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    Blue Walkthrough by KZia

    Version: 1.2 | Updated: 06/15/98 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                    *          SAGA FRONTIER(American version)      *
                    *       Chapter of Blue COMPLETE WalkThrough    *
                    *                   REV 1.2                     *
    Author: Kate Zia
    e-mail: katezia@bni.ca
    All right reserves :) 
    June 15, 1998
    * Special thanks to Etienne "Sakura" DEZilets for his Magic List and
      about Magic Gifts!  :)
    version 1.2: some corrections for the Despair help session.
    (1) OPENING
    (2) DEVIN
    (3) KOORONG
    (4) SCRAP
            1) Pub
            2) Factory & Office
            3) Junk Shop
    (5) LUMINOUS
            1) [Light Magic]
            2) [Shadow Magic]
    (6) KOORONG
            1) Getting nice items
            2) Small area to explore
            1) [Rune Magic]
            2) [Arcana Magic]
            3) [Time Magic]
            4) [Space Magic]
            5) [Mind Magic]
            6) [Life Magic]
            1) Mu's Tomb (CITY: SHRINK)
            2) Sei's Tomb (CITY: SHRINK)
            3) Bio Research Lab (CITY: SHRINK)
            4) Ruins (CITY: SHINGROW)
            5) Lord's Mansion (CITY: OWMI)
    (11) FINAL QUEST
            - Checking a Character
            - A Rough List of Spells and Gifts
    (13) MAGIC LIST
    (14) End of Walkthrough
    (1) OPENING
            Blue has been chosen in the Magic Kingdom as a gifted Magic
    user.  You are ordered to leave Magic Kindom and travel around the
    world to gain all kind of magics and are told that your mission 
    is to kill your twin brother Rouge.  You always have a "RegionMap"
    item with you.  When chosen to use it, it can take you to any city
    you've traveled to by magic.  You started with the map screen after 
    ceremony and you can choose to go to Luminous or Devin only.  Use
    directional buttons to choose.
    	This character, Blue, is very flexible to play with.  You can
    choose to go to any city and complete whichever subquest first.  I 
    guess you don't need to follow this walkthru strictly.
    (2) DEVIN
           I personally would suggest you to go to Devin first.  In Devin,
    go to the tent to trigger Rune event and a house near the white
    head fortune teller to trigger Tarot Card (Arcana) events.  Then, you
    can go to any city you want by ships.  Take a ship to Koorong since
    there's nothing much to do in Devin by now.  
    note: I suggest you to go to Devin first because you may want to get 
          more human characters before going to Luminous.  There, you 
          can challange the Light/Shadow Magic events but you can only 
          challange each magic event once.  The more human characters 
          with you, the more characters will gain the Light/Shadow Magic 
          gifts.  Only with gift that you can learn higher level magic
          you cannot buy in magic shops.
    (3) KOORONG:
            First of all, suppose the 1st floor is where the inn used to 
    be.  Go to the 1st floor and speak with the skeleton who stands in
    front of the leather shop.  He will tell you about Gen in Scrap.  Now
    go to Scrap.  Don't go to the backstreet just yet since you are alone
    and not equip with powerful spells.  You will need Gen since he is
    the only one who can make you accessible to Wakatu.  (If you bring 
    Gen to talk with the skeleton again, you will scare him away! :D) Get
    Gen early and use him a lot will have an advantage later in Wakatu.
    (4) SCRAP
    1) Pub
     Within the pub, you can get a lot of characters!!  Since you will get
     more characters than you can accomodate in future, choose your 
     characters carefully.  Here are the characters you can get from 
     Scrap's pub:
    C1. Gen: Find him near the left bottom corner of the pub.  He can 
             guide you to Wakatu to get the Saber Card for tarot magic.
    C2. T260: The robot who is sitting with Gen. 
    C3. Riki: A little monster who can absorb enemy skills.  His status
              will change after absorbing.
    C4. Lute: Located in the right bottom of the pub.
    C5. Mei-ling: She has Light Magic with her when you first get her.   
     You can choose to ignore some characters if you don't want them.
    2) Factory & Office
     Not accessible.  :(
    3) Junk Shop
    With 600 credits you can get 3 items there.  I heard of a trick 
    that you can use here.  I tried it and it works!  First, pay the first
    600 credits and get 3 items.  Then go to the counter and choose
    "selling" and then the "Hyperion Bazooka" even you don't have it.  
    There will be a low beep when you press on Hyperion Bazooka since you
    don't have that object.  Close the selling screen and walk back into
    the junk shop to any box, you can get another 7 more items.  Go to 
    the counter again and indicate that you want to sell Hyperion Bazooka
    same as before.  Sell RepairKits you got from boxes to gain more 
    money for buying magics later.  Continue until satisfy.
