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    FAQ by Rise Of The Phoenix

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 03/27/00 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                            Rollcage Stage 2 FAQ v1.0
                for the Sony PlayStation (Europe Version)
                       Written by Kapil Kumar alias neo - KillerX
                         E-Mail neokillerx@yahoo.com
      Unpublished work Copyright 2000 It can only be reproduced
     electronically, and if placed on a web page or site, may be altered
     as long as this disclaimer and the above copyright notice appear
     unaltered and in full.  This FAQ is not to be used for profitable or
     promotional purposes.  This includes being incorporated, reprinted,
     or otherwise used by magazines, books, guides, etc., This FAQ is for private 
    and personal use. 
    This game is (c) Psygnosis and Attention To Detail
    Version History
    v 1.0 The first version of the FAQ. Begun 22/03/2k
    Author's note
    This is the first FAQ that I am writing for gamefaqs.This FAQ covers the 
    following parts of the game =>
    Type 1 Campaign League,Training,Scramble,Cars,Weapons Awarded Bonuses(Rubble 
    soccer,megaspeed),Combat mode.The rest will be taken care of in the next version 
    which will be posted in a couple weeks.I have also added game passwords.
    1  -Introduction
    2  -Cars
    3  -Weapons
    4  -Tracks
    5  -Training
    6  -Scramble
    7  -One player modes
    8  -Two player modes
    9  -Password ONLY LATEST
    10 -Credits 
    11 -Note to readers ###PLEASE READ###
     1.                         INTRODUCTION
    If you are  a big Rollcage fan (and who's not? ) then you know what this game is 
    all about. Yes, its all about racing ; but it's different 'cause in this game at 
    least half the time you'll be either on the wall or upside down and surely 
    you'll flip over at least 10 times in a race. These racing cars are special as 
    they have a thin place for the driver and the engine  and huge tires that are 
    bigger than monster trucks (comparison of a human and the cars can be seen in 
    Rollcage 1),so if they flip you just get upside down but the car keeps going on 
    with speeds of up to 500 mph.Well let's start and hit the gas!
    2.                              CARS
    The cars in this game are divided into five companies, namely
    I only bought this game a day before yesterday so  I still have to find around 
    forty cars more.I'll add more in the update. If you have unlocked more cars mail 
    me and you'll get credit BUT if I receive the mail after I have made the update 
    and entered the data I won't. I am not giving any stats as you can see them in 
    the game. 
    The cars I have unlocked so far are :- 
                      [         SUBSONIC                ]
    1.Taipan  - One of the first cars available. It has good acceleration and 
    god grip. It's a good choice out of the first three. It supports four weapons.
    2.Cutter  - This is a pretty good car with medium stats and good grip.It 
    supports all weapons.          
    3.Blade   - Again it's good allover and the stats have increased slightly except 
    the acceleration which has decreased.Supports all weapons.
    4.Stinger - It has high power,top speed and strength stats but low grip.It 
    supports all weapons.
                      [           VOSTOK             ]
    1.Python - It's a starting car with not so great stats but has good grip for an 
    opener.It supports four weapons. 
    2.Reaper - High acceleration and top speed stats and OK strength and power and 
    medium grip.It supports all weapons.
    3.Raptor - This car has high stats except for grip which make it a risky choice. 
    4.Scorpion - This is an extreme car with extreme stats except strength.
                      [          RICHTER                   ]
    1.Viking - This car has stats that help it to keep itself in control. But 
    acceleration that low is too much. Supports four weapons ;cause it's one of the 
    2.Claw Fist - Extreme acceleration and High stats except power.It supports all 
    3.Phoenix - This car has extreme stats but grip that low will make it hard to 
    control at high speed and when you stop acceleration that low won't help you.It 
    supports all weapons.
    4.Hawk - Extremo! But hey, look at it's grip. You'll lose control at high speed. 
