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    FAQ/Walkthrough by DjSiXpAcK14

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 09/18/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

         _______  _______  _______ _________ ______   _______  _       _________
        (  ____ )(  ____ \(  ____ \\__   __/(  __  \ (  ____ \( (    /|\__   __/
        | (    )|| (    \/| (    \/   ) (   | (  \  )| (    \/|  \  ( |   ) (
        | (____)|| (__    | (_____    | |   | |   ) || (__    |   \ | |   | |
        |     __)|  __)   (_____  )   | |   | |   | ||  __)   | (\ \) |   | |
        | (\ (   | (            ) |   | |   | |   ) || (      | | \   |   | |
        | ) \ \__| (____/\/\____) |___) (___| (__/  )| (____/\| )  \  |   | |
        |/   \__/(_______/\_______)\_______/(______/ (_______/|/    )_)   )_(
                           _______          _________ _
                          (  ____ \|\     /|\__   __/( \
                          | (    \/| )   ( |   ) (   | (
                          | (__    | |   | |   | |   | |
                          |  __)   ( (   ) )   | |   | |
                          | (       \ \_/ /    | |   | |
                          | (____/\  \   /  ___) (___| (____/\
                          (_______/   \_/   \_______/(_______/
         _______           _______          _________          _______  _______ 
        (  ____ \|\     /|(  ____ )|\     /|\__   __/|\     /|(  ___  )(  ____ )
        | (    \/| )   ( || (    )|| )   ( |   ) (   | )   ( || (   ) || (    )|
        | (_____ | |   | || (____)|| |   | |   | |   | |   | || |   | || (____)|
        (_____  )| |   | ||     __)( (   ) )   | |   ( (   ) )| |   | ||     __)
              ) || |   | || (\ (    \ \_/ /    | |    \ \_/ / | |   | || (\ (
        /\____) || (___) || ) \ \__  \   /  ___) (___  \   /  | (___) || ) \ \__
        \_______)(_______)|/   \__/   \_/   \_______/   \_/   (_______)|/   \__/
    ---------------------------------FOR GAMECUBE----------------------------------
    --------------------------------By DjSiXpAcK14---------------------------------
    Resident Evil: Survivor
    Sony Playstation
    FAQ & Walkthrough
    Copyright 2003 by DjSiXpAcK14
    Version 1.1
    September 18, 2003
    Table of Contents
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    1. Intro
    2. Version Info
    3. The Basics of RE
    4. Characters
    5. Prologue
    6. Walkthrough
    7. Enemies/Bosses
    8. Items
    9. Files
    10.Wesker's Report 2 + Notes
    11.Resident Evil Games
    12.Resident Evil Timeline (By WeskerFanGirl)
    13.Cheats and Codes
    15.Credits, Contact Info, and Everything Else
    1. Intro
    This entire file is Copyright 2003 DjSiXpAcK14. If you want to use it, just 
    ask me.
    2. Version Info
    Version 1.1
    I made this FAQ 79 characters per line and added the Resident Evil Timeline by 
    Version 1.0
    Version Info
    The Basics of RE
    Wesker's Report 2 + Notes
    Resident Evil Games
    Cheats and Codes
    Credits, Contact Info, and Everything Else
    3. The Basics of RE
    X - Action Button. It is used to open doors, pick up items, and fire a weapon 
    when the R button is pushed. It is also used to select the highlighted option
    of a menu selection.
    Square - Run. When the Control Stick is pressed to any direction, hold the B 
    button to run.
    Triangle - Action Button. It is used to open doors, pick up items, and fire a 
    weapon when the R1 button is pushed. It is also used to select the highlighted 
    option of a menu selection.
    Circle - Nothing.
    R1 - Aims at closest enemy.
    L1 - Nothing (changes target when R is held)
    D-Pad - Used to move the character in a given direction.
    Left Analog Stick - Used to move the character in a given direction.
    Right Analog Stick - Displays the status screen.
    Start - Displays the status screen. 
    Health-Replenishing Items
      Always Green, this position indicates you are at full health.
      This position indicates you may have been attacked once by a normal enemy.
      Low Health. This is the time to cure if you are fighting a powerful boss.
      One more hit and you will die. Cure as quickly as possible.
      Restores health to "Fine" status.
      Raises health one notch.
      Raises health two notches. Looks like a pile of green powder.
      Raises health three notches. Looks like a big pile of green powder.
      Restores health to "Fine" status. Looks like red and green piles of powder.
      Cures poison.
      Cures poison and raises health two notches. Looks like two dots of green and 
      Cures poison and raises health three notches. Looks like one big green dot 
      and a small blue dot.
      Restores health to "Fine" status and cures poison. Looks like one brown pile.
    Survival Tactics
    Conserve your INK RIBBONs.
      Only save when you need to, and don't save if you didn't do anything. 
      INK RIBBONs are limited, and if you run out, you're in trouble.
    Conserve ammo.
      When you can, knock down enemies rather than kill them. Also, use the type 
      of ammo best suited to kill an enemy. For example, the Ivys in the basement 
      lab are defeated easily by FLAME ROUNDS or the FLAMETHROWER.
    Search EVERYTHING.
      If you're stuck, search everything in every room. Eventually, you'll 
      probably find the item you need.
    Dodge enemies when possible.
      If you can get around an enemy, don't waste ammo on it.
    Aim for the head!
      Head shots can save lots of ammo when fighting zombies. Wait until they get 
      close, then aim up.
    Only use health items when you need them.
      Unless fighting a powerful boss, only use a Full-healing item when you're in 
      "Danger" condition.
    4. Characters
    As described on ResidentEvil.com, in alphabetical order.
    William Birkin*
    Father of Sherry and creator of the G-virus.
      Umbrella's term for Bio-Organic Weapon.
    Vincent Goldman*
      The leader of Umbrella’s “dirty jobs” special unit in Resident Evil Survivor 
      Umbrella’s deadly bio-orgainc weapon developed to replace the T-virus.
    Leon S. Kennedy
      An idealistic rookie cop. He burns with the need to protect and to serve, and
    life as a cadet was an eye-opening experience. While reckless and brash, Leon 
    is certainly not as naïve as his demeanor would suggest. He is highly qualified
    to serve in the Raccoon police.
      One of Umbrella’s first bio-organic creations which mutates living beings 
    into monsters.
    Ark Thompson*
      Friend of Leon and amnesia-stricken...
      Another one of Umbrella’s deadly bio-orgainc creations featured in many 
    Resident Evil games.
      A large, powerful pharmaceutical company secretly providing the military 
    with deadly bio-organic weaponry—the cause of the Resident Evil.
    *=Altered by DjSiXpAcK14 due to either spoilers or irrelevance to this game.
    5. Prologue
    While Umbrella’s mutant T-virus wreaks havoc in Raccon City…
    Unknown to the rest of the world, another city faces a similar fate.
    Fleeing the chaos, a solitary helicopter crash-lands, adding to the confusion.
    A lone survivor crawls out and desperately tries to escape the burning 
    The chopper explodes… the man is knocked unconscious.
    It is night when he comes to his senses. “How much time has passed?”
    He hears echoing voices of crying and moaning all around him. His mind in a 
    haze, he starts to walk. He finds himself in a deserted back street.
    “Why am I here…?
    “My headaches…
    “I don’t want to believe it… but… it seems I have lost my memory.
    “The past is blocked in darkness… when I try to remember it, it slips way like 
    “Is this a battlefield?
    “No… it is just an old town. But something is wrong. I sense something really 
    dangerous in this town.
    “I have to get out of here. I may be meeting someone later on. Is he an enemy 
    or a friend?
    “Am I doing right or wrong? Am I good or bad? Am I really human?
    “I don’t know anything…
    “I’m only sure of one thing. All I can rely on is this gun. This gun will 
    guide me…
    “It is my only protection…
    “I will survive…”
    6. Walkthrough
    Alrigty Then.
    Just to start out, there are several places in the game where enemies differ. 
    The number and type of monster you fight in a certain place may differ 
    slightly. So… on with the walkthrough!
    _Opening Cutscene_
    Helicopter Crash Site
    You find out that you lost your memory due to the helicopter crash.
    All you know is you need to get outta here!
    So go forward around the crates and turn left and open the gate at the end of 
    the short hallway.
    The Guy in White Alley
    Who’s that dude in white? Run up to him and check it out.
    Hmm, he’s holding a chain thing that says “Ark Thompson” on it.
    But before you can think further, a zombie pops up right behind you!
    Push R1 to aim and shoot that zombie ‘til he dies. It usually takes about 5 
    handgun bullets to the chest. Now go pick up the RUSTED KEY the zombie dropped.
    At this point you have a choice. You can go to the Movie Theater, the 
    Restaurant, or the Church. The Movie Theater is (from the door you came in) 
    straight down the hall, then left, then all the way at the end. The restaurant 
    is the single door to the right of the dumpster. The church is the big double 
    doors to the right of the door to the restaurant. This Walkthrough is going to 
    guide you through the restaurant, but if you choose a different way, it’s not 
    too hard to figure out. The three ways will meet up where I post 
    –Continue Game-.
    Ok, so take the door straight behind you and go into the restaurant.
    The Kitchen
    There are two zombies in plain sight and one behind the counter in the back. 
    Be sure you shoot them before they get close.
    After they’re down, pick up the RESTAURANT MANAGER’S FILE off the counter.
    Now take the double doors with the green storage light above them.
    Wine Cellar
    It looks like a short, simple hallway, but if you turn left there’s a little 
    wine cellar in there. There’s a GREEN HERB in here. Now, go out of the wine 
    cellar, turn left, and open the door under the blue light.
    Cold Storage
    There are three zombies in here. They’re pretty close, so you may need to run 
    to the other corner of the room and use Auto Search (L1) to kill what zombies 
    you didn’t kill first. Now in the corner opposite the door, you find the 
    MANAGER’S KEY. Now go back out the door you came in.
    Wine Cellar
    Go straight and through the double doors.
    Hey! Those zombies are alive again! Down them again and take the red double 
    doors behind the counter.
    Dining Room
    It pans the camera view around for you, so you don’t rush into things and get 
    yourself killed. Yes, there are zombies pounding on the glass, but more 
    importantly, there are two zombies on the other side of those plants on your 
    right. What you should do is wait for the zombies behind the plants to come 
    into view, then kill them. However, after you take your first shot at them, the
    other zombies bust through the windows and join in the party. Gun them down as 
    soon as you’re done with the others.
    Now go to the other side of the room and through the double doors with 
    curtains on them.
    1st Street
    -Continue Game-
    In case you’re new to Resident Evil games, Cerberus are dogs that have been 
    infected with the T-Virus.
    In fact, there’s two of them here. The trick is to shoot them til they fall 
    down then shoot ‘em like mad until they give a high pitch yelp which means 
    they’re done.
    Now answer that annoying phone. Nobody there? Strange… 
    Go down the stairs to the right of the phone.
    Lighted Pathway
    What’s that red thing over there? It’s a Licker. It has no eyes, and a really 
    long tongue. Its brain’s showing… ewww.
    Be careful here, because once you shoot at that licker, another one joins in.
    While fighting these bad boys, they tend to jump towards you somewhat slowly.
    You want to really unload on them then, cuz if you don’t, they’ll slash you up 
    pretty nicely. Aim for their heads.
    After you take out the lickers, grab the CRACKED KEY off the bench to your 
    left and the GREEN HERB to the right of the stairs in front of you.
    NOTE: You should probably save your green herbs because later you’ll need some 
    to mix with red herbs to make them more powerful, as red herbs do nothing 
    2nd Street
    Are you Vincent?
    We’ll find out later ;-)
    Alright now is another place where the game gives you a choice of which way 
    you want to go. You can go to the library, the arcade, or the hospital. At the 
    end of the game your cutscene will change depending which way you go. I 
    recommend the hospital because the cutscene at the end makes the game come 
    together a little more, but if you want to go a different way that’s fine, but 
    this walkthrough will be covering the hospital. We’ll meet up at the 
    –CONTINUE GAME-. Oh yeah! The arcade’s on the left, the hospital is on the 
    right, and the library is in the middle at the end.
    So if you’ve decided to take the hospital, take the clear double doors on the 
    right that say Hospital above them.
    Hospital Reception Area
    Now you see a nice little video of the guy in white say that you’re not getting
    away and then he hears some helicopters. Umbrella has sent in some Cleaners to 
    kill all the zombies.
    Alright. No zombies are here. Walk forward a little and take the double doors 
    on the right.
    West Side of the Hospital Hallway
    There’s a zombie here. For me he took seven shots, so don’t go too slow. Now 
    take the doors on your right.
    Health “Axamiretion” Room
    Don’t ask me, it’s on the sign outside the door.
    Three zombies pretty close to you! Take out the guy to your right first, as 
    he’s pretty close to you. Then gun down the rest of them. Hurry, as you may 
    have to reload.
    After that’s over, you need to go forward and right around to the front of the 
    computers. It’s a control panel for the CT scanner. You turn the switch on and 
    the little bed-like thing pops out to reveal… a sparkle!!! Now something that 
    tricked me the first time, it’s not on the _close_ side of the bed-like thing, 
    it’s on the _far_ side of it. 
    So anyway pick it up, it’s the MEDICINE ROOM KEY. Now push L1 to direct you to 
    the BLUE HERB (cures poison) right behind you.
    After you’re done leave the room via the door you came in.
    West Side of the Hospital Hallway
    Take the single door on your right.
    Medicine Room
    At least I could tell what this room _was_.
    AHHH! A zombie right in front of you! He takes about six shots and then falls. 
    But you still hear the pitter-patter of zombie feet. Hmm. Make the turn and see
    Two Zombies!!! Back up and shoot them down. Then take the GREEN HERB to the 
    right of the desks and go through the door on your right.
    Patient Information Room
    As you walk in, you see two zombies right in front of you. But if you 
    wisely use your L1 button, there’s a zombie even closer on your right. My 
    advice would be to kill the zombie on the right and then run to the wall. Then 
    turn around and kill the other two.
    Pick up the PATIENTS’ CHART off the desk. If you read it, Ryoji Yokota was 
    “removed” because a vein tumor was found at his cerebellum. Hmmm… Jennifer 
    Campbell’s mental condition was unstable, but she was not removed… I guess 
    later we’ll find out what “Worthless as a product” really means.
    Now go through the door behind the curtain.
    East Side of the Hospital Hallway
    Go up the stairs the left of the door.
    Upstairs Hallway
    Take the first door on the right.
    Patient Bedroom 201
    Quickly turn right and kill the zombie. Run over to the bed behind him and take
    the FIRST AID SPRAY. Now leave the room through the same door.
    Upstairs Hallway
    Now take the door on the left beside the windows.
    Nurses’ Room
    Is that… another gun?! WHOOPEE! I personally don’t really like Handgun A. Go 
    straight ahead and pick up HANDGUN B. It’s semi-automatic. Pretty cool, huh?
    Now go into the back room, turn right and flip the switch(es) for the elevator.
