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    Evolution Disc Guide by Gouki

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    	- Evolution CD (Japanese version) FAQ
    Copyright(C) 1998 by Gouki of Gouki's Page Of Whatever.
    This FAQ is not for any profit-making purposes. It was done because
    several people have been asking on the game.
    Please ask for permission for distribution to anywhere.
    This FAQ may NOT be published in any other form like magazines and
    other form or articles without approval of the author.
    This is just a short reference guide for those in trouble getting pass the
    Simulation Mode. It is not word for word translation of the game, and since
    I myself don't understand Japanese, I managed to get through it by testing
    out the options and making guesses. Bare in mind that some parts of the guide
    are merely guesses, and might be incorrect.
    The basic concept of the Simulation Mode is rather easy. You play the role
    of a student, and you decide on what he/she does throughout the school
    year. On the way, you have to sit for exams, meet with other students and
    teachers, participate in activities, etc. The main bonus of the simulation
    mode is to create new characters to be used in the game. The final outcome
    of your student will be that he/she will learn a combination of Special
    Moves, Super Moves, normal moves, throws, etc. from different characters, all
    mixed together into one character. This student of yours can be used in any
    of the other modes throughout the Evolution CD. However, he/she cannot be
    ported over to the Arcade CD.
    The Simulation Mode is actually made up of 4 different parts:
    	I) The Main Simulation Screen
    	- This is the part that you will see most of. It consists of two
    	blue panels, one top, and one at the bottom. In the centre shows
    	the locale and the people you're talking to. This is where all
    	decisions will be made.
    		O BUTTON - Make selections.
    		X BUTTON - Cancel selections.
    		TRI BUTTON - Skip texts until a selection is needed to
    				be made and also make selections.
    	II) The Exam Sessions
    	- This part will occur occasionally, and it's basically just your
    	student and Hayato, the coach in the stadium stage. At the bottom
    	are the exam descriptions, number of tries, and the timer, while
    	at the top is the action Hayato asks you to do.
    		Controls like the Arcade Mode.
    	III) Sports
    	- Plays like the mini-games found on the title screen.
    		D-PAD - Move Shoma around the base.
    		SQU, O BUTTON - Swings bat.
    		LEFT/RIGHT - Controls left/right angle.
    		UP/DOWN - Controls up/down angle.
    		X/O BUTTONS - Kicks the ball.
    		TRI/SQU - Super Kick the ball (only in Penalty Kicks)
    		LEFT/RIGHT - Controls left/right angle.
    		O BUTTON - Hold it to stop the Power Gauge and increase angle.
    	IV) Battles
    	- Played like the Arcade Mode. You use your student and fight off
    	with Hayato.
    		Controls like the Arcade Mode.
    On the Main Simulation Screen, you will see some options that appear on the left
    of the centre portion of the screen. These are for you to select. Not all
    the blocks will be available at certain times, though. 
    	OPTION 1: This block is always available. It is in a box that is
    		slightly bigger than the lower ones. This proceeds with
    		the story, or whatever. Click this when you're done
    		saving or viewing the other options.
    	OPTION 2: Same size as OPTION 1. However, it only appears on the
    		1st of every month. Used for Training. * SEE TRAINING *
    	OPTION 3: The first smaller block. Only available at certain times.
    		This one shows your friendship levels with the other students.
    	OPTION 4: If OPTION 3 is available, this one will be there as well.
    		This will bring up the calendar for you to view the events that
    		will occur. Not very important.
    	OPTION 5: This is always available. This will bring up the Option
    		Menu to save and all. * SEE OPTION *
    	OPTION 6: This is always here as well. When you click on this, you
    		will bring up 2 other options.
    			(I) Exam Trials
    			- You can use this to try out the next set of exams
    			that you're about to face. Practice everything here
    			if you want.
    			(II) Sports
    			- Clicking this will bring up 4 other options, which
    			is just what sport you would want to play.
    As certain options are not available at certain times, the tip to remember here
    is that OPTIONS 1, 5 and 6 are always available. So, when you only see 2 smaller
    boxes near the end, they are OPTIONS 5 and 6.
