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    Lute Walkthrough by JRogers

    Updated: 06/24/98 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                               SAGA FRONTIER
                       Lute Complete Walkthru and FAQ
                       Written by: Jason Rogers(SSGoku)
                       Part 1: Leaving Yorkland
    Okay, you make it through the intro and give Lute a name.  You should
    then equip the knife and backpack on him.  Then you walk up to the
    guards at the port.  Lute will argue and a man named Mondo will come
    out and break it up.  He decides to let Lute ride the Ship. Destination,
    Manhattan.  During the flight, you and Mondo will have a little talk.
    About how Mondo is from Yorkland too, yada yada yada yada.  You arrive
    in Manhattan where you go should now go to the mall.  And once you're in
    the mall, go to the burger shop.  Talk to the chubby looking person in the
    top right corner.  He and you converse and exchange names.  Then, talk to
    the man at the table in the bottom left corner.  He talks to you about
    Mondo, the guy that gave you a ride.  He says Mondo is smart, not nice
    like Lute thinks he is.  You should now go to Koorong, or you can go
    around exploring, and fighting to become stronger.
                 Part 2:  Joining an Anti-Trinity Force
    Before doing this it is very recommended that you recruit characters.
    Here some you can pick up.
    Rouge(Human/Male):Luminous Port
    T260(Robot/Neutral): Scrap Bar
    Mei-Ling(Human/Female): Scrap Bar
    Riki(Monster/Male): Scrap Bar
    Puff(Monster/Neutral): Bio Lab(Shrike)
    Sei(Skeleton/Male?): Sei's Tomb(Shrike)
    The following can only be done in the Arcane Card Search:
    Emelia(Human/Female): Baccarat(Gold Card.  You must talk to the girl
    standing alone in a bunny suit on the second floor of the Baccarat
    Casino.  Details in a Blue Walkthrough.)
    Gen(Human/Male): Scrap Bar(Must talk to Skeleton guy in Koorong first)
    Fuse(Human/Male):IRPO(Shield Card.  Must defeat a fire bird on top of 
    mountain in Mosperiburg to permanently gain him, and shield card.)
    Now, you go to Owmi from Koorong.  You go to the Bar/Eatery, and talk
    to the captain.  It's easy to spot her, she's the one who comments on
    the place not using MSG.  Lute then talks to her and she asks you to
    see her ship.  Now go to the port and select "Nelson."  During the trip
    you take control of yourself on the ship.  You CAN talk to the Pilot,
    and have her get mad at you for calling her "cutie," and/or go to the
    captain's cabin, which is behind the pilot and a little bit to the left
    or right(2 Doors)  You go up the stairs and into the Captains room, and
    talk to her about Mondo.  She tells you the truth about Mondo and your
    father.  She also tells you about how Mondo is building a private army,
    and how she and the ship are kind of an Anti-Trinity Force,  and asks
    you to join them in an attack on the base.  Let her join your group.
    Here's where you should make a decision.  Attack the base, or wait and
    get stronger.  Chances are, you should get stronger.   Because the base
    may be easy, but the thing at the end of it isn't.  Take your characters
    out fighting and make them stronger, and recruit some that I haven't
    mentioned. Stock up on Max Cures, Magic Spells, and the best weapons
    you can get.
                    Part 3:  The Battle Begins And Ends Here!
    Now you will attack a Trinity Ship, Battle Class.  Captain Hamilton
    orders a collision course, and it's held until the two ships are very
    close.  She then orders a turn, and tells all the people on the cannons
    to fire at the ship.  The ship is heavily damaged, and Captain Hamilton
    says that they should board the ship now.  Then you notice a ship escaping
    .  It's Mondo's.  You chase it to his base in Wakatu.  You make your way
    through the first rooms to a platform.  Run up to the panel on the top
    right part of the platform, and you should now move down.  On the next
    floor, make your way to the room, and go up the stairs.  Follow the
    path until you find some box-looking thing.  Run up to it and you pick
    it up.  Then leave the room.  Run up to the panel on the platform and
    it takes you further down.  Do the same in the next room, and come back
    out to the platform and hit the panel again.  This takes you to the last
    part of the stage.  As soon as you come down you see a large, slow-moving
    robot.  I don't recommend fighting him, he's not easy, and you need your
    strength to fight Mondo.   Go through the door into the next room.
    Dodge the enemies if you can and quickly save before you enter the door.
    Use a sanctuary stone if you need it, you need to be at FULL STRENGTH for
    this one.  Run through the door, and you see Mondo's robot.  He's in it 
    and gives a little speech.  Then the fight, or as I should say FIGHTS
    start.  Mondo has 6 forms.  You must fight them all without stopping.
    My party,  which you don't have to use, was:
    Lute, Rouge, Captain Hamilton, Emelia, and T260.
    Combos really help.  Here are some that helped me through it.
    Level 2s:Lute:Headwind(If he has it)+Rouge:FlashFire(If he has it)
    Emelia:SharpShot+Captain Hamilton:Wheelblade
    Level 3s:Lute:Headwind(If he has it)+Rouge:FlashFire+Emelia:SharpShot
    Lute Headwind+Rouge:FlashFire+Capt. Hamilton:Wheelblade
    Rouge:FlashFire+Capt. Hamilton:Wheelblade+Emelia:Sharpshot
    Level 4:
    Lute Headwind+Rouge:FlashFire+Capt. Hamilton:Wheelblade+Emelia:Sharpshot
    And that's it for Lute. :-Þ
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    SSGoku(Jason Rogers)

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