    After that, leave the room through the door you used to get in.
    Upstairs Hallway
    Take the next door on your right.
    Patient Bedroom 202
    Three zombies really close here. Turn immediately right and kill him first. 
    Then quickly take out the other two. It sounds like a shower’s on, or it’s 
    raining but actually someone just left the T.V. on. Well, anyway, pick up the 
    GREEN HERB beside the bed and leave.
    Upstairs Hallway
    Now take the last room on the right.
    Patient Bedroom 203
    Holy Cow! These are some pretty close zombies! The closest are on your left and
    right. Use L1 wisely and take them out before they eat you.
    Pick up the RED HERB (can be combined with green herb to strengthen it) beside 
    the drawn curtain. 
    Now push start to access your menu. Push X to enter the Item sub-menu. Now 
    scroll down until you find the red herb. Now Combine the red herb with the 
    green herb to get MIXED HERB, which is basically just as good as first aid 
    Now you can leave.
    Upstairs Hallway
    Take the double doors to your left with the red light above them.
    Operating Room
    There are two zombies in this little hallway. But after you take a few shots 
    at them, the other set of double doors opens and you can see some zombie homies
    coming to attack you. Kill them as well.
    Collect the MANHOLE OPENER from the cart at the end of the hall.
    Yes, a manhole opener in an operating room.
    NOTE: You are about to battle the first, well, at one time I read is name is 
    Mr. X, but I’m just gonna call him... drumroll please...
    UGLY MAN! 
    So here are some thing to remember when fighting Ugly Man.
    1. Never fight Ugly Man with anything other than a handgun. The Shotgun doesn’t
         work very well, he blocks grenade rounds, and magnum rounds should ALWAYS 
         be saved for the final boss.
    2. Never get close to Ugly Man as all of his attacks but one are close range.
    3. Using Handgun B, he usually takes 2 ¾ clips of ammo before he goes down. 
         Using Handgun A, he usually takes 1 ½ clips of ammo to kill.
    4. He usually drops either shotgun bullets or some type of grenade rounds, so 
    don’t forget to pick them up, as ammo becomes very scarce when fighting the 
    final boss.
    So anyway, go through the same door you came in.
    Upstairs Hallway
    Well, the only place left to go is the elevator, so go up to it and press... 
    AHHH! UGLY MAN!!! 
    Boss: Ugly Man
    Difficulty: Medium
    Back up and kill him as quickly as possible. Going to the 
    other end of the hall would also make it easier to kill him without getting 
    hurt. After he’s down pick up the SHELLS/ROUNDS that he drops, and this 
    elevator’s kinda hard to get into. Try pushing X on the button, then use it 
    like a door (None of the other elevators in the game are like this).
    Basement 1 Storage Room
    Naked Zombie right in front of you. Take him out, then go through the 
    weird-looking door on the left.
    Basement 1 Sewer Entrance
    Go over to the manhole on the floor and use the manhole opener on it and 
    descend the ladder.
    Go through the door that it looks like you obviously shouldn’t, marked in way 
    too much neon orange paint.
    Janitor Andy’s Room
    Go pick up JANITOR ANDY’S DIARY off the desk. If you read it, it says he took 
    a picture of Commander Vincent. 
    It seems like you should follow him, but if you turn around, there’s SHOTGUN 
    BULLETS on the refrigerator on your right.
    Now take the door the little boy took.
    F.Y.I. Janitor Andy is the person who called you a murderer on the telephone.
    Nasty Hallway
    Just look at it! It’s nasty!
    Anyway, follow the hall to the end and... WHOA! A Licker! Well, you won’t be 
    coming back here again, so unless you really want to kill him, ignore him and 
    climb up the ladder.
    Outside of Paradise
    Well, there’s one set of double doors right in front of you (the ones behind 
    you don’t work). So take the double doors labeled “PARADISE”.
    Paradise Hallway
    There are three zombies in front of you and one behind you, but he’s on the 
    ground and it’ll take him a little bit to get up. So take out the closest 
    zombie right in front of you, then take out the zombie behind and to your left,
    and finally take out the other two in front of you.
    After you’ve eliminated them, take the door on your left, labeled “Office”.
    Paradise Reception Area
    Another confusing zombie arrangement.
    Kill the zombie right in front of you, then kill the zombie to your left (who 
    has just got on his feet), and then kill the other zombie who should now be 
    right in front of you.
    Take the fancy-looking door at the other end of the room.
    Paradise Office
    No zombies here...
    Run around the couches to the left and get the PRISON CELL KEY. Then pick up 
    the PRISON CHIEF’S DIARY off the coffee table between the couches. Then leave 
    the room.
    Paradise Reception Area
    The zombies are back to life?
    Here’s a good strategy for defeating them quickly. Kill the one on the right 
    first. Then run over to where he was. This will put the other zombies on the 
    other side of the table. You can usually catch them going different directions 
    and stopping each other, making it very easy for you to pick them off.
    Go through the other door back to the hallway.
    Paradise Hallway
    The zombies didn’t come back to life here. Cool.
    Go into the door right in front of you.
    Prison Guards’ Room and Hallway
    Kill the two zombies right in front of you. None behind you this time!
    Grab the ROPE off the table and walk through the open door. There’s a zombie 
    in this room. Sometimes he’s on the other side of the room, sometimes he’s 
    trying to walk majestically through the file cabinets on your left, but anyway,
    kill him. Now go through the prison-like door.
    Paradise Prison Cells
    Does it make sense? Not really...
    Alright. There are four cells here. Going left to right they contain:
    1. A Naked Zombie and the YOUNG MAN’S DIARY
    2. Nothing
    3. A Naked Zombie
    4. A Naked Zombie
    After you’re done, go through the door at the end of the hallway.
    Paradise Prison Hallway
    Go into the room on your right.
    Paradise Showers
    There’s two zombies here. Kill them. Then go to the other end of the showers 
    and you’ll find... the SHOTGUN! OH, Yeah! But let’s think it through. I have 
    to recommend you use it only against Lickers and Hunters (I’ll point them out 
    later). Unlike the Handgun, it actually has limited ammo.
    Exit the showers.
    Paradise Prison Hallway
    Now go in the door right in front of you.
    Outer Prison Area
    Here you will either see some Cerberus or some HUNTERS. Hunters can be a pretty
    big nuisance as they can jump right in front of you from behind, so blow them 
    to bacon bits with your shotgun. Also, when they lunge forward with their hands
    down, they’re DEAD. Don’t waste ammo shooting a dying creature. If you lucked 
    out with Cerberus, you can ignore them if you want, but don’t waste shotgun 
    ammo on them.
    Whatever you do, the door on the right leads to the Prison Guards’ Room and 
    Hallway, so go left into the back hallway and pick up the RED HERB on your 
    right. Then turn left and go up the ladder.
    NOTE: Don’t forget to combine your red herb with a green herb!
    Surveillance Tower
    Go over to that hook on the wall. You automatically use the rope on it and 
    climb down.
    Ugly Man Alley
    Why did I call it that? Well, look straight ahead and you’ll see UGLY MAN! 
    I’m gonna post my Ugly Man info for those of you who didn’t take the hospital 
    like I recommended.
    NOTE: You are about to battle the first, well, at one time I read is name is 
    Mr. X, but I’m just gonna call him... drumroll please...
    UGLY MAN! 
    So here are some thing to remember when fighting Ugly Man.
    1. Never fight Ugly Man with anything other than a handgun. The Shotgun doesn’t
         work very well, he blocks grenade rounds, and magnum rounds should ALWAYS 
         be saved for the final boss.
    2. Never get close to Ugly Man as all of his attacks but one are close range.
    3. Using Handgun B, he usually takes 2 ¾ clips of ammo before he goes down. 
         Using Handgun A, he usually takes 1 ½ clips of ammo to kill.
    4. He usually drops either shotgun bullets or some type of grenade rounds, so 
    don’t forget to pick them up, as ammo becomes very scarce when fighting the 
    final boss.
    Alright. Shoot Ugly Man down before he can get too close to you and take his 
    Now you have another choice of which you can go one way or the other. If you 
    take the door on the left, you’ll get to fight 2 or 3 Ugly Men. But if you take
    the stairs on the right, you’ll fight a whole bunch of Cleaners (they take 2-4 
    shots from the handgun). I don’t know about you, but Ugly Man is really scary,
    so let’s take the stairs on the right. If you want to fight Ugly Men instead, 
    it’s ok, the rest of us will meet up with you at the –CONTINUE GAME-.
    So take the stairs on the right.
    Warehouse Roof
    There are 5-7 Cleaners here. They’re extremely weak, so you can take them out 
    rather easily. Take the GREEN HERB beside the fan openings to your left, then 
    descend the ladder across from the stairs.
    Warehouse Alley
    Not too much here...
    It looks like a trap... like Ugly Man’s gonna come...
    But it’s perfectly safe, so take those lonely FLAME ROUNDS and enter the door 
    on the right.
    There are four cleaners in here. Two are on top of that big box on your right, 
    and two are running around on ground level. Be sure you kill the ones on the 
    box quickly, as they can cause massive damage if they are not eliminated 
    After you’re done with them, run behind the giant box and grab the 
    Now take the single door beside the giant shudder.
    Outside the Umbrella Bldg.
    You get a headache and see a few glimpses of something, but very hard to make 
    Enter the Umbrella Building.
    Reception Area
    Looks like a bomb went off... literally.
    There’s a licker in here, so you might want to use your shotgun against him. 
    Don’t forget the MAGNUM ROUNDS on what looks to may have been a desk at one 
    point in time.
    Now work your way around the debris and open the double doors on the other 
    1st Flr. Elevator Hallway
    There’s a zombie really close to you on your right. There’s also one right 
    behind you, and as you probably know, one right in front of you. Show ‘em who’s
    boss. Then take the elevator at the end of the hallway.
    13th Flr. Elevator Hallway
    13... How lucky.
    You may want to equip your shotgun, as there is either a hunter or two lickers 
    waiting for you around the corner.
    After you dispose of them, take the double doors on the left side of the 
    Commander Vincent’s Office
    You may wish to re-equip your handgun if you haven’t already, because Ugly 
    Man’s about to make his next appearance.
    Go over to the charred desk and pick up VINCENT’S DIARY. Now, remember that 
    sparkle you saw by the monitor? Go up to it to get... AHHH! IT’S UGLY MAN!
    Use the same basic strategies to take him down. Take his BULLETS/ROUNDS and 
    press X on the sparkle by the desk to get the CARD KEY.
    You can leave now.
    13th Flr. Elevator Hallway
    Whoa! There’s some Hunters here that weren’t before.
    Introduce them to your shotgun and use your card key on the card reader beside 
    the door on your right. Proceed through the door.
    Computer Room
    There’s some lickers in here, but I usually just ignore them, as it saves ammo.
    The game won’t tell me what the computers do, so this is simply the computer 
    Go around the computers and exit the door at the end.
    Supercomputer Room
    Take a few steps forward.
    That's weird.
    Pick up VINCENT’S TAPPING RECORD off of the supercomputer panel and follow the 
    hallway around the supercomputers behind the glass and through the double 
    Ugly Man Elevator Hallway
    To the left of the big hole is a RED HERB. Go over to the elevator. It hasn’t 
    reached its floor yet. Oh Boy! You have some company to entertain you as you 
    wait for the elevator. Defeat Ugly Man and take the elevator after it reaches 
    its floor.
    Metal Detector Hallway
    Run down the hall but DON’T go through that blue weird thing. It’s a metal 
    detector. Instead, use your card key on the card key scanner to deactivate it. 
    If you don’t, you’ll have to fight a few lickers.
    Run to the end of the hall and go down the stairs.
    Parking Garage
    There are 2-4 Cerberus here. You can kill them if you want, but pick the 
    GRENADE GUN off the hood of the car.
    Then go up the ramp labeled “EXIT” and take the door on the right.
    NOTE: No, it’s not the grenade launcher, it’s the grenade gun.
    There’s a big gate in front of you. The door is on the right side of the gate. 
    Go open the door.
    Waterway 2
    What’s that on the bridge? It’s a hunter. You can either shoot at it from here 
    or run close to it so it jumps on top of you. Either way, kill it.
    Then proceed through the door on the right side of the far gate.
    Waterway 3
    You can see two spiders here. One’s really big and one’s just kinda big. If 
    they run up really close to you and keep running, that means they’re not 
    hurting you and you can kill them easily. If they rear back and shoot out 
    poison, then they’re hurting you. If they poison you, introduce them to your 
    grenade gun.
    There is a ladder on your right at the far end of the waterway. You may have 
    to use your map to see it. After you find it, climb up it.
    NOTE: If the spiders poisoned you, be sure to use a blue herb.
    Lott’s Front Yard
    Turn immediately left and pick up the BLUE HERB and the GREEN HERB, then run 
    over to the gate with the zombies. Make them suffer! They can’t hurt you!
    After you’re finished with the zombies, enter the house.
    NOTE: If you look at the map, it says “Rott’s House”.
    Lott’s Living Room
    Go forward and take the door on the left.
    Lott’s Parents’ Room
    Go forward a little bit and look at the beds on your right. AHHHHHH! A 
    Zombie! Kill him if you wish, but pick up the RED HERB adjacent to the beds on 
    your way out.
    Lott’s Living Room
    Go forward past the cabinets and open the door on your left.
    Lott’s Room
    Before you check on that, go over to the desk in the corner and pick up 
    LOTT’S DIARY. Then turn around and open the closet door.
    That was fun. Now we have to save those two little brats. Leave.
    Lott’s Living Room
    Run forward, go right around the furniture, and take the door on your left.
    Lott’s Front Yard
    Whoa! There are more zombies and the gate’s open. There’s only two zombies 
    here, be sure to kill the on the right first, as he is closer.
    Go through the open gate, follow the path, and ascend the stairs.
    NOTE: If you didn’t kill the zombies behind the gate as mentioned in the 
    walkthrough, there will now be four zombies here.
    Tramway Station
    There’s some Cerberus here. Take ‘em down, but try not to use anything other 
    than the handgun.
    Now run around the corner and open the... AHHH! A hunter! Use your shotgun to 
    repay him for scaring the bejeezers out of you. Then run through the door that 
    he busted through and pick up the GREEN HERB. Finally, proceed through the door
    on your left.
    NOTE: Yes, bejeezers.
    Tramway Control Room
    Run up to that control panel and turn the power on.
    AHHH! LICKERS! Kill ‘em if you want, but you may as well just leave.
    Tramway Station
    Run forward, round the corner and enter the tram.
    A hunter just jumped on top of the tram, but he can’t get you ‘til you get off 
    (Unlike in the Resident Evil Movie).
    Tramway Station 2
    Kill that hunter from before.
    Then run forward around the crates and junk, turn right, go forward, turn left,
    and descend the stairs through the open door.
    Grandview Platform
    Oh my gosh! It’s Ugly Man! And he brought some Cerberus to help him out! Ignore
    the Cerberus until you kill Ugly Man. Then take out the doggies.
