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    Asellus Walkthrough by finalfantasyfan

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    Date: Thu, 09 Apr 1998 13:59:35 PDT
                               SaGa Frontier
                           (revised and updated)
                             Asellus Walkthru
    *** This walkthrough is slightly revised from my old one. I just added a 
    few things to make it clearer. If you still need help on this, e-mail: 
    final_fantasyfan@hotmail.com. Iíll answer your sent e-mail ASAP.
    *** If you want to use this on your web site, notify me first. It isnít 
    polite to take from others.
    First, you start of in Facinaturu, a weird place with lots of coffins
    and flowers decorating, (or ruining) the place. You are Asellus, dressed 
    up in rags as you wake up and find yourself in a strange looking room. 
    You wonder where you are and what happened. You remember running an 
    errand for your aunt, and then you remember a carriage running you over. 
    This part is pretty self-explanatory, so I wonít waste my time talking 
    about it. Just walk around.
    After you meet with Orlouge, and get stabbed by his servant, you learn
    you are half-mystic. (Iím guessing he stabs you to see if you are a true 
    mystic yet. Orlouge has given you his blood.). Ildon will be ordered to 
    chaperone you, and White Rose to teach you manners or something. When 
    you are with Ildon, go to the town of Rootville, located south from the 
    throne room. Youíll change into a pink dress. Go back to Facinaturu and 
    get White Rose. She is located in the tower to the lower right. Go and 
    examine her coffin and sheíll join your group. Examine all the rooms 
    with a room with one coffin in them. White Rose will explain who rest 
    there and what relation they have with Orlouge. Once youíre done 
    exploring, go to your room (room you started in) and Ildon and White 
    Rose will leave you until you get them back. Ildon will wait for you in 
    the Training Grounds, (located right of the throne room) and youíll 
    train. Donít worry if you die, you arenít actually ĎDeadí. White Rose 
    will be where you found her. Get her after you train a bit, and go to 
    Rootville again with her. Sheíll talk to the store keeper and he will 
    trade you items for you Life Points. Itís pretty bad to do this, but the 
    weapon (Asura) is really, really good. Get it if you want, you can still 
    get it later in the chapter. You can buy the Sand Timer, an item needed 
    for gaining a character. You can buy it now or later. It doesnít really
    matter. Anyway, now you can go back to your room in Facinaturu and get
    rid of White Rose for now so you are alone. Go back to Rootville and
    talk to Gina, the girl in the tailor shop. Now go to the bar that was
    empty before, but now you find a pilot here who says thereís an exit
    from Facinaturu, just that you have to pay him to get out of the place. 
    White Rose has some cash (precious metals actually), so get White Rose 
    in your party and leave through the small door that had been locked.
    *** Oh, you probably have met Zozmo, some weird Mystic with orange hair. 
    You will get him later, so donít worry about him. The room with the 
    treasures near your room that you canít get, youíll get later.
    Once you reach the end of the cave, you will be confronted by Orlougeís 
    servants. Asellus will stupidly jump off the cliff, but sheíll land on 
    the pilotís plane. White Rose and Asellus escape together into the town 
    of Owmi.
    When you walk around, youíll see a bridge. White Rose will mention Water 
    Mystics, and read the message in the water that says something about a 
    lost mermaid/water mystic. Talk to  the townspeople and youíll find that 
    the Lordís Manor is located North. Go there, and the man who owns the 
    house will show you where he is keeping the mermaid/water mystic. After 
    you talk to the mermaid, Mersatheum, she will join your party. Asellus 
    tells the man that she would like to walk around the house (youíre 
    really trying to free the mermaid), so you walk around. Search 
    everywhere and get the treasures in his house. Then, go to the locked 
    door of the manís house and this will be your first mission. There are 
    enemies here, so I suggest fighting them for experience. (Youíll fight 
    something pretty soon.) Asellus walks around, gets the treasures, 
    and..... OOOPS! Itís a giant squid blocking your way! Save before you 
    fight him. He is deadly. 
