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    Walkthrough by ced_uytanlet

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    Date: Mon, 18 May 1998 11:01:09 
    From: <ced_uytanlet@usa.net> 
    S A G A      F R O N T I E R
    I am making this guide to make SaGa Frontier much easier for all 
    players.  This guide contains all that you need to survive in this game.  
    This includes all character walkthroughs and other stuff that will make 
    your life easier.
    Step one:
    	Now you are on your way to play this game.  You start off by 
    making a system data on your memory card.  You must use this same data 
    everytime you play another character.  And furthermore you might want to 
    take the characters one by one, and finish them all.
    Step two:
    	Once you pick your main character, you might want to build up so 
    you'll have little opportunity of losing.  There is just one problem, 
    you're unequipped and basically you just suck!  You have low defense and 
    attack power.  To solve that here is my sure fire way of building up.  
    (1)  Earn 300 credits
    (2)  You must have access to Scrap, if not well deal with it until you 
    have access.
    (3)  When you do have access then go there, get some characters and go to 
    the Junk Shop.
    (4)  Buy
    (5)  Don't leave just yet, propose to sell `Hyperion Bazooka's by 
    pressing O on them twice.( do this when you don't have them, if you 
    do sell one then you're an idiot)
    (6)  Now you could get some more items for free.
    (7)  Go to the bottom-leftmost box and get all the items there.
    (8)  You will see that you would get various armor and suits but you do 
    also get junk, and Repair Kits.  Gather up on Repair Kits and sell 
    (9)  Do the `Hyperion' thing again until you get ` War Lord Armor' on 
    that box.  This armor should suit you through the whole game.(maybe 
    because it is the second to the best armor you could find)
    (10)  Now move on to the bottom-rightmost box of armor and stock up on 
    'Feather Boots'.
    (11)  After you get 5 of each(WarLord Armor and Feather Boots) move on to 
    the boxes on the top-right most portion. 
    (12)  Stash 5 Cyber Gloves.
    (13)  Move to the top-left most. And keep collecting swords until you get 
    (14)  Equip 2 Osc-Swords on each character you have and collect 99 more.
    (15)  Go back to the box with Cyber Gloves and get Excel Sheilds
    (16)  Go back to the one with Feather Boots and get Mirror Glasses.
    (17)  Equip one on each of your top 5 characters.
    (18)  Go to Koorong, sell your `Hard Leather'.
    (19)  Go to Shrike, to Nakajima Robotics, sell all your swords.
    (20)  Now you'll have about 12500+ credits.
    (21)  If you decide to get Arcane magic, start off by going to Nelson, 
    buy 4 gold ingots, and get the gold card in Baccarat.
    (22)  Buy gold ingots until you could buy no more.( buy them in Nelson, 
    and do not do this before you get the gold card or you're stooped!)
    (23)  Sell your ingots at Koorong.
    (24)  When you are asked how many would you sell, press the down button 
    until the # turns to 0.
    (25)  Then press up to the max number.
    (26)  Sell until you have 13 left.
    (27)  Buy more ingots with the money you've earned.
    (28)  Buy only up to 51 or else.
    (29)  Sell your ingots only when you have credits less than 500.
    (30)  When you've stacked up on credits, go to Nelson, purchase Zero 
    Swords, 2 for each character.  
    (31)  Now you're ready for battle.
    (32)  And if you need more money just repeat steps 22-29.
    Step three:
    	Before you start with your missions, level up, learn those 
    abilities, strengthen up a bit.  When the time is right , then you could 
    start.  With your total HP the best places to level up is at Koorong or 
    better yet if you decide to get Arcane magic, Baccarat.
    Step four:
    	Well what are you waiting for, go finish your missions.
    Step five:
    	When you're done with your missions, and before you go to the last 
    level, level up once more and earn those ultimate attacks and magic.  
    You could level up at the swamp at Yorkland but be sure to bring your 
    Purple Eyes and Pearl Hearts! Equip the eyes when the main enemy is the 
    Basilisk, but when the Kraken appears, that is the time to use the 
    hearts.  When your HP is about 600+, and it takes a long time before you 
    learn abilities, move to Shrike in the Bio Laboratory.  There the third 
    enemy on the first screen should be a Chimera with some or no buddies.  
    Beating him is simple and abilities pop up like crazy.  Just equip anti-
    sonic equipment so his scream couldn't damage you much.
    Step six:
    	Once you learn those `Life Sprinkler' and `DSC' attacks with your 
    choice of magic, which is also maxed up, go and finish the game.  I tell 
    you it will be easy!  Very, very easy!  
