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    FAQ/Walkthrough by AFong

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    Date: 	Sat, 28 Mar 1998 20:21:45 -0800
       ,,,      ,,        ,,,      ,,     	Gaming Guide v.1.0
      $#  `  .#  #;    .#'  `,  .#  #;   	
       '''.  #'  '#    ##.  ,#  #'  '#   	  written by Azure Fong 、隍ム
     `:##'   "#,,$#,.  '#:.,#:  "#,,$#,. 		<squaresky@mindless.com>
                      .   ##'  
       ,###. 			      `#,      
      ,#'  ` 				##     ,,    
    -,#'-  '#,:#$#.   ,,,     '#,:#$#.   ,#'##''`   `      ,,,    '#,:#$#.
     :#     :#   '#  .#'  `,   :#   '#;      ##$    '#,  .#'  `,    :#   '#
     $#     $#       ##.   :   $#    '#      :#'    ,#!  ##,,.'     $#
    ,:'    ,:'       '#:,,#'  ,:'   ,#'     ,'     ,#'   '#:.,'    ,:'
    - Foreword..... -
    This guide is designed to help gamers, Japanese or not, through the
    game SaGa Frontier. Because lots of other FAQs contain information
    about starting the game, etc. I don't want to include them. As a side
    not, I always suggested that you don't play the game with a walkthrough
    or stuff like that beside you because it is too tempting. The game
    will be less fun if you use a walkthrough without trying first......IMHO.
    Mirrors of the guide (hopefully):
    Azure.Fong State of Living
    	(Chinese)	http://home.bc.rogers.wave.ca/yvonne/
    RPGamer		http://www.rpgamer.com/
    GameFAQs	      http://www.gamefaqs.com/
    Any corrections or enhancements please email to squaresky@mindless.com
    Newest revisions should be in Azure.Fong State of Living (should see
    an alert/confirm box if you can see Javascript) All of the Japanese
    characters are encoded in EUC code. I recommend Unionway for
    viewing/inputing Japanese/Chinese ^^ (http://www.unionway.com)
    - Disclaimer -
    Anyone viewing this document has the right to redistribute, use,
    print, tear up, etc.etc. this as long as you don't change anything
    in the document. BTW, if you are putting this on your webpage,
    please email to so I can add your site to the above list. Adding
    anything in this document without notifying me will result in
    unimaginable consequences......
    - Revisions -
    v.1.0  Asellus walkthru completed with a rewrite plus many corrections
    	 here and there.
    v.0.41 Asellus completed to the end of Arcana Event.
    v.0.4  Started writing the in-depth walkthru for Asellus, now up to
    	 the beginning of the Rune Event.
    v.0.3  All of the character flowcharts completed.
    v.0.2	 Still not totally complete. First release of the guide......
    v.0.1	 Totally incomplete version now resides at my computer, on the
    	 First day of 1998...First walkthru of 1998 huh...
    - Contents -
    1. The 7 Chapters & characters
    	o Asellus
    	o Coon
    	o Emiria
    	o Lute
    	o T260G
    	o Blue
    	o Red
    	o other characters
    2. Walkthroughs
    	o character flow charts
    	o in-depth walkthrough
    3. Techs
    	o learning techs
    	o swordtech
    	o gun-tech
    	o body tech
    	o special tech
    	o 見切り tech (can't translate)
    4. Magic
    	o learning magic
    	o Yin
    	o Yang
    	o Space
    	o Time
    	o Magic (well!)
    	o Mystic
    	o Arcana
    	o Rune
    	o Heart
    	o Demon
    	o Life
    	o Illusion
    5. Tech/Magic Combinations
    6. Attacking equipment
    	o swords & katanas
    	o guns
    	o others
    7. Defense equipment
    	o shields
    	o boards
    	o armors
    	o suits
    	o clothings
    	o headgears
    	o wrist protectors
    	o shoes
    8. Accesories
    9. Battle items
    10. Tips & tricks
    	o all the money you'll ever want....sort of
    	o Blue's secret tech
    11. Secrets
    	o Asellus' 3 endings
    	o Emiria's 2 endings
    	o Bonus Chapter
    	o Secret characters
    		-"Zero Empress"
    		-Master of Time
    		-朱雀 (can't translate)
    	o 魔銃 Monster Weapon & Gurirandorii
    	o Body Tech: DSC
    12. Credits (very short, don't worry)
    ~ 1. Characters ~
    - 1.1 Asellus -----------------------------------
    Name: Asellus アセルス
    Race: Half-Mystic
    Sex:  Female
    Killed 12 years ago by a accident, she was revived by the King of the
    mystics, Orurowaaju. She was the only half-mystic lifeform in the world. Of
    course, she had been lost many times as she go on living....
    Because she is at least half a mystic, she had the ability to use "Demon"
    magic (妖術) and use the Hellwing (ヘルウイング) techs (妖魔の小手, 妖魔
    の剣, 妖魔の具足) which absorbs the enemy's ability while killing them.
    My favourite character ^^
    - 1.2 Coon ---------------------------------------
    Name: Coon クーン
    Race: Monster
    Coon's homeland Maagumeru was on the verge of disintergrating. The leader of
    Maagumeru let Coon escape for the hope of leaving the bloodline of the
    tribe in the world. He gave Coon a ring with mysterious powers...And Coon
    began his adventure to collect rings and save his homeland.
    Being a monster Coon can absorb the ability of the enemies he fought. His
    special techs are basically depended on which monster he absorbs.
    - 1.3 Emiria --------------------------------------
    Name: Emiria エミリア
    Race: Human
    Sex:  Female
    - 1.4 Lute ----------------------------------------
    Name: Lute リュート
    Race: Human
    Sex:  Male
    Lute decided to go outside for an adventure when he got bored of his
    peaceful hometown Yorkland. Bearing his musical instrument, he went to
    other cities, hoping to find a more exciting lifestyle......
    Lute is well, basically useless ^^ He will get stronger when he get magic,
    but before that it is better to depend on his ogre friend...His chapter has
    a certain difficulty, but it also has more freedom so it is actually a
    very nice chapter.
    - 1.5 T260G ---------------------------------------
    Name: T260G
    Race: Machine
    - 1.6 Blue ----------------------------------------
    Name: Blue ブルー
    Race: Human
    Sex:  Male
    The master of the magic lycee let Blue to go outside for training purposes.
    Before Blue left, the master told him that his twin brother, Rouge (what the
    hell? color family?), had also gone out for training. The existence of both
    Blue and Rouge makes their studies of magic incomplete and thus, if Blue
    wants to become a "complete" magician, he must kill Rouge......
    Blue is very strong in any magic, so it is best to set off his chapter with
    the Arcana (秘術) and Rune (印術) events, followed by Maze of Light (光の
    迷宮) and Maze of Darkness (闇の迷宮).
    - 1.7 Red -----------------------------------------
    Name: Red レッド
    Race: Human
    Sex:  Male
    - 1.8 Other Characters ----------------------------
    Below is a listing of the characters that will join you as one of your party
    c h a r a c t e r		c o n d i t i o n s
    Emiria エミリア		-go to the parking lot at Baccarat (・ミ・ォ・?
    				  after the Arcana event is triggered
    Lute リュート		-go to the bar at Scrap (・ケ・ッ・鬣テ・ラ)
    Hughes ヒューズ		-go to IRPO to be confided in after the
    				  the Arcana event is triggered
    Feion フェイオン		-go to Tanzaa (・ソ・?カー) after the Rune
    				  event is triggered. won't join if
    				  main character is Blue.
    Annie ・「・ヒー		-go to the restaurant at Kowloon (・ッー・??
    				  after the Arcana event is triggered.
    				  If Red/Emiria is the main character she
    				  will always be in your party.
    Gen ゲン			-talk to the skeleton at Kowloon (・ッー・??
    				  after the Arcana event is triggered, then
    				  go to the bar at Scrap to get him
    Mei Ling メイレン		-go to the bar at Scrap. won't join if
    				  main character is Asellus/Red
    Captain 艦長		-go to Nelson (・ヘ・?ス・? if main character
    				  is Lute
    Rouge ルージュ		-go to the airport at Ruminasu (・?゚・ハ・ケ)
    				  won't join of main character is T260G/
    				  Coon/Blue (of course!)
    Raiza ・鬣、・カ		-go to the restaurant at Kowloon (・ッー・??
    				  after Rufus joined your party
    Doll ・ノー・			-will join after Cygnus (・ュ・ー・ハ・ケ) arrived
    				  at Shinrou (・キ・??ヲ) if main character
    				  is Red
    Rufus ルーファス		-if main character is Blue/Lute, trigger
    				  the Rune event and he'll appear at the
    				  Tomb of Mo-Wong. if main character is Red
    				  he will be in the restaurant at Kowloon
    Asellus アセルス		-go to Trinity (トリニティ) if main charac.
    				  is Emiria. if main character is Red she 
    				  will be a comrade for a short time
    Zozuma ・セ・コ・゙		-go to Trinity (トリニティ) if main charac.
    				  is Emiria. he will be in the party if
    				  main character is Asellus
    White Rose 白薔薇		-go to Trinity (トリニティ) if main charac.
    				  is Emiria. if main character is Red/
    				  Asellus she will be in the party for a
    				  short time.
    Nuzakaan ヌサカーン	-when main character is Coon, Blue or Lute
    				  he can be found at his Lab at a secret
    				  passage at (3 at's!) Kowloon (・ッー・??
    Mesarthim メサルティム	-go to Leader's House (領主の館) at Owmi
    				  (オウミ) when mystics are present in your
    Silence ・オ・、・??ケ	-go to Oonburu (・ェー・?ヨ・? and talk to 
    				  Sairensu's shadow to accept his training.
    				  After the training is completed, go to
    				  the column to the right of the entrance
    				  to find him.