    1) Once you leave the junk shop, you will have to pay another 600
       credits or more to access this trick again.
    2) If you saved with yourself inside the junk shop during this trick,
       and quit the game, then load it back later, you can still continue
       your trick.
    3) Not only Hyperion Bazooka can do this trick.  Other stuffs can do
       this trick too, even if you don't have them.  For instance:
       Selling items:   Free Items for the Trick:
       --------------   -------------------------
       RepairPack                none
       HyperScale                 1
       BehemothRifle              2
       Duel Gun                   3
       Super Missile              4
       HG-Cannon                  5
       LightRifle                 6
       HyperionBazooka            7
     After this, go to Luminous.  You don't really need 100 credits to
     travel.  Just use the RegionMap you have in your item list you
     can save 100 credits!
    (5) LUMINOUS
            Go to Luminous using the map and go take the challange of 
    Light or Shadow magic.  It is nice for Blue to have Light magic
    because the Sun Ray is very useful spell for training Blue.  Buy
    two magics for Blue so that he has 8 magics as a total now.  From
    now on, he "mastered" the magic and he can use the Sun Ray magic
    without any need of WP (well, if you are a Light magic user).  You
    can try to buy just the Sun Ray magic if you don't have enough money,
    since you can learn the ones you don't have automatically after
    * You will have to use magic in battles in order to learn new magics.    
      If you use sword tech in a battle you will learn sword tech, and
      same theory applies to fighting skills.
    1) [Light Magic]: Go to the cave just beside the Port and talk to the 
                      person there and agree to take the challange.  There
                      is no fightings involved.  You just need to use your
                      brain and sort out how to deflect light towards the
                      next door.  After you've succeed to deflect the light, 
                      the next door will open and you may enter to the next
                      room with more complicated light-deflecting game.  
                      After 3 rooms, you are finished and you gain the gift.
    2) [Shadow Magic]: Just go straight after leaving the Port and into a 
                       cave.  Talk to the man there and you can take the 
                       "challange".  If you already got Light magic, your 
                       other characters will automatically leave and rejoin
                       with the gift.  If you havn't challenged Light Magic,
                       you will be sent to Omble.  After finding your own
                       shadow, you will get the gift.  You can get character
                       Silence's shadow here in Omble too.  After finding
                       his shadow and offers help, leave Omble and talk to 
                       the person who stands in the corner of the cave.  
                       He will join.
    Now, travel back to Koorong by ship.
    (6) KOORONG
            You can buy nice items in Koorong.  The only matter here is
    money. :P I don't think we'll have enough money at this point.  Only
    if you have accessed the trick in Scrap's Junk Shop that you may able
    to get some of the nice items here.  Reminder: 1st floor is where the
    inn locates.
    1) Getting nice items:
    Selling leathers: 1st floor booth
    Getting Boots: 1st floor booth
    Armor:  A very impressive armor with defensive power of 50 selling for 
            5020 credits.  It is on the 2nd floor, left corner of city.   
    Swords: A secret passage is hidden near the Armor store.  There is a 
            hole on the ground there where you cannot see near the left 
            corner of armor shop.  Once getting into there, there are 2 
            robots in the sewer.  The lower one sells swords.  The best 
            one sells at 4000 credits. 60 AT power.
    Guns:   Again in the secret passage just like the swords'.   The upper 
            robot sells good guns.  Best one 4020 credits with 60 AT power.
            Another place which sells guns is in the ruin area where you 
            are going to chase a yellow hat guy.  There is a red door near
            the top of a long stair which can be opened and there is a 
            robot in there selling guns.
    Cures:  On the 2nd floor using the right most stairway, there's a 
            shop which sells cure items.  Located near the Gold shop.
    2) Small area to explore:
           Beside the city on the 1st floor, you can go to the "backstreet" 
    if you travel to the left of the city.  There will be 3 bird monsters 
    flying around.  Go downstairs there are 2 places to explore.  
    1. A hole on the ground: climb down to the hole and there you have to 
       fight a few monsters and get an item (PowerCure)in the corner.
    2. A door which can be opened: Near the hole there is a room you can 
       get into.  Go talk to the white guy.  Wait for someone to say 
       "Next please" and walk into the room.  The mystic Dr. Nusakan will
    C6. Dr. Nusakan: A mystic who has Shadow, Mystic and Arcane magics 
                     with him when you first get him.