    Here are all character walkthroughs ( in alphabetical order) 
    ? I will not include magic missions or those where you find characters, 
    that's for later.
    (1)  Her missions might look tough but really it isn't. And her chapter 
    adds a twist to all other storylines because you're the one who will 
    find your missions. I'll explain them later.
    (2)  You start at Facinaturu, watch the opening and join Ildon to 
    Rootville, a town south of the castle.
    (3)  Go to the bottom house where you are dressed up.
    (4)  Back in the castle, explore, and eventually you'll find White Rose.
    (5)  If you choose to go back to your room both companions leave. 
    (6)  Let them leave, and go back to the tailor shop.
    (7)  Talk to Gina. Then back to the castle.
    (8)  Get white rose and go back to town.  To the left there is a house 
    with a toy looking man.  White rose will agree to let him sell you 
    stuff for LP.  LP is for your life, unlike other rpgs where you can 
    live only when a specific item is used, here you can live when you 
    are healed, no more phoenix downs or anything.  But when your LP 
    turns to zero you're dead and only a visit to an inn will let you 
    live.  So don't buy all those items the only important one is the 
    Sand Vessel if you would like Time magic.
    (9)  Back to the castle, explore with white rose until you come upon a 
    certain Rei's room. Go back to your room, train with ildon if you 
    (10)  When alone go back to town and back to the castle, Giato will tell 
    you something, follow what he says and check out the bar
    (11)  Back in the castle pick up white rose and only her.  Go to the 
    locked door on town then descend the cave.  Fly away from this horrid 
    place for now.
    (12)  Arrive at Owmi and see the petals lying on the lake.
    (13)  Go to mansion and talk to young man.
    (14)  Escort Mesarthim downstairs to the basement where you'll fight a 
    (15)  Defeat and go to the room to your left, don't pick up the treasure!
    (16)  End of this mission
    (17)  Go to your house in Shrike. Defeat fire sage.  Now you're free to 
    roam around and see the sights. And it might be a good idea if you 
    level up before this battle.
    (18)  Now you need to find your other missions in this particular order:
    (a)  defeat Water Sage
    (b)  defeat Green Sage
    (c)  defeat Lion Princess
    (d)  find Ildon
    (e)  defeat Hunter Knight
    (f)  escape Dark Labyrinth
    	You may find them in these places at random, so level up before 
    (a)  Koorong, at bottom backstreet entrance
    (b)  Mu's Tomb, Shrike,  first room to the left
    (c)  Yorkland, swamp
    (d)  Baccarat, parking lot
    (e)  Devin, shrine
    (f)  Wakatu, front entrance to the Blade Chamber
    (g)  Kyo, garden
    (h)  Shingrow, right ruins
    (i)  Owmi, basement dungeon
    = the events will occur at the entrance so no need to explore for it, if 
    it is not there then move on to another place.(except wakatu, it is 
    somewhere in the screen with the door not the gate)
    -it is time to end this chapter so go to Owmi talk to your pilot, go to 
    the tailor shop then back to Chateau Aiguille.  Go to the place with 
    monsters and fight the guard.  You can skip fighting him but it will 
    affect your ending.  Fight Giato and Lion Princess once more and talk to 
    Rastaban. End fight here.
    (1)  The only thing you need to do in this chapter is to collect magic 
    three of them and master them at the same time.  After getting the 
    magic of your choice you'll have to fight Rouge and kill him!  After 
    this the only thing left to do is to go back to the Magic Kingdom and 
    end this thing.
    (1)  Watch and then you start at Despair, a prison, and of course the 
    first thing to do is to escape.  There is a hole in a room where you 
    need to go in it and hide in lockers if guards come-by. After you 
    fight the boss and get the rune you'll end up in Koorong with 
    Gradius, a team of thugs against thugs.  Practice and if you like, 
    get the other runes.
    (2)  Now you talk to Roufas and you start your missions.(You need to talk 
    to him every time you want to start and end a mission.)
    (3)  And here are your missions:
    (a)  You will need to go to Shingrow and participate in a masked 
    tournament, don't worry, no need to win.  Just chase Joker in the 
    room with two enemies, kill them and examine the table or something.  
    Follow the path and fight a boss.
    (b)  Wait, second mission is in Baccarat, just follow Joker to the Gnome 
    Cave, and give the Gnomes 4 gold ingots.
    (c)  Wait, third is you must infiltrate the Trinity base.  Find Asellus, 
    White Rose and Zozma.  Exit this dump once and for all.