    Pick up Ugly Man’s BULLETS/ROUNDS. Now, follow the pathway where Ugly Man first
    showed up and open the door at the end.
    Bridge Path
    Turn left and run to the end of the path. Pick up the RED HERB.
    Now is another time where we can split up and go different ways. You can take 
    the El mona mountain road, or one of the two underground passages. This 
    walkthrough will be guiding you through the El mona mountain road. Again, if 
    you choose to go a different way, look for the –CONTINUE GAME- to get back into
    the walkthrough.
    If you just picked up the red herb, go through the door to your right with the 
    sign that says, “ELLEMONA” on it.
    El Mona Mountain Road
    This passageway is full of Cleaners and Snipers, so I recommend ignoring them 
    and just running down the trail. Be sure to run when you see the red lights 
    (snipers) and open the door at the end of the road.
    Three Trails Path
    There are some Cerberus here, kill them if you wish.
    Follow the path until you see a gate in a fence with sharp pointy things on 
    top of it. Go through the door.
    Factory Yard
    There are some Hunters or some Cerberus here. Exterminate them if you want, 
    then open those big doors to enter the factory.
    Factory Entrance
    Kill the sole Hunter and open the front double doors. They won’t budge? Well 
    run around to the right side of the building, and take the door on your left.
    Main Hall
    Walk forward a bit and you’ll hear Lott scream.
    Now look in the opposite corner of the room to find some GRENADE ROUNDS. After 
    that, go down the stairs beside the up stairs.
    Catwalk Elevator Passageway
    Kill as many zombies as you can just by turning left and shooting from a 
    distance. Then follow the path to the security room. Turn right and pick up 
    the ever-powerful MAGNUM off the floor.
    !!!Do Not, I repeat do not use this gun unless you are absolutely about to die,
    or you’re fighting the final boss!!!
    Turn around and push the switch on the wall to turn on the power. Now backtrack
    out of the security room and step onto the elevator.
    Heavy Machinery Room
    There are four naked zombies here. Kill them, then go right and follow the 
    path to the big metal double doors.
    B2 Flr. Elevator Hallway
    There are two Lickers here. Kill them before they slash you to tiny pieces, 
    then open the door on the left of the hallway.
    Cultivation Room
    Yes, those weird looking things in the tanks are B.O.W. Plants, but they won’t 
    hurt you right now. 
    From the door you came in, go forward and around the big broken table in the 
    middle. Pick up the ACID SHELLS on computer desk. Then enter the door on your 
    Factory Operating Room
    There’s a Licker through the doorway on your right. An easy way to defeat 
    him with the Handgun is to stay outside the doorway and shoot at him. When he 
    tries to jump and slash you, he hits the top of the doorway and gives you 
    valuable shooting time.
    After he drops, go through the doorway and pick up the ACTIVATION DISK on the 
    desk to your left (What was that? ;-)). Next, pick up the 
    FACTORY WORKER’S DIARY on the adjacent desk. Now leave.
    Whoa! As you leave, ceiling tiles fall and another Licker appears! You don’t 
    have to kill him, but anyway, you can actually leave now.
    Cultivation Room
    Hey! Those Plants got out of their tanks! Equip your Grenade Gun and combine 
    it with some deadly Flame Rounds. ~Evil Laugh~ Now burn those bad boys! It 
    should take only one-two shots for them to get crispy.
    Now exit through the door in the opposite corner of the door you came from.
    B2 Flr. Elevator Hallway
    Go straight ahead through the big metal double doors.
    Heavy Machinery Room
    The naked zombies are back. Introduce them to your friend, the ground, cuz 
    they’ll be seeing a lot of it.
    Now follow the path around the fenced machinery and open the metal double 
    doors with the red light above them.
    Power Reactor
    Follow the path around to the reactor control panels. Use the activation disk 
    on the computer.
    This opens a door to a room full of what looks like fast moving zombies. 
    They’re actually at regular speed, so they’re not that hard. So kill the ones 
    outside the just-opened room then take out the guy(s) in the just-opened room.
    Pick up the GRENADE ROUNDS here, then exit the same door you came in.
    Heavy Machinery Room
    The naked zombies are back once again. Kill them one last time, then work your 
    way around the fenced machinery to the big metal double doors.
    B2 Flr. Elevator Hallway
    Run straight ahead to that blue light. It’s the shudder switch. Press it.
    Three shudders come up revealing two Plants and a sparkle!
    Use some Flame Rounds to kill the Plants, then take the sparkle. It’s the 
    ID CARD! Now you can use the elevator!
    Go all the way to the end of the hall, use the ID Card on the scanner, then 
    enter the elevator.
    B3 Flr. Elevator Hallway
    Two Plants here. These are red, but they’re basically the same as the others. 
    So treat them like the others. Then push the blue button on your left to 
    activate another shudder. This time there’s no plants behind it.
    In the left corner is some FLAME ROUNDS and in the right corner is a BLUE HERB.
    Take them both and make use of this blue herb if the plants poisoned you.
    Ugly Man Hallway
    Holy Cow! This place is full of Ugly Men! But you only have to fight one. So 
    kill him and pick up his BULLETS/ROUNDS. Was that Lott? Proceed through the 
    next door.
    Square Hallway
    Kill the Hunter!
    Oh, great. The self-destruct system was initiated.
    After that informative video, push L1 to locate some FIRST AID SPRAY. Then run 
    through the door.
    Area E
    Now you get to see an even more informative 
    Now run straight ahead through the door.
    Cultivation Device Monitoring Room
    There are three zombies here. Two on your left, and one on your right. Drop 
    ‘em, then activate the computer right in front of the door you came in to 
    release the shudder in Area E. Then turn right and pick up the MAGNUM ROUNDS 
    on the computer control panel. Now leave via the door you came in.
    Area E
    Push the switch on the right to open the shudder.
    Kill the Plants here and open the door at the end of the hallway.
    Tyrant Cultivation Chamber
    Run forward and pick up the MASTER KEY off the control panel. Then pick up the 
    “HOW TO EXTRACT THE MATERIAL” off of the left control panel. Now leave via the 
    door you came in.
    Area E
    Run forward a bit.
    Back in the beginning of the game, I gave you a choice to go to the arcade, 
    the library, or the hospital. If you went with the walkthrough, you took the 
    hospital and will see Commander Vincent here. If you took the arcade, you will 
    see the leader of Umbrella’s Cleaner unit. If you took the library, you’ll see 
    Janitor Andy. No matter how you do it, Tyrant will kill him and be in a very 
    cranky mood. He will try to kill you in his non-morning person rage!
    Boss: Tyrant 1
    Difficulty: Medium
    Don’t use the Magnum on him. I recommend just shotgun shells or grenades. One 
    good strategy for fighting him is when he gets close and is about to slash 
    take one step back and he’ll miss. Keep shooting while you’re doing this, and 
    eventually, he’ll fall to the floor.
    Well face the Tyrant Cultivation Chamber but stay in the little hallway. Now 
    go right and open the door.
    Cultivation Device Monitoring Room
    Tyrant didn’t die? Oh well.
    Run to the other side of the room and open the door.
    Red Hallway
    Depending on which way you chose, you’ll have different enemies. If you chose 
    the hospital, you’ll fight two Ugly Men. If you chose the arcade, you’ll fight 
    a bunch of Cleaners. If you chose the library you’ll fight... absolutely 
    nothing! I recommend just running past whatever’s there and opening the 
    elevator at the end.
    Train Station
    There’s Lott and Lily! How’d they get through the locked doors?
    Run forward and go right. Run to the end and push the button to raise the 
    Now tons of Cleaners attack you. Kill at least the ones right in front of you, 
    then run to the other end of the hall and grab the SHOTGUN BULLETS. Now open 
    the door and hop into the train.
    Area S-3A
    The train made it safely to the station.
    You may wish to equip your Magnum at this time, not for any particular reason.
    Follow Lott and Lily around the corner and get in the elevator.
    Boss: Tyrant 2
    Difficulty: Hard
    Alright. Basically use the same strategy as last time, but this time he 
    sometimes jumps back and lunges forward. So when he jumps back, run toward him 
    and he’ll jump right over you. Then push L1 and continue firing.
    After several shots you'll see a 
    Tyrant has morphed into a buff Super-Tyrant.
    He has pretty much the same moves, so just keep up the old strategy to beat 
    Finally, he falls to the ground.
    _Ending Cutscene_
    I really don't like this game. Oh well.
    7. Enemies/Bosses
    ----------Common Enemies----------
    A human infected with the T-Virus. Aim for their head for a fast, easy kill.
    A canine infected with the T-virus. Shoot them until they fall down, then 
    shoot them continuously until they yelp.
    Very weak and very fast. They aren't encountered too often. Just shoot them 
    with a HANDGUN.
    Not very well programmed in this game, these pests would be nothing to worry 
    about if they couldn't poison you. :-\. Try to kill them before they do so.
    You only see them in one room, and you may not see them at all if you choose 
    the wrong path. Just ignore them.
    They're probably the hardest of the enemies in the game. The HANDGUN can be 
    used against one, but the SHOTGUN or GRENADE GUN should be used against a 
    A zombie injected with the T-Virus. They have a long tongue and razor-sharp 
    claws. Their brains are showing, so aim for their nasty heads.
    Actual people sent by Umbrella to kill anyone they can find on Sheena Island. 
    Because they have no trace of the T-virus in them, they're weak and only take 
    2-4 shots with the HANDGUN.
    These creatures can poison you, but really aren't that hard. Use FLAME ROUNDS. 
    That should work.
    Ugly Man (Mr. X)
    Difficulty: Medium
    Here are some thing to remember when fighting Ugly Man.
    1. Never fight Ugly Man with anything other than a handgun. The Shotgun doesn’t
         work very well, he blocks grenade rounds, and magnum rounds should ALWAYS 
         be saved for the final boss.
    2. Never get close to Ugly Man as all of his attacks but one are close range.
    3. Using Handgun B, he usually takes 2 ¾ clips of ammo before he goes down. 
         Using Handgun A, he usually takes 1 ½ clips of ammo to kill.
    4. He usually drops either shotgun bullets or some type of grenade rounds, so 
    don’t forget to pick them up, as ammo becomes very scarce when fighting the 
    final boss.
    Tyrant 1
    Difficulty: Medium
    Don’t use the Magnum on him. I recommend just shotgun shells or grenades. One 
    good strategy for fighting him is when he gets close and is about to slash 
    take one step back and he’ll miss. Keep shooting while you’re doing this, and 
    eventually, he’ll fall to the floor.
    Tyrant 2
    Difficulty: Hard
    Alright. Basically use the same strategy as last time, but this time he 
    sometimes jumps back and lunges forward. So when he jumps back, run toward him 
    and he’ll jump right over you. Then push L1 and continue firing.
    After several shots you'll see a 
    Tyrant has morphed into a buff Super-Tyrant.
    He has pretty much the same moves, so just keep up the old strategy to beat 
    Finally, he falls to the ground.
    8. Items
    35MM FILM - The word "Umbrella" is written on the case of the film.
    ACID ROUNDS - Grenade Acid Rounds. These can be used with the M79 Grenade 
    ACTIVATION DISK - This is an activation disk for the power reactor.
    ARCADE KEY - This is a key to access the underground of the amusement park.
    BLUE HERB - This is an herb that can detoxify poisons.
    CHAPEL KEY - It appears to be a key for a chapel.
    CHURCH REAR KEY - It appears to be a key for the rear entrance of a church.
    CLOCK WINDER - It appears to be a winder for a clock.
    CLUB HALL KEY - This is a specially designed card key for a club member.
    CRACKED KEY - This key is cracked and could break at anytime.
    FIRST AID SPRAY - This spray will fully recover your vitality.
    FLAME ROUNDS - Grenade Flame Rounds. These can be used with the M79 Grenade 
    GREEN HERB - This is a herb that can be used to heal wounds.
    GRENADE GUN - M79 Grenade Launcher. An American made weapon that is compatible 
    with various types of ammo.
    GRENADE ROUNDS - Grenade Bearing Rounds. These can be used with the M79 Grenade
    HANDGUN A - GLOCK 17. This is a small lightweight gun, which is made from 
    plastic and is famous for it's stability. [It's the same as Chris' HANDGUN from
    HANDGUN B - CZ75. This is a small gun which uses 9X19 parabellum rounds.
    HANDGUN BULLETS - These are 9X19 Parabellum Bullets that can be used for 
    various handguns.
    HANDGUN C - M8000 Cougar G. This gun is famous for it's excellent precision 
    thanks to it's Rotating Barrel blow back action.
    HANDGUN D - Nanbu 14 Custom. This is Japan's first automatic gun, which was 
    used by the Japanese army.
    ID CARD - This is an ID card of a researcher. You can insert it into a card 
    reader at the factory.
    MAGNUM - S&W M19. The M19 can handle 357 magnum rounds once the barrel is 
    extended from 4 to 6 inches.
    MAGNUM ROUNDS - 357 Magnum Rounds. These can be used with the S&W M19 series.
    MANAGER'S KEY - It appears to be a key to open the hall entrance of a 
    MANHOLE OPENER - This could be used to open a manhole.
    MASTER KEY - This is the master key for the factory.
    MEDICINE ROOM KEY - This is a key to open the door of the medicine room.
    PRISON CELL KEY - This is a key for the entrance of a prison cell.
    RED HERB - This is an herb that can enhance the effect of other herbs.
    ROCKET LAUNCHER - M20A1 Rocket Launcher. This powerful weapon fires rockets and
    can defeat most enemies with one shot.
    ROPE - This is a strong rope that could be used for mountain climbing.
    RUSTED KEY - This is a key that looks like it could easily break apart.
    SHOTGUN - S.P.A.S. 12. This large size military shotgun can be handled with 
    one arm if used with a stock option. [It's the same as the SHOTGUN from RECVX]
    SHOTGUN SHELLS - These can be used with the S.P.A.S. 12.
    THEATER KEY - This is a key for the entrance of a theater.
    UMBRELLA KEY CARD - This is a card key that can be inserted into a card reader.
    The word "Vincent" is written on it.
    9. Files
    Church Manager's Diary
    October 7, 1998
    Today, the leaders of each section of the city, including myself, attended a 
    meeting with the commander. The briefing was on th destruction of Raccoon City.
    During the conference, everyone placed blame on William Birkin. He betrayed the
    company and wanted to keep the G-virus for himself. The commander told us that 
    if there is a traitor like Birkin in this city, we should execute him 
    immediately and without question.
    I wholeheartedly agree with the commander's orders. This city is as vital to 
    Umbrella as that laboratory in Raccoon City was. No...It is actually much more 
    We must not allow a biohazard to happen in this city. We cannot let Umbrella's 
    efforts to buy the city and establish these billion-dollar facilities go to 
    waste. We should keep a closer eye on the behaviour of personnel in the future.
    Resaturant Owner's Diary
    October 4, 1998
    I heard an unbelievable story. A small town in America, Raccoon City, was 
    destroyed last week. They said that all the residents turned into zombies, and 
    the city is now completely deserted. Umbrella Inc. is rumored to be behind the 
    incident, but I don't know the details.
