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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Ido Skira

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                                  Strategy Guide
                         Author: Ido "The Duke" Skira
                   Date written: 25\07\2005
                Author's E-Mail: Drunken_Brawler@walla.com
    Table of Contents
    + Section 1: Introduction
    + Section 2: Legal Information
    + Section 3: Contact Information
    + Section 4: FAQ
    + section 5: Controls
    + Section 6: Weapons
    + Section 7: One Player Games
    + Section 8: Two Player Games
    + Section 9: Options
    + Section 10: Audio
    + Section 11: Records
    + Section 12: Memory Card
    + Section 13: Password
    + Section 14: Bonus Awards
    + Section 15: Cars
    + Section 16: Tracks
    + Section 17: Cheats
    + Section 18: Author's Notes
    Hey what's up it's me and I'm back with my second FAQ which covers the awesome
    game Rollcage Stage 2 for the PSX. From the first time I played this game, I
    fell in love with this game, its cars, tracks, weapons, modes of play and
    especially the intense, adrenaline pumping action. After looking at the
    available FAQs I realized that if I'm still looking around for information
    about this game, there are people out there doing it also, which is why I'm
    here. In this guide I'll go over the game's menu systematically, starting from
    the campaigns in the one player games menu, which are the main modes for
    unlocking stuff like cars, tracks and game modes, and try to give strategies
    for beating the easy at first but gradually increasing in difficulty AI as
    best as I can.
    Legal Information
    Yeah you know the drill, you want to use the FAQ or parts from it? Drop an
    e mail or contact me by ICQ and I'll see what I can do. Now please, Don't go
    around doing something stupid like selling this guide or saying you wrote it
    or whatever, 'cause that will only make life harder for you AND me.
    Contact Information
    Sure no guide is perfect right from the start so stuff whatever's on your mind
    in an e mail, send it to Drunken_Brawler@walla.com or say it in a couple of
    words on ICQ number 167249906 and if it's useful, I'll make sure you get
    credited for it.
    Frequently Asked Questions
    This is the first frequently asked questions section I'm writing so I don't
    really know what to put here except for obvious questions and obvious answers,
    and one question that invovles a certain game mode which I have yet to figure
    out how to unlock. So if you have questions you'd like answered, send them over
    and I'll try my best to supply you with a correct answer. Now where do I
    Q-1: How do I unlock Vostok Scorpion Type II?
    A-1: Look for the desired car in the cars section or in the appropriate
    campaign section for information on how to unlock a specific car. Type I and
    II cars have to be won while Type III cars have to be collected. More on this
    Q-2: How do I unlock the track Scrmable from the Skyway category?
    A-2: Each of the regular tracks is unlocked when you race it during the Type I
    campaign with the expection of the Jumpgate category, which is unlocked when
    you race the Aurora league of the the Type II campaign. In this case, win the
    knock out race in the Cyclone league.
    Q-3: How do I pass Training\Scramble mission number x?
    A-3: I will include a strategy guide for each and every Training and Scramble
    missions with tips on how to beat every one of them getting at least a silver
    medal (I can't say gold 'cause I can't beat another 3 seconds in Winter
    Wonderland II goddamn it).
    Q-4: I can't beat race x in league x of the Masters campaign! Help?
    A-4: As with the Training and Scramble modes I will go over each race from
    Type I campaign to Type III campaign, from first lap to last lap, so don't go
    crazy on me. I promise you will beat everything if you have the time.
    That's it for the time being, we've got a lot of stuff to go over I'm sure
    you're more interested in that than some silly old questions. I do have one
    that's just dying to be asked though but I'll save it for later versions.
    How to drive a Rollacge car:
    X - Accelerate
    Square - Brake
    Triangle - Reverse
    Circle - Face Forward
    L1 - Fire left weapon
    L2 - Zoom in
    R1 - Fire right weapon
    R2 - Zoom out
    Up - Target enemy car
    Left - Steer left
    Down - Rear view
    Right - Steer right
    These are the default controls. You can change them in the Options menu.
    The weapons in Rollcage 2 are all useful for a certain situation. Each can be
    upgraded to a powered up version of the original if you collect another weapon
    pickup which contains the same weapon. The weapon pickups look like red
    diamond shaped squares with little blue lights around them. Here's an
    explanation on each one and its upgrade (names are taken straight from the
    Mini Rockets (three triangles and a thin circle) - These missiles can home in
    on a car if you target it first. Press the Target Car button and wait until you
    hear a beep and see a red indicator pointing on the targeted car. Fire and the
    missle will home in on it's target. You can use these missles to blow up
    buildings and signs.
    Powered Up Mini Rockets - You use the missiles just as before but this time
    you fire 2 rockets and you can target cars and buildings behind you. Press the
    rear view button and wait for a couple of seconds until you see the above
    mentioned target indicator and fire away.
    Chaingun (crosshairs) - Fire and release a stream of 100 bullets directly
    Powered up Chaingun - The bullets now are colored green and they will home in
    on cars in front of you.
    Driller Rocket (head of a drill) - Fire and unleash a set of three rockets
    that hurtle down the track taking down buildings and cars in their path. The
    rockets will blow up if they hit a wall or too many objects while hurtling
    down the track. Too bad you can't target cars with this weapon.
    Powered Up Driller Rocket - Fire and unleash 2 sets of rockets that hurtle 
    down the track. The first set is like the regular version of the Driller
    Rocket but the second set has six missles instead of three. Also, you can fire
    the missles backwards by pressing the rear view button and then pressing fire.
    Laserdblades (circle with a zig zag stripe) - Fire and blue lasers will pop
    out from each of your four wheels. Any car that touches these laser beams will
    have its wheels turned into ice.
    Powered Up Laserblades - When powered up this weapon combines the regular
    Laserblades with a Turbo Boost.
    Time Warp (a three quarters full clock) - Press the fire button and time will
    slow down for everyone in front of you meaning their speed will also. The
    further they are away from you, the slower they will go when you release it.
    Powered Up Time Warp - Fire away and time will really slow down for everyone.
    Cars both in front and behind you.
    Leader Missle (circle with a diagonal stripe) - Fire and a big missile will
    come out from your car flying through the track homing in on the current
    leader. If you are him, your HUD will flash red and you'll hear beeping sounds.
    The closer the missle is, the faster the HUD beeps and flashes,. There's also a
    distance meter in your HUD.
    Powered Up Leader Missle - 2 Leader Missiles launch from your car both bent on
    taking the leader out.
    Wormhole (whirlpool) - The Wormhole will start chraging up in front of your
    car and when it is fully charged it will reposition your car in front of the
    car ahead of you. Once you have been repositioned other cars can use your
    Wormhole to drop out in front of you.
    Powered Up Wormhole - The Wormhole will now reposition you two places forward
    instead of just one. The same rule for other cars applies here as well.
    Radius Bomb (half full half empty circle with a dot in the middle) - Fire and
    the bomb will start powering until it explodes, taking out all cars in its
    range. It has a pretty small range though.
    Powered Up Radius Bomb - The bomb takes a little longer to warm up but when it
    explodes, it has a much bigger radius and is a lot more powerful.
    Shield (looks like a shield) - Release and blue energy will circle your car,
    protecting you from a limited number of explosions, blows from other cars
    walls and other obstacles. The Shield also helps your car stay in control.
    Powered Up Shield - The energy that circles your car will now be invisible.
    It will last longer than a regular Shield, and it helps your car stay in
    control better. Also if a Leader Missile is on its way and you activate this
    Shield the Leader Missile will continue on ignoring you. I didn't quite believe
    this myself when I heard of it for the first time, but it had happened to me
    more than once since then.
    Tazer Ram (2 circles with a dot in the middle) - Activate the Tazer Ram and
    a circle of energy will from around your car. Hit other cars with it to send
    them flying.
    Powered Up Tazer Ram - Now two circles of energy will revolve your car and a
    tractor beam has also been added so it's easier for you to hit enemies.
    Stasis Beam (2 triangles one facing upwards the other downwards) - Fire to
    activate the chrage up and wait for the laser to shoot from in front of your
    car. Any car that the beam touches is blown into the air where it will remain
    until it unfreezes 3 to 5 seconds later. You can also hold the weapon after it
    has charged so you'll have a better aim but if you hold it too long it will
    fire away sending you into the air freezeing you.
    Powered Up Stasis Beam - This time you can fire it backwards by pressing the
    rear view button and then firing the weapon.
    Turbo Boost (2 arrows pointing upwards) - Press the fire button to make your
    car go faster. Really nothing to it.
    Powered Up Turbo Boost - Press the fire button to make your car fly. 
    One Player Games
    Here I'll go over stuff systematically like I said before starting with the
    campaigns and finishing with All Tracks mode so here it is:
                                   Type I Campaign
    When you choose to play any campaign you'll be given a choice of two ways of
    racing. This is just so the game would be more fun when playing it. The first
    campaign is divided into four leagues, each has to be won before you can
    progress to the other. Each league is divided into four races, three regular
    ones where you have to qualify for the fourth one, a knock out race. In the
    knock out race you must place first in order to progress to the next League.
    Placing first in one "qualifacation" race will earn you a new car and a retry
    in case you lose in the knock out race, and placing first on all three will
    get you a bonus award which basically means you have to be an ace at this
    right from race number 1 in order to unlock everything. 
    Pretty simple.
    Total Racing - If you choose this, coming first when the race ends doesn't
    necessarily mean you've won. In this mode you are awarded points for tactical
    use of weapons, which generally means the more you hit enemy cars and the more
    destruction you cause with your weapons, the more points you get. You are
    awarded points for having the fastest lap times and you are also awarded
    points depending on your place after each lap. Naturally, first place gets the
    most points. If you come first on all the races inculding the knock out race
    you unlock a bonus award like another combat track or a game mode.
    Classic Racing - This is standart racing like any other that includes weapons.
    First place wins. Sounds easy right? Well at first it is 'cause the cars
    aren't so fast and they don't support all the weapons, the AI doesn't take
    shortcuts as much as they do in Type II and III campaigns and they don't use
    weapons against you as often as they do in Type II and III campaigns. But that
    will start to change right after the first league.
    Let me explain the HUD too 'cause there's a slight differnce in it if you
    choose Total racing. On the upper left corner we have the current lap and lap
    time, on the left we have the progress indicator: you start from its bottom
    and as closer as you are up the closer you are to finishing the lap. You are
    represented as a white dot while your opponents are red dots. In Total racing
    each dot will have a green line under it which represents the total amount of
    points you've racked up until now. If a line is colored red, it means that the
    car having that line currently holds the fastest lap time from the others
    (that's the difference). On the lower left corner we have two empty circles
    which represent weapons slots, right one is right weapon and left one is left
    weapon. On the lower right corner we have the speedometer which will usually
    read 250, 300 mph (yeah right), and on the upper right corner we have your
    best lap time, total race time and current placing.
    Typhoon League
    The first League. Wow. The easiest league you'll race which would be quite a
    waste of time really if it weren't for the cars and the bonus award. Pick a
    car from the available three and lets go.
    Full Force - Easiest race ever. When you see the countdown from 3 don't rev
    the engine, instead wait for it reach to 1 and just as it's about to start push
    the gas. If done right you'll get a turbo start. Well, all races in Type I
    campaign have 3 laps so that makes it even easier. I didn't even hear the AI
    in this race so just drive and if you happen to lose control, brake, turn
    around and continue. There are weapon pickups right before the first tunnel on
    the right wall, pick them up and if any cars catch up to you let them have it.
    First place here earns you the Patriot Knight.
    Sentinel - For a beginner it may be difficult to turbo start here 'cause right
    after the finish line there's a bunch of buildings which can block you and
    make your car spin around. If that happens brake, turn around and face forward
    and continue. Try to aim for the pickup if you want to go through all the
    buildings, but you can pass them from the sides without having to aim your car
    first. You can easily lose control here if you're going pretty fast 'cause the
    car catches air a lot so try to brake just a little before you completely lose
    control. If an AI passes you here don't panic instead just keep going like you
    were before. You'll probably pass him again right away but if not, try to make
    buildings fall on him or use some other weapons on him. If more than one pass
    you, let them take each other out and then concentrate on the last one. First
    place here earns you the Unity Panther which isn't so bad compared to the
    other first ones.
    Republic Loop - Usually open spaces like these mean you can let yourself go
    when it comes to speed. Republic Loop is exactly one of those places. Too bad
    your car can't reach high speeds though. Turbo starting here is obvious so do
    it and you'll come right on top. If you can't stay there and someone passes
    you keep going picking up weapons and blasting him until he flies upwards and
    you pass him from below, but sometimes those little rockets can be quite blind
    so aim accurately. You can try dropping a sign on him if you want to but
    chances are that you'll be caught in the blast radius and the impact will only
    make the AI go faster. In fact, you know what? You can use that to your
    advantage. If someone's on your tail and you are about to reach an overhanging
    sign, time it so HE will be caught in the blast radius and YOU will go faster
    due to the impact. Also try not to fall off the track as that will only slow
    you down and chances are you'll lose the 5000 points bonus from having the
    fastest lap time. Here first place gets you the Patriot Nemesis.
    Knock Out race: Deep Pressure - This place is just a really big tunnel and
    speed in a closed place usually means loss of control due to an unexpected
    gain of air or due to a bump in one of the turns so turbo start yes, but use
    regular turbos from weapon pickups when you are in a straight away which
    brings me to my next point. On this track you have concrete tunnels and glass
    tunnels (you're underwater didn't you notice?) and right after the second
    concrete tunnel there's a straight away leading to another concrete tunnel but
    here's the catch: Do you see those smoke streams coming out from the ceiling?
    Touch these and your wheels will freeze making the car almost impossible to
    drive, so avoide these at any cost. In case your wheels do freeze, either
    press the circle button on your controller to center your car forward and hit
    the gas, or brake turn around and face forward and hit the gas. You won't go
    as fast as you would normally but it's better than just standing still besides
    when the wheels thaw you'll accelerate as you normally would when starting a
    race revving the engine instead of turbo starting. Sometimes the facing
    forward using the circle button won't work and I can only explain that by
    saying that it works when you are completely airborne or when you're going the
    wrong way. Now being passed here is always bad 'cause last place gets
    eliminated after the current lap right? So try to remain in first place for
    the entire race. If someone passes you pray that others don't and concentrate
    on taking him out and not letting anyone else pass you. Try pushing him into
    the freezing smoke being careful not to get "iced" yourself there or making
    him lose control by ramming his rear wheels with your front wheels thus
    spinning him around. Remember, you must reach first place in order to finish
    the league. First place is awarded with the Subsonic Cutter, an all around
    car, and if you won all other races, Combat Track 2.
    First league's history, whoa this is gonna take longer than I thought.
    Hurricane League
    Mt. Sara - Tight spots again. Turbo start and aim your car slightly to the
    left so you won't get caught outside the tunnel entrance. When inside the
    tunnel take it easy 'cause there are a lot of bumps there due to the tunnel
    having turns and you don't want to catch air 'cause you might not land
    smoothly. There's a shortcut to be taken after you exit this tunnel but a
    couple of buildings might get in your way of aiming the car so wait until the
    next lap. That way you have a chance of the AI taking those buildings out
    making it easier for you to aim the car towards the little hole in the wall
    which is the shortcut. Here it may be difficult to maintain first place 'cause
    there's alot of places to lose control if you're not careful so do be careful
    from any bumps and try not to smash into walls. But if something happens and
    you lose first place try to get back on track and always take the shortcut.
    The shorcut here really shortens the track as it should and the ground is even
    straight so you don't have to worry about spinning around once inside. First
    place here earns you the Patriot Viper.
    Renegade - You can see from behind the finish line that the beginning of this
    tracke is straight so what do you do? That's right, turbo start. Oh yeah and
    there are two ways of taking the shorcut located just after you enter the
    tunnel, one is taking a right and climbing the wall before it turns into a
    floor preventing yourself from taking air and maybe spin around. The other way
    is taking a left when you enter the tunnel climbing the left wall and reaching
    the ceiling. Right after the camera straightens out turn left and follow the
    pickups and speed up pads and enter the shortcut. The entrance curves to the
    left if you're on the ceiling and right if you're on the floor. Most of the
    shortcut is straight so you won't have problems there and if the AI passed you
    always take it 'cause it does shorten the race plus the AI isn't so difficult
    in this campaign so they won't follow you there much. If you want to win the
    Subsonic Blade you better come first.
    Power Surge - Did I mention that the Skyway category is my favorite? Turbo
    start here and there's no question about it. This track is very intense. When
    you get to the helix that's just after the tunnel you enter when starting the
    race lightning will strike the track and if you're close to ground zero you
    could lose control so watch out if you do. No shortcuts here I'm afraid just
    plain old combat. What pisses me off is that sometime the AI cars fall off the
    left edge when going through the helix and when done in the right angle they
    could land in front of you or on a different part of the track. It happened to
    me once where I was going through the helix and some AI car landed somewhere
    and lapped me. I dunno if it was a glitch or something but I do know that I
    had to start the league over 'cause I didn't win the Vostok Raptor. Be careful
    not to flip around when taking on the ramp just before the finish line 'cause
    that can happen if don't straighten out before taking it on.