    Irudoun イルドゥン	-go to Pinnacle Castle (針の城) when main
    				  character is Asellus
    "Zero Empress" 零姫		-see "secrets" section
    T260G				-go to the bar at Scrap (スクラップ) if
    				  main character is Coon/Blue/Lute
    Leonardo レオナルド	-go to the fast-food restaurant at the 
    				  shopping center at Manhattan if main
    				  character is T260G
    BJ&K				-go to the first-aid room at Cygnus
    				  (・ュ・ー・ハ・ケ) if main character is Red
    Nakajima 0 ナカジマ零式	-after T260G gets mouse from the Tomb of
    				  Chai-Wong (済王の古墳), it will join you
    				  at 中島製作所
    Robot ロボット		-go to the courtyard at 京 when Red is
    				  the main character
    Special Working Car	-go to 中島製作所 when T260G is in the party
    pzkwV				-see "secrets" section
    Coon クーン			-go to the bar at Scrap (スクラップ)
    				  won't join if Red/Asellus is the main
    Chai-Wong 済王		-go to Tomb of Chai-Wong (済王の古墳)
    Thunder サンダー		-go to Yorkland (ヨークランド) if Lute
    				  is in your party
    Cotton コットン		-go to Life Science Lab (生命科学研究所)
    Master of Time 時の君	-see "secrets" section
    Slime	スライム	-trigger the Rune event and get the
    				  Vitality Rune (活力のルーン) at Tanzaa
    Red Carrot			-talk to it before Asellus leaves the
    				  area of darkness (闇の迷宮). it will
    				  be waiting at Ruminasu
    Kirin 麒麟			-see "secrets" section
    朱雀				-see "secrets" section
    ~ 2. Walkthroughs ~
    The flow charts are a map of the actions of the individual chapters.
    For more concise walkthrus see 2.2/2.3 (maybe the character you're
    looking for isn't up yet......)
    - 2.1 Character Flow Charts ------------------------
    == 2.11 Asellus ==============
    * Fascination (ファシナトゥール)
    	Pinnacle Castle (針の城)
    	Village (根っこの町)
    	Pinnacle Castle
    	Secret Passage (洞窟)
    * Owmi (オウミ)
    	Bar (酒場)
    	Leader's House (領主の館)
    * Shuraiku (シュライク)
    	Asellus' House (自宅)
    * Luminous (ルミナス)
    * Scrap (スクラップ)
    * Yorkland (ヨークランド)
    * Douvan (ドゥヴァン)
    	trigger Arcana & Rune events
    * Kowloon (クーロン)
    	secret passages
    * Shuraiku
    	Tomb of Mo-Wong (武王の古墳)
    	Tomb of Chai-Wong (済王の古墳)
    * Luminous
    * Rune Event
    	Kowloon -> Secret Passage -> Natural Cave (自然洞窟) -> Protect Rune
    	Shuraiku -> Tanzaa (タンザー) -> Vitality Rune (活力のルーン)
    	Shuraiku -> Tomb of Mo-Wong -> Victory Rune (勝利のルーン)
    	Kowloon [find Annie] -> Jail of Despair (ディスペア) -> Freedom
    	  Rune (解放のルーン)
    * Arcana Event
    	IRPO -> Mosperniburg (ムスペルニブル) -> Shield Card (盾のカード)
    	Baccarat (バカラ) -> Gold Card (金のカード)
    	Yorkland -> Cup Card (杯のカード)
    	Kowloon (talk to skeleton) -> Scrap (find Gen) -> Wakatsu
    	  (ワカツ) -> Sword Card (剣のカード)
    * Maze of Darkness
    	Douvan -> Maze of Darkness (闇の迷宮)
    * Master of Time
    	Douvan (ask about Time Magic) -> Mosperniburg -> Owmi -> Village
    	  in Fascination -> Mosperniburg -> Region of the Time Monsters
    * Kirin
    	Douvan (ask about Space Magic -> Region of Kirin (麒麟の空間)
    * Wakatsu
    * Shuraiku
    	Life Science Lab (生命科学研究所)
    * Shinrou
    	Ancient Ship (古代のシップ)
    	Shinrou Castle (シンロウ王宮)
    	Shinrou Ruins (シンロウ遺跡)
    * Final Battle
    	Secret Passage
    	Pinnacle Castle
    == 2.12 Coon =======================
    [note: in Coon's chapter, talk to Mei Ling in Kowloon before beginning
    another ring quest]
    * Maagumeru (マーグメル)
    * Scrap (スクラップ) -- merchant's ring (商人の指輪)
    	Bar (酒場)
    	Kabarero Office (カバレロ事務所)
    	Kabarero Factory (カバレロファクトリー)
    * Kowloon (クーロン) (talk to Mei Ling メイレン)
    * Tanzaa (タンザー) -- thief's ring (盗賊の指輪)
    * Kowloon
    	Canal (下水道)
    	Natural Cave (自然洞窟)
    * Shuraiku (シュライク)
    	Tomb of Chai-Wong (済王の古墳)
    * Shinrou (シンロウ)
    	Ancient Ship (古代のシップ)
    	Shinrou Ruins (シンロウ遺跡)
    * Shuraiku -- warrior's ring (戦士の指輪)
    * Baccarat (バカラ) -- courage ring (勇気の指輪)
    * Manhattan (マンハッタン) -- schemer (?)'s ring (策士の指輪)
    * Jail of Despair (ディスペア) -- ninja's ring (隠者の指輪)
    * Yorkland (ヨークランド) -- life ring (生命の指輪)
    * Luminous (ルミナス)
    	Maze of Light (光の迷宮)
    	Maze of Darkness (闇の迷宮)
    * Capital (京)
    	Heart Magic (心術)
    * Douvan (ドゥヴァン)
    	trigger Arcana & Rune events
    * Rune Event
    	Kowloon -> Secret Passage -> Natural Cave (自然洞窟) -> Protect Rune
    	Shuraiku -> Tanzaa (タンザー) -> Vitality Rune (活力のルーン)
    	Shuraiku -> Tomb of Mo-Wong -> Victory Rune (勝利のルーン)
    	Kowloon [find Annie] -> Jail of Despair (ディスペア) -> Freedom
    	  Rune (解放のルーン)
    * Arcana Event
    	IRPO -> Mosperniburg (ムスペルニブル) -> Shield Card (盾のカード)
    	Baccarat (バカラ) -> Gold Card (金のカード)
    	Yorkland -> Cup Card (杯のカード)
    	Kowloon (talk to skeleton) -> Scrap (find Gen) -> Wakatsu
    	  (ワカツ) -> Sword Card (剣のカード)
    * Mosperniburg (ムスペルニブル)
    == 2.13 Lute ========================
    * Yorkland (ヨークランド)
    * Manhattan (マンハッタン)
    * Yorkland
    * Luminous (ルミナス)
    * Douvan (ドゥヴァン)
    	trigger Arcana event
    * Kowloon (クーロン)
    	talk to skeleton
    * Scrap (スクラップ)
    	Bar (酒場)
    * Luminous
    	Maze of Light (光の迷宮)
    * Arcana Event
    	Baccarat (バカラ) -> Gold Card (金のカード)
    	Yorkland -> Cup Card (杯のカード)
    	Kowloon (talk to skeleton) -> Scrap (find Gen) -> Wakatsu
    	  (ワカツ) -> Sword Card (剣のカード)
    * Explorations
    	IRPO (fight bosses)
    	Kowloon -> Canal (下水道) -> Natural Cave (自然洞窟)
    	Shuraiku (シュライク) -> Tomb of Chai-Wong (済王の古墳)
    	Shinrou (シンロウ) -> Shinrou Ruins (シンロウ遺跡)
    	Shuraiku -> Life Science Lab (生命科学研究所) (basement)
    	Wakatsu (ワカツ)
    * Arcana Event cont.
    	IRPO -> Mosperniburg (ムスペルニブル) -> Shield Card (盾のカード)
    * Douvan (ドゥヴァン)
    	trigger Rune event
    * Rune Event
    	Kowloon -> Secret Passage -> Natural Cave (自然洞窟) -> Protect Rune
    	Shuraiku -> Tanzaa (タンザー) -> Vitality Rune (活力のルーン)
    	Shuraiku -> Tomb of Mo-Wong -> Victory Rune (勝利のルーン)
    	Kowloon [find Annie] -> Jail of Despair (ディスペア) -> Freedom
    	  Rune (解放のルーン)
    * Master of Time
    	Douvan (ask about Time Magic) -> Mosperniburg -> Owmi -> Village
    	  in Fascination -> Mosperniburg -> Region of the Time Monsters
    * Owmi (オウミ)
    	Leader's House (領主の館)
    	Restaurant (talk to Captain 艦長)
    	Airport (go to Nelson ネルソン)
    * Final Battle
    	Mondo HQ (モンド基地)
    == 2.14 Emiria =====================
    * Jail of Despair (ディスペア)
    * Gradeus (グラディウス)
    * Kingdom of Shinrou (シンロウ王国)
    * Luminous (ルミナス)
    	find Rouge (ルージュ)
    * Shuraiku (シュライク)
    	Tomb of Chai-Wong (済王の古墳)
    * Baccarat (バカラ)
    * Magic Kingdom (マジックキングダム)
    * Trinity (トリニティ)
    * Douvan (ドゥヴァン)
    	trigger Rune event
    * Rune Event
    	Kowloon -> Secret Passage -> Natural Cave (自然洞窟) -> Protect Rune
    	Shuraiku -> Tanzaa (タ・?Uー) -> Vitality Rune (活力のルー・?
    	Shuraiku -> Tomb of Mo-Wong (武王の古墳) -> Victory Rune
    	No need for Freedom Rune because you should already got it from
    	  Jail of Despair in the beginning
    * Trinity
    * Yorkland (ヨークランド)
    	Church (礼拝堂)
    == 2.15 T260G ======================
    * Scrap (スクラップ)
    	Bar (酒場)
    	Combat Arena (闘機場)
    * Crater (クレータ)
    	Mine (採掘抗)
    * Scrap
    	Kabarero Office (カバレロ事務所)
    	Kabarero Factory (カバレロファクトリー)
    * Kowloon (クーロン)
    	collect info......
    	Canals (下水道)
    	Natural Cave (自然洞窟)
    * Manhattan (マンハッタン)
    * Shuraiku (シュライク)
    	Workshop (中島製作所)
    	Tomb of Chai-Wong (済王の古墳)
    * Shinrou (シンロウ)
    	Ancient Ship (古代のシップ)
    	Shinrou Ruins (シンロウ遺跡)
    * Manhattan
    	Leonardo's Lab (レオナルドの研究室)
    	Taltaros (タルタロス)
    * Douvan (ドゥヴァン)
    	trigger Rune & Arcana events
    * Rune Event
    	Kowloon -> Secret Passage -> Natural Cave (自'R"エ窟) -> Protect Rune
    	Shuraiku -> Tanzaa (タ・?Uー) -> Vitality Rune (活力のルー・?