                      [            UNITY             ]
    1.Panther - Strange car this. It supports 7 weapons though it's an opener and it 
    has OK stats too unlike others.
    2.Black Widow - EXTREME car but low on power. Hope that doesn't make any 
    difference. It supports all weapons.
    3.Wolf - This is the best car I have unlocked yet but it is hard to control.
    4.?????? - This is very strange! There are only 16 races and this is shown in 
    the bonus awards area that UNITY has another Type I car. How do I unlock this? 
    If you know mail me.
                      [          PATRIOT             ]
    1.Knight - This car has good grip and power but not good acc. so it is good if 
    you like control more than speed.It supports 5 weapons.
    2.Nemesis - This time round we have a car that has excellent acc. and overall OK 
    stats but it supports only 9 weapons. 
    3.Viper - Now the acc. is back in the pit and the other stats have increased and 
    it now supports all weapons.
    4.Cobra - PATRIOT's last Type I car isn't all that great except grip.
    NOTE TO READER: I haven't listed the Type II cars as they are same as Type I 
    cars. Also I haven't unlocked Masters cup.If you have mail me what is unlocked.
    3.                           WEAPONS
    One thing in this game that you have to use to win except skills and brains is 
    the weapons. If you know what each weapon does then you have an edge. Basically 
    there are 12 weapons and if you get the same weapon that you already have then 
    it gets upgraded into a more powerful weapon. The weapons are:-
    1.Shield=> Symbol - A shield.
    Effect - A blue halo sort of a thing covers your car and protects your car from 
    Upgrade effect - Now your car is covered by a partly invisible shield which 
    looks like an aberration. It protects you for longer time.
    2.Homing missiles=> Symbol - Three triangles
    Effect - they fire off and destroy the locked target (lock onto cars by L2). The 
    target can also be a building or obstruction.
    Upgrade effect - Now the missiles are so powerful if they hit a car the car will 
    not be able to withstand it no matter how strong it is.
    3.Turbo=> Symbol - Two upward arrows.
    Effect - Your speed increases very quickly and you reach speeds of upto 450 mph.
    Upgrade effect - Now you can reach speeds of over 500 mph and the hood of your 
    car starts to burn.
    4.Time warp=> Symbol - A circle with 1/4th cut out.
    Effect - It will make other cars slower and so you can whizz by them at normal 
    Upgrade effect - This time cars become even slower.
    5.Bullets=> Symbol - A crosshair
    Effect = It will fire bullets from your car to damage other cars.
    Upgrade effect - The bullets now are like laser shots and they do more damage to 
    6.Wormhole=> Symbol - Whirlpool like icon
    Effect - A blue colored warphole starts to emerge in front of you and when it 
    gets big enough it translocates you to your closest opponent's position i.e. 5th 
    to 4th or 2nd to 1st.
    Upgrade effect - You are moved forward two positions now.
    7.Plasmabeam=> Symbol - Two triangles set opposite to each other.            
    Effect - Your car's hood begins to charge and then a plasma beam is fired and 
    the victim hangs in air for a while.
    Upgrade effect - It's the same but the victim stays in air for longer.
    8.Leader missile=> Symbol - Diagonal rectangle
    Effect - It will fly through the track and hit the leader only.
    Upgrade effect - Same but two missiles are launched.
    9.Swarm missiles=> Symbol - A triangle with lines in it.
    Effect - Many missiles are fired off at once. They are more dangerous than HM 
    but unlike them they don't have homing capability.
    Upgrade effect - Same as before but two swarms are fired.
    10.Kamikaze=> Symbol - A Semi circle
    Effect - A green shield like thing covers you then an explosion occurs. Nearby 
    opponents are blown away but no harm occurs to you.
    Upgrade effect - Now the shield like thing is yellow color and The explosion is 
    11.Electric cutters=> Symbol - Zig-Zag
    Effect - Electric bars come out of your car's wheels and whomsoever is touched 
    starts to skid as if he is on snow.