    Knock Out race: Furnace - Yeah tough one this. This track is often narrow so
    it maybe difficult keeping in control here at first. Turbo starting here is
    optional 'cause right when you begin the ground lowers and if you're fast
    enough you might catch air and if the car is not going the in direction the
    track is you may lose control and spin out. To solve this you can cling to the
    left wall so the car doesn't catch air in the first place. There's also a
    shorcut here but it's a bit hard to reach to. After you start there a right
    turn and then a left. When you reach the left turn look in the direction of
    the right wall and you'll see a little ramp made out of sand. Go up on it,
    being careful not to catch air as this may cause you to fall off the left edge
    or hit the right wall and then fall off, and then take a hard right to enter a
    little tunnel which is the shorcut. If you keep your speed inside the shortcut
    you can get quite a lead on all the other cars which will assure you the
    Richter Claw Fist and if you've gotten all the races first place, Combat Track
    Tornado League
    The Helix - Another Skyway track although a bit tighter than the others. With
    the cars you're supposed to have by now turbo starting won't make you lose
    control when you enter the tunnel even if you catch some air. In the fork
    after the tunnel you have the choice of weapons or speed. After that it's
    pretty much like any other track, keep going and don't let nobody pass you.
    Sadly there isn't much room for shortcuts while in the skys so it's shoot or
    be shot at in case someone does pass you. First place? Patriot Cobra. A pretty
    nice little car.
    Archipelago - Cool track I love it's soundtrack. Turbo starting is recommended
    as with almost all other tracks but be careful 'cause right after the start
    the ground drops and you catch some air. You've probably noticed that you can
    actually steer and aim the cars while they're in the air so do it and aim
    right, the car will land and keep going. Try not to hit the wall when you do
    this 'cause this might cause you to spin around. Right after this part there's
    a pretty big ramp which sends you flying so aim your car where you see fit,
    land and keep going. Just be careful not to hit the buildings (you do know
    what would happen if you hit the buildings while in mid air right?). There's a
    shortcut to be taken on this track and it's located right when you enter that
    long straight tunnel, to the right. The end of the entrance is bumpy and
    you'll flip the car if you enter too late so be ready to take a hard right
    when entering the tunnel. You'll find a few weapon pickups inside the
    shortcut. Getting first here will earn you the Subsonic Stinger. Nice name.
    Not so nice car.
    Knock Down - This is not a Knock Out race in case you were wondering. Just
    your average dirt track. Yep, turbo start here and keep at it. The track is
    pretty straight forward so you can speed it up a bit. There are a few rocks
    along the way that will slow you down if you hit them but it's no big deal.
    When the road goes upwards you may not want to be first place 'cause whoever's
    there, has to make way for the rest of the gang and all those buildings and
    fences will slow him down so you can use it to your advantage if you're not
    first. If you are though, there's nothing wrong in using weapons to clear
    your path. There's a shortcut here as well you know. Just look for two pieces
    of fence at the bottom of the left wall when you pass the area with all the
    buildings and stuff. Break these little fences by ramming them or by blasting
    them with rockets, enter the shortcut also being careful not to clip the walls
    as you will spin around, come out of it and continue left, not right, left.
    You win what would've been a mean car, the Vostok Reaper, if it hadn't been
    for its bad grip, if you place first.
    Knock Out race: Impact - The asteriod's gravity will only pull you to it to an
    extent. Be careful not to fall off the right side of the track or chances are
    someone will pass you. The good thing is that without the buildings this track
    is pretty wide so you have enough room to feel comfortable with the speed.
    Using the speed up pad along with a turbo start can result in a pretty high
    speed. Weapons are scattered all over so you wouldn't have problems defending
    yourself. In case you need to do so, do it as fast as possible 'cause I know
    what panic does to you once it's in your mind. By that I mean that if an AI
    passes you don't panic and just concentrate on taking him down. No shortcuts
    here sadly, but if you win this race and all the other three you get the
    Richter Phoenix and the Demolition 1 Player game mode which is pretty fun.
    Cyclone League
    The only league in this campaign which might be a problem. Here you start out
    with AI cars that are better than yours (I'm sure you won't pick the Stinger
    or the Phoenix) and the tracks are more difficult than the ones you've met so
    far except for the knock out race. Good luck you future Genesis owner!
    Ida 447 - Another space track. Well at least this time most of it is a big
    swerving tunnel. Except for the AI that drives a Hawk the only problems you
    may have are the bumps and pillars inside the tunnel. Luckily for you the rest
    of the AI cars will keep that annoying Hawk driver busy while you get a lead
    on them and get a few weapons so you can defend yourself. No shortcuts in here
    either so try to keep the first place yours. If someone passes you don't
    engage them while in the tunnel 'cause the missles will probably just hit the
    walls instead. If you have other weapons though try as best as you can sending
    the car in front of you sky high. Well not really 'cause there's a ceiling.
    Other than that I can tell you that the few buildings here are useless so
    don't waste your weapons on them. Save those for an emergency. That Hawk you
    get if you finish first looks good but too bad it only looks that way.
    Angel City - Yeah this is a nice track. Too bad it's pretty tough. Turbo start
    as usual and turn a bit right so you get the weapon pickups and the AI cars
    don't. Now keep going straight and be careful not to lose control around the
    open parts after each tunnel. These areas are loaded with buildings and things
    that go boom and create blinding flashes. If you happen to lose control and
    spin out in one of those areas and there's a lot of destruction goind around,
    don't stand around waiting for it to dissappear 'cause the AI is programmed to
    keep going no matter what. Use the circle button to straighten out if
    necessesary and hit the gas. Don't try to use the buildings against the AI
    'cause that will blind you as well. Instead just keep going braking a bit just
    before the second short tunnel so you do not lose control due to the ground
    dropping there. Nope, there isn't a shortcut here but if you win this race you
    get the Unity Black Widow, a car that can rival all the other cars in this
    Port Isaac - A dangerous track seeing as how you can lose control of the car
    a lot of times due to drops and one unexpected little bump in the road. Turbo
    start and aim for the speed up pad that's on the left of the tunnel you see
    from the finish line. Continue on picking up the lower weapon pickup you see
    on the right side of tunnel by simply driving under it. Don't climb the
    ceiling 'cause after that the track has a few corners that might make you lose
    control and spin out. Stay on the track and don't let anyone pass you. If that
    happens though don't shoot him while taking a turn 'cause most chances are
    the missles will hit the wall and slow you down. Wait until you're in open
    space again then blast 'em. Of course if you don't have rockets but something
    else, don't think even once before taking out the guys that are in front of
    you. The faster you regain first place the more chances you have to win,
    speaking of which will unlock you the legendary Vostok Scorpion.
    Knock Out race: Scramble - Oh boy. My personal favorite from the Skyway
    category. If speed is the 8th deadly sin then I'm past redemption for a REALLY
    long time. Haha you do recognize this don't you? Well anyway when you're about
    to start racing all you can see is blue skies right? So if you don't turbo
    start here I'm not gonna let you get the Genesis you dig? This track is 450+
    MPH all the way. When you land after the big drop which is the finish line,
    hope your Scorpion doesn't flip around facing the direction you were coming
    from. If it does happen (and I'm sure it will sometime) brake immediately,
    turn around and you'll catch up to the competition in like a second and a
    half. Now, see that big wall with the grating on the left there? Climb it,
    taking on the speed up pads and forgetting about the weapon pickups,and try to
    line up so your left wheels are on the grating and your right wheels are on
    the wall itself. Don't brake no matter what and you should catch the left side
    wall of the tubular like shortcut. Ok in case you screw up and end up hitting
    the little ring that is the entrance to the shortcut, wait for the car to be
    placed in the center of the regular track and hit the gas entering a big
    tunnel. In case you manage to land inside the shortcut but you got your car
    spinning around or doing loops on the wall, brake a bit so it stops doing
    those, straighten out and climb the left wall halfway to the top to catch a
    few speed up pads. The rest of the track is exactly how you see it. You can
    climb the right wall you see when the road starts turning again and catch
    some weapon pickups and speed up pads but you must line yourself out with the
    track if you don't want to fall off. Never fear if the AI passes you here,
    even if you can't always make it to the shortcut. The AI itself doesn't take
    the shortcut a lot (well, at least in this campaign) so you'll always have the
    chance of combat fair and square, which is needless to say a damn good chance,
    considering the track. Open space - direct eye contact with AI cars the whole
    race, pretty straight tunnel - slight chance of misseles exploding before
    hitting the target, all around smooth wide track - almost no chance of losing
    control or falling off the edge due to terrain and the ability to go at very
    high speeds without the fear of losing control as well. And for almost no
    effort you get the 3rd fastest car in the game: the Unity Wolf, plus a few
    other bonuses which let you to start the Type II campaign and have a bit more
    fun with a friend (preferably a female one): Subsonic Taipan, Vostok Python
    and Richter Viking all Type II ready to burn rubber, and Pursuit mode and All
    Tracks mode, each one I'll cover once the campaigns section is done.
    Well there goes the first campaign. Was it easy? Well lets just say that if I
    were playing the game without writing everything here I'd be finished with the
    entire game by now. Don't get me wrong playing and writing is fun but it's
    very tiring. Anyways, get ready to rumble in Type II campaign.
                                  Type II Campaign
    I'll start by telling you that Type II campaign is not a walk in the park like
    Type I was, especially the later leagues, so you'd better be prepared. Have a
    glass of water and something to bite down on nearby at all times. Also, make
    sure you wear gloves that will protect your knuckles from any harm yet
    wouldn't disturb your fingers and grip, and a spare controller.
    Total Racing - Well the game says the AI cars now are a lot more accurate than
    before and that they know better when and where to use the right weapon.
    Partially true. You get out on top? Stay on top and the only one who can hit
    you is you when you fire missles in close quarters, and the occasional lucky
    AI, when he gets a Leader Missle. If you do not come out on top, expect some
    difficulty in taking other AI cars out 'cause they still drive better than
    they shoot.
    Classic Racing - Now we got competition on our hands. In Type II Classic
    racing, the AI combines a bit reduced aggressiveness than that of Type II
    Total racing, with increased racing skills than that of Type I Classic racing,
    making for a sleazy, shortcut taking, pretty accurate shooting yet not
    invincible son of a gun. Classic racing provides a challenge 'cause the AI
    will take a shortcut whenever possible and they have more luck or something
    when it comes to what they get when they pick up weapons. 
    Ok except for a hidden league which becomes available only when you finish the
    first four leagues, every track remains exactly the same as in Type I
    campaign, but cars and AI behavior change. The hidden league contains four
    tracks, with closed and open quarters, high and low speeds and a couple of
    shortcuts here and there. The cars you unlock are exactly in the same order
    you unlock them as in Type I campaign, except they'll be Type II which means
    they are faster and a bit more powerful than Type I cars. Also, as with Type I
    campaign coming first on all four races in the first four leagues will earn
    you a combat track or another game mode. A general rule in Type II (and in
    Type III of course) campaign is to get out on top and remain that way. A lot
    of times the AI manages to pass you but you won't be able to pass him due to
    other AI going for first place. The AI also turbo start often so watch out for
    them when you start racing. You don't want to collide and spin out right from
    the beginning now do ya?. Oh yeah I forgot, in Type II campaign each race is 4
    laps not 3.
    Here comes another headache (well, at least for you):
    Typhoon League
    Full Force - Seeing as how you should have gained some experience in driving
    the car this track should be like a training ground for you. Climbing the
    ceiling of the last tunnel is possible but you might have problems landing due
    to the badly placed small hills after the exit and the fact that you're upside
    down. Usually you won't be upside down long enough for the camera to flip and
    that inverts the steering so you might confuse right for left or left for
    right, that way landing a bit sideways and losing control. Sometimes it's even
    worse 'cause the camera starts straightening out just as you're about to fly
    from the ceiling in which case you won't see anything as you land. I trust you
    won't have problems with the AI here. Compared to other races in this campaign,
    this race is fairly easy. Perhaps even too easy. Get first to unlock Patriot
    Knight Type II.
    Sentinel - Turbo starting and going for that pickup between the buildings
    isn't supposed to be something to discuss, but sometimes an AI behind you may
    pass you by turbo starting also, and if he does he'll probably grab the pickup
    as well. In this case if you're not sure you will make it through cut to the
    left and pass those buildings. If you get stuck between the buildings you can
    still make it to first place provided of course you don't take too long to
    face forward and keep going. Unity Panther is what first place gets you.
    Republic Loop - Why? Why can't we use that Type I Scorpion? This track just
    screams speed. Anyway, use the same strategies given in Type I campaign to
    beat the AI should any of them trouble you, and cross your fingers in hope
    that you'll get at least 1 turbo boost so you could enjoy the track somehow.
    This race too isn't hard. If you're too fast for the AI you'll get the Patriot
    Nemesis. Is it just me or this is getting old?
    Knock Out race: Deep Pressure - Need I remind you of the gas the freezes your
    wheels located in the second glass tunnel? You need to be extra careful in
    here not to lose control before that area 'cause if you lose your first place,
    there's a slight chance you will lose a retry when the knock out's over. It
    happened to me more times than I'd like to remember, but then again I've been
    playing this game for it to give me dreams. No, really! First place: Subsonic
    Cutter and, if in all others first place as well: Combat Track 4.
    Hurricane League
    Ok listen up, as I mentioned a bit earlier, the order of the cars you unlock
    is exactly the same as in Type I and I'm sure you've gotten used to placing
    first by now am I right? Well, in case I'm not you can look in the first
    campaign section for which car you unlock where, or you can scroll to the cars
    section and find out there.
    Mt. Sara - You remember those dreams I talked about a league ago? This track
    turned half of them into nightmares. See, not only do your fingers pulse
    because of the sound of the engine the car 1 meter behind you has, if you go
    too fast you risk losing control 'cause like I said, you catch air a lot of
    times here and you might not even know it. This time to maintain first place
    you must take the shortcut in all 4 laps 'cause at least 2 of the 4 AI cars do
    and if you don't, you can kiss that first place goodbye.
    Renegade - This is where things get tight, if they haven't for you by now. The
    first time I played this game I got stuck on this track for like 2-3 days. But
    you won't 'cause I'm here and I know this track. Ok if you chose Classic
    racing, chances are that only 1 AI car will use the regular road which is bad
    news for you if you don't know how to reach the shortcut. Luckily, this track
    is a straight away for the most part so even if you miss the shortcut once you
    can still catch some speed using the speed up pads. Oh and yeah and don't try
    to get in that hole if you haven't managed to already. Doing this will only
    guarantee you NOT getting first place. You can even train beating this track
    in Aracde mode. Using a fast car in this track will get you used to taking the
    shorcut properly in no time, so when you come back for the real thing, you'll
    have a bit of an edge. 
    Power Surge - Boy do I love these speed tracks or what? You know what is so
    great about this track? The fact that you have fun even if you don't get first
    place. Do you know why? Because of the sheer speed and adrenaline a nice
    little 1 on 1 combat can give you. I've seen the AI cars skip the ramp just
    before the finish line a couple of times and to tell you the truth, that's not
    such a bad idea. Taking the ramp means that if the car lands sideways you'll
    lose some speed or might even lose control. Sure you have speed up pads before
    the ramp but you also have speed up pads after it.
    Knock Out race: Furnace - Talk about a tough race. Well all the others are too
    but this one is a little harder 'cause it's a knock out. Taking the shortcut
    is actually mandatory 'cause 5 cars in closed quarters like these is usually a
    bad idea. 1 or 2 AI cars will even be your company when going through the
    shortcut which is a bad idea too considering it's so tight. If you see a chance
    to knock some dude out of the way when you're about to enter the shorcut, do
    it and you won't be sorry. There's nothing like having that road all to
    yourself and seeing how your dot progresses faster then those of the AI cars'
    on the progress indicator. What you get if you've won all the other races too
    you ask? Well Combat Track 5 that's what.
    Tornado League
    The Heilx - Turbo start your way to the top of the pack and try to stay there.
    Since there are no shortcuts here you have to try to maintain that first
    place, so if you see that someone's about to pass you get ready to pummle him
    with everything you got. If you got nothing they try ramming the AI but not
    too hard 'cause you can lose control too. Now that you're more experienced in
    driving these cars and you know the tracks better be careful when taking on
    that hump of road just before the second tunnel because when the car is fast
    enough it can cling to the ceiling which is good as well as bad. Why good? The
    ceiling's loaded with weapon pickups which let you defend yourself against any
    hostile AI that might come your way. Why bad? 'Cause most of the time the hump
    itself will slow you down making your car just scratch the ceiling whereas
    that can cause you to lose control when you land. It all boiles down to speed.
