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Reviewed: 12/20/02 | Updated: 12/20/02

Bad mistake by Capcom..

I've owned all of the Resident Evil games, and so i just decided to go out one day and purchase Resident Evil: Survivor. It can be really good with a gun, but with a controller it's quite sloppy.

The graphics are okay, but not too impressive. The background of the scenery looks good, but when it comes to the Zombies and creatures you might barf. They look pretty awful. Sometimes the game can be complete chaos, and it's quite fun to destroy everything in sight, but the graphics don't really give an extra feeling to the game. Overall the graphical sights featured in Resident Evil: Survivor are okay, but the creatures are basically ugly, well they are as they're zombies and monsters..

Onto the audio, well, it's okay again, but some parts are pretty bad. The characters speeches are sometimes poor, and it doesn't sound realistic at all. As in all Resident Evil games, there is scary music along with you in your tracks, featured in the background. Sometimes it will make you jump, but basically all you do is shoot at anything. The monster's sounds and moans are quite good, with the zombies sounding exactly like the ones featured in previous Resident Evil games. It's nothing new really, the only thing new is the First-person shooter system in the game.

The gameplay is not that good either, but it's not that bad. You go through the town searching for evidence and tracking down the company, Umbrella, as always. It can be quite fun and scary at times, but sometimes it can be really boring and dull. You can visit some good places, for example, you visit a house and it looks tremendously realistic when you go inside the house, with the rooms and everything and the accessories in the house looking neat. It would be much more fun using a light gun, as the controller for the PSX on this game is boring. As in most first-person shooters, it's great with a light gun and i'm sure Resident Evil: Survivor would also be fantastic with a light gun. It does have a story though, thank goodness. Quite a few places to visit, but there is no point in going back on your tracks.

The story is simple. You play as this man and you have been set-up, with characters on the game knowing you as a murderer and an evil man, but you are not what they think you are. You go up to characters and they just simply run away like girls, you just feel like getting a mini-gun and shooting them. You have a point to make, and to prove to everyone that you are not a murderer and a bad-guy. And.. that's basically it, really simple as i stated.

The replayability, my god. When you finish the game, that's it basically. There is no reason to play again, it just basically ends up the same. Something which is quite good though, is that when you get something like a key for example, you can choose between something like 3 doors to enter, each giving you different storylines. But you always end up in the next place the same, obviously. That is quite good, but once you have done all this, nothing more to do really.

Buy or Rent? If you're a die-hard Resident Evil fan then you may like it, but if you are not too sure, i wouldn't get it. You'll feel like snapping the disk in half, because it's pretty short and boring. Rent it to see how good it is first, although i doubt that you'll be impressed.


Not that good of a game, but hardcore Resident Evil fans may enjoy it, like my father for example :). Resident Evil: Survivor is really short, and once you complete all the game, you basically have nothing much more to fight for. Don't waste your money.
Overall Rating: 5/10

Rating:   2.5 - Playable

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