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    Blue Walkthrough by ShadowX

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                  - S   A   G   A     F   R   O   N   T   I   E   R - 
                                  chapter of blue
                               (c) Squaresoft 1997
                         Illustrated by Tomomi Kobayashi
                    Written by FreaK (silverdude21@hotmail.com) 
                A mere mortal like everyone else, I was able to 
                write this FAQ thru sheer perseverence in playing  
                the game and reading up on it. All material listed
                here unless otherwise stated, is spawned out of 
                self-deduction and a mind-boggling element known 
                as experience. Any incorrect data or translation 
                is...human. This is my tribute to SAGA FRONTIER. 
                Nothing more. 		  
    - Edited the Walkthrough and Characters section
    - Added a new Fighting section
    - Confirmed Game Secrets
    C O N T E N T S v1.7 (20.10.97)----------------------O
             o Character background and mission summary
             o Spells 
               - understanding them
               - highlights
             o Collectable characters
               - race synopsis 
               - character analysis
             o Unlocking fighting potential
               - mastering sword and technique fighting
               - linking
               - battle strategy for the last boss
             o Complete walkthrough
               - part 1: choosing paths
               - part 2: finding companions
               - part 3: the quest for the cards/runes
               - part 4: the showdown of the twins
               - part 5: the omega
             o Game secrets
    	"Blue is a young man exceptionally gifted with magical abilities. 
    However, this ablilty is indelibly tied to the fate of his twin. For Blue 
    to realize his full power, he must kill his own brother, who also bears the
    same cross. Though they travel apart, their fate will invariably draw them 
    together. And only one will survive.
    	"Blue's home region, Magic Kingdom, is a fantastic environment where 
    magic reigns supreme. Blue, whose huge potential as a magic user was 
    recognised as a child, has been carefully raised with full knowledge of his
    awful destiny. Now that he has come of age, Blue must depart on a journey 
    to hone his abilities as a magic user and eventually face his twin Rouge." 
    Telparc GAME Geisen News
    	An essential component in Blue's quest, he has to learn spells and 
    master them.
    	There are several categories of spells available for collection that I 
    currently know of.
    		o Runes/Secret(tarot cards) 
    		o Nova(sun)/Lunar(night)
    		o Demon/Ghost 
    		o Yin/Yang 
    		o Time/Space
    		o Life(heart)/???
    	Spells can either be bought or acquired. Some are innate (ie. Mystics
    always come with Ghost magic). However, one can only learn one of the two 
    types in their respective categories because they are opposing (eg. if one 
    learns Nova spells, he cannot learn Lunar spells. Alternatively, if one 
    learns Secret magic, he will be unable to learn Rune spells). This principle
    applies to ALL categories of spells. Blue himself (until he defeats Rouge) 
    will not be exempt from this.
    	However, acquiring the spells themselves is usually not enough. For 
    every type of spell, there is a "power-up", which enables the user to gain 
    more if not all versions of similar type magic (exceeding what a normal 
    human can acquire by simply training with them). This, of course, enables 
    you to gain more powerful or effective attacks within a category. ALL 
    power-ups MUST be specially acquired. When the power-up is found, a silver 
    star will appear beside the category, signifying the character's capability
    to master all the spells. Some power-ups will be easier to get than others.
    The Runes or Secret power-ups are the most complicated (not to mention 
    difficult) ones to get; considering the fact that it is Blue's mission to 
    acquire one of them. Once he gets it, it won't be long before his battle 
    with Rouge consumates.
    	There is also a "kick-up" factor, by which the user can intensify and
    even mold the effect of a spell through training with it and gaining level.
    For example, one of Blue's first spells, a simple 1 JP attack (0 JP if you 
    are a master), can be up-ed to become a highly-damaging and paralysing 
        o Runes
    	Has a HP auto-refill spell. Great for long battles.
        o Secret 
    	The "Shield" casts a spell that increases the defence of the entire 
    	party, reducing damage by approx. 100HP. It's always a good idea to 
    	use it when fighting a Boss or a powerful enemy.
    	The "Ta" or "Tower" is the ultimate attack: capable of damage close 
    	to 50,000! It does, however, deplete the caster of ALL JP and is 
    	unpredictable in its damage factor (a measly 1000+ HP is what you 
    	sometimes get). A worthy last resort/desperation move.
        o Nova
    	"Chao Yun" meaning devastation wind. The hardest proximity whacker 
    	under 10JP.
    	The "Light Sabre" is a spell that creates a magical sword that 'up's 
    	the caster's stats tremendously. Gives the wielder automatic blocking
    	ability and can be used as a base for learning sword attacks.
        o Lunar
    	The HP drain attack is great for its ability to damage and heal at 
    	the same time. Also able to reduce enemy strength when practiced or 
    	of high level.
    	A spell that drains darkness from the surroundings, creating a shadow 
    	of the caster that will mimick the his next move as well as protect 
    	him from all attacks.
        o Demon
    	It's simplest 0JP attack can become highly damaging and paralysing 
    	with practice. A great spell to fall back upon when you are 
    	conserving on JP.
    	Has a spell that prevents the enemy from casting any magic. Should 
    	the receiver attempt to do so, his magic will backfire and injure him 
    	instead. Invaluable against the Time or Space bosses.
        o Ghost
    	Perhaps the most familiar Mystic spell of all: the "Genmu Strike". 
    	Capable of damage coupled with all sorts of side effects (eg. poison, 
    	sleeping, paralysis) to auto-death, depending on the user's as well 
    	as the enemy's level.
    	This Mystic spell creates a glass shield that protects the caster for 
    	the duration of the fight. Should the subject receive any physical 
    	attack, the shield will splinter and inject its broken shards into 
    	the attacker, inflicting major damage.
    	A protection spell positions 1 to 3 images of the caster on front of 
    	himself or his companions. The images protect the subjects from all 
        o Yin
    	A powerful healing spell that can restore HP up to 999! (Depending 
    	on the person's level) It's drawback: only works for the caster.
    	"Life". A powerful whacker (1000 odd HP for a good Blue) that only 
    	requires 1JP (if you're a master). Excellent spell for links.
        o Yang (only seen in action by a red-headed mystic, Zozma)
    	A spell that sends streaks of white smoke into all enemies, 
    	inflicting damage of er, 666.
        o Time
    	An auto-death spell that can also reduce the Quickness of the enemy 
    	A 10JP spell that stops all time, allowing the caster to do 4 to 8 
    	moves consecutively depending on caster's level. This spell, however, 
    	depletes the user of ALL JP (like Ta) and should only be used in 
    	desperation or when down to 10JP.
        o Space
    	This spell creates a black hole which sucks in ANY effects (poison, 
    	sleeping etc.) from everyone. Useful against the last Boss.
        o Life
    	This is simply the best spell ever. An auto-resurrection spell with 
    	NO deduction of LP! Casting it means you can never die!