    3) Sewer and Natural Cave
            On the left corner of the 2nd floor, there is a stairway which
    leads to the Sewer and then Natural Cave.  The Hide Rune is in the
    Natural Cave.  (See section (8)MAIN MAGIC QUESTS for detail)
           Other than Scrap's Pub, other characters you can find are:
    C7. Roufas: After triggering Rune event, go to Shrink's Mu's Tomb and
               find him in front of the 2-treasure-chest room.  (goto 
               a room left of screen after entering Mu's tomb.)
    C8. Cotton: In Bio Research Lab of Shrink. (See list no. 3 on section
               (9)OTHER QUEST for detail.)
    C9. EngineerCar: A robot in Nakajima Robotics of Shrink.  Just talk to
               it and it will join.
    C10. Sei: In Sei's Tomb of Shrink.  Train your characters first before
               fighting him.  He will cure himself and 4 of his skeletons
               with 1000HP and ~450HP for each round automatically and 
               attack you at the same time.  Beware.  Win over him and ask
               him to join you. 
    C11. Thunder: The big Red guy standing near the cliff in the town of 
               Yorkland.  Get him after getting Lute.
    C12. Emilia: After triggered the Arcana(Card) event, go to Barracat
               and talk to the bunnies.  After following the Gnome to
               parkade, Emilia will appear and join you.
    C13. Annie: After triggering the Rune event and finished one of the 
               rune events.  Go to Koorong, she is standing in front of
               the resturant on 2nd floor.
    C14. Liza: After you triggered the Rune event, she is in Koorong's 
               restuarant.  If you already got the rune, she won't join.
    C15. Slime: Slime will join after you get the vitality rune in Tanzer.
    C16. Fuse: After triggering Arcana event, go to IPRO.
    C17. Mermaid Mesathrim: Bring Dr. Nusakan to Owmi's Lord Mansion. (See
               section (9), list 5 for quest's detail)
    C18. Silence: In Omble.  You must find Silence's shadow and offer help
                  and he will join you.
    C19. Suzaku: Mosperiburg mountain when searching the shield card.  Fight
                 the snowman in the 3-boar area and go back to the cave 
                 where a frozen phoenix.  There Suzaku will join.
           Lets go back to the magic quests.  I will exclude the ones
    in Luminous.  Blue can take quests on: Light or Shadow, Rune, Arcana,
    Time or Space, and Mind Magic.  Take quests in the above order.
    1) [Rune Magic:] 
            Hide Rune: In Natural Cave of Koorong.  There is a stairway on
                       the 2nd floor (left side of the city).  Go there and
                       down.  Pass the first hole on the ground and to the
                       second one.  Go down.  Fight along until you reach
                       a long stairway going up.  Go up along the stair and
                       there's a red door you can open.  A robot is selling
                       gun in the room.  Near that red door it's a passage
                       you can get into.  In the room, you can see a hole
                       on the ground again.  Get into there is the Natural
                       Cave.  Fight along and there will be a place you 
                       might had come across, a cave with many monsters 
                       floating in a pond.  Fight the boss there and you 
                       will receive the Hide Rune.  Just a reminder that 
                       there are plants' roots on the walls that you can 
            Victory Rune: You can go to Mu's Tomb and access the right 
                          lower corner room after triggering the event.
                          The big boss there is a Bone Dragon.  you don't
                          need to use any techs in the first round fighting
                          it.  Just attack the dead bones using normal
                          attacks.  Even if you use techs, you won't able
                          to damage it in the first round.  It will rise up
                          and form a bone Dragon in Round 2.  Now, you can 
                          use your techs to defeat it.  ~17000HP
            Vitality Rune: Travel between any city to any other city, you 
                           may run into the monster which swallows the ship.  
                           Defeat the slime and "Touch" the Rune when 
                           possible to end the battle.  A note: the boss 
                           should be located in the screen where you can 
                           slide down from veins to veins.  There is a 
                           place where you can skip across a vein and 
                           you'll have to skip before you can reach the 
                           boss lair.  Easy if you have hit-all-magics and
                           2GaleSlash/GaleSlash.  Don't use RegionMap to
                           escape from Tanzer anytime or you will never
                           be able to get this rune anymore.
            Freedom Rune: In Despair.  Talk to Annie who used to stand in
                          front of the resturant on the 2nd floor of 
                          Koorong.  You will automatically in Despair's
                          entrance.  Need help?  See the note below.