    Archipelago - You know not turbo starting in any race basically from now on
    means almost always instant loss. The AI will be occupied with each other and
    they'll keep going and you won't even get to target them much less pass them.
    Turbo start and be careful not to lose control when the ground drops and when
    it rises and you'll be fine. As much as you think you should take the regular
    tunnel 'cause of the high speed you might get to by taking all the speed up
    pads, don't. The shortcut is much better so take it. Of course that if you
    don't maintain a fairly high speed when inside the AI will pass and you'll
    have hard time taking them out. In the fork after the tunnel the right path is
    shorter but if you don't take it just right you could catch some air which
    can complicate things for you.
    Knock Down - Turbo start as always and when you reach the area with all the
    structures don't wait for an AI to do your job for you 'cause there's a chance
    you may not regain first place. Try to even blow everything up there on your
    way 'cause not only will it give points if you chose Total racing, it may also
    slow the AI a bit by blocking their way with rubble. Taking the shortcut is
    optional in here 'cause you won't have problems targeting the AI should they
    pass you due to the fairly open road. However the AI might take the shortcut,
    and they don't lose control when taking it, so they might get a pretty big
    lead on you, if they do. Last time I raced this track I racked up about 40,000
    points by blowing up those metal structures, buildings, taking the shortcut so
    I come out first every lap and get the most points, blowing the hell out of my
    opponents and of course getting the fastest lap bonus. Really was nothing to
    Knock Out race: Impact - Well, except for that one corner where you fly off
    the track when going at 400~ mph this track is like one big drag race. Really.
    Turbo starting and then taking that speed up pad can get you to a speed of
    over 400 mph and nobody has a problem braking just before that turn after the
    tunnel right? If you keep your speed up at all times the AI will never get
    near you. But then again you need to be careful not to lose speed by crashing
    into walls buildings whatever. Smashing a stalagmite or two won't slow you
    down that much but it still does so try to avoide that whenever possible. If
    you've gotten first place the entire league you will be awarded with the
    Demolition 2 Players game mode. One of the greatest modes to beat a cute girl
    Cyclone League
    Alright lets do this so we can get on with Aurora league.
    Ida 447 - Well, believe it or not this race is a little bit easier than it is
    supposed to be. You see that Type II Hawk in first place when you're about to
    start the race? It'll turbo start like you but it will go for the weapon
    pickup you see to your left and then it'll smash into that building, so one
    down. If you don't fly off the edge or lose control somehow before you enter
    the tunnel everything will be alright. The AI cars now pick up speed in no
    time, so if you somehow slow down or come to a stop they will surely get a
    significant lead on you. The only car I can think of that will give you a shot
    at first place is the Patriot Cobra. The Patriot Viper is a close call but the
    Cobra's grip is better.
    Angel City - Since this track is pretty straight forward the AI cars reach
    high speeds very fast and letting them is not a good idea. Turbo start to the
    right a pick up the weapons. Keep going, trying to gain speed using the speed
    up pads where available. The AI is faster than you so try not to lose control
    or slow down in any way. If you get a useful weapon I recommend saving it for
    an emergency if the AI pass you at some point. Oh and try to have an armor at
    all times so that you don't lose first place if a Leader Missile is on your
    Port Isaac - Phew now that you have the Black Widow things are supposed to be
    easy for you. With the Black Widow you can easily gain a lead on the
    competition leaving them blowing each other out and the first place is all
    yours. Again, remember to come out of the tunnel a bit slowly so your car
    won't catch too much air and spin out. And of course be careful when
    maneuvering through that tunnel.
    Knock Out race: Scramble - Here we go again! Take out the Scorpion you've just
    won and tear down the road! Always take the shortcut 'cause now you're not the
    only one doing it and if you don't do it you'll likely be passed but I trust
    you will kick their ass right away. This track is perfect for the Scorpion's
    speed so you won't have problems cathing up to those AI cars and blowing them
    away. If you do have problems with the AI cars though you have no reason to
    panic 'cause it's a knock out race, and if you've won all the other races you
    should have 3 retries and I'm sure that in one of them at least you'll win this
    race. Why? Because losing in this race means you don't want Survivor mode.
    Well, that's it for Type II campaign. Actually no. Here's what will really
    put your skills to the test. Remember those gloves and that spare controller
    I mentioned at the beginning of this campaign? You better have them around.
    Aurora League
    Nice presentation it has don't you think? Anyway this league has some very
    complicated tracks to get used to, the AI suddenly becomes this mean shooting
    beast with no attention to what's going on around him and to top it all off,
    the AI use cars like the Black Widow, the Wolf and yes, the Scorpion. They
    will give you a real hard time at first and the tracks are unfamiliar to you
    so don't get discouraged if you can't win this right away. The first time I
    played in this league I kept losing until I quit playing the game for like 3
    weeks. When I came back it took me two tries to beat it. A good thing about
    this league is that you don't unlock cars here and you don't have to win all
    the races to open a bonus award in the end. Beating this league means
    completing the Type II campaign which in turn will unlock you a nice bunch of
    goodies. Just get to the knock out race and win it. Believe it or not, it's
    easier than it may sound. And you know what? To make it even easier for you
    I'm gonna let you in on a secret. A little long and tiring but sure way to win.
    Let me explain:
    Now anyone who has a played the campaigns in Total racing mode should have
    thought of it by now seeing as how the races don't end until YOU cross the
    finish line right? Except they DO end for the AI cars. So, in case you haven't
    figured out where I'm going with this by now, when playing the campaigns in
    Total racing mode you can wait for the AI cars to finish their race and then
    take your time in blasting them away and accumulate enough points to win the
    race, should you fail to do so when before finishing the race. In other words,
    if you see you don't have more points than the AI when playing in Total racing
    mode, let the AI finish the last lap, wait for them near weapon pickups and
    then blast them to earn points and win the race even though you finish last.
    Of course this method takes a little time since most chances are that one of
    the AI drivers will get the fastest lap bonus which means you'll have to get
    another 5000 points but it shouldn't be much of a problem. You should use this
    method if you can't win when playing the game normally getting first place
    fair and square.
    Ok lets get on with it!
    Velocity - As the name suggests it, velocity, otherwise known as speed, is
    your best bet on this track. This track is just a large circle with a few
    obstacles in it. These include girders positioned both vertically and
    horizontally, half closed blast doors which block half of the track, and the
    track itself being a tunnel for the most part. Turbo start and try to maintain
    that speed for the entire race 'cause that's exactly what the AI do. Those
    girders make for a nasty cross shaped obstacle and you can't really see them
    until it's already too late. They come when you least expect it so be careful
    if you haven't seen one for 2 seconds or so. From afar the girders have little
    blue lights at their base but you must not confuse these with speed up pads,
    weapon pickups and other stuff. You can't really see what's going on at speeds
    you can reach in this track so you pretty much have to know where you are
    going the whole time. Stay in the lower left corner of the track and you
    should be fine. The track continuously curves right so staying on the lower
    left corner of the track insures you won't catch air when turning right. Aside
    from that I can tell you that there are two blast doors which block half of
    your way when you pass by them. The first one is 3 seconds awar from the
    finish line and it blocks off the left side of the tunnel so go on the right
    side, but try to stay on the road itself. Don't climb the wall 'cause if
    you're going fast enough your car will catch air and fly off the wall when the
    curve right comes. The second blast door blocks off the right side of the
    track when it's going in a pretty straight line. Stay on the lower left side
    of the track and you should pass by it without even noticing it. As long as
    you keep your speed up the AI shouldn't be a problem here. If they do prove to
    be a pain at some point don't shoot them if you're on the wall. Get down on
    the road, aim or target them and then fire away. The AI usualy travells along
    the upper left side of the track so you might not hit him in your first
    attempt. Wait for him to come down just as the tunnel ends and then either
    shoot him with something or pass him using a turbo. Overall, the easiest race
    in this league.
    Neuro - Perhaps being called this way is why this track gives you so many
    headaches. This track redefines the meaning of closed quarters racing. Most of
    the time the track is as wide as the shortcut in the track Scramble which
    doesn't mean winning it will be easy. Speaking of shortcuts there is one right
    after the first tunnel. The entrance to it is a hole located up the wall on
    the right when you come out of the tunnel. There's a little ramp to help you
    up there but unfortunately the entrance is blocked by a crate or an explosives
    box. This means you can't take the shortcut until the 2nd lap so don't aim for
    the ramp when you see it. Instead just keep going straight. The shortcut here
    can really help you forget about the competition as it provides you with a
    pretty straight line leading to the finish line. The AI cars take it a lot of
    times so if you want to have a chance at winning you pretty much have to take
    it as well. After the second tunnel there's a slightly complicated area which
    can really slow you down if you don't know what you're doing. There are three
    pipes coming out of the walls from a different direction every time. Trying to
    pass them without somewhat slowing down will almost for sure make you crash
    into them the first time. Take your finger off of the accelerator so the car
    slows down a bit and go right, left, right. The first pipe comes out from the
    left side so in order to dodge it you need to steer right. The second pipe
    comes out of the right wall so you need to steer left in order to avoid
    smashing into it. The third pipe comes out from the left but you won't need
    to steer right that much in order to avoid it 'cause after it there's a tunnel
    leading to the finish line. You can however go through them all in a pretty
    straight line but it requires pre-aiming your car so it goes right under the
    pipe when it bends upwards. By the way, they all have signs on them telling
    you in which direction to go. They're pretty dark so I guess the creators
    wanted to help you a bit there. This track is the hardest in this league,
    meaning you'll probably lose here a couple of times (heck, I still lose here
    sometimes), so if you notice you can't win it fair and square, use the little
    trick I told you about before we started this league, and do not use the
    Scorpion. That car is a little bit too fast for this track so try to use the
    Wolf or the Black Widow as their speed is perfect for threading yourself into
    that shortcut without any major slowdowns, if you don't catch too
    many speed up pads that is.
    Star Dock - Another high speed closed quarters track although this one comes
    with a little twist, literally. You turbo start out in a tunnel and you work
    your way to a launch bay where a missile or something is about to be launched.
    Anyway that doesn't matter what matters is it all comes down to this area. If
    you know how to go through this area you got this race no question about it.
    You see there isn't a real shortcut in here but the idea is to get to that
    tunnel in the upper right wall just as you exit the tunnel at the bottom of
    the launch bay, instead of climbing the right wall normally, and going in a
    complete circle around the missile\space shuttle\whatever. You do this by
    clinging to the right wall of the tunnel that leads to the bottom of the
    launch bay and as you come out, take a right so your car lands on the wall of
    the launch bay, then take a right and climb up so your car enters the tunnel.
    Try not to smash into the entrance of the tunnel 'cause that can ruin
    everything. This trick can either guarantee you the first place or it can
    disqualify you for the knock out stage. But we want that Genesis don't we?
    So either you make it through there, or you make it through there. Don't screw
    it up 'cause there's really not much of a chance of you winning the race if
    you do, especially if you screw up more than once. You don't get it in the
    first try? Brake and let your car fall to the ground, face forward and start
    going the normal way, climbing upwards using the speed up pads. Otherwise,
    just use the wait until the AI finish the race and then blast them in Total
    racing mode trick I taught you and win it. Now believe it or not I've seen the
    AI take this "shortcut" when I played it in Total racing mode. I don't know
    why but they did so watch out if they do it in your case. Now if you come out
    right on top from the beginning, try to stay that way and they AI shouldn't be
    much of a problem. Hopefully, they'll keep each other busy or maybe even lose
    control in the silo area.
    Knock Out race: Hydroponics - A+ on the presentation. Well I hope you're ready
    for the rush of your life. This track is a high speed track but it has many
    places where your car can catch air and you lose control. Turbo start and
    there's no question about it. If you don't turbo start you'll be eliminated on
    the first lap. The trick in this race is to keep your speed up no matter what
    and pray that the AI will keep themselves busy leaving first place for you.
    You'll almost for sure start out neck and neck with the other Scorpion and
    since this car has really low strength, one little nudge from ANYTHING will
    make you spin like a dreidel during Chanukah. Keep your distance from the
    others and concentrate on taking all four speed up pads and lining yourself up
    with the track. Jumping from the tunnel into that sandy area while your car is
    vertical in the air and landing on your hubs is a very bad idea. By the way,
    see that little hole in the wall above the next tunnel? That's the shortcut
    you can only dream of getting into without a turbo boost. I haven't been up
    there for a while seeing as how this race is a knock out one and wondering
    around looking for a turbo boost will get me eliminated, so I can't quite
    recall what's in there, but I can tell you that it's worth risking you
    position for it. If you got the turbo, go for it. I have yet to see the AI go
    up there so if you do, you'll get a lead on them no matter what. It's kind of
    small and tight so try not to clip the wall while inside. It leads straight
    to the tunnel with all the pipes criss-crossing around. Which reminds me, when
    you get to that tunnel stay in the middle of the road in spite of the weapon
    pickups you see on the sides. At the speed you're supposed to be going you'll
    almost for sure hit one of them. Although they don't make your car spin out
    they do slow you down dramatically, especially if you hit multiple ones. And
    believe me, you can. Sometimes one is just behind the other and if you hit
    them, not only will they ruin the speed you got from the speed up pads
    earlier, you will also clear the path for the annoying AI which then my
    friend, may be the end of this knock ot try.
    Now I know there are almost no weapon pickups but, if you're good like you're
    supposed to be, you won't need any. You can try to take that last weapon
    pickup located on the left side in the end of the tunnel with all the pipes,
    but try not to hit the pipe itself. If you do though don't worry about it too
    much because you have just collected something with which to protect yourself
    didn't you? Anyway, after that there's another tunnel leading to the area
    with the finish line. This place is just like the tunnel right before the
    shortcut. Take on all the speed up pads, get down from the wall, line yourself
    up with the ground and hope that when you hit the first platform you won't
    lose control. There are a couple more platforms after the first one and
    passing them is exactly like you did the first one except you have a bigger
    chance of losing control. Still, if your car is lined up and you don't fly off
    the platform you are currently on while being sideways, you should land
    smoothly. Sometimes the touchdown itself can bump and flip your car so watch
    out if it's about to happen. That's it.
    Ah now wasn't that satisfying? For all your hard work you get the Masters
    campaign which is not much different from this campaign, considering what
    you've just been through, Mirror mode which lets you test your skills in well,
    mirrored tracks, and what you've been waiting for: the almighty Unity Genesis!
    The queen of all Rollcage cars, the peak of grip, acceleration and speed, the
    best of the best, END OF THE LINE FOR ALL OTHERS. Well I'm exaggerating but
    nobody said I couldn't. So there. Of course you still need to experience the
    Type III Genesis before you could fully understand the meaning of the word,
    but Type I and II are just as bad.
    Now behold the challenge that is Type III (or as the game calls it, Masters)
                                  Type III Campaign
    Well, not much to say about this campaign except that the races in it are
    exactly like they were before, you can use any car you want to bring the evil
    AI to their knees, which pretty much means you use the Type II Scorpion until
    you get the Type III one (I know you want to test drive the Genesis but never
    start a league driving with it 'cause then the AI will use the Genesis as
    well, and besides that its speed usually means bad news I'm afraid), you
    unlock Type III cars by collecting a certain token which looks like a smiley
    face, and all the leagues are available to you from the start oh and when you
    finish them, they'll be colored red instead of green. That's pretty much it.
    This basically means that once you're inside a race, your only goal is to
    collect the yellow smiley face that gives you the Type III cars and that's it.
    You get nothing except an FMV if you complete all the leagues which really,
    isn't worth the time. When going through Type III campaign races I'll try to
    put everything I've said in Type I and II campaigns in 3-4 sentences, due to
    the sole fact that everything's the same. Even AI difficulty is pretty much
    the same except for a different pattern here and there, which I will
    definitely exaplain. I'll also tell you where all the smiley face are located.
    Total Racing - In Type III Total racing, it's like going out against them all
    together. In Type III Total racing the AI will sometimes nail you without any
    apparent reason and a lot of times you won't even have the chance to
    retaliate. You'll be thrown into the air a lot but you'll still win. Why?
    Because you are better and of course you can cheat. But you know what I'm
    making it sound like Type III campaign is unbeatable which it isn't so don't
    think you won't win. Aurora league is exactly like what this whole campaign is
    so with all the shortcuts and tricks I told you about it shoudln't take you
    more than 2-3 tries for anything, even knock out races.
    Classic Racing - I found the AI to be very aggressive in both driving and the
    way they use weapons. Stuff you won't even hear in the two other campaigns are
    quite common in this one. Missiles will pop out of nowhere, AI cars will very
    likely try to knock you out of their way if they don't have weapons to do it,
    you won't even see the AI coming out of shortcuts and destruction will be
    everywhere. Surprisingly enough though, I think the AI take more shorcuts in
    Total racing than in Classic racing.
