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    Hidden Spells and Secrets FAQ by Elegiac_Knight

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    Saga Frontier Hidden Magic and Secrets FAQ
    (c) Elegiac Knight 2005
    Version 1.1
    May 7 2005
    Legal Stuff
    This FAQ is made for the purpose of PRIVATE USE only. Please do not publish, 
    change in any way, or use any part of this for any other purpose without my 
    acknowledgement and agreement. To do so would be a violation of copyright.
    01. Hidden Magic
    02. Weapon and Equipment Power-Ups
    03. Energy Chain
    04. VSystem
    05. Gold Ingot Easy Money Trick
    06. Junk Shop Glitch
    07. Gameshark Codes
    08. Contact Info
    01. Saga Frontier Hidden Magic
    These are spells only available through gameshark; you can't get 
    them to appear under the magic menu otherwise. When you input the 
    codes, you get the full set of spells under each type of magic 
    instead of the standard ones you get from normal questing and buying. 
    Even if you have the gift, these spells won't appear ever. Ever. 
    Apparently, each type of magic was programmed to consist of 8 spells. 
    That is, if you open the magic list through the 'Equip Ability' menu, 
    the page will be full of spells. Since Rune and Arcane type magic both 
    consist of 8 spells, no hidden magic is listed under those two. For 
    Magic types with less spells, especially Life magic, expect more hidden 
    magic to be available. 
    Some of the spells are rather useless, others are very useful. You can 
    cast a spell that instantly kills an enemy or attack all enemies at the 
    same time, or kill yourself instead, or reduce your LP. Don't ask me why 
    the programmers made some dumb and useless spells, it's not something we 
    could change anyways :p
    Some spells are only the effect of other spells like Psychic Prison or 
    Glass Shield. For example when you cast Psychic Prison on a monster and 
    it (by chance) casts a spell afterward, the words 'backfire' appear on 
    the screen and we see the spell richocheting around the caster and 
    damaging itself (then, usually, we laugh). That ricocheting scene is, 
    in fact, a hidden magic listed under the Realm type magic.
    Other spells belong to some bosses or enemies. Usually these are not 
    achievable through Monster skills. Some others can be achieved by other 
    means, and usually only appear in a specific scenario and on a specific 
    character, but NOT listed as magic.
    I guess the best thing about the hidden spells are that most of them cost 
    only 0 JP. That's right, you get an instant kill spell for free (so throw 
    away the arcane magic 'Death'), or a 2000 damage guaranteed spell for also 
    0 JP (Implosion, anyone?). Why waste a turn casting Glass Shield when 
    you're not even sure the enemy will break it if you can break the shield 
    on your own and damage your opponent at the same time?
    Oh, and by the way, some of these spells consume WP instead of JP. Again, 
    don't ask me why.
    (Name of the spell) - (JP Cost <or WP>) - (Effect)
    If the spell consumes JP, only the number is presented. 
    If it consumes WP, 'WP' is typed after the number.
    Light Magic
    Kyon's Smile 	- 0 - Physical attack
    Salamander 	- 5 - Fire version of Silf (actually a monster skill??)
    Shadow Magic
    Kyon's Smile 	- 0 - Physical attack
    Firey Spirit 	- 0 - Caster's LP -1
    Macumba 	- 0 - Inflicts damage and or various status on one enm 
                          (once you've inflicted a monster with something, it 
    		       will have no effect on it afterwards)
    Space Magic
    Satellite Beam 	- 0 - Huge damage on enemies in area, although the radius 
    		      is small. Available in the game as a combination of 
    		      Bit system + Satellite Linker ability (Mecs)
    Graviton 	- 0 - Damages all on a big line (moderate damage). Fort 
    		      Body (Mec Type 8) innate ability
    Time Magic
    Revolution 9 	- 0 - Ring Master's magic, animation on caster, but 
    		      nothing happens
    Revolution 9 	- 0 - Ring Master's magic, attacks all enemies. This is 
    		      what Ring Master casts if you dispatch all of his Ring 
    		      Wraiths during the final battle
    Realm Magic
    Regeneration 	- 0 - Does nothing 
    Backfire 	- 0 - It's the effect of Psychic Prison, xcept you can only 
    		      cast it on self
    Mystic Magic
    Selection 	- 0 - Instant Kill. If the target is immune to Instant Kill, 
    	  	      either nothing happens (monsters) or it is stunned 
    		     (Mecs). Animation resembles that of 'Sphinx Riddle'