    Although the incident occurred far from here, across the sea, I can't help but 
    feel anxiety if Umbrella is truly behind it. I hope that this city will be 
    October 6, 1998
    I heard another interesting story. This one is about William Birkin, who 
    supposedly destroyed Raccoon City. He was the creator of the virus called T, or
    G, or whatever. He tried to use the virus for his own purposes.
    Unbelievable as it may seem, he injected the virus into his own body and turned
    into a monster.
    Also, the virus leaked into the sewer, and it is rumored that rats spread the 
    virus around the entire city.
    October 8, 1998
    What should I do? One of the Umbrella workers who came here for lunch mentioned
    that the T-virus IS on this island. He said that there's no possibility that 
    an accident could occur here in this city, but...I'm not too sure.
    I decided to work for Umbrella because of the money. But now I've grown tired 
    of opening my restaurant for only Umbrella workers. There is nothing new or 
    interesting left for me in this town. I guess it's time to get out of here 
    before it's too late...
    Patients' Chart
    Name: William J Smith
    Sex: Male
    Age: 17
    Height: 181cm
    Weight: 72kg
    Physical condition: Good
    Mental condition: Languid
    Tranquilizer 10mg in soup for every breakfast.
    Hallucion 5mg in bread for every dinner.
    Name: Jennifer Campbell
    Sex: Female
    Age: 18
    Height: 165cm
    Weight: 47kg
    Physical condition: Good
    Mental condition: Unstable
    Since she has been confined for a long time,
    she has become very suspicious.
    Putting drugs in her meals is ineffective, as she rarely eats.
    It would be best to put the tranquilizer into her drinking water.
    Name: Ryoji Yokota
    Sex: Male
    Age: 18
    Height: 177cm
    Weight: 5[?]kg
    Physical condition:
    According to the results of an MRI, a vein tumour was found
    at his cerebellum.
    Worthless as a product.
    Name: Karelina Albachakov
    Sex: Female
    Age: 17
    Height: 155cm
    Weight: 43kg
    Physical condition: Good
    Mental condition: Good
    Tranquilizer 10mg in soup for every breakfast.
    Janitor Andy's Diary
    September 6th
    I've never seen him, but I heard that one called Vincent has become the city's 
    supreme commander. Officially, he is an elite sent by Umbrella headquarters. 
    In truth, he is such a fiend that he would not hesitate to kill his friend if 
    it would promote him. Well, since I live here in this dark sewer, it doesn't 
    mean anything to me...
    September 20th
    I heard a disgusting rumor... The new commander Vincent, orders the facility 
    personnel to do savage experiments every day on kids brought in from all over 
    the world. I don't even know why those kids were brought to this city, but it 
    sure is disturbing. Well, I don't want to get involved, so long as it doesn't 
    affect me...
    October 10th
    It seems some terrible accident happened above ground last night. I don't know 
    any more details, but I heard that Commander Vincent has done something cruel.
    November 9th
    Today at last, Commander Vincent came down here for an inspection. We made 
    small talk, but I could see nothing but cruelty in him. When I took a picture 
    of him as a souvenir, he became very angry...
    He is such a jerk!
    Prison Chief's Diary
    October 20th
    Today, we received a reply to our report about the incident where 20 guinea 
    pigs committed suicide the other day. The headquarters does not seem to have 
    any suspicions and says that they plan to gather replacement guinea pigs soon.
    It's too late, but now I'm starting to regret that I sent a fake report of a 
    mass suicide incident, when it was actually a mass escape. However, as long as 
    I stay in this city, it means death to me if I dare to oppose to Commander 
    Vincent. I'll never forget the cruel smile of Vincent when he was shooting at 
    the boys who tried to escape from the prison on that night.
    It looked as if he were killing a bunch of insects. Commander Vincent is indeed
    a very cold-blooded person, just as he is rumoured to be. He is a true 
    murderer. I am in a position where I am supposed to report the truth to 
    headquarters, but I'm also afraid of Commander Vincent... I don't know what to 
    Young Man's Diary
    September 5th
    16 days have passed since I was abducted on a street in Congo by the men in 
    black, and was brought here. I didn't understand what was happening at first, 
    but I gradually became aware of the truth of this city.
    We seem to be confined here to serve as guinea pigs for a medical company 
    called Umbrella Inc.. All the residents of this city work for Umbrella, even 
    the women and children are family members of employees.
    The guinea pigs seem to be gathered from all over the world. The guy in the 
    next room is from China, the one in front of my cell is from Brazil. The rest 
    are Russian, Japanese... It's like a world trade show. It's strange that they 
    are all around my age. The youngest is 16, and the oldest is 19 or 20.
    Those guys from Umbrella sometimes take us to an arcade or to a nigh club so 
    we can enjoy ourselves and relieve our stress, but I won't let them decieve me.
    I will escape from this place, no matter what it takes! I must... Anyway, the 
    most important thing to do now is to organize and gather our comrades for what 
    lies ahead.
    September 10th
    Recently, the others have been behaving strangely. It seems that they put some 
    kind of weird drug into our meals. I sometimes lose consciousness, too. I have 
    to be careful.
    September 21st
    I can't believe it!
    Another friend of mine, Chin, from the next room, was taken to the factory on 
    the mountain. I don't think Chin's coming back. He will meet the same fate as 
    Anna or Jacob who disappeared last week. I know... I know what happens to those
    who are taken to the factory on the mountain...
    When they took me to a night club yesterday, I overheard a conversation that 
    some factory workers were having... Under orders from Vincent, the commander of
    the city, they cut open our brains and extract some kind of material, whatever 
    they call it.
    All I can say is that Vincent is a devil. No... Not just Vincent. Even the 
    women and children in this city don't treat us as human beings, but as guinea 
    pigs. All the people in the city are evil. I will surely be killed if I stay 
    here any longer. We have to hurry and execute our escape plan!
    October 9th
    The time has come. I have noticed the Umbrella people have been visibly 
    disturbed for about a week or so. Rumor has it that there was a terrible 
    accident at the Umbrella Laboratory somewhere in America. All the prison guards
    seem to be very busy gathering information on the accident, so security isn't 
    as tight.
    We've organized our comrades already. Stojkovic and Enriquez are supposed to 
    steal the keys from the guards. Sankhon and I will act as decoys, and Yoshikawa
    and Fellipe are in charge of gathering weapons.
    October 10th
    We have decided our escape route. The plan will be carried out at 11 PM 
    tonight. We have twenty members seperated into two units: Unit A and Unit B. 
    Unit A will go into the sewer through the ventilation slot of the confinement 
    room, while Unit B will use a rope climb down from the surveillance tower.
    We'll use the rope they used to tie us. If we fail, Vincent will surely kill 
    us. But if we stay here, Vincent will order them to cut our brains eventually. 
    We're dead either way, but I'd rather die trying to escape...
    Vincent's Diary
    October 10th
    Last night, a group of guinea pigs confined in the prison escaped, took 
    weapons, and caused a riot. The guinea pigs who were responsible for the 
    incident were all shot to death by myself, but it will cause a lot of trouble 
    if Umbrella headquarters becomes aware of this.
    This could spoil my plan of returning to headquarters and collecting my reward 
    for my great achievements here in this city. I ordered the prison chief to 
    report the incident as a mass suicide, but I will also have to order the others
    who are involved not to talk about it...
    November 8th
    The people of the city who have been opposing me are now trying to gather 
    information, intending to report to headquarters what I did. Yesterday, that 
    little boy, Lott, told me that a spy sneaked into the city. I guess that spy 
    may have something to do with the rebellion happening here.
    I'll let him for now, and see who he works for and why he is here.
    Then I'll kill him.
    It's a sad story that the only person that I can trust in this whole city is 
    that little kid, Lott.
    November 19th
    The people of the city seem to be preparing to hand the prosecution report to 
    the headquarters people who are delivering the new guinea pigs next week. They 
    say that they have evidence of my doings. I can never allow them to reveal 
    that. Those civilians will regret what they are doing. I'll teach them what 
    happens to those who oppose me!!
    November 22nd
    Now they know who holds the power! I've spread the T-virus all over the city. 
    Of course it was done to look like an accident. The city should be completely 
    contaminated. Now I can go back to headquarters and get promoted for my great 
    achievements at the factory.
    No one can oppose me now...!
    Wait... there is one person that I have to take care of.
    It's that spy. I have to eliminate that rat who sneaked into the city!
    Vincent's Tapping Record
    We can no longer tolerate what Commander Vincent has been doing. To deprive 
    him of his position, we must obtain conclusive evidence of his evil doings, and
    report it to headquarters.
    We realized that he is very intelligent and cautious. As a last resort, though 
    it was very dangerous for us, was to wiretap his phone conversations. Finally, 
    we obtained evidence that was potent enough to deprive him of his position.
    This tape contains his conversations on the prison breaking incident last 
    month. It proves that he shot those young people all by himself, and that he 
    tried to hide the truth. Furthermore, this tape reveals that before coming to 
    this city, Vincent had killed his colleague only for the purpose of his own 
    If we could hand this tape to the corporate people coming to the city next 
    week, he will lose his position for sure. Then the city will be peaceful once 
    Lott's Diary
    September 10th
    I saw some prisoners at the arcade today. They all had sleepy eyes. One of the 
    girls even slavered. Some of the boys were glaring at me. They wore rugs and 
    smelled rotten. Like dad and Commander Vincent told me, they are very different
    people from our Umbrella families.
    Dad told me that they bring them to this island so they can operate on them and
    make them into decent people. I think they are doing the right thing. I hope 
    they will become decent people sometime soon.
    October 15th
    I heard Commander Vincent killed those people who tried to escape from the 
    prison. I wonder how such a thing happened? I know they are inferior to us, but
    did we have to kill them? Is this what I believed in?
    Umbrella and my dad were supposed to help the inferiors by operating on them...
    Why did he kill them?
    November 23rd
    The city is in total panic! Monsters are everywhere and they are attacking 
    people! Those Umbrella people who were very nice to me suddenly started 
    attacking me. I need help! Please someone rescue me!
    November 24th
    My dad and my mom turned into monsters. One of the survivors told me that 
    Commander Vincent turned the people into monsters. I can't trust anyone now. I 
    have to survive and protect my sister Lily, no matter what! We have to escape 
    from this city together!!
    Factory Worker's Diary
    August 5, 1998
    I can't stand it anymore! I have to take the subjects to the operating table 
    and sever their skulls to extract a part of their brain. I do this over and 
    over, day after day...
    It is awful. Guilt stays with me all the time, even after I go to bed.
    Commander Vincent instructs us...
    "Do not see them as humans. They are just raw material we use to create Tyrants
    with." But it is we who cut their skulls. I can never consider them as just raw
    materials. They are humans just like we are.
    I asked Commander Vincent about ways to reduce their suffering, but he ignored 
    my request, saying that by using anesthetics, pure Beta Hetero Nonserotonin 
    cannot be extracted.
    Even if it is the company's orders, I don't believe what we are doing is 
    ethical... I'm sure that I'll be sent to the worst possible place, when I die.
    Or perhaps should I say, I'm already there...
    How to Extract the Material
    To establish a system of mass-producing Tyrants, it is absolutely necessary 
    that during the process of gene cultivation, a large amount of pure Beta 
    Hetero Nonserotonin must be injected.
    This material is one of the human brain's elements. It has been revealed that 
    the material is mainly produced by the pituitary of people at the latter period
    of developing their secondary sex characteristics.
    Also, medical data shows that this cerebral material is produced in response 
    to the excessive secretion of noradrenalin that is produced from the locus 
    ceruleus in the brain stem. Noradrenalin is the cerebral material secreted when
    people are in a state of extreme tension or fear. As the Beta Hetero 
    Nonserotonin only exists in active cells, you can't extract it from a dead 
    Thus, the best way to extract the material is to cut open the subject's skull 
    without using anesthesia. This will cause excessive secretion of noradrenalin. 
    The pituitary is then ripe for immediate extraction.
    Vincent Goldman, Commander
    Tyrant Plant on Sheena Island
    Raccoon City Report
    Slide: Raccoon City
    "After the Destruction" Report
    Date: August 5, 1998
    Report from the U.B.C.S. member.
    Part 1
    The biohazard that occurred on May 11th at Lord Spencer's mansion and 
    bio-chemical laboratory ended on July 25th when members of the S.T.A.R.S. teams
    destroyed the entire facility.
    As of 8/5/98, there are no signs of viral leakage in the surrounding area. 
    However, we must continue to monitor the area with extreme caution. Our secret 
    operative Albert Wekser, is M.I.A. and is presumed dead. However, we have just 
    received information that Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield are preparing to 
    report the incident to the press and their police chief.
    I request that this matter be addressed with the utmost urgency.
    U.B.C.S. Commander
    Nicholai Ginovaef
    Date: September 30, 1998
    Report from the U.B.C.S. member.
    Part 2
    At this moment, I am in the clock tower situated above Raccoon City. The city 
    is overrun with zombies. It is safe to say that Raccoon City has been 
    completely destroyed due to the biohazard.
    This situation is different from the accidental biohazard in the mansion. We 
    suspect that it was intentionally caused by one of our company's researchers. 
    Dr. William Birkin, the creator of both the T-virus and G-virus.
    I have researched both biohazard incidents, and noticed that two issues need 
    to be addressed immediately. The security of the virus stored in our worldwide 
    facilities must be improved. Also, we need to re-educate our workers.
    Biological weapon viruses will surely become our primary product, so they 
    should be handled as such. All personnel should take extreme care not to allow 
    any more biohazards to happen.
    U.B.C.S. Commander
    Nicholai Ginovaef
    Date: October 6, 1998
    We've had extreme difficulties collecting the sample data for T-virus 
    contamination and tactical data regarding the B.O.W. The new B.O.W. we call 
    "Nemesis" was more ferocious and intelligent than we had expected. As a result,
    many U.B.C.S. members sent to the area have been sacrificed in the process of 
    collecting combat data.
    I expect the researchers to analyze the combat data and use it to develop an 
    even more evolved, ulimate B.O.W.
    U.B.C.S. Commander
    Nicholai Ginovaef
    Secret File
    Umbrella Confidential Document
    This file contains the data for the BOWs created by the virus contamination 
    that occurred during the biohazards.
    The first biohazard was caused by the T-virus leak at Arkley Laboratory on May 
    11, 1998. The second was the large-scale biohazard at Raccoon City which 
    happened 4 months later. Although they have not been confirmed yet, not that 
    there may be B.O.W.s other than the ones listed below.
    The data for those will be filed when it is ready.
    B.O.W. FILE #1: Zombie
    Humans who are contaminated by the T-virus. They have lost their consciousness,
    and wander around on their instinct and appetite to satisfy their hunger for 
    human flesh.
    Tactical procedure:
    As their movements are slow, they can be easily eliminated if you keep enough 
    distance to snipe.