    At the start of each month (the 1st of every month), you will be given the option
    to train. It is advised to train when you have the chance, since training will
    increase some of the meters that you have, which in return will decide what
    set of moves you will get in the end. After clicking on OPTION 2, you will be
    given the choice to choose what exercise you want. Different exercises increases
    different attributes:
    	(1) Jogging
    	(2) Push-Ups
    	(3) Sit-Ups
    	(4) Running
    	(5) Punching
    	(6) Kicking
    	(7) Reading
    During the course of your school year, you have to make friends with other students
    and teachers. The friendship meter is shown as icons. There are 5 icons representing
    5 different levels of friendship. If you can get one of them up to the maximum
    by the end of the school year, you'll get a collection of potraits of that character,
    plus a different ending to the simulation. At the side, you will be able to collect
    small icons of the characters. I'm still not sure what this is for. The names of the
    characters are laid out like the character select screen.
    * OPTION
    Clicking on OPTION 4 will bring up somewhat of an option screen. You will be
    given 3 options.
    	OPTION 4-1:	Access Memory Card.
    		- Clicking here will change the screen to the Memory Card
    		screen. The first question asked here is whether you want
    		to save or load.
    			OPTION 1: Save
    			OPTION 2: Load
    		Choosing either one will prompt a confirmation question, asking
    		are you sure.
    			OPTION 1: Yes
    			OPTION 2: No
    		Choosing YES will load up the contents of the Memory Card. You
    		can save up to 5 files. Select the file you want to save/load.
    		It'll prompt a confirmation question again.
    			OPTION 1: Yes
    			OPTION 2: No
    		If you're saving, a word will show that save is complete. Press
    		any button and you'll return to Question 1 (save or load?).
    		Press the X Button and it'll ask you if you want to return
    		to the Main Simulation Screen.
    			OPTION 1: Yes
    			OPTION 2: No
    	OPTION 4-2:	No idea what this is for. Doesn't seem to affect anything.
    	OPTION 4-3:	Exit Simulation
    		- Selecting this will prompt the question, are you sure.
    			OPTION 1: Yes
    			OPTION 2: No
    		If selected yes, you'll be brought to the Memory Card screen,
    		and they'll ask if you want to save.
    			OPTION 1: Yes
    			OPTION 2: No
    		If yes, the procedure follows like the above.
    The school year is made up of several events that occur, in which you have to
    decide on what to do during each event. At the start of every month, you'll be
    given the chance to train. Below is the list of events that occur, following
    its date. Multiple options are labeled as (1) for Option 1, (2) for Option 2,
    etc. Please note that I'm not giving exactly what to do. Just giving those
    options that are standard. If I don't mention anything, well, just make a guess.
    NOTE: These are only the special dates. You might receive random encounters
    in between these dates, that will also add up to your friendship and other
    activities. Also, I might refer a group of people by their school/group.
    	Taiyo = Batsu + Hinata + Kyosuke
    	Gorin = Shoma + Natsu + Roberto
    	Pacific = Roy + Tiffany + Boman
    	Gedo = Edge + Akira + Gan
    	Teachers = Hideo + Kyoko + Hayato
    4/1:	First day. You will meet with Kyoko at the start. When you reach the
    	part where there are selections, select (4) to exit. (1),(2),(3) teaches
    	you the control of the game. After that, you will have to go through
    	EXAM #1. * SEE EXAMS *
    4/6, 4/8, 4/13:	These few days in the start are scenes that show you being
    		introduced to the other students and teachers. The options
    		chosen here don't really affect their friendship, so don't
    		worry. Also, you'll be given the chance here to choose
    		your hobby/activity. * SEE ACTIVITIES *
    4/15:	Free choice day. You get to choose which part of school to go to meet
    	different people. * SEE FREE CHOICE *
    5/20:	Free choice.
    5/25:	EXAM #2.
    6/12:	Taiyo Sports Day. Here you will be given the chance to play some
    	mini-games. There are a series of options here.
    		OPTION 1: Go with Taiyo.