            You are in the entrance.  Follow Annie to a screen with many
    pipes and slimes on the pipes.  Slide down, take the staircase (go up),
    go right, take the staircase (go down), then go right to leave the
    screen.  Straight forward...until you are in a room with coveyer belt
    and an elevator.  Take elevator if you want to explore the area a bit
    and get 1-2 items or leave the room if you want to continue.  Finally,
    you will be in a room with many long blue tubes of sensors.  You are
    not allowed to save in that room.  Go back up the stair and save first
    before you enter this room.  There are 3 entrances.  Which one of the
    three is the entrance is random but it appears that the right road is
    rarely accessible.  Try the left road first, and if it is accessible, 
    continue with the map below.  If not, you will have to fight strong
    monsters and try the middle road after winning the battle.  This is a
    great place to upgrade your characters with new techs.  They can learn
    new techs very fast in this area.
          exit door                      exit door
       |  .> ===     |                 |     === <.  |
       |o . o   o   o|    If the       |o   o   o . o|   If the  
       |  .   .....  |    middle       |  .........  |   left
       |o . o . o . o|    path is      |o . o   o   o|   path is
       |  .....   .  |    accessible   |  .....      |   accessible
       |o   o   o . o|    Follow       |o   o . o   o|   Follow
       |      .....  |    this map:    |  .....      |   this map:
       |o   o . o   o|        |        |o . o   o   o|       |
       |      .      |     <---        |  .....      |    <---
       |     ===     |                 |     ===     |
        entrance door                   entrance door
                         exit door                    
                      |  .> ===     |               
                      |o . o   o   o|    If the  
                      |  .          |    right      
                      |o . o   o   o|    path is      
                      |  .....      |    accessible  
                      |o   o . o   o|    Follow     
                      |      .....  |    this map:  
                      |o   o   o . o|        |      
                      |      .....  |     <--- 
                      |     ===     |              
                       entrance door              
    Passing this room and another room, you will have to fight a boss
    Nidheg which has ~25000HP.  One of its attack can damage all your
    characters 100HP in a turn.
    2) [Arcana Magic:] 
            Shield Card: In IRPO.  Talk to the secretary and she will lead
                         you to Fuse.  Fuse will ask you to get a flower
                         for her and after you've done it, she will give
                         you the card.  There are basically 3 hard battles
                         in there.  1) in a cave, there is a dragon with 
                         many treasures.  The treasures are great but the
                         dragons are hard to defeat.  Try your best because
                         this is the only time you can get into this place.
                         2) Left of the snow field with 3 boars, there is
                         a snowman.  If it is not there, go back to last 
                         screen and fight fairy, then go back to the 3 boar
                         area until it appears.  3) The big boss is a Fire 
                         Bird with ~25000HP.  Its HeatWave attack is very 
            Gold Card: Go to buy 4 Gold Ingot from Nelson.  You can go to 
                       Nelson from Owmi.  Then, go to Baccarat and talk to
                       the bunnies.  A Gnome will appear.  After seeing him 
                       get into the elevator, go to another floor and take 
                       the elevator to Parkade.  There's a hole in the 
                       ground you can chase the Gnome.  You must enter a 
                       secret path in order to get to the Gnome cave.  The 
                       path is in a room where there are a machine monster,
                       a jumpy dragon monster, and a flower monster.  The 
                       secret passage is located in the wall near where the
                       flower monster is.  Enter the path, the Gnome cave
                       is located at the top part of the screen.  Talk to 
                       the Gnomes twice and the one near the table will give
                       you the Gold card in exchange with 4 Gold Ingot.
            Grail: In the altar of the Swamp in Yorkland after speaking 
                   with everyone in cellars in the South town and getting 
                   drunk.  Got to the swamp through the NW road.  You will
                   be in a drunk state when in the Swamp.  Try to control
                   your character to avoid all Squids.  Recommend you try
                   out the path first before getting drunk.  The Squids
                   will possess some techs that you've never seen before.
                   For example, "Drunk", "MysticSwing" or something.  Some
                   character may become "Angry" in Drunk state that they 
                   can't use any tech.  Be sure to equip waterproof items!
                   Waterproof items: Pearl Heart(purchase in Manhattan's
                   Shopping Mall), SeaStone(win from Squids in the swamp),
                   or water-proof shields(such as the one you found in 
                   Sei's Tomb in Shrink).  Then the MaleStorm won't affect
                   your characters at all.
            Saber: You must have Gen to go to Wakatu.  In Wakatu, there are
                   some very nice items.  You just have to explore the area
                   by yourself.  (Don't just follow Gen all the time.)  Gen
                   will lead you on the way.  After the 3rd time he leads
                   you, he is going downward the screen.  Don't follow him
                   if you want some nice items.  Go up the screen by your-
                   self and left.  You are in a place with cracked floor. 
