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    FAQ by Bubbawheat

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    Date: Mon, 13 Jul 1998 16:35:10 EDT
                              SaGa Frontier FAQ Version 0.5
         Basic Gameplay
         Learning Techniques
         Boss list
         Monster Absorbed Skills List
         Character list grouped by Character
    Revision History
    0.5 down to 20 more boss HP, redid monster basics, added a top link after each 
    section, put the boss HP into a table, more
    0.4 only need 24 more boss HP, added some secrets, finished(?) tidbits, finished 
    skill list. 
    0.3 added a few boss HP, some secrets, some combos,and began new section.
    0.2 added a few boss HP, more combos, and some secrets
    0.11 added names of all of the bosses, and HP of many of them, and more combos
    0.1 added more to the secrets section, added a few bosses, and a few combos.
    0.03 added secrets section, added 1 boss, and more info on monsters.
    0.02 added bosses section, and combos section
    Basic Gameplay
    When you have more than one fighting group, all characters who are not fighting 
    in battle will regain some WP and JP.
    Monsters gain levels by absorbing other monsters. They will become stronger by 
    absorbing stronger monsters. But, when
    absorbing weaker monsters, they can also become weaker. The only way that they 
    become stronger is through HP. All of the
    different monster forms have a beginning base amount of HP, and everytime you 
    absorb a skill that you have never absorbed
    before, it goes up by 4 HP. There are about 150 different monster skills that 
    you can absorb, so you could have a slime with
    over 700 HP.
    When monsters absorb other monsters, they gain an attack from them, but lose the 
    attack they have in their bottom most slot.
    You can move the skills around in the abilities list so you can choose what 
    skill you will lose.
    The monster that you turn into is based on what skills you have at the time, 
    weaker monsters have one key skill that you must
    have to become that monster, and more powerfull monsters have more key skills. 
    For example, if you have Deathsynthesis as
    one of your skills, you will very likely become an undead monster quite often.
    Mystics improve when their mystic weapons absorb certain monsters, at the most, 
    Mystics can have up to three mystic
    weapons, Sword, Glove, and Boots. In order to absorb a monster, you must attack 
    with the weapon, sometimes, the weapon
    will absorb the monster, usually if the weapon does what would be the last hit, 
    when it does, you learn a skill from the monster,
    and some of your stats will increase while you have that monster absorbed. If 
    you absorb another monster with your mystic
    weapon, you will lose the skill you have to get a new one, and you will lose 
    your status boosts to get different ones from the
    new monster.
    Also, Mystics will gain HP, WP, JP, and Charm like humans through regular 
    Mecs improve only with the equipment they are wearing, you must experiment with 
    different weapons and armors to see which
    will give you the best mec possible. Also, when fighting other mecs, you can 
    gather data from them after they are defeated.
    This will either recharge WP, or give you a special skill.
    Humans are the easiest to improve. They improve through fighting, Swords 
    increase WP, Str, and Vit the most, and also
    increase Qui, and Wil. Fighting skills increase mostly the same as Swords, but 
    increase Qui less, and HP more. Guns increase
    Qui, Int, WP and Wil the most, and also increase Vit. Magic increases Int, JP 
    and Wil the most, and also increases Vit.
    Everything increases HP
    Learning Techniques
    Sword Techniques
    The way to learn most sword techniques is to use the basic sword attack, but 
    there also another way to help learn certain
    techs. That is to use a low level technique, and you might learn a technique 
    that is similar, but more powerful. Here are some
    Double Slash->Swallow Swing, Headwind, Gale Slash
    Cross Slash->2 Gale Slash
    Swallow Swing->Gale Slash,2 Gale Slash
    Thrust->Thunder Thrust, Triple Thrust, Dead End
    Hard Slash->Bear Crush,Turbid Current
    Shadow Counter->Life Sprinkler
    Wheel Slash->Haze-to-Wheel
    Triple Thrust,Dead End->Rosario Impale
    Heaven/Hell->Willow Branch
    these examples might not be the best way to go, but for some of the more 
    powerful techniques, it might be the only way to
    Fighting Techniques
    The way to learn fighting techniques is also to use punch, and as with swords, 
    you can learn certain moves faster by using low
    level techs. To learn throwing techs, use the basic Air Throw and to learn 
    kicking techs, like corkscrew, use the basic Kick.