    B.O.W. FILE #2: Cerberus
    Dogs which are contaminated by the T-virus. Their bodies have not rotted as 
    much as that of the zombies, so they can move much faster. They are very 
    sensitive to noise. If they hear you run, they will pursue and attack you.
    Tactical procedure:
    You can eliminate them with a hand gun, but since they are fast, it may be 
    difficult to aim.
    B.O.W. FILE #3: Licker
    They are created by a mutation that occurs when a zombie is contaminated by 
    the T-virus. As a result of the transformation process, they have conspicuous 
    features like exposed brain tissue, and they move around on all four legs. 
    Compared to the zombies, they possess incredible agility.
    They have no eyes, and are unable to see. Instead, they have an abnormally 
    evolved sense of hearing.
    Tactical procedure:
    As they attack in reponse to sound, you should be careful when firing at them. 
    Since they are very keen to hearing footsteps, you should avoid running when 
    they are around.
    B.O.W. FILE #4: Ivy
    B.O.W.s which are created from plants. They can move on their own by using 
    vapors inhaled through their skin. Watch out for their tentacles which are 
    used like whips.
    Tactical procedure:
    As fire is lethal to them, a grenade launcher is a very effective weapon.
    B.O.W. FILE #5: Hunter
    B.O.W. that is created when the T-virus contaminates the human DNA. Since their
    lower body muscles have been enhanced, they can jump incredibly high and attack
    enemies with razor-sharp claws.
    Tactical procedure:
    Just before they jump at an enemy, they stop their movement momentarily. You 
    should attack during this time.
    B.O.W. FILE #6: Tyrant
    The ultimate result of our B.O.W. project with the T-virus. Based on the 
    regular Tyrant, the more ferocious "Enhanced Tyrant" and "Nemesis" which is 
    even more aggressive and intelligent, were created at our European branch.
    Tactical procedure:
    There are virtually no countermeasures against Tyrants' incredible power.
    B.O.W. FILE #7: Prototype
    They are not yet complete, but logically speaking, we can create and mass 
    produce more ferocious B.O.W.s by adding certain materials during the process 
    of cultivating Tyrant's genes.
    However; there is one problem...
    10. Wesker's Report 2 + Notes
    [NOTE: Anything in brackets was either edited or added by the writer, 
    [NOTE: The following record contains spoilers about Resident Evil, part 2, 3, 
    0, and Code: Veronica.]
    [NOTE: I will be spelling Birkin's name Birkin, as opposed to Burkin, due to 
    the fact that in the game, it is spelled Birkin.]
    Wesker's Report II - Update on March 22 (Friday)
    Wesker's Report II
    Update on March 22 (Friday) (5) G Virus
    Before the "Resident Evil incident" occured, Wesker left a record of the past 
    20 years and all of the events that occured between himself and "the 
    He sent it to a "Eda Won" but we have no details on her. [Ada Wong]
    We have posted that record here.
    1. The Experiment
    2. Alexia 1
    3. Alexia 2
    4. Nemesis
    5. G-Virus
    The Experiment
    July 31, 1978
    The first time I visited that place, it was the summer of my 18th year. That 
    makes it about 20 years ago.  As I got off the helicopter, I remember the 
    sight of the swirling wind that the helicopter blades whipped into the air. 
    When I viewed from above the old mansion seemed quite normal, but when seen 
    from the ground there was something foreboding and unapproachable about it. 
    Birkin (my junior by 2 years) seemed, as usual, to only be concerned with the 
    document he was holding.
    We were assigned to the mansion days earlier, on the day that the "executive 
    training center", we had belonged to, was closed. It all seemed like it was 
    planned and too much of a coincidence. But probably the only person who knew 
    the real truth was Spencer.
    Spencer was one of the main guys in charge of America's "T-Virus" research at 
    the Arklay Research Facility.
    As soon as we got off the helicopter the head of the facility was standing in 
    front of the elevator ready to greet us.
    I can't even remember the guy's name. Who really cares about formalities and 
    figureheads like him; from that day on, the Arklay Research Center was ours. 
    As Chief Researchers, we were put completely in charge of all aspects of the 
    facility. Of course that is just how Spencer had planned it all out. He chose 
    We ignored the facility head and got on the elevator. I had already memorized 
    the building layout the day before, and Birkin, although he has no bad 
    intentions, never really pays much attention to other people.
    Most people probably get irked from the first 5 seconds that they meet us. 
    However, the facility head had no reaction at all.
    Back then I was a young-buck completely full of himself, so I didn't really 
    pay the facility head any mind.
    But in the end, I was really only Spencer's puppet, and the facility head, 
    whose boss was Spencer, at least actually knew what Spencer was up to, and 
    what he was thinking.
    The whole time we were riding in the elevator, Birkin never took his eye off 
    the documents he was holding.
    The document that Birkin was scrutinizing so closely was a report about a new 
    virus that has shown up in Africa. It was called "Ebola". 
    At this moment there were many people, all throughout the world, who were 
    studying the Ebola Virus. However, I think there are two major reasons why 
    they were studying it. To help people and... to kill them.
    As you probably know, the death rate of someone affected by Ebola is 90 
    percent. In 10 days it quickly destroys the person's organs. Even now, there 
    are no known ways to prevent it or cure it. It could, quite possibly, destroy 
    a large part of the human race. 
    Of course even before this, due to the "Biological Weapons Prohibition Pact", 
    it was illegal for us to study the virus as a weapon. However, even if we 
    weren't the ones to research it, there was no proof that someone else wouldn't 
    be doing that same thing and so it was considered legal for us to research 
    it--just in case. There is a thin line in "international law" between what is 
    acceptable and what is prohibited.
    And so, it became necessary to research how the virus study information would 
    be used as a method of prevention, not as a weapon. There really is no 
    difference in the way in which you research a virus as a cure, from how you 
    research it as a weapon. 
    But since the two are very similar, it is possible to pretend you are 
    researching a cure, while in fact, be researching the virus as a weapon. 
    Even though, at that time, for whatever reason, Birkin may have been looking 
    at the Ebola report, he wasn't really researching the Ebola virus. The Ebola 
    virus had to many "weak spots". 
    First of all, the virus could only survive for a few days if not inside a 
    human body. It would soon "die" if under sunlight (ultra-violet light) for too 
    Secondly, since it kills the host too quickly there isn't enough time to 
    transfer/infect other hosts.
    Finally, the virus is only transferable through direct touch and so it can be 
    easily prevented.
    Try to imagine the following: If a person who was heavily infected (the 
    disease had spread all throughout their body) could actually stand and walk 
    around? And, without knowing it, was in direct contact with other people, of 
    their own accord...
    What if the RNA of the Ebola Virus could actually alter a person's genetic 
    code? And if, through that, a person was able to carry the virus without 
    dying? What if this person had the resilience of a monster?
    That is, wouldn't this person be a "living dead" whose body carried the virus? 
    Something that could infect others, sort of like a "living biological weapon".
    I guess we are lucky that the Ebola Virus doesn't have the potential to do 
    such things.
    I wonder if we will be successful in holding on to such a virus without it 
    getting into the wrong person's hands?
    The Arklay Lab headed up by Spencer was built for that purpose, it seemed. To 
    create a disease capable of the characteristics I listed before. Officially it 
    was just pharmaceutical company researching cures to viruses, but the truth 
    is, it was really a factory for manufacturing biological weapons.
    The origin of the company was to create new "starter" viruses by recombining 
    In order to produce "biological weapons" out of these new "starter" viruses, 
    they began studying "virus mutations" in order to "strengthen" the basic 
    viruses they had created.
    This was known as the "T-Virus" experiment. 
    RNA based starter viruses can easily be mutated. Through those mutations, it 
    is possible to "strengthen" their traits.
    The reason Birkin was so interested in the Ebola Virus was that he was 
    thinking of recombining the Ebola genes into a starter virus to strengthen its 
    attributes. By the time we had arrived at the research center there was 
    already a sample of the Ebola Virus waiting for us.
    We changed elevators several times and finally reached the upper level of the 
    complex. When we arrived even Birkin looked up. 
    It was the first time we had met "her".
    We hadn't heard a single word about "her" before. She was a secret of the 
    utmost confidentiality at the research center. And they didn't let any 
    information about her out of the compound.
    According to the records, she was at the research center from the very moment 
    it was first built.
    She was 25.
    But we didn't know her name, nor why she was here.
    She was used as the experimental subject host for the T-Virus. The day we 
    began the experiment was November 10th, 1967. 
    We did T-Virus experiments on her for all of 11 years.
    Birkin mumbled something.
    Maybe they were words cursing our situation. Maybe they were words of praise.
    In any case, we had come to the point of no return now.
    We had two choices: to succeed in out research.... or to lay here rotting like 
    she was. Of course that meant we really only had one choice. 
    She was bound to a "pipe bed" and something about her made me think....
    Had this been a part of Spencer's plan all along?
    (The report continues 3 years later)
    Alexia 1
    July 27, 1981
    Today, a 10 year-old girl was sent here, as a cheif researcher, from 
    Umbrella's Antarctica Research Facility. 
    Her name was Alexia Ashford.
    I was 21 and Birkin was 19.
    As annoying as it was, the whole Arklay complex was rampant with rumors of 
    "Antarctica Alexia". Nobody talked about anything else.
    She had been at Umbrella for a long time. The older guys at Umbrella knew the 
    legendary Ashford name.
    Before, if we ever reached a dead end in our research, one of the old timers 
    would say "if only Professor Edward were still alive"...
    If I remember correctly, "Edward Ashford" was one of the people who first 
    discovered the "Starter Virus" and who originally planned creating the 
    However, he died soon after Umbrella was founded. It's been 13 years since his 
    death. So is there really anything to gain by having high expectations of the 
    "Ashford" lineage?
    And, in fact, the Antarctic Research Center founded by his son hadn't yielded 
    a single result. 
    Don't people know the limits of Alexia's smarts? She is only Edward's 
    grandchild after all. 
    But from the day she came, our worthless, good for nothing subordinates began 
    to say "It's a good thing Alexia is here". She may be from a famous family, 
    carry great "genes" within her, but nonetheless, I knew it was gonna be a real 
    hassle having subordinates with such a lack of good judgement. 
    It's idiots like that, who, if they accidentally stuck their foot in a bucket, 
    wouldn't be able to move or figure out what to do unless someone told them. 
    At least I could still tell the difference.
    However, if, at that time, I would have gotten upset about the whole thing, it 
    would have just slowed down our progress on the T-Virus research. 
    Unless you can keep cool and still be decisive no matter what the 
    circumstances, then success will always evade you.
    At that time I was thinking this:
    By making good use of the "past", then we could definitely yield good results. 
    And iff some of those "old timers", who feasibly could die at any second, then 
    they would make great test subjects. 
    After all, do you think it is possible to stand above the people, if you can't 
    rationally use their "human resources" well?
    However, the problem was Birkin. 
    The way he reacted to the Alexia rumors was terrible.
    He never really said it, but for Birkin, the fact that he was the youngest 
    person to ever be a chief researcher was always something he was proud of. 
    That "pride" was severely injured by having a mere 10 year-old become a chief 
    researcher. It was probably the first time someone so talented as he had ever 
    tasted defeat. 
    He just couldn't accept the "younger, girl of good lineage".
    To be made a fool of by someone who hadn't gotten any results. Someone who had 
    worked so far away. 
    The face that he couldn't get over it, showed his immaturity.
    However, even though he was still immature, no matter what, I had to bring him 
    back to his senses. 
    It was during these three years that our research moved up to the 2nd level. 
    It was at this point that we fixed upon the idea of making a "living 
    biological weapon". We started to call the "T-Virus" by a new name--"Zombie".
    However, it was impossible to get a 100% infection ratio. Within people there 
    is a subtle difference that the virus couldn't totally overtake. It seems 
    "capability" was also a major factor. 
    About 10 percent of the people who were injected with the "Zombie Virus" 
    didn't get infected. And this was something that, no matter how hard we 
    researched, we just couldn't overcome. 
    A disease that would affect 90 percent of all humans seemed to me to be quite 
    a powerful weapon. But Spencer didn't see it that way. Spencer said that he 
    was hoping for a specialty virus that could "easily" wipe out EVERYONE.
    But, why in the world would he want something like that? 
    One important characteristic of biological weapons was that they could be 
    developed cheaply. However, the "biological weapon" that we were researching 
    started to become very costly.
    If Spencer was in it just for the money, then he probably wouldn't have chosen 
    to spend the extra money on researching a specialty virus that infected and 
    wiped out 100% of its victims. It just wasn't financially "worth it".
    Why would he want to ignore all financial concerns just to continue research? 
    If by changing the idea of war (through biological warfare), he was attempting 
    to monopolize all military industries then I would have understood that but... 
    Even to this day, I have no idea what his true intentions were.
    But whatever Spencer's real reason was, Birkin was planning on making a 
    biological weapon that would increase a country's military capacity. 
    Not to just manipulate the genes of the "T-Virus", but also by adding other 
    genetic code he was planning on creating "him". 
    A military biological weapon that could annihilate those who went unaffected 
    by the virus, as well as, people who were wearing anti-viral gear and 
    equipment. This weapon was later named "Hunter". 
    However, that experiment was temporarily put on hold. 
    In order to protect the test subjects from Birkin. 
    Birkin's pace was quickened by Alexia's existence. He began to act "out of the 
    He would stay in the lab for 24 hours straight. Attempt experiments that he 
    hadn't really thought out.
    I tried to use other researchers to get as many samples from the subjects 
    before they died, but I just couldn't keep up with his pace. 
    The head facilitator brought in a new subject, as if nothing had ever 
    happenned. But she, too, soon died. 
    It was [heck]. 
    And within that [heck] there was but one person living--The female test 
    subject's body that continued to live on. [Lisa Trevor]
    She was already 28 years old. Having lived 14 of her years in this research 
    Someone whose "consciousness" had been taken away by the "Starter Virus" that 
    had been injected into her 14 years ago. Someone who, if their "heart" did 
    happen to actually be alive, would only hope for "death". 
    But she continued to "survive".
    Why was only she able to survive this long? Her basic experiment data and that 
    of other subjects seemed to be the same. 
    It would still take a long time for us to solve this riddle. 
    (The report continues 2 years later)
    Alexia 2
    December 31st, 1983
    The winter of my sixth year at the Arklay Research Center.
    For the past 2 years, there were no significant results and time seemed to 
    just stagnantly flow along, but before long we had a breakthrough. 
    The thing that started it all was a report we got that morning.
    Antarctica Alexia had died.
    The cause of her death was that she accidentally got infected by a virus that 
    she, herself, was researching. It was called the "T-Veronica Virus".
    Alexia was 12 years old. It seems she was just a little too young to be 
    undertaking such dangerous experiments.
    There were many rumors to be heard. One particular rumor actually suggested 
    that she injected the "T-Veronica" into her own body. But no matter what the 
    circumstances I find that particular "theory" to be implausible.
