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    Files Translation (JP) by ALiu

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    B I O H A Z A R D  -  G U N   S U R V I V O R 
    This is the translation of the FILES for the Japanese Version of Biohazard - 
    Gun Survivor (PSX)
    By Amma Liu
    (Please seek permission before you use it in your walkthrough or webpage)
    This document COPYRIGHT 2000 Amma Liu
    F I L E #1
    Report 1 from U.B.C.S. Investigators
    5/11 Spencer Laboratory
    S.T.A.R.S. Alpha team – Jill Valetine and Chris Redfield both explored the 
    building on 7/25 and today 8/5 they still can't find the cure for T-virus.  
    They still need to carefully find the cure.
    They heard but unsure that the former employee – Albert Wesker (Alpha team's 
    leader) has died.  We got information that Jill and Chris are trying to let 
    the police and media to know about it.  Another member of the U.B.C.S. is 
    1998 9/30
    Report 2
    I am at the clock tower in Raccoon City.  The city is occupied by zombies.  
    Raccoon City was destroyed by biohazard, but this time this modern building 
    is different from biohazard.  Our investigators also discovered T-virus and 
    G-virus.  Dr. Birkin intentionally caused the accidents.
    Two things I need to do as the result of the investigation:
    1.	Need to reinforce the security system of virus.
    2.	Reeducate all employee1s of U.B.C.S.
    The biological weapon will be very valuable.  From now on, we will try to 
    avoid the biohazard.
    1998 10/6
    It's hard to collect information about virus data regarding B.O.W., 
    especially about Tyrant.  We try to go after the New B.O.W.  The target is 
    violent and smart.  The U.B.C.S. members who were sent there had a hard time 
    and eventually sacrificed.
    I need to analyze the data and discover more about the data.
    F I L E #2
    Andy's Diary
    I haven't met this guy Vincent yet, and since couple months ago he became 
    chief of the city.  Vincent seems to be an elite but he actually does 
    anything to get promoted, he even killed his coworkers.  I live in the 
    underground, so I don't have anything to do with it.
    I heard a bad rumor.  Vincent ordered factory employees to treat young people 
    that were gathered around the world with cruelty.  I'm not sure why young 
    people come here, but I don't feel good about it.
    Something happened last night.  I'm not sure about the detail.  I think 
    Vincent did something cruel.
    Today I finally met Vincent.  We had a casual talk.  Vincent looked mean.  
    When I try to take a picture with him, he got mad.
    F I L E #3
    Prison Chief's Diary
    Today I got answer of the mass suicide.  20 bodies were found from Umbrella.  
    Umbrella does have a doubt about the suicide of the materials (young people).  
    Vincent ordered me to do it.  The truth is that the prisoners were escaped 
    from jail.  I have to make a fake report about the mass suicide.
    If I don't follow the order, I will be killed.  I still remember Vincent shot 
    the young people who try to escape from the jail.  Vincent has a cruel smile 
    with no blood and tear.  I should report the truth, but I am afraid.  I don't 
    know what to do.
    F I L E #4
    Prisoner's Diary
    It's been 16 days since some men in black try to take young people to the 
    prison.  We have no idea why we come here.  Now we know about the city.  
    We've noticed that Umbrella tries to use us like rats for experiment.  Every 
    single citizen is a member of Umbrella.  Women and kids are all family 
    members of Umbrella employees.
    Rats (young people) are collected from all over the world.  Person from the 
    next jail cell is from China, across is from Brazil and on the other side of 
    the cell is from Japan… it's like a world expo.  Young people are all about 
    the same age.  The age ranges from 16 to 19 or 20.
    Umbrella's employees take young people to arcade and nightclub and try to 
    relieve their stress.  But somehow young people still want to escape.  We 
    want more freedom.
    Recently, our friends are acting weird.  It seems like there is poison in our 
    food.  Sometime I lose consciousness too.  I need to be more careful.
    Help me!  Today one of our friends (Chen) was taken to the factory on the top 
    of the mountain. Chen lives in the jail cell that's next to mine.  Last week 
    Anna and Jacob were also taken to the mountain and haven't returned yet.  I 
    know what they will do to them.
    Vincent ordered the factory employees to cut the brains and extract some kind 
    of material from the brains.  Yesterday they took me to the club and I heard 
    the employees talking. "Vincent is a devil" it's not just Vincent.  Even 
    women and children treated us like rats not human beings.  Everyone in this 
    city are devils.  I have to have a plan to escape from this city.
    Chance has come.  This week there's a rumor about an accident in Umbrella's 
    lab in America.  The prison guards were busy collecting information about the 
    accident.  The guards are not watching us as carefully as before.  We are 
    ready to escape.  Stoikovic and Enrique will steal the key.  Sanco and I will 
    act as member of the Sun Movement.  Yoshikawa and Felipe are responsible to 
    get weapons.