    		OPTION 2: Go with Pacific.
    	Choosing OPTION 1 will bring you to Hayato. The option you make
    	with him don't really matter.
    	After Hayato (or choosing Pacific), you'll see the members
    	of that school.
    		OPTION 1: Play baseball.
    		OPTION 2: Play penalty kick (football).
    		OPTION 3: Play volleyball.
    	If you did well in the sport, the school you were will be happy
    	with you.
    6/17:	Free choice.
    7/6:	EXAM #3.
    	After completing this exam, you will have to fight with Hayato.
    	Before the match, you will be shown your moves list. Win or lose
    	doesn't matter. If you win, your meters will increase more. If
    	you lose, Hayato will be happier (friendship level increases).
    7/15:	Free choice.
    8/14:	Beach trip. This part is actually split into 2 parts, day and night.
    	For the day part, you will have to choose which school you want to
    	join with at the beach. If you're a guy, girls will ask you. If you're
    	a girl, guys will ask you.
    		OPTION 1: Taiyo School
    		OPTION 2: Gorin School
    		OPTION 3: Pacific School
    		OPTION 4: None of them
    	For OPTIONS 1 - 3:
    	Later, you will be asked another option, to be who precisely do you
    	want to stay with at the beach. The options usually follows
    	their order on the character select screen.
    		OPTION 1: Batsu/Shoma/Roy
    		OPTION 2: Hinata/Natsu/Tiffany
    		OPTION 3: Kyosuke/Roberto/Boman
    	For OPTION 4:
    	The guys/girls will leave, and you will have 2 options.
    		OPTION 1: Meet with Kyoko.
    		OPTION 2: Go elsewhere.
    	If you chose OPTION 2, you will be given 2 more options.
    		OPTION 1: Meet with Hideo.
    		OPTION 2: Meet with Hayato.
    	The night scene actually depends. Certain characters will automatically
    	bring you out to the beach. Some don't. If not, you will be given
    	a choice to select which floor to hang out at for the night.
    		OPTION 1 (2F): Taiyo
    		OPTION 2 (3F): Gorin
    		OPTION 3 (4F): Teachers
    		OPTION 4     : Pacific
    8/19:	Free choice.
    9/2:	Change activity/hobby. * SEE ACTIVITIES *
    9/16:	Free choice.
    9/26:	Festival(?). You might meet Hayato at the start here, and asks you
    	some questions (maybe are you ready for the test yet? or something like
    	that). Choose any. Then, you will be given 4 options, on which school
    	you would like to join for the festival.
    		OPTION 1: Taiyo
    		OPTION 2: Gorin
    		OPTION 3: Pacific
    		OPTION 4: Gedo.
    	After choosing a school, you will meet with them and will be given
    	2 options.
    		OPTION 1: Play football (goal scoring, NOT penalty kick)
    		OPTION 2: Go to the Horror House.
    	If you choose Horror House, you will be given further 3 options,
    	on who you would want to go in with.
    		OPTION 1: Batsu/Shoma/Roy/Edge
    		OPTION 2: Hinata/Natsu/Tiffany/Akira
    		OPTION 3: Kyosuke/Roberto/Boman/Gan
    	Inside the Horror House, you'll be given the choice of where to go.
    		OPTION 1: Direction #1
    		OPTION 2: Direction #2
    		OPTION 3: Direction #3
    	TIP: 1231
    10/21:	Free choice.
    10/26:	EXAM #4.
    11/18:	Free choice.
    11/28:	Gorin Sports Day. Another chance to play the mini-games. Kyoko
    	will first ask you which sport you would want to play.
    		OPTION 1: Baseball
    		OPTION 2: Penalty Kick (Football)
    		OPTION 3: Volleyball
    	Again, do well, and they will be happier.
    12/14:	EXAM #5.
    	After this exam, you'll have to fight Hayato again.
    12/16:	Free choice.
    12/24:	Christmas Eve. You get to choose who you want to hang out with
    	for the night.