    Probably she was just so shaken up over her father's disappearance one year 
    earlier that she just made a mistake in the experiment. 
    After that Alexia's last remaining blood relative, her twin brother [Alfred] 
    who had worked in the Antarctica Research Center came and picked up where she 
    left off. But no one had any expectations of him. 
    In the end, the "Ashford" family was basically "dead"... without even yielding 
    a single advance for the experiment.
    It was just as I thought. A legend is, after all, merely that....a legend.
    After the news of Alexia's death, Birkin changed. Or I guess I should say, he 
    returned back to his normal self. 
    But I guess the biggest thing was that all of his subordinates now had no 
    choice but to think of him as the main researcher. Since, now, there was no 
    one who could surpass his talents. 
    However, with that, it became "taboo" for anyone to talk about Alexia in front 
    of him. 
    He fiercely opposed me when I planned on getting a sample of the T-Veronica 
    I had no choice but to put finding the truth about Alexia's research on the 
    back burner. 
    In the end, even though the situation was at its best, Birkin, himself, failed 
    to grow up and advance his research.
    However, at that time I was concerned more about a different question at hand. 
    The Arklay Research Center was surrounded by a dense forest.
    I often hiked through the forest but since the center was located in a 
    mountain region there was never anyone to be found nearby. 
    The only method of transportation was by helicopter. And the center wasn't 
    exactly the type of place people came to visit. 
    One important reason for the fact that the center was located in such an 
    isolated location was to prevent the virus from getting out in the instance of 
    a "leak".
    However, "biological weapons" aren't that simple.
    "Viruses" don't only infect humans. The[y] can infect "other" things as well. 
    Any virus is usually capable of infecting more than one host.
    For example, the number of species that the ordinary "influenza virus" (the 
    common flu) is recognized as infecting birds, pigs, horses, seals, and humans. 
    The difficult part is that not all types of animals/people within a species 
    are affected. Even though, within the bird species, ducks and chickens are 
    affected, all other birds are not. 
    And, if a virus mutates, then the kinds and number of hosts it affects changes.
    So it is impossible to create a virus that is capable of affecting everything.
    And that was the main problem--trying to adapt the T-Virus so that it would 
    affect "everything" that it came into contact with.
    After Birkin became "useless", I started investigating the T-Virus's 
    communicative infection rate.
    It was then that I found out that, it was a fact that the T-Virus could infect 
    almost any kind of living thing.
    Not just animals, but plants, insects, fish--almost any species. The virus had 
    the power to expand and disperse all over the earth.
    Whenever I would leave the center for a walk in the woods I would always think 
    to myself...
    Why did Spencer choose this place?
    Because there were lots of different types of species concentrated in the 
    If the virus ever did get out here, then what would happen to a place where 
    there were this many types of living things present?
    In the case of insects, they are small so you might not think of them as 
    "dangerous" even if they are secondary carriers of the virus.
    However, insects usually exist in "swarms" and that huge number makes them a 
    very dangerous "carrier", indeed.
    If they were carriers then how far would the virus spread?
    If a plant was a carrier then, since they can't move, you wouldn't expect them 
    to be able to infect many people.
    However, what about the "pollen" that comes from plants?
    Considering those factors, the center was an extremely dangerous place to run 
    "virus research".
    And if you really think about it, the location of the Ashford's Antarctica 
    Research Center was really a much safer and obvious choice.
    It would almost seem as if this place was specifically chosen, as a location, 
    for the purpose of "spreading" the virus.
    But, I just can't imagine that would really be so.
    What is Spencer trying to get us to do?
    This was a major issue. So big that I couldn't tell the other researchers.
    At this time the only person that I felt I could have talked with about this 
    was Birkin, but it was evident that telling him would be meaningless.
    I needed more information.
    It was at that time that I first began to feel the limitations of my position 
    as researcher.
    I needed to get myself to a position that had more access to information that 
    would reveal Spencer's true objective.
    I felt no love lost for throwing away my position as researcher in order to 
    find out. 
    But I couldn't rush things. Because if Spencer ever got wind to what I was 
    doing then it would be all over.
    I jumped back into my research and it was "business as usual" so as not to 
    call attention to my plans. 
    During those times, the female test subject that continued to survive was left 
    in some corner and forgotten. 
    A living "could've been".
    We began to call her that, sometime after she stopped yielding useful data for 
    At least, until 5 years later that is...
    (This report continues 5 years later)
    July 1st, 1988 [My birthday! Woo hoo!]
    The summer of our 11th year at Arklay was just starting. 
    I was already 28.
    Birkin had become a father and already had a 2 year-old daughter.
    [Sherry Birkin]
    His wife was one of the researchers that worked at Arklay.
    You would normally think it [would be] hard to understand someone wanting to 
    get married and raise a child, all while doing their research.
    But, it is said that only "non-ordinary" people ever continued to do research 
    at Arklay.
    Only the crazy ones ever succeeded there. 
    And so, after 10 long years, our research finally reached the 3rd stage.
    To create a living biological weapon that was a soldier that would follow 
    strict orders, obey its program, and have intelligence.
    It was the so-called "Tyrant", basically a monster, that we set out to create. 
    However, there was a major obstruction to our research back then. Finding a 
    basic body for "Tyrant".
    The biggest problem was that suitable bodies for Tyrant were, at that time, 
    genetically very limited.
    The source of the problem lay in the nature of the T-Virus.
    The T-Virus mutation used to create "zombies" and "hunters" could be used on 
    just about any human but it would also cause a decline in the subject[']s 
    brain capacity.
    If the subject didn't have a certain amount of "intelligence" then it couldn't 
    function as a Tyrant.
    Birkin tried to solving the problem by picking out new mutagens that would 
    keep down the "wear and tear on the subject's brain" so long as the subject 
    fit the "Tyrant Profile".
    However the number of people that had "suitable" genetics to accept the tyrant 
    cells were very limited.
    In a genetic analysis simulation it was found that only 1 in a million had the 
    genetic make-up to become a "Tyrant", any other person would merely become a 
    regular zombie. 
    If we would have continued with our research then I'm sure we would have found 
    a way to make a different type of T-Virus that could change more people into 
    However, in order to do that research, we first needed people that were 
    perfectly suitable for the new mutation.
    However, the odds of us being able to bring one of those few people, living in 
    America, that fit the profile was extremely low.
    In the end, the only thing they were able to do was to, by force, bring a few 
    "close contenders" in from other labs[.]
    Even before we had the chance to start our research, it seemed we had already 
    hit an obstacle.
    At that time I heard a rumor about another location in Europe where they had 
    already reached the "third level" of producing a biological weapon using a 
    method that no one had thought of.
    It was known as the "Nemesis Plan".
    In order to change the stagnant working pace and conditions, I took it upon 
    myself to get a sample of one of the subjects from that "plan".
    Of course Birkin first disagreed with me, but in the end I was able to get him 
    to reconsider. 
    Everyone had no choice but to recognize the fact that, until we found a 
    suitable "Tyrant" subject, our research wasn't going anywhere.
    The "package" from Europe came at midnight, several days later, after a series 
    of broadcasts, proposals, and counter-proposals.
    The box that contained "it" landed on the helicopter pad.
    It reads "Nemesis Prototype".
    I had to use some very strong tactics to get the incomplete "thing" where it 
    was being researched in France, but all the while, Spencer was backing me up, 
    pulling all of his strings and using his influence.
    Only Birkin showed no interest in "it" until the end. But he, at least, 
    recognized it as an important part of the experiment. 
    The sample was developed to create a never before seen, totally new "form".
    By manipulating genes, they had artificially created a "living parasite".
    That was what "Nemesis" really was.
    It could latch onto another organism's brain and then take control of the 
    host's brain[,] bringing it a high-level of destructive power.
    By combining intelligence with a destructive body suitable for battle, they 
    were able to form the ultimate biological weapon.
    And if they could complete the project then they would be capable of creating 
    "warlike bodies" without having to worry about the intelligence issue.
    However, the problem was that the parasite containing "it" was not stable.
    The only thing written within the document that was attached to the sample was 
    "Failure--sample died" over and over again.
    Anything that had been affected and whose intelligence was being controlled 
    would die within 5 minutes.
    We all understood that messing around with the "incomplete" prototype was very 
    If we could only somehow manage to extend the amount of time that the hosts 
    would live then we could take control over the project. That was what I was 
    aiming for.
    Of course we would use "her" as our test subject. [Lisa Trevor]
    Surely her unusually high endurance would be perfect for sustaining the 
    Nemesis Prototype parasite for a long time. 
    Even if she didn't last long, it's not as if we would be losing anything 
    special anyways.
    However the experiment yielded a result that was opposite from what I was 
    The Nemesis parasite that tried to enter her brain disappeared.
    At first, I didn't even know what was going on.
    I couldn't believe that "she" would be the one to mix with the parasite genes 
    without dying.
    That was the beginning.
    Somewhere within that "undying" body of hers, there had been a change...
    We had to re-examine her from head to toe one more time.
    During our 10 years of research she had been totally and thoroughly examined 
    but this time we ignored that previous data.
    For the 21 years that she had been here, for the first time, something was 
    actually happening.
    After she had already survived longer than other subjects who had received the 
    Nemesis Virus, it was only Birkin that started to realize what was happening. 
    There was something within "her".
    That "something" was a deviation from the T-Virus plan.
    Something new that gave way to a new form.
    Something that changed our destiny.
    It was the beginning of the "G-Virus plan".
    (This report continues 7 years later)
    July 31, 1995
    It had been 17 years since I'd been back "there".
    When I come, I remember the wind. The scenery and buildings from the 
    surrounding area hadn't changed a bit.
    I saw Birkin standing on the Heli-pad. He arrived before I did.
    Meeting with him somehow already seemed "nostalgic".
    It had been 4 years since I had left the Arklay Research Center.
    4 years ago, when Birkin's proposed "G-Virus" plan was approved, I put in a 
    transfer request for the "data/information" section and my request was 
    immediately approved.
    The fact that I had given up on being a researcher and need a change probably 
    seemed like a natural change that most people go through. 
    Actually, the truth of the matter was that "G" had already reached a level 
    that was beyond my ability.
    And even if I wasn't really here to discover Spencer's "true intentions", I 
    think that, at that time, I would have definitely realized the limitations of 
    my ability.
    As the wind danced around the helicopter, Birkin was, as usual, fixated on 
    some document.
    Apparently, he was coming to Arklay on a routine basis, but he was no longer 
    assigned there.
    A while ago, he had been transferred to a huge underground research facility 
    in Raccoon City. That was the main facility for his "G-Virus" research.
    But to tell the truth, 4 years ago, I really didn't think Spencer would 
    approve "G".
    Because "it" deviated from the idea of "weapon" and it was created with too 
    many unknowns left unsolved. 
    The big difference between "G" and the "T-Virus" was that a body infected with 
    "G" would spontaneously continue to mutate.
    Of course a virus's genes are unprotected so it quickly mutates.
    But the cells within a living organism are different.
    Even if the subject[']s make-up has been altered by the virus, the cells 
    within the organism's body rarely can be mutated.
    Of course, by using other "stimuli", such as radiation, you can make mutations 
    occur within a living body.
    However, a body that is infected with "G" continues to mutate, without any 
    outer stimuli, until the host dies.
    Even that "T-Virus" has lots of attributes that are quite similar to "G".
    It has already been observed that the genetic make-up of one of the "living 
    biological weapons" (a person infected with the T-Virus), who has been placed 
    in a special setting, has continuously "changed".
    But in order for this change to occur it is necessary to use outer stimuli as 
    a catalyst. And one can mildly predict which changes are likely to occur.
    However, there are no such "laws" concerning a body infected with "G".
    No one can predict just how someone infected with "G" will change. No matter 
    what kind of method you use to try to cope with "G", it continually changes, 
    making that "method" ineffective.
    7 years ago Birkin noticed a little bit of this effect in the female test 
    There wasn't the slightest change in her appearance, but deep within her 
    something was constantly changing and she continued to co-exist with the virus 
    used in the experiments.
    And so after 21 years of inner mutations, even the "parasite Nemesis" just 
    became one more mutation within her body.
    The "G-Virus Plan" was a plan to push those "characteristics" to the utmost 
    However, the thing that lay ahead could be an evolution to the "final form" 
    for mankind... or it could be a "finale" in which the organism merely dies...
    Could we really call that a weapon?
    What was Spencer thinking when he approved this plan?
    Even though I had been working in the information section for these 4 long 
    years, I had still been unable to figure out what Spencer was planning.
    And now Spencer has stopped coming to Arklay.
    Almost as if something that he has been eagerly awaiting and expecting has 
    begun to start.
    Spencer, like some mirage floating in the desert, had begun to grow farther 
    and farther away from me.
    But I was sure that a chance would present itself to me eventually.
    That was, of course, if I lived long enough to see that day.
    Birkin and I got on the elevator and rode to the top floor.
    To the place where we had first met "her".
    A man named John, Birking's successor and new chief researcher, was waiting 
    there for us.
    He came from a research center in Chicago and was supposedly a very talented 
    scientist but he was a little too "straight" to be working at a place like 
    He began to question the "inhumanity" of what was going on in the labs and 
    made his opinions known to the upper-level executives.
    I had heard rumors about him at the information section.
    Everyone seemed to agree that if any information ever leaked out, he probably 
    would have been the culprit.
    We ignored John and kept on walking, and then began the final "disposal" 
    procedures on her.
    "You must kill her".
    Due to her being infected with "Nemesis", although only a minor account, she 
    started to "think" and become conscious. She started to act in "grotesque" 
    Her behavior has continued to escalate and now she wears the face of another 
    woman that she "peeled off" just like a mask.
    According to reports, she acted the same way after they gave her the first 
    "Starter Virus".
    I don't know why she began to act in such a way, but because she recently 
    killed 3 researchers, "they" have decided to "dispose" of her.
    Now that the "G" research is on the right track, there is no real use for a 
    "test subject" like her.
    After constantly checking and re-confirming for 3 days the fact that she was 
    dead, her corpse was, as per Facility Head's order, taken away somewhere.
    In the end, I never did find out who she was and why she was brought here?
    Of course, she was merely a test subject.
    But still though, if she hadn't been here then there wouldn't have been any 
    "G Plan". And Birkin and I would probably be leading different lives now.
    I left the Arklay Research Center, thinking that very thing.
    I wonder how much of this was according to Spencer's "plan".
    (3 years later the "incident" began)
    11. Resident Evil Games
    As of now, here are the Resident Evil games and their platforms.
    Resident Evil / Director's Cut / Dual Shock
    Resident Evil 0
    Resident Evil 2 / Dual Shock Edition
      -Nintendo 64
    Resident Evil 3
    Resident Evil 4 (Announced)
    Resident Evil: Survivor
    Resident Evil: Survivor 2
      -Playstation 2
    Resident Evil Code: Veronica / Complete / X
    Resident Evil Gaiden
      -GameBoy Color
    Resident Evil: Dead Aim
      -Playstation 2
    Resident Evil Online (Announced)
      -Playstation 2
    Resident Evil Movie
    12. Resident Evil Timeline (By WeskerFanGirl)
    [NOTE: This entire section of the FAQ was written completely by WeskerFanGirl.]