    Alkaiser Techniques: The alkaiser techs can only be learned when you are the 
    Alkaiser, and the best way to learn them is by
    using Bright Fist. The only way(i think) to learn Re-Al-Phoenix is by using Al-
    In order to learn magic, you first need the gift for that type of magic then 
    cast spells of that type, the higher level spells usually
    let you learn faster, and higher intelligence lets you learn faster, and that's 
    all there is to it. One more thing, unlike Fighting and
    Sword techniques, you do not have to leave and empty space in your technique 
    slots, you can still learn new magic if it is full.
    Gun Techniques
    Gun techniques are exactly like Magic...the higher level technique, the quicker 
    you learn new techniques. Also like magic, you
    can learn new techniques even without an empty slot. Gun techs increase power 
    with higher Wil.
    Combos are random, and this is only a list of Combos that have worked for me, 
    even so, they might not work for you, but you
    can see skills that show up often and can make your own combos. If you have a 
    level 4 or 5 combo, send it to me. 
    Level 4 Combos
    GliderSpike(monster)..Thrust(sword)..BeamCannon..Air Throw(fight)
    PhantasmShot(mystic)..BeamCannon..Air Throw(fight)..Thrust(sword)
    Stun Slash(sword)..SwallowSwing(sword)..Air Throw(fight)..BeamCannon
    Ground Hit(monster)..DarkSphere(shadow)..DoubleSlash(sword)..HardSlash(sword)
    Wheel Slash(sword)..Implosion(realm)..Air Throw(fight)..DeadEnd(sword)
    MegaWindBlast(light)..ShadowCounter(sword)..BoundShot(gun)..Wheel Slash(sword)
    Reverse Gravity(space)..Shadow Counter(sword)..Triple 
    Stampede(monster)..IronClogShot(iron clogs)..Air Throw(fight)..Double 
    BrightFist(alkaiser)..IronClogShot(iron clogs)..Blade(monster)..Big Missile
    Energy Chain(realm)..Hard Slash(sword)..Air Throw(fight)..Scissors(monster)
    Ground Hit(monster)..RavaShot(evil)..Implosion(realm)..Triple Thrust(sword)
    Kamikaze Crush(mec)..Plural Slash(mec)..Hyperion Bazooka..Crosshair(mec)
    Shadow Counter(sword)..Sand Vessel(accessory)..Implosion(realm)..Willow 
    Level 5 Combos
    Fist(fight)..Cross Shot(gun)..LocomotionG(fight)..Heaven/Hell(sword)..Giant 
    Rising Nova (sword)..Implosion(realm)..Tiger Rampage(mec)..Triple Thrust 
    (sword)..Rosario Impale (sword)
    riple Thrust(sword)
    Hand(fight)..Triple Thrust(sword)
    Silf(monster)..Thunder Thrust(sword)..Wing(monster)..Oscillation(monster)..Air 
    DSC: The Dream Super Combo is exactly what it sounds like, it's a combo of four 
    different fighting moves combined into one
    powerful attack. In order to have this attack, you must have equipped, Sliding, 
    Suplex, Babel Crumble, and Giant Swing.
    Then, in battle, at the bottom of the list will be DSC for 17 WP can do from 
    4,000-15,000 damage!
    Time magic: One benefit of having time magic is a spell called Time Twister, 
    what it does is lets one of your allies do their
    attack twice in one turn with no extra cost in WP or JP. One word DSC. can you 
    say 30,000 damage for 17 WP!
    Time magic(2): Another spell that is very useful in Time magic is Overdrive, it 
    lets you cast 8 spells in one time(for blue, 5 for
    Time Lord)! On the downside, it costs all of your JP and WP! But, there is a way 
    to solve that problem, cast Stasis rune as
    your last spell, then you will only use up 10 JP! and after that, you will 
    consistantly have 8 turns in battle!! One more idea, for
    Blue, cast Shadow Servant for your first spell, then cast Tower 6 times for 
    double damage!
