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    Hayato/Hyo/Kyoko by RPajooh

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    Legal Stuff
    This FAQ must not be reproduced or copied, unless given permission by 
    me (Richard "Ryu" Pajooh).  I can be contacted at RYU5@prodigy.net.  This 
    Strategy Guide will include three characters, but I will try to add 
    more later.
    Basic Moves
    Punch = P
    Kick = K
    Light Punch = LP
    Light Kick = LK
    Heavy Punch = HP
    Heavy Kick = HK
    Forward = F
    Down Forward = DF
    Down = D
    Down Back = DB
    Back = B
    Up Back = UB
    Up = U
    Up Forward = UF
    Jump = U
    High Jump = D, U
    Run = F, Hold F
    Dash Toward = Tap F, F
    Dash Back = Tap B, B
    Sidestep = LK + HK
    Foreground Sidestep = D + LK + HK
    Shoulder Charge = While running, tap P
    Slide Attack = While running, tap LK
    Flying Kick Attack = While running, tap HK
    Block = Hold B
    Air Block = While in air, hold B
    Throw = LP + HP
    Crouch Throw = D + LP + HP
    * = Indicates move can be done in air.
    x 2 = Indicates motion must be done twice.
    Knockdown Recoveries
    After your character is knocked down from an attack, you can perform 
    numerous offensive and defensive recoveries.  Tap P or K to attack 
    after the get up.
    Roll Backwards = Tap B
    Roll Forwards = Tap F
    Stand Up = Tap U
    Roll into Foreground = Tap D
    Advanced Techniques
    Burning Vigor Attacks = Each fighter has a bar in the lower left or 
    right hand corner.  There is a default setting of 3 Vigor Bars, but you 
    can change the amount of bars in the option section.  Vigor Bars are 
    built up by attacking, getting hit, taunting, performing special moves, 
    etc.  Your character can perform a super when the bar reaches one or 
    higher.  The Vigor Bar will max out at nine levels.
    Team Up Attacks = Each character has a Team Up Attack.  However, the 
    Team Up Attack depends on the character off the screen, not on the 
    screen.  Most of them consist of high damaging supers, but some can 
    heal or increase your character's Vigor Bar.  The Vigor Bar must be at 
    Level 2 or higher to perform a Team Up Attack, which can be performed 
    by tapping LP + LK or HP + HK.
    Juggle Starter = This is the best way to knock your opponent in the 
    air, and start an air combo.  It can be performed by tapping DF + HP or 
    DF + HK.  
    Air Recovery = If your character is knocked in the air, hit any two 
    buttons to perform a mid air jump that will land you to safety.  If you 
    do not master this move, then your opponent can juggle you forever.
    Tardy Counter = When your opponent attacks, and if your character 
    blocks, immediately perform an attack, when you begin to block.  This 
    can be any attack, such as F + HP or a Burning Vigor Attack.
    Lightning Strikes = When you and your opponent attack at the same time, 
    it is possible to cancel each other's attack with a Lightning Strike.  
    There is no true way to perform this, just that you attack at the same 
    time.  It is easy to tell when one has initiated a Lightning Strike, 
    because a bolt of lightning crashes down the screen, and both you and 
    your opponent's Vigor Bar goes up.
    Characters Strategies
    1. Hayato
    2. Hyo
    3. Kyoko 1 & 2
    Special Moves:
    Scolding Slash = D, DF, F + P*
    Hayato quickly slashes with his stick.  This move racks up about 4 to 5 
    hits, and is his best air combo finisher.  
    Counter Thrust = D, DB, B + P
    Hayato slowly charges this blue orb around his body, then releases all 
    that energy with a flaming punch.  This moves gets three hits, but 
    cannot be comboed in.  Also, it has a horrible delay time, but will eat 
    through any attack. 
    Devastation Kick = D, DF, F + K
    Hayato does a small flip, into a multi-hitting jump kick.  This is his 
    best ground combo finisher, but leaves him open if missed.
    Second Kick = D, DB, B + K
    Hayato does a basic jump kick that has great speed and priority.  
    Nothing special about this move, but more safe to use than the others.
    Burning Vigor Attacks:
    Super Counter Thrust = D, DB, B + P x 2
    Hayato once again charges for his Counter Thrust, but only longer and a 
    tad stronger.  This move is completely useless.  True, it can eat 
    through all attacks, but it cannot be comboed in, and your opponent can 
    easily block it.  They will have time to hit Hayato with two quick 
    light punches, and still have time to block.
    PE Smack = D, DF, F + P x 2
    Hayato takes a long downward swipe with his stick, causing his opponent 
    to do push ups, then knocking them across the screen.  This is his 
    strongest and best super.  As with his other super, it cannot be 
    comboed in, but is much safer and better to use.  Even if you miss, 
    there should be plenty of time to block.