    July 23, 1998
        After several murders in the Raccoon City area, S.T.A.R.S. are sent to 
    investigate the area.  The Bravo team is sent in first. Their helicopter has to
    make an emergency landing.  Rebecca Chambers, who is on her first mission, gets
    on a train sitting in the middle of the woods.  There, she meets Billy Coen.
    Billy Coen was supposed to be executed for killing 23 people, but the transport
    vehicle was attacked by leeches.
         They are stuck on the train with several zombies and leeches, so after the
    train starts moving, they team up.  They eventually have to use the emergency 
    brakes, and end up at the old Umbrella Training Facility. Wesker and Birkin 
    watch Rebecca and Billy through some monitors.  Marcus interrupts them as he 
    tells them he was responsible for the virus leak in the lab, mansion, and 
    train.  He says it's revenge for the death of James Marcus, although they don't
    know it's him, because he looks younger.
         Billy saves Rebecca's life a few times at the training facility, and he 
    tells her about an incident in Africa that explains the 23 people. They find 
    Marcus' Diary, which says he created the t-virus. They also visit Marcus' lab 
    under a church outside the training facility.  Billy and Rebecca get separated 
    for a short time, after Billy is attacked by an eliminator.  Rebecca gets in a 
    cable car and ends up at a factory.  She uses the turn table and meets up 
    with Enrico, the Bravo team leader.  He tries to get her to come with him, but 
    she says she has to find Billy.  After fighting a Tyrant and getting in an 
    elevator she arrives at the sewer treatment plant.  She finds Billy, and they 
    try to look for a way out of the treatment plant.
         James Marcus confronts them, and he tells them who he is.  He tells them 
    he was resurrected by the Queen Leech.  The queen takes over and he morphs 
    into the boss.  They defeat him, and get onto a lift, but the Queen Leech 
    follows them and the self destruct sequence starts.  They end up getting 
    knocked off the lift, and fighting the leech queen in a large room with several
    large boxes and shutters.  They open the windows when they find out that the 
    queen is weakened by sunlight.  Billy kills the leech queen with a Magnum that 
    Rebecca finds lying on the floor.  They make it out in time.  They end up in a 
    field overlooking the Spencer mansion.  Rebecca tells Billy he is now 
    officially dead, and they go their separate ways.  Rebecca heads to the mansion
    and Billy goes off on his own.
    July 24, 1998 (Note: I wrote a combination of Chris' and Jill's senerio)
        S.T.A.R.S Alpha team is sent in to search for the missing Bravo team. 
    Joseph is attacked by zombie dogs, and the rest of the team runs, while the 
    helicopter pilot, Brad Vickers, leaves them stranded.  Wesker, Barry, Chris, 
    and Jill all run to the mansion.  The characters all get separated.  Wesker 
    disappears and forces Barry to help him destroy S.T.A.R.S. by threatening his 
    family.  Wesker's goal is to get combat data and then destroy the lab and the 
    mansion.  Chris meets Rebecca Chambers, who is with Richard Aiken from Bravo 
    team.  Richard Aiken eventually dies. Enrico is also killed, along with all the
    other Bravo team members, besides Rebecca.
       In the labs, Wesker tries to shoot Jill, but Barry saves her just in time. 
    Wesker releases the Tyrant, who turns on him.  After Jill defeats the Tyrant, 
    Wesker escapes.  Wesker sets the self destruct system, and all four go to the 
    heliport to signal Brad.  Before he can land, the Tyrant breaks through the 
    concrete and attacks again.  Brad drops a rocket launcher, and the Tyrant is 
    destroyed.  Chris, Rebecca, Jill, and Barry fly away as the mansion blows up. 
    September 28, 1998
       After there was a major outbreak in Raccoon city, Jill Valentine tries to 
    escape the city.  Brad warns her that something is coming for them, and he is 
    killed outside of the RPD, by a B.O.W. called Nemesis.  Nemesis chases Jill out
    of the RPD, and she eventually loses him.  She meets a mercenary who was hired 
    by Umbrella named Carlos.  She doesn't trust him at first, but later learns 
    to work together with him.  She meets the rest of the remaining Umbrella 
    Biohazard Countermeasure Services (U.B.C.S.) team, Nicholai and Mikail. 
    Nicholai tells them the plan for getting out of the city involving ringing the 
    bell at the city Clock Tower.  Nicholai later fakes his death, and Jill tells 
    Carlos.  After getting all the needed materials, they start the cable car.  
    Mikail sacrifices his life to save Jill and Carlos, when Nemesis attacks.  Then
    Jill and Carlos have to use the emergency brakes, and the cable car crashes.
       Jill wakes up outside of the Clock Tower.  Inside she finds Carlos, and 
    Nemesis is also still stalking her.  She rings the bells and exits the Clock 
    Tower. She sees a helicopter coming, but Nemesis blows it up with his rocket 
    launcher.  This destroys some of the Clock Tower.  Nemesis infects Jill with 
    his tentacles.  Carlos tries to help, but he faints after Nemesis fights back 
    with his rocket launcher.  Jill fights Nemesis until he walks off into the 
    flames.  She then blacks out, and Carlos wakes up and carries her into the 
    Clock Tower.  
    September 29,  1998 (Note: This follows Leon A, Claire B)
        Claire Redfield and Leon S. Kennedy are both driving into Raccoon city.  
    Claire is looking for her brother, Chris.  Leon was going to the RPD for his 
    first day as a cop.  Leon and Claire meet up after seeing some zombies.  They 
    get into a police car, but it crashes after a zombie in the back seat wakes 
    up.  They are then separated by a large truck running into the back of the cop 
    car.  Leon tells Claire to go to the police station.
        At the police department, Leon meets a woman named Ada Wong and Claire 
    meets a girl named Sherry Birkin.  After searching the RPD, the four all go 
    into the sewers with the people they met up with.
        Leon gets injured when he is shot by Annette Birkin. Ada then meets Annette
    and finds out she is Sherry's mother.  Her husband, William Birkin, was shot by
    a group of men in biohazard suits, who were sent to get the G-virus.  They took
    the sample and headed toward their rendezvous point.  Before he died, William 
    injected the G-virus into his own body.  He killed the men while several 
    samples of the t-virus were broken. The rats then spread the virus. 
        Leon and Ada get onto the turn table. Ada is wounded by Birkin when his 
    claws go through the side of the car on the turn table.
        Later, Claire and Sherry also get on the turn table, but it stops halfway 
    down.  Claire gets out and climbs through a vent.  When she gets to the lab, 
    the turn table lowers.  
        Leon and Claire make their separate ways through the labs.  Annette tells 
    Leon that Ada is a spy sent for the G-virus.  Leon doesn't believe it.  
    Annette gets knocked out by a falling pipe, and Leon takes the virus.  Ada then
    tries to get the G-virus from Leon.  He is shocked to find out that she is a 
    spy after all.  Ada threatens to shoot Leon, but she can't do it.  Annette, who
    is barely alive, shoots Ada, causing her to fall off the platform.  Leon can't 
    hold on, and she falls.  He throws the virus after her.
        Claire and Sherry make their way to the bottom platform, after hearing 
    the self destruct system.  Leon goes an alternate way.  Claire fights Mr. X for
    the final time.  During the fight, a woman figure believed, but not confirmed 
    to be, Ada, throws Claire the rocket launcher. Leon fights Birkin. Leon defeats
    him and gets onto a lift to the train, where Claire is.  
        Claire starts the train, and Leon makes it on just as it starts moving.  
    They think they have made it until there is another emergency.  Birkin followed
    them onto the train.  Leon once again fights Birkin, but that still doesn't 
    stop him.  Sherry then crawls into the control room and stops the train.  They 
    get out and run out of the train tunnel just as the train explodes.
        At this point, Sherry stays with Leon as Claire leaves to look for Chris. 
    The date of this is not confirmed, but at some point, Leon surrenders Sherry to
    a man who claims to be an agent of the U.S. government.
    October 1, 1998
        Jill wakes up in the Clock Tower.  She tells Carlos that she knows she has 
    the virus.  He goes to look for a way to help.  There is a hospital nearby 
    that has the vaccine.  He sees Nicholai there, and finds out that Nicholai is 
    not on their side.  Nicholai goes flying out the window when another member of 
    the U.B.C.S. commits suicide with a grenade in an attempt to kill Nicholai.  
    After Carlos gets the virus vaccine, he sees that Nicholai has set a bomb to go
    off.  He hurries out of the hospital and back to the Clock Tower.
        He gives Jill the vaccine.  Carlos says he has something important he has 
    to check and to watch out for Nicholai and Nemesis, because they are both 
    still alive.  
        Jill then goes to the park.  She finds a hide out for the U.B.C.S.
    supervisors, and Nicholai confronts her.  They are interuppted by an 
    earthquake.  When Jill follows Nicholai outside of the hut, she falls into a 
    ditch made by a huge worm-like creature.  So she fights the monster and climbs 
    out of the ditch.
       She finally makes her way to an old treatment plant.  She meets up with 
    Carlos once again and he tells her there is a missile heading to Raccoon city 
    at dawn. She eventually opens a door leading to a large room filled with trash.
    Nemesis comes, and she is locked in.  She defeats Nemesis, and finds a key card
    to unlock the door.  Nemesis then falls to where all the wastes and chemicals 
    are dumped.
        A missile launch is then detected.  Jill hurries to open the last door she 
    hasn't opened yet.  In the Control Room, Nicholai starts shooting at her from a
    helicopter.  She tries to negotiate with Nicholai, but he leaves in the only 
    helicopter.  Carlos enters and she tells him that Nicholai left with the only 
    helicopter.  Carlos is still determined to escape though.  Jill leaves the room
    through a ladder and finds herself in some kind of junk yard.  She once again 
    has to fight Nemesis, this time with a huge rail-gun called Paracelsus' Sword.
    Carlos is there and says someone is coming in another helicopter to rescue 
    Jill.  The pilot turns out to be Barry Burton.  They leave in the helicopter 
    just in time before the city is nuked.
    November, 1998
        Ark Thompson is sent by Leon to Sheena Island.  The island is owned by 
    Umbrella.  Vincent Goldman is the commander of the Island.  Ark pretends to be 
    Vincent, and he meets a sewer manager named Andy.  Ark confronts Vincent, and 
    Ark tries to escape with a helicopter, but Vincent hangs on and shoots the 
    helicopter, causing it to crash.  Ark wakes up with a headache, and he doesn't 
    remember who he is.
        Ark gets up and starts walking around.  He sees Vincent lying on the 
    ground, but doesn't know it's him, because of his memory loss.  The Island has 
    had a t-virus outbreak, so monsters and zombies are wondering around.  After 
    exploring a while, Ark gets a phone call from Andy from a pay phone. Andy still
    thinks Ark is Vincent.  He enters the nearby library where Andy is.  Andy runs 
    away and locks the door behind him.  
        Ark walks up the stairs and through another door.  Andy locks him in a room
    with a Hunter.  Ark survives and exits, and follows Andy.  He eventually gets 
    into the sewer, where he reads Andy's diary.  Andy has a hobby of taking 
    pictures as seen all around the room.  Ark finds a picture of himself, but 
    again thinks it's Vincent because of what the diary said.  A young boy named 
    Lott enters and when he sees Ark, he gets scared and runs away.
        After futher exploration, Ark comes to an Umbrella facility.  He goes to 
    Vincent's office, where he reads Vincent's diary.  He also finds Lott's sister,
    Lily, who is listening to some recordings.  Lott tries to attack Ark with a 
    baseball bat, and he tells Lily to run.  Both children run off.  
        Ark follows them, and sees them jumping over the rail and into knee high 
    water.  Ark eventually finds their house.  Inside he finds Lily, who tells him 
    that Lott has gone to the labs, and she is worried because of all the monsters 
    there.  Ark goes to save Lott.  
        When Ark finally gets to Lott, Lott tells him the truth.  Lott tells him he
    isn't Vincent.  The self destruct system begins.  Ark tells Lott to go home 
    and get Lily.  Ark has to fight more monsters, including a Tyrant.  He finally 
    makes it to the train.  Ark, Lott, and Lily all board, and arrive at a helipad.
    The Tyrant is there too, and attacks.  Ark defeats it and boards the plane.  
    The Tyrant hangs onto the plane, Ark finishes it with a missile equipped to the
    plane.  All three fly to safely.
    December, 1998
        Claire Redfield breaks into Umbrella's paris lab.  She is caught by 
    Rodrigo, and sent to Rockfort Island.
    December 27, 1998
        Claire wakes up in her small jail cell.  Rodrigo staggers in and lets her 
    go.  He tells her a special forces team attacked the island. Rodrigo also needs
    some medicine to stop some internal bleeding.  Claire cautiously exits the 
    prison, and into a graveyard, where several zombies attack her.  She runs 
    through a door into a courtyard.  A light shines in her eyes, and someone 
    starts shooting at her.  She picks up a gun and shoots back.  The sniper turns 
    out to be a teenage boy named Steve, who was a prisoner on the island.  He is 
    now looking for a way out.  Steve walks away quickly.  Claire follows him.
        After exploring the prison area, which is infested with zombies from an 
    outbreak, Claire finds Steve at a computer.  Umbrella is monitoring Chris, so 
    Claire sends Leon and E-mail so he can tell Chris he's being monitored and to 
    come and save Claire. Steve doesn't think he will come, and he gets mad and 
    walks away again.
        Claire finds her way to a palace.  Claire meets Steve again there. He tries
    to take some Gold Lugers and is caught in a trap.  Claire says she needs them, 
    but Steve wants something fully automatic.  He runs off once again.  Claire 
    goes back to the main foyer, where she meets Alfred Ashford, who is aiming a 
    sniper rifle at her.   He misses, and she hides behind a pillar.  Alfred thinks
    the t-virus outbreak was her fault, but Claire denies it.  He still doesn't 
    believe her.  He eventually leaves, and Claire leaves the palace, and goes to 
    the island's airport. she needs three proofs to get to the plane. She begins to
    explore the rest of the island.
        There is also a military training facility for Umbrella emloyees.  While 
    walking through a stone courtyard, Alfred tries to shoot Claire again.  He 
    misses, and she chases him up the stairs, through the door, and down the hall. 
    He is nowhere to be seen, but he traps her using the shutters.  He uses the 
    P.A. system to warn her about whats in the next room.  First, however, she 
    checks out a different room and finds some Hemostatic medicine, which is used 
    to stop internal bleeding. She enters the room, and finds the sub-machine guns,
    but the ammo is on some crates below.  A monster then attacks her.  It is a 
    rubbery monster that uses a long rubbery arm to slap her around.  She defeats 
    it, but when she goes down the stairs she is attacked by another.  It grabs her
    by the head and picks her up.  Steve jumps through the window and saves her.