    	Shuraiku -> Tomb of Mo-Wong -> Victory Rune (勝利のルー・?
    	Kowloon [find Annie] -> Jail of Despair (ディスペア) -> Freedom
    	  Rune (解放のルー・?
    * Arcana Event
    	IRPO -> Mosperniburg (ムスペルニブル) -> Shield Card (盾のカード)
    	Baccarat (バカラ) -> Gold Card (金のカード)
    	Yorkland (ヨークランド) -> Cup Card (杯のカード)
    	Kowloon (talk to skeleton) -> Scrap (スクラップ)(find Gen) -> Wakatsu
    	  (ワカツ) -> Sword Card (剣のカード)
    * Manhattan -> HQ
    	Inside of the system (システム内部)
    * Manhattan -> HQ
    	Infiltrating HQ (HQ内部)
    == 2.16 Blue =======================
    * Magic Lycee
    * Douvan (ドゥヴァン)
    	trigger Rune & Arcana events
    * Kowloon (クーロン)
    	talk to skeleton
    * Scrap (スクラップ)
    	Bar (酒場)
    * Rune Event
    	Kowloon -> Secret Passage -> Natural Cave (自然洞窟) -> Protect Rune
    	Shuraiku -> Tanzaa (タンザー) -> Vitality Rune (活力のルーン)
    	Shuraiku -> Tomb of Mo-Wong -> Victory Rune (勝利のルーン)
    	Kowloon [find Annie] -> Jail of Despair (ディスペア) -> Freedom
    	  Rune (解放のルーン)
    * Arcana Event
    	IRPO -> Mosperniburg (ムスペルニブル) -> Shield Card (盾のカード)
    	Baccarat (バカラ) -> Gold Card (金のカード)
    	Yorkland -> Cup Card (杯のカード)
    	Kowloon (talk to skeleton) -> Scrap (find Gen) -> Wakatsu
    	  (ワカツ) -> Sword Card (剣のカード)
    * Luminous
    	Maze of Light (光の迷宮)
    * Explorations
    	IRPO (fight bosses)
    	Kowloon -> Canal (下水道) -> Natural Cave (自然洞窟)
    	Shuraiku (シュライク) -> Tomb of Chai-Wong (済王の古墳) ->
    	  Tomb of Mo-Wong (武王の古墳)
    	Shinrou (シンロウ) -> Shinrou Ruins (シンロウ遺跡)
    	Shuraiku -> Life Science Lab (生命科学研究所) (basement)
    	Wakatsu (ワカツ)
    * Owmi (オウミ)
    	Leader's House (領主の館)
    * Master of Time
    	Douvan (ask about Time Magic) -> Mosperniburg -> Owmi -> Village
    	  in Fascination -> Mosperniburg -> Region of the Time Monsters
    * Capital (京)
    	Heart Magic (心術)
    * will fight Rouge (ルージュ) after Blue gets Rune/Arcana, Yin/Yang, Space/
        Time and Heart magics
    * Magic Kingdom (マジックキングダム)
    * Hell (地獄)
    == 2.17 Red ========================
    * Baccarat (バカラ)
    	Casino (カジノ) Area 1
    	Casino Area 2
    	Parking Lot (駐車場)
    * Shuraiku (シュライク)
    	Tomb of Chai-Wong (済王の古墳)
    		get sacred tools only (too weak to fight Chai-Wong)
    	Park (公園)
    * Manhattan (マンハッタン)
    	Attack of Cygnus (キグナス)!
    	Restaurant (レストラン)
    * Kowloon (クーロン)
    	Canals (下水道) [will arrive at Cygnus ship)
    * Capital (京)
    * Shinrou (シンロウ)
    * Yorkland (ヨークランド)
    * Baccarat
    * Shuraiku
    	Tomb of Mo-Wong (武王の遺跡)
    	Workshop (中島製作所)
    	Tomb of Chai-Wong
    		get Chai-Wong this time w/ 3 sacred tools
    	Life Science Lab (生命科学研究所)
    * Manhattan (マンハッタン)
    * Kowloon [talk to Annie in front of restaurant]
    * Shouza HQ (シュウザー基地)
    * Shinrou
    	Ancient ship (古代のシップ)
    	Shinrou Ruins (シンロウ遺跡)
    	Shinrou Palace (シンロウ王宮)
    * Capital
    * Luminous (ルミナス)
    	Maze of Light (光の迷宮)
    * Douvan (ドゥヴァン)
    	trigger Rune & Arcana events
    * Rune Event
    	Kowloon -> Secret Passage -> Natural Cave (自然洞窟) -> Protect Rune
    	Shuraiku -> Tanzaa (タ・?Uー) -> Vitality Rune (活力のルー・?
    	Shuraiku -> Tomb of Mo-Wong -> Victory Rune (勝利のルー・?
    	Kowloon [find Annie] -> Jail of Despair (ディスペア) -> Freedom
    	  Rune (解放のルー・?
    * Arcana Event
    	IRPO -> Mosperniburg (ムスペルニブル) -> Shield Card (盾のカード)
    	Baccarat -> Gold Card (金のカード)
    	Yorkland -> Cup Card (杯のカード)
    	Kowloon (talk to skeleton) -> Scrap (スクラップ)(find Gen) -> Wakatsu
    	  (ワカツ) -> Sword Card (剣のカード)
    * Master of Time
    	Douvan (ask about Time Magic) -> Mosperniburg -> Village in
    	Fascination (根っこの町) -> Mosperniburg -> Region of the Time
    	Monsters (時間妖魔のリージョ・?
    * Owmi (オウミ)
    	Leader's House (領主の館)
    * Manhattan
    	Kyaraberubiru (キャラ・ルルビル) trade
    * Black Cross' Ship (巨大シップ・ブラックレイ)
    * Black Cross HQ (ブラッククロス本拠地)
    - 2.2 More In-depth Walkthrough -----------------------
    The original (Japanese) names of items, locations, names, etc
    have been omitted in order to save memory. Please refer to their
    approiate sections if you want to know their original names.
    Also if the story-telling is wrong, please notify me ^-^
    = 2.21 Asellus ==========
    I: Opening
       Items: None
    Asellus' chapter begins in her room in the Pinnacle Castle. The
    Master of Illusions, Orurowaaju arrives and talks to Asellus.
    Where am I? Thought Asellus.
    She exited the room and the one outside with the coffins. There
    was a fork before her. Left path led outside and the right path
    led to a room with several treasures. Asellus tried to get them,
    but found them too heavy when she exited the room. There was a
    tower in the NW direction. The pond inside the tower seemed to
    have teleporting powers and transferred Asellus to a garden. In
    the garden, a blonde-haired man stabbed Asellus. "Purple
    blood......" Orurowaaju says, and exits.
    Asellus didn't died from the injury. Instead, she woke up and
    went to the throne room with the rose doors, a level lower than
    her room (original starting place). Orurowaaju told the story of
    Asellus. She was hit by Orurowaaju's carriage when she was still 
    a human and died. Orurowaaju then brought her to the land of the
    Mystics, Fascination, and revived her by giving her his blood.
    She was then transformed into a half-mystic. He ordered Asellus
    to change into a Mystic's dress and Irudoun went with her.
    The house in the centre of the village was the clothing store.
    Asellus changed and went back to Pinnacle Castle. There was a
    tower opposite of the one with teleporting ponds, where you
    found one of wives of the Master of Illusion, Orurowaaju. She
    was named the "Empress White Rose" (EWR below). There was also
    two more towers/coffin rooms towards the lower levels. The
    right one was the room of the "Golden Lion Empress", a female
    warrior. The left one was the room of the "Zero Empress", an
    escaped wife of Orurowaaju.
    	** note ** the visit to Zero Empress's room is necessary
    			if you want her to join you later in the
    Asellus went to her room alone. Both of her companions chose
    not to enter her room with her. Then she went to EWR's tower
    and let her join again. At the store in the village (left
    of the road to the Castle), EWR talked to the owner. He then
    agreed to let Asellus exchange items with LP's.
    	** note ** these items are:
    			Illusionary Demon (sword) 4LP
    			 -> very, very powerful sword. will keep
    				the equipped character the strongest
    				for a long time.
    			Sand Container (accessory) 1LP
    			 -> required to get Master of Time to join,
    				but you can get it later.
    			Yin Robe (armor) 2LP
    			Charisma Necklace (accessory) 1LP
    There were many other stores in the village. To the right of
    the store was the Magic Shop. The only kind of magic available
    was Mystic Magic. The NWmost house was the Bar and below the
    bar was the Locked House. The right path led to a lava cave.
    There, someone talked to Asellus. "Asellus-sama..." and lapsed
    into silence.
    Asellus found Irudoun outside of the Training Arena, right of
    the throne room. She fought at the Arena, exhausted, and
    challenged again. Finally Irudoun told her that she was strong
    enough and didn't need to train anymore. Asellus decided to
    rest for a while in her room and both companions of hers left.
    Alone, Asellus wandered back to the village. The female owner
    of the clothing store , Gina, told Asellus about a secret
    passage that led to the human world. The man at the Bar told
    her that the door of the Locked House would open if she had
    some kind of precious metals.
    Of course Asellus had no money. EWR surely had some. She found
    EWR again and opened the Locked House. Beyond the door inside
    the Locked House was a series of caves through which Asellus
    fled, just in time to escape from Irudoun and his army.
    II: The Mermaid
    Items: Ghost Cannon, Kris Knife, Lava Suit, Highest Potion x3,
    	 Stone of the Sealing Fields, Magic Wine, Rotten Meat,
    	 Jet Boot, Armor Glove, Shelf Razor, Jackal Blade,
    	 Rabaasouru, Pearl Heart, Leather Boot
    By the time Orurowaaju knows about Asellus' escape, Asellus has
    arrived Owmi. The person at the airport told her that the region
    ship was currently preparing for its next take off. "There is
    some unrest in the water here. Is it the spirit of the water?"
    EWR wondered, looking over the bridge.
    The people at the bar were talking about the Leader's water
    sprite. Seeing that there was still a lot of time before the
    next region ship, Asellus and EWR decided to investigate.
    A mermaid was being kept inside the Leader's House. A fisherman
    caught her in a lake. "I'm Asellus." "My name's Mesarthim,
    The Leader warned Asellus about the basement. She explored the
    house, entering the attic and found the basement (right of main
    entrance). Before entering the dark, gloomy area, she found a
    storage room at the end of the passage.
