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    Hyo/Sakura by Segafreak_

    Version: 2.0 | Updated: 08/10/99 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Rival Schools: United By Fate(Hyo and Sakura combo guide) version 2.0
    Date: 10th August 1999
    Legal Stuff
    Copyright 21st May 1999 Segafreak (segafreak@mcafeemail.com) All Rights 
    Rival Schools and United by Fate are trademarks of Capcom Co., Ltd (c). 
    1997-1998 All Rights Reserved
    This guide may be posted on any website as long as it remains fully 
    intact. And I do mean fully. If you want to make any changes, ask me 
    first and mention what changes you wanna make.
    And if anyone paid for this, you better demand a refund.
    Hi. When you are reading this, I would assume that you have already know 
    the basics of this game (countering, launching, blocking, side-stepping  
    (which won't be used in detail), etc.). This guide is written in mind 
    for those players who already know how to play the game and are hungry 
    for some combos on what I consider to be the cheapest characters in the 
    entire game, as well as those who wants to become an expert in handling 
    these two. This guide will also teach you to play against an expert 
    player who knows his/her stuff with Hyo, Hideo, Sakura, etc....Enough 
    with the introduction, let's move on.
    f : forward
    b : back
    d : down
    u : up
    d/f : down/forward
    d/b : down/back(low block)
    u/f : up/forward
    u/b : up/forward(air-blocking)
    Special movements
    qcf : d,d/f,f
    qcb : d,d/b,b
    dpm(dragon-punch movement) : f,d,d/f
    + : do at the same time
    wp : weak punch
    fp : fierce punch
    wk : weak kick
    rh : roundhouse
    Let's go on to the characters...
    Sakura is a hidden character in Rival Schools: United by Fate. There's 
    no need to use any code to get her as she is time-released(a feature 
    Capcom implemented into the game) after about 55 hours of gameplay on 
    that machine. To use her, move your cursor to Hyo and push up once.
    Air-combo launcher: d/f + rh
    Special Moves
    Hado-ken : qcf + wp or fp
    Her basic projectile, with average range. Useful only at the end of 
    combos. Can be done in mid-air.
    Upward Hado-ken : qcb + wp or fp    	
    Her hado-ken. This time, it's aimed at a 45 degree upward direction. Not 
    very useful..
    Shoryu-ken : dpm + wp or fp
    An uppercut that she pushes forward and up. If connected fully, it 
    should land about 6 hits. Useful at the end of combos.
    Hurricane kick : qcb + wk or rh
    A spinning kick that moves up in a 45 degree angle, then down again in a 
    45 degree angle. Useful for dodging projectiles(Warning! This move 
    cannot be used for dodging burning vigors with a projectile nature),as 
    well as chaining into her burning vigors. Can be done in mid-air.
    Burning Vigors
    Shinkuu Hado-ken : qcf,qcf + wp or fp
    Burning vigor version of her projectile. Connects up to 5 hits. Use at 
    the end of combos. Can be done in mid-air. Average damage.
    Upward Shinkuu Hado-ken : qcb,qcb + wp or fp
    Upward version of her shinkuu-hadoken. Practically useless.
    Midair Zakura : qcf,qcf + wk or rh
    Runs forward with 3 shoryu-kens. Causes up to 10 hits. Very useful in 
    ground combos. Rather good damage with good range
    Haru Iciban : qcb,qcb + wk or rh
    Crouches low and spins with outstretched leg 4 times, then kicks your 
    opponent in the head for a total of 5 hits. Average damage.
    Basically, Sakura have many combos, the best and least known(to my 
    knowledge and experience) of which is her infinite air-combo! The damage 
    dealt is a lot, so it's worth your time trying to master this combo. 
    First of all, I'll go into the basic set-up for her combos.
    You have a choice of using 2 set-ups. The first one is : wp,wp,fp into 
    whatever. The second one is : wk,wk,rh(preferred method for 
    launching).For your information, the second one is used in setting up 
    for her air-combos. Just add her launcher : wk, wk, rh, d/f + rh ,after 
    which press up and combo. Let's go into detail...
    Ground combos
    wp,wp,fp,f + fp, shoryu-ken
    wp,wp,fp,f + fp, hadoken
    wp,wp,fp,f + fp, upward hado-ken
    wp,wp,fp,f + fp, shinkuu hado-ken(requires 1 level of your super bar)
    wp,wp,fp,f + fp, upwards shinkuu hado-ken(requires 1 level of your super 
    bar)/*pratically useless*/
    wp,wp,fp,f + fp, midair zakura(requires 1 level of your super bar)/*one 
    of her best combos*/
    Note:The 2 wps can be substituded for wks.
    Set-up : wk,wk,rh,d/f + rh,u
    after set-up:
    wk,wp,wp, hado-ken
    wk,wp,wp, hurricane kick
    wk,wp,wp, shinkuu hado-ken
    Infinite air-combo
    after set-up:
    wk,wp,pause,wp,wk,f + fp,wk,wp,pause,wp,wk,f + fp....infinitely.
    Important points to take note of:
    1) After the first wp, pause for about a frame(roughly half a sec).The 
    second wp must hit at the lowest point of your opponent's body, 
    otherwise the second wk won't connect at all, and/or the wk after the 
    f+fp will not connect.
    2) After the f + fp, you must press wk immediately, or else the wp will 
    not connect and your opponent will fall to the ground.
    3) After the second wp, you can connect into a shinkuu-hadoken.
    Always try to connect with Sakura's infinite combo, which is why you 
    choose to play as her in the first place! :)
    Hyo, like Sakura,is a character that's only revealed through a time 
    release function. However, unlike Sakura, he's not hidden. Being the 
    last boss of the game, he's pretty powerful.