                   You can jump over it (but not able to jump back) and 
                   walk along.  You can get Twin Dragon sword with 41 AT
                   power and an Ion Clog.  There is a Blade Chamber too.  
                   There, Gen will separate from you temporarily.  Talk to 
                   him and he will say something and the Blade God will 
                   respond and gives Gen a "CometBlade" with 55 AT power.
                   Which sword you will receive or whether you can get 
                   anything is mainly depend on how many WP Gen has.  Say,
                   if Gen's WP~75, Gen will receive "MeteorBlade" instead. 
                   Use "RegionMap" to leave Wakatu and back.  Follow Gen 
                   along this time.  In a room, there will be 3 shadows on 
                   the wall.  When Gen says "Listen Carefully", press the 
                   accept button (O) at the tone.  You should be able to
                   get the card.  You may have to fight battles if you 
                   don't know how to play with this 3-shadow game. 
    3) [Time Magic]
           Go to Mosperiburg, in a room, a big guy is sitting in a chair.
    Talk with him and he will bring you to a place where the time has 
    stopped.  Keep going up until you reach the big Sand-Timer.  Touch it 
    and it says "Sand spills over your hand" or something like that.  Go
    back down to the entrance and it will bring you back to the guy in
    Mosperiburg.  He will tell you to find Gozarus in Facinaturu.  He will
    send you there when you are ready.  Get into the village and in the 
    middle house, there is a green guy selling things.  You have to buy the
    "Sand Vessal" item with 1LP (and you lose this LP forever).  There is a
    very nice sword with 70AT Power but it worth you 3LP!  Then, you can
    use your "RegionMap" item to leave this place.  (Another way to leave is
    to get a pink hair guy to help you with his ship.  Go to the left house
    and it is locked.  Beside this house is a stairway.  Go up the stairway
    and ask the guy in there for help.  Go back down to the left house and
    the door is opened now.  Step in and fight along until you reach the 
    guy's ship.)  Go back to Mosperiburg and the guy will again send you to
    the place which time has stopped.  Go up to the Sand-Timer to the crack,
    then climb the stair(in the room with sand-timer) and near the top of 
    the timer, Blue will jump left and fix something.  Then, the time begins
    to run again.  Keep going up to the draw bridge and the draw bridge will
    lower.  Inside is the TimeLord.  He may use OverDrive spell on you that
    he will get 8 turns to damage all your characters.  Be sure to wear 
    JetBoot here because he used to use "QuickSand" spell but JetBoot can
    avoid it.  He has around 77000HP!
    4) [Space Magic]
          Go to Devin.  From the village, walk to the right and there is a
    shrine.  After running along the very long staircase, you will see a 
    girl standing under a tree.  Talk to her and she will let you go to the
    space where SpaceLord created.  Space Lord Kylin is in the door but it
    will ask you to take a maze challange first.  In the maze, first try to
    find a key on the floor to open a door.  Then find a vase to shrink 
    yourself to small size so that you can access the small doors now.  
    Finally, find a switch to flip and you will see the "cup" downstairs
    opens.  Find a road to go back down and walk onto the spoon and then to
    the cup and leave.  In the room, Kylin is waiting and Blue will fight
    it.  He is very strong and beware of his "ReverseGravity" spell which 
    will damage all your characters 600-700HP!!  I would recommand you to 
    get the Time Magic instead because TimeLord is easier to defeat.  I 
    believe it should have around the same HP as the TimeLord's HP.
    5) [Mind Magic] 
           Blue can only get mind magic after killing his brother (or if
    Rouge kills Blue, then Rouge can get this magic.)  Go to Kyo's magic
    shop in the left upper corner of the town.  They will offer you a battle
    for Blue or Rouge before getting his Mind magic.  After passing the
    test, he can buy 3 basic mind magics with 300 credits each.  Each of
    your human characters will have a chance to fight for the gift too.
    6) [Life Magic]
    	Blue will inherit this magic automatically after defeating his
    brother Rouge.
           Other than quests for searching magics, there are yet other
    sub-quests that you may be interested in.  
    1) Mu's Tomb (CITY: SHRINK)
           Get into MU's Tomb and to the left.  When you encounter the 
    first room you enter.  (There is nothing in the bottom room.)  Pass the
    room and get into another room with two persons standing there.  There
    is a room that you can enter with stone door.  There you have to fight
    3 slimy monsters and there will be two treasure chests there.  Both of
    them contains monsters.  The small one is easier to defeat.  But the 
    Large one is almost impossible to defeat if you just start the game.  