    Typhoon League
    Full Force - If you can't win this race I have no idea how you won Aurora
    league last campaign. Try not to fly sideways with your car just before the
    last tunnel. Here the smiley face lies right in front of your car in the
    purpose of letting you know how what unlocks Type III cars looks like.
    Collect it and you've unlocked the Subsonic Taipan.
    Sentinel - The only place that could be considered hard for you is those
    cramped buildings. Driving a Scorpion here could be somewhat difficult but you
    should not have problems getting used to it. The smiley face is located high on
    a brown wall halfway through the track. Drive slowly and you should see it on
    your left side. This one unlocks the Vostok Python.
    Republic Loop - Now that you can use the Scorpion in this track you're gonna
    win this faster than you've done it the other two times am I right? Just be
    careful from those signs. I imagine you don't want to come from 450 mph to 0
    in one second. The smiley face lies just at the end of the first tunnel to the
    left. This one unlocks you the Richter Viking.
    Knock Out race: Deep Pressure - High speed in places like this would be a bad
    idea, if you were a beginner. Since you're not I trust your Scorpion can
    handle the heat the AI will throw at you, and the cold that smoke gives to
    your wheels. Can'y find the smiley face yourself? Want to know why? Because
    it's right under your nose! Well actually it's right above the finish line
    behind that floating sign and it unlock the Patriot Knight.
    Hurricane League
    Mt. Sara - This can prove to be a difficult race since the Scorpion doesn't go
    well with tight spots. If you find it hard to beat try switching cars or use
    the trick in Total racing mode. The idea here is not losing control. Here the
    smiley face is well hidden and only an observant eye will catch that big
    boulder left of the exit of the first tunnel. Come out the tunnel and stop.
    Turn around and let the camera do it also. You should see a big, round boulder
    to your right (which is your left when you come out the tunnel). Blow it up
    and inside you will discover the smiley face that unlocks you the Unity
    Renegade - The Scorpion is cut out for these kinds of tracks so don't be
    afraid of putting the pedal to the metal (or is it metal to the pedal? I can't
    remember). Try not to lose control when entering the shortcut and everything
    should be fine. The smiley face is the only thing that might keep you from
    winning this race for the first time because it is located in a pretty hard to
    reach place. The smiley face which unlocks the Patriot Nemesis is located on
    the ceiling of the second tunnel. Just left to where you come out of the
    Power Surge - Scorpion all the way. Here a few glitches in the game are the
    only thing that might make your life a little harder. The AI are so aggressive
    they don't even care if they fly off the edges of the track as long as they
    get to pass you. If they fly off the edges when going through the helix that
    can happen easily and, if it does happen you be sure to take them out as soon
    as possible. The smiley face is right under the ramp located just before the
    finish line. There's a big square shaped hole in the ground after the ramp so
    if you want, slow down just before the edge, drop down and collect what
    unlocks you the Subsonic Cutter.
    Knock Out race: Furnace - It really pains me when I can't use the Scorpion and
    I trust you know what that means. With all the bumps and humps in this place
    you'll lose control at least twice a lap. Use the Wolf or the Black Widow,
    which ever you find more comfortable. In order to get the smiley face, and
    with it the Patriot Viper, you must skip the shortcut for 1 lap. It lies
    behind some bushes and rocks just after the entrance to the shortcut but on
    the regular path. Look for a little yellow light on the right side of the
    Tornado League
    The Helix - Yep, another one for the Scorpion. In fact on this track I'd tell
    you to use the Genesis if I didn't know the AI will use it as well. You might
    have problems dealing with other Genesis drivers simply because of its speed.
    Use the Scorpion instead and try somehow to dodge enemy fire. This track is
    somewhat open so it could be a bit difficult at first but eventually you'll
    get it. If you don't the first time. Now the smiley face is another issue
    seeing as how it's located under the track after the second shorty tunnel. See
    those little blue poles on the right side of the track? The smiley face is a
    little to the right from the first one you see when you come out the of the
    tunnel. It lets you drive the Subsonic Blade.
    Archipelago - Well, this time it might be difficult threading the Scorpion
    into that bumpy shortcut but that's why these cars come with brakes as well as
    a gas pedal. In fact, you don't even have to brake. You can just let go of the
    accelerator and the car will slow down by itself letting you enter the
    shortcut while maintaining some speed. Also try not to lose control while
    inside the shortcut 'cause that can cost you the race. The AI will usually
    take the upper road after the tunnel so either avoid them by taking the lower
    road, or try to drop some buildings on them if you take the upper one as well.
    The smiley face is located within the open part of the shotrcut on the upper
    part of the left wall. Getting it will unlock you the Vostok Raptor.
    Knock Down - Ok, since strength isn't the Scorpion's strong side you might
    lose control if you hit something while going through that area with the
    buildings and the fences. Use turbos here only if you're sure you won't smash
    into anything 'cause using a turbo then smashing into a wall will result in
    your car flying upwards like an airplane and the other cars passing you by
    like you're not even there. Smiley face's inside the shortcut on the ceiling.
    You won't miss it 'cause it glows in a bright yellow light and the entire
    tunnel is dark. It unlocks you the mean looking the Richter Claw Fist.
    Knock Out race: Impact - Since this is a knock out race there's a chance you
    might not win this in the first attempt. Not because you're using the
    Scorpion, or that the competition is tough, but because you have to collect
    that smiley face, which is right outside the second tunnel before the finish
    line. See those places where the ground drops? On the left side of the narrow
    track you'll find it. Brake sometimes or just slow down once in a while 'cause
    too much speed in here can make you fall off the edge remember? Collect the
    smiley face in order to unlock the nice looking Patriot Cobra.
    Cyclone League
    Ida 447 - Take the Scorpion for a spin again in what should be no problem
    since you are using it. Just be careful from those stalagmites. The Scorpion
    isn't tough when it comes to dealing with obstacles, it can easily lose
    control and spin out. Nevertheless, it's probably the only car you'll win
    with. Oh yeah the turn left a couple seconds after the finish line can
    sometimes be too much for the Scorpion to handle so if you see you won't make
    it around, let go of the accelerator so the car can complete the turn. The
    smiley face lies on a ledge just left when you come out of the tunnel leading
    to the finish line. Look a bit to the left and you should see it immediately.
    It unlocks you the Subsonic Stinger.
    Angel City - Generally, speed is not a good idea here but nobody tells the
    Scorpion how fast to go. You might lose control when you arrive to the second
    area with all the buildings and other stuff but you should have weapons with
    you so you can defend your first place. The AI sometimes get into trouble due
    to the their speed like you so if you notice an AI that has lost control,
    don't linger around for whatever reason. Just ignore what you can and blow up
    what you can. Also, try not taking too long when collecting the smiley face
    'cause it's in a place which might make you lose the race. Get to the second
    open place with all the buildings and structures and look for a tall building
    in the end of the right side. If you look hard enough you should see the small
    yellow light that is the smiley face. This unlock the Vostok Reaper.
    Port Isaac - This another place where the Scorpion doesn't quite fit but you
    can make it fit. Whenever you feel like you're going too fast for the track
    take your finger off of the accelerator or even brake. Anything so you won't
    lose control. Losing control in tight spaces like these means you'll have hard
    time recovering as well. The AI Scorpion seems like he has no problems here
    and I don't know how he does it, but taking him out isn't such a big deal. The
    idea is not to let anything slow you down. Sometimes you can have a real hard
    time catching up to him. The smiley face is clinged to a wall right after the
    tunnel you enter when you start the race. You know just before all the
    buildings. You should see it right away if you look left a bit when you're
    about to come out. It unlocks the Richter Phoenix.
    Knock Out race: Scramble - Well well well, if it isn't my favorite track
    again. Stop reading this guide right now if you have problems winning this
    knock out. This track is the easiest you can ask for. Open spaces, nice
    shortcut, weapons when you need them, easy to find smiley face what else? And
    to top it all off, you can even use the Genesis here without the fear of the
    AI using it too. Once you start a league with a certain car, the AI will use
    the best cars they have except the Genesis for the entire league. This means
    you can start with a Scorpion and switch to the Genesis after the first race.
    Easy as easy can get. You see those stands on the left when you exit the
    shortcut? The smiley face is just behind the second one waiting for you to
    jump and grab it. It gives you the monster looking Richter Hawk.
    Aurora League
    Velocity - They made this race first on purpose so you can't pick the Genesis
    for it. Oh yeah the Genesis could have made some beautiful Rollcage symphony
    on this track. I guess you'll just have to settle with the Scorpion. High
    speed on this track is like cheese on pizza, so try not to ruin it by losing
    control. Though you have a lot of stuff here that could make you lose control,
    if you keep your eyes open you shouldn't have any problems. The smiley face is
    located on the ceiling behind a girder after the first blast door. If you're
    going on like you are normaly driving there's not a chance in hell you'll see
    it. It's hard to distinguish between it and the base of the girder as they are
    both yellow and both shine in a light. The good thing though is that you won't
    have problems reaching seeing as how the tunnel is nice and round. That one
    unlock the Unity Black Widow.
    Neuro - I hope this time you won't get a headache. The Scorpion is a real bad
    idea in here not to mention the Genesis. High speed insures you'll overshoot
    the entrance to the shortcut and that will definitely insures you won't win.
    Take the Wolf or the Black Widow you've just unlocked although the Wolf is
    probably a better choice. Try your best not to lose control in the area with
    the pipes and in all other areas that have obstacles. Yeah and the smiley face
    is located behind the second pipe which is the rightone for that matter.
    Finnaly, it unlocks the beautiful Type III Vostok Scorpion.
    Star Dock - Feel free to bring in your Type II Genesis for this race. Although
    you can catch a lot of air with it here, the sheer speed should guarantee you
    the first place. And of course taking a "shorter route" when you reach the
    launch bay. If you drive with minor mistakes such as not taking the "shorter
    route", or not losing control very often, you could even the lap the last
    place AI. Now the smiley face that unlocks the beast which I call the Unity
    Wolf is located up on the outside wall that is the upper tunnel, in the launch
    bay. Come out of the tunnel at the bottom while clinging to the right wall and
    you should see it.
    Knock Out race: Hydroponics - This is it. What we've been through all of this
    for. Somehow it seems a bit insignificant compared to the entire campaign
    section. How sad. Well, it is only fitting that the Genesis will be your ride
    for this track seeing as how only the Genesis can unlock itself. So, bring in
    your Type II Genesis and just ride like the wind. Let nothing get in your path
    and make those slimey AI eat your dust. Although the AI Scorpion might still
    prove to be of some trouble I trust you know how to dispose of him. As much as
    it pains me, there's quite a chance you won't catch the smiley face hiding in
    the end of the shortcut. Here's a tip though, to get to the shorcut you must
    have a Turbo Boost with you so if you can't get the regular one, try getting
    one by collecting the Laserblades and powering them up. That should do the
    trick and get you inside the short cut. Another tip is to get to the tunnel
    with all the pipes and try to climb the wall somehow in order to get the
    smiley face. Now since this is a knock out race, trying to collect that could
    be difficult but you can have several shots at it by letting the 4th AI pass
    you and then completing the lap to knock out the 5th one and do the same the
    lap after. Yep, getting that smiley face sitting up there as it were a throne
    can be a tough challenge. As I mentioned before, only the Genesis has the
    chance of unlocking itself.
    Finally. I thought that'd never end. You realize you've just beaten one of the
    hardest race modes ever right? Check your bonus awards menu when you return to
    the main menu. Isn't it nice to see all those cars, game modes and tracks
    there? I know the Specials section isn't perfect but we'll get to work on it
    right away.
    A synonime to Arcade is single race. What is Arcade? Basically a single race
    in one of the tracks you've unlocked, with one of the cars you've unlocked, in
    either Beginner, Expert or Masters difficulty. Choose Arcade to be taken to
    the car selection screen where you choose a car from those available, after
    which you'll be taken to the track selection screen where you need to pick a
    category and then a track from that category, after which, you'll be asked to
    begin, change car, track, lap number and difficulty. Select begin to start
                                    Time Attack
    In Time Attack mode your goal is to race around a desired track, breaking the
    records each track holds. When you choose Time Attack, a sub-menu will appear
    asking you which mode you want to race in. At the beginning you only have
    Normal mode but as you complete the game that choice will somewhat expand,
    though not fully I'm afraid. Choose normal mode to race around your chosen
    track with your chosen car and get ready to burn rubber. In Time Attack mode,
    weapon pickups are always Turbo Boosts so that should help beat a record or
    two. Just be careful not to lose control!
    The Training game mode is there to get you acquainted with the controls and
    the idea that cars can drive on walls, but you can learn that from playing the
    campaigns or even arcade. That is why I've put it after the campaigns and not
    before them. Aside from teaching you the basic rules you need to know to play
    Rollcage 2 this game mode is there to help you complete your bonus awards
    list by awarding you with another game mode when you finish it. In this
    section I will guide you through every Training stage providing tips and
    pointing out stuff to help you pass them. Whenever I feel like the help from
    the game itself is helpful I'll include it in the description of the stage.
    The car they give you to drive is the Subsonic Taipan Type I. Not really what
    I would choose but that's only for to help people get to know the game. Some
    stages require you to collect a token before you can stop on the end zone and
    finish the stage. When you finish a stage you'll be awarded a medal depending
    on the time it took you to complete the level. Bronze is basically awarded for
    making it to the end. Silver is awarded if you complete the level in a pretty
    fast time. A gold medal though requires you to finish the level as fast as
    possible. This means no losing control or missing a token or something. I'll
    include bronze, silver and gold times for each stage. Basically a bronze medal
    will be enough to let you move on to the next level. The HUD wil start
    flashing red if your time is about to run out, so if that happens, step on it.
    I'll explain the HUD you have in Training as well 'cause there are tiny
    differences between this one and the one from the campaigns.
    In the top left corner you have the total time you spent in this track, below
    it the total time for this try and below that you have the number of tokens
    left to collect where available. On the upper right side you have the current
    record for this track, beneath it you have the lowest possible time that will
    let you qualify for the next stage you have to beat, and under it you have the
    best time you've achieved from your tries so far. And of course the
    speedometer on the lower right corner of the screen.
    Enough, lets roll!
    1. Introduction
    The first stage of the training mode is for practicing turbo starting a race.
    Turbo start and keep going. There's a token to be collected at about halfway
    down the road so make sure you get it, otherwise when you reach the checker
    board end zone you won't finish the stage. Also, you can practice stopping
    right on the end zone here. Since the road is quite open start braking before
    the end zone itself so you don't waste seconds on stopping while you are
    already on the end zone.
    Bronze - 00:13:00 -
    After the campaigns, even Scramble mode should be a breeze not to mention
    this. Just collect the token and stop on the checker board end zone.
    Silver - 00:10:00 -
    Real easy. Try to brake a bit earlier than you were when you were going for
    the bronze.
    Gold - 00:08:00 -
    Still super easy. Turbo start, collect the token and brake the earliest you
    2. Misty Morning
    Someone thought a few fog clouds can stop you from beating this stage. Prove
    them wrong by turbo starting, collecting the token which is somewhat to the
    left of the track just before the end, then braking in order to stop right on
    the checker board end zone.
    Bronze - 00:17:00 -
    Really, you can get all the bronze in Training by just making it to the end.
    Same here.
    Silver - 00:13:00 -
    This time you have to turbo start but you don't have to brake perfectly. A
    little after the start of the checker board end zone will get you the silver.
    Gold - 00:11:00 -
    Turbo start and don't mind the clouds. Just like you did silver but this time
    you have to brake and stop just as the end zone begins to get the best time
    3. Speed Is The Key
    A nice one. I like speed. You start out with two Turbo Boosts so don't use
    them until you need to. Turbo start and just as the turbo you gained from the
    start ends, press the two fire buttons simultaneously to gain twice the speed,
    jump, land and grab that token, then start braking near the end zone. Don't
    use the two Turbo Boosts while you're on the ramp 'cause that will make you
    cling to the ceiling.
    Bronze - 00:13:00 -
    Just make it to the end.
    Silver - 00:11:00 -
    I think you have to turbo start but you don't have to brake perfectly.
    Gold - 00:09:00 -
    Turbo start and try not to make your car change direction when you use the
    twin Turbo Boosts.
    4. Pit
    The track is basically a straight away then a turn right. The token here is on
    the left wall when you reach the turn right so climb the wall and get it.
    Bronze - 00:25:00 -
    To get the bronze just make it to the end with the token.
    Silver - 00:21:00 -
    Here you need to brake a bit earlier than when you did it for going for the
    bronze. This saves time.
    Gold - 00:18:00 -
    Or you can just turbo start, collect the token and stop on the end zone.
    5. Speed Is The Key II
    Thie time you need to use the speed up pads to gain as much speed as possible 
    and stop on the checker board end zone. No tokens to collect.
    Bronze - 00:18:00 -
    Don't need to turbo start.
    Silver - 00:16:00 -
    Use the speed up pads and your stop shouldn't be perfect.