    *** Before you fight him, to make it easier, unequip the mermaidís ĎBlue 
    Elfí armor and equip on White Rose or Asellus. (Preferably White Rose). 
    This way, when the giant squid casts the water spell, you will have two 
    people living instead of one, and White Rose can revive Asellus with her 
    ĎStarlight Healí or the mermaid can cast ĎLife Rainí which heals Asellus 
    and White Rose, sacrificing her Life Points. Trust me, it helps. And 
    itís logical.
    After you beat the giant squid, donít run near that shiny treasure yet. 
    Save. When you touch the treasure, you will be teleported or dropped 
    somewhere else. Itís okay. There are no more bosses, so feel free to 
    look around some more and gather treasures. Youíll eventually find the 
    exit and free Mersatheum. Then you will automatically get out of the 
    dungeon. When you get out of the dungeon, you now have to visit your 
    aunt in Shrike. Go to the port, and you will go to Shrike. Be prepared. 
    Once you go to your house (a red-roofed house), your aunt will not 
    recognize you, and run away. You find out you have been dead for 12 
    years. After the sad little scenario, you will fight the Fire Knight. He 
    is pretty easy to beat. After you beat him, go to the ĎStreetí and 
    sleep. (It costs no money). Go to Koorong now. Explore the town if you 
    want, now go to the side of Koorong with the enemies and sewer 
    system(bunch a birds, maybe a few thugs that ask you for 100 credit as a 
    toll to pass) located. You will fight another one of those Knights. Beat 
    the boss. (You still have two more people to fight!) Now, Iím not really 
    sure about the last two bosses, but I went to Devin and headed for the 
    Shrine. When I did, I fought the third boss. For the fourth and final 
    boss, I went to Bacarrat and fought in the Parking Lot. 
    *** The location of the third and fourth boss may change, due to game
    play. Youíll still have to fight them, itís just something random that
    happened for me. Donít worry, theyíre easy to beat, just be really
    careful on the last boss. If you don't meet them, travel around the 
    world for awhile.
    *** Want more characters? There is a section of characters to get at the 
    end of this FAQ.
    The last boss is the Lion Princess. She is tough to beat. After you beat 
    her, she will leave. Now you can either do the Rune Event, the Arcane 
    Event, or maybe even both. I collected the Arcane first, then I
    collected the Runes. 
    *** Go to Devin in order to get to do the Arcane and Rune events. You
    ask about their gifts, and the man or woman, (depending on which event
    you are doing) will give you 4 stones, or 4 cards.
    *** You might have come across in the Dark Labyrinth (a random event it 
    is, so donít fret if you havenít seen it yet. You will). Grown attached 
    to White Rose yet? Well, Iíd hate to rip your heart out, youíll lose 
    White Rose in this Labyrinth. If you want that turnip thing to join, 
    talk to him before you exit the maze. The exit is the door in the middle 
    of the screen, in the same room with the turnip monster. After this 
    event, White Rose had sacrificed herself in the Labyrinth. Zozmo and the 
    turnip (optional turnip) will join you. I found no way to get past this 
    event. It is completely random at some times, but it always comes. If 
    you find a way to skip this event, email me please. I stalled this event 
    until I got all Arcane Cards. 
    *** When you lose White Rose, I suggest you go to Devin, talk to that
    girl near the Shrine and get Kyrin (ask about Space magic), a very
    powerful horse? Well, itís very powerful in magic, so when you beat the 
    maze trial he gives you, heíll join. *** This leads to the natural cave, 
    a place where you can get the Hide Rune. See below in ĎNow for the 
    *** I heard that the lady near the shrine joins you. I heard she was the 
    runaway empress that White Rose had told you earlier. I think you can 
    get her, but Iím not sure exactly. I never got her.