    We've decided which route to take.  Tonight, we are going to escape at 11.  
    20 members will be divided into 2 groups.  Group A and Group B.  Group A will 
    escape from the ventilation opening through the basement of the security 
    tower to the gutter.  Group B will escape from the security tower using rope 
    to the city streets.  We can use the rope that they used to tie us.  If we 
    fail, we are going to get killed by Vincent.  But if we stayed, we are going 
    to get killed anyway.
    F I L E #5
    Restaurant Manager's Diary
    I heard an unbelievable story.  Last week one of the small city (Raccoon 
    City) was destroyed.  People who lived there changed to some weird monsters.  
    There's no real human being.  I heard that the accident have something to do 
    with Umbrella. Even though it happened oversea, Umbrella is a big company so 
    we have to watch out.  I hope nothing will happen to this city.
    I heard the story today that the person who destroyed Raccoon City was 
    William Birkin.  He created the T-virus and G-Virus and tries to fight with 
    Umbrella.  He even injected the virus into his body and turned into a 
    monster.  The virus spread through the rats from the gutter and eventually 
    spread to the city.
    What am I going to do?  I heard from the customers (employees of Umbrella) 
    who were eating lunch here that the T-virus is in this city also.  They were 
    laughing and said that it's not going to happen in this city.  I have a doubt 
    about it.  I was hired by Umbrella because Umbrella paid me a lot of money.  
    But I am sick and tired of running this restaurant dealing with employees of 
    Umbrella.  Before anything happens, I must escape.
    F I L E #6
    Secret File
    (Authorized Personnel Only)
    This file contains the accidental spread of T-virus. There were two 
    accidents.  First accident happened 4 months ago in Raccoon City. Second, in 
    Arklay lab in America 4 month earlier and a new creature was created by 
    B.O.W.  There may be more B.O.W. than listed.
    B.O.W File #1 (Zombie)
    Zombies are like human beings except they are infected with T-virus.  Zombies 
    have lost their sense and are always hunger for human flesh.  
    How to deal with them:
    They are very slow.  They are easy to kill from a distant.
    B.O.W. File #2 (Dog)
    Dogs that are infected with T-virus.  Their flesh are fresher compare to 
    zombies' so they attack much faster.  With good hearing, they can attack from 
    a distant if they hear your footsteps.
    How to deal with them:
    Use handgun, but since they are very fast it is hard to aim.
    B.O.W. File #3 (Licker)
    Lickers are zombies that are infected with T-virus.  They walk with 4 legs 
    and their brain is visible.  They are very fast and responsive.  Lickers are 
    unable to see but they can hear very well.    
    How to deal with them:
    Lickers attack to sound so watch out when you shot them.  They are also 
    sensitive to footsteps.  It's dangerous to run around them.
    B.O.W. File #4 (Plant)
    The plant gets steam from the surface of its skin, so it can move around.  It 
    attack with its whips.
    How to deal with them:
    Load Grenade Launcher with flame rounds to kill the Plants.
    B.O.W. File #5 (Hunter)
    Originally human being infected with T-virus and their DNA has been changed.  
    They have strong muscle in the lower half of their bodies, so they can jump 
    very high.  
    How to deal with them:
    When they attack, they pause for a moment.  The moment that they pause is the 
    best time to attack.
    B.O.W. File #6 (Tyrant)
    Weird form of B.O.W. with T-virus.  They are more dangerous than the original 
    form of Tyrant.  They are also more intelligent and were developed in Europe.
    How to deal with them:
    There's no way to attack.  Since they are very powerful, there's nothing you 
    can do about it.
    B.O.W. File #7 (        )
    Something in process.  Growing Tyrant's gene and try to add some materials in 
    the gene in order to produce a more dangerous B.O.W.  But there is a problem.
    F I L E #7 
    Vincent's Diary
    Last night, materials (young people) escaped from the jail and stole weapons.  
    I killed all materials by myself.  It's not good if Umbrella finds this out.  
    I planned to go back to the headquarter and get reward or promotion for what 
    I've done for the city.  I order him (Prison Chief) to report the accident as 
    a mass suicide.  I have to shut other people's mouth too if they talk about 
    the accident.
    People in the city who oppose me are trying to complain to the headquarter.  
    Yesterday, Rott told me something about a spy in the city.  I am going to use 
    him to get information now and I am going to terminate him.  I feel sad that 
    Rott is the only person that I can trust.