    	** note ** all these "found" rooms contained treasures
    			and are strictly optional. (although I don't
    			see the point of skipping treasures)
    Asellus, etc., explored the basement and discovered a huge
    monster that was probably the fear of the Leader. After killing
    it, Asellus proceeded to a treasure. To her surprise, the treasure
    was another teleporting device and she found herself in another
    area of the basement. Finally she exited the strange area and
    was back in the room, with a duplicate of the huge monster.
    There was a secret door at the W. Mesarthim dived into the water,
    thanked Asellus and bid her farewell......
    At the Pinnacle Castle, Orurowaaju discovered EWR's escape and
    ordered Seato (the blonde man who stabbed Asellus) to capture
    her and Asellus. At that time, Asellus had boarded the region
    ship to Shuraiku, her home in the human world.
    III. Knight of Fire
    Items: none
    The first place Asellus went to was her house. Her grandmother
    did not recognise her. "No, my granddaughter died 12 years
    ago!" Asellus was transported into a strange dimension and had
    to fight one of Seato's copies, the Knight of Fire. The battle
    awakened the Mystic blood in Asellus and she gained the Mystic
    Sword just like Empress White Rose.
    	** note ** the hotel in the Street is free, if you
    			need it.
    IV. Searching for Friends
    Items: none
    Asellus felt exhausted after the battle and decided to tour
    around the human world. She went to Luminous, where she found
    a man called Rouge. He asked her about "Magic" and if she was
    pursuing it also. "Yes" said Asellus and he joined. At Scrap,
    she found a bard named Lute. He joined as well and they went
    to Yorkland, his homeland to find Thunder, an ogre friend of
    his. Lute was hestitant about Thunder joining but finally
    V. The Knights
    Items: Crimson Flame Gem
    The human world was a series of different "regions", with
    Kowloon in the centre. Asellus was amused about the prosperity
    of the city. There was a Secret Passage on the upper level
    of Kowloon (not the one with the shops). Once she entered the
    Secret Passage, she was dragged into the strange dimension
    again and had to fight the Knight of Water. After getting the
    first treasure inside the canals (the manhole), Asellus
    decided to exit.
    At Tomb of Mo-Wong, Shuraiku, Asellus fought the third knight,
    Knight of Forest. Orurowaaju was disappointed at the defeat
    and ordered the Golden Lion Empress to track Asellus, etc.
    VI. The Ancient Tombs
    Items: Spirit-Soothing Jade, Water Mirror, Cloud Clusters in
    	 the Sky
    There was a secret room inside the Tomb of Mo-Wong. 2 monsters
    were pretending to be treasures. Asellus found the lower levels
    inaccessible at the moment and exited the site.
    The Tomb of Chai-Wong in the opposite corner was a lot more
    amusing. After exiting Chai-Wong's room, Irudoun appeared and
    joined Asellus, etc.. To open the door in Chai-Wong's room,
    3 sacred tools were required. With some level of difficulty,
    Asellus collected the tools and placed them on the altar. The
    door opened, revealing Chai-Wong's coffin. "Who dares to
    disturb my eternal sleep?" he demanded. After a battle, he
    admitted his defeat by joining Asellus or giving her his
    	** note ** the sword is not very strong, so I
    			suggest to get Chai-Wong instead.
    VII. Golden Lion Empress
    Items: none
    Recalling the Magic Mazes at Luminous, Asellus returned via
    the region ship. She entered a battle with the Golden Lion
    Empress, finally defeated her.
    Finding that only humans and Mystics could enter the mazes,
    Asellus decided to come back later. Douvan was a city of
    magic. There Asellus leart about the Rune and Arcana Magics
    and how "資質" was required to learn the higher level magics,
    whereas the lower level magics could be brought.
    	** note ** Rune magic is at the SW tent, Arcana
    			magic is in the centre house.
    VIII. Rune Event
    Items: 200 Credit x3, 400 Credit, Memory Board, Addition
    	 Memory Board, Silver Ice Gem, Gun, Stardust Cape, 500
    	 Credit, Magic Wine, Flight Armor, Sprite Silver Wrist
    	 Ring, Protect Rune, Vitality Rune, Shadow Dagger,
    	 Katana, Blood Cherish, 500 Credit, Victory Rune, Freedom
    	** note ** if a character had Rune magic, s/he could
    			not have Arcana magic. buy Arcana magics
    			for your characters who don't want Rune
    		     Also, once you start collecting the Runes,
    			you cannot collect Tarot Cards for Arcana
    i. Protect Rune [Kowloon]
    The man in Douvan did a divination for Asellus about the
    locations of the Runes. Her first destination was the Natural
    Cave, connected with Kowloon.
    She entered the secret passage where she found the Crimson Flame
    Gem and followed the canals, manholes, ladders and stairscases
    around. Finally she found the deserted train station, which led
    to the Natural Cave.
    A few paths lay in front of Asellus in the cave.
    	** note ** I'm not sure about the pathes in the Cave,
    			so I decided to take this part out. It will
    			be revised shortly.
    At the end of the Natural Cave was a huge spider cave. Asellus
    finally obtained the Protect Rune after a battle with the spiders.
    ii. Vitality Rune [Tanzaa]
    Kill the boss in Tanzaa, found at the moving Shuraiku along with
    Feion. There are some story about Tanzaa, but I forgot.
    iii. Victory Rune [Shuraiku]
    Enter the Tomb of Mo-Wong and select the bottom answer at the
    door to the lower levels. Go left and down. Go down the right
    stairs and enter the right cave. Go left to the room with 4
    doors. Collect the treasures and go down the stairs below. Go
    down, right, down, left and enter the cave to the boss' room.
    Use normal attack first, and then your strongest tech/spells
    to kill him and get the Victory Rune.
    iv. Freedom Rune [Jail of Despair]
    Talk to Annie at the restaurant at Kowloon about Jail of Despair.
    Enter the door, go right and follow Annie. Enter the pipe, go
    down the ladder and go right again. Go down the ladder, go right
    and exit the circular room. Go down and up the ladder to enter
    another pipe. Go down until you exit the storage room. Go right
    and through the right door. Go right, down and enter the manhole
    at the LL corner. Go up the left ladder in the canal to exit
    the large circular room.
    Continue to walk until you enter the room with the infrared
    sensors. If you touch the sensor, you'll fight some machines.
    Go through the infrared sensor and exit through the UL ladder.
    Go UL and you'll fight the boss. After the boss is killed, the
    door will open and in the centre of the circular room, you
    receive the Freedom Rune and Rune Magic for your party members.
    IX. Arcana Event
    Items: Lord Star, Stone of the Sealing Fields, Golden Fleece,
    	 Kris Knife, Autobus Board, 1000 Credit, Shield Card,
    	 Gold Card, Cup Card, Double Dragon Katana, Iron Shoe,
    	 Sword Card
    i. Shield Card [IRPO]
    Go to IRPO and talk to Hughes. He has the Shield Card but in
    exchange, you have to help him to pick flowers from
    Mosperniburg. Go up the mountain and enter the cave on the
    right to fight the dragon. Exit the cave and continue up the
    mountain. Enter the cave, exit the cave and follow the path
    up the mountain. Pick the flowers and you will fight the boss
    (Red Bird). Upon defeating him, you'll be back in IRPO and
    Hughes will reward you with the Shield Card.
    ii. Gold Card [Baccarat]
    In Baccarat, go to the Casino Floor. Talk Baniigaa and the
    sprite Norm will appear. Chase him to the parking lot and
    go down the manhole there. Emiria will stop you. Enter the
    manhole, go down the ladder, go right, go down and LL to
    enter the second floor. Walk on the left to the third floor.
    Enter the cave at the short ladder (Norm's treasure room?)
    and talk to Norm about the Gold Card. He asks you for some
    gold in exchange of the card. So, go buy 4 pieces of gold
    and come back for the Gold Card.
    iii. Cup Card [Yorkland]
    Collect info about the Cup Card in the village. They tell
    you about the God of Wine in the swamp area. So, enter the
    swamp (opposite side of the village). The enemies will give
    you status problems in 1 turn, so.....
    Enter the centre of the swamp touch the altar and get the
    Cup Card.
    iv. Sword Card [Wakatsu]
    At Kowloon, talk to the skeleton about the Sword Master. Then
    go to Scrap to get Gen to join. With Gen, you can now enter
    In the second screen, go up the right stairs and up again.
    In the third screen Seato will appear. Fight him. Enter
    the main door and go right. Go up and right through the
    broken roof and go right and up the right stairs. Go down,
    left, left stairs, down and left for the Double Dragon
    Exit the hill and enter the city (left). Go down, left
    to enter the room. Go right and clockwise to exit the
    room with the corpses. Go up the stairs.
    At the room, the Sword Saint will teach Gen how to get
    the Sword Card. Upon obtaining the card, the party (
    who don't have Rune Magic) will earn Arcana Magic.
    Exit the room and the hill. Go right, up and left.
    Continue until you see the Sword God. Enter his room and
    he will give Gen the Meteorite Katana.
    X. Maze of Darkness
    Items: Beauty under the Moon, Spirit Silver Armor, Power
    	 Belt, Spirit Silver Earring, Buryuunak
    When Asellus arrived at Douvan once again, the Master
    of Illusions appeared and transported her to the Maze
    of Darkness. EWR met with Orurowaaju and the maze was
    destroyed. Zozuma appeared and joined Asellus' party.
    When Asellus exited, she was transported back to the
    temple at Douvan. "Empress White Rose! ....." But she
    hadn't come back.
    	** note ** this might be a good time to get the Master
    			of time and Kirin to join the party. (see
    			Section 11)
    XI. Master of Sword's room in Wakatsu
    Items: Meteriorite Katana
    	** note ** each new sentence marks the shift of one screen
    			to another. Pardon me for not haveing words
    			other than "go" ^-^
    Go left upon entering Wakatsu. Go up and right. Go up the
    right stairs and up. Continue right. Go right, up,
    right. Go up the right stairs. Go up. Go left. Jump over
    the crack(or go into the crack? don't remember...) and go
    left and down.
    Go down. Go down and enter the building. Go down the right
    stairs and go left. Asellus has entered the Master of
    Sword's room.
    "You are the swordsman?" The Master of Sword talked to Gen.
    He then presented the Meteriorite Katana to him.
    Go up the stairs after exiting the room and continue up.
    Go left and down. Continue down. Go down, left, down. Go
    down and right. Go right and down to exit Wakatsu.