    Life magic: Life magic has only two spells, Sacrifice-give 1 LP to cure 
    everyone, and Reviva, cast it on someone, and they will
    automatically revive. You can get it even if you are not Blue. First, master the 
    three types of magic, get all of the spells for the
    two that are not light/shadow, then with light and shadow, if you mastered one, 
    get a spell from the other, then go to the Magic
    Kingdom and read about Life magic, fight a few battles, and Voila!
    BTW, this secret is unconfirmed, if you have seen this, let me know. 
    Mirage magic: Mirage magic is not just for Rei, Asellus=Master shadow and mystic 
    ,then go to the magic shop in magic
    kingdom and read about Mirage magic and then fight a couple rounds and then you 
    will recieve "black cat" and you will learn
    from there.
    Blue/Rouge:After you fight Rouge equip a rune sword after the battle and you 
    will see cokatrice under victory rune.
    Other Mystics:Master shadow and mystic and then go to realm magic shop.Read 
    about Mirage magic.Go to furdo beat him
    then get the gift for rune or arcane . Fight a while then you will get it.
    BTW, this secret is unconfirmed, if you have seen this, let me know
    Mystic magic(Blue): In rootville(after light/shadow and arcane/rune gift, go to 
    mosperiberg), buy a mystic spell. Win the twin
    battle, have a mystic in your team, max out your stats, after a couple battles, 
    it will say you have the gift.
    BTW, this secret is unconfirmed, if you have seen this, let me know
    Evil magic(Blue): Get mystic magic, learn all of the abilities(see above), after 
    a few battles you will learn it.
    BTW, this secret is unconfirmed, if you have seen this, let me know
    Arcane magic: Death is an interesting spell for Arcane magic, it will instantly 
    kill all of the enemies, but if it doesn't, it will do LP
    damage to the one that cast it equal to the number of enemies that it did not 
    kill. This spell also works on some
    sub-bosses(notably the two in Mosperiberg).
    Easy money/items: In scrap's junk shop, buy three items for whatever, after you 
    get the items, don't leave, but talk to the lizard
    again, and sell an item that you don't have. If you sell the Hyperion Bazooka, 
    you will get 7 free items, the one above that, 6
    items and so on.
    Easy money: If you have 7500 to start with, you can get up to 50000! First, go 
    to Nelson and buy as many gold ingots as you
    can for 500. Then head back to Koorong, and press down as if to sell all of 
    them, BUT DON'T SELL THEM, then, press up
    as if to not sell any, you will notice that the price is higher, then move it 
    back down so the price is 420 and repeat untill
    Asellus's endings: Asellus has three different endings. The endings are based on 
    whether you use your mystic abilities and/or
    save Gina.
    Human ending: for the fully human ending, you must not use any of your mystic 
    weapons, and you must save Gina.
    Half-mystic ending: for the half-mystic ending, you must either not use your 
    mystic weapons and not save gina, or use all your
    mystic weapons and save Gina.
    Mystic ending: for the fully mystic ending, you must use all three weapons and 
    have them absorb a monster, and do not save
    Emelia's endings: Emelia has two different endings, in Baccarat, when you are 
    chasing Joker, after he runs from the gnomes,
    you can choose to fight Gargantua or not, Gargantua is somewhere in the caverns.
    Blue's ending: You do not have to defeat Rouge, if you lose, then you play as 
    Rouge. Either way, you will have double JP,
    INT, and WIL. If you developed any physical skills, you will lose them and will 
    have 0 WP if you choose to lose. NOTE...If
    you chose to get Time magic, and lost LP by getting any of the items, Rouge will 
    NOT have lost the LP. And, if you were
    wondering, that is all there is to the ending.
    RB3: When you get to RB3's core, you notice that you can't get anywhere, I'm not 
    sure, but I think there is a specific way to
    open the paths to the new regions. First, you can only go in five rooms in a V 
    shape, go in the far right room, go back a room,
    then go right again. You will enter a jungle that is a circle, go around the 
    circle clockwise to enter a desert, in the center region
    of the desert, defeat all the enemies, go in the center, then you will fight the 
    final boss. If this doesn't work(the last part does
    work) then I'm wrong, and please e-mail me telling me whether this works or not.