    (d)  After this is you must return to the base but with a different 
    mission, find out where Joker is heading.  Find your way back in and 
    find Mondo.  Talk to him and exit this place again.
    (e)  Once finished, talk to Roufas and end this story and watch the `man 
    in the iron mask'-type ending.
    (1)  This is perhaps the shortest chapter in the whole game.  You could 
    skip everything else and finish it if you can in one hour(which is 
    impossible with out Game Shark codes).  Just go to Manhattan and talk 
    to Fuse in the Shopping Mall then go to Owmi, talk to Hamilton in the 
    restaurant. Penetrate Mondo Base. Kill Mondo and you're done!
    (1)  You just play through the intro, then when you are in the Cygnus, 
    just talk to Hawk down stairs to proceed to your next mission.  And 
    here they are:
    (a)  Baccarat, find the black x men in the casino, chase them to the 
    parking lot and fight a battle.
    (b)  Shrike, talk to a kid in the street, fight monster in sei's tomb.
    (c)  Manhattan, go to CTC Building
    (d)  Cygnus, here you will be boarded by pirates, just level up for a 
    while with fuse then defeat the four that will block your path.  
    Collect some members for your party then proceed downstairs in the 
    airlock.  Go out the airlock and RUN!  If you don't you'll be dead.  
    Fight boss.
    (e)  Koorong, talk to punk kids, defeat monster, chase weird guy.
    (f)  Kyo, go to Syoin
    (g)  Shingrow, participate in masked contest, chase Klien, fight boss.
    (h)  Here you retire from Cygnus crew and chase after the four emperors 
    of Black X.
    (2)  Here are the location of the emperors:
    (a)  Campbell, CTC Building
    (b)  sub boss, Metal Black, Kyo, talk to rabbit in garden then go to 
    (c)  Berva, shingrow ruins-right, talk to doll, she'll join
    (d)  Shuzer, Koorong talk to Annie in restaurant, she'll lead you there.
    (e)  sub boss, Metal Black II, in Black X ship, run around the ship, 
    avoid using one door twice before you reach Black X Base.  When it 
    says you're near, go back one door, defeat M Black II.
    (f)  Klein, Black X Base, must defeat 3 emperors and a 2 bosses before 
    The end!
    (1)  Watch intro, your mission is to collect the rings.
    (2)  You arrive at Scrap, talk to Mei-ling and go to Office, then raid 
    the factory.
    (3)  Here's the location of the other rings, can get in random order:
    (a)  Despair, find warden
    (b)  Tanzer, find Fei-on and Nomad
    (c)  Yorkland, go to billionare's house, Koorong, find aid of Dr. 
    Nukasan, defeat boss.
    (d)  Baccarat, chase mouse to Gnome cave.
    (e)  Manhattan, jewel shop in shopping mall, go to Owmi mansion, you'll 
    know what to do.
    (f)  Sei's Tomb, get items necessary to revive Sei.
    (4)  Go here last or you'll really have a hard time, Mosperiburg, talk to 
    Virgil, the Ring lord.  Go to doors and finish tasks.  Then defeat 
    him with 3+ combinations no less!
    (5)  The final battle is set back in Margmel where Mei-Ling is possessed 
    by the black ring.  Be sure she is not in your party or else!  The 
    (1)  This is a straight forward mission, once you're in it you can't 
    avoid it.
    (2)  You start off at Junk where you are revived by Thyme and Rose Mary. 
    You will need to go to the battle arena, fight, meet Gen, then watch.
    (3)  It seems that Caballero has kidnapped Thyme.  Go get him at the 
    scrap yard.
    (4)  Once you defeat Caballero's henchmen, watch.
    (5)  You land in Scrap and you must go and get caballero in his office 
    then his factory.  Once done you can explore the world for a while.  
    Be sure before you leave you talk to the guy in the pub with yellow 
    (6)  Go to Koorong then talk to the purple haired guy below, he'll tell 
    you about and information center, check it out and find the info you 
    (7)  First you must go to Shrike and to Nakajima Robotics.  Follow as the 
    yellow skin guy says and retrieve the mouse in Sei's Tomb.  Once done 
    you'll have a new companion, Zeke.
    (8)  Then in your original body type, go to Manhattan's Shopping Mall, 
    talk to the guy in restaurant besides Fuse, watch.
    (9)  Go to shingrow ruins-Left, find your way through and a camouflaged 
    door, flick the switch and use computer, find your objectives and 
    your done for now.
    (10)  Back to Leonard, and into Tantaros.