    Upgrade effect - Now you also get a speed boost.
    12.Plasma Reflective Shield=> Symbol - Four dots 
    Effect - Four plasma balls start orbiting you and whoever is touched         
    gets pushed off.
    Upgrade effect - Now there are more balls and they form a whole sphere and there 
    is also a green rope like thing that pulls any nearby cars to you so that they 
    can be pushed away. 
    4.                        TRACKS
    The tracks in this game(only arcade mode tracks) are categorized in the 
    following categories :-
    **Harpoon=>These are tracks with scenic beauty.
    **Skyworld=>Basically tracks in the sky where you can fly off.
    **Outworld=>This is a city like landscape and is pretty tough.
    **Leviathon=>Tracks out in space and here too you can fall off.
    **Ventura=>These are old fashion dirt tracks.
    **Jumpgate=>I have'nt unlocked this category yet.Again, mail me if you have with 
    a list of the tracks and how to unlock it.         
    I have dropped the idea of adding  a tracks part in this FAQ. First I am going 
    to find all the shortcuts and then maybe in the next update I'll add this. Mean 
    while you can send me your shortcuts or useful track strategies 
    5.                        TRAINING MODE FAQ/STRATEGY
    This part is dedicated to help you out in finishing the Training mode.
    i.Introduction - This is too easy. Just grab the pickup and stop at the 
    checquered area.
    ii.Misty Morning - This is easy too. Just drive through the fog and grab the 
    pickup and stop at the checquered area.
    iii.Speed Is The Key - Here the track is straight. OK, you have two turbos and a 
    jump. At the beginning get a boost by accelerating just at the 1 count. When 
    this boost ends use both your turbos at once by pressing L1+R1. You'll go past 
    the ramp and fly onto the next platform. Make sure you don'tm miss the pickup. 
    And try to stop as quickly as possibly. If you did all I told you you'll get 
    iv.Pit - Here the catch is that the pickup is on a wall. Here's where you should 
    put one thing in your mind. Never be afraid to go up a wall and always take the 
    "1 count" boost. Ok, now take the boost and don't move left or right till you 
    see the pickup, then drive up the wall and grab the pickup and drive down and of 
    course stop at the end zone.
    v.Speed is the Key II - OK speed up pads? Nooooo Problamo! Begin with a boost 
    and move over the speed up pad; now turn right and over the second strip and 
    left and right and now be straight and don't turn. Stop at the end zone. Wasn't 
    that simple!
    vi.Mirror,Signal... - This one needs good strategy. I only got silver here. What 
    I did was to reverse at the 1 count and drive over the ramp and drive on till 
    the end zone.
    vii.White Wonder - This is an introduction to snow. Forget all about speed and 
    try to focus on control. Keep low on speed and don't miss the pickups in the 
    fog. Let go of the gas at curves and try not to fly too high at the ramp at the 
    end so that you can stop quickly.
    viii.Leapfrog - Remember what I told you in the weapon system about normal 
    weapons and upgrades. Well, it's time to implement that. At the beginning you 
    have two turbos but they are not same. The one on R1 is upgrade. So, begin with 
    the boost and when you're on the 1st ramp at the edge use L1. After landing 
    don't lose control. At the next ramp edge use R1. Again, don't lose control. 
    Stop at the end zone. Most probably you'll get a gold.
    ix.Vertigo - OK, time to drive up the wall again... ooops , I meant ceiling. 
    Yeah, begin with the boost. when you're inside the dome drive up the ceiling and 
    don't lose control. Drive in the speed up pads and after you grab the pickup 
    drive down and stop at the end zone.
    x.Theory Test - OK, so this is the biggie. Not that tough if you have actually 
    learnt from earlier levels. Right, let's begin with old faithful boost and 
    swerve with the curves. Drive on the wall in the blue area to reach the speed up 
    pads on the left and right wall. Now the snow, same as before slow and steady. A 
    little of firm ground and we're back to snow. Avoid the obstacles and follow the 
    s. pads to jump off the ramp. Grab the pickup and stop. That's it!