    		OPTION 1: Taiyo		OPTION 5: Teachers
    		OPTION 2: Gorin		OPTION 6: Raizo
    		OPTION 3: Pacific	OPTION 7: Hyo
    		OPTION 4: Gedo		OPTION 8: Daigo
    	For OPTIONS 1 - 5:
    	After choosing which group, you will then be asked who would
    	like to have a private talk with.
    		OPTION 1: Batsu/Shoma/Roy/Edge/Hideo
    		OPTION 2: Hinata/Natsu/Tiffany/Akira/Kyoko
    		OPTION 3: Kyosuke/Roberto/Boman/Gan/Hayato
    	They will ask you some questions. Just answer them.
    1/1:	New Year's Day. You'll probably talk to yourself, and be given
    	2 options.
    		OPTION 1: Go this place.
    		OPTION 2: Go that place.
    	For OPTION 1:
    	After choosing this, you'll be shown at some place. They'll
    	give you a bunch of options. Just simply press any, and depending
    	on what you press, different meters will rise.
    	For OPTION 2:
    	You'll meet with the person with the highest friendship meter
    	currently in some different costume (depends on character).
    1/7:	Change activity/hobby.
    1/20:	Free choice.
    2/14:	Valentine's Day. Here, the event depends on your character's gender.
    	For guys:
    	Well, you don't quite do anything. The girls with a high friendship
    	meter will ring your door bell and talk. If you have one that is
    	near to the maximum friendship level, you'll hear a different song
    	for them when they arrive.
    	For girls:
    	You get to choose who to visit during Valentine's Day. And you can
    	even go to girls (if you're interested). The list of names are
    	separated into different pages.
    	PAGE 1
    		OPTION 1: Batsu		OPTION 5: Natsu
    		OPTION 2: Hinata	OPTION 6: Roberto
    		OPTION 3: Kyosuke	OPTION 7: Roy
    		OPTION 4: Shoma		OPTION 8: NEXT PAGE
    	PAGE 2
    		OPTION 1: Tiffany	OPTION 5: Gan
    		OPTION 2: Boman		OPTION 6: Hideo
    		OPTION 3: Edge		OPTION 7: Kyoko
    		OPTION 4: Akira		OPTION 8: NEXT PAGE
    	PAGE 3
    		OPTION 2: Hyo
    		OPTION 3: Hayato
    		OPTION 4: Daigo
    	After choosing who, you'll get to choose what to bring (I'm assume)...
    		OPTION 1: Present #1
    		OPTION 2: Present #2
    		OPTION 3: Present #3
    	TIP: Present #1 must be some dead fish or something.
    2/17:	Free choice.
    3/8:	EXAM #6.
    3/20:	Final Fight with Hayato.
    3/24:	Last day of school.
    	Well, you've reached the end. If you have a best friend at this time
    	(maximum friendship level), then you'll meet up with him at the end
    	and have some sweet talk, and be shown a special potrait (by a different
    	artist) of him/her. Or else, you'll just see the teachers bidding farewell
    	to you.
    Congrats! You've completed the simulation. Enjoy the anime, and the school anthem
    being played at the credits (which has bonus vocals, and special pictures of
    your best friend, if you have one), or you can press START to skip it all (or
    any button to view the pictures only).
    After everything, you'll then meet up with Kyoko. There, you will be given
    an option to choose what Team Up Attack you would want to have. Here's the list:
    	KYOKO 2		NATSU 2
    After choosing, you'll be given a glimpse and info on your character. The number
    on the left shows the number of Super Meters that your character will start
    with (only if they're the main character). Pay close attention to the 2 small
    heads on the right.
    The top one is your best friend, and when you choose this character as the main
    character, the cursor will jump to this character as your partner (of course, you
    can select another though). Not too sure, but I think the Team Up Attack does
    slightly more damage for him/her.
    The bottom one is your "worst enemy" (I suppose). If you team up your character
    with him/her, your partner will NOT execute his/her Team Up Attack when you
    call for him/her. Your character will just do the starting attack (punch, kick,
    energy field around, whatever), but your partner will not continue after that.
