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    Red Walkthrough by PSXSonic

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                                  PSX Sonic
    -SaGa FrontieR FaQ-
    Release Date- March, 1998
    Platform- PSX
    Developer- SquareSoft
    -This FaQ "Chapter Of Red" v2.0 was put together by "PSXSonic"- 
    If ya put this FaQ on any page/site of yours please E-mail me first 
    and let me know! and please don't take anything from this guide 
    and put it in a guide of your own, if you want then let me or the
    person that I got permission from first.  
        * Edited parts of the walkthrough.
        * Added "Mastering Techniques And Sword Fighting" section Thanx! to Freak.
    I. Start Screen:
    At the beginning of the game you have to pick which slot your memory card is in
    and choose your bloodtype and which magic to specialize in. You don't have to go
    through these steps again once you start a game with a character. At the main 
    screen you can choose to load a game or start a new one, there's also an option
    called Quick Start, this is to start at the place where you left off without 
    having to load the game. You can quick save anywhere except in battles by pressing
    the R2 and the triangle button at the same time. (Note- you MUST save your game
    by going through the main menu if you are quitting, because the quick save won't
    save your progress to the memory card!)
    II. Main Characters:
        * Red- He's has blue spiky hair, wears a blue cape with red clothing. He also has
           the powers to transform himself into an Alkaiser.
        * Blue- The blonde hair ponytailed girl, wears green clothing. She's a magician from
           the Magic Kingdom, he's goal is to defeat his brother Rouge in a final battle, if 
           your just beginning to play the game use him he's the easiest to play with.
        * Coon- The wolf like creature, he wears green clothing and he's quest in to save his
           dying homeland "Maaguremu". The leader of Maaguramu gave Coon a ring with 
           mysterious powers, now he begins his adventure.
        * T260G- A Robot that was thrown from an alien spaceship, and was taken in by a 
           little boy named Time.
        * Asellus- A green haired mystic, wears red clothing and is pretty good at magic and
           physical fighting. She was killed 12 years ago by a accident. She was revived by the 
           King of the mystics. 
        * Emilia- Another blonde, she's a supermodal that was accuse of killing her husband, 
           now she's after Joker (her husband's killer).
        * Lute- The guy in purple, a musician playing the lute. I don't really know what his 
           chapter is all about because I haven't played him just yet, but from what I heard he's 
           in search for an adventure outside of he's homeland "Yorkland".
    III. Characters You Encounter On Your Quest:
        * Asellus- (See Above)
        * Emiria- (See Above)
        * Lute- (See Above)
        * Gen- A bandanna-wearing fighter with a penchant for alcohol. His physical strength 
           and intrinsic sword-fighting ability make him someone to be reckoned with.
        * Feion- Don't know who this is, but will soon....
        * Roufas- Sports Blonde dreadlocks and wears a pair of Star Trek-inspired sunglasses, 
           making him immune to flare attacks. A Versatile fighter.
        * Liza- A purple haired girl. Also a friend of Emilia. Despite her obvious feminity, has 
           an extraordinary amount of strength.
        * Annie- Emeria's ex-cell mate. Another blonde in green shorts. The female version of 
        * Fuse- A green-suited IRPO officer with crimson hair. Possesses enormus potential 
           in techniques; capable of mastering all ultimate attacks even without effort.
        * Doll- Don't know about this character, haven't ran into him/her yet.
        * Rouge- Blue's brother!
        * Mesarthim- A mystic, capable of casting all Rune spells, and is immune to water 
        * Silence- An exotic blonde guy sporting butterfly wings. Apparently has connections 
           to the IRPO.
        * Shirobarahime- <---Don't know! heard through the grape vine!
        * Tokinokimi- Yet another character!
        * Thunder- Lute's childhood friend. A towering brute with fiery-red fur.
        * Cotton- A cute monster saved from torturific genetic experiments.
        * Seioh- The remains of a dead king. Possesses auto-HP refill and some unique 
           attack moves.
        * Slime- A pale jelly-starfish that is actually a gigantic golden blob.
        * Suzaku- An extremely high powered phoenix.
        * Kirin- Haven't collected yet!
        * Tokusyukousakusya- The longest name I have every SEEN!!!  he's a robot 
           with wheels like that of an army tank.
        * BJ&K- Another type of robot, kind of like T260G but built differently.
    IV. Mastering Techniques And Sword Fighting:
    Humans. The only race capable of spontaneous learning, you'll find it worthwhile 
    to invest time in them. Having covered spells, this section will focus on sword and 
    techs fighting.
        * Learnable sword attacks and techniques can be classified into four levels: Novice, 
           Veteran, Master and Ultimate. Obviously, what we would be interested in learning
           are Master and Ultimate level attacks as well as the best low-level attacks for
           conserving on WP.
    To go about this, you'll first need to gain the two higher level of attacks and then move
    on to learn the lower class attacks. Is that possible? Definitely so!  Why? To hasten the
    learning process.
    Learning Master Attacks:
        * To gain Master level attacks, the way to go about it is similar for sword and
           techniques fighting. Fight harder enemies using your most powerful moves. How 
           well your characters learn will depend solely on the level on your enemies. As well 
           as the number of attacks already learnt. It is a good idea to group human fighters 
           together when training as such. They'll learn better when isolated from other races. 
           It's because when one person learns a cool new move, everyone usually follows suit.
    A Critical Note- You must keep de-equipping  your characters once they learn more 
    attacks. Should the equipped moves fill up the available slots in the inventory, they'll
    stop learning. I usually make it a point to leave at least 2 slots empty; so as to retain the 
    Master status as well as enable the character to learn a max of 2 moves per fight. In 
    learning high-level moves, try to un-equip all the low-level ones and leave the highest-
    level moves behind. If they aren't learning, it probably means that the enemies aren't
    hard enough.