    6.                      SCRAMBLE
    This is the most innovative part of this game and the most difficult too. Here 
    you have to go through each track and stop at the end zone. Remember, if you 
    fall off, it's try again. Keep track of that total time counter. At some levels 
    it'll go above 3o minutes. Sounds simple? Give it a go! 
    i.Introduction - Like Training I'd say. Just swerve with the curves and don't 
    fall off. A good technique to stop at the end is to swerve or do a powerslide.
    ii.Racing Line - Righto! This is a thin track but don't pay any attention to 
    that help. Begin with a boost. Don't let go of the gas until the curve. There 
    press the break button and be careful not to fall down. Now turn and accelerate 
    to the end zone and stop there. 
    iii.Rough Justice - I don't know about you but Im hate this level. Man! It took 
    me 45 minutes to get this orig. I have no strategy for this. Just go slowly but 
    beware you'll only get a GOLD.
    iv.Racing Line II - All right. Your first scramble track with a twist. Begin 
    with good ol' boost and try not to move left or right too much while you're 
    upside bottom or you'll fall. When the road gets thin slow down and try not to 
    fall off at the bumpy part. Stop at the end zone.
    v.Slip Sliding - Right, here we have a snowy and slippery track but nonetheless 
    begin with the boost. At the curve let go of the gas and hit it again. Swerve 
    with the curve and line yourself for the jump. Don't lose control while landing. 
    Stop at the end.
    vi. Racing Line III - Ok, so let's do the twist.twist,twist. Right, on with the 
    boost. Try not to fall of and don't hit the gates. At the point where the track 
    thins brake and turn. Now cautiously go above the bumpy track and then when the 
    bumps end hit the gas and stop at the end zone.
    vii.Rodeo - OK, I think this is is the first  scramble track with a shortcut. 
    Yup there is an easier way to do it. Now start with boost and at the point where 
    the thin track is below you turn around to face it correctly and drop on to it. 
    I know it's tough but you can do it! Now go along carefully and when the track 
    widens take it easy and stop at the end zone.
    viii.Cut Loose - If you play the whole stage you'll say it's pretty tough but 
    thanks to me it isn't. I've got a shortcut that's extremo! Ok, take the boost 
    and on the fork take any choice and drive up BUT when you see the ring on your 
    right stop there. Look down. There's the end zone. Drop there and stop on the 
    end zone.
    ix.Leap Of Faith - Yeah, this is a leap of faith! Man, that gaps too big. Well, 
    begin with the boost and grab the turbos then turn left and try not to fall off 
    the edge while dropping down onto the road. Then at the extreme edge of the ramp 
    press L1+R1. Now the trick here is to line yourself correctly. The slightest 
    deviation could make you miss the landing. When you land on the track your speed 
    will be around 700 mph so brake hard so that you don't overshoot the end zone.
    x.Slip Sliding II - This is definitely one of the tougher tracks. Here begin 
    with the boost and swerve with the curve and at the point where the ice cap is 
    try to take the turn as close to firm ground as possible by turning very 
    quickly. Repeat the same for the second ice area. Now, you start climbing a 
    slope. At the end of this slope is a jump and the landing surface is ice. Don't 
    be scared! Its not that tough. Try to keep control of the car while landing and 
    then swerve with the curve at a low speed and stop at the end zone.
    xi.Bouncy Bouncy - The key to this  track is to correctly line yourself up for 
    bumps or jumps. Begin with the boost and at the jump line yourself up so that 
    you don't fall off. After that go past the fork and when you see the exclamation 
    sign slow down. The track ahead is thin so be careful. After the thin track 
    again there will be an "!". So slow down and land carefully on the track and 
    drive on to the end zone.