    PhantasmShot(2)	- 3 - Same as Phantasm Shot, xcept it attacks all enemies
    Broken Glass 	- 0 - Broken Glass Shield animation 1 (where the mirror at  
      		      your side shatters)
    Broken Glass 	- 0 - Broken Glass Shield animation 2 (the shards damage one 
    		      of your opponent at your choosing)
    Mind Magic
    IronPole 	- 0 - Huge cranes attack all, damage depends on target's max 
    Yell 		- 0 - Str UP, Qui UP all allies
    Drunk 		- 0 - Random status to all enemies. It's the thing cast on you 
    		      during the Grail Card Quest
    Evil Magic
    Rava Barrire 	- 1 - Casts on self first of the turn (always). Then, 
    		      regardless of your being attacked or not, counters all 
    		      enemies at the end of that turn with Rava Barrire (like 
    		      Ice or Fire Barrier, but the animation is of undead 
    		      type monsters)
    MagiDefense 	- 1 - Image(s) of Lich or zombie or other undead type monsters 
    		      attacks all opponent (600 or so)
    Rava Barrire 	- 0 - I think it's the effect of Rava Barrire 1, but you cast 
    		      it as a magic attack on all enemies
    Possession 	- 0 - Caster's HP, LP, WP, JP all goes to 0. It's the Living 
    		      Equipment race's desperation spell
    * The damage of both Rava Barrire depends on the total HP of the enemy. It's 
      either 1/4 or 1/5 of its maximum HP.
    Life Magic
    ElementDissolve - 5 WP - Attempts to Kill one enemy. Splash Sword has this 
    Dirty Fang 	- 2 WP - 3 to 7 point damage, Jackal Sword has this spell
    Reviva 		- 0 - Heals caster's HP to full (It's actually Reviva's effect)
    Enemy Fire 	- 0 - The usual 'enemy fire' you get in some event battles, but 
    		      now you can shoot the enemies instead!
    CounterMagician - 0 - Instant Kills an enemy, fails especially if many enemies 
    		      are present 
    BraveHeart 	- 5 WP - Powers up caster's weapon according to party's
    			 strength. The sword Lordstar has this spell
    Mirage Magic
    Million Dollers - 7 WP - Think Comet Blade. Comets rain down on all enemies. 
    			 The damage is small, maybe because the game calculates 
    			 the damage according to the strength of the sword, 
    			 whereas in this case, it's a spell and you're not 
    			 using any sword, thus the little damage. I've tried 
    			 this on Timelord equipped with Comet Blade. When the 
    			 spell version is used, it inflicted 400s damage. 
    			 When the skill (under the sword menu) version is used,
    			 it inflicted 2400s damage
    Shadow Hold 	- 1 WP - Paralyzes one enemy. Shadow Dagger has this spell
    Silver Fang 	- 5 - Huge damage (2000s), Fang animation
    02. Equipment Power - Ups
    This section covers power-ups done by weapons, especially swords, when 
    equipped on a character. It will also uncover the secret of Alkaiser's 
    strength, and how to power-up your fighter easily. Info about other 
    equipments are minimal since I don't want to emphasize on them. 
    On to the list.
    Note : When it says 'all stats', this doesn't include defense)
    Glirandly / Living Sword (Atk : 42, Final Strike, All stats + 10)
    This is the real name of the monster 'Living Sword'. If you battle a 
    living sword long enough without killing it, the desperation technique 
    it will use is 'possession' (actually a hidden spell under the Evil 
    magic sub-type). 
    If the targeted character is:
    a. 	A human or mystic, and has an empty weapon slot, it will 'possess' 
    	him/her and take that slot as 'Glirandly'. 
    b. 	A mec, and has an empty weapon slot, it will 'possess' the mec and 
    	take that slot as 'Glirandly'.
    c. 	A monster, it will take the last slot of the monster's skill as the 
    	skill 'blade'
    d. 	A human or mystic or mec, but has no empty weapon slot, it will 
    	'miss' the target and nothing happens.
    Once equipped on a human or mystic, Glirandly will add 10 points to all of
    the statii except defense, but on a mec it will only add 9 points instead. 
    10 points may seem small, but it actually matters. A mystic with 3 Suzakus 
    absorbed and 2 Glirandlys may have at least 2 attributes maxed out to 99.
    Glirandly cannot be de-equipped. You cannot get rid of it unless its ability 
    'Final Strike' is used, and if you decide to use that skill, Glirandly will 
    be destroyed. I strongly advise against this though, since a permanent bonus 
    of 10 points to your stats is far more preferable than a one time 
    not-so-big-damage. Afterall, its attack power is not so bad, obviously it's 
    stronger than Osc Sword or Twin Dragon, and you get it for free.
