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    Daigo (US) by RPajooh

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    Legal Stuff: This faq must not be used under any circumstances.  If 
    anyone wishes to use these faq, they must first get my permission. 
    Basically, don't take credit for other's work, but please print it!  
    Anyways.  Faq created by: Richard "RYU" Pajooh   RYU5@prodigy.net 
    Basic Moves:
    F = Forward
    DF = Down Forward
    D = Down
    DB = Down Back
    B = Back
    UF = Up Forward
    UB = Up Back
    U = Up
    LP = Light Punch
    LK = Light Kick
    HP = Hard Punch
    HK = Hard Kick
    * = Indicates move can be done in air.
    . x 2 = Means motion must be done twice.
    Story: The gang leader at Gedo HS who never fights dirty.  While 
    investigating the disappearances at Justice HS, Daigo himself vanished! 
    (From Rival Schools manual).
    Ending: Daigo defeats Hyo, then believes it is over.but Hyo regains his 
    senses and then everything goes black.  With Daigo missing, Akira and 
    the Gedo gang go looking for their leader.
    Special Moves:
    Phoenix Fist: D, DF, F + P (can repeat motion for more hits).
    Skull Aura: D, DF, F + P (must be done in air).
    Phoenix Kick: D, DF, F + K
    Aura Flame: D, DB, B + P
    Burning Vigor Attacks:
    Phoenix Fury: D, DF, F + P x 2
    Super Skull Aura: D, DF, F + P x 2 (must be done in air).
    Soul Aura Flame: D, DB, B + P x 2
    Tag Team Super:
    Super Parry: LP + LK or HP + HK
    1. WK, WP, HP, F + SK
    2. WP, WP, WK Phoenix Kick.
    3. WP, WP, HP, HK Phoenix Kick.
    4. WP, WP, HP, WP Power Fist.
    5. WP, WP, HP, WP Aura Flame.
    6. WP, WP, HK, DF + HP, U + WK, WP, SP, WP Skull Aura.
    7. WP, WP, HP, DF + HP, U + WK, WP, HP Skull Aura.
    8. WP, WP, HK, DF + HP, U + WK, WP, WK, F + SP, when you land 
    immediately do a Soul Aura Flame.
    9. WP, WP, HK, DF + HP, U + WK, WP, Super Skull Aura.
    10. Jump in on opponent, Super Skull Aura, land, WP, WP, HK, DF + HP, 
    U + WK, WP, Super Skull Aura.
    11. Jump in on opponent, Super Skull Aura, land, WP, WP, HK, DF + HP, 
    U + WK, WP, WK, F + SP, when you land immediately do a Soul Aura 
    Advanced Strategies: Defense, Offense, and Ranking and use of moves.
    Phoenix Fist: 5/10
    Daigo charges forward with his hand flaming, if you repeat the motions, 
    he will do a multiple hitting punch combo.  It does decent damage, and 
    is fairly safe to use.  The only problem is that only the first hit can 
    be comboed in.  This is best used after a Tardy Counter.
    Aura Flame: 7/10
    Daigo turns his back, and blasts a tower of flame straight up from the 
    ground.  This can easily be comboed in, and probably his best ground 
    combo finisher.  It will hit once in a combo, and 3 times if you can 
    get close enough to your opponent.  This moves leaves Daigo open for a 
    significant period of time.  This can counter most attacks and supers.  
    Just make sure it will connect.  If your opponent likes to stay on the 
    ground, blast him up with an Aura Flame.
    Phoenix Kick: 6/10
    Daigo spins twice in the air, with legs extended kind of a hybrid of 
    the hurricane kick.  It is not very powerful, compared to the Aura 
    Flame.  However, it is safer to use.  Best used after a Tardy Counter, 
    sidestep, or during a combo. 
    Skull Aura: 8/10
    While Daigo is in mid air, he blasts a multi-colored fireball, which 
    hits multiple times.  This is Daigo's best move, because it does decent 
    damage, it is his best non-super combo finisher, and is a great attack 
    to jump in on opponents.  Almost no weaknesses when using this attack.
    Phoenix Fury: 6/10
    Daigo knocks his opponent with a gut punch, cracks his knuckles, and 
    goes crazy with a multi-hitting combo.  Definitely one of the coolest 
    looking supers in the game.  It does have two major problems, it's not 
    as strong as other Burning Vigor Attacks, and it cannot be comboed in.  
    It still has its uses, especially as a counter to a Burning Vigor 
    Attack or Team Super. 
    Soul Aura Flame: 7/10
    Daigo turns his back, and blasts a HUGE pillar of flames from the 
    ground, also some funky looking flames go with it.  This is Daigo's 
    most powerful super, if all the hits connect.  The problem is, it has 
    no reach what so ever, and leaves you wide open.  Only use this if your 
    opponent jumps in, or better yet, use it as a combo finisher to one of 
    Daigo's prolonged combos.
    Super Skull Aura: 8/10
    Basically a super version of the Skull Aura, only more powerful and 
    gets more hits.  This is easily, Daigo's best super, for a number of 
    reasons: 1. It does decent damage.  2. Can be comboed in easily.  3. 
    Will not leave him open.  4. Can start a two super combo!  This is one 
    of the best.
    Super Parry: 9/10
    Daigo jumps in on the screen, the opponent tries to punch him, but 
    Daigo takes it, then blasts his enemy in the air, and for effect your 
    partner bows.  Too cool.
    Daigo may not be the best character, but he has enough brawn and combo 
    carnage to keep up with the best. All of his moves are great for 
    defense and offense.  Daigo is a close up fighter, since most of his 
    attacks have little range.  Most of his supers are almost useless by 
    themselves, but if you practice hard enough, you can easily combo them 
    in.  Daigo has some of the easiest and strongest combos in the game.  
    Tardy Counters are essential to Daigo's offensive game; it can start a 
    combo, or one of the best ways to set up his Phoenix Fury.  His best 
    defensive moves are; Phoenix Kick and Aura Flame.  His Phoenix Fist is 
    fairly safe to use, but Daigo is less likely to hit his opponent.  
    Never let up on your opponent, Daigo should be constantly pecking his 
    opponent with weak attacks or special attacks to set up Burning Vigor 
    Attacks or Special Attacks.    

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