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    Item/Weapon/Enemy Guide by SparkyCoulter

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    Resident Evil Director's Cut (DC) (Ver. 1.0) copyright 2012
    Weapons, Monsters and Healing Items Guide
    In Depth Guide/FAQ By Micah Coulter (Sparky) (Cease2exist320@aol.com)
    I. Introduction
    II. Weapons
    III. Monsters
    IV. Healing Items
    V. FAQ
    VI. Rights and Acknoweledgements
    I. Introduction
    Horror is back with a brand new wrap! Many out there have by now at least 
    played Resident evil, especially #5 or operation raccoon city, but by then, No
    body ever remembers where it all began.
    Back in the day, 1998, Resident Evil hit the shelves to introduce the newest
    genre of video gaming in the history of all video games.
    Without that step, Silent hill or any other Survival Horror games would not be
    possible. Resident Evil Defined the genre that most people nowadays still 
    I must say as a child i stumbled upon this game Accidentally, at a game rental
    shop, and boy do I remember how i felt when i saw my first ever zombie!
    Back then, I knew nothing of RE or Zombies for that matter, and graphics for 
    the PSX back then were the most "Realistic" thing we had and i was Six at the
    time, So fleeing from the room with Urine on the front of me and crying was 
    just the "Normal" routine of a bad video game rental.
    Nowadays, RE is Unheard of. But those who are still playing it want to 
    Know about some of the monsters and weapons in the game so lets get
    Down to buisness with this Guide, and tell you a little about the collectively
    cool Critters, Gizmos and what not you come across whilst playing RE.
    II. WEAPONS                   I
    Slow to the draw, Medium speed in action and range is just too darn close.
    Alot of guides automatically reccomend you launch it into the first Item box 
    that you come across but i Actually reccomend carrying it as a main weapon
    for those who both mastered the controls as well as the game.
    Its relatively slow during attack, especially when considered alongside the
    Beretta. But, one thing will ring true to the end, The Knife never runs out
    of bullets, making it more useful than once thought. It is reccomended to 
    do alot of running when carrying it as your main weapon as it is not very
    reliable when you get cornered. While inflicting little damage and no 
    knockback power, it seems to be ineffective against anything more than
    So fighting when it is Unnecessary is Pointless and sure to get you Killed.
    Zombie- 3 to 4 stabs to down one, 6-10 stabs to kill.
    Crow-1stab to kill.
    Cerberus(Zombie Dog)- 1stab to down, 5-10 to kill.
    Hunter- 6-15 stabs to kill. Pointless to exchange blows with it as it will
    Kill you. It doesnt seem to notice your stabbing it, so better to run from
    Chimera- N/A
    Spider-5-12 stabs to kill.
    Your main sidearm during the first half of the Game. Later on it becomes
    Unreliable and useless as the enemies turn to mainly Hunters and Cerberus.
    Its main use is to kill zombies and Cereberus as well as crows. Ammo is 
    plentiful for it, but like i said its not as protective after the first part 
    of the game. Still, its more reliable than the Knife.
    The Ultimate self defense weapon for Close-mid Ranges. Aiming up when a 
    Zombie is close will send it to the Permanent afterlife. Its power is second
    to none and it will kill any enemy other than bosses in less than 8 shots.
    zombies will die in less than 4 and hunters less than 5. Super powerful,
    but the rate of fire is decreased due to its Recoil. Ammo is rarer than the 
    standard 9mm Clip, but they become more frequent later in the game.
    Only Jill gets this weapon, its recovered beside forest in 2F mansion.
    its ammo is Very rare during the first half of the game. Ammo varies, from
    Explosive rounds, Flame Rounds and Acid Rounds. All three kills a hunter in
    less than 3 shots. Acid kills them in one shot. Its very effective against 
    hunters, and Chimeras, but range is Mid way and shouldnt be used on lesser
    weaker enemies. Ammo becomes More frequent but is even rarer than the 
    shotgun's ammo.
    Colt Python
    Kills everything in one shot and even bosses in less than 20 shots.
    Ammo is Unheard of and almost relatively scarce. Best for use against
    Hunters, Chimeras and save most ammo for the bosses. 