    Sometimes Glirandly is dropped by the Living Sword, although I must 
    emphasize that this rarely happens. If it DOES happen, you have the 
    freedom to equip it on anyone you wish (but not a monster of course). 
    However should you equip it on anyone, it won't be able to be de-equipped 
    again unless you use Final Strike (...but then it will be destroyed).
    The only difficulty in getting it is that Living Sword chooses its target 
    randomly, and if it chooses your monster, you can start banging your head 
    against the wall because you've just lost yourself a decent sword and power 
    up. A trick you can do to avoid that and to make sure Living Sword is 
    possessing the right guy is by making a group of Humans/Mystic/Mec with 
    fully filled weapon slot except the character you want Glirandly on. For 
    example you leave Red with an empty weapon slot, while you fill the others' 
    full. Living Sword's 'possession' will miss all of Red's comrade until it 
    finally chooses him.
    You also have to be strong enough to withstand its blows until it gives up. 
    Remember that its abilities include Gale Attack, Blade Net and Spin Attack. 
    Of all those three, it tends to use Gale Attack most often until one of 
    your characters dies, and then it'll switch to Blade Net instead. If you're 
    strong enough, however, just heal away. I wouldn't insist in equipping 
    Dodge Gale the whole game since an ability slot is something precious you 
    can't replace, especially since there are tons of abilities in the game 
    and you can only equip 10 of them at a time. Plus there aren't that many 
    enemies in the game with Gale-type ability. The choice is up to you though.
    Living Sword (and the other Living Equipments) don't show up all that 
    often. Usually they appear during the 2nd quarter of the game, and 
    gets more scarce later on. I find them most often in Wakatu during 
    the Sword Card Quest. 
    So remember to leave an empty weapon slot if you want it..
    Light Sword (Atk : 80, all stats + 10)
    Remember the higher Light magic spell 'LightSword'? The spell's description 
    is 'Creates protective light sword'. This isn't really accurate, since 
    instead of a protective one, the sword created by the spell is actually 
    the STRONGEST sword in the game! Yes, this is the sword it bestows 
    should you choose to cast the spell. 
    This sword is just like any other swords, and you can use any sword 
    skill you have equipped with it (xcept katana-specific techniques). 
    Unlike Glirandly, you don't need an empty weapon slot to get or use it, 
    but it disappears at the end of the battle (that's why not many know 
    about the strength bonus it offers) and a character can only cast it on 
    him/herself (damn...)
    And yes, it IS the strongest sword in the game, with GoldenLion (75) 
    following close behind and DragonSword (72) in the third spot. 
    Asura (70) is 4th.
    In case you haven't got the clue yet, Light Sword is not a katana.
    So if you want your swordsmen (or to put it simply, GEN) to inflict 
    max damage, give them the gift for light magic and equip them with 
    this spell. You may lose the crown for physical skills this way but 
    it's not really that big a deal if you have a decent side group to 
    let your primary group's members recover their LP, WP and JP. The 
    spell will come in handy for bosses, and the 10 point bonus won't 
    hurt you either. Just train them in a couple of fights to build their 
    JP to (at least) 7. Fill their ability list with magic until you get 
    the magic crown, so even if they only have 10, 1 or 0 JP, they can 
    still blast away with SunRay and gain JP and the chance to get the 
    LightSword spell at the end of battle. But come to think of it, 
    when a character gains a gift of any type of magic, his/her JP will 
    automatically go to (at least) 10. So although Gen starts out with no 
    JP, his max JP will rise to 10 once he inherits the gift of Light Magic.
    If you're just too lazy to undergo the test to get the gift, give your 
    main character a Shadow spell and go get the gift for Light magic. When
    asked, refuse to discard the Shadow spell and every human and mystic in 
    your party who can get the Light gift will leave you for half a minute 
    and come back gifted, given that they are strong enough. This way if 
    you're Riki, Gen can still get the Light Sword (I think ^_^). However 
    in this case your main character won't be able to get the Light Sword. 
    To be able to get the gift, a character must be a human or a mystic, 
    and not have any Shadow magic spell or the gift for it.
    Btw, Light Sword raises a Mec with 5 HP and nothing else. 
    You may ask me how I come to know about this and whether or not this is 
    to be believed. Just use the GameShark code for 'all items'. You'll see.
    Ray Sword (Atk : 45, all stats + 25, Vitality + 75)
    Ever wonder why Alkaiser is so much stronger than Red or anyone else 
    in your party(except if all of your party members are 99statsmachoes)? 