    Location of Cards-
    (No specific order)
    Gold Card- Bacarrat
    Grail Card- Yorkland
    Saber Card- Wakatu
    Shield Card- IRPO 
    Gold Card- The Gold Card is located in Bacarrat. Before  you do this
    event, go and buy 4 Gold Ingot. (Buy it from Nelson, you can get there
    from Owmi. Itís cheaper than any other sales of Gold). Go to the casino 
    and talk to the ladies in Bunny Suits over there. One of these ladies is 
    Emilia. When you talk to her, Asellus will see a small little gnome walk 
    by. Emilia will follow you, and you have to follow the gnome. You 
    probably canít catch up with him, but the fast way is to go to the 
    Parking Lot. Youíll see that the sewer is open. When you start to climb 
    down, Emilia will stop you and join you. Climb down the ladder and enter 
    the gnome cave. 
    This is what got me pretty angry. Youíll search around, but the gnomeís 
    lair is located hidden in the left of a certain room. Iím not sure how 
    to say it exactly, just keep walking left and search the walls on the 
    left. Youíll come across to another room. The gnome lair is up. More 
    enemies and exploring are down. I forgot a bit of what is down of the 
    gnome lair, but just be prepared, just in case. When you get to the 
    gnome lair, talk to the gnome at the table. He will ask that you give 
    him gold in exchange for the Gold Card. Give him the 4 Gold Ingot. 
    Youíve got the Gold!
    Grail Card- You go to Yorkland for this card. Talk to all the people in 
    the houses, they will make you drink and tell you to go to the next
    cellar. Keep going and when you reach the last house, it says that the
    card is located in the middle of the swamp. When you reach the swamp,
    you will have some difficulties in control. Asellus might move when you 
    didnít even touch the controller. Donít worry, itís not your controller, 
    itís the alcohol! Try your best to avoid the monsters (Itís hard being 
    drunk and all) and go to the shrine. Walk up to the altar and examine 
    around it. Asellus will receive the Grail Card.
    Saber Card-  In Koorong, talk to the skeleton. He will tell you about
    Gen. Go to Scrap to get Gen, a drunk guy in the Pub. He will join you.
    Now go to Wakatu. Follow Gen and youíll come across a room. Enter it,
    and make your way up to a room with a slot machine type puzzle. Now this 
    is the tricky part. Every time you hear a noise from the icons, press 
    the accept button. If you get a different combination, you may fight 
    enemies. It depends on the combination you have. Anyway, once you get 
    three swords, youíll get the Saber Card. Leave the place. One more card 
    to go!
    Shield Card- Go to IRPO. Talk to the receptionist. She will lead you
    into a room where you will meet a patrol named Fuse. He has the card,
    and will give it to you, if you help him get a flower from the top of
    the mountain of Mosperiburg. Itís pretty self-explanitory. You can get
    the treasures from the cave, etc. When you reach the top, there will be 
    the flowers you are looking for. You will *sigh* fight yet, another
    boss. Itís a fire bird. Beat it, and then Fuse will give you the Shield 
    Card. Yay! You got all the cards. Now all your characters can learn 
    Arcane magic.
    Now for the Runes......
    (No specific order)
    Hide Rune- Koorong
    Freedom Rune- Despair
    Victory Rune- Muís Tomb
    Vitality Rune- Tanzar
    Hide Rune- This rune is located in the sewers of Koorong in a Natural
    Cave. If you got Kyrin, youíll notice that when you want to go back, you 
    end up in the sewers. You can get to the Natural Cave from here. Itís 
    pretty self-explanitory here also. Youíll end up in a cave of SPIDERS! 
    Donít worry, just beat the first group of spiders and youíll get the 
    Hide Rune. Now escape and youíll end up in Koorong Port.
    Freedom Rune- This event might be accessible after you get at least one 
    of the runes. Talk to Annie, that girl standing outside of the
    restaurant who had always told you to, ďStay back!Ē. Sheíll lead you to 
    Despair and join you. Follow Annie, and avoid the slides in the pipes. 