    Team Up Attack:
    Sphere of Confidence = LP + LK or HP + HK
    Hayato's partner uppercuts their opponent to the ground, then Hayato 
    jumps on the screen.  He repeatedly beats his partner with his stick, 
    causing an orb to form around their body.  When his partner can't take 
    anymore, they release the fireball, as soon as the enemy gets up.  This 
    Team Up Attack does decent damage, but has a great quick uppercut for a 
    start up.
    1. HP, B + HP
    2. B + HK, HP Scolding Slash
    3. HP, B + HP, HK Second Kick
    4. LP, LP, HK, HK Devastation Kick
    5. HP, B + HP, HP Scolding Slash
    6. HP, DF + HP, U + LK, LP, HP, HP Scolding Slash
    7. HP, DF + HP, U + LP, LK, F + HK, LP Scolding Slash
    Special Moves:
    Ichimonji Giri = D, DF, F + P
    Hyo takes a quick swipe with his sword.  This move has a huge range, 
    massive damage, and can be comboed in easily.  
    Jyumonji Giri = D, DF, F + P, P
    Hyo starts with his Ichimonji Giri, but then takes another swipe.  This 
    version does even more damage, but is not as safe to use.  It is best 
    used in a combo.
    Ial Giri = D, DB, B + P
    Hyo sidesteps back, then launches forward with a quick sword swipe.  If 
    you hit LP, it will do one swipe, but if you hit HP, it will do two 
    swipes of the sword.  Not as strong as the Jyumonji Giri, but has 
    greater range, and can start a combo.
    Oouryuu Zan = F, D, DF + P
    Hyo does a basic dragon punch type move, only he uses his sword.  A 
    great way to end a ground combo, but not safe to use on it's own.  It's 
    possible to connect a Back Flip or Sword Fury after an Ooryuu Zan.
    Kogetsu = When enemy is behind you, tap P.
    Hyo quickly turns around and slashes his opponent.
    Genei Shuu = D, DB, B + K*
    Hyo does a back flip, which is his best air combo finisher.  Also, it 
    Hyo can add a Genei-Shuu after an Ooryuu-zan, as long as the opponent 
    does not do an Air Recovery.  It is fairly safe to use, but best stuck 
    in a combo.
    Tenrai Zen = In air, D, DF, F + P
    Hyo quickly falls with his sword pointed down, causing a small ring to 
    form around him.  This is a stronger air combo finisher than the Genei-
    Shuu, but not as safe to use.  Even if you connect with the Tenrai-zen, 
    your opponent might have time to counter before you recover.  Pick and 
    choose when to use this attack.
    Burning Vigor Attacks:
    Ankoku Genei Shuu = D, DB, B + K x 2
    Hyo does two Genei Shuu then follows it up with a multi-hitting sword 
    slice, causing his enemy to tumble into the ground.  This move is 
    strong and can be comboed after almost any attack.  This is the best 
    super to do after a Tardy Counter.  It can also connect with opponents 
    who try to jump in.  If Hyo misses, expect your opponent to retaliate.
    Ankoku Genei Zan = D, DF, F + K x 2
    Hyo hit his opponent with a kick, then turns himself into two mirages, 
    going into a crazed ass whoopin combo.  This super does insane amounts 
    of damage, is easy to combo in, and does 25 hits!  It has a great start 
    up, but still it should be utilized in a combo.
    Team Up Attack:
    Zankoku Zan = LP + LK or HP + HK
    Hyo's partner dashes at the opponent with a flaming fist.  If it 
    connects, they grab the opponent, which causes Hyo to jump on screen.  
    Finally, Hyo starts a barrage of slashes, finishing with one final 
    swoop, which causes both the enemy and your partner to take damage.  
    Despite the fact that your partner takes some damage, this is one of 
    the best moves in the game.  The amount of damage done is worth the 5% 
    that your partner takes.  Just make sure that the final hit does not 
    kill your partner.
    1. LP, LP, HP
    2. LP, LP, HP, B + HK, F + HK (only works in Aracade Mode)
    3. LP, LP, HP, HP Jyumonji Giri
    4. LP, LP, HP, HP, HP Jyumonji Giri (only works in Arcade Mode)
    5. LP, LP, HP, HP, HP Oouryuu Zan (only works in Arcade Mode)
    6. LP, LP, HP,F + HP, B + HP
    7. LP, LP, HP, HP, LP Oouryuu Zan, HK Genei Shuu (only works in Arcade 
    8. LP, LP, HP, Ankoku Genei Shuu or Ankoku Genei Zan
    9. LP, LP, HP, HP, Ankoku Genei Shuu or Ankoku Genei Zan (only works 
    in Arcade Mode)
    10. LP, LP, HP, F + HP, B + HP, Ankoku Genei Shuu (only works in Arcade 
    11. LP, LP, HP, B + HK, F + HK, Ankoku Genei Shuu or Ankoku Genei Zan 
    (only works in Arcade Mode)
    12. LP, LP, HP, HP Oouryuu Zan, Ankoku Genei Shuu
    13. LP, LP, HP, F + HP, DF + HP, U + LK, LP, LK, HP, HK Genei Shuu
    14. LP, LP, HP, F + HP, DF + HP, U + LK, LP, HP, HP Tenrai Zeni, HK 
    Genei Shuu  
    Kyoko 1 & 2
    Special Moves:
    Shussekikakuniui = D, DB, B + P
    Kyoko sidesteps then connects with a low hitting punch.  This move has 
    great range and is the best counter to fireballs and Burning Vigor 
    Attacks.  Be careful when using this move, because your opponent can 
    time an attack if you miss.  Still it is quite safe, and annoying for 
    your opponent, to use.