    XII. Life Science Lab
    Items: Dragon Scale Shield
    The Life Science Lab at Shuraiku was shrouded in mysteries.
    The scientists inside busied themselves and ignored the
    entering party. When Asellus approached one of them, they
    turned into monsters and attacked her.
    	** note ** It is better to not fight these scientists to
    			conserve JP and WP's for the upcoming battle.
    Using the stairs, Asellus quickly came upon a floor, but
    no exit or stairs can be seen. The exit is in one of the
    rooms, behind a shelf.
    At the top floor, a group of scientists and IRPO invest-
    igators were performing tests on a monster. The monster
    was Cotton. It joined Asellus after the defeat of the
    IRPO investigators.
    Some other business must be going on in this labortory.
    Asellus went down the stairs to the basement covered with
    tropical plants.
    There were various scientists in the "houses" and Asel-
    lus could freely enter any of them except for the one in
    the upper-left corner.
    A strange device was found in the "house" in the upper-
    right corner. Asellus managed to activate it without
    fighting the scientists by carefully manuevering through
    the "house". (it's OK if you fight them)
    The device unlocks the door. Asellus talked to the woman
    in the upper-left "house". A dragon, riding an iron ball,
    appeared and attacked Asellus. The ultimate shield Dragon
    Scale Shield was obtained after its defeat.
    XIII. Shinrou
    Items: Rotten Meat, Cheap Item, 200 Credit x2, 300 Credit,
    	   500 Credit, Additional Memory Board, Jump Suit,
    	   Strengthened Armor, Duel Gun, Electricity
    	   Shooter, Twin Sword, 250 Credit, Spirit's Stone,
    	   Sprite Silver Armor, Sprite Silver Earring, Stone
    	   of the Sealing Fields, Excel Guard
    The Ancient Ship was in the upper-left corner of Shinrou.
    Twelve treasures were inside this Ancient Ship.
    After exiting the Ancient Ship and entering the Arena,
    the party arrived at the Castle. There were nothing much
    inside it so Asellus exited again.
    The final unexplored area in Shinrou was the Ruins in the
    upper-right corner. Asellus came across a room with a
    seal on the door. When she approached it, a few Yellow
    Fighter appeared.
    The Boss Gaia Toad (ボス・ガイアトード) was waiting in
    the room accessed by entering the upper left hole in
    the entrance. There was another door with a seal under
    the Boss Gaia Toad's room. Go down the stairs and go
    upper-right to access the path under the walls.
    There were other ememies and treasures inside the
    Shinrou Ruins. Go upper-left, upper-right and down-
    right the stone path to fight Boss Viking (ボス・
    ヴァルキリー). After this was mostly exploring and
    finding treasures.
    XIV. The Final Confrontation
    Items: Golden Lion Empress's Sword, Hades's Armor
    Finally it's time for the matter between Orurowaaju
    and Asellus to end. She must return to Fanscination. The
    road to Fanscination lay open at Owmi, where the ship
    only travels to the cave outside of Fanscination.
    Once more Asellus went through the Caves and the
    Village. She remembered the treasures outside of her
    room. After collecting them, she climbed up the tower,
    where Irodoun did not allow to her to go in the
    Jiina was captured by a monster in the circular room
    beyond the left cave. She returned to her room when
    Asellus saved her.
    	** note ** Whether Asellus rescued Jiina or not
    			affects the ending. (See section 11)
    Beyond the right cave was the first branch in the road.
    A giant was waiting for Asellus in the right path. The
    door behind him opened upon his defeat. At the end of
    the rooms and paths was the Fanscinationian teleporting
    The rose pedals encircled Asellus. She entered the left
    tower of the Pinnacle Castle. The previous Fanscination-
    ian bosses were revived and waiting inside the tower.
    First Asellus encountered Seato, the "Shawdow Knight".
    Next in line was Golden Lion Empress, who gave Asellus
    her sword when she was defeated.
    Upstairs Orurowaaju clarified Asellus of the relations
    between them. A battle between them took place in
    Orurowaaju's room, beyond the room illuminated with
    purple light and the stairs......
    		- end of Asellus's Chapter -
    ~ 3. Techs ~
    Most techs are learnt as your character progresses. There are certain techs
    that are learnt by repeatedly using a tech e.g. 稲妻突き is learnt by
    repeatedly using 諸手突き. I don't know all the ways to learn techs so......
    Also I will try to translate the names of the techs (if I can ^^)
    - 3.1 Swordtechs 剣技 and 刀技 -
    n a m e				w p	d e s c r i p t i o n
    なぎ払い				0	causes "stun" effect
    切り返し [reverse cut]		1
    巻き打ち				2
    諸手突き				2	two-hand tech
    二刀十字斬 [two sword cross-	2	two-sword tech
    スマッシュ [smash]		3
    飛燕剣 [sparrow slash?]		2	strong against flying enemies
    稲妻突き				2	two-hand tech
    天地二段 [sky-earth split?]	3	causes "stun" effect
    払車剣				4
    柳枝の剣				4
    ディフレクト [deflector]	1	dodges attacks
    ベアクラッシュ [bear crush?]	5
    デッドエンド [deadend]		6	causes suffocation
    逆風の太刀				5
    神速三段突き			7
    かすみ青眼				4
    無拍子				7
    烈風剣 [wind slash]		5	hit all enemies, strong against
    						  flying enemies
    二刀烈風剣 [two sword wind	5	two-sword tech, hit all enemies,
    			slash]	  	  strong against flying enemies
    清流剣 [clear stream slash]	7
    濁流剣 [unclear stream		7
    十字留め				1	two-sword tech, strong defending
    ライジングノヴァ [raging	7
    ロザリオインペール		8	effective on undeads
    	[Rosary Impair]
    雲身払車剣				9	hit all enemies
    無月散水				10
    喪神無想				5	defend & attack when attacked by
    月影の太刀				4
    燕返し				4
    風雪即意付け			6
    三花仙				9
    カイザーウイング			1	Alkaiser's tech
    	[kaiser wing]
    カイザースマッシュ		4	Alkaiser's tech
    	[kaiser smash]
    - 3.2 Guntechs 銃技 -
    n a m e				w p	d e s c r i p t i o n
    精密射撃 [concise aim?]		2	critical hit
    集中連射 [concentration		4	
    continuous aim?]
    全体射撃 [shoot all]		4	hit all enemies
    曲射 [curve shooting]		2	surprising attack
    反応射撃 [reaction aim?]	3	used to face enemy's attacks
    地上掃討				1	has an active area
    十字砲火				4	strong against undead, hit all
    跳弾					5	
    早撃ち [early attack?]		0	ability to attack first
    2丁拳銃				0	strengthen gun attacks
    - 3.3 Bodytechs 体術 -
    n a m e				w p	d e s c r i p t i o n
    キック [kick]			0	
    空気投げ [air throw?]		1	throwing tech, "stun" effect
    サミング [Thumbing]		1	"dark" effect
    スライディング [Sliding]	2	ground attack, "stun" effect
    ローリングクレイドル		2	throwing tech, "stun" effect
      [rolling cradle?]
    スウェイバック [Sway back]	1	dodge attacks
    短勁 [sudden power?]		3	
    拳 [punch]				2	
    爆砕鉄拳 [exploding iron 
    			punch?]	4	
    びせ蹴り [bize kick]		3	
    当て身投げ				2	throw when attacked by punch
    スープレックス [suplex]	4	throwing tech, "stun" effect
    ジャイアントスイング [giant	6	causes suffocation
    金剛神掌				6	
    バベルクランブル			5	
    三角蹴り [triangle kick]	7	
    鬼走り				5	
    どつきまわ				4	
    ロコモーションG [locomotion	5	throwing tech, "stun" effect
    ドラゴンスクリュー		3	throw when attacked by kick
        [dragon screw]
    羅刹掌				9	causes suffocation
    三龍旋				9	
    スカイツイスター			10	
        [sky twister]
    ブライトナックル			0	Alkaiser's tech
    [bright knuckle]
    ファイナルクルセイド		2	Alkaiser's tech
    [final crusade]
    - 3.4 Special 特殊技 -
    n a m e				w p	d e s c r i p t i o n
    レーザー回避 [avoid laser]	0	dodges laser attacks
    ロケット弾回避 [avoid rocket]	0	dodges rocket attacks
    バルカン回避 [avoid balkan]	0	dodges bullet attacks
    ウィルス [virus]		0
    射撃マスタりー [shooting
    			   master]  0	up ability of gun equipped
    剣闘マスタりー [swordplay	0	up attack ability of sword
    マクスウェルシステム[max	0	heal WP
    		will system]
    自己修復 [heal myself]		0	heal HP
    ヘッジホグシステム [hedgehog	0	use missile to counterattack (?)
    びっくりソルジャー [surprise	8	attack all enemies
    どっきりナイト			10	attack all enemies
        [dokkiri knight]
    無伴奏ソナタ [sonata with no	4	attack all enemies
    論理爆弾 [theory bomb?]		4	berserks machines
    ジャマー [jammer]			1	cause "stun" to all machine enemies
    催眠ラッシュ [hypnosis]		2	cause "sleep" to all enemies
    多段斬り [mulitple slash]	5
    エネルギー補給 [energy		0	heal WP for machines
    マグニファイ [magnify]		15	up power of weapon (?)
    - 3.5 見切り技  Evade Techs -
    The translations are all followed by the word "dodge".
    n a m e				w p	d e s c r i p t i o n
    吸血見切り [bloodsuck]		0	dodges bloodsuck/fire
    タッチ見切り [touch]		0	dodges touch attacks
    烈風見切り [wind]			0	dodges wind slash/wind
    						  hit (烈風剣、烈風撃)
    凝視見切り [stare]		0	dodges stare attacks
    デスグリップ見切り 		0	dodges instant death
    		[death grip]
    閃光見切り [flash]		0	dodges flash attacks
    落雷見切り [thunder]		0	dodges thunder attacks
    翼見切り [wing]			0	dodges wing attacks
    パウダー見切り [powder]		0	dodges powder attacks
    地響き見切り [earthquake]	0	dodges earthquake
    岩石見切り [rock]			0	dodges rocks
    針見切り [needle]			0	dodges poison needles,
    						  needle attacks
    しっぽ見切り [tail]		0	dodges back attacks
    ネット見切り [net]		0	dodges net attacks
    体当たり見切り [body hit]	0	dodges body techs
    ふみつけ見切り [stomp]		0	dodges stomping attacks
    ~ 4. Magic ~
    - 4.1 Learning Magic -
    Magic in SaGa Frontier is divided into 12 groups, each have to be
    bought or, for the higher level magic, earned by an event/maze/etc.