    Remember to Save before fighting those two chests.  You may wait till
    you get better armors and higher HPs to fight it.  You may also choose
    to go to Sei's Tomb first and find some useful items before fighting
    the big chest monster.  Beware that the Big chest monster has HP more 
    than 10000.  
    2) Sei's Tomb (CITY: SHRINK)
           This quest is even harder to FINISH than the Mu's Tomb.  But 
    you can get very useful items in early stage (3 items/weapons).  Enter 
    the cave, then move along the path to the lower bottom and enter the 
    room.  That is a room with 3 small altars and a large one in the middle.  
    Ignore them for now.  These 3 small altars will light up after you get 
    all 3 items.  Now just get into the room next to this room and first, 
    get the sword.  This sword has 33 attack power and is very useful.  In 
    the room next to the altar room, go down the stair and just beside the 
    stair to the left of the character, there is a cracked floor.  Step 
    onto it you will fall downstairs.  There you can get the sword but 
    before that you will have to fight 2 skeletons with around 600 HP each.
    If you have Light Magic with Blue, use "FlashFire" once will kill them
    all at once.
            Go back upstairs and to the topper right corner of the room 
    (the room near the altar room), there lies two skeletons.  Get there 
    and press the accept button facing the hole on the wall (there lies 
    another item) and the skeletons will jump up and attack you.  Same as 
    before, Use "FlashFire" to kill them at one instance.  Get the item 
    after fighting.  That item will cancel physical attack randomly and
    it makes you water- and fire-proof, which is quite useful.  
            Go to the right bottom corner and enter the room.  Turn left
    and enter to the next room.  In that room, there are some machine like
    enemy.  Turn right and follow the road, one of the holes on the wall 
    holds the last item.  But again, you have to fight with 2 skeletons 
    when you touch the item.  Now you get all 3 items and you can head back
    to the altar room.  
            In the altar room, you can open a secret passage using the 3 
    items.  To open the secret passage, go to the 3 altars (which is 
    lighted with red green and blue fires), and place your 3 items on the
    altar.  The passage will appear but you will lose your 3 items.  You 
    cannot get it back!  If you get into the secret room, there is a coffin
    and there lies Sei's bone.  The skeleton will jump up and fight you 
    saying you are a robber of tomb.  Before starting the fight, you, the 
    main character will lose 500 or more hit points deal to their attacks.
    If you are in the early stage of the game, I would suggest you to take
    the 3 items and run away with them for now without opening the passage.
    With these items, return to Mu's tomb and fight the large treasure 
    chest monster you will have a chance to win.  If you win Sei, you can
    either ask him to join or ask him to give you a powerful sword (AT 66).
    3) Bio Research Lab (CITY: SHRINK)
    You have to fight along the way until you reach a room with many book 
    shelves.  Search the top left corner of the book shelf and a path will
    be reveal.  Get into it, go along the stairs to the top floor, open the
    door and you will see the red door.  Go into the red door you will 
    fight a boss and get Cotton, a little monster.
    Another big boss in this lab is a turtle.  In the room with many stairs,
    travel down (opposite of getting Cotton) and leave the room.  You are
    then in a room full of many plants.  The room located at the top left
    corner is locked.  So try going to the building at the right most of
    the screen.  You have to sneak from beside the building.  Once you are
    in front of that right most building, get into the room.  Turn right
    and climb the stair.  You don't really need to fight the guy standing 
    in front of a machine.  Just sneak beside him, go to the machine and 
    press accept button.  The lock will be off.  Now go out and back to the
    top left corner building.  The door should be able to open.  Within the
    room, there is a treasure box and a girl blocking the way.  Talk to the
    girl you will have to fight the Turtle monster.  It is VERY strong and 
    beware of its Quake attacks.  Find something to equip so that you can 
    float in the air such as Jet-shoes.  Also, its "IronBall" attack is 
    very strong (It can attack your characters 4 times in a turn with 
    IronBall falling on your characters.)  Be sure you equip your best 
    armor.  It's HP is around 75000HP!! It is definitely not for early 
    stage of the game.  The treasure box contains Dragon Shield which 
    protects you from all types of attacks.  (It is rare but occasionally, 
    you may obtain Dragon shield by fighting dragons too.)
    4) Ruins (CITY: SHINGROW)
            There are 2 ruins in Shingrow.  Left ruin is for you to explore
    and get some treasures.  Nothing much in the left ruin and no boss.  