    Youíll come across a room in which you canít save in, so save in the 
    room before this room. This room is TOUGH! You have to get through the 
    invisible security forcefields or else youíll fight really tough 
    machines. Iím not sure how I did this, but I did a quick save, I figured 
    out what path to take, and then I loaded up my real game. Try not to 
    fight often here because there will be a boss later on. After you get 
    through that room, keep going and youíll end up near a vent where Annie 
    will try to open it. You will fight a mechanical centipede. After you 
    defeat the electronic bug, go and touch the large stone. Itís the 
    Freedom Rune! You will automatically leave Despair.
    *** The Vitality Rune might come before the Victory Rune. You might get 
    swallowed up by the monster, Tanzar.
    Victory Rune- This rune is located in Muís Tomb. The Tomb is located in 
    Shrike, it is located near the Bio Laboratory on the left. Enter the 
    site and walk to your right. You will find a door that is labeled,
    ĎDangerí. Go down that way and find your way to a room with a large bone 
    skeleton. Save first. Just punch this boss for the first round, then 
    start using your special moves on the second round where it becomes a 
    live skeleton. Beat this boss, and you now have the Victory Rune. Escape 
    Muís Tomb. You only have one more to go!
    Vitality Rune- This rune is located when you fly in a ship. If you are
    traveling from a port, youíll probably see a large ship youíve never
    seen before. This indicates you are going to be eaten by the monster,
    Tanzar. Youíll meet Nomad, a crime commiting woman and her two dummies, 
    a skeleton and a man. Theyíll talk for awhile, then Fei-on, a kung fu 
    fighting man will come and confront Nomad. After this scenario, talk to 
    Fei-on, and follow him to his place. Talk to everyone and talk to 
    Fei-on. Youíll have the choice of helping him against Nomad. Say Ďyesí 
    and heíll join, say Ďnoí heíll wonít join. Talk to him again if you said 
    Ďnoí and heíll help you get the Vitality Rune. Heíll help you still even 
    if you say Ďyesí. The only difference is that he will join or wonít 
    depending on your answer. Anyway, follow Fei-on. Get sucked up in 
    places. Youíll end up in a small island in the middle with only one 
    other teleport thing. Save. Now go into the sucker upper thing. When you 
    get there, go down the slide, go right and youíll hop to the right. (Iím 
    not too sure of this path, but if you donít make it, go into the hole, 
    go left, and try again.) Now you will end up on a different road. When 
    you try to advance, Fei-on warns you of slimes guarding the rune. Tell 
    him, ĎWaití and save. Now go and face this weird and annoying slimes.
    You have to kill off the biggest slime. Use some powerful specials so
    you can reach the biggest slime. The small slimes revive so hurry. When 
    you kill off the biggest slime, there will be the rune. Make someone, (a 
    human, no animal or machine) touch the rune. You have won the battle and 
    gotten the Vitality Rune. Tanzar will spit you out and you will now have 
    all four runes. Congratulations!
    ***You can follow this order and get both Rune and Arcane. Itís your
    choice. If you get the Rune, you canít get Arcane.
    Now back to the story. Asellus has just accomplished getting all the
    Arcane Cards and Rune Stones. Stock up on items and equipment. Head for 
    Owmi. You will find the pilot who helped you escape Facinaturu. He will 
    take you back, for the final confrontation between you and Orlouge. Be 
    prepared, because if you want to go back, youíll have to come back to 
    Facinaturu all over again. You will find yourself in Rootville. Remember 
    this place? Well, go to the tailor shop. You will find out that Gina was 
    kidnapped. The ending will change depending on if you save Gina or if 
    you do a lot of mystic or not. Anyway, you can get the weapons and items 
    from the craft man here.... in exchange for your life points. Itís not, 
    heíll damage your life points, heís just gonna lower them! If you have 
    8/8 life points, youíll only have 5/5 life points after you buy, letís 
    say, the Asura sword. Unless you are really good, and wonít die easily, 
    I suggest getting the sword. Itís the last battle anyway, so get 
    whatever you wish. Go to Facinaturu up the mountain of enemies that 
    Ildon had earlier told you that you were too weak to fight. Climb up the 
    mountain. The rooms with crystals heal you, so use them as often as you 
    want. You might meet a giant monster blocking a big door. Thatís where 
    Gina is captive. Beat it, and youíll save Gina. (This is optional, but 
    it determines what ending you get also.)