    (e.g. Maze of Light, Arcana/Rune Event) Also, there are certain
    magic that have opposing "elementals", which means that if you have
    one, you can't have the other. The opposing pairs are:
    - 4.2 Yin Magic 陰術 -
    n a m e				j p	d e s c r i p t i o n
    パワースナッチ [power snatch]	1	take enemy's HP
    ハイドビハインド [hide behind]1	attack enemy from back
    シャドウネット [shadow net]	3	paralyzes all enemies
    ダークスフィア [dark sphere]	4	attack with gravity bomb
    シャドウサーパント [shadow	9	make a copy of yourself
    ・゙クンパ [macabre?]
    - 4.3 Yang Magic 陽術 -
    n a m e				j p	d e s c r i p t i o n
    太陽光線 [sun rays]		1	effective on undeads
    スターライトヒール [starlight	2	heal HPs
    フラッシュファイア [flash	4	causes "dark" effect,
    				fire]		  attack all enemies
    フラッシュフラッド [flash	5	imprisons all enemies (?)
    光の剣 [sword of light]		7	defend with a sword of
    超風 [super wind]			9	attack all enemies
    - 4.4 Time Magic 時術 -
    n a m e				j p	d e s c r i p t i o n
    ディレイオーダー [delay order]1	decreases enemy's
    						 moving ability
    タイムリープ [time leap]	3	ends enemy's attacking
    時間蝕 [time eclipse]		5	decreases enemy's
    						  moving ability and
    タイムツイスター [time		5	gains one more attack
    			twister]		  turn
    カオスストリーム [chaos		9	attack all enemies
    オーヴァドライヴ [overdrive]	10	gains infinite speed
    - 4.5 Space Magic 空術 -
    n a m e				j p	d e s c r i p t i o n
    ヴェイパーブラスト [vapour	1	attack enemy with an
    			   blast]		  air gun
    ライトシフト [light shift]	1	make a field of light
    ダークシフト [dark shift]	1	make a field of death
    バニッシュ [vanish]		3	kill enemy
    ヴォーテクス [vortex]		3	eliminates magic/tech
    リバースグラビティ [reverse	6	attack all enemies,
    			  gravity]		  "stun" effect
    [dimensional cannon]
    Reverse ・ッ・鬣テ・キ・罕、・「
    - 4.6 Magic 魔術 -
    n a m e				j p	d e s c r i p t i o n
    ゲート [gate]			0	opens gate to another
    エナジーチェーン [energy	1	
    サイコアーマー [pyscho armor]	1	defends with magic
    インプロージョン [implosion]	2	makes enemy blow up
    サイキックプリズン		7	locks enemy's ability
    	[psychic prison]			  to use tech/magic
    ヴァーミリオンサンズ		8	attacks all enemies,
    	[vermillion suns]			  "dark" effect
    ・ミ・テ・ッ・ユ・。・、・「 [backfire]
    - 4.7 Mystic 妖術 -
    n a m e				j p	d e s c r i p t i o n
    ファッシネイション		1	causes "charm" effect
    幻夢の一撃 [dream hit?]		3	attack with illusionary
    硝子の盾 [glass shield]		5	defend with a shield
    ミラーシェイド [mirror shade]	7	make an illusion of
    ・サ・?ッ・キ・逾 [surrection]
    ・ヨ・?[・ッ・?ー・鬣ケ [broken
    - 4.8 Arcana 秘術 -
    n a m e				j p	d e s c r i p t i o n
    剣 [sword]				1	attacks with a magic
    盾 [shield]				3	increases allies' defense
    杯 [cup]				3	heals abnormal status
    金貨 [gold]				3	with gold
    死神 [death]			4	give enemy's life to
    						  the god of death
    愚者 [the fool]			6	all attack power is
    魔術師 [the magician]		7	attack enemy with a copy
    						  of yourself
    塔 [the tower]			∞	change all magic power
    						  into thunder to attack
    - 4.9 Rune 印術 -
    n a m e				j p	d e s c r i p t i o n
    勝利のルーン [victory rune]	1	power-up allie's weap.
    活力のルーン [vitality rune]	2	give allies the ability
    						  to return from dead
    保護のルーン [protect rune]	2	becomes invisible
    解放のルーン [freedom/release	4	protects from paralyze/
    			rune]			  sleep/petrify
    魂のルーン [spirit rune]	7	increases stats greatly
    壁のルーン [wall rune]		8	protect from bullet
    矮人のルーン [something-rune]	8	decreases enemy's
    停滞のルーン [stop rune]	∞	stops time
    - 4.10 Heart 心術 -
    n a m e				j p	d e s c r i p t i o n
    克己 [self-control]		2	heal yourself completely
    呪縛 [curse]			2	causes "paralyze"
    隠行 [hard to explain....'-']	2	make yourself disappear
    覚醒 [realization]		2	increases stats greatly
    生命波動 [wave of life]		2	attack enemy with life
    ナエ(sth)攻撃 [iron pole]
    ・ィー・ [error]
    - 4.11 Demon 邪術 -
    I can't type any of the kanji in EUC for the Demon Magic,
    so I will provide the meanings along with kanji encoded in
    Big5. Big5 can be viewed with Unionway also ^^ There is a
    slight difference between the Japanese kanji encoded in
    EUC than the ones encoded in Big5 (Chinese), but you should
    recognize them easily......
    n a m e				j p	d e s c r i p t i o n
    ツ?Fタサ [spirit attack?]			causes "stun"
    オhトアュソシW [2x pain]			multiples the damage
    						  on all enemies
    ゥGア? [cursed murder]			exterminates enemy with
    						  a bet on your life
    ソEオh [sudden pain]			causes "stun" on all
    ィクニFカセィフ [attach demon]
    ニFサル [spirit block]			attack all enemies
    オLョtァOカセィフ [no difference
    - 4.12 Life 命術 -
    n a m e				j p	d e s c r i p t i o n
    汚、ヘ、ソ牙 [stained tooth]	1
    サクリファイス [sacrifice]	2	heals allies completely
    						  with your life energy
    リヴァイヴァ [reviver]		9	makes ally's body immune
    						  to death once
    分子分解 [atomize]
    ・ヨ・?、・ヨ・マー・ネ [brave heart]
    (sth.)、ホ(sth sth sth sth.)
    	[enemy's help shooting)
    魔術師 [magician]
    - 4.13 Illusion 幻術 -
    n a m e				j p	d e s c r i p t i o n
    (sth sth.) [black cat]			attacks with illusion
    ・ハ・、・ネ・皈「 [nightmare]			attacks with illusion
    ・ク・罕テ・ォ・ [jackal]			attacks with illusion
    ・ウ・ォ・ネ・?ケ [cockatrice]			attacks with illusion
    ・黶[・ムー [reaper]				attacks with illusion
    ・゚・?ェ・?タ・驕[ [million dollar]	attacks with illusion
    影縛り [shadow bound]		0	paralyzes enemy
    銀牙 [silver tooth]
    ~ 5. Tech/Magic Combinations ~
    This is of course very (very) incomplete.....
    I'm no longer translating the tech/magic combination names
    because they are too long and are mostly made up of putting
    names of the individual techs/magics together.