    *For detailed instructions on how to get these spells as well as the 
     power-ups, refer to the complete walkthrough section.*
    COLLECTABLE CHARACTERS------------------O
    	The races that comprise the Saga community can be classified into four 
    groups: humans, mystics, monsters and machines.
    	Versatile breed. Are capable of casting magic as well as physical 
    fighting. When possessing a large number of techniques or spells, they 
    become Masters and crowns are displayed. A Master is able to execute a move 
    using 1 less JP or WP. They can also be equipped with all kinds of armour, 
    potions and accessories. 
    	Another factor unique to humans is the ability to think up of new 
    techniques during a fight. When that happens, a light bulb appears over the 
    character's head and the person then executes the new move.
    	An elitist breed, the ability of the mystic depends on his or her 
    rank. The higher the rank, the more powerful and attractive he or she is. 
    Versatile all-rounders, Mystics gain new attacks and increase their stats 
    by absorbing enemy ablities using their mystic weapons. Can be equipped 
    with everything.
    	Monsters get better by draining good enemies and taking on new forms. 
    Can only be equipped with accessories, and generally utilize only Monster 
    	Specialists in guns but are unable to cast magic. Machines gain stats
    and attacks by obtaining new robot parts and programs from enemy machines. 
    Can be equipped with more than one body armour.
    	Below is a list of characters Blue is able to pick up.
        o Gen
    	A bandanna-wearing fighter with a penchant for alcohol. His physical 
    	strength and intrinsic sword-fighting ability make him someone to be 
    	reckoned with.
        o Roufas (also known as Roufus)
    	Sports blonde dreadlocks and wears a pair of Star Trek-inspired 
    	sunglasses, making him immune to flare attacks. Versatile fighter.
        o Lute the Bard
    	A wandering and carefree minstrel with sapphire hair. Highly 
    	adaptable with a tendency to learn and execute only stylish attacks. 
    	Can be a tremendous asset to the team if given time.
        o Emilia the Ex-supermodel (also known as Emiria)
    	A blonde accused of murdering her husband, and now a fugitive case, 
    	is bent on finding the one who framed her. Has a talent with guns 
    	and fist fighting.
        o Fuse (also known as Hurge)
    	A green-suited IRPO officer with crimson hair. Possesses enormous 
    	potential in techniques; capable of mastering all ultimate attacks
    	even without effort.
        o Meiren
    	A chinese girl who wears her purple hair in a ponytail. Initially 
    	appears to be a magic-user, but proves to be a better gun fighter.
        o Annie
    	Emeria's ex-cell mate. Another blonde in green shorts. The female 
    	version of Gen.
        o Liza
    	A purple haired girl. Also a friend of Emeria. Despite her obvious 
    	femininity, has an extraordinary amount of strength.
        o Nusakan the Doctor 
    	Raven haired, and possesses an innate healing ability, due to his 
    	white coat. Cool and down-to-earth.
        o Mesathrim the Mermaid
    	Injured in an accident with a fisherman, this mystic is currently 
    	recuperating in the abode of a young ruler. Capable of casting all 
    	Rune spells, and is immune to water attacks.
        o Silence
    	An exotic blonde guy sporting butterfly wings. Apparently has 
    	connections to the IRPO.
        o Coon
    	A naive monster on a quest for a magical ring that will save its 
    	dying homeland. 
        o Seioh the Skeleton
    	The remains of a dead king. Possesses auto-HP refill and some unique
    	attack moves.
        o Thunder
    	Lute's childhood friend. A towering brute with fiery-red fur.
        o Cotton
    	A cute monster saved from torturific genetic experiments.
        o Slime
    	A pale jelly-starfish that is actually a gigantic golden blob.
        o Suzaku (have been unable to collect)
    	An extremely high powered pheonix.  
        o T260G the Robot
    	A robot with a hidden past; is on a quest to search out his mission 
    	and identity.
        o Tokusyukousakusya
    	A robot with wheels like that of an army tank. Mighty resilient.
    	Who Blue collects will depend on his mission path, and what he does 
    and collects during this period. It will not be possible to collect ALL the 
    characters in one mission. 
    * For detailed instructions on how to acquire the characters listed above, 
      refer to the complete walkthrough section.*
    	'Growing up' a character to be a fearsome fighter is not much of a 
    challenge. All it takes is an understanding of the nature of the different 
    attacks, as well as how the different races react to them. *This guide is 
    not exhaustive; it will mostly supply info on humans, which is more or less
    the most complex race to grow up and comprise the largest percentage of 
    Blue's collectable companions. There is of course, the minutiae of the 
    concepts by which the other races grow up; but that I feel, can be easily 
    grasped through simply playing the game (especially if you play all seven 
    	Humans. The only race capable of spontaneous learning, you'll find it 
    worthwhile to invest time in them. Having covered spells, this section will 
    focus on sword and technique(fist) fighting. 
    	Learnable sword attacks and techniques can be classified into four 
    levels: Novice, Veteran, Master and Ultimate. Obviously, what we would be 
    interested in learning are Master and Ultimate level attacks as well as the
    best low-level attacks for conserving on WP. 
    	To go about this, you'll first need to gain the two higher level of 
    attacks and then move on to learn the lower class attacks. Is that possible?
    Definitely so. And why? To hasten the learning process.  
    o Learning Master attacks
    	To gain Master level attacks, the way to go about it is similar for 
    sword and technique fighting. Fight harder enemies using your most powerful
    moves. How well your characters learn will depend solely on the level on 
    your enemies. As well as the number of attacks already learnt. It is a 
    good idea to group human fighters together when training as such. They'll 
    learn better when isolated from the other races (such as monsters and 
    machines). It's because when one person learns a cool new move, everyone 
    usually follows suit. 
    	A critical note: you MUST keep de-equipping your characters once they
    learn more attacks. Should the equipped moves fill up the available slots 
    in the inventory, they'll stop learning. I usually make it a point to leave
    at least 2 slots empty; so as to retain the Master status as well as enable
    the character to learn a max of 2 moves per fight. In learning high-level 
    moves, try to un-equip all the low-level ones and leave the highest-level 
    moves behind.
