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    Skill Combo Guide by Kain

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    Safa Frontier - Skill Combination Guide
    by Zhou Tai An (kain@pacific.net.sg)
    Note to all the people asking for the complete skill and magic list from my
    last FAQ - I can't do that as I'm too busy now. However, to forestall the 
    horde of mad and angry fans that will no doubt make it's appearance at my
    door, I proffer this guide in appeasement. ^_^
    Second note : This was complied off the Japanese guide to the Japanese game. 
    Everything here should work fine, but I myself haven't played the English SF
    yet, so don't blame me if stuff doesn't work.
    On with the show!
    5 Points to Remember :
    1. All attacks must be aimed at a single target.
    2. Items, Skills and magic may be combined freely.
    3. Healing and attack techniques may not mix.
    4. New skills will not be learnt.
    5. Your teammates using the combination with you must be faster than the 
    enemy, or else the attack will be broken up into component sections.
    The 5 ways to combine attacks, otherwise known as the Good Stuff -
    Method 1
    Rushing and Standing attacks :
    Just like it says - one member must rush the enemy while one is stationary
    and attacks. An example would be a jumping attack (let's say Rosario Impale)
    combined with an item use, gun blast, or some other sword skill (Multiple
    Cut, for instance.)
    Method 2
    Reverse Elements :
    Combine two attacks with opposite elements, such as Nova and Lunar magic, or
    sword skills with different names that are opposite to each other. I don't
    know how the skills are translated in the English version, so no examples.
    Method 3
    Same Skill :
    Attack with two identical skills. This MUST be the EXACT same skill. By far
    the easiest Method to set up a combo with; you can simply have 5 Multiple
    Cuts strung together.
    Method 4 
    Air-to-Ground :
    One attack must slam the enemy to the ground so the other one strikes it. 
    Not the same as Method 1 : Body and Magic skills work the best here. You may
    also use an attack that stuns instead.
    Method 5 
    Adding Skills :
    Simply take an existing combo, then be sure one of the above Methods will add
    a skill to it. Tada; new combo.

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