    Pressing O BUTTON here will bring you to the Moves List of your character. Pressing
    X BUTTON or START will exit.
    When you exit, you will be brought to the Memory Card screen, and asked if you
    want to save a clear save file.
    	OPTION 1: Yes.
    	OPTION 2: No.
    Saving the file goes like normal.
    * EXAMS
    There are a total of 6 exams in the game. Each exam consists of 5 parts. Each
    part has either 2, 5 or 10 tasks to be accomplished. You will be ranked according
    to the number of tasks accomplished before the timer expires, how fast you
    can accomplish the tasks, and another criteria which I'm not too sure what (I
    think is whether you can accomplish the task without fumbling). Each part
    of the exam will be graded in these 3 parts, and its average will determine
    your grading. All 5 parts will be totalled up and your average total score
    will decide your final grade. Even if you fail one part, but pass the final
    grade, you'll succeed.
    Since I can't write Japanese here, I'll list down what is needed to be done
    for each part of the exams. It is advised that you have a keen eye on recognising
    the Japanese writings so that you'll know what it is to be done.
    EXAM #1
    	PART 1 - Walk Front
    		 Walk Back
    	PART 2 - Crouch
    	PART 3 - LP, HP
    	PART 4 - LK, HK
    	PART 5 - All of EXAM #1: PART 1 - 4
    EXAM #2
    	PART 1 - Forward Dash
    		 Back Dash
    	PART 2 - Sidestep
    		 DOWN + Sidestep
    	PART 3 - Super Jump
    	PART 4 - Throw
    		 DOWN + Throw
    		TIP: DOWN + Throw is the only task where Hayato will crouch.
    	PART 5 - All of EXAM #2: PART 1 - 4
    EXAM #3
    	PART 1 - Recover in the air (Hold DIRECTION and tap button twice)
    	PART 2 - Fall to ground, hold FORWARD
    		 Fall to ground, hold BACK
    		 Fall to ground, hold UP
    		 Fall to ground, hold DOWN
    		TIP: The first letter tells you which direction to hold.
    		Remember them, and it'll be easier.
    	PART 3 - Team Up Attack
    	PART 4 - 2, 3 or 4 Hit Combo using Textbook Combo System.
    	PART 5 - All of EXAM #3: PART 1 - 4
    EXAM #4
    	PART 1 - Air Combo (Launch and hit just once)
    	PART 2 - Fall to ground, hold DIRECTION, press any button
    		TIP: Same as in EXAM #3: PART 2, the first letter tells
    		the direction.
    	PART 3 - Tardy Counter
    	PART 4 - Super Move
    	PART 5 - All of EXAM #4: PART 1 - 4
    EXAM #5
    	PART 1 - Sidestep behind (get next to Hayato, press SIDESTEP when he kicks)
    	PART 2 - Tech Hit (Throw at the same time as Hayato)
    	PART 3 - Colliding Attack Spark (attack when Hayato attacks so that the
    		 tip of your attack touches his and the spark appears)
    	PART 4 - Tardy Counter into a Super Move
    	PART 5 - All of EXAM #5: PART 1 - 4
    EXAM #6
    	PART 1 - All of EXAM #1
    	PART 2 - All of EXAM #2 and EXAM #3
    	PART 3 - All of EXAM #4 and EXAM #5
    	PART 4 - Everything
    	PART 5 - Hit Hayato 30 times as fast as possible
    At certain times, you'll get to choose what activity/hobby (not sure) that you like
    to have. The icon for the activity you're doing is shown in the center of the
    top panel. Different activites will affect the way your meter builds up and at
    times, who you meet where.
    At the first time, you'll have to choose one of the activity.
    	OPTION 1: Baseball		OPTION 5: Unsure
    	OPTION 2: Football		OPTION 6: Dancing(?)
    	OPTION 3: Volleyball		OPTION 7: Walking(?)
    	OPTION 4: Painting(?)
    After you choose one, you'll be ask a confirmation question.
    	OPTION 1: Yes
    	OPTION 2: No
    When you're given the chance to change, at first they'll ask you if you're satisfied
    with your activity/hobby.
