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    Saturday, January 22, 2000
    Author: paranoidxe
    Email: paranoidtsi@hotmail.com
                          -[ DIFFERENCES GUIDE ]-
    Well there is no disclaimer for the FAQ...I dont care what you do with it! Heck
    I dont care if its put up on a Porno Site! You can print this and Distrubute it.
    I really dont care. There is only one rule you cannot try to make money off of
    selling this (I dont know who would be dumb enought to buy it though)
    Why Am I Doing this?
    If you are like me, a HUGE RE Fan, you may have Resident Evil 1 already, but
    you've seen Director's Cut for a really cheap price somewhere and are debating
    weither to get it or not. This will explain the differences from the orignal
    version of Resident Evil.
    This may also be used as help. For Example if you already played Resident Evil
    and know everything, but the little modifications throw you off, this will help
    you locate some of the changes in the Locations of Items.
                    -[ CHANGES IN -> ITEM LOCATIONS ]-
    RE - Orignal Resident Evil
    DC - Director's Cut Resident Evil
    Broken Shotgun
    RE: The Broken Shotgun in the orignal is located in the Vacant Room.
    DC: In the Director's Cut Edition, the Broken Shotgun has been moved to the Save
    Room Under the Stairs.
    Wind Crest
    RE: Wind Crest is located in the Tiger Statue Room, where you must use the Blue
    Jewel to get it.
    DC: Wind Crest is located in the Painting Room, after you complete the Painting
    Star Crest
    RE: The Star Crest is located in the Large Gallery
    DC: The Star Crest is located in the Statue that you push off the 2nd floor in
    the Dining Room.
    Armor Key
    RE: Armor Key is located in the Greenhouse, where you use the Chemical to
    destroy the plant.
    DC: Armor Key is located at the Terrance where Forest's Zombie is located.
    Colt Python
    RE: Located in the Tiger Statue Room, after you use the Red Jewel on the Tiger
    DC: Colt Python is located in the Vacant Room On the first floor.
    RE: Located in the Save Room under the stairs.
    DC: Located in the Boiler Room at the end of the hall.
    Sun Crest
    RE: Located in the Armor Room.
    DC: Located in the Greenhouse, on the sheild on the wall.
    RE: Found above the Fireplace
    DC: Found in the Armor Room
    Control Room Key
    RE: Located in the 001 Bathroom
    DC: In Director's Cut it is located under Plant 42's roots.
    Helmet Key
    RE: Found after defeating Plant 42.
    DC: Found in the Storage Room where the Sharks are.
    Doom Book I
    RE: Located in the Study
    DC: Located in the Hidden Library
    Lab Key
    RE: Found in the Conference Room
    DC: Found in In the Rotating Hall.
                  -[ CHANGES IN -> APPEARANCES ]-
    Jill Uniform
    RE: A regular S.T.A.R.S Uniform, with blue shoulder pads, and blue pants, white
    DC: Jill has a sleeve-less white top, black boots, blue pants, and black gloves.
                 -[ CHANGES IN -> FUNCTIONS/ENEMIES ]-
    RE: In the orignal this feature doesn't exist, you had to manually Aim for an
    DC: In this version a new very useful feature is added, now with your character
    the gun will automatically aim at enemies, may make it too easy for people that
    like challenges.
    In Resident Evil: Director's Cut, there is more enemies than the orignal,
    perhaps to make it so it isn't too easy to use the Auto-aim feature. You may
    find new enemies in unexpected locations.
    This guide is intended to help you to decide if buying Resident Evil: Director's
    Cut is exactly worth it or not.
    You should buy it if:
    - You are a hardcore Resident Evil Fan
    - If you do not own the orignal Resident Evil
    - If you think that all the extra features are worth the money
    - You find a copy extremely cheap!
    You shouldn't buy it if:
    - You aren't a fan of the Resident Evil Series
    - You do not think all the new features are worth the time
    - You already have Resident Evil and dont think this version is worth   it.
    I honestly would think that Resident Evil: Director's Cut is worth it no matter
    if you have the Resident Evil 1 CD or not, But it's up to you to decide if it is
    worth it!
    Copyright© 2000 Skyler "paranoidxe" Boerens

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