    	If they aren't learning, it probably means that the enemies aren't 
    hard enough (Dying is duh, an invalid reason). Find opposition that forces 
    you to use extreme strategy to survive. The enemies in the Swamp or 
    Laboratory for example. If that does not work (supposing you whack too hard
    even if low-level or keep linking), section your people out even more eg. 
    three or two swordsman to a team. The key here is make your characters 
    realise that what they've got ain't good enough, which means that they'll 
    have to learn new, better attacks to compromise. 
    	You might also want to equip your swordsmen with two swords, so they 
    can learn double sword blocks and attacks. For example, one particular 
    Master level attack whereby the attacker jumps up in the air and shoots out
    fluorescent-green projectiles at all present enemies has a double-handed 
    sword version which takes up the same amount of WP but does twice the 
    amount of damage.
    o Learning Ultimate techniques
    	Having gained Master level attacks, you'll next need to learn 
    Ultimate ones. With regards to techniques, there four ultimates that one 
    can learn:
    1. This move jams four chinese words of destruction against a firestorm of 
       crimson and orange, throwing the victim back with tremendous force.
    2. Causes the background to turn black by which the attacker draws a 
       glowing triangle around the enemy followed by emanation of three flashing 
    3. In the third attack, the executor jumps up and brings down a powerful 
       tornado upon the enemy, wreaking havok.
    	These techniques can be most easily learnt fighting Bosses or sub-
    bosses. (I never fail to learn an ultimate when fighting the tortoise in 
    the Lab.) Or in some cases, getting charmed (transference of enemy 
    desperation, I guess).
    4. DSC. The final and most damaging physical attack ever is a combination 
       of several grab techniques executed in succession. It requires that the 
       character learn AND equip six specific moves before it can be learnt.
    o Learning Ultimate sword attacks
    	The nine sword ultimates come in a wide variety, and can be learnt in 
    basically two ways. The first is similar to learning ultimate techniques. 
    The most powerful move by which the executor teleports into four images of 
    himeslf around his victim, slashes him repeatedly, slams him up, throws him
    down in an explosion of light and blood (worth 10WP) is learnt this way. An
    equip-able ultimate counter where the executor dodges an attack and 
    counters back with multiple sword slashes can also be learnt. 
    	The second is to use inate sword attacks. For example, three 
    complimentary attacks named Snow, Moon and Flower respectively can only be 
    learnt by using the default attack move of Japanese knifes or 'dao's. All 
    knifes enable the fighter to learn these moves. Other ultimates are also 
    learnt the same way through swords which are equipped with inate attacks 
    (a similar comment always appears underneath the names of such swords.) 
    Some specials are immediately apparent, as they appear in the move 
    inventory upon  equipping. Others have to be picked up, once again using 
    the inate attack, which usually is deceptively umimpressive.
    	Once your characters have got their super moves down pat, learning 
    lower class attacks is less than chicken feet. All you need to do is go 
    fight a squid (or something of the sort) and select your lousiest, lowest-
    powered moves. They'll start learning like crazy (four to five lightbulbs 
    within one fight is what you'll get) and in no time, they'll have learnt 
    tons of attacks.
    *From personal experience, Fuse seems to be the most talented fist fighter 
    and Gen the best swordsman. Both have managed to learn ALL ultimates in 
    their respective skills. Blue is, quite honestly, the best overall. I've 
    managed to make him a master in magic, techniques AND sword-fighting in one
    game. Of course, that's just my opinion ^_^*
    	The key to linking is through the Link Attacks menu in your inventory.
    Creating massive links is a building process. 2-fold links can be built 
    into 3-fold, 4-fold and finally into 5-fold.
    	First, find a 2-fold you like. Then equip it as the top priority link
    in the Link menu, which basically works as a notepad to tell the computer 
    which links to do and which not to. Execute the link in the next battle 
    coupled with other attacks from your non-linked characters. A 3-fold will 
    emerge. If it doesn't happen, try new attacks, or rebuild and equip the 
    first link using a different combination. Upon achieving the 3-fold, equip 
    the attack above your previous link. Then use in the next fight. A 4-fold 
    then emerges. Simply repeat the same process to build up on the link. It's 
    that simple. However, should you break the link on purpose, you'll have to 
    rebuild it from scratch again.
    	Whilst the above method (should be) officially correct, it is, 
    admittedly tedious. I only do it to massive link super attacks (ie 
    ultimates) which by normal methods, are difficult to link. There are 
    shortcuts by which one can speed up the linking process. 
    Here are some basic guidelines:
    o Link conducive attacks 
        - Opposing spells. Contradictory yet complimentary. Sounds like a 
          paradox but really isn't. It's really kind of like two sides to a 
          coin. For example, a Nova and Lunar spell executed within the same 
          round have a high chance of linking. You can easily use this link 
          with say, Demon and Ghost spells and form a decent four-fold.
        - Elemental attacks. Eg. Gun-attacks of fire, lightning and water link 
        - In general, a couple of specific attacks are highly linkable. Take 
          note of attacks which frequently link, and try to use them to chain 
          link your supers, for example.
    o Access your characters
        - Group characters of similar race together. Humans tend to link better
          amongst themselves, as is with robots. This is of course, vastly 
          general and isn't always the case. In fact, a well-assorted team 
          tends to make for more strategic fighting.
        - Make sure you've reach a stage where learning becomes difficult. A 
          light-bulb breaks a link. Always make it a point to train with the 
          intent to learn until you can't learn any more (that means having 
          learnt EVERY Master and Ultimate level attack or at least most), then
          start linking. In other words, link when you are secure in your best 
          moves and therefore ensure ultimate whacking ability.
        - Fight enemies with high HP or damage factors. Your characters aren't 
          going to link if one person alone can kill off the opposition. The 
          rule is simple: if they can't learn, they'll link. Period.
    	This is a spoiler, duh. 
    	The guy is quite simply, chicken feet if you know how to fight him. 
    Even if you don't, he still isn't tough. But since he's the Last Boss, I 
    guess I've gotta give some credit. Here's how to make him fodder.
    o Prep Up
        - Stock up on 'Wang Neng Yiu' or the Oil of a Thousand Uses. 
          Alternatively, you can equip the 'Blackhole' Space spell.
        - Equip the two Life(heart) spells of mass-healing and auto-
        - Equip the Infinite Time and Secret spells as well as the Shadow Night
        - Equip the best attacks you've got.
        - Prioritize your most damaging links.