    Gold - 00:13:00 -
    Turbo start, use a few speed up pads and try to stop when you see that last
    red light before the end zone to get the best time.
    6. Mirror, Signal..
    This stage is supposed to teach you how to reverse. In reality it's just a
    waste of time. Reverse and use the brakes then immediatelly accelerate and
    then just stop on the end zone.
    Bronze - 00:13:00 -
    Don't panic if the HUD starts flashing. Just reverse out of that closed area,
    and stop on the end zone.
    Silver - 00:11:00 -
    This requires a little skill in knowing where that thing that blocks you ends.
    But basically just improve your braking time and you should get it.
    Gold - 00:09:00 -
    Now gold can be a little tough. To get gold you pretty much have to time it so
    you go on that little ramp exactly as it is no longer blocking you, and to
    stop your car exactly where the end zone begins.
    7. White Wonder
    To get you acquainted with snow. That's it. There are 9 tokens to collect here
    and it's pretty hard to do it since the track is all foggy. The good thing is,
    they're all sentered on the road. Also, try to keep your speed up while
    cornering as it saves time though be careful not to lose control.
    Bronze - 00:36:00 -
    You can afford to lose control a little but why would you wanna do it?
    Silver - 00:31:00 -
    Really? Just make it to the end.
    Gold - 00:26:00 -
    Turbo start and don't lose control or slow down much. No real problem.
    8. Leapfrog
    Well, another favorite track of mine. Again you start with twin Turbo Boosts
    only this time one of them is powered up. Use the regular Turbo Boost for the
    first jump and the powered up one for the second jump. Easy and fun.
    Bronze - 00:22:00 -
    Just make it to the end.
    Silver - 00:19:00 -
    Nothing to it. Instead of starting normally, turbo start.
    Gold - 00:17:00 -
    Even easier than silver since this is what you'll get if you turbo start. Use
    the powered up Turbo Boost just as you're about to fly off the ramp and brake
    almost immediately after you land. The end zone is huge so you won't miss it.
    9. Vertigo
    You won't go as fast as you may think. This track is long and boring but you
    have to do it. There is one token to collect here and it's on the ceiling so
    climb it as soon as you enter the tunnel. It's right next to a speed up pad.
    Bronze - 00:30:00 -
    Collect the token and reach the end.
    Silver - 00:22:00 -
    Turbo start, collect the token and stop on the end zone.
    Gold - 00:21:00 -
    Turbo start and climb the ceiling to collect the token. When you brake though
    don't fall dwon from the ceiling. Instead, ride on the end of the tunnel and
    start braking then. You'll land on the end zone.
    10. Theory Test
    Ready to get your license? As if you don't have it already. Anyway, this track
    is mainly snow but it has its share of speed up pads and of course, tokens.
    Well one to be exact which is right before the end zone. So concentrate on
    driving instead of looking for the token. In the tunnel you have two speed up
    pads which really don't contribute much to you achieving gold but take them
    anyway. In the second snow area there are square shaped humps on the road so
    stick with the right side of the track and take that jump to the end zone when
    you see it.
    Bronze - 01:00:00 -
    A minute? Good thing they didn't give us an hour.
    Silver - 00:45:00 -
    This is probably what you'll get the first time you beat this stage.
    Gold - 00:42:00 -
    The trick in getting gold is letting nothing slow you down and of course
    braking perfectly. That first turn in the first snowy area is a slow down so
    try to keep your speed there. Taking the second speed up pad also slows you
    down a bit.
    Congratulations for beating the Training mode. You are awarded Rubble Soccer
    for doing what you just did.
    Ahh the good ol' pain in the ass Scramble. Scramble is like an advanced
    version of Training. You start somewhere and must work your way through the
    stage stopping on the checker board end zone. On your way though, many
    obstacles such as humps, drops, ramps, turns, twists, walls, snow, rough
    terrain, track being the size of your car you name it, will be placed on the
    track to make your life harder. Scramble is another test to your skills that
    will guarantee you fun and the feeling you're an ace, as well as headaches and
    frustration on occasions. But again, the campaigns are the hardest modes of
    play here so no mere obstacle can stop you. Indeed, some stages are fun but
    just as hard to complete. The car you are given to drive is none other than
    the all around average car, the Subsonic Cutter which given the opportunity,
    can prove to be a very good car. But I'm sure that with time you will grow to
    hate it. The HUD in Scramble mode is not different than that of Training mode
    so no need to go over that again. There are quite a few stages to be completed
    here but if there weren't it wouldn't be Scramble. You can take certain
    "alternate routes" here and there in some stages, so to make it easier on you
    I'll tell you where you can take these "alternate routes" if you don't figure
    it out by yourself. Well, I think I've covered the essentials so here we go.
    1. Introduction
    The first stage is to make it clear to you that speed is a good idea if you're
    going for the gold, but without control you have nothing. Here the track is
    not as complicated as in later stages but you can still fly off the edge of
    the track if you don't pay attention. 2 turns and a little drop. That's it.
    Bronze - 00:22:00 -
    Get to the end and you won't get it anyway.
    Silver - 00:20:00 -
    A bit tricky if you get hung up somewhere.
    Gold - 00:18:00 -
    Turbo start and go through the track normally. You'll get this the first time
    you're going through the stage, as with many other Scramble stages.
    2. Racing Line
    Here, they're trying to make you panic and fall off by making the track as
    wide as your car. Turbo start normally and when you come to that little turn
    brake hard. Turn you car right and hit the gas. Don't overshoot the end zone
    too much though.
    Bronze - 00:20:00 -
    Make it to the end without falling off of course.
    Silver - 00:15:00 -
    Here your braking distance is all that matters.
    Gold - 00:11:00 -
    Turbo start and don't touch the d-pad. The car should go straight on the thin
    track without falling off. You might need to keep a little speed while
    cornering but be careful not to fall off.
    3. Rough Justice
    Turbo start but as soon as the track bends right, brake. The turn is a little
    bumpy so go slow there, but when you reach the steep slope hit the gas.
    There's a little U-turn up there so use the brakes here if you need to and try
    to stop your car with it's 4 wheels flat on the track.
    Bronze - 00:21:00 -
    You can take it real slow when going for the bronze.
    Silver - 00:17:00 -
    The only trick in getting silver is not falling off. You'll most likely get
    silver if you travel at a moderate speed without falling off.
    Gold - 00:14:00 -
    The trick in getting gold is turbo starting and then braking before your car
    hits the bump and flies off the track. You also need to keep your speed up a
    little when taking the U-turn.
    4. Racing Line II
    The track twists to the left so you'll need some speed if you want to stay on
    it. After that it's like in Racing Line I except the tight turn right is
    bumpy. Line your car up with the thin track and as soon as you reach the turn
    brake hard. Make the turn and accelerate towards the end zone.
    Bronze - 00:22:00 -
    Take your time when you make the turn.
    Silver - 00:20:00 -
    You need to turbo start I think but you can take your time with the turn.
    Gold - 00:15:00 -
    Well now, turbo start and line your car up so it doesn't fly off any edge
    while being sideways. When you reach the turn though brake hard but don't lose
    all your speed, even if the car starts jumping a little, as long as it doesn't
    fall off that is.
    5. Slip Sliding
    This entire track is ice so that basically means one slip up and it's try
    again. Turbo start and keep that Cutter going even when you reach the banked
    U-turn. Making the turn is easy even if you are going fast. The catch is the
    little jump you get to do afterwards. If you don't line yourself up your car
    will likely lose control when it lands. The trick is to leave the track when
    your car is centered on it. Losing control in this situation may not get you
    the gold, but it will let you qualify for the next stage.
    Bronze - 00:28:00 -
    Just make to the end without falling off.
    Silver - 00:22:00 -
    In this case, stopping immediately after you've landed the jump isn't
    necessary. Turbo starting is though.
    Gold - 00:17:00 -
    Turbo start and try to maximize your speed by tapping on the the d-pad when
    taking the U-turn. Hope that your car doesn't spin out when you land after the
    6. Racing Line III
    This time you do a full 360 twist. Turbo start and line yourself up with the
    track. There are two sets of gates that can make you fall off the track if you
    hit them. One of them is on the part where you're completely upside down and
    the other is just before the track, and you, straighten out. After that it's
    the same thin road where you have to brake hard, turn and line yourself up so
    you don't fall off the sides. There are 3 turns, right, left and again right
    where the latter two are covered with bumps.
    Bronze - 00:43:00 -
    Just make it to the end without any major slip ups.
    Silver - 00:37:00 -
    Make it to the end with a turbo start but you can also take your time when you
    reach the turns.
    Gold - 00:31:00 -
    Turbo start and keep your speed up when taking on the turns. Don't stop
    completely in the first turn or it might cost you time to re-accelerate. The
    bumpy road can be taken in a relatively high speed, even if it doesn't look
    like it.
    7. Rodeo
    You can take this track at a really high speed compared to what the game
    recommends. Heck you can even take an "alternate route" here. Right after the
    track starts there's an S-turn to the right, right? Heh anyway, you can jump
    from the left side of the turn and land on the steep slope, skipping the
    entire track. The catch is that if you turbo started, the speed can cause your
    car to bounce off the track and then it's try again. Slow down a little bit
    before you leap off the track and you should land with your front side up.
    Reverse a little bit and take your time reaching the end zone. You'll get gold
    for sure.
    Bronze - 00:40:00 -
    I presume you need to make to the end without major mistakes. I don't really
    know I've never gotten bronze here.
    Silver - 00:34:00 -
    Neither did I get silver. The "alternate route" really saves you time.
    Gold - 00:31:00 -
    I suppose it's possible to get gold without taking the "alternate route" but
    why would you want to do it if you can get under 20 secs instead of 30 or so?
    8. Cut Loose
    Well I guess that taking this track normally makes it quite long. But since
    there are at least 3 places where you can take alternate routes, this track
    shouldn't take more than 43 secs to complete. Turbo start like you always do
    and when you reach the fork that splits up with a thin road in the middle,
    turn right and jump off the track to a pretty wide section of road. There are
    big black and white signs which point in the direction you need to go so go
    in the direction they're pointing, being very carefule when you reach the
    sudden drops. There are 3 drops in all but only one can make your car bounce
    which in turn might make you accidentally drive your car off the edge. Slow
    down when you reach that part. After that there's a U-turn which leads you to
    that thin road you saw when you first took the shortcut. You keep your speed
    at the beginning but as soon as the track starts bending right, slow down.
    Since you took a shorcut to get here you have plenty of time to make it
    through this part.
    Bronze - 01:13:00 -
    Why do I even need to mention this if there's an alternate route?
    Silver - 01:06:00 -
    If you took the shortcut and you're going for silver, you have plenty of time
    to complete the stage so take it easy.
    Gold - 01:02:00 -
    Take the shortcut I mentioned or you can figure out the other 2, and then go
    as fast as you can but without falling off the track of course.
    9. Leap of Faith
    Whoa this is an annoying one. This track is all about lining yourself up and
    6 minutes can pass before you can get it right. I'm not talking about just
    completing the stage I'm talking about getting the gold. You start out high up
    on a track and you need to collect 2 out of 3 Turbo Boosts provided to you.
    After that there's a big drop and that's the part where you have to start
    lining up. A lot of times your car will bounce a little when it touches down
    just before the ramp and if you're not lined up you'll fly off the track when
    you use the Turbo Boosts to jump from the ramp. That's the annoying part. It
    all depends on how your car lands in which you have no control over except for
    aiming your car forward while in mid air. By the way, you need to use the
    Turbo Boosts at the same time in order to clear the gap. The touchdown on the
    track near the end zone is also a little hard. First you have to make sure
    your car is lined up before you take the jump and then you need to aim it so
    it lands on the track and not fly near it. The landing can also cause you
    problems because the car often bounces up a little when it lands. The braking
    is the easy part. Since the car is going so fast just aim for the end zone and
    start braking while in mid air and this should be much of a problem.
    Bronze - 00:17:00 -
    Take your time in just reaching the end.
    Silver - 00:14:00 -
    This is what you'll probably get most of the time. Turbo start and try to land
    smoothly after each jump.
    Gold - 00:11:00 -
    A little hard. You must do everything perfect to get gold. landing, lining up,
    braking everything. Especially the braking. A lot of times the car will spin
    when you break due to the sheer speed.
    10. Slip sliding II
    A nice little stage. There are two banked snow surfaces after the U-turn which
    you need to slow down a little bit for, otherwise you'll either spin out or
    fly of the edge.  When you pass those, there's a little hill but don't be
    afraid of a sudden drop or something after it. The road ends and you'll drop
    on a snowy road, which can make your car lose control so take it easy there.
    A couple of turns right which you must take at a moderate speed or you'll fall
    off the outer side of the turn, and you're finished with this stage.
    Bronze - 00:45:00 -
    Make it to the end without losing control too much or falling off.
    Silver - 00:38:00 -
    Make it to the end with a turbo start but you can take your time with the
    banked snow surfaces the game calls skid pans.
    Gold - 00:31:00 -
    Try to keep your speed up when taking on the skid pans and when turning just
    before the end zone. Be careful not to lose control or fall off the edge while
    you're doing that. Also, brake a little earlier when you the end zone, while
    you're still on the ice.
    11. Bouncy Bouncy
    Another track which requires lining yourself upi before you hit the gas. That
    first jump you take can be quite a pain 'cause the car can flip while in mid
    air due to bouncing a little when hitting the ramp. The good thing is, you can
    aim your car while it's in the air so if you see it's going a little sideways
    steer it back facing forward. After that, the left path can be taken at full
    speed when you reach the fork. The turn itself isn't sharp at all so it's no
    problem taking that turn at full speed. The little ramp afterwards requires
    you to slow down 'cause just as your car catches air, the track bends left.
    Too much speed and you will fly off. Land after slowing down a bit and then
    hit the gas as hard as you can. That road is more than wide enough for you to
    take it at full speed also. There's a U-turn which leads to another big ramp
    afterwards. The ramp itself bends a little to the left but the track you're
    supposed to land on bends a little to the right. Aim your car a little to the
    left before you take the jump and while your in mid air aim your car right so
    it lands in the direction the track is going. Then it's just straight and
    full speed all the way to the end zone.
    Bronze - 00:47:00 -
    I suppose you need to get to the end without any major slip ups like spinning
    out of control or going too slow.
    Silver - 00:44:00 -
    If you turbo start and try your best the first time, this is what you will
    probably get.
    Gold - 00:39:00 -
    Now this requires a perfect stop on the end zone as well as keeping your speed
    up in those places where most people won't.
    12. Racing Line IV
    A pretty tough track at the beginning but it's no problem after a couple of
    tries. The trick is maintaining your speed in those tight places where you
    need to slow down. Too much speed will make you fall off obviously, but if
    controlled right, the car can make it at speeds that may seem too much for
    those thin parts of the track. Right after you start there's a sharp slalom
    so brake before the track starts bending right. Use the lines that cross the
    road as your guide for knowing how to position the car. There's a U-turn up
    ahead with two sets of gates and the track is dark, so watch out not to run
    into them. Now, you need to brake 'cause there's a slope to the right and a
    turn left. With humps on it. Too much speed while going up can make you bounce
    out of control when you hit the little humps. Turn left slowly but you need
    to speed up right away 'cause there's a little gap between the thin track and
    the end zone. Start accelerating even if you are still on those little humps.
    Bronze - 00:38:00 -
    Make it to the end taking your time with the thin parts of the track.
    Silver - 00:32:00 -
    This is probably what you'll get if you turbo start and try to maintain speed
    where it's risky.
    Gold - 00:25:00 -
    25 Secs is a little hard to beat but completely possible. Try to maintain
    the highest speed you can in the slalom and when you reach the slope after the
    the U-turn. Also, don't brake to a stand still when you slow down for these
    13. Flip Flop
    A nice little track you got there. With a little shortcut as well! Turbo start
    and take the left turn without flying off. Now, when you reach the ramp
    afterwards, instead of continuing along with the track aim your car right so
    when it flies off the track, it will land on the wide track below you. Then
    it's another game of lining yourself up so you don't fall off the track when
    your car flips. These are vertical U-turns and with each one the track becomes
    narrower which can make your car fall off if it's not lined up or if you don't
    straighten out. After the last vertical U-turn the track continues to the
    right, leading to a huge drop and the end zone. While you're in the air, push
    the brakes and your car should land straight on the checker board end zone.
    Bronze - 01:04:00 -
    Try making it to the end without taking the shortcut.
    Silver - 00:57:00 -
    Take the shorcut instead of the jump but this time you can take your time when
    it comes to those vertical U-turns.
    Gold - 00:50:00 -
    Turbo start, take the shortcut and do the rest like you would in any other
    Scramble track.
    14. Hip Hop
    This is just another one of those tracks meant to annoy the hell out of you.