        After Steve defeats the monster, he gives Claire a lift to get the ammo for
    the sub-machine gun.  The platform begins to move to a lower level.  Steve 
    runs around the area shooting zombies, and testing the new guns he has.  He 
    meets up with Claire, and he says guns are more dependable than people.  Claire
    is shocked by this.  They continue walking around until a wooden walkway falls 
    from underneath of them.  Claire's leg is trapped under some rubble and she 
    can't move.  A zombie starts to walk toward them.  Claire tells Steve to shoot 
    it, but Steve just stares.  The zombie gets closer.  Just before the zombie 
    bites Claire, Steve screams "Father!!!" and shoots the zombie until it doesn't 
    move any more.
        Steve begins to cry.  He explains to Claire that his father worked for 
    Umbrella.  They were captured and sent to the island.  Due to the recent 
    t-virus outbreak, his father became a zombie. Claire continues to look through 
    the facility.
        She takes the lugers and uses them in the palace.  After putting in a 
    password in a computer, she finds the Ashford's private mansion.  On the second
    floor, she hears a two people talking, Alfred and Alexia. Judging by the 
    conversation, they appear to be siblings.  Claire waits for them to leave, and 
    then walks into the room.  Inside is a music box playing a song.  Claire needs 
    to find the missing piece of the jewel shaped like an ant that opens the music 
    box in the opposite room.  Claire leaves and goes back to look through the 
    prison with a new key she found at the Ashford mansion.
        She goes back to check on Rodrigo and gives him the medicine that he 
    needed.  She also gives him her lighter that her brother gave her. Back at the 
    prison she finds the music roll for the piano in the palace. When she goes back
    to the palace, Wesker is there.  He threatens her, and tells her how much he 
    hates Chris.  Wesker leaves eventually after getting a call.  When she uses the
    music roll, a slot machine opens with the missing jewel shaped like an ant.  
    She takes it back to the other mansion.  This opens a secret door.  After 
    climing the ladder, she finds herself in a room, where the Ashfords keep all 
    their stuff from childhood.  She solves a puzzle there and climbs another 
    ladder leading to a loft.  There she finds an article about Alexia and the 
    last proof for the plane.
        When she tries to leave, Alexia catches her.  She aims a rifle at her, but 
    misses.  Before she can shoot again, Steve comes in and shoots Alexia.  Alexia 
    goes to the opposite room through a secret door.  Claire and Steve follow 
    her, but when they get there, all they find his a wig and a dress.  Claire goes
    to look at the wig, when Alfred jumps off the top of the canopy bed, and 
    attacks.  Alfred happens to catch a glimpse of himself in the mirror, screams, 
    and runs away.  Steve and Claire come to the conclusion that there wasn't and 
    Alexia, and Alfred was a cross-dresser.  The self destruct system starts, and 
    they go to the planes using the submarine.
        They use the proofs and get on the plane, but can't leave because of a 
    bridge blocking the way.  Claire goes to move it.  On her way back to the 
    plane, she is attacked by a Tyrant.  She defeats him, and gets back to the 
    plane.  Claire and Steve fly away, when suddenly there is a loud noise from the
    back of the plane.  Claire goes to check, and it's the Tyrant again.  She 
    fights him and uses large crates to push him off the plane. 
        Claire and Steve think they are safe until Alfred tells them he won't let 
    them escape using a video screen in the plane.  Later, Steve notices that the 
    plane is headed toward Antarctica.  Then the plane crashes.  They get off the 
    plane after being knocked out for awhile.  The t-virus has also spread in the 
    Antartic Facility.  It turns out that this facility was once owned by Alfred's 
    father, Alexander.  There is also a horrible monster in the facility called 
        When Steve trys to move the digger, he accidently causes poisonous gas to 
    leak.  Claire finds a valve and shuts off the gas.  Alfred tries to shoot 
    Claire again, and Steve shoots Alfred, causing him to fall off a ledge.
        Steve and Claire get into the digger and use it to escape the facility.  
    They get out and climb to a helipad.  They are just about to go down the stairs
    when Nosferatu walks up and knocks Steve off the helipad.  He hangs on to a 
    piece of metal hanging off the side of the helipad.  Claire fights the 
    monster and saves Steve.  They then make it to a snow-mobile and try to drive 
    to the Austrailian base.  
        Alfred is barely alive, but manages to get to a lab where his sister has 
    been frozen for the last 15 years so she can get the best possible results from
    the T-Veronica virus.  Alfred dies, and Alexia somehow manages to trap Steve 
    and Claire and bring them back.  She controls these tentacles all around the 
        Chris goes to Rockfort Island to rescue Claire.  He meets Rodrigo.  Rodrigo
    tells him that Claire has left.  Then a a large worm swallows him whole.  
    Chris fights the monster and saves Rodrigo.  Rodrigo gives Chris his lighter 
    before he dies.
        Chris explores the remains of the military facility.  He sees Wesker again.
    Wesker tries to strangle him.  It turns out that Wesker now has super powers, 
    and a new employer.  Alexia appears on a screen.  This gets Wesker to let Chris
    go, since Wesker is looking for Alexia.
        Chris gets into one of Alfred's jets and flies to Antarctica.  At the 
    facility in Antartica, he reads a diary by Alfred.  Nosferatu was actually his 
    father that Alexia tested the virus on, and Alfred and Alexia were created 
    from the genes of their ancestor, Veronica.  Chris finds a mansion that looks 
    very similar to the Spencer mansion.  He finds Claire there.  She is safe, but 
    she is concerned about Steve. They run up the Stairs, and the tentacles destroy
    some of the staircase.  Chris falls to the main floor.  Claire goes to find 
    and save Steve. After walking through the mansion's hallway, she ends up in the
    prison area.  Steve is being held captive there.  Steve says Alexia injected 
    him with a virus.  He begins to feel pain, and turns into a T-Veronica 
    monster, much like Nosferatu!  He grabs the axe that was once holding him back,
    and chases Claire.  Claire runs under a gate just in time.  Steve hits the bars
    with the axe. One of the tentacles grabs Claire, and Steve breaks the gates.  
    He is just about to hit her with the axe, when he regains some human memory, 
    and instead hits the tentacle.  The tentacle recoils and injures Steve.  He 
    turns back to normal, and tells Claire he loves her just before he dies.
        Back in the mansion's main hall, Wesker is trying to make Alexia come with 
    him, because she has the T-Veronica virus.  Alexia changes and attacks Wesker. 
    He escapes and Chris is forced to fight Alexia.  After winning, Chris hears
    Claire crying behind the door, but he can't open it because it's locked.   
    Claire shoves a folder with a key card in it from under the door.  He activates
    the self destruct system so the lock will be released.  Claire meets Chris at 
    the top platform outside the control room.  Alexia regenerates and tries to 
    kill Claire, but Chris intervenes in time.  Chris fights Alexia, and destroys 
    her for good. Chris runs and sees that Wesker is kidnapping Claire.  Chris 
    follows them.  He makes Wesker let her go. Wesker says he has taken Steves 
    body because it has T-Veronica virus in it.  Claire then runs to the jet to 
    wait for Chris.  Chris and Wesker fight until Wesker gets badly burned.  Chris 
    makes it back to the jet, then Chris and Claire fly away as the facility 
    explodes.  They are now on a mission to stop Umbrella.
    September 18, 2002
        Morpheus D. Duvall and his followers steal three t-virus samples from the 
    Paris lab.  Morpheus tells his followers he is going to auction the items on a 
    ship called the Spencer Rain.  He instead spreads the virus.
    September 22, 2002
        Bruce McGivern is sent to the Spencer Rain after it was contaminated by the
    t-virus.  He works as a spy for the U.S. government.  Morpheus holds a gun to 
    Bruce's head and makes Bruce drop his gun.  Morpheus is just about to shoot 
    Bruce, when Fong Ling, who was sent by the Chinese government, throws a 
    grenade.  Bruce notices it before Morpheus, and jumps out of the way in time.  
    Morpheus is wounded, but escapes.
        Bruce climbs into the cruiser and explores. He eventually gets a call from 
    his boss.  Morpheus is black-mailing the government or he will send missiles 
    to the U.S. and China. Fong Ling sneaks up on Bruce and kicks the radio out of 
    his hand.  After kicking him around a bit, Fong Ling decides that she doesn't 
    want Bruce around.  She runs off, and Bruce continues to search the cruiser.
        Bruce eventually finds a valve he needs to open the door to the cargo room.
    As he is leaving a huge hand breaks through the window and knocks him down.  
    Fong Ling then takes the valve and runs off.  She makes her way past dozens of 
    zombies to the pool deck.  Bruce follows her there.  Morpheus is watching them 
    through a monitor. He releases some Hunters, and Bruce kills them.  Morpheus 
    then gives up and injects himself with a new virus called the tG virus.  
        Bruce and Fong Ling go down the ladder.  Fong Ling runs ahead of Bruce.  
    Bruce walks around until he comes to a large room that has theatre seats, and a
    room with a sliding door.  He finds a crowbar there and takes it.  When he 
    tries to leave, Morpheus (in tG virus form) comes through the sliding door and 
    picks up Bruce by the neck.  Bruce tries to shoot him, but with the effects of 
    the virus, it doesn't do anything.  Morpheus now has electrical powers, claws, 
    and high heels.  He chases Bruce down the hall.  Bruce uses the crowbar to get 
    a key card he uses to open a door.  He runs down the hall until he sees Fong 
    Ling.  He then shuts the door behind him.  Fong Ling crawls through a vent at 
    the top of the door and electronically opens it. Bruce closes the newly locked 
    door behind him, and locks it.  They wait until Morpheus leaves.
        They leave the room, and go their separate ways once again.  Bruce finds 
    the room where Morpheus injected himself.  There is a file there saying that 
    Morpheus was fired from Umbrella because he was blamed for the incident in the 
    Spencer Mansion on May 11th (RE0/RE1). 
        Bruce walks up a few flights of stairs, and hears an alarm start to go off.
    Fong Ling is looking out the window. The cruiser is close to hitting a cliff.
    Fong Ling runs for the exit first, and Bruce follows her.  The monster that 
    hit Bruce earlier is out there.  Bruce tells Fong Ling to go after Morpheus 
    while he fights the monster. After deafeating the monster, Bruce jumps off the 
    cruiser and into the ocean. He swims to a nearby island.  It's another island 
    with an Umbrella facility.  Bruce happens to see a fence destroyed with an 
    electrical current coming from it.  He knows Morpheus has been there.
        He jumps down the hole and into the Umbrella waste disposal facility.  
    There are several sewer-like places in the facility, as well as zombies and 
    other monsters.  Bruce finds a radio he uses to call headquarters.  He tells 
    his boss that he knows about Fong Ling.  The man on the other end tells Bruce 
    that the Chinese government has given in to Morpheus' deal, so Fong Ling's 
    presence is no longer needed.
        Fong Ling is also at the facility.  When she steps into an outside area, a 
    large aircraft is seen in the sky.  A laser is pointing towards her.  She just 
    stands there in shock.  Bruce pushes her out of the way.  They look back to 
    see a huge hole in the concrete where Fong Ling was just standing.  They run 
    towards a nearby office.  Bruce notices that a symbol on the aircraft is the 
    same symbol she has on her arm.  He cuts the tattoo on her arm.  There was a 
    computer chip under it.  Bruce steps on it, and the aircraft's laser fades.  
        Fong Ling thanks Bruce, and he goes on his way.  Fong Ling stays behind for
    the moment to take care of the wound.  Bruce then finds an elevator leading to 
    Morpheus' underwater facility, where the missles are going to be launced from. 
        A large Tyrant attacks Bruce.  After he defeats it, Fong Ling catches up 
    with him.  They get into the elevator.  Morpheus is standing on the top of the 
    elevator and cuts the cords holding it with his claws.  Bruce uses the 
    emergency brakes to stop the elevator.  He helps Fong Ling out of the elevator.
    When he tries to get out, however, the elevator falls.  
        Fong Ling explores the facility.  She uses an elevator to get to Morpheus' 
    office.  Morpheus sneaks up behind her and knocks her out.  
        Bruce wakes up on a different level of the facility.  He also uses another 
    elevator to explore the 2nd and 3rd floor. Along the way he finds a new weapon 
    that is used to destroy tG virus creatures called the Charged Particle Rifle. 
    He gets to Morpheus' office, and reads his diary. It talks about building a 
    kingdom in Africa.  Morpheus uses the flat TV screens in the room to show Bruce
    that he has Fong Ling.  Bruce goes to rescue her.  He takes the secret elevator
    down.  He comes to a large room filled with several pillars.
        He uses the new weapon to defeat Morpheus.  Bruce wakes up Fong Ling.  
    Their goal now is to disarm the missles.  Fong Ling guides Bruce, while he goes
    through a maze-like missle silo.  
        Fong Ling tells Bruce that Morpheus is coming, as Bruce is heading to the 
    missile silo.  Bruce looks back, and sees a very large monster coming his way. 
    Bruce hurries through the maze, but there is a locked door.  Fong Ling tries to
    open it, while Bruce shoots at Morpheus.  He goes through another maze.  The 
    door to the last room is locked.  Morpheus is still following Bruce.  Bruce 
    fights Morpheus and defeats him for good.  Fong Ling tries to catch up to Bruce
    after giving him directions, and she sees Morpheus mutating and becoming even 
    larger.  Bruce is trapped on the other side of Morpheus.  Morpheus explodes, 
    destroying the entire facility.  Bruce and Fong Ling manage to escape by 
    submarine, as a helicopter comes to rescue them.
    I do not own Resident evil.  I would like to thank Capcom and all those 
    involved in making all the games.  
      I would also like to thank everyone in the RE community.  I've learned so 
    much about the games from you and the games themselves.
    13. Cheats and Codes
    Rocket Launcher w/ Infinite Ammo
      Complete the game with an "S" rank on Normal difficulty mode. It will be in 
      your inventory when you restart the game.
    14. Links
    Here are some Resident Evil Sites I found very interesting.
    Resident Evil Fan
    Resident Evil Horror
    The Horror is Alive
    Resident Evil .IT
    Resident Evil Survival Horror
    Umbrella - Inc.com
    Resident Evil X
    Evil Factory
    Resident Evil Sitez
    15. Credits, Contact Info, and Everything Else
    I actually wrote this FAQ/Walkthrough a while ago, and just formatted it to 
    look like my other FAQs today. I should still be able to answer any questions 
    you have, though.
    This FAQ/Walkthrough was written by DjSiXpAcK14.
    My E-mail:
    Just put in @ for [at]. 
    Things that I REALLY REALLY need badly:
    A speed walkthrough
    Story & Plot Analysis
    NOTE: If you write me a story and plot analysis or a speed walkthrough I will 
    put your name/nickname all over anything that has anything to do with it.
    Thanks to:
    Actually, I'll get rather unhappy if you copy any of this stuff, because I 
    actually typed out everything myself. 
    If you have any questions, see my e-mail above.
    This document Copyright 2003 Benn Linger. All rights reserved.

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