    	OPTION 1: Don't change
    	OPTION 2: Change
    If you choose change, you'll be given the option like the first.
    At the times when you have the chance to go anywhere around the school compound,
    choosing the Proceed button will bring up a map of the school. You'll have 5
    places to go from (at times, there'll be only 4). Different places will have
    different people around. Who is at where at when depends on your friendship meter
    and a few other factors.
    The first time you choose a place, the first option you'll be given here is whether
    you want to stay there or go somewhere else.
    	OPTION 1: Stay
    	OPTION 2: Go somewhere else
    If you choose OPTION 2 you'll be given a choice of where else you would want to go.
    Once you choose where to go here, you will NOT be asked if you want to stay there
    or not. You have to stay there after this option.
    Anytime once you have a save file in one of the 5 files, you can port that character
    over to a fight (even though he/she has only 1 move). Just go to the EDIT Registry
    option next to the arcade mode. There you'll have 6 options (at first 5, OPTION 2
    is missing).
    	OPTION 1: Load EDIT characters. Clicking this, will ask you a confirmation
    	OPTION 2: This will appear once you've loaded from the Memory Card. Clicking
    		  this will bring you to the list of save files. Click on any and
    		  you'll move him/her to one of the 16 spaces above.
    	OPTION 3: Remove character from the 16 spaces.
    	OPTION 4: Check character status (like best friend and worst enemy).
    	OPTION 5: Check moves list for characters in the 16 spaces.
    	OPTION 6: Exit.
    Once you've moved a character into one of the 16 spaces, you'll be able to use him/her
    in battle. Just go to any mode and select the Edit character at the bottom of the
    character select screen. Press any button, and then move left or right to select
    which Edit character to use.
    So, what's the point of using an edited character? Well, there are a few things.
    	+ You get a mix of moves. If you're lucky you can get different combination
    	  of moves (although they seem to be a bit preprogrammed).
    	+ You can have more than 1 set of moves from the same character. During
    	  the middle of the game your character may have a certain set of moves,
    	  but at the end they might change totally. So, if you keep one before
    	  the end, and one at the end, you'll get 2 characters by playing once!
    	+ You can start with a Level 9 Super Meter!
    	+ You might be able to get one with moves you'd like.
    	+ You get to choose what Team Up Attack you get.
    	+ You get to see weird things, like girls lifting up guys with one
    	  arm, and guys kissing guys!
    	+ You might get unique Special and Super Moves. If you're lucky you can
    	  get things like a Super Version of Hideo's Air Kick, Tiffany's Air
    	  Drop Kick, to a Spinning Piledriver and something like a Final Atomic
    	  Buster (double Spinning Piledriver).
    	- Your character might not start with a full life gauge.
    	- Worst enemy's Team Up Attack not usable.
    	- Might be able to get same set of moves even though a totally different
    	  character background.
    * TIPS
    If you're trying to get the potraits that you'll receive by getting a best friend,
    you might want to keep these in mind.
    	- Target on mainly one character to be the best friend. Targetting on
    	  too many won't do. 2 to 3 is OK, but more than that is quite
    	- Use guys to get the girls, and use girls to get the guys. Using the
    	  other way around won't give you the potraits.
    	- Hunt down your target character. If you're serious about getting them
    	  save at almost every day, and hunt them down in the free choice
    	- Look at the right most meter. Usually, when it blinks red and goes
    	  up, it's a good sign. When it blinks blue and decreases, it's bad.
    	- Try to response in a way that will give you some increases in any
    	- Usually the first option is the best, but NOT ALWAYS.
    	- Try to drop other character's friendship levels.
    	- Try to hunt down characters from the same school, as they all start on
    	  Friendship Level 2. However, some characters can't be achieved this way.
    	- Remember their names right. Very important.
    As I said, I don't understand Japanese. So, if there's any errors around, or
    there's anything you would like to add into here, feel free to contact me.
    Produced by Gouki of
    Gouki's Page of Whatever
    (C) 1998 Gouki's Page Of Whatever
    MAIL: rolento@geocities.com

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