        - (The enemies in the Swamp or Laboratory for example are a good build up place
           to start with)
    You might also want to equip your swordsman with two swords, so they can learn
    double sword blocks and attacks. For example, one particular Master level attack 
    whereby the attacker jumps up in the air and shoots out fluorescent-green projectiles
    at all present enemies has a double-handed sword version which takes up the same
    amount of WP but does twice the amount of damage.
    Learning Ultimate Techniques:
        * Having gained Master level attacks, you'll next need to learn Ultimate ones. With
           regards to techniques, there four ultimates that one can learn:
    1. This move jams four chinese words of destruction against a firestorm of crimson
        and orange, throwing the victim back with tremendous force.
    2. Causes the background to turn black by which the attacker draws a glowing triangle 
        around the enemy followed by emanation of three flashing dragons.
    3. In the third attack, the executor jumps up and brings down a powerful tornado 
        upon the enemy, wreaking havoc.
    These techniques can be most easily learnt fighting bosses or sub-bosses. (I never fail 
    to learn an ultimate when fighting the tortoise in the lab.) Or in some cases, getting 
    charmed (transference of enemy desperation, I guess).
    4. DSC. The final and most damaging physical attack ever is a combinaton of several 
        grab techniques executed in succession. It requires that the character learn AND
        equip six specific moves before it can be learnt.
    Learning Ultimate Sword Attacks:
    The nine sword ultimates come in a wide variety, and can be learnt in basically two 
    ways. The first is similar to learning ultimate techniques. The most powerful move 
    by which the executor teleports into four images of himself around his victim, slashes 
    him repeatedly, slams him up, throws him down in an explosion of light and blood 
    (10WP) is learnt this way. An equip-able ultimate counter where the executor dodges 
    an attack and counters back with multiple sword slashes can also be learnt.
    The Second is to use innate sword attacks. For example, three complimentary attacks
    named SNOW, MOON, and FLOWER respectively can only be learnt by using the 
    default attack move of Japanese knifes or 'dao's. All knifes enable the fighter to learn
    these moves. Other ultimates are also learnt the same way through swords which are 
    equipped with innate attacks.
        * Once your characters have learnt there higher class attacks, it's a chinch to learn 
           the lower class attacks.
    -Mastering Techniques And Sword Fighting section is put together by "Silverdude21@
    hotmail.com" Much Props goes out to him!-
    V. Main Menu:
    This is your ingame menu, the list are as follows-
        * Status- This brings a screen where you can view all of your characters stats, if you
           press the circle button you can view your weapons and armor.
        * Items- Viewing all your supplies.
        * Combined Attack- View your combined attacks that you learned while fighting.
        * Rearranged Team- Change your party members and view them.
        * Equipment- View your equipments on party members.
        * Skills Equip- You can change different spells and attacks in this screen, you can
           only equip a few so choose them accordingly
        * Options- In this screen you can change the colors of the menus and the sound etc..
        * Save- Most important option in an Rpg SAVING! don't forget.
    VI. Complete Walkthrough for Red:
    NOTE: Each mission is to track down your enemy Doctor Klein.
    Mission 1: You are sent up to an airship called Cygnus, walk around and talk to a 
    girl she's the one that saved you. She will tell you about Alkaiser, from there go
    to the ships control room talk with the captian and he'll send you on your first
    mission. Baccarat a gambling casino, go through the casino and talk to the guys
    in black. After they run away take elevator down (choose the second to the last 
    option) you will end up in a parking lot. Fight the enemies and then the Boss that
    should end your first mission.
    Mission 2: At Shrike. Walk around and fight the enemies if you want, find a room
    with books (kind of like a library) and search for a secret passageway. search around 
    until you find a room where you can obtain an extra party member, now head into
    town. Go around and find a kid walking around talk with him and you'll fight a 
    boss this should end your second mission.
    Mission 3: At Manhattan. You can buy supplies, weapons, and armor here if you want
    afterwards go to the airport and you will be brought back into Cygnus. Here find and
    talk with Lady Campbell, now fight all the enemies about the ship and Lady Campbell
    will join your party. From here you can search the ship for four more characters
    Ruffus, Asellus, BJ&K, and some other character I forgot her name. Go to the second
    floor and choose the first choice, run through this way and fight a boss this should
    end your third mission.
    Mission 4: At Kowloon. Search around until you find a robot fight him and chase after
    the guy that runs away. Keep on chasing the guy and you'll end up back in Cynus this 
    should end your fourth mission.
    Mission 5: At Kyo. Search Doctor Klein's base and you'll end up fighting a boss after 
    this you should be back at the airport, end of fifth mission.
    Mission 6: At Magic Kingdom. You will be entered in a fighting contest where you'll
    go up against 5 opponents, beat them if you can (I didn't) anyway, after the battle
    chase after Doctor Klein. Find your way through the place until you get to a room
    with bald soldiers, fight them and touch one of the vases in the room to reveal a
    secret passageway. Just go with the flow and you'll end up in a room with the boss, beat
    him and that should end your sixth mission.
    Mission 7: At Cygnus. Talk to hawk and you will end up in the enemy ship, go to the 
    3rd floor and talk to the guy. you will end up fighting a boss defeat him and you
    will now have to fight three bosses!!!  (I suggest you gain some levels before doing
    this) defeat the bosses and you will face the final boss! 
    Copyrighted PSXSonic@aol.com 
    -If anyone spot any problems with the guide please let me know ASAP!
    and if you have any info you want me to add to the guide like info on some
    of the characters that I didn't encounter yet MAIL ME!-

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