    n a m e				t e c h   r e q u i r e d
    稲妻プロージョン 			1. インプロージョン (magic)
                          		2. 稲妻突き (sword)
    諸手プロージョン 			1. インプロージョン(magic)
    			   		2. 諸手突き (sword)
    呪縛生命光線 			1. 呪縛 (heart)
    					2. 生命波動 (heart)
    					3. 太陽光線(yang)
    呪縛波動 				1. 呪縛 (heart)
    					2. 生命波動 (heart)
    太陽チェーン 			1. 太陽光線 (yang)
    					2. エナジーチェーン (magic)
    太陽生命波動 			1. 太陽光線 (yang)
    					2. 生命波動 (heart)
    					3. 生命波動 (heart)
    太陽波動 				1. 太陽光線 (yang)
    					2. 生命波動 (heart)
    濁流キック 				1. 濁流剣 (sword)
    					2. キック (body)
    濁流清流剣 				1. 濁流剣 (sword)
    		    			2. 清流剣 (sword)
    濁流ライジング神速金剛清流剣	1. 濁流剣 (sword)
    					2. ライジングノヴァ (sword)
    					3. 神速三段突き (sword)
    					4. 金剛神掌 (body)
    					5. 清流剣 (sword)
    濁流ノヴァ 				1. 濁流剣 (sword)
    					2. ライジングノヴァ (sword)
    月影の十字斬 			1. 月影の太刀 (sword)
    					2. 二刀十字斬 (sword)
    二刀烈風プロージョン		1. 二刀烈風剣 (sword)
    					2. インプロージョン (magic)
    二刀烈風キック			1. 二刀烈風剣 (sword)
    					2. キック (body)
    二刀烈風濁流剣			1. 二刀烈風剣 (sword)
    					2. 濁流剣 (sword)
    二刀烈風神掌			1. 二刀烈風剣 (sword)
    					2. 金剛神掌 (body)
    ライジング三龍旋			1. ライジングノヴァ (sword)
    					2. 三龍旋 (body)
    ライジング十字斬			1. ライジングノヴァ (sword)
    					2. 二刀十字斬 (sword)
    ライジング無月神掌		1. ライジングノヴァ (sword)
    					2. 無月散水 (sword)
    					3. 金剛神掌 (body)
    ライジングロザリオ散水		1. ライジングノヴァ (sword)
    					2. ロザリオインペール (sword)
    					3. 無月散水 (sword)
    ~ 6. Attacking Equipment ~
    - 6.1 Swords & Katanas -
    n a m e				atk	s p e c i a l
    ボーイーナイフ [boy knife]	7
    シャドウダガー [shadow dagger]9	spirit+3, 影縛り
    クックリ刀 [cookery knife]	10	use katana tech
    ブロードソード [broad sword]	11
    フィーンドロッド [fiend rod]	13	ファイナルストライク
    						[final strike, WP 10]
    レーザーナイフ [razor knife]	15
    サムライソード [samurai sword]19	use katana tech
    ツインソード [twin sword]	20
    シルバースプレッド [silver	22	spirit+22
    セラミックサーベル [ceramic	22
    高周波ブレード [high		30
    		frequency blade]
    天叢雲剣 [cloud clusters in	33
    			the sky]
    ジャッカルブレード [jackal	33	汚れた牙 (stained
    			   blade]		  tooth, WP 1)
    刀 [katana]				34	use katana tech
    双龍刀 [double dragon katana] 41	use katana tech
    グリランドリー			42	ファイナルストライク
    						  [final strike, WP 10]
    スプラッシュソード [splash	49	分子分解
    ルーンソード [rune sword]	50	勝利のルー・ [victory
    						  rune, WP 1]
    ロードスター [Lord Star]	51	ブレイブハート [brave
    						  heart, WP 4]
    トゥイギーロッド [twiggy	52	ファイナルストライク
    			sword]		  [final strike, WP 10]
    流星刀 [meteorite katana]	55	use katana tech,ミリオ
    						  ・?_ラー [miriondaraa,
    						  WP 7]
    ゼロソード [zero sword]		60
    黒曜石の剣 [dark stone sword]	64
    月下美人 [beauty under the	69	use katana tech
    幻魔 [illusionary demon]	70	幻魔 [illusionary demon,
    						  WP 4], all status +7
    金獅子の剣 [golden lion		75
    		empress's sword]
    光の剣 [sword of light]		80
    - 6.2 Guns -
    * blt# = bullet number
    n a m e			blt#	atk	s p e c i a l
    ゴーストキャノン		12	5	effective on undeads
    	[ghost cannon]
    ドビーランチャー 		3	10	attack all enemies
    	[dolby launcher]
    スクラップバズーカ	1	10
    	[scrap bazooka]	
    ミサイルポッド		8	12	100% hit
    	[missile pod]
    ハンドブラスター				パラライザー [paralyzer,
    	[hand blaster]	7	50	  WP 0],ブラスターソード
    						  blaster sword, WP 0]
    ハンドバルカン		15	60
    	[hand vulcan]
    ハンドバズーカ		4	20
    	[hand bazooka]
    電磁放射銃			6	20
    [electromagnetic gun]
    水撃銃 [water gun]	-	20	"push" effect
    電撃砲 [electronic	4	25
    レーザーカービン		10	25
    	[laser carbine]
    ソニックブラスター	16	25
    	[sonic carbine]
    イオンライフル		10	27
    	[ion rifle]
    マシンバルカン		40	30
    	[machine vulcan]
    電束放射器 [electricity	3	33
    火炎放射器 [fire		3	33
    	[killer hound]	4	44	100% hit
    粒子加速砲 [atomic	8	45
    accerlation cannon]
    破壊光線銃 [laser gun]	7	50
    対装甲ロケット		2	55
    	[armor rocket]
    重粒子砲 [heavy atomic	5	60
    ストーカー [stalker]	3	70	100% hit
    ハイペリオン [hyperion]	2	85
    アグニSSP [agni ssp]	15	9
    アグニCP1 [agni cp1]	13	12	
    ペンドラゴン		8	13
    	[pen dragon]
    ガーランド [garland]	8	22
    マークエルフ [mark elf]	5	25
    ブラックイーグル		6	28
    	[black eagle]
    カスタムスナイパー	6	31
    	[custom sniper]
    アグニMBX [agni mbx]	20	36
    魔銃 [demon gun]		4	42
    禅銃 [bullet gun]		16	45
    ベヒーモス [behemoth]	7	47
    デュエルガン [duel gun]	1	55
    リーサルドラグーン	5	60
    	[lethal dragon]
    ブリューナク [buryuunak]1	88
    - 6.3 Other -
    n a m e				atk	s p e c i a l
    ナエ・ム・、・ラ [iron pipe]		15
    ~ 7. Defense Equipment ~
    - 7.1 Shields -
    * ele = elemental
    n a m e				ele	s p e c i a l
    バックラー [buckler]		-	dodges weapon attacks
    シェルガード [shell guard]	-	use V-Max
    水鏡の盾 [water mirror]		water	dodges heat/phys atks
    玄武の盾 [sth.shield]		water	dodges physical atks
      * 玄武 is a Japanese mythical creature
    竜燐の盾 [dragon scale shield]-	dodges all attacks
    エクセルガード [excel guard]	-	dodges physical atks
    デュラハンの盾 [durahan		-	dodges all attacks,
    			shield]		  丈夫 +5 if not machine,
    						  死の凝視 [death stare,
    						  WP 4]
    ワンダーバングル [wonder	-	destroys trail bullets
    - 7.2 Boards -
    n a m e					s p e c i a l
    スクラップパーツ [scrap parts]	T260G's initial equip
    メモリボード [memory board]
    追加メモリボード [addition memory
    オクトパスボード [octopus board]
    ナカジマ機動ボード [nakajima		ナカジマ零式 [Nakajima 0]
    		mechanic board]		  initial equip
    ナカジマ戦闘ボード [nakajima		特殊工作車 [special
    			war board]		  working car] initial
    - 7.3 Armors -
    n a m e				dfn	s p e c i a l
    毛皮 [animal hide]		6
    闇のローブ [dark robe]		8	"dark" elemental
    ファイバーベスト [fibre vest]	8
    木陰のローブ [tree shade robe]9	heal "poison" and HP
    						  if not machine
    修士の法衣 [monk's robe]	10
    プロテクター [protector]	10
    リジッドレザー [rigid leather]12
    ボーンブレスト [bone breast]	13
    星屑のマント [stardust cape]	16	dodges suffocation
    炎獣の革 [fire monster's hide]16
    月白のショール [white moon	17	dodges "paralyze" &
    				shawl]	  "sleep"
    防弾ベスト [anti-bullet vest?]18	strong against bullet
    陽炎のケープ [sun cape]		18	dodges "petrify"
    ブルーエルフ [blue elf]		20	water elemental
    魔獣の革 [mythic creature's	24
    精霊銀の鎧 [spirit silver	24	strong against sound/
    			armor]		  voice attacks
    電磁活性鎧 [electromagnetic	25
    リビングアーマー [living	26
    飛天の鎧 [flight armor]		27	defends earthquake atks
    ゴールデンフリーズ [golden	28	dodges "paralyze" &
    			fleece]		  "sleep"
    強化装甲 [strengthened armor]	30
    武神の鎧 [war god's armor]	32
    冥帝の鎧 [hades's armor]	35
    - 7.4 Suits -
    n a m e				dfn	s p e c i a l
    コンバットスーツ [combat suit]15	"dark" elemental
    ジャンプスーツ [jump suit]	25	"dark" elemental
    ラバースーツ [rubber suit]	22	"dark" elemental
    大魔神装甲 [magic giant suit]	25	"dark" elemental
    サイバースーツ [cyber suit]	36	"dark" elemental
    (sth sth.)、ホ・ノ・?ケ [white	40
    パワードスーツ [power suit]	50	"dark" elemental
    スプリガンスーツ [sprigan	55	"dark" elemental
    -7.5 Clothing -
    n a m e				dfn	s p e c i a l
    力帯 [power belt]			1	dodges" paralyze &
    コットンシャツ [cotton shirt]	3
    シルティーク [Siltique]		3
    魔道着 [magician clothing]	4
    武道着 [fighter clothing]	7
    防護服 [protect clothing]	8
    (sth sth.)、ホ(sth sth.)		8	heals "poison" & HPs
    	[mystic's white clothing]	  if not machine
    強化服 [strengthed clothing]	10
    - 7.6 Headgears -
    n a m e				dfn	s p e c i a l
    ジャンクヘルム [junk helm]	4	"dark" elemental
    ヨーク綿の帽子 [york cotton	5	"dark" elemental
    卵の帽子 [egg hat]		5	"dark" elemental
    赤外線スコープ [infrared	6	"dark" elemental
    ファイバーフード [fibre hood]	6	"dark" elemental
    マジックハット [magic hat]	6	"dark" elemental,
    						  精霊石 (sprite
    						  stone, WP 0)
    レーザースコープ [laser	scope]7	"dark" elemental
    ミラーグラス [mirror glass]	8	"dark" elemental
    - 7.7 Wrist Protectors -
    n a m e				dfn	s p e c i a l
    レザーグラブ [leather glove]	4
    シェルブレーザー [shelve	6
    精霊銀の腕輪 [sprite silver	7	strong against sound/
    			wrist ring]		  voice attacks
    アーマーグラブ [armor glove]	8
    サイバーグラブ [cyber glove]	9
    超銅金アームレット [steel	10
    - 7.8 Shoes -
    n a m e				dfn	s p e c i a l
    レザーブーツ [leather boot]	3
    ・タ・?オー・キ・蛛[・コ [dancer	4
    ラバーソウル [rubber sole]	5
    キットンソックス [kitten sock]6	dodges "stun"
    フェザーグリーブ [feather	7
    ジェットブーツ [jet boot]	7	dodges earthquake atks
    鉄下駄 [iron shoe]		8	increases hardness
    超銅金アンクレット [steel	10
    ~ 8. Accessories ~
    n a m e				dfn	s p e c i a l
    ブラッドチャリス [blood		1	prevents "suffocation"
    羽根飾り [feather jewellery]	1
    ユニコーンの涙 [the tear of	1	prevents "poison"
    			the unicorn]
    鎮魂の勾玉 [spirit-soothing	1	聖歌(hymn, WP6)
    避雷の勾玉 [thunder-dodging	1
    壊れたバンパー [broken bumper]1
    バンパー [bumper]			3
    雷の結晶 [thunder crystal]	1	defend from "thunder"
    						  attacks, use as an
    						  item(thunder barrier)
    銀氷石 [silver ice gem]		1	defend from "ice" atks,
    						  use as item (ice bar.)
    紅炎石 [crimson flame gem]	1	defend from "fire" atks,
    						  use as item (fire bar.)
    霧氷の銀貨 [misty silver]	1
    魅力のネックレス [charisma	1	only in Asellus' chapter
    精霊銀のピアス [sprite silver	1	strong against sound/
    			earrings]		  voice attacks
    砂の器 [sand container]		2	dodges "petrify", 流砂
    						  (quicksand, WP 3)
    パールハート [pearl heart]	2	water elemental
    がらくた [cheap item]		2
    クリスナイフ [kris knife]	3
    深海の輝石 [light of the	3	water elemental, 水撃
    			ocean]		  (water attack, WP1),
    						  (meirushutoroomu, WP8)
    						  if race:mystic
    パープルアイ [purple eye]	4	dodges "stare" attacks,
    						  幻夢の一撃(dream hit,WP3)
    ウィンドシェル [wind shell]	5
    エメス・タグ [emesu tag]	5	dodges "petrify"
    天使のブローチ [angel's		5	dodges spirit attacks
    			brooch]		  (only in Emiria's Ch.)