    Little Tidbits
    Have Fuse and/or Doll in your party when you recruit Cotton.
    Have Fei-On in your party and talk to the Hairdresser in Shrike's Street.
    Enter Rei's room in Chateau Aiguille with Rei in your party.
    Talk to the Skeleton in Koorong with Gen in your party.
    Go to Mondo's base(Lute's quest) with Gen in your party.
    Go to Lute's house with Lute in your party.
    Recruit Mesarthim with different Mystics in your party.
    Boss List
    I have come about these totals by actually fighting the boss with calculator in 
    hand, totaling up the damage as I go, then
    rounding off to the nearest thousand. This might just be approximations, if the 
    HPs are based on your level/stats/time playing.
     Monster 	Where found		HP
     Ghost		Wakatu			5,000 HP
     Kraken		Yorkland/swamp		12,000 HP
     Black Dragon	Mosperiberg		30,000 HP
     Red Dragon	Mosperiberg		4,000 HP
     Furdo		Magic Kingdom		30,000 HP
     Devil Squid	Owmi/lord's manor	9,000 HP
     King Sei	Shrike/Sei's tomb	15,000 HP
     Earth Dragon	Shrike/Biolab		60,000 HP
     Skulldrake	Shrike/Mu's tomb	16,000 HP
     Nidheg		Despair			23,000 HP
     QuakeWorm	Koorong/Natural caves	13,000 HP
     Huge Slime	Tanzer			3,000 HP
     Suzaku		Mosperiberg		24,000 HP
     Jotnar		Mosperiberg		??? HP
     D-Tractor	Scrap/Factory		250 HP
     Vulcan II	Scrap/Factory		400 HP
     Platyhooks	Tanzer			3,500 HP
     Tanzer		Tanzer			9,500 HP
     Mollasite	Yorkland		6,000 HP
     Molten Slime	Mosperiberg		2,500 HP each(35)
     Master Ring	Margmel			??? HP
     Nidheg		Despair			??? HP
     Goblin		Shingrow/Palace		??? HP
     Gargantu	Baccarat/Caves		??? HP
     Tomahawk	Yorkland		3,000 HP
     Diva		Yorkland		100,000 HP
     Fire Sage	See Secrets		5,000? HP
     Water Sage	See Secrets		7,000? HP
     Green Sage	See Secrets		10,000? HP
     Princess Lion	See Secrets		20,000 HP
     Ciato  	See Secrets		30,000 HP
     Giant		Facinaturu		??? HP
     Griffon	Facinaturu		35,000 HP
     Bat Knight	Facinaturu		40,000 HP
     Princess Lion2	Facinaturu		28,000 HP
     Rastaban	Facinaturu		??? HP
     Orlouge	Facinaturu		75,000 HP
     Platyhooks	Shrike/Sei's Tomb	??? HP
     Goblin		Shingrow/Palace		??? HP
     Cyclops	Koorong/Sewers		??? HP
     Shuzer		Koorong/Sewers		??? HP
     MBlack		Kyo/Syoin		??? HP
     Black Garb	Manhattan/CTC Building	??? HP
     Arachne	Manhattan/CTC Building	??? HP
     Berva(first)	Shingrow/Ruins		33,000 HP
     Berva(second)	Shingrow		45,000 HP
     MBlackII	Black Ray		45,000 HP
     BlackX		Black X Base		45,000 HP
     Berva(last)	Black X Base		40,000 HP
     Shuzer(last)	Black X Base		55,000 HP
     Arachne(last)	Black X Base		55,000 HP
     MBlackIII	Black X Base		120,000 HP
     BossX		Black X Base		150,000 HP
     Kylin		Devin/Shrine		11,000? HP
     Time Lord	Mosperiberg/Time Lord	20,000? HP
     Rouge		Kylin/Time Lord		Same as Blue
     Dragon Lord	Hell			??? HP
     Hell's Lord	Hell(Duh)		90,000 HP
     Vulcan		Junk/Arena		??? HP
     Sir Demon	Junk/Scrap Heap		??? HP
     D-Tractor	Scrap			250 HP
     Vulcan II	Scrap			400 HP
     Big Digger	Tartarous		??? HP
     Mec God	RB3			??? HP
     Genocide Heart	RB3			100,000 HP
     Spriggan Suit1	Mondo Base		20,000 HP
     Spriggan Suit2	Mondo Base		20,000 HP
     Spriggan Suit3	Mondo Base		20,000 HP
     Spriggan Suit4	Mondo Base		30,000 HP
     Spriggan Suit5	Mondo Base		30,000 HP
    Monster Absorbed Skills List
    This is a list of skills that you can absorb from monsters, I have only included 
    what I think are the best skills to have in order to
    save space(and work :).
