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    Lute Walkthrough by JRobinson

    Updated: 05/19/98 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    From: "J Robinson" <ashock@gate.net>
    Subject: SaGa Frontier Lute Basic walkthrough
    Date: Tue, 19 May 1998 02:09:22 -0400
    This is a quick guide I've thrown together, seeing there is not a faq for Lute 
    and it's rather short. This is not a full walkthrough, and it's just done to 
    help the people wanting some idea of what to do with Lute. I have not played 
    Lute yet, so all this information was gained from friends and research. Until 
    then, this should be considered a work in progress.
    Start in Yorkland, Travel to Manhattan with Mondo's help.
    In Manhattan, go to the Resturant in the Shopping Mall. Talk to Fuse.
    Go to Luminous and get Rouge. He will be a major character in this story. Just 
    agree to help him search for magic.
    Travel to Koorong, then Owmi. Go to the bayside restaurant in the west, and talk 
    to Captain Hamilton. Agree to visit his ship. Head to Nelson.
    Visit the captain above the main deck, and speak to him. Agree to let him join 
    you, but DISAGREE when offered the chance to go after Mondo. Believe it or not, 
    thats the end of Lute's quest.
    From here on, buff up your characters as much as possible. Go get some magic, 
    train and recruit characters. Your going to need to be able to do 50,000 HP 
    worth of damage in 6 battles to finish this, and still survive to the bosses. 
    When you feel ready, visit the Captain again and agree to go after Mondo. Good 

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