    The big monster guy is hard. But after you beat it, Gina is now saved.
    After this, go to the crystal room and heal. This is your last chance to 
    heal before confronting Orlouge. Now avoid the enemies, and youíll end 
    up in the flower garden. Go up the way that was blocked before to the 
    right. Youíll fight two bosses before Orlouge himself. The first is a 
    Bat Knight. Beat him, and advance. (If you want, go and heal. I would at 
    this point, after these bosses.) Now itís the Lion Princess again. Beat 
    her, and youíll get her weapon. Talk to the person before the Lion 
    Princess. She will give you ĎPluto Armorí. Now you are extremely close 
    to Orlouge himself. Go up and youíll meet Orlouge. He and Asellus will 
    talk for awhile. After the scenario, Orlouge will wait for you in the 
    room with a large rose on the floor. This is it! And it is HARD!!!! The 
    Portraits on the wall will aid Orlouge and raise his statistics. The 
    spirits that also aid Orlouge do all the fighting. Beat Orlouge, and 
    youíve beat the chapter!!!! Congrats!!!!
                          *Characters Asellus Can Get*
    Rouge- Magic Kingdom> say Ďyesí when he asks you about your search for
    Lute- Scrap> go to the pub; heíll join.
    Cotton- Bio Research Lab> it is in a room with scientists preforming
    experiments on the small animal. Save it, and itíll join.
    Thunder- Yorkland> heís in the town southeast. Talk to him, (standing
    near the windmill), say Ďyesí when he asks you, and heíll join.
    Fuse- IRPO> make sure you are collecting cards. Go to IRPO; heíll join.
    Emilia- Bacarrat> make sure you are collecting cards. Go to Bacarrat,
    ask about cards. She will join.
    Gen- Scrap> make sure you are collecting cards. Go to Scrap, heíll join.
    Kyrin- Devin> after you lose White Rose, ask the lady about Space Magic. 
    Beat Kyrinís maze and heíll join. (Iím not sure on this one. I heard 
    there are requirements.....)
    Turnip monster- Dark Labyrinth> talk to this guy and heíll join when you 
    Zozmo- Dark Labyrinth> he will automatically join after you escape the
    Dark Labyrinth.
    Fei-on- Tanzar> make sure you are doing the Rune Event. Tell him youíll 
    help him save the people from Nomad. He will join.
    King Sei- Seiís Tomb> Yeah, I know I didnít mention this dude. Go to
    Seiís Tomb, collect the three treasures, place them on the colored
    altars, beat him, and you can make him join.
    Annie- Koorong> make sure you are doing the Rune Event. She will join
    after you talk to her about the Freedom Rune.
    Escaped Empress?- Devin> you should have explored Facinaturu in the
    beginning of the game, and run across this escaped empressís room. She
    should join after White Rose is gone, but I never got her?
    Time Lord- Mosperiburg> you should get the ĎSand Timerí from the man in 
    Fascinaturu. Go to Mosperiburg, talk to the lady, and itís pretty
    Silence/Silent- Luminous> Obtaining Shadow magic> Talk to his shadow. 
    When you leave the maze, heíll join.
    Slime- Tanzar> After you defeat the slimes which block the Vitality
    Rune, the slime thing will automatically join.
    *** This walkthrough was made specifically for answering questions as
    what to do next, etc. I didnít include the items, because I donít even
    remember them, and also since others have included items in their
    walkthroughs. This is a revised version of my walkthrough. Hope you
    enjoyed it. Anymore comments, questions, etc. e-mail me:
    Get Your Private, Free Email at http://www.hotmail.com

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