    DeathSynthesis--Dead Knight, SkullDrake, Death Lord, Nidheg, Dullahan, 
    Skullasaurus, Lich, Ankheg, Ghostrider, Ghost,
    Gale Attack--Dead Knight, Giant, Zyphon, Living Sword
    Ground Hit--Fat Devil, Dead Knight, Ogre, Ogre Lord, Mystic, Skeleton, Axebeak, 
    Heat Wave--Fire Sage, Zyphon, FlameFolk, Suzaku
    Life Rain--Unicorn
    Maelstrom--Kraken, Devil Squid
    Magic Heal--Unicorn, Undine, Mandrake, Sporepile
    Mighty Cyclone--Kraken, IceWorm
    Oscillation--Tanzer, Fire Crystal, Ice Crystal, QuakeWorm, CrystalTree, 
    ZeroWorm, Sickle Bug
    Photosynthesis--Shrieker, Sunflower, Treant, Kylin
    Quicksand--Slugger, Cockatrice
    Silf--Spear Valkyrie, Airfolk
    WindBlast--Jotnar, Mellow, Snowfolk, Airfolk, Sphinx, Wyvern
    Character list
    Characters found in all quests
    Annie: Koorong-on rune quest, she will take you to Despair to find the Freedom 
    Rune(She will 
    join Red anyways)(won't join T260G)...human, good sword capabilities.
    Cotton: Shrike-Bio Engineering Lab, on the top floor, it will join when you 
    defeat the people 
    in the room...monster
    Lute: Scrap-the pub, just talk to him(T260, he will join when you enter the door 
    on the right 
    in the Factory)...human, comes with sword, good with anything.
    Thunder: Yorkland-Standing by the windmill, if you have Lute, talk to 
    Sei: Shrike-Sei's Tomb, Gather the three items in the tomb, place them on the 
    altars, he will 
    join after you defeat him(about 15,000 HP, regen)(joins Riki without a fight), 
    or he will give 
    you a powerful sword(power 66, 2 WP to use)...Monster, starts with Kusangi, 
    Minion Strike, and Sacred Song.
    Fuse: IRPO-Arcane quest, he will join after you fight Suzaku(dies easily with 
    Dr. Nusakan has it)...Human, has hand blaster, few fighting skills, and Mind 
    Suzaku: IRPO-Arcane quest, note-if you have Fuse in your party already, you will 
    get the shield 
    card automatically and cannot get Suzaku. You are taken to Mosperiberg. On the 
    first screen, 
    defeat the fairy, then go to the area with three boars. There is a snowman who 
    you have to 
    defeat(dies easily with Death(arcane)see above), afterwards, go back to the 
    previous cave, on
    the right branch, you can find Suzaku.
    Engineer Car: Shrike-Nakajima Robotics, must have a mec in your party...Mec, 
    Machine Vulcan, 
    Repair pack(6 uses/battle).
    Gen: Scrap-Arcane quest, In Koorong, talk to Skeleton who will tell you about 
    Gen. Then he will 
    join when you talk to him...Human, excellent at sword skills. 
    Emelia: Baccarat-Arcane quest, talk to the bunny girl on the second floor, 
    follow her to the 
    elevator, then go down to the lower elevator and take it to the parking, when 
    you try to enter 
    the sewer, she will join you...Human, good with guns. 