    xii.Racing LIne IV - Ok, begin with a boost and at the thin track slow down and 
    go past the thin zig zag. Try to avoid the slanty edge. Hit the gas and go 
    faaast! There is a twist up ahead so be careful and don't hit those gates. At 
    the thin part be careful and dont fall off due to the bumps. At the end hit the 
    gas and hope you make the jump. Then make sure you don't overshoot the end zone.
    xiii.Flip Flop - Right, let's go. This time don't use the boost and begin. Try 
    not to fall off the track during the first jump. Then at the second ramp drop 
    down to the track you can see below. OK, here's where it's a bit tough. Drive on 
    and try to stay in the middle. You'll drive up the U and drop down to the track, 
    keep going and there'' be another U and after that a U with a thin land ing 
    strip. Now after the Us are over go downhill but don't overshoot the end zone.
    xiv.Hip Hop - It's pretty tough to give a strategy for something you can't do 
    yourself but I'll try. OK, begin with a boost i you want a silver or gold. Then 
    at the ramp slow down and try not to hit trees. Keep driving until the next ramp 
    and go slow and don't drop. Drive on and at the last ramp be very careful, the 
    drop is bigger this time. Don't lose control, believe me you don't want to do 
    this again. Try not ot fall off and stop at the end zone. Now, wasn't that 
    simple? ^_^
    xv.Moebius - OK, here you have to just keep driving and try not to drop and get 
    mislead. At the end follow the pads and brake. Now turn right and at the end 
    turn left and stop at the end zone.
    xvi.Soar - There's a shortcut in this one. But it is hard to get. At the 
    beginning there is a big drop. Now the trick is to land on the thin track that 
    comes in between the drop. The strategy to do this is to stop just before the 
    ring after the two divider and acc. after that to get at least  240 mph on the 
    odometer. Now If you do make it hope you can turn to the left and there's where 
    you'll find the end zone.
    xvii.In A Spin - Again, here you'll encounter twists. At the beginning try to go 
    past the thin twisted track and then it's all speed and twist. After the twist 
    do watch out for that thin track part and then aim for the end zone. 
    xviii.Winter Wonderland - OK, that's snow and it's tough. Begin and try to keep 
    control of your car and at the snow try to turn as close to the dry ground as 
    possible.then as the snowy thin track and try to keep controland soon you'll be 
    at the end zone.
    xx.Winter Wonderland II - It's snow again. At the beginning of this track you 
    can get a lot of speed but that's not too good.. Just move with the snowy turns 
    and at theend part there are bumps so try and stay away from them andpretty soon 
    you'll be able to kiss terra firma as in the end zone. 
    xxi.Manic Scramble - OK, I think this is the only level where brakes are used so 
    much. Begin quickly and try to not fall off due to the bump. When you get off 
    the bumpy greound and onto the road brake quickly and try to drive on to the 
    dirt track part and then  onto the road again. Here you'll have to take the 
    speed ups and try to get to the green ground and then to the end zone.
    xxii.Top To Bottom II - This is tougher than TTB because here you have to stop 
    at the end too and not over shoot the end of the road. Also after the first one 
    you also get obstacles and 3 obstacles in the third one. After that you also get 
    fog where you may drop and also bumpy thin track and a jump too. That's one 
    tough track!
    xxiii.Soar II - We have two jumps and you get two turbos. Right begin and take 
    the first jump by lining correctly with the ramp and also take the turbo. At the 
    second jump either  take the second turbo and take the jump where its hard to 
    land or use the only one turbo though now you won't get a gold. 
    xxiv.Sheer Velocity - This is a track where you get really high on speed. It's 
    not that tough a track except the part where the snow comes. In that part where 
    there are bumps isn't tough but when the full snow trck comes on with curves 
    comes it's tough and then it's over cause the next level is easy as taking candy 
    from a baby.
    xxv.End Zone - End Zone? Must be the toughest track. The catch is it is as easy 
    as training. Yup, begin with the boost and try to avoid the obstacles and don't 
    slow down but drop with great speed. With any luck you'll drop to a track with 
    speed ups. Drive over them and you'll soon be upside down. keep driving ahead 
    and you'll be in a tunnel then after a drop there'll be a platform with the end 
    zone, stop there and it's done.    
