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    Kyosuke (US) by RPajooh

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    -----------------------Kyosuke Strategy Guide--------------------------
    Legal Stuff: This FAQ must not be reproduced or copied, unless given 
    permission by me (Richard "Ryu" Pajooh).  I can be contacted at 
    +Basic Moves+
    F = Forward
    DF = Down Forward
    D = Down
    DB = Down Back
    B = Back
    UF = Up Forward
    UB = Up Back
    U = Up
    LP = Light Punch
    LK = Light Kick
    HP = Hard Punch
    HK = Hard Kick
    * = Indicates move can be done in air.
    . x 2 = Means motion must be done twice.
    *Special Moves*
    Cross Cutter: D, DF, F + P
    Shadow Cut Kick*: D, DF, F + K
    Lightning Upper: F, D, DF + P
    Shadow Wave: D, DF, F + P (must be done in air)
    Lightning Strike: D, DB, B + P
    <Super Moves>
    Super Cross Cutter: D, DF, F + P x 2
    Double Shadow Cut Kick*: D, DF, F + K x 2
    ?Tag Team Attack?
    Last Symphony: LP + LK or HP + HK (requires two super bars)
    1. LP, LP, HP, F + HP
    2. LP, LP, HP, B + HP
    3. LP, LP, HP, B + HK
    4. LP, LP, HP, B + HK, F + HK
    5. LP, LP, HP, HP Cross Cutter
    6. LP, LP, HP, B + HK, HK Shadow Cut Kick
    7. LP, LP, HP, B + HK, B + HK, HP Lightning Upper
    8. B + HK, LP Lightning Upper, HK Shadow Cut Kick
    9. LP, LP, HP, B + HK, F + HK, LP Lightning Upper, HK Shadow Cut Kick
    10. LP, LP, HP, B + HK, DF + HK, U + LK, LP, LP, HP Shadow Wave
    11. LP, LP, HP, B + HK, DF + HK, U + LK, LP, LP, LK, HP, HP
    12. LP, LP, HP, B + HK, DF + HK, U + LK, LP, HK, HK Shadow Cut Kick
    13. LP, LP, HP, B + HK, Super Cross Cutter
    14. HP Lightning Strike, Super Cross Cutter
    15. LP, LP, HP, B + HK, Double Shadow Cut Kick, HK Shadow Cut Kick
    16. LP, LP, HP, B + HK, DF + HK, U + LK, Double Shadow Cut Kick, HK 
    Shadow Cut Kick.
    Advanced Strategies
    Rankings: 1 (poor) to 10 (excellent)
    Cross Cutter: 8/10
    Kyosuke throws a double fireball, that starts low and high.  After 
    awhile, it will turn into one fireball.  Although it is not overly 
    powerful, it has great range and can keep out opponents.  It will 
    connect with ducking, jumping, and enemies who lay on the ground.  
    Also, it is the easiest way to finish a ground combo. 
    Shadow Cut Kick: 8/10
    Kyosuke does a basic back flip.  Despite its simplicity, this move is 
    very effective.  It is the best way to finish an air combo, and you can 
    connect a Shadow Cut Kick after a Lightning Upper.  Due to its speed, 
    it is his best Tardy Counter.  Don't use this move, unless you 
    anticipate what they will do next.  If Kyosuke misses, he will be left 
    open for a second, but most enemies will not use this to their 
    Lightning Upper: 8/10
    Kyosuke does an uppercut, causing a lightning ball to rise from the 
    ground.  This is Kyosuke's most powerful Special Move and has excellent 
    speed.  As with the Cross Cutter, it will connect with ducking, 
    jumping, and laying opponents.  It has very little range, but is safe 
    to use.  Kyosuke can play a well-rounded defensive game, by utilizing 
    his Lightning Upper and other various moves.  Use the Lightning Upper 
    to finish ground combos. 
    Shadow Wave: 5/10
    Kyosuke does a small energy wave in mid-air.  This move has no range, 
    and little power.  It is safe to use, and Kyosuke can finish an air 
    combo with it, but what's the point?  Using his Shadow Cut Kick or 
    Double Shadow Cut Kick are better options.  Sometimes, you can connect 
    a Shadow Wave after a Shadow Cut Kick.
    Lightning Strike: 7/10
    Kyosuke takes an arc like jump then slams his opponent with a lightning 
    ball.  This move has great range, and does decent damage.  Also, use it 
    for surprise attacks or to counter a fireball.  If you land behind your 
    enemy when doing this, try to nail them with a back throw.  Try not to 
    become predictable with this move, because timing is critical.  
    Super Cross Cutter: 8/10
    Kyosuke throws four fireballs, two starting high, and two starting low, 
    which will join together into one fireball.  Just as useful as his 
    normal Cross Cutter, this super has great range and more power.  
    Definitely, if you have a super to spare, then this is the best way to 
    end a ground combo.  Kyosuke remains safe during this super.  Just 
    watch out if your opponent has another super fireball to launch back.  
    Double Shadow Cut Kick: 8/10
    Kyosuke does two Shadow Cut Kicks, then finishes this move with a 
    multi-hitting Shadow Wave.  Another move that is great to finish ground 
    or air combos.  You can add another Shadow Cut Kick after this super.  
    If you tap the buttons rapidly, it will add more hits and damage.  Make 
    sure the Double Shadow Cut Kick hits deep, sometimes only a couple of 
    hits will connect and leave you open for attack.  Also, do not use it 
    outside of a combo, it has a horrible recovery time, especially the air 
    version.  If you miss with this move, do a Shadow Cut Kick to propel 
    you away from the enemy.
    Last Symphony: 8/10
    Kyosuke's partner does a spinning punch, starting a multiple hitting 
    combo.  This Tag Team Attack does major damage, and has a better start 
    up then most attacks.  If the opponent does not do a recovery right 
    after this move, your partner can dash after them, do a jumping kick 
    (F, F, Hold F + HK), and continue the madness.
    Character Strategy & Ranking
    Kyosuke is a thinking man's character.  He requires skill and patience 
    to play.  Kyosuke's two best features are his reach of attack and 
    recovery time.  Try to poke at your opponent with Cross Cutters, light 
    attacks, hard attacks, etc. to make an opening for one of his prolonged 
    combos.  After you do some decent damage to your enemy, lay back, and 
    play a defensive game.  Either two things will happen, 1.  They will 
    foolishly rush in, if they do, nail them with a Lightning Upper or time 
    a combo.  2.  They will try to play this long distance fireball game, 
    and lose out.  If your opponent is as defensive as you are, get within 
    two or three characters distance and nail them with a Lightning Strike, 
    after that keep up the pressure.  Kyosuke has one useful combo that 
    must be used at all times, LP, LP, HP, B + HK, after that he can do a 
    special, super, or start an air combo.  Kyosuke is not overly powerful, 
    so try to learn some of his more powerful combos.  Kyosuke also has 
    some of the best basic attacks in the game, especially his, LP, HP, HK, 
    B + HK, and D + HK. 
    Ranking: 7.5/10  

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