    Air-combo launcher : d/f + fp
    	   	     d/f + rh
    Special Moves
    (Sorry, I don't have the names for the moves)
    qcf + wp or fp
    A quick horizontial slash. Perform the move twice for 2 slashes.
    dpm + wp or fp
    A quick slash uppercut. Use at the end of combos.
    qcb + wk or rh
    A somersault kick, similar to Kyosuke's
    qcb + wp or fp
    A side-stepping, turn around with slash move. Useful for chaining into 
    combos and for surprising your opponent. Perform move twice for 2 
    slashes. Can also launch your opponent after this move. 
    In mid-air,qcf + wp or fp
    A 2 hit downward slash. Use at the end of air-combos. 
    Burning Vigors
    (I have to give my own names for this)
    Shadow Kick:qcb,qcb + wk or rh
    Hyo backflips with leg outstretched twice, then slashes downwards for a 
    total of 6 hits. Damaging when chained from a combo.
    Doppleganger:qcf,qcf +wk or rh
    The most damaging burning vigor in the game. The first sequence is that 
    Hyo hits his opponent with a crescent kick. If it connects, a 
    doppleganger image of Hyo appears on the other side of his opponent, 
    then the 2 of them start to beat the crap out of his opponent, ending 
    with multiple upward sword slashes. Total of 25 hits,no less. Expect 
    your opponent's lifebar to be down by a third, unless you chain into 
    this move from a combo, where you can expect that the damage dealt is 
    much greater.
    Ground combos
    wp,wp,fp,qcf + wp or fp
    wp,wp,fp,qcb + wk or rh
    wp,wp,fp,dpm + wp or fp
    wp,wp,fp,f + fp,qcf + wp or fp
    wp,wp,fp,f + fp,dpm + wp or fp
    wp,wp,fp,f+ fp,qcb + wk or rh
    wk,wk,fp,qcf + wp or fp
    wk,wk,fp,qcb + wk or rh
    wk,wk,fp,dpm + wp r fp
    wk,wk,fp,f + fp,qcf + wp or fp
    wk,wk,fp,f + fp,dpm +wp or fp
    wk,wk,fp,f + fp,qcb + wk or rh
    Air combos
    Set-up 1:wk,wk,fp,f + fp,d/f + fp or rh,u
    Set-up 2:wk,wk,fp,d/f + fp or rh,u
    After set-up:
    wp,wk,f + fp,qcf + wp or fp
    wp,wk,f + fp,qcb + wk or rh
    wk,wp,wp,wk,f + fp,qcf + wp or fp
    wk,wp,wp,wk,f + fp,qcb + wk or rh
    Use the below combo if you wanna be cheap. It's Hyo's most powerful 
    Jump in with any basic attack (wp,wk,fp or rh).wk,wk,fp,f + fp,qcf,qcf + 
    wk or rh.
    Mind you, this combo takes off roughly two thirds of your opponent's 
    bar. It's very powerful.
    Another variant of this combo is to skip the jump in attack. Rush in and 
    do the combo. Chances are you will connect with the combo if you are 
    fast enough, unless your opponent is very experienced...which brings me 
    to the next section.
    Guarding yourself(Advanced strategy)
    Chances are, when someone challengers you, that guy is experienced in 
    the game. Therefore you have to know how to defend against their 
    attacks. Here are points to take note of:
    1) Never let yourself be sweeped. This is an important rule. If you are 
    sweeped, it's possible that you will fall into a trap. For Hyo, he can 
    go directly into his burning vigor attacks,which are very damaging.For 
    Sakura, she can immediately launch you into her infinite air-combo. A 
    few of the remaining characters can chain from a sweep into a burning 
    vigor. For the others, they can at the most chain into their special 
    moves. Which deal damage all the same...bad news for you if you are at 
    the butt end of it.
    2) No matter what, block all their wk or wp attacks, especially from Hyo 
    and Sakura. Cause,as you know from my guide above, the wk or wp can 
    actually chain into a wide variety of combos.
    3) Also, no matter what your opponent uses against you, do not tardy 
    counter his attacks. You don't know what attack he will use next. Only 
    attempt to counter if you know the combo your opponent is using, and try 
    to do so at the end of your opponent's chain combo. By doing so, you 
    will be in a position to successfully counter attack with one of your 
    own combos.
    4) If an opponent jumps in on you, launch him or do a uppercut move. If 
    the uppercut move you are doing is a special move, do the "light" 
    version so as to minimize chances of a counter attack from your 
    5)If your opponent throws a projectile at you, side-step by pressing 
    both punches or both kicks. It's difficult to side-step burning vigors 
    of a projectile nature, with the exception of Kyosuke's, since he throws 
    5 shots at you, instead of one concentrated shot like the others.
    In my humble opinion, I think Sakura is the most powerful character in 
    the entire game. To face and successfully win a good Rival Schools 
    player, I recommend that players use Hyo, Sakura, or even Hideo. 
    Note: Expert players (in Singapore, I don't know about elsewhere) tend 
    to mix Hyo and Hideo in a team. Just be careful.
    Misc info
    The highest score I've for Hyo - 8,512,400;for Sakura - 4,710,800.Note: 
    I did not mix any of these 2 together in a team when I achieved these 
    high scores. They are achieved from "pure" teams(i.e. Hyo and Hyo, 
    Sakura and Sakura).
    Feel free to e-mail me about any comments for this guide, and any 
    mistakes in it. Mail me about any correction, and get mentioned.

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