    You can try turbo starting but if you don't slow right away you'll fall off
    for sure. Since this track is as wide as your car any sudden acceleration will
    make you fall off. You can't turn real good either so the key here is taking
    it slow but keeping that rythem of your car. The first two jumps really don't
    need that much speed to clear but the third one is a lot harder than it seems.
    If you don't line yourself up before that one your car will fly off sideways
    and when it hits the track you'll accelerate off it. This means lining
    yourself up before each jump, that one particularly, is imperative. Stopping
    on the end zone is not easy either. If even one wheel isn't on the track the
    car won't stop completely, which means you won't finish. This also requires
    lining up.
    Bronze - 00:28:00 -
    Just make it to the end. Don't go at a centimeter an our speed though.
    Silver - 00:23:00 -
    Very easy if you know how to make it through these turns without falling off.
    Gold - 00:19:00 -
    Totally possible if you don't bounce when you hit the track after the third
    jump. Turbo start but let go of the accelerator right away. You should make it
    across the first jump. Now, the key to making these turns saving the most time
    is to hit the gas a little so you pick up some speed and then tapping the
    d-pad in order to make it through the turns. Also, don't slow down much for
    that last turn right.
    15. Moebius
    This track is fun, especially since you can cut a big part of it. Turbo start
    your way through the U-turn and take the left path at full speed when you
    reach the fork. The jump can be taken at full speed since your car won't
    bounce when it hits the ramp. Aim your car according to the track while it's
    in the air 'cause it bends a little to the left. After that stop when you
    reach the little slope. You should see a thin track to your right. Instead of
    going all around, you can try to fall off the track to the right and land on
    it. it saves you a great deal of time. It may be hard at first 'cause the
    track you're falling off from is a slope but it shouldn't take too long to get
    right. Now turn around and go the left direction you saw before you took the
    shortcut. The path with the brown strips on the sides, not the bright green
    ones. After that it's pretty straight forward where you need to go except for
    that vertical U-turn. I have no idea why the speed up pads were put there for
    but take them anyway. As soon as you land on the vertical U-turn, brake. It'll
    be too late for you not to fall off if you don't. Head right and you should
    see the end zone.
    Bronze - 01:12:00 -
    Just make it to the end without too many mistakes. Take the thin part of the
    track slowly.
    Silver - 01:05:00 -
    Well, I guess you need to hurry it up a little when taking the normal route.
    Gold - 00:57:00 -
    Take the shortcut. Nothing more to say. You can actually fool around if you
    have the space. Believe me, you have the time.
    16. Soar
    Oh what a beautiful shortcut I have for you. Forget bronze, forget silver,
    even forget gold. If there was a platinum time or something you could have
    even gotten better than that. I'm telling you. The track is a little foggy but
    that doesn't matter unless you're going for the bronze for some odd reason.
    Turbo start and when you reach the ramp you can see from the beginning you'r
    car should be lined up so it lands on the left part of the track. The lower
    one yeah. Continue forward until you reach a big slope. Now here's the deal:
    try to maintain 250 or 260 mph when you see the ! sign. If done correctly, you
    should land on the little banked strip of road you see after you jump, which
    is actually 2 seconds away from the end zone. Brake while still in the air so
    you have some grip when landing, then turn left and take it easy. You don't
    want to fall off after landing on that little strip of road. It may be
    difficult for you to do it again. That's it.
    Bronze - 01:21:00 -
    To tell you the truth, I've never fully seen this track and neither should you.
    Silver - 01:13:00 -
    Like I said, if there was a platinum time, silver would be like bronze and as
    such, should not even be your target time.
    Gold - 01:08:00 -
    Take the shortcut I told you about. Well it's more of an alternate route than
    a shortcut I dunno. If you can't make it to the shortcut, or getting gold
    normally, I'm pretty sure there are other places where you can cut through the
    track in order to save time.
    17. In a Spin
    Oh yeah this is definitely a tricky one. You do 180 twists here as if they
    were regular road. A second after you start the track narrows and drops.
    Speed? Fall off. Brake? Complete the track. Get it? This first kind of spiral
    can be taken in a somewhat fast speed compared to what you might think. It
    bends slightly to the left but afterwards it's pretty straight even if you
    can't see it. After that it's time for the twists. Now each time you rotate 90
    degrees the track will narrow down to what you were driving on when you
    started this stage. The good thing is though, that it's straight so, line your
    car up with the center of the track and don't let any wheel get off the track.
    After the two times in which the track narrows down, there's a bug U-turn.
    This leads to another part where you're upside down but this time the narrow
    track won't be in the center of the road. Instead, the first time it'll be on
    the left side and on the second time it will be on the right side. you go
    through these with tapping the d-pad, not regular turning. When this is over
    you'll straighten out with the gravity pulling downwards. The track will end
    and another one will begin the your lower left side. If you fall off correctly
    your car should do a 360 spin and land with no problem. A lot of times though
    it will bounce off a little losing control. Continue on being careful and
    slowing down for that thin spiral. Take it slowly and when you see it leveling
    up fully accelerate towards the end zone. Overall a tough and long stage
    compared to others.
    Bronze - 01:10:00 -
    Make it to the end while trying your best not to lose control and fall off the
    Silver - 01:02:00 -
    Turbo start and keep your speed up except for that spiral in the end. You can
    take it at any speed you're comfortable with.
    Gold - 00:53:00 -
    Step on it no matter where you are. The trickiest part is the spiral in the
    end which is pretty hard to take if you need to keep your speed up. If you
    keep falling off try tapping the d-pad more gently and swiftly.
    18. Winter Wonderland
    I hate this stage. Driving on snow can be a real pain. To top it all you can't
    even shortcut here. Well, you can but the game won't let you finish damn it.
    Turbo start your way towards the snowy bank but try not to catch air as the
    ground loweres. This can set you a little off track. When you reach the snowy
    bank don't bother going on the humps. Instead slow down and go around them
    from the right. The next part is tricky 'cause too much speed can make you
    lose control. Look at the sign and try to line yourself up with it. Make it to
    the snowy track and start tapping your way down on the d-pad. Too hard turns
    will send you off the track. When you reach the bottom be careful of the trees
    'cause they can make your car spin out. Take the next part at a considerable
    speed and slow down a bit for the jump. Hit the brakes just as you leave the
    ground so you won't spin out of control when you land on the ice.
    Bronze - 01:04:00 -
    Make it to the end without lingering on the snow too much.
    Silver - 00:55:00 -
    Give it your best and most chances you'll get this before you get the gold.
    Gold - 00:45:00 -
    You're really going to have to keep your speed up to get this. More than 5
    seconds on the snowy bank and you'll most likely get silver. Don't fear the
    thin track that comes afterward. You must keep your speed up otherwise you
    won't get the gold. Also, try your best to tap the d-pad and not to lose
    control on the snowy surfaces.
    19. Top To Bottom
    This stage is mainly about doing a 180 degree twist, then landing on a surface
    below you. This only sounds simple. The first time you do it the track below
    you is ice and believe me, I almost needed a spare controller when I tried to
    get through it. My god it was so annoying I thought I was going to burst. How
    many times can a man try to land on ice and not lose control, while he has
    almost none in the first place? Pray to god you won't go through what I did.
    Anyway after you do the 180 degree twist slow down a little so you reduce your
    chances of losing control when landing on the ice. Keep going as the track
    dictates and slow down a bit for that turn right. Not too slow though or you
    won't land on the track after the jump you see. From here, it's the same as
    before except the track narrows down to the width of your car, but you've
    dealt with this kind of thing before. Center yourself in the middle of the
    road and brake a little when the road ends. With luck, the car won't bounce
    when you hit the track. Now it's just a left and right turns away from the end
    zone, although those turns are a little thin.
    Bronze - 00:53:00 -
    Make it to the end. That's it. You can let the car spin around in the first
    part you go from top to bottom just, be careful it doesn't fall off.
    Silver - 00:46:00 -
    This time, hope it doesn't take you too long to straighten out and keep going
    in both top to bottom parts.
    Gold - 00:38:00 -
    They ask you to do the most annoying thing you can do now, which is to depend
    on your luck. Sorry that I'm one of the unluckiest people on this planet. I
    hope you aren't though. You have to land perfectly smooth on the snow and on
    the dry track in order to have a chance at the gold.
    20. Winter Wonderland II
    Compared to the first one this is very easy, if you know how to drive on snow
    that is. It's basically a game of not losing control whenever you need to
    turn. Obviously you can turbo start and keep it up until you reach the U-turn.
    Even then you can keep a high speed up since the track is like a quarter pipe.
    Now, line up and drop down. If the car is pretty straight forward then it
    shouldn't spin out of control. The next turn is kind of hard if you're fast,
    but that's why you also have a little flat piece of road to drive on. Continue
    on until you see a big slope going up. Before you take it on there are 3 humps
    that might get in your way. Just stick to the left and when you reach the last
    hump, which is right in front of you, turn right and center yourself on the
    road. For this part you should have kept your speed so no use trying to go up
    the slope if you didn't. Start over.
    Bronze - 01:03:00 -
    Making it to the end without losing control or being slowed down by those
    humps near the end will get you the bronze.
    Silver - 00:51:00 -
    Easy. Just keep your speed up for the most part and you'll probably beat this
    by a good 5-7 seconds.
    Gold - 00:37:00 -
    I think this is the hardest gold to get. Really I haven't gotten it yet and
    I've been trying to for quite a long time. The closest I've ever got was 39 or
    40 I can't quite remember and even then, I pushed the car to it's limits. By
    first look, I'd say this is either impossible or there's something I'm missing
    To anyone who has beaten this: PLEASE E MAIL ME AND TELL ME HOW YOU DID
    IT!! PLEASE! This might be the only one that separates me from unlocking the
    ATD Chellenge Time Attack mode. Show me how to beat this gold and I'll give
    you a really nice credit for it.
    21. Manic Scramble
    Well, talk about a hairy and tough stage to beat. There's a big need of good
    accuracy here. That part where you have to land on the thin track can really
    mess you up, but I'll start at the beginning. This first part can be a real
    pain if you don't know how to deal with it. Go too fast and your car will
    catch air and fall off the track. Turbo start but as soon as the ground drops
    a little take your finger off of the accelerator. Make the turn right being
    careful not to gain a little air 'cause the ground goes up a little which
    could act as a little ramp if you're going too fast. Now the next area can
    look like a major problem but it all depends on luck, which I don't have so I
    really hate this track. To get on the gray wall try to steer your car left
    when it leaves the thin grassy track. That's the only tip I can give you
    'cause I seriously don't know how to land on it and not fall off every time.
    Really annoying.
    Now, continue going on the gray wall and you'll see another thin grassy track.
    To get on it, go near it and brake your way on it. That's right, use your
    brakes and let your car's weight carry you on it. You just make sure you're
    lined up with it so you don't fall off by tapping the d-pad. Next, there's
    another part like the gray wall. This time you must cling to it by steering
    right before the car leaves the track. Once you're on it move a little forward
    and direct your car to where the speed up pads are pointing. Brake and line
    yourself up on them if you need to. Once you do that hit full gas and don't
    let the car change its direction. You should land on another thin grassy
    track. If you spent a few seconds on one of the speed up pads the car
    shouldn't have problems going up that steep slope. Your real problems are
    those goddamn trees someone planted on the sides of the track. One little
    scratch is all your car needs to fall off. That's basically it. Keep going up
    and you'll see the thin end zone, which by the way you have to stop on with
    all four of your wheels.
    Bronze - 00:55:00 -
    As much as it looks hard to get anything beyond bronze, even the gold is
    pretty easy to get.
    Silver - 00:50:00 -
    If you don't get gold, you'll get this. Really simple.
    Gold - 00:43:00 -
    Even if you take a few seconds to line up with the track on the wall with the
    speed up pads in whatever way, you can still get this. Make it to end and
    think about places where you could go faster.
    22. Top To Bottom II
    Basically the main idea is still here, only this time the track you land on
    doesn't continue in the same direction you were coming from. It continues
    left, which means you either start slowing down before you leave the track or,
    you brake at once but steer the car left as you do it, so it falls off and
    spins to the left instead of to the right, where there's no track to land on.
    Turbo start and keep going until you see the sign with the arrow pointing to
    the lower left. Half a second later brake and steer hard right. Your car
    should land facing the oppsite direction you need to go, so turn around and
    start going again. Now this time when you're upside down, there will be big
    square shaped humps on the road and you know what hitting them means right?
    In the second twist, which is the first time you have these humps, the first
    will be to your right and the second will be to your left. In the third twist,
    which is the second time you have these humps, a third hump will be added on
    the right side of the track. Going through these must be done with hard turns
    'cause you can't quite see the base of each hump and if you try tapping your
    way between them, you'll hit one and fall off. So, even if it seems like the
    car is going real slow and it might fall off any second, keep going anyway
    until it does, or until you make it past that area. Ok after you've landed
    the third and final twist, the road turns to ice so be careful not to turn
    too hard and lose control.
    Bronze - 00:54:00 -
    Make it to the end taking your time wherever you can ie, after each track
    change or when you reach the snowy surface.
    Silver - 00:51:00 -
    Make it to the end by quickley recovering from each track change and keeping
    your speed up through the snowy surface.
    Gold - 00:47:00 -
    Keep your speed up at all times and recover fron track changes right away. I
    mean right away. Know in which direction you're supposed to go.
    23. Soar II
    Ah finally a break form all those tough and super annoying tracks. Here the
    first jump can be a pain 'cause your car can flip while in the air, I don't
    know what causes this, and end up facing the wrong direction. You're supplied
    with a couple of Turbo Boosts so pick up the first one and forget about the
    second when you reach that turn left. Climb the right wall and try to catch at
    least 2 speed up pads. Just before you're about to fly off the end of the
    track, aim your car a bit upwards and realease the Turbo Boost. You should
    clear the gap and keep going ignoring the rough terrain. Keep going and stop
    on the checker board end zone.
    Bronze - 00:30:00 -
    I don't think I've ever gotten this before so you shouldn't either.
    Silver - 00:28:00 -
    Turbo start in order to save time which you can later be spent on going slowly
    on the rough terrain after the jump.
    Gold - 00:26:00 -
    Turbo start and keep your speed up through the entire track. Don't brake to
    slow yourself down from the Turbo Boost, instead use the speed it gives you
    to zoom through the track. Take the right side when you reach the area with
    the rough terrain.
    24. Sheer Velocity
    I like its name you know. This track is really exciting. It combines a very
    high speed with the danger a spiral involves in a distance of no more than 12
    seconds. You start your way going down a giant slope, building your speed up
    in order to make it up a steep slope after doing a big U-turn, and a little
    part with a narrow track has been put there just for sport. Turbo start your
    way and enjoy the great sense of speed while heading for the the U-turn. The
    probelm being when you finish the U-turn. If you don't come out of it driving
    on the right side of the track your car could catch air and not only lose
    speed when it touches the ground again, but can also fall off the track.
    Continue ahead and there are 4 bumps which are meant to slow you down, not
    make you fall off. There is a little speed up pad after each hump in case you
    slow down too much. Then there a few snowy parts on the track which shouldn't
    be a problem as you don't need to turn. The track goes straight up so why mess
    around with your car's direction? Once you make it up the hill prepare to slow
    down as now comes the spiral part. It starts out straight in order to help you
    line up before turning and going through. Oh and the ice on it shouldn't be a
    problem either. Tap the brakes instead of pushing hard if you need to use them
    to turn or line up a little bit.
    Bronze - 01:00:00 -
    Hmm, just make it to the end. Take your time with the spiral.
    Silver - 00:52:00 -
    It depends on whether you start accelerating right when the spiral straightens
    out, or make your way out if it slowly.
    Gold - 00:46:00 -
    Another handed down gold. Very easy considering the track. Turbo start and
    work your way through the track keeping the highest speed possible. Also,
    don't brake to a complete stop before the spiral and try to constantly be
    moving while going through it.
    25. End Zone
    Whoa the big tough last one I'm so scared. Heh. Surprisingly, this track is
    really like Soar. If there was a platinum time here you could have gotten even
    better than that also. When you start, aim your car to the right so you avoid
    all that rough terrain. Now when you go up the hill be ready to use the brakes
    in order to fall down to a part of the track leading right towards the checker
    board end zone. Yep, you can skip this entire track and still finish it. The
    trick though, is that you have to stay as right as the track allows it before
    leaving the ground. For that you need to use the brakes and let the car's own
    weight carry it downwards until it falls off. Even a little gas can make you
    miss the part on which you're supposed land, or scratch the edge of the track
    you would normally land on, if you were taking the regular path. From there,
    it's just a matter of turning around and hitting the gas. There's a nice bunch
    of little speed up pads which are supposed to help you cling the upside down
    track, which leads to a tunnel that ends in a little piece of road with the
    checker board end zone.
    Bronze - 01:05:00 -
    I don't even consider this as a qualifacation time.
