Beginning Of The Movie
    The movie starts off in Raccoon City before the incident that lead to the city's
    destruction takes place. The scientists who go in to investigate what happened
    at the Hive, open it up to find zombies coming after then, and eats them up.
    Thats real smart, now the virus is loose. The computer was trying to contain it.
    Now the virus is loose. Alice is currently going under heavy expirementation in
    Umbrella's Lab. Umbrella realizes the seriousness of this event and sends out
    there evactuation team to remove important residents of Raccoon City.
    8.2.3 The Virus Spreads
    The virus spreads throughout the city and zombies are showing up everywhere. The
    team came in and got everyone they want. Well, almost everyone. On the black
    Suburbans who went to the school to get the girl, had a collision with a runaway
    truck and flipped. She lived and got out. She ran off. Jill Valentine, being
    fired from what happened after the Mansion incident, (read up on Resident Evil 2
    for that story), all of a sudden became unfired. She, having all that hatred
    returns to work, only to find the zombies almost over taking the Raccoon Police
    Station. She goes in and with a few shots, kills most the zombies in there. The
    town is slowly over taken. Umbrella sends out a team of mercenaries to rescue
    the mans daughter. Alice, with superhuman powers in awaken and released into the
    city. Nemesis is deployed into the city. Nemesis' powers are shown when he kills
    all those STARS members in that building, and leaves an armed citizen, non-STARS
    alive who was in the middle of the group. Jill Valentine at the front gate,
    helps out people who are trying to leave the city. Then some dude makes it up to
    the front gate infected. Umbrella taken action, locks it so no one can escape,
    the crowd goes exstatic, so the Umbrella Guards starts shooting into the crowd
    and they all back up and run, along with Jill Valentine. Jill is escorted with
    some STARS guy not mentioned in the game, he is bitten and infected. They meet
    up with a news reporter who is filming everything. They run into a church where
    they see some wierdo. They run into some Lickers in the church, and Alice comes
    in and saves them. The 4 of them leave the church and run into Nemesis. Nemesis
    seeing Alice as moderate threat, starts attacking. She runs into a building and
    Nemesis shots a rocket in her direction, which she dodges, and Nemesis believes
    shes dead and takes off. She meets with Jill and the others and they walk around
    and hears phones ringing. Alice picks up and its the guy with his daughter stuck
    in the city. "Save my daughter and I will get you out." The STARS man becomes
    infected and has to be put down sometime in the movie. They go to the school
    thinking shes in there. The run into a few monster dogs and find her. They
    escape and run up to the helicopter platform. While this is happening, the
    mercenaries are all killed one by one, except for one, Carlos.
    8.2.4 Alice vs Nemesis
    While up on the helicopter platform, Alice runs into the madman Umbrella worker
    who wants nothing but ultimate bioweapon. Who will it be, Alice or Nemesis. Well
    they battle it out, who wins, watch the movie. When its over, they take off and
    the city blows up. You think the movie ends there, as Resident Evil 3: Nemesis
    does after that scene. Well, that is a negative. Movie goes on. Get it to watch.
    8.2.5 Sidenotes (quick explaination to a few things in the movie)
    Well there aren't much, because this movie is way easier to understand then the
    first one. Alice becomes a product of Umbrella and turned into a superhuman.
    Pretty simple. Jill tried to warn the town about the virus's of the Mansion, but
    as Marvin from Resident Evil 2 says, "No one believed them." When the virus
    spread, Umbrella, of course, wants there important people and send a huge convoy
    in to get them. All but one fails, so there is a missing little girl running
    around. The father want his daughter saved, because they are both infected with
    the virus in a good expirement, which saved them both. I believe they are immune
    to the virus as they are carrier's themselves. They bargain with Alice and Jill
    Valentine to sae her. They find her, bring her where she gots to go, and she is
    saved. Easy, and simple, very nice story.
    8.2.6 Conclusion
    The game ends with Alice again, expiremented on. she was killed in a helicopter
    crash and brought back to life. She is flushed of her memories. Then she
    remembers everything all of a sudden, and takes over the scene. She escapes and
    gets into a truck with Jill. This movie goes way off the game so no use in try
    to go in deptch comparing them. I really liked this movie though, if you havn't
    seen it yet, then go out and get it.
    9.0 Goodbye__________________________________________________________________
    Well this is the last of these Faqs. I hope you enjoy them. It took me several
    weeks, because I needed another TV to make the walkthrough. I enjoyed making
    it. I more than likely will mail you back. I did not steal anything from
    anyone's site or any other place. If these Faqs matches some stuff from your
    Faqs, then we must have researched the same thing. If you still think that, E-
    Mail me and I will discuss it with you. I am not a thief, I would not steal
    any work from anyone, just E-Mail me if you think I did and I will give you
    the information on how I got it, Remember, this is my first Faqs, it is
    probably going to be my only Faqs. There will probably be a lot of Faqs
    released for this game later, but always remember, this was the first. Thanks
    for reading this :O)
    9.1 Thanks to
    I would like to think you for reading this and using it
    I would like to think Playstation Company for making a system that can play
    games like Resident Evil Directors Cut.
    I would like to think whoever posts these Faqs on their site with my
    permission first!!!
    I would like to thank the 346 people E-Mailing me to say those things on the
    Guardhouse floor is bees.
    I would like to thanks anyone else who contributes to my faqs, to keep me
    updating them.
    9.2 The Final Good-byes
    You all who read these Faqs, this is it, have a good time using it and thanks
    for reading it. E-Mail me if you have any questions or comments, or critisisms.
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