    -------- the rings are only available in Coon's Chapter ------
    --- effects are triggered when rings are used ----------------
    護りの指輪 [protect ring]	1	allies' defense up
    商人の指輪 [merchant's ring]	1	charm attack on all enemies
    盗賊の指輪 [thief's ring]	1	invisible on all allies
    策士の指輪 [schemer's ring]	1	confuse on all enemies
    勇気の指輪 [courage ring]	1	protect allies from stat.
    隠者の指輪 [ninja's ring]	1	all the tech/spells are
    生命の指輪 [life ring]		1	heal HP for allies
    戦士の指輪 [fighter's ring]	1	allies' attack power up
    神秘の指輪 [mystery ring]	1
    鋼のお守り [steel protect]	1	hardness up
    翼のお守り [wing protect]	1	move up
    花のお守り [flower protect]	1	spirit up
    牙のお守り [fang protect]	1	power up
    ~ 9. Battle Items ~
    They must be equipped to a character if they are to be used in battle,
    unless the character had already equipped bakkupakku (backpack), in
    which s/he will be able to use all the items in the inventory.
    n a m e   o f   i t e m			u s e   o f   i t e m
    o 傷薬 (potion)				-heals HPs (200), useless for 
    o 強力傷薬 (hi-potion)			-heals HPs (more), useless for
    o 最高傷薬 (x-potion)			-heals HPs (most), useless for 
    o インスタントキット (Insutantokitto)	-heals status and HPs for
    o 万能油 (mighty oil?)			-heals status
    o 結界石 (stone of the sealing fields)-prevents monster attacks (no
    					 	 use if monster is a boss...)
    o 術酒 (magic wine)			-heals JPs
    o 神酒 (God's wine)			-heals (more) JPs
    o 石化回復 (heal petrify)		-heals petrify, useless for
    o まんまるドロップ (round candy)	-heals LPs, useless for
    o ラッキーコイン (lucky coin)		-increases your party's
    o アンラッキーコイン (unlucky coin)	-decreases your enemies'
    o 精霊石 (spirit's stone)		-attacks all enemies
    o マヒ針 (paralyze needle)		-paralyzes one enemy
    o フラッシュボム (flash bomb)		-"dark" all enemies
    o 腐った肉 (rotten meat)		-status problems for one enemy?
    o バックパック (backpack)		-ability to use all items
    						  during battle without
    o 金 (gold)					-trade, make more money,
    					  	  trade again......
    o アルカナ・タロー (arcana tarot)	-tarot cards for "Arcana" magic
    o ルーンの石 (rune stone)		-stones for "Rune" magic
    ~ 10. Tips and Tricks ~
    - 10.1 all the money you'll ever want...sort of ----
    First you have to have 12500 credits. Then go to Nelson ()
    and buy 25 pieces of gold from the sailor on the right of the bar.
    Then go back to Kowloon () and sell gold. The gold price
    should be about 800 credit (if never sold gold before) Now press
    down on the control pad. The gold price should drop and the number
    of gold you have also drops. Drop it until the price equals 520
    credit and sell it. Now you'll have 13 pieces of gold and 9000
    credit. Go back to Nelson and buy gold with your remaining 9000
    credit. Now you should have 31 pieces of gold. Then go back to Kowloon
    and sell gold in the same manner......Repeat until you have enough
    money or when you have 99 gold...(max.) Sell your gold and you can
    begin again ^^
    - 10.2 Blue's secret magic -------------------------
    In time magic there is a spell called Oovadoraivu () 
    in which the caster can attack 8 times in a turn without spending
    any JPs, but the number of JPs will automatically drop to 0 after 
    the turn. But if Blue uses this "Overdrive" spell and choose 7
    attacks, the 8th being the Stop Rune (), Blue will only lose 10
    JPs after the turn and will stay in the "attack 8 times" condition
    after the effects of Stop Rune disappear. Any boss can be killed
    easily this way......^^
    ~ 11. Secrets ~
    - 11.1 Asellus' 3 endings. ----------------------------
    Asellus had 3 endings to her chapter: the one in which she went to a
    grave; the one that tell a story and the one in which Asellus become a
    true mystic. Which ending she get depends on the number of turning into
    a mystic in battle and whether or not she rescued Gina in the final
    IF: saved Gina and few times turning into a mystic 	  - ending 1
        didn't save Gina and turned into a mystic many times - ending 3
        saved Gina and turned into a mystic many times /or/
        didn't save Gina and few times turning into a mystic - ending 2
    - 11.2 Emiria's 2 endings -----------------------------
    Emiria also had multiple endings. Ending 1 is the one that takes photos
    of her and comrades, ending 2 is the one in which she get married to Ren.
    The event that determines her ending is whether she defeated the big
    monster when pursuing Joker.
    IF: defeated big monster		- ending 1
        didn't defeat big monster		- ending 2
    - 11.3 Bonus Chapter ----------------------------------
    There is a 8th chapter in the game. It is called the "Development II", with
    all sub-characters played by the development team of Saga Frontier (hehe).
    In this mode you can choose to fight bosses again with any character, test
    BGM, looking at screenshot/illustrations, etc.. You can even fight the
    Master of Illusions with Blue ^^
    To get to this mode, you must finish the game with 7 separate characters
    at different times, with one system file. This means if you are playing
    Asellus' (have to mention her) chapter, and your friend begins Coon's
    chapter before you finish Asellus' chapter with your system file, you are
    not going to get this "Development II" when you finish the game ^^; Better
    watch out for people who steals your PS and games to play ^^
    - 11.4 Secret Characters ------------------------------
    == 11.41 The "Zero Empress" =====
    To get the "Zero Empress", 零姫, you have to be in Asellus' Chapter.
    Before you leave the Pinnacle Castle (針の城) through the secret passage,
    go to the room at the lower left corner of the castle and the White Rose
    Queen (白薔薇) will say something about the "Zero Empress". This way, when
    the story advances to the time White Rose Queen leaves the party, you can
    go to the temple at Douvan (ドゥヴァン) and talk to the girl. The girl will
    then reveals her true identity, the Zero Empress. She is the only character
    in the game that knows the magic of Illusion (幻術).
    == 11.42 Master of Time =======
    The Master of Time (時の君) is very (I mean _very_!) strong at the magic
    of time. To get him, one character in the party (main character is the
    best) must have Yin or Yang, Magic or Demon and Arcana or Rune. Then go to
    Mosperniburg (ムスペルニブル) to find the Master of Ring (指輪の君). If
    you don't have Sand Timer (砂の器), you will have to go to Fascination
    (ファシナトゥール). He will either transport you there or you'll have to
    go yourself ^^ Anyway, when you arrive at Fascination, go to the weapon
    store and exchange 1 LP for the Sand Timer and go find the Master of Ring
    again. He will transport you to the dimension of the time monsters. Pour
    the Sand Timer into the big Sand Timer and you can enter to find the
    Master of Time inside. If you don't make him join the first time, he'll
    never join your party. You can only learn magic of time from him. Also,
    if the main character is Blue he won't join you. (Blue is too strong in
    == 11.43 Kirin ================
    Kirin (麒麟) is very _very_ strong at the magic of space. You'll have to
    get 1 character to have Yin or Yang, Magic or Demon and Arcana or Rune 
    magic before you can get him. Go to Douvan (ドゥヴァン) to talk to the
    Zero Empress (零姫) and ask her about magic of space. She will transport you 
    to Kirin's dimension. After you go through the maze again and find him,
    you can make him join. If you don't make him join the first time, he'll
    never join your party. You can only learn magic of space from him. Also,
    if the main character is Blue he won't join you. (Blue is too strong in
    == 11.44 pzkwV =================
    The first thing you need in order to get this character is that you are in
    T260G's chapter. After Leonardo become one of your party members,
    you can go to the secret underground weapon shop in Kowloon and
    choose whether or not you want pzkwV in your party.
    == 11.45 朱雀 ==================
    朱雀 (Red Bird?) is yet another hidden character. To get him, you have to
    trigger the Arcana event and go to IRPO to be confided by Hughs.
    Then you go to Mosperniburg (ムスペルニブル) to get flowers
    and fight the female demon. After the fight go to the snow field in the
    center of the mountain. You'll find 3 boars there. If you suceeds, a snowman
    will appear in the south of the screen. Go fight him, and 朱雀 will join
    you after you won. If there is no snowman, go back to the previous screen,
    fight the female demon again and come back. Keep trying until you get it...
    - 11.5 魔銃 Monster Weapon & Gurirandorii -------
    You can get Monster Weapon (魔銃) and Gurirandorii (・ー・?鬣?ノ・黶[) in
    your equipment. Just leave a space in each character's weapon equipment and
    when these two monsters use a tech that is all kanji (can't type it...) the
    character hit will find this monster in his weapon equipment space. 魔銃's
    attack power is 42 and although it looks like that it only had 4 bullets,
    it had infinite ammunition. Gurirandorii's attack power is also 42 and can
    use a tech "Final Strike". The sword will explode after you use this
    tech......Also this sword can't be deequiped once it gets on your character.
    (blow it up...)
    - 11.6 DSC --------------------------------------
    This is a body tech that cannot be learnt the normal way. This tech
    becomes available once a character has these 4 techs: Sliding,
    suplex , Baberukuranperu and Jaiantosuibugu . Equip these 4
    techs to the character and you'll find a new tech called DSC (18WP).
    This is a tech that uses all 4 of the above techs in a row. If one
    of it fails, the rest won't be used.
    ~ 12. Credits ~
    In no particular order.
    * Cecil Kwan -- http://www.hknet.com/~cecil/
    	Beat me in this game! And FF7! How can someone play so fast ^-^
    * Mari Hagiwara
    	Japanese help ^-^
    * Adriel
    	Corrections here and there ^-^
    - An End is Another Beginning -
    And looking forward to revisions....hope you are too.
    No game shark codes...I personally don't like game sharks/game genies,
    and don't even own one! The fun of a RPG to me is in the exploring,
    not in the finishing of the game......It's true that some codes are
    neat, but......
    、隍ム 1487270

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