    Right ruin is suppose a BlackX base for Red's Chapter.  In Blue's 
    chapter, it is for you to explore and get some items.  There are stone 
    doors that you will enter and go to another room.  At some point, if 
    you go the wrong way, the stone door won't budge and a yellow guy will 
    appear and fight with you: all characters will start a fight with 
    abnormal status: stun or mess.  Defeat them and choose another path to 
    walk.  There are mainly 3 sub-bosses to fight.  1) A big Toad, 
    2) 2 girls 3) Big slimes.  In the room of big slime, search the big 
    round decoration on the wall and enter.  No one is inside though. :P
    5) Lord Mansion (CITY: OWMI)
            In Owmi, a person in front of a building will tell you that the 
    Lord Mansion is located up north.  Go there and right after you enter, 
    turn right and run to the "wall", there is a path lead to a basement 
    with monsters.  In the main building itself, there should be 1 or 2 
    treasure boxes you may search before or after the quest.  In the 
    basement, there are a lot of treasures.  Be sure you have 5 waterproof 
    accessories/shields because there is a big octopus blocking the road.
    Let the all 5 fighters of a group equip with the 5 waterproof 
    accessories before fighting it.  After that, you may encounter with a 
    room with a pond.  A mermaid will appear.  If you have Dr. Nusakan 
    with you, she will ask to join you.  If you don't let her join, she
    will give you a Sea Stone instead.
    note: Waterproof accessories are:  eg. Pearl Heart and Sea Stone.
          You can win them from monsters or purchase Pearl Heart from the
          store in Manhattan.  Sea Stones are won from the monsters in 
          Yorkland, I believe.  Waterproof shields exist too.
            Right after you get Space Magic or Time Magic, Equip Blue with
    the best possible spells (if you have Time Magic, Overdrive will be the
    best.)  And walk back to the entrance.  Blue will be forced to fight
    Rouge.  No choice.  Rouge is not hard to defeat.  He has the same HP,
    LP...etc as you do.  After he died, he will revive, (and so does Blue),
    until all of his LP are run out.  Use Overdrive will help a lot and make
    this fight very very easy!  The crytals above Blue and Rouge show which
    spell will be most powerful if used at that instance, but you may use
    other spells too.  If Rouge/Blue died, they will become one and this
    guy(lets still call him Blue), will inherit all possible spells, 
    including Life Magic.
    (11) FINAL QUEST
            Of course you are not finished with the game yet.  Now, you
    can choose to go back to Magic Kingdom or go to use up all your money
    on buying items since next is your final quest.
            When ready, go to Magic Kingdom and you will see a ruined city.  
    Fight the enemy in front of a bridge. Keep traveling to the top left 
    corner and there is a small white stair where you can climb up and onto
    the long railway.  Climb up and near the end of the screen(left), there 
    is somewhere where you can climb down to a pipe.  Underground, there are
    2 people lying on the ground.  Talk to the one on far left he will say 
    something about the seal.  Then, near that guy there is a vein where you
    can climb down.  In the middle on your way, you can choose to go right
    or left.  Left and down will bring you to the statue and the right will
    bring you to the crystals.  Go to the right and all the way down.  Fight
    the 3 monsters there and collect 3 shimmering crystals right, left and 
    center in order.  If not in this order, you will have to fight monsters 
    and the crystal will be back onto the shelf after battle.  Now, climb up
    and left to the statue and talk to the right goddess.  A new path will 
    reveal.  You can keep getting down from the goddess room.  It is pretty
    straight forward since there is not much place for you to explore.  You
    will also know why Blue and Rouge exists.  Keep going until you see many
    people lying on the path and talk to the one in front of a stone crack.
    He will let you in to the crack and there is "Hell"!  Once you enter,
    you and your allies' status will be fully restored.
            The Hell looks like heaven but all the flying angels are 
    monsters.  You can always train yourself here if you think you are not
    good enough.  On the stone where you first step into the scene of Hell,
    you can restore your allies' status(HP, LP...etc)  So if your characters
    get tired, go back on top of the stone to restore.  You can find items
    here in Hell too.  When you are in a room with white smoke coming out
    of the ground and also with two big candles at the entrance, prepare to 
    meet the final boss.  Save(at least quick save) before meeting him.  The
    final boss, King of Hell has around 120000HP!  He will keep morphing
    during the fight until all of a sudden, the screen freezes and the words
    "The End" pop out.  What a strange ending!
          Without the gift, you can still buy magics from shops and
    use them.  So what is the different between being gifted or non-
    gifted?  Here's the answer:
    Basically, each type of magic in SaGa consists of two magic "levels"
    The "level 1" spells can be bought in shops, level 2 spells cannot.  