    Roufas: Shrike-Rune quest, Mu's Tomb, he is on the left branch, just talk to 
    him, and he will 
    join...Human, good with guns, Mind magic(gift).
    Fei-On: Tanzer-Rune quest, In Tanzer, talk to Fei-On, promise to help him, and 
    at the end, he 
    will join you...Human, good with fighting techniques
    Slime: Tanzer-Rune quest, after fighting the slimes, a slime will join you when 
    you are 
    leaving...Monster, starts with HP drain, Spoil, Solvent.
    Mesarthim: Owmi-Lord's Manor, in the basement, you will find a giant squid, 
    fight it, go to 
    the left(don't touch the treasure(it's not treasure), unless you want to), if 
    you have a mystic 
    in your party, she will join(T260 and Riki can't get mystics)...Mystic, immune 
    to water, 
    Mystic magic(gift), Rune magic(gift).
    Kylin: Devin-Shrine, after getting Shadow/Light and Rune/Arcane gifts, talk to 
    the lady at the 
    shrine, complete the maze, then Kylin will join...Monster, has all space magic, 
    Kylin's song,
    and Photosynthesis.
    BJ&K: On the Cyrus, he will join after Black X attacks the Cyrus, it is in the 
    room next to the 
    accountant, before you leave for good, he will join for good...Type 3 Mec with 
    medipack and 
    laser, both are very helpful. 
    Fuse: On the Cyrus, he will automatically join when Black X attacks, leaves 
    after... Human with 
    good abilities with guns, fists, and mind magic. 
    Asellus/White Rose: They are in one of the rooms of the Cyrus when Roufas: Black 
    X attacks. 
    They will leave afterwards. 
    After the Cyrus...
    Doll: Shingrow-in the port...human, comes with guns, shadow, and mystic magic, 
    Roufus/Liza: Koorong-with Annie in the party, go into the door behind her you 
    can choose one of 
    them...Roufus...human, all around character with mind magic(gift),gun skills, 
    sword skills...
    Liza...human, the best character for building fighting skills. 
    Fuse: Manhattan-in a store in the shopping mall, on the second floor. or find 
    him at IRPO if 
    you are on the Arcane quest...Human, strong with guns, Mind magic(gift) 
    Rouge: Luminous-He is in the port...Human, strong in magic,Realm magic(gift). 
    On Magical Quests...
    Silence: Luminous-Shadow magic, In Omble, talk to Silence's shadow in the first 
    room, it will 
    join you, but not in your attacking team, when you leave, he will join you when 
    you talk to 
    the guy standing in the corner...Mystic, all three mystic weapons, Mystic 
    Time Lord: Mosperiberg-when you are strong enough(see above) talk to the 
    woman(?) upstairs, she 
    will take you to Rootville where you must purchase a sand vessal for 1 LP. You 
    will then be 
    taken to a place where you must restart time, when you do, the Time Lord will 
    join you, or 
    you can buy time magic from him 
    Gen: after you finish the fights in the combat arena, he will join you...Human 
    excellent at 
    sword skills. 
    Mei-Ling: Scrap-in the pub, she joins when you talk to her...Human, good with 
    guns, Light magic. 
    Riki: Scrap-in the pub, talk to it and he joins...Monster(fairly weak). 
    Zeke: Shrike-Nakajima Robotics, find the mouse for the people, when you return 
    it will fly 
    around and joins you when you talk to it...Type 5 mec, very fast. 
    Leonard: Manhattan-Shopping mall, second floor, store on the left. He will take 
    you to his lab, 
    upgrade you and send you on your way. When you finish your pending quests, go to 
    Nakajima and 
    hear of his death, come back to his lab, go to the console, and he will join and 
    take you to 
    Tartaros...Type 6 mec, comes with Energy sword, and Energy Pack.
    Note--in Tartaros, if you fight a Big Digger(mecs by the buttons(10-20,000 HP)) 
    it will be 
    well worth it when you get a Hyperion Bazooka(85 attack and 2 bullets), but they 
    are very 
    PzkwV(nice name, huh?): Koorong-With Leonard, go to the store through the 
    sewers, Leonard will 
    talk to it and it will join you, and give you a Heat Cannon...Type 5 mec, comes 
    with Rail 
    Cannon, Micro Missile and Gravitron. 