    (11)  Find your way out of there and receive data about HQ.
    (12)  Go to HQ then into core, avoid enemies, you won't need to fight 
    them later.
    (13)  Once in core, just find your way and kill all virus.
    (14)  Then when faced to the main core use `contact' command to activate.
    (15)  Now get all the treasures and leave.
    (16)  Get a ride to RB3 then fight your way through.
    (17)  Then you will be faced by 6 consecutive enemies, kill them all and 
    step in the blue circle platform.  Fight MecGod.
    (18)  You will be transported to a cave, walk back and forth until a path 
    to a forest appears.  Do this again and you will find yourself in a 
    desert.  Use a `Sanctuary Stone' if you want then walk through the 
    bottom edge.  
    (19)  You will find yourself in a place with a tree, that is the last 
    boss, kill it and the end!
     -to make things even easier for you here are some advice to kill all 
    the       last bosses.
    I.  Orlouge- he is not that tough an opponent, just have your players 
    master the ultimate arts of whatever they are using(i.e. sword, 
    fighting, magic).  He is nothing and uses Mystic magic which might be 
    a hassle.
    II.  Hell's Lord- Sheesh! If you are a guy that has all possible magic in 
    your hands, would something be tough?  Just cast overdrive, cast an 
    attack spell, then before overdrive ends, cast stasis rune, only 10 
    jp will be deducted in your total, do this again and again!  You can 
    even beat him alone!
    III.  Diva- this is Emelia's last boss, easy if you have Purple Eyes 
    equipped, anyway, defeat it or not, you still win!
    IV.  Mondo- this guy is very artillery based, so just beat him up before 
    he notices his mech is scratched!
    V.  Klein- one easy boss if you have `life sprinklers' and `DSC', no 
    VI.  Master ring- this is the toughest I've met.  Not only because Riki 
    just sucks with only 5 LP, it has 9 companions that attack you by 
    5's!  Just make sure that you leave one before you kill the master 
    ring because it will cast revolution 9, a darn spell that hits all of 
    you and makes the boss' defense higher!     
    = Here is where you could find the characters:
    (1)  Asellus- not very hard to find, maybe because she only appears in 
    three chapters, her's, Red's and Emelia's.  She is kinda part of the 
    storyline in Emelia's and you could find her in the cygnus when the 
    pirates attack.
    (2)  Blue- can't be collected unless playing his chapter.  But you could 
    get his counterpart Rouge!
    (3)  Emelia- besides her chapter, she can be collected when searching the 
    gold card, just talk to her, she's in a bunny costume.
    (4)  Lute- will not join every chapter, just some, just talk to him in 
    the bar at Scrap.
    (5)  Red- can't collect unless in his chapter.
    (6)  Riki- just like lute, not in every chapter only some, in bar at 
    (7)  T260G- just like lute.
    (8)  Mei-ling- just like lute.
    (9)  Gen- can be collected when searching Saber card,  part of T260G 
    (10)  Thunder- when lute is in your party, just talk to him in Yorkland.
    (11)  Cotton- save him in lab, Shrike.  Just search the first bookcase on 
    the library in lab, second floor.  Topmost floor.
    (12)  Fuse- in Red's story.  Collected when in pursuit of Shield card.
    (13)  Doll- only in Red's story, in shingrow.
    (14)  White Rose- comes with Asellus.
    (15)  Ildon- only in Asellus' chapter.
    (16)  Zozma- comes with Asellus except in Red's chapter.
    (17)  Rei- search her room in Chateau Aiguille with white rose, then when 
    white rose is gone, talk to her in devin shrine.
    (18)  Red Turnip- in dark labyrinth, talk to him.
    (19)  Mesarthim- when with asellus or nusukan go in owmi dungeon, she'll 
    (20)  Suzaku- defeat fairy in first screen, mosperiburg while getting the 
    shield card,  there should be a snowman in the circular room with 
    three pigs, defeat it and go back one screen to the room with a 
    frozen pheonix.
    (21)  Leonard- joins only in robot's chapter, part of story.
    (22)  Zeke- joins robot after chasing mouse in tomb
    (23)  Engineer Car- joins when there is a mech in the party, shrike.
    (24)  Sei- joins when defeated, sei's tomb, shrike.
    (25)  BJ&K- in Red's story, talk to him in cygnus after pirate attack.
    (26)  Dr. Nusukan- below Koorong, randomly joins depending on story.
    (27)  Time Lord- when in chapter besides blue's, he'll join when you're 
    collecting time magic
    (28)  Kylin- when in chapter besides blue's, he'll join when you're 
    collecting space magic.