        - Make sure you aren't low on WP and JP. Utilize 'Jie Guo Shi' if needs
          be; it restores everyone.
    o The Battle
        - For the first round, get someone (other than Blue) to cast the secret
          Shield Spell. Blue casts the auto-resurrection on himself. Everyone 
          else whacks.
        - The Boss should try to poison/paralyse everyone early in the fight. 
          How badly your characters react to the special effects would depend 
          on your level. You can either choose to ignore it, use Wang Neng Yiu 
          or the blackhole spell. The blackhole however, cancels out the 
          resurrection spell and the shield spell, meaning that you've have to 
          recast them again.
        - When everyone is sufficiently low in HP, get Blue to cast the mass-
          healing spell by which everyone is refilled with Blue's HP points (he
          himself however loses 1LP). This spell will be your only form of 
          healing during the fight, so don't cast it too often (twice is more 
          than enough). Blue himself will be covered by the resurrection spell.
          After he dies and is resurrected, simply recast the spell again.
        - When you've whacked to guy about 50,000HP, activate the infinite Time
          spell. This will be the final killing move. The spell will stop all 
          time and cancel out move turns of everyone except Blue's. You'll now 
          have eight consecutive turns to do your spells and kiss your JP 
          goodbye. Activate the Night spell as the first spell to be cast 
          followed by seven rounds of Tower (if you have DSC, all the better). 
          After the Night spell is cast, and in activating the first Tower, 
          Blue's shadow will come out of him and mimick his move. And that will
          continue till ALL eight turns are used up! That means, Blue gets to 
          do FOURTEEN rounds of Tower (or DSC) before he's finished! And that's 
          all it takes to completely annihilate the Boss.
    BLUE'S COMPLETE WALKTHROUGH-------------------O
    -This walkthrough assumes knowledge of info previously relayed.
    Part 1 <> Choosing Paths
        	At the start of Blue's quest, he is given the choice of 2 starting 
    points. The iridescent orb signifies Luminous; the angular yellow ball 
    Duvan. The starting point does not affect the outcome of Blue's story; so 
    feel free to select either option. 
        	If you selected Luminous, Blue will now have the choice to learn 
    either Nova or Lunar spells as well as collect their power-ups. Remember: 
    He can only learn one or the other. First, walk up and into a shop that is 
    carved into a boulder. This merchant sells Nova spells. Speak with him and 
    test out his ware. Don't buy from him yet, unless you are sure it is his 
    spells you want. Now exit and head right. You'll see a another merchant 
    holding a staff. Speak with him and test out his Lunar spells. Decide which 
    one you prefer, Nova or Lunar, and buy a spell from the respective merchant. 
    At this point. you'll no doubt notice you'll have a lack of money, so buy 
    only the most expensive one ($600). This way, Blue can learn the lower class 
    attacks of the same type a lot easier when he practices his new spell. 
        	Now for the power-ups. For Nova users, head west. You'll enter an 
    area where 2 nondescript stone walls stretch out into a cluster of 
    crystallic boulders. Now speak with the guy standing there and you'll 
    be sent to the Beam Labyrinth. The objective here is to adjust the mirrors 
    so as to manipulate the beam of light to shine upon the exit. (Note: you 
    cannot exit this area by normal means, neither can you save.) Do so (you 
    shouldn't have much difficulty) and when a door opens, enter the second 
    room. Do the same as before, except that you'll also need to change light 
    sources (the hexagonal crystals). Another door will open, and Blue will 
    enter the third room. Here, you'll need to make use of the mirrors, light 
    sources as well as the colour filters to manipulate specific colours of 
    light beams to shine upon the pentagon on the north wall of the room. When 
    you succeed in doing so, walk up to the pentagon.
            Here's what the different colour lights do:
            Red       - Powerful Enemy 
            Dark Blue - Weaker Enemy 
            Pale Blue - An item
            Purple    - Another item
            Yellow    - $400
            White     - Exit and Power-up!
    	For Lunar spell buyers, the path to the power-up is through the 
    merchant you bought the Lunar spells from. If you walk up north from the 
    merchant, you'll notice a golden haired man locked within the pillars. You 
    can ONLY free him and get him to join your party if you buy Lunar spells and 
    go for the power-up. Speaking with the merchant will result in you being 
    sent to Ombre. I'll recommend that you take time to train and gain level 
    FIRST before entering this area. Companions would help, tremendously. (On 
    how to acquire characters, read on) Coz the enemies here have a habit of 
    whacking you into non-existence when you are low-level. So be patient. 
    You'll get your power-up later.
    	Now that you got your Nova power-up or Lunar spells, you need to go 
    to Duvan to buy Runes or Secret spells. Open your inventory (second option 
    in menu) and utilize Teleportation (it's a potion Blue has originally been 
    equipped with). You're now back to the starting destination menu. Select 
    Duvan, the yellow ball, and you'll be transported there. Alternatively, you 
    can go via airport, but who in the right mind would want to do that!? In any 
    case, you might want to visit the Luminous airport, another room-in-a-
    boulder, because chances are you'll notice a disappearing man at the four-
    seater. That guy is your brother, Rogue. He disappears because you're not 
    supposed to meet him...yet.
    	Now you're at Duvan. Those who selected Duvan as a starting point, 
    start here (and after you're done with this place, don't forget to go to 
    Luminous to do as written above). Walk around and talk to everyone. What 
    you'll need to take note of is the merchant in the tent (who sells Rune 
    spells) and the gypsy tarot card reader in one of the mushroom houses (who 
    sells Secret spells). Test out their spells, decide with type you prefer and 
    purchase them (You can buy the entire range if you like). This is where you 
    will choose the path of your main mission on which you will soon embark - 
    the quest for the corresponding power-up. After having bought your spells, 
    talk to your trader and keep selecting the first option. He or she will 
    tell you about the power-ups and where to get them. You'll also be handed
    'empty' cards or stones in which to collect the power-ups. Blue can also 
    decide to favour both of them to keep his initial choices open.
    	Once you've acquired your spells, you'll need to train them up and 
    earn more money to buy more spells (as well as enhancements). This would 
    also be a good time to pick up some companions.
    Part 2 <> Finding Companions
    	First, travel to Kowloon. Exit the airport and descend one level. 
    You need to interact with the purple-haired man standing apart from the 
    other merchants and passers-by. He'll relay some information with regards 
    to either Runes or Nusakan to you. Then approach the caped skeleton further 
    up. He'll tell you about Gen and Wakatsu. Walk left, and you'll enter 
    Backstreet A. Fight the 3 bird-like enemies (using magic), and enter 
    the little shack admist the debri. Talk to the despondent-looking person 
    and wait for the doctor's prompt. Then enter the ajoining room, talk with 
    Nusakan and select the first option when it comes up. You've now got your 
    first companion! 