    Silver - 01:02:00 -
    Since this is only 3 seconds from the bronze time this shouldn't be considered
    as a qualifacation time either. But, I suppose you need to keep your speed up
    along the entire track without any major slip ups like losing control or
    gaining air somehow.
    Gold - 00:47:00 -
    Take the shortcut and just reach the end. You'll have a much better chance of
    winning the gold this way.
    Congratulations, another tough and frustrating part of the game finished.
    Quite a big part too. At first the bonus award you get seems little for all
    the trouble this mode has put you through but, with in time you'll accept it.
    For beating Scramble mode you earn the Mega Speed Time Attack mode.
                                    Survivor Mode
    Survivor mode is not that tough as it may sound. It's true that you need to
    win every race in order for it to count as part of the record you're setting,
    but after all you've been through not even the Jumpgate track category should
    be a problem. You race through the tracks in the order they are in during the
    campaigns, starting from Typhoon League and ending in Aurora League. The goal
    of this game mode is to last for the longest number of tracks without losing
    even one. The trick to succeeding in this endeavour, is knowing which car to
    use in which track. This basically means you have to know the tracks by name
    which is how things should be by now. You get to use weapons here too so
    you'll have your share of action, especially around the fast paced tracks. I
    think the AI difficulty is equivalent to that of the Type II campaign, which
    is the experienced difficulty level, though sometimes the computer will act
    as if the difficulty is beginner as well as masters. Overall I'd say this mode
    is worth looking once, nothing more.
                                  Demolition 1 Player
    Now this is a fun mode. There are 5 tracks in which your goal is to destroy
    everything on the track in the shortest time possible. From buildings to lamp
    posts. Not even rocks, plants or stalagmites may remain intact on the face of
    the track. In order to do so, you can use your weapons to destroy objects
    which your car can't reach to and vice versa. The chosen tracks for your
    target practice session are the main tracks, so you shouldn't have problems
    locating and destroying the various objects scattered throughout each track,
    except they are named differently. There is also an objects counter on the
    upper left side of the HUD, use this to tell how many objects you have left to
    destroy. The tracks are as follows:
    This track is originally Mt. Sara of the Leviathan category. There are 22
    objects for you to destroy before you finish the level. These include the
    buildings, explosive boxes, flares, the fences inside the shortcut, even the
    big rock that hides the smiley face you collect in Type III campaign.
    Bronze - 02:05:46 -
    Silver - 01:51:80 -
    Gold - 01:29:53 -
    This track is Archipelago so you can understand how tough it may be destroying
    the 87 objects here. There are a lot of plants that make your car spin out if
    it hits them at high speed, so taking them all at once is impossible without 
    spinning out at least once. Don't go too fast and you should be able to
    destroy the trees and plants without any problem. The red lamp posts are a
    different story though. They may not make your car spin out if it hits them
    but it sure is difficult taking them out all at once on that upper road right
    of the buildings. Again, keep a slow speed and you might even take them out
    without falling off or stopping.
    Bronze - 03:58:90 -
    Silver - 03:33:60 -
    Gold - 02:58:43 -
    This time they set you out on Impact where must destroy 45 of that track's
    objects. From that little red rock just before the big one to the smallest of
    stalagmites. It can be a little hard spotting those stalagmites so don't go
    too fast here. Use Mini Rockets to dispose if the buildings. Also be careful
    not to fall off the track while taking out the lamp posts half way through the
    Bronze - 02:20:90 -
    Silver - 01:55:20 -
    Gold - 01:35:40 -
    Here, they have set out to destroy the 79 plants, buildings, fences, metal
    structures, signs and what not on Knock Down. Use missiles to destroy the
    buildings and structures and run the rocks and plants down with your car.
    There is a couple of plants hiding on the brown ground just as the area with
    all the buildings start, and just before the little ramp that takes you over
    the finish line. Also, don't forget to destroy the fences at each sides of the
    Bronze - 05:05:60 -
    Silver - 04:30:20 -
    Gold - 03:55:52 -
    This track is the last on the list, which is none other than Hydroponics.
    There is a total of 76 objects to destroy here, all are plants and pipes. All
    of them are cramped together but in a different part of the track meaning that
    you don't have to run around trying to destroy everything. Once you get to an
    area with objects in it, concentrate on the objects there before proceeding on
    to the next area. Speaking of areas, there are only three of them. The first
    one is where you start, the second one is right after the first tunnel, and
    the last one is the tunnel with all the pipes. You can use rockets to help you
    destroy the plants and the pipes instead of taking them all out with your car.
    Although, come to think of it, if you have good control over the car you might
    be faster taking out the plants and pipes with your car.
    Bronze - 02:57:40 -
    Silver - 02:21:35 -
    Gold - 02:03:40 -
                                        All Tracks
    In this game mode your goal is to race all of the main tracks with your total
    time for each track counted. You race alone, in the order the tracks appear in
    campaign mode, starting with Full Force and finishing with Hydroponics. Each
    race is a one lap race so try your best not to screw up by smashing into walls
    or losing control or anything else. Like in Time Attack, weapon pickups will
    always give you Turbo Boosts so if you haven't learned where it is best to use
    them by now, do so and use them there. Also, don't be afraid to use the
    Genesis whenever you want to. This is pretty much what this whole mode is all
    Two Player Games
    As with One Player Games, going through everything systematically is what I'll
    do, starting with Single race.
                                       Single Race
    Single race is just like Arcade in One Player Games except you race against a
    human opponent. Choose this and you'll be taken to the car selection screen
    where you pick out your rides from those available. Confirm your selection and
    you'll be taken to the track selection screen. Select your favorite track from
    the main ones and get ready to rumble. Just before you begin you can change
    your cars, the track you'll be racing on, number of laps for this race and the
    way the screen splits so you can see what's going on. That's it. Be sure to
    kick the ass of anyone you race for me!
    Here, you and another human try to beat each other by winning the most races
    in a fixed number of tracks. Much like the league idea in the campaign modes,
    except no knock out races. Choose Tournament and a sub menu will appear,
    asking you in how many tracks you want to race, and if you want to set them or
    let the game supply you with a random list. After you're done with setting
    game parameters, you'll be taken to the car selection menu. Do what you're
    supposed to there and continue to the track selection screen. If you chose
    User when the game asked you how to determine on which tracks you'll be
    racing, you'll be given a list of track numbers, which you have to fill with
    the tracks you want to race on. If you chose random when the game asked you
    how to determine the tracks you'll race on, the list will be full of tracks
    chosen randomly by the game. Chose continue at the bottom of the list to start
    racing, or change a track you don't like.
                                      Time Attack
    Here, much like in the Normal Time Attack mode from the One Player Games menu,
    you race on a chosen track trying to set fast lap times. In Two Players Time
    Attack however, you each try to beat the other one's fastest lap for that
    track set in that race. Quite simple really. Weapon pickups are always Turbo
    Boosts, to help you beat each other's and your own record for this track.
    Also, once you make it through a lap there will be no ghost car that is your
    last best lap.
    A fun little mode for two human players. I think it would be fun if you could
    play it against the AI but I guess they meant for you to play it with another
    human. In Pursuit mode, your goal is to pass your opponent. Very simple. Pick
    your car, then pick a track out of the two available and start the race. Once
    you pass your opponent the game will end. Weapon pickups are always Turbo
    Boosts so that even makes it more fun. One little mistake and you spin out,
    letting your opponent pass you and so, losing the game. There are also 2
    little blue and red cars which represent you and your opponent and your
    distance from each other. Player one is the little blue car while player two
    is the little red car.
                                  Demolition 2 Players
    A very fun mode to play with another human, provided both of you are Rollcage
    racers and know what to do and how the tracks are laid out. Choose Demolition
    and a sub menu will pop up asking you how you want to play the mode. Either
    set a time limit to the race, or make it so that each little object must be
    destroyed before the game can end. Either way, whoever destroys the most
    buildings or accumulates the most points, wins the game. The tracks for this
    Demolition mode are exactly the same as they are for the 1 Player Demolition
                                      Combat Mode
    Ah yes, pure old combat. Prove who is the best man by reaching a set amount of
    points, or accumulate the most points in a set amount of time. Choose Combat
    Mode and a sub menu will appear asking you to set an amount of points that the
    first player reaches to wins, or set a time limit where the player with the
    most points wins once it's over. Then, select your cars and you'll be taken to
    the track selection screen. There are 5 combat tracks in all, but only 1 of
    them is unlocked when you first start the game. Unlock the rest of them by
    playing the campaigns.
                                     Rubble Soccer
    An interesting mode of play. Here your goal is obviously to score more goals
    than the opponent but with a few twists. Instead of a regular soccer ball,
    you will play with a piece of rubble, and for your player, you use a car. Oh
    and you can use weapons too in order to slow down your opponent, push the
    "ball" towards the goal, move the "ball" away from your opponent and a few
    other things. Choose Rubble Soccer and a sub menu will appear asking you to
    determine the goal limit that the first player reaches to wins the match, or
    to set a time limit in which the person with the most goals wins. Choose your
    cars and begin. The track is a ring shaped arena with holes at each end as 
    goals. This means you can lose track of your own goal and accidentally score
    for your opponent, so watch your goal!
    Here, like in any other game you can define your controls, adjust the screen
    and basically customize the way you play the game.
    Player 1 Controls
    Here, you can a pick a set calibration of your controls. There are 4 ways for
    each way you can control the game, which is by using the d-pad or the analog
    sticks, if you a have an analog controller. You can also choose to have the
    vibration option turned on or off.
    Player 2 Controls
    Exactly like the player one controls but for player 2.
    Screen Adjust
    Use the d-pad (or the analog stick) to adjust the screen the way you want it.
    HUD Level
    I don't really know how the other HUD levels look 'cause I've never changed
    this option. Why? Information is an invaluable weapon that's why.
    Turn the option of having fun while playing the game on or off.
    Catch Up
    I didn't even know there was catch up in this game until I checked the options
    menu. Anyway, this only affects Arcade mode.
    Motion Blur
    I still don't notice the motion blur effect when I play the game so I always
    keep this on.
    Mirror Mode
    Turn the option of racing on mirrored tracks on or off. This will only be
    available once you've unlocked Mirror Mode.
    In here, you can control the volume of the game as well as listen to the
    amazing soundtrack. I'll list the songs after I'm finished with the options
    Well, here you can turn the volume of the game's soundtrack up or down. Crank
    it all up.
    Use this to turn the volume of the game's sound effects. Turn this all the way
    up too.
    Track Up
    When you enter the Audio menu you can see a list of names on the upper part of
    the screen. These are artists and their songs. Track Up lets you listen to
    songs that are above what is currently highlighted.
    Track Down
    Lets you listen to songs that are below what is currently highlighted.
    Cd Index
    This is a great option that until now I didn't think it had any effect 'cause
    I kept pressing traingle to get out of this mode instead of using the exit
    option. Idiot me huh? Anyway this randomizes the order of songs for each
    track, meaning that each track you race will not play the song it is supposed
    to, but instead will play another one. For example: the track Scramble from
    the Skyway category playes Imaginary Forces by Flytronix right? Choose random
    in this option to make it play other songs instead of that.
    The Soundtracks
    EZ Rollers     : Breakbeat Generation - This is the opening theme.
    EZ Rollers     : Double Cross - This is played on some Scramble tracks.
    Technichal Itch: Deadline - This is also played on some Scramble tracks.
    Technichal Itch: Caution - This is played in the Jumpgate tracks category.
    Omni Trio      : Penetration - This is played on some Scramble tracks.
    Omni Trio      : Secret Life - This is played in the Harpoon tracks category.
    Aquasky        : Control - This is played in the Outworld tracks category.
    Aquasky        : Halifax - This is played in Combat Mode.
    Flytronix      : Imaginary Forced - This is played in the Skyway category.
    Flytronix      : Naked Funk - This is played in Training Mode.
    Dom And Roland : Spooks - This is played in the Leviathan tracks category.
    Dom And Roland : Slipstream - This is played on some Scramble tracks.
    The records menu lets you view records for all the tracks in this game with a
    record to beat. Choose it and a sub menu will appear letting you choose a
    mode with tracks and their best records, such as Demolition or All Tracks.
    Choose the mode you desire to view its track and the best records for each
    track. Simple as simple gets.
    Memory Card
    Well, maybe I was wrong there when I said the records menu was the most
    simple. Here, you have nothing to do except load a previously saved game with
    all the goodies you've unlocked and all the records you've beaten, or save a
    game with all the goodies you've unlocked and all the records you've beaten.
    A nice little thoughtful option. This option acts a save game in case you
    don't own a memory card. Choose it and a sub menu will appear asking you
    whether you want the game to give a password, or submit a password you've
    already been given. Saving this way is cheaper heh but it doesn't restore your
    times. It restores the original best times and records for tracks and stuff.
    Bonus Awards
    This menu has been put here to let you brag and feel satisfied about what
    you've unlocked so far.
    Possibly the most satisfying option of all, this lets you view the cars you've
    unlocked so far, starting from Subsonic and finishing with Patriot.
    The campaigns you've unlocked. They look nice don't they?
    Unlock Type I Campaign: Already unlocked at the beginning of the game.
    Unlock Type II Campaign: Complete Type I campaign.
    Unlock Masters Campaign: Complete Type II campaign.
    The game modes you've unlocked for both 1 player and 2 players.
    Unlock Pursuit Mode: Complete Type I campaign.
    Unlock All Tracks Mode: Complete Type I campaign.
    Unlock Demolition 1 Player: Win all races in Tornado league in Type I
    Unlock Demolition 2 Players: Win all races in Tornado league in Type II
    Unlock Survivor Mode: Win all races in Cyclone league in Type II campaign.
    Unlock Rubble Soccer: Complete Training mode.
    The combat tracks you've unlocked for Combat Mode.
    Unlock Combat Track 1: Already unlocked at the beginning of the game.
    Unlock Combat Track 2: Win all races in Typhoon league in Type I campaign.
    Unlock Combat Track 3: Win all races in Hurricane league in Type I campaign.
    Unlock Combat Track 4: Win all races in Typhoon league in Type II campaign.
    Unlock Combat Track 5: Win all races in Hurricane league in Type II campaign.
    This one would be so perfect if it had the ATD Best Lap Cars unlocked as well.
    Unlock Mirror Mode: Complete Type II campaign.
    Unlock Mega Speed: Complete Scramble mode.
    Unlock ATD Best Lap Cars: I have played this game over and over trying to
    unlock this mode somehow but shave my legs and call me grandpa, I HAVE NO IDEA
    HOW TO UNLOCK THIS. Without cheats of course. Someone hinted that you need to
    break all the records in the game, which I did but not completely. You see, I
    think you have to beat every record on every track AND get every medal in
    Scramble mode, Training mode and all other modes gold. So, the only thing
    that's keeping me from finding out if that's true are three damn seconds I
    can't beat in Winter Wonderland II in Scramble mode, to get gold. What a
    bummer. The only thing I don't know about this game could be just three
    seconds out of my reach. Sucks eh? By the way, it's obvious that if anyone
    knows for sure how to unlock this they should tell me right away, right?
    And that's it.
    In this section I'll list the cars, their stats and give my opinion on them.
    For the stats part I'll state each area (red yellow and green) with 5 "I". An
    "i" for half a point. Each car has three Types, each Type is better than the
    last one. You won't see it in the car's stats but you can feel it's going
    faster and handling better than the previous Type. I'll also explain what each
    stat means so here we go.
    Power - How much strong your shots are.
    Acceleration - How fast you accelerate from a stand still situation.
    Top Speed - How fast your car can go.
    Strength - How strong your car is. Low strength means it can easily lose
    control when rammed by other cars or when you smash into objects.
    Grip - How good your car handles.
                                     /\          /\
                                 ___/--\___  ___/--\___
                                /          \/          \
                              |-----|   Subsonic   |-----|
                                \___    ___/\___    ___/
                                    \--/        \--/
                                     \/          \/
    Power        - IIII
    Acceleration - IIIIIIII
    Top Speed    - IIII
    Strength     - IIIIIIIII
    Grip         - IIIIIIII
    Supports: Shield, Turbo Boost, Mini Rockets, Time Warp.
    My thoughts: well, since no one gets the best right from the beginning this is
    a fairly good car compared to its rivals. Its top speed though is a bit of a
    problem 'cause by using Turbo Boosts and driving over speed up pads you can
    reach a much higher speed with other cars.
    Power        - IIIIIi
    Acceleration - IIIIIIIi
    Top Speed    - IIIIIIi
    Strength     - IIIIIII
    Grip         - IIIIIIIIIIi
    Supports: All weapons.
    My thoughts: Like I mentioned it eariler, an all around car. Average. It can
    go over the 500 mph mark but not by much. Also, being able to do that goes
    really well with its pretty good grip. No real complaints about this car.
    Power        - IIIIIIIIi
    Acceleration - IIIIi
    Top Speed    - IIIIIIII
    Strength     - IIIIIIII
    Grip         - IIIIIi
    Supports: All weapons.