    Members of the city is trying to prepare a report about me and give it to the 
    headquarter.  I heard they've got some kind of evidence.  I am not going to 
    let them do that.  I am not going to forgive the people in the city.  I am 
    going to teach them what happens if they don't listen.
    I show people when I am really mad.  I spread the T-virus to the whole city.  
    I can pretend it's an accident.  Now I can go back to the headquarter of 
    Umbrella.  I have to terminate that one rat (spy) that sneaked into the city. 
    F I L E #8
    Vincent's Tapping Record
    We can't let Vincent do terrible things anymore.  To destroy him, we have to 
    get evidence to report to the headquarter.  It's hard to gather evidence 
    about Vincent.  We try to record his phone conversation and finally we got 
    evidence to destroy him.  This recording has information about the escaped 
    materials that were killed by Vincent and how he tried to hide the facts.  
    Before Vincent was position in this leader position, he even killed his 
    coworker in order to get what he wanted..  If I give this record to the 
    headquarter next week, I'm sure he will be terminated.  It's going to be 
    peaceful in the city again. 
    F I L E #9 
    Rott's Diary
    Today I saw people who were in prison.  They all looked sleepy.  Some people 
    looked at me as their enemy.  They wore dirty clothes and they smell very 
    bad.  My dad and Vincent said they are different kind of people.  My dad said 
    he is going to take them to this island and perform surgery on them and help 
    I heard Vincent killed prisoners who escaped from the prison.  Why did this 
    happen?  I am sure he is smart, but he didn't have to kill them.  Why?  
    Umbrella and my dad suppose to help them out, why did they kill them?
    Everyone panic in the city.  Lots of monster and dead people.  Even some 
    uncles who were nice to me yesterday try to attack me today.  Somebody help!
    My dad and mom also became monsters.  Vincent changed all people to monsters.  
    There's no adult I can trust.  So now I have to live by myself.  I also have 
    to save my little sister Lily and we are going to escape from this city 
    F I L E #10
    Factory Employee's Diary
    I had enough.  Everyday young innocent people are tied in surgery room and no 
    anesthetics were used.  They cut young people's skull and extract part of the 
    brain.  Afterward, young people cry and scream when they go to bed.  Vincent 
    said "Don't treat them as human, they are only materials used for making 
    Tyrant."  I can't think like that, they are still human beings.  I ask him to 
    use anesthetics for surgery but if it is used, we can't get pure Beta Hetero 
    NonSerotonin.  This is only an order.  I am not sure if I am allow to do 
    this.  I know if I die, I am going to hell.  Maybe I am in hell right now.
    F I L E #11
    How to Extract Beta Hetero NonSerotonin
    To produce many Tyrants, we need large amount of Beta Hetero NonSerotonin in 
    order to grow Tyrant gene.  This Beta Hetero NonSerotonin can be extracted 
    from part of the brain.  Only certain age group (16 – 19) healthy and mature 
    bodies can be used.  Beta Hetero NonSerotonin can't be extracted from a dead 
    brain.  That's why no anesthetics was used during surgery.
    F I L E #12
    Church Manager's Diary
    Vincent called every department of the city to attend a meeting and we all 
    got the report regarding the accident in Raccoon City.  During the meeting, 
    lots of people blamed William Birkin for trying to keep the G-virus to 
    himself.  People like William Birkin who betrayed the company must be killed.  
    I believe Vincent is telling us to do the right thing.  This city is supposed 
    to be a very important lab for Umbrella and we should not have any hazard.  
    If biohazard happens, we are going to lose millions of dollars on 
    F I L E #13
    Patients' Record
    Name: Mr. Smith J. William
    Sex: Male
    Age: 17
    Height: 181cm
    Weight 72kg
    Health Condition: Excellent
    Mental Condition: No energy
    Medicine: Every Morning with meal – Tranquilizer powder 10mg mix with                                               
              Every Night: Sleep medicine 5m mix with bread.
    Name: Jennifer Campbell
    Sex: Female
    Age: 18
    Height: 165cm
    Weight: 47kg
    Health Condition: Excellent
    Mental Condition: Unstable
    Medicine: Because living in a separate cell for a long time and she 
              doesn't eat, we can't put tranquilizer in her food, so we put      
              it in her water.
    Name: Ryuji
    Sex: Male
    Age: 18
    Height: 177cm
    Weight: 59kg
    Health Condition: Brain Cancer
    No value, Worthless
    Name: Carolina Albachaf
    Sex: Female
    Age: 17
    Height: 155cm
    Weight: 43kg
    Health Condition: Excellent
    Mental Condition: Excellent
    Medicine: Tranquilizer powder 10mg mix with soup.
    SPECIAL THANKS TO AKIKO NOGUCHI, Thank You so much for all your help!

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