    	Leave the shack, and enter the sewer just beside it (in the meantime, 
    giving those irritating birds hell because they had the nerve to fly into 
    you). Once in the sewer, go around the bend and collect $200. Of course, 
    whacking all the naive-looking things that attempted to barr your path. By 
    the way, the sewers in Kowloon are an excellent training ground for 
    low-level characters.
    	Go back to the airport and talk to the receptionist. The destinations 
    in the first menu are: Manhattan
                           Magic Kingdom
                           Other places
              Second menu: IRPO
                           Shingrou (Shinlo)
                           Other places
    	Once Blue has visited a place, he is able to teleport there.
    	Now select Scrap. Feel free to explore the place. Go to the Lounge. 
    Here you can pick up Gen, Lute, Coon, T260G and Meiren. So now you've got 6 
    companions. Great. Leave the place. If you exit via mercenary airport, 
    you'll have to pay a $100 service charge. 
    	Teleport over to Yorkland. Go south and walk up to the fiery 
    red-skinned monster standing beside the windmill. Select 'OK' when the 
    option comes up. Thunder will walk into you (he just joined your party) and 
    Lute will walk out. Talk with Lute. 
    	 Now go to Shrike. Enter the hotel at the Street (the cross-shaped 
    junction), talk to the receptionist (select 1st option) and sleep. Sleeping 
    restores everything (LP,JP,WP) lost during battle. This will soon be a 
    regular place for restoration later in the game, since it is one of the two 
    places where you can sleep for free. Exit the hotel and walk left. Enter 
    the bookshop and read some excerpts from the books on the shelves.  
    	Exit the Street and go down to the Factory. Walk to the corner of the 
    room and talk to the robot sitting there. He will join your party.
    	Now leave and walk up north into the countryside. Hop down from the 
    top of the waterfall, across the stream and into the woods. You'll now 
    enter Seioh's Tomb, your first dungeon. SAVE. Run past the first 2 screens 
    (fighting the enemies you accidentally bang into), and into a room with 3 
    stone pedestals. You'll need to collect 3 items in this mausoleum to place 
    onto the pedestals to activate the opening in the north wall. Explore the 
    place, and train while you're at it. You should soon be able to group the 
    characters into primary and secondary teams once you are familiar with how 
    each character fights. Here what you need to find: A sword, a shield and an 
    accessory. DON'T equip them; (as tempting as it might be) you'll have to 
    use them to open the door back in the first room. Now go back to the room 
    with the pedestals. Place the items in this order: 
    			West wall - Accessory 
    			South wall- Sword
    			East wall - Shield and the door at the north wall will 
    open. Walk through it and you'll now enter the Boss area. SAVE. Walk up to 
    the coffin and a fight with Seioh will ensue.
    	Once you defeat him, he will offer you his sword. If you choose to 
    accept it, select the first option. And if you graciously decline (second 
    option), he will join your team instead.
    	Head now for the Laboratory. Traverse its corridors till you come to 
    three flights of stairs. Ascend to the third level and enter through the 
    automatic doors. Destroy the enemies masquerading as scientists and you'll 
    free the monster confined to the experimental paraphernalia. It will become 
    your cohort. Now descend to the ground floor infested with exotic and 
    hideous undergrowth. Roundabout the building on the right and enter it. 
    Climb the ladder, defeat the console controller and activate LOCK OFF. 
    Leave the building and enter the structure on the left. SAVE. Approach the 
    damsel standing there and a Boss fight with an armoured turtle will 
    commence. Once it is defeated, Blue can cross the ledge to retrieve the 
    turtle shield in the wooden chest.
    	Teleport over to Owmi. Walk west and enter the quaint inn. Sleep. 
    This is the other place where you can sleep for free. Travel north from the 
    inn and into a resplendent mansion. Explore the place and retrieve the 
    items in the treasure chests in the attic as well as the room facing east 
    in the basement. Once in the basement, go through the door facing south and
    you'll enter another dungeon (the cute 'lil caterpillar thingie that wiggles
    around enthusiastically at your presence says everything). Go past 2 rooms, 
    making sure you collect all the items. Massacre the annoying squid that 
    blocks the entire stairwell and once you're done, walk through the 
    inconspicuous opening in the west wall of the ajoining room. Blue now finds 
    himself in front of a pool. Walk up to the pool, and a mermaid will swim up 
    to you. Speak with her and she will join your ranks. In the meantime, your 
    other mystic, Nusakan, will walk out of you. Talk to him and then leave the 
    place. Continue exploring the dungeon below (you can either glamorously 
    descend the stairs or drop down unceremoniously from above. Either way, the 
    natives here won't be any less fond of you) and pick up everything.
    	Now that you've accumulated quite a bit of cash, you might want to 
    buy more spells. Teleport to Kyo. Head for the Buddist temple. Walk up to 
    the girl and speak with her. You MUST approach her across the counter; if 
    you go to her side, she will ignore you. Try out her Yin spells and buy 
    them. Later on in the game, Blue will have to return here to acquire the 
    Yin power-up. 
    	For those who've yet to collect the Lunar power-up in Ombre, you can 
    now attempt the battle the place and its inhabitants. Nova spell users, 
    skip this part. Go back to Luminous, and talk to the merchant whom you 
    purchased the Lunar spells from. Keep selecting the first option and you 
    will be sent to Ombre, region of shadows. (Only Night magic using companions 
    will be able to accompany you here). Upon setting foot here, Blue's shadow 
    will depart from him. The objective is to get it back. Now walk up, and 
    talk to the shadows that roam this place. One shadow in particular will 
    relay vital information to you. Now ascend the stairs into the gothic 
    architecture. Run past the shadows under and beyond the arch and up another 
    level (Conflict will be, at times, unavoidable). From this room, run up the 
    stairs and into the next room. Go right and talk to the merchant (a shadow 
    holding a scythe). You can choose whether or not to buy his products. Now, 
    return back to the first room and go left. Walk through the passageway, and 
    you'll find yourself in a room with many shadows. Talk to each of them and 
    one by one, they will shift over into the adjacent room. Exit and return to 
    the first room. This time go north (there is an item to collect on the way) 
    and you'll now be in the room where all the shadows have been herded to. 