    Kaishin = D, DB, B + K*
    Kyoko spins in the air, doing a multiple hitting kick.  This is her 
    best air combo finisher.  Not much to say about it, except it is quite 
    Shokushin = D, DF, F + P, then K
    Kyoko grabs her opponent, if you decide to hit K, then she will do a 
    barrage of kicks.  This is stronger than her regular throw, but has a 
    longer delay.  This move is unblockable, and is a great get up move or 
    a surprise attack for when your opponent rolls up from the ground.
    One King Stance = D, DF, F + K, then P or K
    Kyoko goes into a crane looking stance, if P or K is hit, she will do a 
    three hit version of her Knee Check.  If you decide to hit punch, then 
    she will dash forward with a palm strike.  This move cannot be comboed 
    in, and anyone can easily tell what Kyoko is planning, because of her 
    stance.  It is possible to jump after you opponent if you nail them 
    with the kick version of One King Stance, but most likely they will 
    block before you get the chance.  
    Pop Quiz = B + LK + HK
    Kyoko does a back flip.  Kind of dangerous to use, and useless.
    Knee Check = F, D, DF + K, K
    Kyoko does a rising knee kick, which slams her opponent into the 
    ground.  This is her best ground combo finisher.  If your opponent has 
    not perfected Air Recoveries, then Kyoko can nail them with a Juggle 
    Starter or Tag Team Attack after a Knee Check.
    Burning Vigor Attacks:
    Final Prescription = D, DF, F + P x 2
    Kyoko grabs her opponent, does various breaks, which cause massive 
    damage.  This move is unblockable, and can be used in many different 
    situations, such as a counter, get up attack, after a LP (even though 
    it's not a combo), etc.  Its uses goes on and on.
    Class Curve Kicks = D, DF, F + K x 2
    Kyoko does a super version of her Knee Check.  This is the only Burning 
    Vigor Attack that Kyoko can combo in.  As with the Knee Check, it is 
    possible to connect a Juggle Starter or Team Up Attack, as long as your 
    opponent does not do an Air Recovery.  It works as a decent counter, 
    but since it has a long delay, try to use it in a combo.
    Team Up Attack:
    Kyoko 1:
    Rest & Relax = LP + LK or HP + HK
    Kyoko's partner causes a small burst, which must connect with the 
    opponent to make Kyoko massage her partner.  It will increase her 
    partner's bar, and do some damage to the enemy.  You must be closer to 
    execute this move than with most Team Up Attacks.
    Kyoko 2:
    Heart Attack = LP + LK or HP + HK
    The only difference between Kyoko 1 and Kyoko 2, is their appearance 
    and Team Up Attacks.  Kyoko's partner does a snap kick, which stuns the 
    opponent, then Kyoko and her partner dance, forming a heart, which they 
    shoot at the dazed opponent.  It is not as strong as most Team Up 
    Attacks, but is better than her Rest & Relax.
    1. LP, LP, HP
    2. LP, LP, HP, F + HP
    3. LP, LP, HP, HK Knee Check
    4. LP, LP, HK, B + HK (can only be done in Arcade Mode)
    5. LP, LP, HP, Class Curve Kicks
    6. LP, LP, HP, F + HP, Class Curve Kicks (can only be done in Arcade 
    7. LP, LP, HK, B + HK, Class Curve Kicks (can only be done in Arcade 
    8. LP, LP, HP, DF + HK, U + LK, LP, LK, HP, HK Kaishin
    9. LP, LP, HP, DF + HK, U + LK, LP, HP, HK Kaishin
    10. LP, LP, HP, HK Knee Check, DF + HK, U + LK, LP, HP, HK Kaishin 
    (This combo will work as long as your opponent does not do an Air 
    Recovery after the Knee Check)
    11. LP, LP, HP, Class Curve Kicks or HK Knee Check, Team Up Attack 
    (This combo will work as long as your opponent does not do an Air 
    Recovery after the Class Curve Kicks or HK Knee Check)

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