    My thoughts: It has a nice name, that's it. Really, it should have better
    stats than these seeing as how it's the third car. But then again the Stinger
    isn't a war chariot either. My real complaint about this car would be its
    grip. Acceleration doesn't really matter 'cause eventually, it reaches the
    same speed it was going before.
    Power        - IIIIIIIIIi
    Acceleration - IIIIIi
    Top Speed    - IIIIIIIIi
    Strength     - IIIIIII
    Grip         - IIIII (it has a little yelow fine but does it really matter?)
    Supports: All weapons
    My thoughts: Ugly as well as sucks. Really for a last car they really did a
    bad job. Well, the paint jobs don't really matter but what the hell is that
    grip?  What do you expect it to do at speeds of 400 mph with that grip, fall
    off the track? Heh in that case you're right 'cause that what'll happen.
                                      ___ /  \ ___
                                     |   /    \   |
                                     |  /      \  |
                                  ___| / Vostok \ |
                                 |   |/\        /\|»»»|
                                 |   |  \      /  |   |
                                 |  /|___\    /___|\  |
                                 | /      \  /      \ |
    Power       - IIIIi
    Accleration - Ii
    Top Speed   - IIIII (you can pretty much say it's 5)
    Strength    - IIIIIIII
    Grip        - IIIIIIIII
    Supports: Shield, Turbo Boost, Mini Rockes, Time Warp.
    My thoughts: An ok car to begin with. I think the Taipan is better but it's
    your choice. It's problem would be mainly acceleration. Don't expect this car
    to go from 0 to average speed like all other cars do.
    Power        - IIIIIIII
    Acceleration - IIIIIIII
    Top Speed    - IIIIIIII
    Strength     - IIIIIIIII
    Grip         - IIIII (you can also pretty much say it's 5)
    Supports: All weapons.
    My thoughts: Well, this would also be a pretty average car if it weren't for
    it's poor grip. Maybe even better than average. If the grip doesn't bother you
    too much you can use this car.
    Power        - IIIIIi
    Acceleration - IIIIIIIII
    Top Speed    - IIIIIIIII
    Strength     - IIIIIII
    Grip         - IIIII (it's five what?)
    Supports: All weapons
    My thoughts: Treat this car like an upgraded Raptor. Again if it weren't for
    it's poor handling this car would rock. It does seem to rock for the AI
    though. Another car, wasted.
    Power        - IIIIIIIIIIIIi
    Acceleration - IIIIIIIIIIIIII
    Top Speed    - IIIIIIIIIIIIi
    Strength     - IIIII (yeah, 5)
    Grip         - IIIIIIIIIIIIII
    Supports: All weapons.
    My thoughts: What you'll use most of the game once you get it. This car is
    like, everything you could want. Who cares about that strength? When you hit
    something at over 450 mph what car wouldn't lose control? Come on this is 2nd
    best and you know it.
                                  |  /\ ____|____ /\  |
                                  | /  \    |    /  \ |
                                   |---- Richter ----|
                                  | \  /____|____\  / |
                                  |  \/     |     \/  |
    Power        - IIIIIi
    Acceleration - i
    Top Speed    - IIIII (It's 5 if you don't count the little yellow)
    Strength     - IIIIIi
    Grip         - IIIIIIIIIIIi
    Supports: Shield, Turbo Boost, Mini Rockets, Time Warp.
    My thoughts: I'm surprised this car even starts going, yet I keep using it
    every time I start the campagins all over again for some odd reason. Must be
    the grip. Take this car if acceleration isn't a factor for you.
    Claw Fist
    Power        - IIIIi
    Acceleration - IIIIIIIIIIIi
    Top Speed    - IIIIIIIIi
    Strength     - IIIIIIIIIIi
    Grip         - IIIIIIIII
    Support: All weapons.
    My thoughts: For some reason this car doesn't reach speeds it says it's
    capable of reaching. I have no idea why. Its grip is good too so if you can
    somehow make it go fast definitely use it. Power is of no real importance
    Power        - IIIIIIIIIIi (I think it's 10 don't you?)
    Acceleration - i
    Top Speed    - IIIIIIIIII
    Strength     - IIIIIIIIIIi
    Grip         - IIIII
    Supports: All weapons.
    My thoughts: I guess Richter is known for it's failed cars. What is this an
    incarnation of the Viking? And what can a car traveling at 400 mph do with
    that pure excuse for grip? Really why did they bother with these?
    Power        - IIIIIIIIIIIi
    Acceleration - IIIIIIIIIIIII
    Top Speed    - IIIIIIIIIIi
    Strength     - IIIIIIIIIIIII
    Grip         - IIIIi
    Supports: All weapons.
    My thoughts: Such potential I can't believe it! I look at Type I and III of
    this car and I feel like crying. This car could have been a beast if it hadn't
    been for that grip. Type III is so beautiful I can't believe they screwed it
    up like they that. WHY?
                                     O   \-|-/   O
                                    / \   \ /   / \
                                   |---  Unity  ---|
                                    \ /   / \   \ /
                                     O   /-|-\   O
    Power        - IIIIIIi
    Acceleration - IIIIi
    Top Speed    - IIIIII
    Strength     - IIIIIII
    Grip         - IIIIIIIIII (you can't really see it but it's basically 10)
    Supports: Shield, Turbo Boost, Mini Rockets, Time Warp, Chaingun, Laserblades,
    Leader Missle.
    My thoughts: The 2nd best out of the first car of every company. Not because
    it supports more weapons, but because it's better overall. It has pretty
    evened up acceleration and top speed and the grip is good too. Unity's cars
    are all mean beasts.
    Black Widow
    Power        - III
    Acceleration - IIIIIIIIIIIIIi
    Top speed    - IIIIIIIIIIIi
    Strength     - IIIIIIIIIIIII
    Grip         - IIIIIIIIIIIIIi
    Supports: All weapons.
    My thoughts: 4th best car in the game. That should say something to you. The
    power doesn't mean anything, what car wouldn't fly upwards if a missile hits
    it? Also, if you think ramming other cars can help, then by the time you ram
    the other car you'll lose control yourself. Believe me, that low power doesn't
    affect this car's performance at all.
    Power        - IIIIIIIIIIIi
    Acceleration - IIIIIIIIIIII
    Top Speed    - IIIIIIIIIIIII
    Strength     - IIIIIIIIIIII
    Grip         - IIIIIIIIIIII
    Supports: All weapons.
    My thoughts: This is the 3rd best car in the game. That should also mean
    something to you. No flaws that I can see considering that car's stats can't
    improve. Overall, one of the most mean beasts you'll have the opportunity of
    driving when playing this game.
    Power        - IIIIIIIIIIIIIIi
    Acceleration - IIIIIIIIIIIIIIi
    Top Speed    - IIIIIIIIIIIIII
    Strength     - IIIIIIIIIIIIII
    Grip         - IIIIIIIIIIIIIIi
    Supports: All weapons.
    CROWNED QUEEN OF DA RACE! Best car this game has to offer which is quite a
    little monster if I may say so. This car travells at an average speed of 450
    to 500 mph, and can take turns at the same time. No flaws no complaints no
    NOTHING. Indisputable ruller of the road. Now all it needs is a minigun on each
    side and..... oh man...
                                 |__\»»| --|-- |»»/__|
                                 |___\ |_______| /___|
                                 |____\ Patriot /____|
                                 |___ /         \ ___|
                                 |__ / |»»»»»»»| \ __|
                                 |  /__| --|-- |__\  |
    Power        - IIIIIIIi
    Acceleration - IIi
    Top Speed    - IIIIIi
    Strength     - IIIIIi
    Grip         - IIIIIIIIIIIi
    Supports: Shield, Turbo Boost, Mini Rockets, Time Warp, Chaingun.
    My thoughts: Best first car out of every company. I know the Panther has more
    acceleration and strength but the Knight's grip makes it better. Who looks at
    strength really? And besides if you're that petty, the Knight has more power
    than the Panther. Maybe they're even, maybe one is better than the other, it's
    your call.
    Power        - IIIII
    Acceleration - IIIIIIIIIi
    Top Speed    - IIIIIi
    Strength     - IIIIIIIIIi
    Grip         - IIIIIIIII
    Supports: Shield, Turbo Boost, Mini Rockets, Time Warp, Chaingun, Laserblades,
    Leader Missile, Driller Rocket, Radius Bomb.
    My thoughts: An ok car for when you get it. I think I had trouble with its
    grip though when I was going at high speeds, but aside from that it's ok to
    use it until you get a better car.
    Power        - IIIIIIIIIi
    Acceleration - III
    Top Speed    - IIIIIIIi
    Strength     - IIIIIIII
    Grip         - IIIIIIIIIi
    Supports: All weapons.
    My thoughts: A possible replacement for the Cutter. Though it may not look
    like it, this car reaches pretty high speeds, and has the grip it needs to
    turn at those speeds. Well, most of the time. A good car in general.
    Power        - IIIIIIIIi
    Acceleration - IIIi
    Top Speed    - IIIIIIIIi
    Strength     - IIIIIi
    Grip         - IIIIIIIIII (it's 10)
    Supports: All weapons.
    My thought: For a last car it really wasn't what I was expecting, but judging
    by other cars from Patriot they couldn't have made it like the Scorpion or the
    Wolf. Still, a pretty good car that reaches high speeds and has good grip.
    Here, I'll list the names of the main tracks and try to give a brief overview
    of each category of tracks.
    This category has three tracks that are fairly easy to go through. Weapon
    pickups are common but only one track has a shorcut in it.
    Deep Pressure
    This track is just a long tunnel. Weapon pickups are common and easy to get
    to. Only one speed up pad. There is also a hazard in a certain part of the
    track that freezes your wheels.
    A pretty open track except for a tunnel in which the shorcut is in. There are
    a couple of places where you can lose control due to ground elevation. A bunch
    of buildings and that's prett much it.
    Port Isaac
    A closed track for the most part with a few speed up pads and lots of weapon
    pickups. The tunnel can be a tricky place to drive without spinning out so
    turn carefully. A small group of buildings is located right after the tunnel.
    Four tracks, all of them are pretty open. All the tracks involve high speed
    action but not much destruction due to the fact that there are not many
    buildings around, and the danger of falling off the track. Only one track has
    a shortcut.
    Republic Loop
    A pretty straight high speed track with a few weapon pickups here and there.
    A couple of tunnels and a few signs too. One speed up pad which is basically
    Power Surge
    An intense high speed track, with a lot of chaos along the way. 2 high speed
    tunnels as well as a few weapon pick ups here and there. After the first
    tunnel the track is pummeled with bolts of lightning that can cause your car
    to lose grip and spin out if you don't pay attention to it.
    The Helix
    Not much of a high speed track due to a lot of turns and places where your car
    can catch air. No buildings, and weapon pickups are placed in every third of
    the track. A few speed up pads but no real place to gain high speed.
    A very high speed track with a decent amount of weapon pickups, a pretty fair
    amount of speed up pads, sharp turns and a shortcut. No destructible buildings
    or structures, but a lot of room to gain high speed which is what counts.
    There are three tracks in this category. Each one is quite different from the
    other but all three share a pretty straight forward theme. A lot of places to
    lose control too. Only one has a shortcut.
    Full Force
    A pretty short and simple track. Not many turns and only three places where
    you can get weapon pickups. Speed up pads are here and there and so are two
    short tunnels but don't try to reach high speed here.
    Quite a long track if you don't take the shortcut but a straight forward one.
    Only a small bunch of turns but a lot of weapon pickups are scattered around.
    So are speed up pads as well. The shortcut is a little tough to drive through
    Angel City
    A high speed track offering lots of buildings to destroy. Speed up pads are
    scattered around but weapon pickups are abundant. A few turns are sharp and
    you can catch air on most of them.
    Three tracks here, each of them is located on a different asteroid. Each track
    has tunnels and buildings in it, but only one has a shortcut. Quite a few hard
    turns in each one too.
    Mt. Sara
    A short, yet tight track at some points. Speed up pads are scattered around
    and weapon pickups also, but it's a little hard maneuvering through those
    tunnels. There are also a few buildings to blow up.
    Unlike the two others, this track is pretty straight forward. Not many speed
    up pads but sufficient weapon pickups. Turns are not hard except for this one
    after the first short tunnel. A bunch of buildings and a few stalagmites to
    act as obstacles.
    Ida 447
    A complicated track with many sharp turns. Speed up pads are here and there
    and there are also a few buildings, but weapon pickups are a few every once in
    a while. There's a long tunnel that acts mainly as the track in which turns
    are sharp and on a few of them you can catch air.
    Three tracks, each is pretty tight. Two tracks have shortcuts and lots of
    weapon pickups and stuff to destroy. Only one track has tight turns that are a
    little hard to go through.
    A little short track with lots of buildings and structures to destroy. Weapon
    pickups are quite abundant and turns aren't sharp or hard to go through at
    all. An easy track.
    This a very tight track for the most part. Turns are tight and sharp here and
    there. It has a shortcut but turns in it are tight as well. Weapon pickups
    come in large groups most of the time. Not a very high speed track.
    Knock Down
    A little tight, but Furnace is tighter. This track is a little long too but
    it's a pretty straight forward without any hard or really sharp turns. The
    shortcut here is very tight but it cuts out a great deal of the track. Speed
    up pads are scattered throughout the track, mainly before the finish line.
    Weapon pickups and buildings are all over the place. A fun track.
    There are four tracks in this category, every one of them is hard in its own
    way. Weapon pickups and speed up pads are common on most of them and two of
    them have shortcuts. A few areas in these tracks have destructible objects in
    them and that's because most of the tracks are high speed ones even though
    they are closed at some points. These tracks can be very hard at first.
    The easiest of the four but with a catch. There are a lot of obstacles on the
    way that make you spin out or stop you cold if you hit them. The turns are
    only to the right and they are not sharp or hard to take too. Actually it's
    more like a continuous curve to the right.  Speed up pads are abundant
    although you can't really see them until you've already passed them. Weapon
    pickups are everywhere and there are a few crafts you can blow up before the
    finish line.
    Long and very tight at points. Luckily the turns are not that difficult.
    Weapon pickups are scattered once in a while, which is enough and so are speed
    up pads. A few crates to destroy and a hard to reach shortcut. I know I didn't
    make it sound like that but this track is the hardest in this category.
    Star Dock
    A high speed track which is a closed tunnel for the most part. Turns are quite
    sharp but not really difficult to take. Weapon pickups are a little scarce but
    speed up pads are quite common. No real shortcut here but it can shorten
    your lap if you take the tunnel to your upper right when coming out of the
    tunnel at the bottom of the missile area instead of circling all around it.
    A very high speed track without too much action in it. Turns are long and
    continuous which means they are easy to take and go through. Speed up pads are
    not all over the place but where they are is good enough. There is also a very
    hard to reach shortcut in this track. Not much to blow up here either except a
    bunch of pipes in a tunnel towards the finish line. Weapon pickups are very
    scarce here. 2nd easiest track in this category.
    That's it for the tracks.
    Ok here is a list of cheats you type in as passwords to get them to work. Type
    them in exactly how they look.
    1) Unlock everything: i.want.it.all.and.i.want.it.now!
    2) Mirror Mode:  i.am.the.mirror.man,.oooooooooo! (Right, 10 Os)
    3) Makes Masters campaign harder: masters.is.as.hard.as.nails.mon!
    4) Survivor Mode: here.today,.gone,.late.afternoon
    Well, these are the cheats I've decided to give you and I know there are more,
    even on GameFAQs, but what is a cheat good for if it doesn't work? Right, I've
    gone through them all and these four are the only ones that work. For me at
    least I don't about you but they didn't work for me and I double checked I
    typed them right.
    Author's Notes
    Ok I've made this section solely for reminding you to e mail me about anything
    you have to say or point out. And of course to tell me how to unlock the ATD
    Challenge time attack mode, if you know how. Please, anyone who has even the
    slightest clue as to how to unlock this thing WITHOUT CHEATS, e mail me at
    Drunken_Bralwer@walla.com and believe me when I say you'll be crdited. Thanks
    for your time.
    Oh and another thing, since this is my first full FAQ I'm sure there are more
    typos than there are correct words or something so please try pointing out
    major mistakes ok? I know this is my job and you can be sure I'll go over this
    guide looking for grammatical errors and typos more than once, but still,
    English is not my first language so sometimes I can't really know if what I'm
    writing is correct. If you spot a major mistake somewhere please try to
    include it in your e mail.
    Thank you.
    Well, what can I say? It's been hell writing this and I can't even begin to
    tell you how tired I am, but it's over and I'm happy with what I did. I hope
    you find this guide very useful and that it has helped you get through the
    tougher parts of the game. It has also been fun writing and playing together
    and I hope you've had fun reading this guide too. Anyway, thank you very much
    for reading this guide. I think I'm going to go to bed now, can I get
    a pillow plea....
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