    SAVE. Blue must now attempt to find his own shadow (which isn't remotely 
    difficult; the dangly ponytail thingie's just way too hard to miss). 
    Talking to it will cause it to move up into the room above. Note: All other 
    shadows will be enemies; you'll have to fight them if you do not talk to 
    the correct one. When you've succeeded in getting Blue's shadow into the 
    room above, follow it up and talk to it. A Boss fight will commence, where 
    Blue and his companions have to fight their own shadows. You'll be able to 
    leave the place once you defeat them. Once out, go to Silence and you'll be 
    able to free him and take him into your party. 
    	Now that you're done, Blue can now officially embark on his quest for 
    the Secret Card (or Rune) power-up.
    Part 3(a) <> The Quest for the Cards
    	In order for Blue to acquire the Secret spell power-up, he must 
    collect four different cards. They are: Shield, Money, Sword and Chalice. 
    Alternatively, he will have to seek out four Runes if he is to claim the 
    Runes spell power-up. *Rune users refer to Part 3(b) instead* 
    	Teleport to IRPO (Inter-regional Police Office). Now walk up to the 
    receptionist and talk to her. Blue will shortly find himself in a conference
    room with his first two characters seated at a table. An IRPO officer will 
    approach you and offer his assistance. You will then be sent into a snowy 
    	Follow the narrow path up until the second screen. There is a small 
    opening beneath a ledge (don't miss it!). Enter it to fight a dragon and 
    collect all the freebies inside. Continue up into the mountain. Then take 
    the north-east pathway; the north-west one leads into a cave with a boulder 
    that has a fiery phoenix (which incidentally, is collectable) engraved on 
    it. Blue will then enter a high-ceilinged cavern with a few boars roaming 
    the snow-littered ground. To the left of this cavern is a cute snowman 
    thingie that huddles against the wall. If you are high on HP and are a 
    considerable whacker with tons of JP/WP to spare, you can have a go at it. 
    Leave this cavern via the stone stairway and follow up the wayward path to 
    a hilltop. Now walk up and talk to the flowers (which is kinda self-
    deprecating but hey, Blue's a sensitive type of guy). Have fun with the 
    Boss, and when you're done, you'll be transported back into the room in 
    IRPO. The Shield card will spin into your possession (your first card!) and
    Fuse will also be able to join your team, permanently.
    	Teleport to Nelson. Enter the bar/cafe and talk to the helmented guy. 
    He sells gold. Buy exactly four pieces of gold from him. You'll need this 
    later. If you're feeling filthy rich, you can also buy from the dealer in 
    Kowloon, who sells the same thing at a much higher price.
    	Teleport to Baccarat. Ascend two levels and talk to the rabbit-eared 
    blonde standing in front of the jackpot machines. A gnome will appear and 
    lead the two of you up another flight of stairs. Now take the lift down to 
    the Carpark. (You might see the blonde girl and the gnome within one of the 
    elevators, but the doors will close upon your approaching). Once in the 
    carpark, walk over to the open sewer hole and descend. The blonde will then 
    drop down on a rope and approach you. Emiria now joins your party. Go down 
    into the cavernous sewer. Run under the ledge and down the leftmost opening.
    Then enter the first opening on the left. Go down the stairs and up through 
    the northern cavern mouth. Blue now enters a cave ornamented with a 
    plethora of gold coins and other gilded ornaments. Talk to one of the busy-
    looking gnomes and he'll tell you how much they love gold (duh!). Now talk 
    to the gnome on the upper right twice, and Blue will hand him the gold he 
    bought. Note: if he possesses any less than four pieces, the gnomes will 
    steal the gold from him, and nothing will be accomplished. The Money card 
    will fall from above and Blue will hop over to retrieve it. 
    	Blue will find himself transported back to the Kowloon airport. Now 
    walk up and talk to the receptionist and select Wakatsu as a destination. 
    Gen will walk out and get the receptionists to agree to transport you there.
    By now you'll have guessed that Gen will be a key character in the finding 
    the location of the Sword card and retrieving it, which is true. Once at 
    Wakatsu, approach the Charon lookalike and he will ferry you over to the 
    abandoned city. Walk up the stairs and 2 impish-looking kids will open the 
    doors for you. Gen will then walk out of you and lead the way. (Blue can 
    also sidetrack to pick up items such as two high-powered swords.) Follow 
    him until Blue comes to an area with dilapidated buildings and debri 
    randomly scattered around. Gen will tell you :"There's nobody around" then 
    walk back into you. Walk through the skeleton of a frameway and into a 
    rundown Japanese house. Ascend the stairs up into the next level. Now turn 
    right, (yes, there actually is a opening, as inconspicuous as it looks) 
    walk through the doorway and ascend the stairs. You are now in a room with 
    three miniscule lamps facing each other. Now walk up and in between them. 
    The lights will turn on and three morphing shadows will appear on the wall. 
    In regular intervals, a clank of swords will be heard. Blue must make all 
    the shadows display as three crossed swords, side by side. To do this, 
    listen to the clanking of the swords, and then press the "Accept" button at 
    EXACTLY the same time as the clank sound. Gen will help you by telling you 
    to use your ears to listen. It's easy; you should get it at first try. If, 
    for some reason you do fail, the team will have to fight enemies. Once you 
    succeed, the Sword card will appear.
    	Now for the final card. Teleport to Yorkland. Go west from the 
    crossroad and you'll enter a well populated part of the town. There are 4 
    houses you can enter. You'll need the interact with the people inside to 
    find out information on the card of the Chalice. Keep talking to them until 
    everyone of them mentions something about the Chalice and gives you a 
    sample of their wine. Now exit back to the crossroad and enter the Swamp. 
    Run through the swamp until you see a flight of stairs. Blue should be 
    feeling the intoxicating effects of the wine and will stumble out if left 
    alone. If that happens, or if you accidentally take the wrong path, you'll 
    have to restart from the entrance of the swamp. Meanwhile, have your fill 
    of whacking the enemies (or squids, if you are of higher level). No mercy. 
    There is also a path through the swamp where Blue can avoid ALL enemies, 
    but is extremely hard to traverse (especially in his drunkened state). Run 
    up the stairs and into a room. Walk up to the Chalice and lo and behold, 
    the Chalice card falls down. All four cards: Shield, Money, Sword and 
    Chalice, will then spin together and merge into one. And there you have it: 
    the Secret spells powerup!