    To see if a spell is level one or two, just look at the casting 
    effect, it's different... (mind magic, for example, summons a grid
    with 9 squares with japanese kanji in it each time you cast....  
    the kanji are yellow with level one spells, and red with level two 
    Having the gift allows you to master the higest spells, by using the 
    lesser spells a lot during combat.
    Example: You can buy 3 realm magic spells in the magic kingdom: 
    Energy Chain, Implosion and Psycho Armor.  However, if the caster has
    the realm magic gift, he can learn Psychic Prison and Vermillion Sand
    in battle.  
    Checking a Character:
            You may check a character for whether he/she is gifted in a
    specific magic or not.  Go to a shop and choose to buy magic.  The
    seller will ask you who is buying.  And a list of your character's
    names will appear on screen.  Character's name appears in:
    1) White: Non-gifted in both this magic and its opposite magic, or 
              do not own any abilities in the opposite magic.
    2) Green: Gifted in this magic.
    3) Blue: Gifted in the opposite magic, or owned oppoiste magic.
    A faster way: In the magic ability list, you may have noticed a small 
    star besides some magic types, that means that character has the gift 
    for that type of magic..
    A Rough List of Spells and Gifts:
    1) Realm magic: Only Rouge and Blue have it, they start with it.
    2) Mystic Magic: Only mystics have this gift, they start with it.
    3) Mind Magic: Only humans can get the mind gift, by training at the 
                dojo in Kyo (notice that if they fail the training, they 
                won't be able to get the gift in the game)  In Blue's 
                chapter, with a divided mind, Blue cannot get this before
                killing his brother.
    4) Evil Magic: Only the mystic Zozma has the evil magic gift. (not able
                   to collect Zozma in Blue's chapter)
    5) Light Magic: Only those who enter the light labyrinth will 
                    inherit the light gift.  (Luminous)
    6) Shadow Magic: You have to go to Omble and find your shadow to get
                     the gift. (Luminous)
    7) Rune Magic: You have to find the 4 runes to get this gift.
    8) Arcane Magic: And you have to find the 4 cards to get this gift.
    9) Space Magic: Only Kirin, the space lord has the the gift, but will 
                    sell you space magic if you do not ask him to join.  
                    However, In Blue's game, you have to kill him and 
                    steal his gift, and all the spells will be yours.
    10)Time Magic: Like Space magic, Only the Time Lord has the time 
                   gift, but will sell time spells if you do not ask him 
                   to join your party.  The only way to get the gift is 
                   again, to kill him if you play as Blue.
    11) & 12)
    There's also two secret types of magic in the game, Life and Mirage.
    Mirage magic and its gift is know by Princess Rei only, you can get 
    her later in Asellus' quest if you explored her room in Fascinaturu 
    in the beginning with White Rose with you (not Ildon). Life Magic is 
    part of Blue's quest.  Blue will inherit it automatically after fighting
    (11) MAGIC LIST
            Here's a list of all kinds of magic available:
    Realm Magic:     Mystic Magic:      Light Magic:      Shadow Magic:
    ------------     ------------       ------------      -------------
    Energy Chain     Fascination        Sunray            Power Grab
    Implosion        Phantasm Shot      Starlight Heal    Hide Behind
    Psycho Armor     Glass Shield       Flash Fire        Shadow Net
    Gate             Mirror Shade       Flash Flood       Dark Sphere
    Psychic Prison                      Light Sword       Shadow Servant
    Vermillion Sand                     Mega windblast
    Rune Magic:      Arcane Magic:      Mind Magic:       Evil Magic:
    -----------      -------------      -----------       ----------- 
    Victory Rune     Sabre              Mind Heal         Rava Shot
    Vitality Rune    Shield             Spellbound        Pain Doubler
    Hide Rune        Grail              Vanish            Death Curse
    Freedom Rune     Gold               Life Wave         Sharp Pain
    Wall Rune        Magician           Awakening
    Dwarf Rune       Death
    Stasis Rune      Tower
    Soul Rune        Fool
    Mirage Magic:    Life Magic:
    -------------    -----------
    Black Cat        Reviva
    Nightmare        Sacrifice
    Grim Reaper
    (12) End of Walkthrough
            All the walkthrus I created are supposed to be complete and 
    stand alone walkthrus.  Don't be amazed if you think you've seen some
    parts of a list/note/comment because I was trying to cut and paste 
    from the Red's Chapter walkthru to make each walkthru stand alone.  
    I don't want to write "please refer to Red's Chapter..."  and you guys 
    won't like it, right?
    	Any comments, suggestions, or questions you can e-mail me
    using the above address.  Hope that this walkthrough will help you
    guys solve problems in Blue's Chapter. ^_^  

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