    This sword is the answer.
    Ray Sword is Alkaiser's default sword. When Red undergoes Alkaiser 
    Change, he automatically comes equipped with it. People may find that 
    the attack done by this sword is not at all too big and there are only 
    2 Alkaiser-specific sword skill, but in truth it gives the biggest 
    status bonus in the game. Equip a character with 4 of this sword and 
    you don't ever have to level up this character, EVER!! (Well that's 
    exaggarating, you'd still have to level up his/her HP :p) - Which 
    brings me to question the origin of the HP difference Alkaiser has 
    over Red, although unfortunately I don't know the answer yet. 
    (If anybody knows do let me know please..)
    Too bad this sword is unattainable unless you are Red or through
    the GameShark.. If you do use the Shark, you'll find that Ray Sword 
    can be equipped on every non-monster character (so not only Alkaiser 
    can use this sword)
    Oh, and Ray Sword gives no boost at all for Mecs. No HP bonus, 
    no nothing.
    Asura (Atk : 70, all stats + 7)
    I put this later in the list because everybody seems to already know 
    about it. Yes, it's one of the strongest sword you can easily get in 
    almost every scenario. It has no normal attack, but is quite strong 
    and it has a hidden tech, 'Asura Revenge', that can only be activated 
    if you're attacked before you get the chance to execute 'Asura'.
    Asura raises all of a human/mystic's stats by 7, but on Mecs it raises 
    its Strength and Psychic by 30, and its HP by 150.
    Silver Spread (Atk : 22, Psychic + 22)
    Shadow Dagger (Atk : 9, Shadow Hold, Psychic + 3)
    Durahan Shield (Def against all, Strength, Vitality + 5)
    Other Living Equipments
    Living Rifle (Atk : 42, Bullets : 4, Will + 9)
    See Glirandly above. Living Musket must possess you first, or get it 
    as a dropped item. Unlike Glirandly, it can be de-equipped and 
    re-equipped like any normal equipment.
    Living Armor (Def + 26)
    See Glirandly above. Living Armor must possess you first, or get it 
    as a dropped item. Unlike Glirandly, it can be de-equipped and 
    re-equipped like any normal equipment.
    03. The truth about EnergyChain
    The theory that seems to be popular among gamers is that if you use 
    EnergyChain often enough, it will be powered up and grow to a form 
    that binds the enemy and paralyzes it at times. This is not exactly 
    The powered-up EnergyChain can be acquired without having to use it 
    hundreds of times. It simply is upgraded when the INTelligence 
    point of the character using it is raised above (about) 39. I checked 
    this on Lute, whose base INT is 12, and equipped him with 3 Light 
    Swords (all stats + 30, total INT = 42) and have him cast EnergyChain. 
    Wala, powered-up EnergyChain. After de-equipping one Light Sword 
    (INT = 32), the spell is powered down.
    Well, the 'use-it-again-and-again' theory isn't wrong either since 
    using a spell continously does contribute to an increase in a 
    character's INT point. It just failed to show the true relation.
    04. VSystem
    (only if you're a GameShark user)
    Want to have some jolly fun? Use the all item code and equip any 
    character (except monster) with the V System board. The character will 
    be able to use V-MAX, and from the following turn will be able to cast 
    Starlight Shower and Cosmic Rave, be that character a human, mec or a 
    mystic. To make it even more fun, equip V Special instead, the character 
    won't have to waste a turn casting V-MAX and can wreak havoc even sooner 
    with the 2 V-Abilities and not worry about the after effect of V-MAX 
    (where the character is powered down BIG TIME after about 6 turns). 
    Just to remind you, Both Starlight Shower and Cosmic Rave cost 7 WP 
    and if the character has a crown for Physical Skills, the cost will be 
    reduced by 1. And once it's equipped, the board cannot be removed, 
    except by Sharking it off.
    05. Gold Ingot Easy Money Trick
    Yes, it's the trick that can very well make your life easier in Saga 
    World. Once you've raised money to at least 15.000 Credits, go to 
    Nelson and exchange all of your money with Gold Ingots. You should 
    have 30 of them by now. Go to Koorong and into the Ingot seller 
    (the building just outside of the port). Choose sell, press down 
    'till you have no more Ingots left and then go back up to 30. 