    Part 3(b) <> The Quest for the Runes
    	First, teleport to Kowloon. Enter alley B (the one where 2 bandits 
    attempt to rob you.) Decline their kind offer, then whack the hell out of 
    them. Now go down the grimy stairs and enter the second sewer hole further 
    down. Once in the sewer, go straight and around the bend, and then up the 
    stairs. Blue will now be on the rooftops of a couple of dilapidated shacks. 
    Now descend the sewer hole furthest to the north and into another section 
    of the sewers. Go left and climb the ladder. At the top of the stairs 
    is a red door. Behind it is a robot that sells pretty good guns and gun 
    related stuff. Now go right and into the manhole. Descend from the ladder 
    and then enter the sewer hole on the left. (The stone steps lead out of 
    this place.) Now what Blue needs to do is enter the little shack; he'll 
    have to roundabout to do it. Try the avoid the enemies if you can (not that 
    they're much of a threat, but simply to avoid excessive annoyance). 
    	Once in the cavern, Blue can explore the place and pick up stuff. He 
    will eventually come across a darkened cave containing a cluster of beetles.
    One beetle will jump at him, and a Boss fight will commence. It will be a 
    good idea to whack the three smaller beetles first before attacking the big 
    one. That way, you won't have the bugger getting himself healed after each 
    round. Once annihilated, the rest of the beetles will make themselves 
    scarce and Blue will walk up further into the cave. The Protection rune 
    will draw itself out of the air and disappear into your possession.
    	Now for the next rune. Teleport to Shrike. Go southwest and into the 
    countryside. Hop up the pebble staircase and enter the mausoleum. First go 
    left and enter the first opening. Walk up and talk to Roufas. He'll join 
    your team. Then open the door behind him and fight some enemies. Now return 
    to the opening of Shuraiku. This time go right. Select the first option when 
    it comes up. Blue enters another part of the dungeon. Fight past the next 
    two screens until you see a stone staircase with a treasure chest beside it.
    There are two paths Blue can take here. He can go southeast to pick up 
    items or descend the staircase to fight the Boss. If you choose to collect 
    the items, you'll have to start again from the side where you picked up 
    Roufus (like that's such a big deal). Fine. Once down the staircase, Blue 
    enters a room with a square enclosure. To the extreme left, is a huddle of 
    enemies. You can attempt to herd the idiots into the square enclosure 
    (they'll stay there) or you can fight them. Either way, your objective is 
    to enter the opening on the left. Once through, keep going north until you 
    enter a cavern with the remnants of some monstrous creature lying in 
    slumber. Walk up to the stone boulder to awaken the guy. For the first 
    round, just punch him to REALLY wake him up. Then whack him. Duh. The rune 
    of Victory will be yours.
    	For the next rune, go to the Kowloon airport and select any 
    destination. You'll fly, but in a much cooler contraption and to a new 
    place: Tanzer. Now walk up and watch the automatic sequence of the bandits 
    around yak. Once they're done, walk up to Fei-On (the guy with the top-knot) 
    and talk to him. He'll lead you and a bunch of nomads to their hideout 
    village. Cross the bridge and enter the cavity at the extreme right. Talk 
    to Fei-On and decide to co-operate with him. He'll then lead you out into 
    the dungeon. Follow his lead and his instructions. Blue will have to 
    traverse the maze via some weird vacuum doorways and sponge-like orifices.
    Eventually, he'll enter another section of the dungeons with paths as 
    slides. Explore around, and when Fei-On suddenly appears out of nowhere, 
    select the first option to fight the Boss. The fight is easy. I mean, REAL 
    easy. You can even relegate it to your secondary team. When the fight 
    starts, you'll notice that all your characters have a new starter move. 
    Select the new move for your slowest character. And get your four fastest 
    characters to whack those idiotic blobs. They should be habis before you're
    half done, and the way to the Energy Rune will be cleared. The last person 
    will do the move on the Rune and then retrieve it. And you're done. In just
    one round. After Blue finds himself back in the Kowloon airport, he'll 
    notice he'll have a new character - a blob. The little bugger sneaked in 
    during all the prior commotion. Blue cannot prevent its entry; and will 
    have to contend with it. (In some cases, Fei-On is collectable provided 
    that Meiren belongs in the company; considering the fact that he is her 
    enstranged husband. Unfortunately, this is not possible in Blue's story.)
    	Now for the last rune. Ascend to the upper level of Kowloon and enter 
    the red door. You'll notice that it is no longer Roufus standing there, but 
    a purple-haired girl. Talk to her to get her to join your team. Now go out 
    and talk to Annie. She'll then accompany you to Despair. Follow her lead 
    until you come to a room with metal poles positioned at regular intervals 
    from each other. There are actually invisible laser beams being emited from 
    the poles, creating a maze. There's one one path through and Blue will have 
    no choice but to navigate blindly (if he makes a mistake, he'll have to 
    fight enemy robots). You can also activate laser beam visibility prior to 
    coming here. Continue from here until you see a rotating fan. Walk up to 
    the fan and talk to Annie. A caterpillar thingie with a skull for a head 
    will approach you. Defeat the thing (man, the bosses around here are just 
    too damn easy) and proceed to the next room. Walk up to the boulder, and 
    voila, the rune of Release. All four runes will draw themselves out of the 
    air and disappear. Blue now has the Rune powerup.
    Part 4 <> The Showdown of the Twins
    	With an arsenal of spells, there is only one more compulsory category 
    left for Blue to acquire: the Time or Space spells. Before you do anything, 
    be sure to train with your Card or Rune spells so as to learn all the 
    spells within the category. 
    	To get the Space spells, Blue will need to teleport to Duvan. Keep 
    walking left two screens from the airport and up the mountain path. Major 
    SAVE at this point; once you proceed further, there is no turning back. 
    Now walk up to Rei Hime, the purple-haired mystic standing meekly beneath 
    the autumn trees and talk to her. Blue will then be sent into Kirin's Field,
    a realm of candy. Explore this place (you need to do several things to get 
    around, such as flipping switches, shrinking yourself and playing around 
    with weird but cute looking gadgets) until you reach a pearly-white 
    translucent flight of stairs. Walk up under the ledge and a Boss fight with
    Kirin, the dragon-horse will commence. In unique cases, Kirin is a 
    collectable character, but since Blue requires its spells, he'll have to 
    fight for it. Once the Boss is defeated, Blue will possess the entire range
    of Space spells. The following sequence is automatic.