    7.                      ONE PLAYER MODES
                      [       TYPE I CAMPAIGN    ]
    This is the first league championship available to you. Here you will use the 
    cars given to you at beginning to win the races to gain points.The races are 
    divided into four sections with four tracks each. If you come first you get a 
    car. If you get 30 points in one category you get a bonus award ,that is a 
    combat track. At the end of 3 races if you come first in the rankings you 
    qualify for knockout round where if you come last you are disqualified. If you 
    win you are qualified for the next category.
                      [    TYPE II CAMPAIGN      ]
    Its almost the same except the fact that new Type II cars are used and the 
    difficulty seems to be medium(increased)
                      [    MASTERS CAMPAIGN ]
    Though I havent unlocked it yet I have a hunch that it will be tougher and Type 
    II cars will be used. I might add this in my update but if you have unlocked it 
    mail me.
                      [          ARCADE              ]
    Here as in a normal racing game you can choose a car and a track and race.
                      [  TIME ATTACK - NORMAL        ]
    Here you race against the clock in a track of your choice.
                      [  TIME ATTACK MEGA SPEED    ]
    This is not the favorite part of the game but it's pretty good. Here the speed 
    of the game almost doubles and you get to play at it in time attack mode.
                      [        TRAINING                  ]
    Here you have to clear a few training levels and at the end you are awarded 
    rubble soccer.
                      [        SCRAMBLE                ]
    I think this is the toughest part of RCS II. Here the main goal is to reach the 
    end zone in time. As simple as that! If you think so then try to finish it. 
    There are a couple of shortcuts and strategies to finish it. I have written the 
    m in the scramble section of this faq. If you win you are awarded Mega Speed.
                      [          ALL TRACKS           ]
    Here you can race all of the tracks in time attack.
    The rest I have'nt unlocked. If you have mail me. You must be getting really 
    annoyed by this "I havent" and "mail me". If you are then do read the NOTE TO 
    READER part of this faq at the end.
    8.                       TWO PLAYER MODES
                      [       SINGLE RACE            ]
    Here you race against your pal in an arcade style race.
                      [         TOURNAMENT         ]
    Here you race against your pal in a tournament.
                      [         COMBAT MODE       ]
    Now this is a good two player car game. Here you go one on one with your pal and 
    in an arena you blast your pal with weapons to gain points. One with more points 
                      [         PURSUIT MODE       ]
    This is also great. Here the first player has to overtake player 2 or vice 
    versa. Drawback is, there are only two tracks.
                      [        RUBBLE SOCCER      ]
    Here as in soccer you have to push the boulder into the opponents goal.
    9.                       PASSWORD
    So here's the password for this version.
    It'll unlock the following:-
    All Type I cars except Unity's last
    All first Type II cars
    All tracks except jumpgate category.
    2 Combat tracks
    Rubble soccer
    Pursuit mode
    All Track mode
    Mega Speed
    Type II Campaign
    All training tracks
    All Scramble tracks
    10.                  CREDITS
    Thanks to PSYGNOSIS and ATD for such a game.
    And thanks to CJayC for making such a great site that motivated me to write this 
    And most of all thanks to you for reading.
    11.                     NOTE TO READER
    I know that in all this faq I've been writing "MAIL ME". This must be bugging a 
    few of you. The reason why I write this is that I am not a Pro gamer who can 
    complete a game in hours. I'm asking you for help because may be you don't have 
    the time to write a FAQ  but you can beat a game in days. You can send me the 
    bits and pieces of info to me and I'll incorporate it into this FAQ. And you 
    will get the credit. I promise you that.
    E - Mail=> neokillerx@yahoo.com 

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