    Notice the rise in price. When you press down 'till it hits zero 
    again, you'll see that he's offering you a price almost twice the 
    amount you should actually be getting. Confirm to sell and repeat 
    the process. The max Ingots you should sell is 52, and if you do 
    this trick by selling more than that amount of ingots, you'd still 
    end up with the same amount you should be getting with 52 ingots, 
    which is about 52.xxx credits. This is the max amount you can get 
    and have by doing this trick, regardless of the current credits 
    you're carrying at that time. E.g. if you have 40.000 credits and 
    you do this trick, you'll end up with 52.xxx credits. If you have 
    0 credits and you do this trick, you'll also end up with 52.xxx 
    credits. I haven't tried what'll happen if you're carrying more 
    than 52.xxx credits, but I suspect that it should be the same.
    You can actually begin this trick when you have 10.200 credits, but 
    the surplus you get with 21 Ingots is too little that it barely 
    makes a difference. That's why I'm suggesting 30. Besides, if 
    you're using the Junk Shop Glitch efficiently, you'd be raising that 
    much money in no time. 
    Also, be careful if you're doing the Gold Card Arcane Quest. Those 
    little guys will take ALL of your ingots, even if you're carrying 
    99 of them. 
    06. Junk Shop Glitch
    Go to the Junk Shop at Scrap. Pay at the counter and take any 
    three items you wish. Then return to the counter and choose 
    'Sell'. Move your cursor to the last slot, 'Hyperion Bazooka', 
    and confirm. Nothing happens. Now return to the storage and pick 
    7 more free items. When you're done picking 7 items, return to 
    the counter and choose 'Sell'. Move your cursor to the last slot, 
    'Hyperion Bazooka', and confirm. Nothing happens. Now return to 
    the storage and pick 7 more free items. When you're done picking 
    7 items, return to the counter and so on and so on. Repeat as 
    You may find at the beginning that the items available are quite 
    'Scrap'py. To get better ones like Fiber Scope or Osc-Sword, 
    simply sell some Repair Kits at the counter. You'll find them 
    laying around quite often anyways if you're not T260G. If you're 
    him though, remember to bring your own supply of Repair Kits. 
    Why get an Osc Sword? Simple. It has 30 ATK points and it sells 
    at Nakajima Robotics at Shrike for 110 credits. Collect and sell 
    'till you have enough credits to initiate the Gold Ingot trick 
    mentioned above.
    07. GameShark Codes
    All codes are from the GSCC
    P.S. Anyone who knows the digit modifier for Ray Sword do please 
    let me know, in the meantime for those of you who want to get 
    their hands on the Ray Sword use this code:
    All Items   	5000FF02 0001
    		8001288C 6300
    -Otherwise use these codes:-
    Item Modifier Position 69 30012914 00?? 
    Item Modifier Position 70 30012916 00?? 
    (Change ?? with:)
    A3 - PoweredSuit
    A4 - SprigganSuit
    A6 - GolemSuit
    A7 - WhiteDress
    D9 - UnicornTear
    DD - AngelBroach
    1E - Glirandly
    2A - DragonSword
    2B - SilverMoon
    2C - Asura
    2D - GoldenLion
    2F - LightSword
    Rouge has all Light Magic  	30010858 00FF 
    Rouge has all Shadow Magic 	30010859 00FF 
    Rouge has all Space Magic 	3001085A 00FF 
    Rouge has all Time Magic 	3001085B 00FF 
    Rouge has all Realm Magic 	3001085C 00FF 
    Rouge has all Mystic Magic 	3001085D 00FF 
    Rouge has all Mind Magic 	3001085E 00FF 
    Rouge has all Evil Magic 	3001085F 00FF 
    Rouge has all Arcane Magic 	30010860 00FF 
    Rouge has all Rune Magic 	30010861 00FF 
    Rouge has all Life Magic 	30010862 00FF 
    Rouge has all Mirage Magic 	30010863 00FF 
    Blue has all Light Magic 	30010458 00FF 
    Blue has all Shadow Magic 	30010459 00FF 
    Blue has all Space Magic 	3001045A 00FF 
    Blue has all Time Magic 	3001045B 00FF 
    Blue has all Realm Magic 	3001045C 00FF 
    Blue has all Mystic Magic 	3001045D 00FF 
    Blue has all Mind Magic 	3001045E 00FF 
    Blue has all Evil Magic 	3001045F 00FF 
    Blue has all Arcane Magic 	30010460 00FF 
    Blue has all Rune Magic 	30010461 00FF 
    Blue has all Life Magic 	30010462 00FF 
    Blue has all Mirage Magic 	30010463 00FF 
    Contact Information
    Send comments, question, etc. to lantise@yahoo.com
    (c) Elegiac Knight 2005

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