    	For those interested in Time spells, head for Mosperiburg. Ascend the 
    marble staircases until you enter a throne room. Blue will then walk up and 
    converse with gothic-looking guy (yes, that IS a guy). He will then be 
    transported to Time Kingdom. Walk past the next few screens (there is only 
    one path) until you come to a gigantic shattered hourglass. Walk up to the 
    sand pile, (Blue will comment) and return to Mosperiburg. This time, the 
    guy will send you to Fascinateur, the native land of the mystics and 
    Asellus' starting point. Explore the incinerator (the cave with the crimson-
    pink glow) and then travel south. In the root town, Blue can buy Mystic 
    spells as well as an excellent +70 sword with an inate ultimate move AND 
    counter (worth 3LP). To leave this place, Blue can simply teleport out, but
    will be unable to return to Time Kingdom. To truly complete the place, Blue
    needs to buy an item worth 1LP from a merchant (last option in the menu) to
    activate the clockworks in Time Kingdom. Then ascend the mushroom staircase
    to the extreme left of the town and talk to the mystic boy sitting at the 
    table. Blue will negotiate with him to give him a lift to Owmi. Now leave 
    the house and enter the door at the foot of the staircase. Talk to the 
    starfish and a bookcase will shift aside, revealing an opening. Run through
    the cave to rendevous with the mystic boy. When back at Mosperiburg, Blue 
    will be sent back to Time Kingdom. Now go back to the hourglass, and run up
    the brick stairs behind it. Blue will get everything up and running. Great.
    Now proceed left, till you come to a drawbridge (you can of course, take 
    the time to satiate the burning desire of those hopping things just dying 
    to meet you). Activate the drawbridge, and walk through. A fight with 
    Tokinokimi, the Time Boss will commence. In unique cases, this mystic is a
    collectable character, but since Blue requires his spells, he'll have fight
    and defeat him. Upon termination of the Boss, Blue will then acquire all 
    the Time spells he needs. The following sequence will be automatic. 
    	The scene changes. Wayward cliffs claw out to the infinite sky, their 
    silhouettes sinister and stark against the pale unforgiving visage of the 
    moon. Companions stand in a single ascending file, helpless but grim 
    spectators to the two brothers, who meet at last.
    	So basically what Blue needs to do is kick his brother's butt. Which 
    doesn't take a decent effort, really. The fight goes like this: each 
    brother will be given two rounds to do each of his own spells on himself or 
    his opponent. The rotating crystals morph into the shades of spells that 
    are supposed to be cast. For example, when it is time for Nova spells to be 
    cast, the crystals morph and the menu/title bar with display "Nova". This 
    means that Nova spells when cast at this time will be at their most 
    powerful. All other types of spells can also be cast, but are less 
    effective. The rotation is even, and fair. After Blue gets to do his 
    spells, Rouge gets to do his. The objective is to fight to till one person 
    loses all life points, that is, all seven of them. Rouge will have the same 
    LP, HP and JP as Blue at this point, but not the same stats (so training 
    would help). You'll notice that for every spell category that Blue is able 
    to cast, Rouge will possess the opposite. Note: the longer Blue takes to 
    explore, train, etc. before the fight, the more spells Rouge will get. 
    That, you'll find, will be to your advantage later.
    	Now if Blue chooses to lose (in his bid to show his brotherly love 
    and desire for reconciliation), Rouge will instead become the main 
    Part V <> The Omega
    	You'll remember that you have yet to collect the Yin powerup. Now you 
    can do so. Open your inventory, gawp at your current array of spells and 
    teleport to Kyo. Go to the Buddist temple. If you're using Rouge, you'll 
    have to rebuy the Yin spells. Now talk to the girl OVER THE COUNTER, then 
    go into the ajoining room. Walk up to the Budda statue. Now all of your 
    human characters have to fight on a one to one basis. Once that is over, 
    the Yin powerup is yours.
    	Now you can go ahead to the final stage, or hang around to train and 
    learn all the new spells (the squids at the Yorkland swamp would be nice). 
    Once you're ready, activate Teleportation and select the new destination: 
    Magic Kingdom. 
    	Once there, all you are greeted with is a landscape of devastation. 
    There is nothing you can do here, so go north, on top of the pipes and down 
    underground. You'll see the remnants of your people littered around. The 
    guy on the left is still alive. Talk to him, and after relating some 
    information, he'll die in your arms. Go further down, all the way past the 
    statues of the three goddesses and to the bottom level. Fight the enemies 
    there and then walk up to the three glowing crystals. Retrieve them in this 
    order: right, left, center. Now climb back up to the ledge, cross over and 
    descend onto the statues. Time to do some breast-walking. Walk to the 
    centre goddess and talk. The crystal you collected with rise and open the 
    way to a new room with two rows of floating babies. Talk to the two people, 
    and find out the truth about the two of you, Blue and Rouge. Some enemies 
    will catch up with Blue and kill his friends. Now go back out, and climb 
    down the statues and out of the screen. More devastation. There's a room in 
    the corner containing a pedestal with information on the nature of the 
    three goddesses. Keep walking north and talk to your comrade lying in the 
    center of the path. This is it. The point of no return. Select the first 
    option and proceed into the final dungeon. (Before you do so, make sure 
    you've stocked up potions: healing, JP, WP restore, and others. Hell, just 
    spend all your money, since you won't have any use for it later.)
    	This place looks like a kid's idea of heaven. It's of course, an 
    illusion. And the innocent cherubs that flitter around are enemies. You can 
    decide to run into them, considering the fact that this is your last 
    training session. Explore the place; there are items to pick up around 
    here (including one that is being guarded by a sword-wielding dragon) till 
    you come to the foot of a flight of stairs, flanked by pedestals that emit 
    white smoke. SAVE. Then walk up.
    	Your last boss, the King of Hell, will keep morphing during the 
    battle. After the fifth transformation or deleption of approx 100,000 HP, 
    the game will end.
    GAME SECRETS-------------------0
    	SaGa Frontier does provide a new/secret area to the players who 
    persevere, known as the 'Programmer's Room'.	
    	Here's an idea what you'll find there: a gathering of the seven Last 
    Bosses in the throne room in Mosperiburg, along with a SD version of the 
    gothic guy accessing how you've played the game. Coupled with that lots of 
    miscellaneous stuff and gaming secrets.
    	Here's how to get there: at the start of the game, select any 
    character. The next screen will prompt you select a memory block. Select 
    the third option (fourth if you're using your second memory slot). The 
    subsequent screens will require that you enter your name, bloodtype, etc.
    	Everytime you start a new character, remember to select the first 
    option in the memory block menu (second for second slot). Upon completion 
    of all seven characters, the new area is automatically accessible.

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