    Both Chris and Jill get this Weapon. Its Design makes it look like a 
    357. Magnum.
    Rocket Launcher
    Only encounter it at the end of the game. Kills every Single enemy
    including bosses in one shot. Modeled after an old time weapon.
    Some have unlocked it by completing the game under 2 hours, with an A rank.
    III. Monsters
    Zombies- The undead Human occupants of the once scientific Mansion. Their
    undead moans and shuffling immediately gives away their prescence, though they
    only Make noise if they go on the attack mode, so if they see you, Either
    prepare for a fight, or run like hades. Most common enemy in the game.
    Cerberus- The Experemental dobermans of the scientists in the underground
    lab. Its impossible to knife it effectively without proper timing as it will
    leap on you to attack, better to run from these beasts, the clicking of their
    claws and the occasional growl gives them away immediately. Encountered
    more frequently later on in the game, shortly after the beginning.
    Hunter- Giant mutated frogs, these things are deadly. Large clumping
    noise gives you away to their presence, Run in a zig zag sweeping pattern
    cuz if they connect the flying leap, your decapitated. They are
    seen later on in the game, as they replace the zombies presence.
    Crows- Not common in the game, only seen every now and then. 
    Youll hear their Caws when they are in the same room with you.
    They inflict very very little damage,  so there is no worries. Most attacks
    from them are avoidable as long as you use your knife to kill them
    and dont run towards them they will stay where they are. Gunfire
    will cause them to swarm you.
    Spiders- Giant T-virus infected Terantulas. They will poison you causing you
    the trouble of finding a blue herb. They will kill you and only encountered
    three times in the game. Youll here several muffled thuds in succession
    that will alert you of their presence.
    Neptune- Sharks that are in the basement, Cannot be killed to my knoweledge
    without Draining the water first, Then, 1 knife stab is all it takes as they 
    Flop helplessly on the ground.
    Snakes- Encountered twice underground and once in the courtyard.
    Will poison you but inflict little damage biting. They tend to come
    from nowhere.
    Yawn- Giant snake that you have to kill, he's unavoidable and is a difficult
    boss if you dont know how to run and gun. I killed it with nothing but a 
    knife and as i remember, it was 40+ hits to kill it. Good luck
    Knife onlies!
    Chimera- Monkey like leech covered purple creepy apes that crawl on the 
    ceiling. They make a tapping noise and a funny hiss to alert you
    of their presence. they inflict serious damage so stay alert.
    Only encountered in the Lab.
    IV. Healing items
    There are numerous healing items in resident evil, The most common being
    the Green herb. The most rare, of course, the First aid spray. By combining
    herbs, You can heal yourself more effectively and it allows you to conserve
    Healing items.
    Greenherb- Heals 25HP on its own. Heals wounds.
    Red Herb- Doesnt do anything healing wise on its own. By combining it with
    green herb, it doubles the healing power.
    Blue Herb- Cures poison, Becomes rather frequent later in the game when
    more poisonous enemies are introduced.
    First Aid spray- Heals your character completely. Doesnt cure poison.
    V. FAQ
    Can you beat Re knife only?
    Yes you can, many people have. All it takes is practice, timing, and
    Knoweledge of the enemy.
    Herb combinations 
    G+R+B= Heals you completely. Cures poison.
    G+R= Heals you halfway
    R+B= Provides no healing, Cures poison.
    G+B= Heals minor wounds, Cures poison.
    G+G+G= Max restores health.
    Get Creative! theres not many more combinations but conserving heath items is
    Your key  to surviving RE. Dont use first aid sprays or blue herbs when
    your minorly wounded or not poisoned. Combine red and green herbs
    rather than 2 green ones as the green herbs become scarce
    during Mid game.
    VI. Rights and acknoweledgements
    I'd Again like to thank Capcom for their extensive work to create Such a 
    wonder ful game.
    I'd like to thank me for all the extensive work time put in to creating this 
    Guide, and would like to thank those who read it.
    This guide is a copyright and is protected as such. I am the owner, it
    shall not be posted on no other site but GameFAQ's.
    Resident Evil Directors cut is property of capcom, all items, monsters
    and everything listed in this guide is their work, not my own. I wrote this 
    guide, and it is my work, but Capcom owns RE DC and all things about
    RE therein this guide.
    Thanks GAMEFAQ's for all your work and help!

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