    Silence:Luminous-If you choose to get shadow magic, on the first screen talk to 
    one of the 
    shadows, and it will join you. When you leave Omble, talk to the guy out front, 
    and he will 
    join you...Mystic, has 3 mystic weapons, Mystic magic(gift).
    Dr. Nusakan: Koorong-Rune Quest,Talk to the guy near the chicken and he will 
    tell you about a 
    Dr. then go left, then in the building with the "N" over it, talk to the white 
    person, after a 
    sequence the Dr. will join...Mystic, Mystic magic(gift), Arcane magic(gift).
    Asellus: Assignment 4 - Trinity base, after the scene, walk outside and talk to 
    Asellus and 
    White Rose, an enemy will show up, and after they are defeated, Asellus and 
    White Rose will 
    join...Half Mystic, good with swords or fists, Mystic magic(gift).
    White Rose: see above...Mystic, good with magic, Mystic magic(gift), Light 
    Zozma: After getting Asellus and White Rose, head right, go upstairs, and the 
    second room on
    that floor will be two enemies and a guard. When the enemies are defeated, talk 
    to the guard 
    and it will be revealed that he is actually Zozma...Mystic, all 3 mystic 
    weapons, Mystic 
    magic(gift), Evil magic.
    Rouge: He is at the Luminous port...Human, excellent with magic, Realm 
    Slime: Tanzer-When you get the rune, slime will join when you are 
    leaving...Monster, fairly weak.
    Silence: Luminous-Omble, When getting the shadow gift, on the first screen talk 
    to one of the 
    shadows, and it will join you. When you leave Omble, talk to the guy out front, 
    and he will 
    join you...Mystic, has 3 mystic weapons, Mystic magic(gift).
    Mei-Ling: Scrap-pub, she is sitting with Riki...Human, good with guns and magic, 
    Light magic.
    Riki: see above...Monster
    Time Lord: Mosperiberg, after getting Shadow/Light and Rune/Arcane gifts, talk 
    to the lady(?) 
    at Mosperiberg, and go to the time lord's region. go to the broken hourglass, 
    and touch the 
    sand, go back, and you will be sent to Facinataru. Once there, go to a man who 
    sells you a 
    sand vessel for 1 LP. Go back to Mosperiberg, fill the sand vessel, go to the 
    top of the
    hourglass, go to the drawbridge, the time lord will either join you, or you can 
    buy Time magic 
    from him... Mystic, all 3 Mystic weapons, unabsorbed, Mystic magic(gift), and 
    all Time magic
    Capt. Hamilton: Owmi-restaurant, Talk to the woman in the bottom right corner, 
    afterwards, go 
    to Nelson, you will be on a ship go up, talk to her again, agree to let her join 
    you, but don't 
    go to Mondo's base unless you are ready for the last boss!...Human, good with 
    swords and/or 
    Riki: Scrap-pub, just talk to him...Monster, has Tail, Tailhit, Heal, and 
    Needles, fairly weak. 
    Mei-Ling: see above...Human, Light magic, good with guns
    T260G: see above...Type 1 mec
    Rouge: Luminous-port...Human, excellent with magic, Realm magic(gift).
    Silence:Luminous-If you choose to get shadow magic, on the first screen talk to 
    one of the 
    shadows, and it will join you. When you leave Omble, talk to the guy out front, 
    and he will 
    join you...Mystic, has 3 mystic weapons, Mystic magic(gift).
    White Rose: Go to her room, and talk to her, to keep her in your party, have her 
    in your party 
    when you leave Facinaturu...Mystic, Mystic magic(gift).
    Rouge: Luminous-port...Human, excellent with magic, Realm magic(gift).
    Silence:Luminous-If you choose to get shadow magic, on the first screen talk to 
    one of the 
    shadows, and it will join you. When you leave Omble, talk to the guy out front, 
    and he will 
    join you...Mystic, has 3 mystic weapons, Mystic magic(gift).
    Thank You List
    Jeff Porter for some of the boss HPs.
    Patrick Miller

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