    (29)  Silence- will join when you talk to his shadow in Omble, in 
    collecting shadow magic.
    (30)  Fei-on- collected when in tanzer.
    (31)  that robot whose name I forgot- in koorong after leonard joins 
    he'll join.
    (32)  Rouge- in Luminous, just joins when you say yes.
    (33)  Slime- will join you after you get the rune in tanzer.
    (34)  Annie- joins when asked something about despair or shuzer base.
    (35)  Liza- joins Emelia and only emelia.
    (36)  Roufas- joins in cygnus and emelia story only.
    -that is all I can remember.
    collecting magic is easy when done very early in the game.  When you 
    receive the gift of magic, there will be a star beside it in your 
    ability list.  If it doesn't have one, you can't learn those better 
    These are the only collectable and buyable magic, all others come with 
    their respective characters:
    these magic are only buyable, mastered only by certain characters.
    Time-in timelord's region.  Go to Mosperiburg when you have at least two 
    mastered magic, or at least those with stars.  Check out the big 
    hourglass in the crack.  Go back. Talk to virgil again, you'll be sent 
    to facinaturu. Buy the sand vessel for 1 lp in the shop.  Go back to 
    time region and look at crack again.  go up the hour glass and the clock 
    will start.  Move further and you'll meet the time lord.
    Space-just like time magic, but instead of going to mosperiburg, go to 
    shrine in devin, talk to girl, ask of space magic, she'll send you to 
    kylins dimension.  Escape his labyrinth and he'll sell you magic.
    Mystic- only mastered by mystics.  Buy them in facinaturu.
    Realm- only mastered by blue and rouge. Buy them in magic kingdom.
    these magic can be mastered by doing simple tasks.
    Arcane- must get 4 cards:
    Baccarat- talk to bunny emelia and follow gnome to parking, make sure 
    you have 4 gold ingots no more no less!  Find your way in the gnome cave 
    and talk to one of the standing gnomes.
    Yorkland- talk to the people in all 5 houses on the left side town then 
    go to center of swamp
    IRPO- talk to receptionist then go and defeat phoenix
    Wakatu- follow gen and when you reach the place with the shadows, just 
    listen and press the o button exactly as you hear the tone.
    Rune- must get 4 stones:
    Tanzer- once you agree to take the stones, you will be swallowed by 
    tanzer.  Just follow fei-on and use the touch command to touch the rune 
    Despair- when you got at least one rune stone, talk to annie and she'll 
    lead you to despair, there you need to follow her and touch the rune.
    Koorong- under koorong is a natural cave, just go there, defeat the bugs 
    and you got it.
    Shrike- it is in Mu's tomb.  Find your way and defeat the bone monster.
    Shadow- pass through omble, in luminous.
    Light- get out of luminous labyrinth.
    Here are some tips to make yourself stronger:
    the strongest armor `Pluto Armor' can be acquired by simply defeating 
    dullahan, a headless horseman commonly found in the bio lab.  He will be 
    the second enemy on the first screen when your HP has the average of 600 
    above.  You could also get a durahan shield, something better than excel 
    The genbu shield can prevent you from getting hit by the maelstrom 
    attack, it can be acquired by defeating genbus.
    Asura, a sword with attack power of 70 is the best buyable sword in the 
    game, the only problem is that it costs 3LP and there is only one stock 
    per game.  There are better swords but only collected through treasures 
    and bosses.
    Fist fighting has the strongest attack technique in the game, although 
    it is weaker when used as its normal attack, punch, rather than using 
    swords.  The best technique is called DSC, which can be learned 
    immediately after you learn Babel Crumble(5), Sliding(2), Giant 
    Swing(6), and Suplex(5).  If the technique is performed and completes 
    all the said techniques and ends with a powerful slam, the total amount 
    of damage racks up to 16000+ depending on your character's strength!  
    When not completed though it gives you 4000 to 10000 damage, still 
    stronger than the best sword skill Life Sprinkler(10).
    Asellus' ending will vary if you become a mystic lots of times and when 
    you do or don't save gina in the castle.
    now by knowing these things you'll finish Saga frontier easily.  Oh 
    yeah, when you start a new character's game just select create a new 
    system data in slot 1 on your first character, the next 6 characters 
    just point out slot 1 where your system data is.  If you finish all 
    characters, you'll be rewarded by a new scenario.  That is all, you now 
    graduate at the saga survival class, dismiss.
    For any comments, corrections, questions, or insults, just drop me a 
    line at:

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